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Published Every Wednesday -At
' Jr
Dae Copy one year, o- - 5 800
five " " " - - 1200
S'en " " " - - 2 660
iLCSliC V-S crcWS.
Videtto, in the News and Courier
gives the following report .f a Feeno
in the House during the debate on
the redemption of the State Bank
bills. The ides.of Leslie accusing
Crews of di.shonesty is inexpressibly
fuinny. It is pot calling .kottle
lack. A committee should be up.
;-,inted to investigate Joe Crows.
"B1oston, of Newborry, was surpris.
ed at the captious opposition to -the
bill. If there was niy favor shown
to any body by this measuro the
State was the r3cipient of that favor.
No .MoNl IN 'IT.
Turing his speech he was frequent.
ly badgered by the Crews Ring.
Indeed, to such an extent was this
carried on that llHamilton of Beau
folt, arose, and in a sardonic tone
and with a grim humor that can only
be lppleciaed by those who are
familiar with the dark wxy's and
-vain'tricks of average South -0to
.lina Soloiis.f the latfor day, asked
Mr. Boston to inform thw boys that
there was no momey in tho bill, and
they needn'i kick ag-kinst it. This
shot had a telling effect, and the
member from Newberry was allowed
to proceed and finish his sreo;h. To
him succeeded Leslie who inad. one
of those exquisitely serio..comic
speeches whioh.have m11ade so success
fiul us-a politioian. 'Thim, said he,
is the most important bill that hIas
been .presented t'his session. Tle
member from liurei ((rows) has
been industriously trave.ling around
the ilise mindeavmringf to pr.Jwtlion
-certain .mne'bers againlst it, and I
see that certain Reipublicans are de
.ttrmnined .to .sneer down this bill
which has real merits.
Crews. Its the merits that we ar
Leslie. I know what yon are after
but I tell you and these other mem
bers that unless th.i ieasure pa.-is
this government will stop.
A Voice. Let it top.
Le5li 0. Its all very, well to pa
let it stop ; but I warn you R(pub.
liens not to liateln to the Incimbei
from Laurens. If you don't pas
this bill, what will be the result
I'll tell you. There will be a oom
bination of taxpayers to tender thi
bills of the Bank of the State fol
taxes, and then what will you di
about it'i The highest trib-nal in ti
land has decided thlt you've got t4
take them, and the plain truth of tlc
natter is that the bill holders
Dfcat t'iis i.i. if you pleas,
Ifilven't thov gtt the army ind tit
navy of the United States at theln
back 7 Defeat this bill,. t say, and
you'll not have one dollar for you
schools, not one dollar for your ini
torest tuoney, not on dollar to pay
yourselves your salaries next year,
I am ait a loss to uinderst and hon
men wvho profess to support this Stati
government eau stand herec anid vot
against tilis bill. The attorney geri
era!, the .la'r oilieer a f the Stat e, has
given u:p the light, anzd a nnoune,
that he can't stave oil thlese bills bul
a little whil-o loi:-ger.. Now the mem
ber fromn Laurens hmas boon going
around telling 3 ou tha:t ther-o art
seve a! mnillioiis of' these bills out
TJhere may be, for I tell you that
there are very serious doubts whiethi
er the committee appointed in 1 8d6
to fund the old izsuo of the bill
ever did fund themi.
RlAKitNG UP Tilit ASItiEs.
Cre ws. I)o you mean to in'sinn.Itt
that we di't fund the billa
Leslie. Goddlemighty only knowl
whethle r y on fun ded th Ior n 1 ot, ant
lie won't tell. I only know that
after these bijls weie saidt to h mv
been fundced by younr commnittec that
you deposited $.l0,(000 of them in
S'cotQ's bank I as celblit oral scenr i t
for a loan, and that some thief camen
along and atole them. 1 know also
that you borrowed $25,t000 f'rom tie
assets of the ilank of the Stato and
paid it back in t ht'e very sa mc bi Ill
thait you were appoinited toi fuid and
destroy. I don't, know where you
got them. I know that a comnmit tee
consist ing! of .air. Crews and several
other re,pectable genitlemen were
aplpointted by the L,egislature in 1868
to fund thes'e bills, and that when
they got thim aill in and issued S:ate
bontd for thenm they went down the
stre'et and built a hot Iii-e--it was a
very hot lire, and there wits tho muem
be'r from, Laurens and t he other re
reLCtable' I .embers of the commiiit tee
withi big suceks poking these funded
bYlls in the lire, and stirritig, and
stirring, atnd stir ring themi up until
they were aill burnt up. But still
there arec very strong eusj'lcions t hat
all thi- st.irrinig aniounted to nothing
alnd t.hiat most cit te bills that were
put ini the tirec by thIiis respecta:ible
4oinnittee wore wafted out, &od are
stil ouit :and it is a little strange
that Mr. Crowts shiotl stibsequehntly
hiave used 4-35,000 of thode- ttmot bills
which hiis respectable coiimnittee aire
suppo-edl to bas e burnt up to bor
row $:5,000O from tte assets of thme
B.ihk of the State. [P>rolonged
laughter.] I know, too, that the
member troet Lauitrens had a perfet
horror of -his btll, and why 1 I'll tell
'.I)on' t youi Ss that there is a
be0ionn i inructing this oom.
