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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, March 03, 1875, Image 3

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by tno real nane of tite wtitef.
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Excc.t Tri x' No tic e-M E
F.tirlield l"iire Colmpany-Jno. C
SatIor 8-ur'etary.
lRe.-d th3 advertisement of Simu
in it I Livor lIogil.tor.
A Hit tle Idea-liannenborg & Co
Cit.i.>n JuoJ. N.Al, J. P).1F. C
Direct fruiti New Oritas-Beaty
Bru. & Son.
A it fruit 3oat Is prouioted.
The malrilionial epidictli is still
Iraging in V ir .-ld.
A Pot Ollicu i.,d imun etaublialmi
it VIis. Om:k.
Ridgew%ay is about, to become V
to .vi a nilo lot g-.td half a uiic
wide. JiA twiue too big.
Blank ielts Tilles Mortgagos and
other blanks tat be had at thip
Mt. Zion scivol is receiving acces
sions of Ipil. We wit-h our people
would Patronlit'?. Ilme istitutiols.
Fariier, -tild --rdulnors Ilave boon
Iablc to do but little on a0count of
the rain.pL
Depu(ica ao tiding through the
counmlt y I vying on property under
Thle oot tit umrkc s still lively itn
L:v - B oro.1 A good at ticle will
ri,.dily brn 1- .
Johnl anuolp IS a delingnent
taxp-yer to tlhl! amiomut of three or
four dollars.
O.n Sciuon C..%amis.-tead tle
'.'. n; .e ,oti.o in aiother
o to Delay LItld have a stit of
clotIle- inadu. Don't forget to carry
the cai.h,
if e%ery body wtru ead there
coi'd nut be a grOAter dearth of local
%it, J. . cUreigbt has tepoait'ed
the et1 l bedl on the hill leadin
fo Wiitisburo in in admirable
No obP% Ut %V-it c' W alhilgi oilu
1ittilay int inilborTo 'Poo munty
of that o.1 Ild1flentIlt n's nutesakep
have 't iigraced hanit by not patylu~
eJimt Hlousiton,i the nesgro. wh .t~itule
Mr. .J. B. Ni ontgom.ery's horse ai
bia ~ t I9tht ln.'t..
Thei gm last'no btoa approtsved the
bill grait.taig at churer to the W'.itnn
borto Bil I. ing itntd I..Oan Assdocia.
Wu uIshnaro be rs41 1W t em it li als
cittonii .\I.irke't. O.t T 40,dnsy ai lot l
thht, y onte bales of L'si.tin bro'ughi
1-I .!) e t.npero isiunt iand i l iet etther
Bing your caltont to Witnsboi o.
Ali iot Bm~.~ro,wntit5 nii ivestd inii
ia gong nd he tir'ownsit out the loebb
to-tin.abuat ionsmi of rtvml dinuel
bedl. O( )an ahis d Ol)S gut, a goot
dinner' .., i Ibsin 01 1t gmang.
We see a vety good Omdinane1 re.
cety puibti'.hed by thle T'oi 'Cou.
1o the towni of Spar'tanburag to pio
v'ido a l:add.er of s.i l'i., ieOt letgthI
or the meanms t,o rechlth rb oof of t
''Te otltr ihy nie aceived a is
ive aaddrI.ssed( inl a f ininte hanid
andt ons opeinitg, founid the clipsping~
"'Sensa1ttIions of tan iEmditotr. ' Ourt fat
/1'ronnnlje sho~wst such a just sipprecla
timit of ans editor's triaiis, thatt wC ar
iin hsg to prtopose a parthtnerahip,
for Newi YLstk Wedutesdsay to pur
ebase gootds for 6he Sprinag .nartket
We,. prraiuun.e our readers will b
lim'tilled wheni t,he got,.ds arc reci
Weo are mtuch pleaosed to see that
the Teport of the bur'ning of' th<.
Camiadens Joutrnail office is not conlirm
ed. As the Journal land our stympa
thi) itt its sutp.o.ed advetrsit-y, it ha
4.ur piongret,uioi)g, in its continuel
pro tp' er 0y.
.od in ar1 Mr. C. huller'
-J tweby store yeuster'da.y and wer,
suappriaed to Goud suich a largo assor.t,
mint of fline jewelry. Mr. Mul'lea
ber of A years and understands It
thoroughly. He is selling a large
I stook at reniarkably low prices.
