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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, March 10, 1875, Image 3

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oibitiinieatioifs to hlis offioe
will not hoti'ed tihless acbompanied
by the r I nakne:of theWif dr.
AW We are ht, restdh'itIefdVhe opin.
one of correspoad'dmas.
kX- Hireafter tib T0CA'L WbrICES
will be insert e' -h'r ,%,blunins oxcep
upon paytoent of TE CkNTS'f%(h6.
SW Any person In the County having
knowledge of any circuin'8t'ahoe of interet
otiurring in his neighborhood will confer
a fiVr) by firnishing information Ut'thip
Notio.i-Juhn Carroll.
'Card- D. R. Flent.iken.
Wanted-J. I. Trump.
-Law Card-W. H. Lylbe.
Tea-MuMuster & Brioe.
T. T. T.-Beaty B3ro. & Sbn.
-Sheriff's Sales-L. W. Duvall.
'ar Heel Auction on the 25th.
'Ilicy jIlave Come-Danuenberg &
Fairfield Fire Engine Company
4no. C. Squier, Seet:ry.
Winhaisoro Grange ine. ba.uiday.
M r.i Jharley 1'iawns has three :"ot a
'lying very ill of paeumonia.
Mrs. JaMCs -. Casoi, and Mr. 'Bar
IbLr Forguson'of tis coutity'died last
The public well in front df the
-niaket is again out of -repair, tte!
'cause of which "deponent sayeth not."
W-e .publish this -toruiang the ad-.
'd'ress of the Kerehaw vVounty Cow.'
1it.sioncrs as it containi several
ipoints of law of interest to the public.1
01 Thurday night theto were .ive
tweddings in the vicinity of Ridge
way, Duko and Killianu'.. "Ile who.
-marries doEs well'
A great many old a9hool claims
were registered Saturday and Mon.
'dny. Parties Pre raA,ited to bring
iij all claims prior tu Nov. -'8r-3.
The thanks of the afiee are ter.
'dered to Messrs. MoDonald & Aiken
'for some (i je cigai.i. These oigars
jpuff themselves. Try them
The weather never will get set-tlod.
-Alth.ugh this is M.arch., t:he fai-urers
'have done but little, and gardens are
at a discount.
Lt.at Week, MNj. Woodward -and'
Mr. T. M. Rouibert, with their hounds
'c-aughtL two wild cats weighing re..
.Opectivcly 16 and V8 pounds, and
three gray foxes in one hunt
Loors AND kuoEs.-i,..dies' and
Gents' custom made band-sewed
oot, and Shoe', inst r&.eived, S.
,.audeckers. All bo-o'is .and shoes
watranted sa reprewvnted-. 4
Gcr..-Our full line o sam.pl-es
'of C im era and Vestings f'r our
Mlerchant Tailoring Departmhet't now
on hanud. Lastest Spring Styles can.
ic seen at DANN EN1)1RG & CO.
Mir. Copes is pushing the bill 'for
'the sale of the prebenat county jail
and the builing of atnothier tn a less
public pai tof town. The site of the
,p.reset.jail nill make a floe stand for
U store.
Wam. 13. Astor, E3sq., the New
\'oak blilioniaire, pasaed thrunrgh
W innieboro Tluesday even.ing, and
by the way, took a drink of
!c.vr beer' at the Mt'dning Star Sa'
lu.an, whI.ich ho pirotnunet excel leia.
Thle Sund..3 aouthern bound paa
senger train did not pass Winnaboro
butil ntear u.idnighit. iieaavy rains
had eaused a land slide noar Fort
Mlills anad this delayed travell. The
tiamige has been repaired.
Tlhe B..a14 have reet.ived several
new and handsome German silver in"
struments. The band blow eonsider'a
bily oin their instruments and boast
that there drum is hard to beat.
Cranfo'ds race horsae (Champ las
been qunite siOk, and this may inter
fore with the arrangernent, eonceen.
lng his proposed ratce with Stoicking
A genttleman 3esterday was ex
hbiting samples of ea~ihtyfitec bales
of cotton still on otte place in thia
County. TIhere is a good deal of
ootton hiding around in corners.