mission to intestigate n'nd -rd)ort
what amoudt of'tbe old isaxe iiurnt
up by his-respedtable committee are
still outstanding.
This specoh, wrhieh lasted until
after eleven o'clook, was frequently
interrupted by numijerous qiuestions
from thi.boyp. At the conolpasion
Simkins moved to lay the motion to
indefinitely post pono on the table,
and on this the vote was as follows
yeas 30, nay 56.
Floods III ile.Up County.
The recetit heavy and conAtant
rains'hve done a good Uewl of dame
age in North Georgia and Tennessee
The Western and Atlantic railroad
has suffered by the washing away of
three bri, ges over the Ghickamauga
river, and in soeie places or. Wednes.
day the water was two feet deep.
Both ends of the tunnel at Tunnel
lill, about three -miles from the
river, are blockaded by the water
rushing in and throwing up a pile 4 f
dirt live feet high and very long on
the track. No train has arrived in
Atlanta over this road since five
o'clock Wednesday evening. The
Chattanooga and Nashville road has
suffered from the flood, and is block
aded. 'I'hij damago to the road is
estimated at $80,000.
The Albany Argus says thAt 'frost
has penetrabed into the -earth 'to a
greator depth 'han ever before known
in that oity-in some inbtances full
six feet below 'the street bed. Many
of the lateral water mains,-conduct.
ing water -into houses have been
frozen, and theso mains are laid five
feet below the surface. Yamilies
have thus been deprived of their
supply of water, and it has required
from forty eight to seventy hourn to
get dowa to the mains thro,ugh the
earth, frozen almot as solid as a rook
so as to thaw out the -oundu.its and
secure water again.
The water in the flume of a grist
mill at Franilin l Mas., fre into a
solid block on Saturday and Sunday
last. The 'flume is six feet high,
eight feet wide and fifty feet long.
An Wttempt to thaw it out by burning
wood was unsuccessful. 'Tire i -e on
the Mel rinae at that place is report
ed as fou, feet thiek.
s. 16
"Andrew Juhinson will always be
a candidate for something vhille he
lives,"l sais tho iuriington llawkeyo,
'"and when he finds he is going to dio
he will want to itn for corone'r."
Yes, and when Andy is summoned
before his Maker he'll still contend
that he is a self-made man.
And now conies the startling in
telligenceo from the lands to the north
, of us tha-t ice will .be dearer next
s.inmer than ever before, bccau o it
i, so think and bulky that it will re
1uire an extra force of men to handle
it. "Too thin, too thin.'
The Loui.villo Courier-Journal
says that the prospect if an increase
ii the tax on tobacco haa greatly in
Creased orders, iand given a general
i impetus to the factories in that ne ig),
The Sentinel who did not slee.p on
his watch had left it at the pawunoro"
k ers.
Jdlenus is thie pa-rent of namelsa
vicea. Give usefuj em.ployment, and
they are not in bad company..
TIme lRaleigh l)istri-ot N. (, for thec
month of Fecbruary, paid Ai 10,000
lnternal revenue tax.
Judge Settle's $l2,000 bridgeover
the l)an river, N. C. was washed
away a few days ago.
- . MlEANS MAVIS, Editor,
Wednecsday Mlorning ?Iarch 10, lV/5.
The Preside u t has signi&rd the civi
righmts bill, an d it is now a law. As
thoe section regarding mixed schmools
was stricken out the bill iamoun ta to
hut littlo. The rad(ioamls have. just
about succeeded in raising the ire
of beolh whites and blacksr.