Don't fall to give him a cil.
One day last week Speaker Elliott
called Mr. John T. Sloan of Colum
bia to the chair, and he presided over
the housev for some time with his
acoustowed dignity and suavity.
This is the second or thi-d time only
that a conservative has been called
to the chair.
A bians1 baua Lus beeu orgaitlted
ly the young gentlemen of llaok
uck and Woodwaurd's, untier the
lohdorship of Mr. Jawtes Main.
They have purchased the itsttuinetts
belonigilig to the Winboio Cornet
liand. Our boys have or-dered a set
of Goerman Silver instrumeits which
will arrive in a few days, und then
Ohty I
Moxam%. Beaty, Jiro. & Son have
Placed upon our table a crijis er of
1. inowder tea. This tea is claim.
(d to be of a quality buperior to any
heretofore offered in the market.
Parties are invitud to purchase, with
the under.-tanding that if thu tea is
not as rel)reseitod, no a'-arge will be
made for it. It is sold only by
agent, and this firtu are the only
agents in town. Give thein a call.
M r. Harry Chichester, of Brooklyn,
is visitinig his uncle, Rev. C. E. Chi
chester. Ile has loft behind the
bridges of ice acrosa Ent River amid
the frozou thermometers and all that
aort of thing, to enjoy our Spring
sunbine. W e wish more good north.
orn citizens would visit us, as we
feel assured that this would do much
towards dispelling the prejudices ex.
iating tween the mections.
R1ev. Dr. l.urman delivered a lee.
ture in the Baptist Church on Satur.
day evening, The subject was
"Poetry" at,d it was handled in a
nma.terly manner by the eloquent
lecturer. The nudidnae were highly
pleated with this literary treat.
The same lectore has been deliver-d
with succass in other towns in the
State. We learn th-Pt Dr. Vfurmtan
purposes to make a leatuinig toar
through other states. We beqpwah
for him a waim welcome.
A cuatenp,trary aitsoutices the
fact that the 1kRALtb has becti
haliged to a Tri Weekly. 'This is
a tnlsttike. The 11PRALD is a weekly
co-petndiun or the TntzWEEKLY
N:va, und both have been in exitt.
e1Ce ince I tig before tIe War. Lat tly
however we have uonuienued sendA
itg tl.e NLWv4 to son.6 of oUr ext
sAneges, and thli evoked the remsaik
of .>ur ewntempotatry, The fact is,
lIrot.er llI.n we h1kd it so
well i ut we cot uluded we would
haute to sektl you three to one to
keep) ennh.
.\icssr.7Y~.~1> hAi0u., hia ve
just t'eeet at their livecry stable
opniozite die Thlesupian 11all a tar4.e
rumber of extra flne Kentucky dtubs.
Ir the antd unibroke. These genitle;
(ient are ntoted for keeping the very
b.est horses anud iulesq titat '.n be
I oil. Tlheir stai ble is turu.ish,ed with
the 1 es.t of sadldln and h..tness hamradsj
Ianid the latest e.ty lesi of vehicles. Mlt.
ite ury Tfs Terrill, tl.e caur-tenus ai,d
ge tt ictanly sutperintenidenit of this
stable will take great p.leasurs in
showing paties thle large quaantity
of stock otn hatid, anud we
are satitfihdc that they will be
pleased with with both the qulity
end prien of his horses and tanles.
T 'he re,ett rains have put the'
roadls lenditng to WVinnsborm ini t
frightfIul contd itiotn. La rge iptanti
ties of cottont ere still lying at the
fin houses oil u.ccotnit of tl.e fearful
eu audition of the roads, P'erhiaps
some (f ottr rendets will ay the
aboe i. anot her "fox utmy," brit we
inlg to differ with them, for the gen'
tin.en who gave n.s the above itfo,r
titton m se subise. Ibers to tbe N t.at
:ANt> iIr.ftS.o, and liave been piromisifty
to pmai its for our paper jutst as soton
r aus they gu their cottona to murket.
- This promise hats been runniing ott for
i abuttree )ears, Wuc areo (/mo.,j
sati.fne.l they will keep their wordi
buot if they do' wo intend to put
Itheir little i'aecunit la the hands of a
Trial JPustice for cullect ion. We
mcean what we may.
