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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, March 03, 1875, Image 4

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the FaIrfield Herald
ZY V"R Y 1 Z'.'sSJ}./1
OMdeal Direct,ory of F11WrC==ld
.aAmroa-loses Alartin.
RNPROSUXTATIV 97-JosepA l homp)@d
19hn Gibson. Jeet Copti. .
IA. W. Dun,.-Sorif.
Aapa'". .1. Uldwitey-Clerk of &lli (ourt'.
'. J. Nell--J'dge of Probate.,..
W. B. 'eAko-Cowily Auditor.
W. M. ]OISol--Coulit-y 'Creasuror.
.W. J. Cratfrd -ohbool Commissioner,
'It. F. Matiu-Jury Conuissioner.
CVNT 0o1HitAstoNI4R-Ja. It. 1larvey,
onry Jacob, or6r Beatt.
R. N. Obe'r-U. S. Corn inissioner.
NOTAIIIM S PUBLC-N.. C. Roberts';, J.
t,. Davis, ,I. N. Obe'ar,
TRIA . J SfT1CR-,4. l. .Mackey. I. It
Marshall, I. it. Flajilgai, Silas IV. Inff.
D. B. Kirklatd, James (;arter, Thiomas
Walker, Dr. Ira S. Scoit.
T. It. Itobo-on.
APIor1NA., Ay-iroR'itneAP ITAL$200i,000
PAuD ui-$75,000.
W. R. Robertson, President.
(leo. 11. AMcMnater, Vice. President.
t5amu'l,.B. Clowney, Cashier.
Al. 0. 1(obertsoni, '10'Nl-r.
W. RI. Robertson, 11. L. EllIott. James
}eaty, George I. McMaster. 1). It. Flen.
oikon, Jau. B. McC,anta, Jas. 1. loti, Jats.
A.I rico, .A# I... 1?q.Igj1a1;V, Col. WMilitanm
fni'oi, ef Charlotte, N C.
ToWN orFicIEns.
Pierre Bacol,-intendant.
e wanous-0. Gesig, J. A. Fraser, W.
M. Neison, J. D. McCarley.
ouaIVY or Ilomyr.--T. J. 11. Murphy.
To r-rai Au ri.te:i. -c-No m m.mor uditoer
wha%rm1 of sick ness you labor, Lire is
oe gre. t. tru th you slioulil keep in'i.i dil
All disease origitniles iii ni impiire e oi
dition oftho blow.l. Pu(1-ry that, and thko
di4enlso m,t. depart ; but You aillot
uiitiy the blood biy the uset ofpisnt
- rugs, aid ex11:11uslive hl anmi . Tde
lies blood puri i fier ever disvered is Dr
Walker's l,1iroits ViNiegar Bitters, Coml
pounded of simple hirbs.
and ge-t- it. .\ id res-i F. 1). 1I n -r, 75 i aid
77, Nassa ctreel, Nc.w York
Ofanyand every kind. Rendiptamp
aiA'I Wa,u T Tiinis istih &'..
a lporlls, Ol' , Xilua lld'ESS
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
A 'I'll 11) AN) S'Ul' REM'DY.
Sold 'iy Driaggiets generaly, and
. Wk. I.'. Kit & Co , Now Yoek.
141ort Postpolileent--Dhy F1 k
-Full1 Dristrilsutoi.
M Or.nd \'l's,AIt FEMLE' 111Nle,
1 gI- A14 L FRA Ni ) It ,'
I grad caIsl gif $,1)1i5
1O grad glsh yif. 1)5,0el e,ii00
1 rand iiS cas g(ItO 5e I ,000tI
d'Q cash gif ts4, $10.000,) each r'o, Ihij
1.0 catshI giftts, o1. 0 1 Fach 50,0
.0010 cashi gifts, 110. each'1 100,0 4)
1 1).0.9 , ih.gi fi., 50) eachL 50O.000
211,1000 cash gifts '?0 each 4100.0(00
't!,178 cashl giftsi, 0aiui zaig t o $I ,000,000
l'it'iCF. OF 'r'IcK'nte.