We are advised by a conseu vative
member of the Legislature that we
erred1 in saying that conservatives
are rnarely cal led upon to preside over
the liou .. On the contrary they are
frequent ly ca !led to the chair by
8Sierker- Elliott. We make the
ame n'he honorable.
Beast Butler has been iinterviewed,
lie is oppressed with grave appre.
henmsions that the nation is going to
the devil. As Butler is doubtless
going thiero himself, an-I as he re
gardls himself as thne 'nation, this
inelancholy is but- riatur.al..
l'oor Ben I What will lie d6 when
he can no longer sit in the,.house and
receive a weekly cursing~ i The dne
privat ion of this accustomed stimtu
Ia i twill be to ,,ti,,i fr.
The Rev. Mr. Johnson of --Summer.
ville who left the Epizcopal Church
and accepted a ca1l to a Cummins
Church in Louisville, ky., has aban.
doned thb new moveme.t and petitions
for readmission to-tho regular Episoo.
pal Church.
'Old brass.'button Iloland has re
deemed himself 'from the odium
incurred *by the gag law by the man
ly stand he took-in defence of Ar.
.t is atrange Tlt d ~who de
fended Akatrsas, and Phelps and
Carpentor who chanipioned Loui.i.
11na, were all three defeated in the
late elections. Their courso my he
explained on the h5 pothesis that
they realize most feelingly the ex
i6tenceo of the grout politicul ground
The Charlotte Obberver has shown
us the courtesy to.publish our ewpla
nation of our renarks.conoerning 'the
suppres.sian of the New Or}-)ons .Bul.
lotin. -In so doing, it hai evinced a
.knowledge of ti ne journali8tio
etiquette, which we regret to istate
has not been wanife-ted by -sotno .of
,our State A Exchanges. Severti df
thesq:.have-nund.e utriet'ures itn 'u4
,or asked-. us -quostions, and thea
neglipted .entirely to notioc -our;
r p'ies. Tbis is unfair as it pluaes
us i'a false-posk-ion. 'Give to every
.one his due.
'The so -called 'force bi'll pnired the
louse'on .Saturd ay af'er midnight.
About thirty republicans voted w-it-hi
vho demoorats,against 'it.. The bill,
'regulates elections, that i-i, t'hrow.s
ithe ele::tioi :iacthinery in the South
into t.he hands-of t1he radicals. .It
al.o aithor'ies the President for the
next two yeara to suspend the
'habeas coriin lllississippi, Alabama
L-ui<iana and Arkn'sas 'whzeneer
,ho may deem it necessary. One
member proposed to CLti'l the bill,
"A bill to provide for the oleo ion of
a president for a third terin," ' The
bill goes to the Sct-ate, where the
democrats dvolare it bhall be killed.
They will fillibuster over it until the
4th March. There have becr. exciting
soonod ii Congrss d.uri.the recent
debates ever -the oiv,il riights and *te
force bill.. The -Iou.e sat th-rough
the entire iight-, many of the mio
bers dierobing thoniselves a'nd sleep
ing on haily. im-provi..d pallet..,
being awakened at intervals to vote.
Durig tho debat litler and Poland
got into a controversy. in - which the
latt<r culled the. Yorer "a liar, a
d-:d liar."' laine ulso called But.
ler a scoundrel.
Fraud.ulent Olaima.
It was ,proellaimned all along the
line last Summer that all the v'illainy
in, the Str.teo was confined in~ the'
small fra-me of P. J. Moses Jr.,
and that it' he were thrown overboard
the other radicals cou'ld carry the
old ship of the Statoe into s-'ooth
water. We'll, Moses was pitchsed out
hca d forem-ot w ith'nt eremon.y, and
fell among whIales in the &.hape of
hungry creditors who have relentless
13y gone for him vnd awallowed him.
lle is now strantded inl the bankruptcy
court with a scheduile of debts,
amnounting to $92,000, and a list of
dessets wvort.h about a guarter of a dol
-las. We breathed more freely as we
saw his ambroai-al looks disappear
beneath the surging waves.
But it appears that lie is not the
only political Jonah. The recent
torimmiage betwe en the Legislature
and Treasurer Card ra has brought
forth some stiart ling developments.