M*. AStlig F.~ 41Pstex .-Mlr
A bram F., ILumpkin riled in W inna'
bo,ro on the 54th or hie~bruary,at the
age of fifty-ais years. Mr. bumpkin
was a prominent citisen atnd a native
of the county, At isa early age he
Identiled himseclf w.th masonry, and
wan onen of the brigh test naasons in the
i State,.aid the father of masonry in
Feirfield. To Mr, anid M9rs. Tiump.
s kin were bomt a fuily of eleven Sons
s and one daughoer, of whortt ho sent
six suDs to the' arwp where three
r M) in defence of the'ir native land,
in declining health. He expressed
a willingness to die, and passed away
tranquilly.. His remains were In'
terred In the Methodist cemetery with
masonio honors. We tender our
sympathy to his widow and bereaved
MAto' CuaT.-A large numtber
of ozentlemjen asnenbled at the ilay
ois oflioe Thursday morning to hear
the several caos that were to be
brought befoto Ilia Ilonor, Virst
Came11 the case of Nluo4s It. L,. 1)an
uenburg and A. Walker ikuwn fur
indulgii,g inl a small quantity of
pugilistio exercise. Theae geutlemjen
weto lined one doilar each for di.
turbing the public peace, which they
puid and went on their w.y rejvio
Nt it came the case of George Bar
tier and D..tj It -oielle for rairnIlog a
disturbance oin the street. There
nt ber1nU ruflellent evidenlce to con
vict either ut the parties, the MLayr
severely reporimanded Barber,for the I
imer in which ho has benou itng
Next came the case of fleory M ur.
phy who has bean in the habit of fol
lowing policeman Jeunkins up anld in.
suiting him witholt GSuse. Tne
Ma)or very kindly gave Heney sume
good advice, bit he replhod inl such
an abrupt, mainier that hin remarks
caused him to repose in the gunrd
On Nlonday evening an adj.,urnjed
meeting of the Viinnsboro Buildinlg
and Loau Association was held, G.
1H. MeSiaster isti , acting as Chair
mia and Mlr. M. C. Robortson, as Soc.
retary. About foi ty or fifty stuokhold.
era were piesent. Tho colored ele
ment were represented boy 1101nY
Jaoub. John 1i. Sinart and P.
Jenkins. The by laia were coisid.
tred seriatim and pro%oked consideit.
bio di.ou.sioin. A good deal of light
WIaS thrown upen the wi,rkitig, of
such instittutior.s. Tie mni i. ad
journed till the econjd Mond.-y in
Mlarch, at which time a permneit
0r11u11isation will be effected. About
-m11y mmbdra have subt-drihe
Ir -4es. Similar asoci iti-nis in
other towns are ;,ivIu.; grLat sati.4fao
thell. We uy at soLue future tine
show the working. of this mode of
bo-operative bdinking. We btlieve it
to be a good thing.
We give else where a deciaitn - f
the Supreme C -urt in regard to the
lieu lait hVhile tlis deci,iott is in
11d4ordaido With la# it i8 not egnita
ble, The la* is defetive. iow in
tie world et a crop be made with
out horsepolver f
In utie pinlt we take issue with
die sApienIt associato juistide, with
..11 due deferencte to hris ermin., iIe
imakes theo point5 "In nto wise can
a hmulta be cottsidered 'an ndVance
to be ekpcndedi utponi the soil.'' Weo
contend that hbout nino tont,bnf of
I bed rmulea thni. ".41dVaIn ed" tire "ex
the Creeps laid by, ithh t he ekjpended
.ni b eates a aighi anu git.-s tup the
g host, andr' his attenaur.ted entoa1as
feeds thie biai.rda ahile. his b'leach.
ir.g beonres slowly decomrpose into
Sopler. phosphiate of ht ue.
''ed istinot ion! ,e. ilsa to lbe this.
If at >bo end of the yealr the stul
lien on him n iind ig, but if le
dies, he may bee e.imeiderued to bas'e
been an iadv.hten exen<rh d on the
soil rim d the lien wIll be #iidl.
A LL prsone havingr dem-r'vis itenin.f
Ch -lte nf ''Of. I)'V\!)