Wh ole Ticket s, .a F.0.
lilvi 11.100
'Eighths or eachi coupon .. 50
5', Tliekets for . - 100.0i
Thle M Ctipelier~ Femiale liumIlanie A sso.
atlion, chiairtredl by thle I,cgishlViture oft
Vi rginlia aund tadI the Oireit Court of
.Or, n,-o to., pr'ooses by a (Grand GifIt
C onacert to est labjlih and endiow aV1 'Illme
Virginia," nt Mont nelier, theo former resi
(Cot'hni's (firricr., l~Iii~n1px, July 8, 18t.
It allords me pleasiure t, ia'y .that I amtI
well acqlualinted with a lar'go ilnajority oft
the oilicers or the Moniipelier Fern, lo lIt
miane Asstociation, who reside in thle vi
cinitay of mny hlowat-, ard I al tts t heir in
idjigen'1ce und( 1101 their wor anid hiigh repui.
,tattin aR 'genat !emn, as well as th public1112
confidence, t11einluece ,and suibstaniaml
nheaa1tlerally reprevented amion g thiem.
A'-a.a:vnuIA1 ViA.. July 8,1874..- * *
* I 1coull1gend thieim as ge'nts of' h onor
and1 tintei grity, and fully enititled to the I
con&idence of' the yuhlic.....
. . .'Jydgq E'ast'ni. Dist. Va.
iourther referenorts by fori ssionl : lIfis
Exelencuy Gilbeit I . Wllker, Ex-Govern-i
.or of Va. : lIon, Ittobert i. WithIer'S, Licii.
Gov. oft Va ,and U. 8. Senator elc ;
Sen.,tors anad Mlemibers ofa Congress froin
Remnit tanltce for tickets may lbe wide l'y
x pres prepCaid, post-.oiio monelIy 0ole
0o1 Washiingoa D). U., or by regi.ter
Full part iculars, i estimoi als, &.,'seind
for cIrirenhi'. Addi'ess, lI0N. J1AME. lX
dria, Va.
lReliable Ilgentsl wanted everywhere.
'l'th IF. ST Oil. IN 1UsE.
WarrablltOIt 150) Degrees Fire Test.
It burnia in all1 Coal Oil and
herosen'ae Lampsil. Triy it. Ask
for --Aladiin Security',' anld 2take no
&. 11 5 WY. Lombliard si., 11la1ttimore,
J U AR 3M'
Are youa.t p 4gW
is paires laore of an f or tl in
capible of moking ?
Then try JUlt11AlA', WIXO
tonic andi in vigoraitor,11
ilubally ol-Jhe so6retk'*e . as m101.
part vigor to ail I lie. vital Ipr i r
IL is 'no alco1Ho!io ap' e'iCT!, .4h11
ati uitlaites for n .-hort linto, only t9flt lie
sifferer fill to at lower, gpIl4-JbW;0
bit it is a vegesible tonI actig lirectly
on) t lie liver and bpicen. . ., I
It regulates the lowels, ui'ets Ni q
citCvo sand g.vcb bUt:4 a heolthy lot
to the whole ,ystleln; as to 8oof.mal.9ikil!
invalid teel like a now perso,n.
Its operaitiions 38 o, 1 g~lQM.4)11,4S
charaotbrzed by great. e11 Mi ftle
patient experiences no ndden chainge. no
inarkel resultit, but grilitallyi 0 rpmbles
'Polt tI heir!ents, like the Atab.,
xnil 8ilentily steal awafty
Thii Is no new and untried diepvery,
but ha.-1 been long used with womuierful
remedial resuil.s. and is prontounceil by the
highest n.edical hatIhorities, ilie moht
powerfultonifc and alteraive MinOWn."
Ask yourdruggist far it.
For vale by' WN, '. KIDN't k CO,,
New Tork.
FRE Sampiet to Agents. Lsdiom'
Combination Needle.jook,
with chromnos. Send stamp.
F. . .im.ic, New Belfird .lass.
{{o nsily mtade hi,y sellinig
-10N "\ I NTAs At IprICCS
or gettil!g up clsiis in towis and enuntriy
for fhe l-est .Tea Compn1illy in Interlcfa.