The last legialatunre appropriated
$112,000 for the pay of employees . nd
contingent expenses. But the Presi.
dent of the Senate and the speaker
of the llouse drew orders for $ 140,
321. Cardloza paid $1 12,000, leaving
unpaid $28,321, besides $50,000 of
orertlms. Now the law punishe's as a
felony the over issue of warrants,
and there oiTicialIs, in the lang~uago of
Cards za have been guilty- of '*a con
temptuous dlisregartd au-l wanton vio.
lation of thme laws."''
(Of thihe warrants many are issued
to perronms whlo have no claims (in ti-e
fnud whatever. Several old eta'gers
such as Crews, Owens, liurley, Sim.~
kcins, 8 nalls and W 'hittm.r besides
many others appear ont thu lists,
Then too there arc many names here
tofore unknown to 'ame and fortune,
OneChristopher drame. $2,500,the said
Chistopher being the mythical..uamo
it is said of Ithe Sub Comnmittee who
went to WVashington to reply to the
taxpayers. Many of the so called
emuployees doubtless exist only in the
maginations of dishonest radical
official,. That there has been much
rascality in this matter, there can be
but little doubt. Tfhe question then
arises to what extent are Gov.
Gleaves, Speaker Elliott and Treas.
urer Uardozm 'implicated -1 -Lot -the
matteribe tho-roughly nifted.
'In the meantimon wo say to Mosei,
"Be cain, bidu thy time, thou ablt
bavb lovely company some day.
Thou art-no worse than thy radical
accusers who have nrade of 'thee .a
suape goat."
The News and 1Courier replies'to
our assertion that it-bas been "bull
ing" Caidit and the londs, and
sutis to take our article as a covert
insituntion against its principle.
The News aid C urier is too eensi
tive. We merely mentioned a fact,
and stated that we differed from our
ontemporary in its ex.pre.-sed opin.
ion. -Wo did nut.inpeach ,its.hones.
The fact-ij thatin 'linodt every isstm
presented to the public Oinoe the
kcalling of the taxpayers convention
we -havo tken Pidee with vhe News
and Courier. But wo believed tht
a conservative newspaper would be
unwise in vouching for the condut
of awty .radical official unless his acts
,were.patent to-all. Trhe -Newe and
'Courier thought differently, and has
.gotten 'into a little dirfficulty. It
assoted, we preuwe upon the au
%hority-of Treasurer Cardoza, who
was an interebteel party, that t-he
funding.ofithe bond, was being buc
cessfully accomplished accord-ing to
law. 'Tiis.ga.vocotifidene to opera.
No w, i logislative committee
olaiu.s tihat frauds ba've been commit
ted and that illegal b-onds have -been
isrued. Where -are tihe .gtiarantees
of the News and Contir .1 We du
not churge it w-ith com:plicity in
frauds. We m-rely askert that through
ill advised haste, it ha-9 plated it
self in an ankward position.
A gain. When the rem oval of
Onrdoza vas proposed, the News and
Courier hastely threw itself into the
brench and deinounced the movcm,nt
as an attook-by corrupt men upon
the governor. it pronounced Cardo
za's letter an almoet complete refu
tation of the charges of the committee.
Then when the committee -reiterated
their charges, the .News& Cot-rier wat
compel'led to reced-e from its forlorn
bope, qnd now 'that the 'entire con
servative 'de.egation are opposed to
the treasurer, the News and Courier
will have to bcome a "bear." We
do not mean'that the party lash must
be oboyed. Conservatives have nI
lath. But the conseiv,,tive legislatorb
are o4title 4to confidence, and they are
in pos%ossion of the facts, nd the Newt
and Courier must )ield to them.
Now, had our contemporary not
been so kasty in -bullin," Cardt.z
and the bonds, it would ne-t now be
embanrruassed. We give it full credhi
for incerity, and nierely r'emark that
it is a victim of misplaced coinfidenice
in conclusion, we will offer a little
friendly ad vice, which we hope will
be rceeived in good part. In future
be cautious about "bulling" radicaln
and radio:al measures, anid moie es
pecially don't .bull Caidoza. \e
'-bulled'' Carden once, but it was a
long time nrgo, an-d we had net beenD
ini the t.euspaper busin-ess more thai
& few months. We didn't bull bim
long. We expected hi-m to pay up
promptly F'airiield's quota for free
Schools. Hie did not do it. Bc,
paid other Counitica more i-n propor
tion, and lie did other t,hinsgs we (lid
not approve of. So we eased bull
ing him. And if the News and
Courier take otir advice it will here
after leave the bulling of (Cardon~
ahd the bonds to their paid organ,
tI.e Union-Heorald-,
Treaanrer adora.