PRhOVENS'E dleoset -. will p.endler ithem
ii pr $ferly atrie.d wit .nnL t delay Io
Ja mnes II. 1t.ki. A ffdIney ci Win nebore ;
or ro t unrderruigned ' t (Coluimtin:.
irch 2. -x'21 Extentrix.
--. ho heldf in cnwn hle1 lr dn riuday
vtcrintg neil. (Nih inet ait 7 o'clocli.
Ilues *ill be cllleec .
j ly Sr'iEr:
tIele 2 f
TSgoing to leave W~Iidshrero, andh wi't
J. sei afnihfe hEe t. putl. tnf .ifrek
niany geood. n atn.ed belew cost to a.ive em.
pene and'rtr'ouhie (f mnvineg.
Al) p5trete. inidebee rtare iu.rsity no-tdd
to ednme forrua'dI itfnediefely and setti
their accounns aned save oust- 1 enpeot ro
adfverti.e and seh at puibl drft6rv all ad%
ceunis fhat I erdnftnt OoIledt by la*, amni
thrat ard unpaid by the hOth of' n6*t moenlh.
I hope all will save therr credit froni p1tb.
1ie disgrace 6y e6irig up and sett.ling
Fasrrles wanting to' ret store- I oe-ooiy
will apply to me.
feb 18-t K . C,~ MoI, A UO fLPtN.
F ANNA8ttt desiring the beet eortnr
s ed that I have etar seen den sup.
pry them,,l,es nt. W. ft. FLENNII(EN
& CO. whereu will be found a lesited amp.
p y, hins dot ton bus 6eerv teme d toi
three years gnd is in my opinlo.r what, j
it above.. Ptiee $2 80 per huskheI.
n+- 1c.4 m '. V n eso
Specifl N084es.
IT iO Ussr,trd to attempt to oleanqe a
stream while the fountain -a Impure.
Dyspepeit, oomplaint.,i of the liver or
kidneys, eruptioo. of the skin, seroftla,
headaohes and all diseases arising frot
impure blood, are at once removed by
Dr. Walker's Californis Vinegir Bitters.
purifier of tle blood, ant renwvator of the
the system. it. has never been known to
lonrat' n-1eiss-try to pay two n.1 throl.
protlts. Messrn. I tirolgati. ionedict &
!o. beg to draw :Itilntion to their inm111-nse
i-Iosing ott .-wle of $300 Ot1 w art It of Dry
Good's. Virpets. Fat-a. eto j *Wioh 1-kkel
placee anuausll y b.'s waen J-un-wary iit *nd
Februiary b'l. pri.,r io pitroasi ig tiheit
Apritig inelt. lit 275. King ifrfet, Charles.
ton S. V., 64. 1 hite Hall street, Atlntli.
(li., and Riay street. J,teksonvillv. Flit.
Kamplt-v sest nt- -ioplio%ttion. Renit per
Expro.s or P.t. i 0.11.:so Oroier, or g sodot will
be Isent (', 0. 1) 1,l rol Ill wi lirp over $10
Will be sooti fro it the Charlomtou branoh
freo of liharge.
Adnteli.'rifi.io. i.htiss.-lf yaln liave hot
alrouy orderc.i yout* Agriciltuitral lilens
toa scurae -avanes In -oat df .. lva'lket.
Evais & Cog-swll, .'Itrleston. . 4'., keep
an litiad totur dif erent kinds, anli ir neiti
er Of thme wseet youir vievtl, they are pre
pard oin prit.t. iI ttto lowweiot prices. any
spetial aforim to orler. If e Plt tInter or
V:rtner has iot yet bought thie liti. A.o.
counanti, a book for simple Irtrm aoounti
lei him do so itt nneo.
They also have a N'w Agriettltltial
Lemse Which give4 he .andllord a litein oit
crpul of toniut. This a very valiable.
Aang otir new %.Ivertisetmenlf. is thmat
or oto of tie oIept estabi-i.ments inl
Stain. E-tahli.ihed in 18-l31. it h-is main
tI ined thi first plieo in its lit o of ht iness
With large experies-ow., and iufsrpnsied.
facilietes, \10 s1rS. WA)ket. Hvusns &O'ogs
well arP pritred to Asteainn the reputa
tion of thlir eH-ablishment. Like A. T.