Gi 'aieit indiucoments. Stiel for eirenlwr.
CANTON TEA CO., Chambers at., N,. Y.
plete otfit selt' frev. We want a.Suit.able
person lin eve(y .ciqhboro,00l to take
rrderF and deliver, goods for oti esab
lis.htment, C. () 1). 1n'em of .4t aplo a141.1atni.
lY good' of all kinds inl constt Iso and
wcar. The olest c. (). D. himisoe in
A meriica. Sale-4 over half a million in
IK7-. Lnrge csh pay to the rightperson.
A real Ch.tucor all, malie or- femalo, at
your homes or iraveling. N9 r.isk. IfYoi
go lo work wo will seniid) 'oul Ir e- anil p')Pt
pa'bl a lisne of san pies and i.voikiplet e out .
I t. A thIress.iat onne and secu re your I er
I.ory. 11. J. 11A bl. & Co .6, N. Ilowaad
"treet, Bal tlimore, %id.
S d )Ih ''iii O111111,
$.18 ( 'A41, $53 TIFi, w6thout initerest
P.iile (141- Ito Colilifiul.y's (7oill
pound Acid Phospiflet of Lime.
Fmt Copt,11'OsTING WiTil C'TTONE
$30 Cash, $33Time 'without interest.
r .2 3 . .e )-HmVI'1. ' Iers thoy-onn or
.ive uiitil Ist. April
t .It'id e iv .i,ber they will take at itie
or caih I prie. Whie deli vered from. vilc.
I 0ry Iy earloall, no drayage will Lo ulharf
ed. Thit (hmino it now so well kno win
fill the Sotiliern t.ues for its reairrkahle
effecis Is nill riene)y for -literasing the
plodicts f.* labor a4t lot, to reqtir.e spe.
vi.al reC.01Ou11end(lation frm ut. Its -use
tot Iine ykrse pal.m. hla. esthiblisIei its
charne10er forii ria 1 excellce 1. Ihe
;ililiets It into into market. this,smeon
airo, ;i,; heretotore, prepared tinder vi
siupseri ite nd14ence of Dr. ST. J U 1,1 % .N
It A V E N l.. 'hemi1st (it t lie company, It.
C'harlestt, S. C., hence Planters .ity
ir t, kSAIll as edt hat its i tqality 1t.d C0mpol11.
ition i precisely t.he steo :8,1t ' hero
'elre Sold, , .. .1. N. Ro fzO.N.
Agent f r Somith Carolina,
Charleston, 8. C.
.J(if% S. ftmss k Co., (eneral Agents,
h lini' re.
dlee 4 -;h
Nos. 3 Broad Street and t09 East Bay Street,
Y1rr, DY 13250 ;curiR cotAbm'o Oyroc-K,
wI iAN FrRNIUht woRK) AT
Piries Paper and EnvelIopes,
Wedding and Sall gJnvitations
sept 8
A url Vegetablc Compound,.r
liom an.ly possoit,its mat,t'er. Wl(atever
cani bie given with impunity t.o n'n lnfa1
tot .nly a few hour's 01d for gi lo or he
-Derngeginent vf- (ie Bowelit. 'lTis Comn
poun'14 t uill uinist nat utiet, to reCsist thei
fluenice oft n,alaria-,~ aied iher by preser
IIQalth2, It is guarn2iiteed ito (<nrt Dylpe
s.11, con i,a ltn 11.4) < ik Hera
ache, iBilliot:: or ('r a n- Celie (a
especially Paninter's ('olic), nr.d all oth
drnigemaent s oft t. 1,5) Iiri, hidiieys8g
$tomiachI an i ;i l we I,. 0 lIe it't tia
ad bea convticed.
Mlannfat)u0 e oas.hy 1L. -JIN0 k SONy
Coliia i*, 8Aee..-nti f'br sale by,
Drl. W.I 1. Aiken, Agnt, also by D,. J'
1I. lulaster,.WiAitsbord, 8. U'.
. O lav ut
X A Mrno t wo n r n
. No Perso6 , iji tAko these BittAr
acpcotding to directiori and remain long
unwoll, prQvide their bones are not do.