The contest bet ween the fiegisla.
ture and the Treasurer is waxing hot.
It will be rceembered that a joint
comnitttee upon which were Messrs.
Mlentze and Trenhb~lm, was appointed
to examino the bok(sk of the~ Treasu
rer. TIhey reported that he had been
guilty of grave fTtenees, in funding
conversion ,bond coupons, coupons of
bond. that were cancelled unused,of
bonds that were illegailly hjpotheca
ted, and of diverting to othier objects
the moo-ey appropriated to pay in
terest on the debt. The tre;':urcr in
a lenmgthmy letter denied these charges
andl charge d thle commnittee with igixoH
ranco and malice. The comemitten
renewred their charges and several
men,bers -defended their reports
Messrs. Mectze and Tronholm deliver
ed telling speeches. TLhere is an
i8sue of fact between the committee
andl the Treasurer, and the legislature
believe the former. I t is highly
probable that in a week or two Car
doza will be requestod to step down
and cut. lie will not be impeacbed
because in such a case, a majority of
two-thirds of the members elected to
both houises will be necessary. ihis
dej Osition) will be bronuh abut. i
anothor way.
The constitution provides thdt
whodver n offieil has not been
guilty of any crimo deserving ir
pealahment, and yet good reasons exist
why he should no longer fill his posi
tion, the logiilatureoau biy in ad.
dream aoause the governd*r 't6 -reiovb
suoh official. This is -about tho-gist
of the attiolb uniler whose proVisLns'
the removal is to be attempted
The house adopted a joint resolution
to aI point a coimrittee from buth
huuses to proparo an addro--s. The
rebol-ution was adopted by a vote
of.92 )eas to'20 nayo, all the conser
vatives voting in the &afirnative.
The same resolution wa-s adopted ia
-the Senate by a vote 19 to 6. From
'tUis it :kpplaars.tbat -the -Logi&Liture
is in -earuoat.
'Card(,za protests hislsinoceu:ee, and
denies that h6 can be roi..v.d by
the presenbdtidn di an add.e,s. lie
olaitus that this provision has in oo7
tomplation the afliction of any (fli
cial with old age, or imbecility or else
insanity and that his unisfurtune, if
any to 'hafe, i3 none of these,-a-and
that he should be either acq'iftted
hoi.orably or impenched. He evi.
dontly differs from -latItor -day
psychologists Who mainta'in t4hat
kleptomania is a speoies of emotional
iosanity, or cl:a his argument would
be without foiee.
-Inthe-figirt between the ltgisla.
I 'ture a'id thn ireasurer wo-can deliver
no ex eathedra opiuion. The finan.
oics of the Stato have long been to
uuddled as to require diligetit-study
to understand a-nything about them.
As the issue-, too, are of fact-s and
we have no means o,f becoming cogni
zant of thes fiLets, we cin form no
opinimon of our own. But we place
cotfidence both in the abi'ity and
integrity of our conservative leaders
and as they, on the spot, wiI all 'le
fact, bcfore them 'iavo decided agaii.st
Mr. Cardozi, we have become coo.
vinced of the truth of the charges pre
fetred against him..
We have .ndt yeen been hasty.
We havit waited for both sides to
testify. And in rccording the moral
obliquity of the Treasurer, we are
filled with sort ow that our state is
not yet purified, and nith a feeling of
commiseration for the radical party
as it sees fall, one I-y one, the
blatant jackdaws who with borrowed
plumage have paraded ten>selves be
fure the world as bluotied pe-coch.
represeniti g all the ierir a,d i tii.
goodness of :he po!it.i-cal ,Pwi yad.
Life in tho 011 Land Yat.
We are -10r6wly coming to believe
that there's life inl the old land yet
i or severs. I ye-rs thei man-se-s have
been atpparently dead. T[hey hsav
permitted a gang of cut throat p'.liti
cianis to ride s'oighslmd o'ver th con~
*ai tut ion r.n'd the r.g his of te pel,
in their lu.-t for power ad unr~:
Since roco~n.str u ction the rad tical passy
htave almost rniced thme re put lie. He
gin ni ng ait first caut ioiiin thIer
intcreased-( in aiudacity, uti t hey
Slal iy thrts w off the mak itt adv, eatsi.g
nmeasuires practiedily .subverting~ me
publicaiema. Tho (Congress which
ex piredl on thte 4t.h, was a reomsa kable
biody. Egg-d emn by G,rnnit, and
buhied by Morton, Biutler and the
whole genus of carpet.bagg-ers, it seesm
ed to know no limit to its aLggres.ions.