81e w-i. th lwy be'tivre in n-wpliaier itdver.
li.eiig. i t ike thi-4 meaiti lt atetaimtce
thu lhey have this 4e:sna a.itts-4 viery
largely to lieir ,ttock of type and
tmachinery. and nre bestter prepared ths
evir to pie.A-ie tiheit- oustonmera. We wish
themi every success.
Oil A It 1, R4 10-, S. C. .
fier to it - pthlt,, ii (i0are -n gesi-a
nit inianise and w'l seltte.I %togk o
LDry 0.m-ls, 'apts)if Cluth-A, .\I4tiings
&c., is th. lowe pit ioe-. livrowith s h1ey
nniex -!" pri-i:eot.i few arlicles -t'a.icos.
frotn ti s O Io,, L:ong 1tilthis, from 1is
1l . Brown Ito n e1sPtits, pilr: levy.
rot, 7 ; o It0c. , .ii ins, frie Itn 12),, tsp.
wnrdis. tain-res rmnt -loh. upwurd-4,
F1ass1 's, froin 011 to 10o. a d i e N', i hises'
andi t nt,' * I'-)n. I I .. '$1. Ill, $2.n00 p- r
doz. -intl.u ivt%r 1-. S tei.i.rM. .40met
d.oz. no aw i a - l . i itile. 11'-I *
P1ookel 'fan,eolkirchiefs,. Milli Mle. per kd..Y.*
And ipw-itrds. B.-Ck ail,l 0olored Altpacas.
20c. aaid upwtirlm, 1r.-ti Ga1l i. from 25c
11npwardh. i.R i fstud a'tt' Purnishinl
Gonw-. litseketipitg (oIdils, "ancy 0 itl
itii,nou. Nations, Eo , front 15 to -.11 per
cins, tsihepbr- ib-t lets' .lr. 'aalp'ent
sett -tMd orders pramptly fillil. All
'etil ordet-o froito $IQ.09 upwaords. sent
p--r E-xpress fitee of c arge- A liberal
discount to wholesnie deAlW'.
br. J. Walkerm Valifoafta 1ins
egar- 1itters are A ptfoolyl Vegtable
preparation, mado chioly .frs'om 1h Ia
tire herbs found on tho ower ranges of
tihe Sierra Ndtada moutitaltis bf Califor
niai the medicinal proprtles of" which.
are extracted thorefrom without the use
of Ale.ohol 'I1h1o hiudation is alolt
daily nakod8 What is the causu of..thd
unphlal-alIl(ld success of VINEG*iR BIT
-r F.n8?" Our answer in, that they rendoN
the catis* of diseason and thd $atient ros
covers his healt h: TIhey are the great
blood purilflcer and( a lifoe-givitig principle1
a' perfect Renovatot' anid 1nvigoratot
of' the system. ...'ever bUfb'd. ini the
history of the world has a melStlhoinlbbheei
om isunided possesmiwng the~ .romarkable
iateso ixxOAI aBrr'as In heating thd
siek of every disense mani is heir to; They
aresa gentle Pur ativo as weliMs a .Tonio8
Irelioainwg Congda oni or Inflammwration. 0o
the Lie en iceral Orgaus5 in BilionmM
. Theacs i'presof Dnu. WM,kBRa
SI8xoAn Brr-runs aro A poriont. Diapthoreticj
CarintiveAa', N utritiouls, Laxati vs. 1)iuretid8
Sedative, Countr-rritanmt0 Budoriiem Alters-r
tive5 and Antiilous.
.....AuiuAr..nA a~ CO.,
D)rmggistt awad (Gea. A gia.. Man 'ranisonw. 4CultfornmIe
an t ut r. tit, f Wash tin t u Cle ait(t wts.. N. Y.
Sold1byall Druggists and Dalmer's.
STA N AAli PEi'tild14IEkd
' FF,'KRt for t' t i hn alo 'o1dditig viir~
~.,Populiar brsatedis, tit:
(0. U. I(51i15 ShI)pr phIospht.
Btaidley's A nfhIntien d Iilssott)
Royal Gunothond
IBrafdlefs~ A dd Phio,phate.
)Parties *'ushintg (hi ts try to osr-losu
Can I ve' themn ordeasedt( totoku Itidge*ay
AM aget far mime entire (ooty of faifr
fiei. Tlimts tia siee Novetfh.ef 1 t.