.strayod by. mU f1 Iplon or other
4eali, ad Vlt 'oIrgs WAbted boybad
pepair. . . .
Billious Reml jAtr.
1Mittn W c re"so prova
lent.il ... '. 'of 0iV14 reat riverm
tfirongitit th ted Stt es, especially
hose of the Mifsi8sippi, Qif, MIesottri,
IfLo" s IT ~ uu I Arkem
Pearl, Alabanua, Mobilo, Savaifna, lRo
anoko Jaueg, a id iiii 0IQ.,. WIth
their k-ast tlua'es, -t flout our
'entire country dring tio Suninlor and
'Aututn, and reinarkably so during spa.
so1s of witislAl lioit and dryness, R\re
invariably acconpattiod by oxtesivo do.
ra4eIWnt q[-.tho onach aud liver.
l .4tler abd9juinal,yiscera. In thlio
patti,16-n purgative, exerting a-pow.
erVI inlico u n these various or.
gavpvi, is essontia 1y.ri.dqss4hry. Thior
is no patiartic for tlio'lirposo eqUal to
Dx. J. Wk'Wi.1f'. V1"1-,dAmf Bi'ep1s.
as they will spoedily rtmovo the dark'
colored viscidi -mntter- witit which the
bowels are loaded, at tho 'samo finie
atinutlatiig tle .cscretions of tho liver,
and generally restoring tho healthly
'fTuctions of tho'dligestiv'e,0-gan1A .
- A!ti'y the body against'diseaio
b'y l.riy 1 ni l ikia flkiids.);itLh.VINZ AU
l1 mIttEs. No epidemic call tako hold
of a systen this fore-armed.
fthe, pal inl life Shoulders, bol*Ig .
'Tightne4 of tho'Chpst, Dizzi7,ees, 'Solll
Ertiet in's of tio'. '6naelf, lid Taste
-hi 'ilia Nith, Bilious 'Attaci,4x l'il ta
tation. otio icart, inflaimiitloni f tIle
n111g4, Pain fit ,bo region of the, ,16
lioys, 11( a iliundred other painful syink
toins, are the offsprings of Dyspopsiw
Ono bottlo will provo a bettor guarait".
of its m6rits 't, 1% lOigthy adverj,ii
ment. t
Scrom\ala,, oi 3ing's Evil, WiEo
Swollings, Ulcers, lCrvaipolas, Swelled Nouk,
roltra, Scroftilous Iiiflanmations, I ndoleit
ii(famniatioins, 1ercurial Al'ection, Old
Soros, Eruptiong of tito Skin, Sore Eyes, et.
In these, as ii all other constiLtional Diz
eases, WALKL&'1 VINIoAR lIITTEHI have
shown their gjqat curative .powers in the
inost obstitias atid Intraetfiio ares.
j',Inflammatory andi Chronie
Ai,Remapoismq Gout, Billouls, ne6mit.
tont amid Jnterniittont Fovers, Diseaset(of
the Illood, Livor, Hidieys and Badde;
thosa Bitter have no ( ual. Such Diseases
ea causoA by 'itjap41.co.d. ,
g,d);ed fit Plinth and Mnoras, such 'i
Pilpibori, Tyspe-setters. Gold boatork, and
uiior, as tjoy advanco in life, are suajeot
to paralrsis of the *Aowels. To guard
against tlis1 take a dose of WALKXk'S V IN
KOAa it 1m'rNKS aoceasionally.
6. r S'in D.Ieases, Eriptions, ''st
ter, Salt-Ithomu, ilotches, Spots, Pimplos,
.Pustu les, Bails.CiRhuncles; Iiig-worms,
Scaldl-head;' 'Soro Byc, I,rvaip1dlas, Itoh,
Seurfs, lliscolorat ions oaf the' Skitn, IIttmorsf
pnld D)iseaseos of the Skini of whatever niame
.or nIaturne, aro litorally duIg up andt carried
.gut dI. it system ill a short time by the 'ase
of' these liit'trs.