Measure after measure was propozcd
looking to the establish ing of a des
potism) tvith Gr.ant as dietator ani
Pnil Shserid an as caspt asit of thet Jansis
sarios. Somec of thec?e paaed. Th.
force bill was carried ini the House.
But t! is intoxioaitions prolnsee,l ma
revulsion, Radical leaders on gee
ond thioughtbstood aghsait at the ont
look. Oin on san sd wvas Use stutbburm
President with the arumy and navy at
his back, and millions of paitronaige
Oat the othser> a writtent coanstitut ion,
and the well being df the mnaises
whose interest they were oben,ai to
subst rve. It was rn awk warad a ilem-.
ma. But fortunately some~ of thoie
leaders wvero po.ssed of that rare
article--a consscrco. When the is
sue was presented f..irly an~d squarely
to them, they, with a deep drawn sigh
for* the presidontial fleshp.ts, about
to be forfeited, east ther votes on the
side of light and duty.
The force bill was jinored i'n theo
Senato. T1hien the Saentato at the(
eleventh hour, repodiatedl Pi nehh,,ck
and seated lSheridlan, whto wvas elected
by the Moi'nery btegislattero. Ini the
house, 8ypher, the radical memnber
from Louisiana who has been hold isng
his seat, and supporting villainy and
drawing a big salary, was ousted for
thte admsissions of Lawrence, his eon
test,aut, who held his seoat just thir
teen hours before his term expired.
The comnpromise, recognizing Kol.
logg and giving the legislature to
the eonservatives, was also pas.-ed.
In the louse, th Aa as q.
tion was brought. up. It will be re
meibered that'whoh Grant was toy.
ing with Southern conservatives in
the hope of receiving -from thon .up
port for his third term aspiratiou's, he
recognized Baxter as the legal Gov
Drnor of Arkansas, and iy his Attor
noy Generwl, utterl-v repudiated the
olains of Brooks. But recently he
sent a mteirsage to Cotngrews without
the knowludge of a single meniber of
his cabinet., in which he eKpresied a
belief that Brooks was retiy el bted,
and intimated that if Congret% 'did
not take some deciAivo step ihl tle
matter, he would upset 'the 41mrlind
guveItnitnt m-nd'iorite Drooks. Thia
was done in -spite of the fact'that'the
Polanl inve,tigatilig eU14ittee, with
Lhe oxceptitn of Wtird, had adv.r, d
Congre s to let Arkansas- alone. -Oin
Tuesday the Arkansas question it.a
brought up in the Hkiu,c, and thie
tuotiou of Ant'd hen.1hin an, W arkd,
of Illinois, to recognizo -Koaks as
G-)veror wa- defeted b.y a vote of
153 to 89. Tne rsolution of thi.
Poland -cominittet, that no iLiterfer
ft retto-with the existing State (v
eruinent on tivo .part of ithe inited
States goirernment is <xpediot, was
adopted by a vote of 149 to '8.
TIhis was a most cutting rbuke tpb .
Grait. At least sixty re,ubli-eins
must. have voted againit his revoln.
tionary eeheme, and'these republicans
were men df stading and respeota
bility. The Butlers and Wards and
Syphers and Ilayses and others sf that
ilk'oommiand the respect of no decent
men -of either paitrty. The ipeople re.
pudiated Granti;m in November.
Ilis Congressmen are -turuti-ig against
him at the last moment, j At as rats
desert a tinking ship. lHit Or nt
will not yield wiihout a struggle. flis
main oharactoristio i6 bullhead edness.
H1e will fight it out oin this line all
suminer, and wiiil make it pebaliatly
warri for the South. We begin,
howcver, to have canfi.lonb, in the
sober 'second thought of th e A nmerioan
nation, and it dues seem that the lung
looked for day is beginning to dawn
upon a cauntry for four yea s oursed
with internecine .ar, an.l for ten
more, with partizau, strife-engender
ing legislation.
I ioturn to the white and colored
fire companies my grateful thanks
for their I.riampt a.sia3,ice in putting
!'%it my lotite uen ,., tire on Wed
t dla evenit.g,. it .: w h .