F"or att rangemenst< off Jistte itd p'f'ide Wti
c(1 tin *ptloft a8 pp'ly to
8U00 E3801t To IY. Ri. 't H UM P&N.
Tntforu, C# riets sad Le*(htet *last
"r' ltI abote named fim *eoni c~i
Lesp ecial atteflaion to fool and Shrt
M.anuftacturers andl liatiness ~Maker.- V
will sell pure oi.k tanned finished stool
for light and heavy pairposes. as tow.a
an'f trouse In the lrftde at whoteg,ale- *t
ret ail.
CA SH PA 11) FOR ID2~8,
The . m1pions- of s.ver comptaint are ias a
'he pain Is in tihe aiouldlor, aist ltiti'aak e
ed with the lss of appeti d a n A ik,t ess .
fermaing with l-ax. The hes1 is tes ale I w I
-IWeraiblo tea of to -i er. tiA s-tite I wIt li
Nonlethilng wh oh .04iglst tit have teon lone.
and low aIrits. loometinms- many of the al
very Irv of then.t ht, ie liver i g--nerall
In Warransird not to contaidt 96 Aitle
iastiele of M4r.1enry, or anmy iljusrious
Miericl sibstance. bit Is
tontaining thoseMoutherit rtoto' anl lIlerbit
which an allwl-q V-41vidence has plieati
in countries where wt t Dlioet, 10o41
prevail. It wj;1 or all dioesaveoe luved
fly deraugnnse..aa of thd Liver anid Bow
Bimmons Liver Regilator, or Medioindm
Is sminently a family medicine, and by
b -Ing kept ready cor issm.ediata timort will
paity manMy ans hotr ontffering and hiasby
a dol.ar I ti-te and doeturts itlli :
rier over Forty Ienror trial iti s vii I
receiving the tmat touangtlifi-d tonli.
1.o1siali toits virnue froiaam p.a mt W th e
highest al.aract-r an.l respoosiihity
I tmttit physicians ommesd it as cite
Effectual Specifio
foi-e - natimpsi n, lea-lame. 1"aln in the
sh.lder,. D4ain..s, r-our :4tosich, bad
1t:68ie I . tle na.ne le bill ose altackii. Pal.
1iliqon of.the lleart. Pain in fimh r. gions
ot flt Kidneys. de!pondenoy. glomi asid
';t.-AjediVt4 of evil, all of %thiih are the
oh-jitgof a .diseased Lier.
- For Dyspbsia or Indigestion.
,iuttd vimh this antidIote all clitnatee anI
clhalhKtip of water and to ois may beo faced
wiliutht fear An a Renmedy in Malatrioupt
-ever, Bowel (Itenoplaints, restletssne3o.
Ji an di e. N-ausea.
It Ia tie eheapent. puredt &ani the best
Fmtily Medioine in the world I
lJb Uta oderm:.or Prmppar#d Simmoas i.4t
Iegulator (intess,i our vigravild Wreap
per whim Tr4do mark. ista-sp and sligns tu'e
unbrukii. No'ne. other li'ge-rinie.
. .RI.ZEILIN #5 0O.
..- Macon, 0a, and Phlladelphit,
por all diseases of tie intei, Htnittnh anid
spleeh. Aim M reIhedy ih
Mlttminita Fte+tsa. iin*el Cntiplaitttn1
niyuapepil . Alch~I lIe reusion htesta
Ice messs. Jaundice, N eAden. 8lok
-fendebeo, Cemlib, Contiipa.
..iti niid Ilillitmueness.
.1 Illhd. N. 0. C~lid
Sitgar, I() }l. N. (I. Molas
A fnriner It Of ill "S gnnds
hi ie givena general Matisfactiot.
ointie nt a TsiUll.