- Pin, Tape~, andi oter 1Vormsi,
.lurkiug ml the9 Arsttin of so m~anty lhousmards,
are eliectumally t'es.troyed and( rem1oh'd. No
s{te of medicine, no0 1'ermtilfuges, nto an
;tike0 th'o si 4ire the 93stela:from woruts
Forw Feiwle Cofs(plaintspni ydonag
.OX,old, inmrrit(r sigIlb, ai'(I& dIaw Wi*f woc
nla'tlIhodi. o)r thg9 turn of life, these( 'lni
Illnpro1vemt.lla is sootn perceptihi
ier you tind t I inpuritids butrdting th 'titi4
.the skint ill l'imples, l'arupt!ions, or Sores
cleanaso it when'i you 1find it, obstructed anmi.
sluggishJ ill the veins; Cleausie it when it is
foul ; your rfelings nil tell you when. Kooy'
the blood pure, and the health of tile.ysIeu'
will follow.
It'. if. NI.sboJAI, & ;O
D)ruggsIa.ud Gen. Agts.An' 'aiol'ao,'alIferut,
an c.o(Vaah, l 1(1tan d at a et. 1. Y
L.00c TO iotia ows INTEr.rT,
inUl~TFIt will prevail--Ppets l1'e :itnbhlorn
tmP hia,- and iwil I,not benr.'den ial -'Io see
muut be *o bli'leve--In these dy's of pro-)
kres,64 et 'nim lhas bevomae ibc.~graust-miote
cad lbot saVI,ng ppwer of thbe aige, ini ail
fagmily h -ive a :N m Win Wihei.
'h "4 clhipe $teanmp Wa,ther." in the
best. 'It does nttO occup~y tlhe i.pace or oneS
-square4' ot and is adapt abe to ~uny jv
bo,iler' or versp gpo~ *t, 4I r i e
boiled i ,d .with ' J~j cas
hdisom lintja rt-tn ' a wh 'I
froeni tw (E! t' e,l,, hoera. A ch il3, iYv'evve
$u'eng o ld inay nae it antd dhQ 1.he workg of a'
grownaW woan 16 (l' htalf thte 'itie, apd4 a-e
gard thie dH1i,l'of us~lin If oly a passtime
WithI it., w alhing iau e.iteod tu,o ea.ious
or latior, us, iuand "'Blue MeIiday" has
ceasd to bae a dlay of' con,futiota anid It ir
Vor, becaugse wauaI t i te or no0 ltabnr two or
three h,n't'rs ttnifice to do a.ds watph
withoat. secubbiung, de'trngt or Lea'tirgt lae
'biothes. I' oaling buttone'g.e.
Timoe, in,bhor, mioire.y, trmf naierfil all ar
preo'ieous- ec*ootj is wilulI'6t Afad ife fruit
htealt h, wea ith ajid kanjNiiksa-Look ||tien t
oomyOll i 4 washtling, lendt leave yotir clotlE
to wear fot imos As 19mg as when vaalt
bd ,by'ihtho'and An td, by b%loaap4
L6tn l heo, ollipse SfEim"Wash , ' Iph~
unsurpaus. d "-Elr.Te W lrfngor"i eoist
tutes a e, mple-to ain'd perfe'ot"*6b
e,ery family ahd washer-'wom'an qjh'o4d
anId ennl hae it ,-anid no~tilble washaer.
womalln wIh las at heart 4(b Ieru'st of
her patrona will oppose its ase.
e. Thfo'.'Eeili yA.g" nyitul invettslrug (1pn
scient itmo ln; pinohe, . elpji a,pj (o1kl
and will wa h the llest or coarsest tabrios
more satisl'otorily thga gyjlru)dJ fqrm
fI ftee o 10 iwentaIlttet. P'rice but to,
jlars-Wt 1i be for. e~ '4on'd+few odr.e
one a ni Ma bOrLt 1,c '
0O P1mar.13.I
Reduction, in Picess
11n view of tie low prices obtained for
01on fie present. seneon. ind in
rder io pi tee %u r Gnanos withiln tho
o -tell oi ei: ry planle-, we have greatly
e.1 1ed our porices.
They will be sold no follow:
CAS11 P 1CE .