I It a ! -l d . liu fU C . - I !I
ac it1j. 114 I'D caill ill -E 0 .' t;: %V oU
acu,. '1 .. x l a ctns 'ia le w I uu
I would have been honiele,i by the
raphsY.i .I , st.. et,ion of the fire. N
betet fceeling betwveen all eC!atsse, ein
be foumii than exts in W i ln.-,bori
between the t.hite andt e.,-ored lire
comllpansies atnd the hite ansd colui es
ei.cizens when ti,e alavin tuf fire is
giren. Ii a :. y fe-eling oif uots'.sat
ire helt~ st'idas ,h'e .- is, e-td .dl
are bset, on doling whtaever thely i1-t
ii.w.vrd., tbe ~a in -ol ihe .p ros erty ofl
whoi, ocver it m. a) Le. Evr nay thu.
feel ing con1tinesi, and mn,t Wi nn,b~ bo
be nouted fur the prompl1t etis. nI of ab
elasses tin-d liire compj.I.is whet
any ptro,perly may he~ in (at ger ofi
being cou~u nmed byv lire.
Yours Res.pectfully,
meh 6 1). G. Fi'LNNlKE~N.
.Jts't re-dved, a rres.h supplry ti
Irist l'>,t,itites also, lhest atnd D) .u.
Fe rry & Co t. Garsiten $ecails.
WY. Hi. FL,ENNl(iEN & CO(.
A L r, rsont twmg thit sutbscriber
nro requested to cone fotl rwar
nseit it le upi at osnce An.i save e .s1, ni lie
needs mioty, atld mli tI ba e it
/IUFTER thh da.te t will discontinue
sellitig Whil.key by thu drnitik, antI
ofrer my liar Fituttres, &o. for sale.
Winnsbor.o, Feb. 3rd, 1875.
feb 4iR. J. McCA RLsy.
.3 Ilhds. N- 0. larijfied1
Sugar, 10 .Bls.N. .Moas
Os (Choice.) N. .Moa.
A foriner lot of th"se goods
have givezn general stisfctjin.
Give Thtem a 'Trial.
D A N N E B E '
F1ull Stocs of "pring Good01.
qew Calicoa ! New Cadicoo ! Piques ''
The Big Boianza Stripe.--j.
Something New.
[omxphaite sbek of Waih Popli:ns 151 p-r
yard, Nansooks, .8wi;4 M1astins-, V,at-iritt
Lawts, Plaid '11JAVhn81
-AND -
inar 9
W E fnre ageni for a large New York
TIA-Ik i , 1ti t41 -ae now on
hand unrowder nud Young llys.n Tena
ptit tp in one lb. andi j b. lin canist rs,
warrinted full weighi and Io .give satis.
faction or ilth purchase
Money RefundeA!
Pricis. low. (;vo .1tem.a I rial.
1:EATY A RO. & 80N.
mar 9
1"a Iv' RHA l'u- .4,v C1,0CIC
NEW 6001A.
taebest 'into epers) Sali-l GJold (:han ino
.aall Plinteda '1:hn,i..s 1i lar sa nId Si ret' u.
'naias, whai'' I eeIn5I5t '5. 'o, BrDt'i
Pine~ Colln- ad Shl i R t anas of all deFL
P'nn A pa er l henntajra,t ( ek a het
nnla he;at I h--t ? RePpnirang aifnet in A
aw orkaian-like manner. MI5a, t i. ia- gua rank
(I1 AS. .11UI1.:L,it
which can be cured by a'
timely resort to this stand&
ard preparation, as has b)een
proved by the humdreds of
testimonials received by the
pr'oprietors. It is acknowla
edged, by many pr1ominent
physicians to be the most
reliable preparation ever in
troduced for the relief and
cure.of all Ling complaints,
and is offered to the public,
sanctioned by the experience
of over forty years. Whoen
resorted to in season it sela
dom fails to effect a speedy
cure in tihe most severe
cases of Coughs, Bronchitis,
Croup, WhVlooping Cough,
Influenza, Asthma, Colds,
Soro Throat, Pains or Sor'ea
ness in the Chest and Side,
Liver Complaint, .Bleeding
at the Lungs, &c. . Wistar's.
B~alsam does not dry up a
Cough, and leave the cause
behind, as is the case with
most prepariationls, but it
loosens and cleanses the
lungs, and allays irritation,
thus removing the cause ol
the complaint.
SETH W. FOWLE~ & 80NS, Boston, a
A nd aold by l>ruggsts and r.a1alr geneoralJ,

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