1SAT'Y 1111. & S4fN,
feb 27
Ualryi i thme T~hesplad l iild i alt
isow preItaed to amdoeames'.lte Ifiti puib.
is wimt.iw:y affdl all ! itd* ef giicmre.,
t'oDpjglet asnd esllargidg Qd *tif ulle 4
Ap. osmty a anodtrsale priidda.
feb 9 -o A~ A ff~ItiRA
ar.It.gEfn of NiW ifA 'k01iIJI
hr thrrel., half andi Itirier har
tier i, M1':S
1q28 S.4kA .( freft grotnd Pt, )Win
all sIges ufmfl graden fr..t [email protected]
Uranito M,115 Augusta this
A firif mufoij of Grodhttes, DProvta?crn
and Plateta OnpIl.i all
of *kiOh will ie **Id at the
loweg6 prides fwr EJAst,
aet #iP
1*ATV IHRO' & 80fl.
u e epplg Et Werd'e figue ftwtinmg
F 4$rg e time 64eromed 1Wsx djelp,
W. H.FLN IIg)4
it for rhenituatism., Th-- jtam,11ah iN tie -t.
bowels in genleral oostiVe, o-iliqneie-% ul.
tht potin. aluel du3 lt!eavy ji..11,1ationl" Clon.
wtiifo otenottion uf hrtvinig left, umonec
011ton complairiing of wetikne,i. dhility
>i1ve nien the it e ild aL other timi.
r file organ mo-41 involvi'll.
I h.ve never neen or tried ll Rch
simple etlloclous. Ratimhsotory amil plento
atit reme-ly in thy life."-.i likines, So
1.ti, \Mu
Hoh. Alix. H Itephons.
"I ocomasirially uime, when lily condition
rrqu%ires it. Ur. Simmons' l.iver Retilo -
tor with good Utict."-Ion. Alex. gll
Govarnor of Alabaima
"Y'our lItg,ilator has been in u4e in ny
rasnily for site little. and I am itirmumdetd
it i"a valunble addition to lhm medical
science "- U->v. I. Oill 8 nrier, Ala.
''I have sietd file Itegolbtior inl my fiimii
ly for flhe pnit mevellied yearm. I Cait
n-ly ecomineni it tb ite world as Ohe
hin medicine I iave ever used oo- tlal,
caims U dise-tsoo it pturpurts to cure."
It. F. Thirlptin.
President City Bank
"Simmonti' L.iver Regoul-ir hki proved
a gted and elicaiiutis uediciue."-U. A.
D rhggim;.
"We have been acquaitited wiit It..
FI- itium' Liver Medic lie 1r more thii
two lily years. .ini know it toli be tlie het
Livet Rieghlsot' offered to the plie."-.
M. It. Ly.,n anid It. L. Ly)onl, liellelmitain,
"i wan cured by Hisimooits' Liver legi
hor, after litvitnq qultered love ltl year.s
wit l Chills aid Fover."Il , . A erson.
ThO Jler.y
"1 laive been a dypelic for y-ti be.
gn the illetgitor Iwo years aigo ; its
Acted like a chati in lily case ".-teV J
Ladies Eudorsonont
t w have given your nedicini &
I boroughi tritl, nt i in uls cns hlita4 iI fit I I e
Ma give MtfnOtion."- lii Alemchai,
t'llattlihoochlee, Fila.
Bheriff Pibb County.
6I hav.- tised yotir lWegi it h r ii i ste
etusfil itt-ot in Ull.inis Colic a l-I iys.
lb#pPia. It In tiff elidellefa ltined1Y Am
tet'taittly a public bdsti.".U. Mnster
son, Iiibb Cautity (Ia,
my Wifd
"ty wife and her it-ure it.edi lie 1egi,
I., i- f.,r yes-t1, 11lt I leil"y to ilm greli
*irnell' "-ftev. ). Puldeti'. Petrl-y (In.
"I lihink Shim ilo Lver Reo.uiitt't ott
Uf tIhe bent m19dininllem ever llaud for (Il
Liver. Sty wife tild 11iiny no herq, lvi
hieed it with woridetful effedt.."-Ij. R
Spat'k,, Albmiy; di..
I have tiqeti the -gtIlbf.r Ut my 'tt
13-. so it i my reguiliar practice, iand' ha11
iut.d il ai ni-st villule( nnd sti-f',tel 0r
ittedicinti, antd hdhieve if it wias us,e b
tho plrl-4.<itent it widhi hd a f sei'vice i
vel-y inanty catses. I knotw try mlitiek I
ehnnal quahilies are' perfeilhy hanmle'gs'
B. B. Orlirit, M. D., Mstd:, Ga.
mai-eh 2-xfim
I 'ued -i tAi N N NBRIMSl new Rlit
ofu Fpfiuig (bods whenu they ardv-e.
bRY 00O1DS,
1)00ThNIH ma Sad
Maf, LAhi ES' and
omwah Popiing
.l16. Per Yard.
thu they ceul gnood at "uoh prices
trosase la.