Per Ton of 2,000 lbs., $46
Paytblle 3la la,t, 1876.
'T'ime Prio'
11er1. Ton of 2,000 Vs., $53
Payablo Nov. 1,"t, 1875, 1410d U( Ill.
Cash Price
Per Tfu t-f 1000 lbs., $46
P.,yAblo N.igy Im, - b7 5.
Time Price
Per Ton of 2,000 lbs., $53
Payable Nov. Int, 1875, Free of In
te tIest.
Acid Phosphate.
Cush P-rice
P3r Tou of 2,000 lbs,, $30
Payable Ist, MNlay 1875.
Time Prioce
Per Ton of 2,000 lbq., $35
Payaible No'v. lst, 1875, Fiv c of In
Freight and Dtraylgo to be ad led.
01l ou Agcuts for Alutaiajes and
Gto, W. Williams & Co.
n'n 13 'ioprietors, C'h.rleston S. C.
Bertedict & Co',
275 Klug Str et Charleston, S. C.
T' Il E GlI i A V1EST'
DR Y O)D8.
Ollt ('iA.dtill,
CAl rPs r.
SI A TTI Nc.s.
, R I UGS, &C.
TfI1f8 SIDE OF NU Ni-mR.
Vor prieus, see Loihl
BUW E R T Gjffi7f
r~/S T Rececivedl 100 11ha fine (inshen
Oi lIst er. A lso a choiice 1.ot or i'ireshI
(1rocer.ies, cons .istint.' tif :1 hblr,. No. 1
Mackerel, 8lhi19. ~. 2 Mnokerel, 12
Pnmuiy, 1 hbl. Pigs reet , I bbl. 1'ickledI
T ng0es; 1010 lbs. I$r l To.jny in-s. 101 I b)1
k It..flgnnce. /.03 Also n ,ohic lost of
of all grades,. AIso. a 11ine lo1 oft F'reshI
Can.gned Goods,)1 co-i'i ing of :, ianedl sat
mon1. Lobs t er-. 'tiock Tnrtt il, 3or (lii 1.4
Upsiccated C2ocoanti,t, P jtied flam, Tuirkoy
and 8ardi.t. Also a fresh lot or rranck
era atnu Cdife, 1 D)ofen lto e's or Ilerk,
imer C4. C'hoe---the finest 11n o wUn. Al(O
constaIntly on han -Preshi Pliur an441
M%eatl, hatonl and1, It.'il and14 a choice lot oIf
~i'Elwans Scot chi Ale. I.iq'"ors 13111 Segairs
or t. ihe .'t( i n uuGr de, P. der, he, I(t tahdl
Joh n D. Alc(arley.
sept 24
L AVE1~ enged (eir efook by a
L.variety of
New Silver P'late. New Plain Gold Rlings,
New Pearl Tea Sets, New Berry
Diulhes, New l.ighi4 bay
'looks, N%ev
*NE W Oi1L.
NoTICEi' 4!
IN order to close (it Onr exiensive
'S-oekc of Dry, 00ood., (lothilig,
llate, lluuts and SIos, to make rouuu
for our
wo hnva marked down our gods, and
W. 11. FJL,NNlKEN & CO.
V l brv.- just received a fresl I'A
uf Bii.,t's Warranted Garden Seeds,
of all v.rieti, which we oall to your
espeoial notice. -
jan 26
-AN'D fO
J. t I I 0T I.
1'T " id 8" 1 "01"I' Ge"lee s i"ll
1 -op ' lle-ttdy-imidei, C loolin h. h!aii k
PiF. 8 eawls, CorFets ita n Rlmih s. Milelh.
ed, III oW wn CI'l nid fl oimpu's. Cal..
po ,ds. p CwImsn, Litien Damisks andt.I
Flan -! 11, i l lio,ws for 1. tlies. itew sIyle.
.I INele, Penri Mlev hAI on.
Plate d S irt xa '! liial id ntak114er-.
Nu itedethes& Dighton. ii
~ a.nd , ina \lgs.
li thiApaes dand W'ie wAl d necas of
Wbon!k-yard kit ndind a,ndes
fan'y < F ith eur es, at . desr alefo
Feb.MJd 1875.