The Souchoan Ouitvatur bor Marejh
contatins a variety of useful informna.
tion. It oajoys a high seputation
among farmerts. It is published at
A' thons Ga., by W . La. Jones, terms
$2.00 per .ntIum in advande.
We again ca lthe attention of the
police to parties getting on trainas
coming in and going Out of our town
there by p'eventing passengers from
getting off atLd on the cars. This
thing has become a nuisance and
should be attended to.
Another improvement has been
inade o'ur poli4etnon. TIhe council
have furnished them with the latest
style of brtes and belts. When the7
get their uniforms, which will be in a
abort time, we have no doubt 't11
will begin to put on oity airs.
The Stte Grangti ebcted ]ro. 1D.
W. Aiken Worthy Master, Bro.
Barksdale, Overseer Bro. A. M. Ai
ken, Treasurer, Bio. Up:-lboulb, Lee:
urer, and Bro. Hood, Seoretary.
This is a deserved compliment to
Col.-D. W. Aiken, as he is the father
df t!he order in South Carolina.
The Rock Hill Grange, noticing our
.propoeition to take into partnership
the-fair inconnue that sent us that ar
1ble on the. sensations of an editor,
bts 'itaSto've pipe that the same
artible iyas eut to it three weeks ago
by the same hands. We ddn't -know
whether 'lfe wager is the cfee stove
pipe or the Ed'iter's. If the latter,
we decline it, as we always Wbar a
Alouch. We contend however that
we made t'he first propait'ion, t,nd
have the refusal. 1Pith 'in. Coupe..
tition is the lift'of trade.
Jim Fauoett, a colorbd boy receiv
ed q,iite a severe thrashing Tuesday,
done up In the old style, at the hands
of Mr. A. -P. Miller. It seems that
Jitn 'has been in the habit df -whip
ping M.'s littl, son every tithe Le
met -bim on 'the st'reet. The parent
becoming tired of having his boy con.
'stantly chadt'isd by a tregro, captured
t'he young gent Tiesday morning aria
adhiuistered to a'dose of 11ite4n that
he 'wont forget soon. Bully for
-41Dock," Trial Justibbs to the oontra,
ry notwithstanding.
The other eveiing while a family
in Winnsboro were ,eated in the
sitting room a noire was lieard in the
e n t:y, and one of the ladies, on look
ing out. discoveted a oegro woman
making off with a beaver and two
ladies' hat,. On being hailed, the
woman said, "Pshaw, yor needn't
think I wanter steal yer OI,. hats, I
just want 'em to git a patteron of
'em-." She delivered up the articles
nd went on her way'rejoicing, doubt.
leSs to ind a "pattern" elsewhere.
There is no counting on the weath
er. It raini daily and cocasionally
two or three times a day. Lasbt
week, one of our coutemporarie, con.
ained a local praring the weather,
and the morningthe paper was'inued
twas the worst of tO Jawr. The local
was porobably W-ritten about midnight.
The other'day we wrote a local ne u.
tiowing rain and gloom and that 'sort
o'f thing, and before the artiole was
sets 'the ann was shining beanti'fully.
We forbear to comm'ant bpon 'the
*aaiber except to mention that
while our readers are perusing thiq
it is either good weather or bid
vreather, wet or dry-, or vsriable.
PharPo A.-Mr. Sol Wolfe has re.
%urned to G'rand Rapids, Michigan, in
obedience to t be mandate, "go west.'"
M r'. Wolfe'N inmerous friends regret'
h is departure, but tenic' him best
wi1hes for-tuecess in his n-ow field.
Ml,. N. \V. Aiken has rceThr'n
frothi his iirst~ course of me'tient lee
tuies in t harlest on. lie looks well.
W lean that Mr. A ustin Scott
has also returned home.
We had the pleasure on Monday
of meeting at Ridgeway Mr. Edward
Tlhomns, who for tI e past few years
has beun located in Jeifersons'ITexas,
in one~ of the loading banks in that
town. He glves favorable aCcounts
of the prosperity of that section. HIe
is out on a visit to his relatives.