M1lliona in I'
Ind oiEtrw REMED-Y Fol't
Which cati be culed by a
tinely resort to this Stand-e
ard preparationj as hate bwen
proved by the hundreds of
testiliolials received by thd
proprietors. It is acknowl
edged by many prominent,
phySiCI3 to bie the most
reliable preparatiol lever- in.
troduced for the relief and
cure of all Lung complaiits,
and is off'ered to the public,
sanctioned by the experience
of ovei' forty years, When
resorted to in season it sel
dom fails to effect a speedy
cure in the most severe
cases of Coughs, Bronchitis,
Croup, Whooping Cough,
Influenza, Asthma, Colds,
Sol-0 Throat, Pains1 or Sore-.
less in the Chest and Side,
Liver Complaint, Bleeding
at the Lungs, &c. Wistar's
Balsam does not dry up a
Cough, and leave the cause
behind, as is the case with
most preparations, but it
loosens and cleanses the
lungs, and allays irritation
thus removing the cause ot
the complaint,
rnMnA It
BETH W. FOWLE & 8ONS, Boston, U.A
And sold by Druggists and Lselore gonorai,
,DaUdrIkdrurin/ Spi.i)Tdu/ny,
.Stt ndAL,hrd //.'atIYoe'r JntDsi.a
. drrWhile 1%e,unL' bua 9 n&umer
(.sk>ine1Av~er.Uru od4&c.
.AU Wor/i W,rranted ,
t 5aOW E S P RIC7E S.
- Bnti/brPrice1Lis.
I. H. H A LL . CO,
Mu/i,iwure & Jkal6em
,4 6, 8,1A MetrAet Strett.
reconIf iendeI Ii Ie all liebei~ sir pis, anr
iB l browvi lipon, ii miu irijl. Nss oure.
.1 enninIge. who ii sgs gen for Firlioiid comrt
iy. r an wil Ii ie leaisuro in lillinrg or
d er a for diro g is io n1nut.ry incrobats,
hir. W. I10. .\ 'iien of W ininio,aro will keep'
ii ion hantti. Pers fiurth'er parti oil'rs ap.
ply ro it. ii. JHEN NINGR & Co.,
Winnsboro, 8. 0.
fetl. l im
Trial Jus4tice.
()#FluI lN RtEA It (WOF 0tR'It II5(J.7Sr,
h WINNS/1/)RO, 8. 0'.
Oeir- All buqso sentrarsto4 to hirm wilt
rece ie p rmpt attention.
RItdgewnyv Wlreetwrliht andi
Mac,tksmith Shopi.
'T wis~h to' inform any psfruns atad fi
.1. rn'iic generally that I not now l.,n.
teid beusote inMso'nicItall, wh"rn F
-iml prepared to do ilorr4e Shoeing~ -*.
aill kirds of pla'itatlon hiokemiir aw ar-<*
al.o, Waugoni and Buggy repaliing danso~
with the usual prompe.neas..
. 8 Pi~ 's,
feh-441xl Wheolwright atta Iii a.miIi'.
(N tihe 20th of Aotefn1ie 1 'ielfn
\.the intcet of A. P. Gioalimg ifi'
Winnsboro Livery Stable. All y,e m f
buggy hire, and borse feed will) E .4 I
This rn le will be atI-iot y n dhered i o
I will always keep oft hand g"od eaddl!' r
buggy horses, no n unrainges nnd bugp
for hitle. T'he rsaironageg of the public o
* respe.6fullf sobe(lif .
It T. 2tR R!Lb.
doe 16-8rA
A Lpers u . ,''''i - the nd,'
A signed . t 9: a -~ '' in settle thsi
bOcnnisl ai 0 .r' 'a I il'e a ill be give'
out for not.eiOn. ri
* jan 14-lem J IR ';I ' EKT,
dethe AE Is I. $; 4 \Lin N wul'
he found inm the hn*'t-i of 'r. .1ibn
. I 'CarIser for 'iiM

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