Putt so10
And manke
All tih lest Goodst ,
All the B S:ylus,
All the lest Pattens)
.1 ti e IR.st.alters
All the .k I uinod
All thu Siz .0
GIVE US A 11 V 'T i
O130OTS &
Car Load White CMrn.
car Loml W hito.Se
' C"ar L- n1d 1l.u--all gras(,
All grade~s )?S o (I A'.1 .
Uiio and ,Java CN)I,-e..
Choice I kitan4, Whi-Lte a1d
'imoked lBaeon.
Lard in hh1., Kr.'s and can1u.
Pcarl Grists anu 2lcal.
*T. O 33 .C r".a.
Sprin. Calic,ws, i.ew .ty!es, good
briids, lo cent. per v.!-s.
6-Call wI .e"I
GadenI Seeds, ()nio sett , anid a
choice varietiy of puin ig ~and'
eat.i ig I'utatee:4s.
('oLTe,t ad Lardii, de.vI*l ivartes. ier,
fresh ( ke. ;andI ( .C ieken-, C'in (r,e,
A\pple.s, O). ange-, abi aL ha..t i.*r.
The~ floniIg Guiomb. .t nd L elo
cost tol clear othA .st c
adIi. ither WV ini- ( m
aba 1 . \ 4 liin t
a.t Qienztly redu.I iiA I .
"'.ilvr Skin o ion~j Sel faCr sah. at .
Ii0 L A S
Cii i h Iiai.
LOW 1.011( AMII.
OV RR 'r'lllRTY .V..\I:s /?.I'Ar:;,';.c
AN T'IF JV' ill j 1:f
NEW 000Ds.
best imbe keejatis) -a.Ii1 (oi4e Lliaiii
ho1l Plate(d Chint IMiit g;l m'Ver bu
(baiin, whieb ii1izi .n:"(,O, . Als misr
('eijIIions. A t olthen ii~i(a ik 114
cani beatl thii -: .k-aiillgI- a~ i
s. ,.CILAIS. 3MUL1R,
III tho weather
iI Boots'& Shoes
in your ,'pocket
Io desi'able,
ilt L-mlekrs
at L (<kosr
at L.1 ker.
:at L ks.
1l)(+ ", Id ':
.at Ia Id cckers.
di Shape1(j-, at Landuckeri,
l. pr<nsow'i ie i~ het iotrbe
0r. -01111 un .at onl :C ;.ui- .:ve V 0 -1, 111 hie
eceol, 1oney, Wid li$ t hat%v il.
F. E 1, .'I.,l,
a 10-*11d w
10 p.ir- or I ra iiu ce C l i l ru i1Iht':e
1,14 1- :11- s.
C1.to-1 1111 .\bailha Rope for p11lwinir;
.-11 I pe.
. h ' in-u r f rkq, Tu>s
And1l,11s Nd.1i111an Axgos, ('0101
Ca d .ilmln1 ,1n 1m, llo ks,
,sadI Ironl', (il*e .NlIHIS,
itn CapIs
I Tier -v Prime ClIvolina lNice(.
for Sale low for- Cash.
B z;aty, Bro. a% S 3
iT -tore and' t. arrive. rresh~l grods foi
.1 i very I-iy iis,, In tri Ihe hiolidiays.
itrti< i Iood<. jh. liel, n iv
e iii W il i l i e aii il nt cuf I la
'i-, Ink r l. uekr, , e . , e n
CX Ij1"A N )p(. Extre s T() I) A W'
I-ni y iM-e Mo Girls. A& BICt
fla Bo. Praye I'oIks, G')uitt Booki
[en , ink P r Ii fo. (&c. u
CA bl,II AI NV/I /G RT /'rOODf Alm9~
'I li'q At To l l1,0e \V lili nils it o
ci t hb l. t-n r> nlItl Wtlng
it ,l ndii -lit t*e ut iitr 0 ~iutnto d r
lIth Ot i, I'tll i ii ira ~ Su l it-u-, t
it.* bht iillowi heli, n ta t, ;a d -a d
C~ill A .1.l 1.A.F. ,

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