The March number of the Rural
CJarolinan ia in our office, It is
chock full of useful information on
agriculture, horticulture, science
arid home interests. Theb frontis
piece contains engravinga of lion.
D. W. Adams, Master of the Nations
al Grange, andl Masters Hinchaley or
N. Y., Hamniltons of Cal. and Colton
of Vt. and one purporting to be of
11. F. Wardlaw of F~la. but whit:b *e
think we redognize as a delioomtion
oif the feat ures of our genial past
master Colt Themen Taylor. Terms,
$2i.00 a yeJar ins ad vande.
On \' edns'd1ay afternoon dast 19
the wind begaun blowing fre&hi Mmrs
lb A.8Smith happening to cast het
oyes in ti- hirect ion of Mr. D. R.
F'lenniken's d welling houi-e, d incover
ed the r.of was in flames. She gave
the alarm t.o Mr. Smaith and lhe start
ed tff to the reue1 spieading the
abaim throtrgh the streets. tIn a
fd\w seconds the st;reet was filled with
wtith citir,ens, some runnir g im.
ruediately to the house and others
to the Engine and Truck. The
flames had jua.t gotten f.irly under
way when discovered. Several gert
tlenmen ian into Ile gaftet, atid with
polls struck cfif the shingles above
the flames, and deluged the burting
plortion with wvater, of which g supply
was fortunately at hand. Both the
engine and the truck resehed the
splt ptottptly. but the iame's *ere
obecked'before their 'arrivtl. Had
the fire been discovered two minutes
laten) it might have g,one too far
to be arvetd. A-b it Wha, but little
damage Whs sustained.
Thb ttreets wefeVeiny hdaVy and
the firendon were ltinogt 'Aibausted
when they edt'bh6d the spot.
We make this extonde'l n6tice,
only 'in order to warn our citizens
to rdudcWed vigilance against fire.
Thus far we -ihave been for turate
onouglh 'to discover 'Bres in their
'idoiplienoy. The lose of a few min
utes at any time might have resulted
in such disastrous conflagrations as
have visited Yorkville, Chester, Ab'.
beville, Camden, Orangebarg -ard
Insure your property, and be a[
ways on the alert.
We Iwtuld call attentiun to the
'ivertibenleut of Mitobell's Buck E e
Bee Hive. Connor, Ulowney & C.
are practical men, and would not in
'vest in a wortb'less -article. From all
th'at W 'oa'i ea'in, tihis 'is a nwt
valuable hive, far excelling any that
has ever been int'roduced. For
'bonvenience in inanipulu ting bees and
'bucoess in prOtecting t'hein ahiiiist the
motir, it has no cqual. \Vith it boe
culture is both pleasan't aid profittbo.
All who aie or wikh to be engaged in
this profitalile pastinie, should secure
the 'r?t to'tise this hive at once, a id
have th%ir hives ready in time to
hi,uie the first swurms of the season.
OLD 1"61'1. CLA*.-Inj anthel
6oluimr will be found a notice from
the School Comajissione- to the hold
era of old -se'io't 'W'laims 'to present the
same for registry by the t2d of March.
As there has been so much uncertai.
ty attending these claims, it may be
well for us to explain this notico.
The General Assembly by an act
approved March 3d, 1874, (Acts
1873-4, page 565), proviled fvr the
payment of old claims. This act pro.
let. That the School Commissioner
shall report to the County Treas.
urer the amount of outstanding clain.s
up to tst Nov. 1878. Protid.,t, that
all schuo? lains i'isued priior to 'the
lst Xbrenrber 1872 shall 'bc jirst paid.
23. That the Treasurer bhall de.
vote the poll tax of the County, and
the Ku Klux tax, if any, to the
payment of these claims, "and should
tie amoulit of poll tax co.lected in
any cour.t.y in thro first year after the
passage of this be insuicient to pay
tire whole of said claims, then tie
Treasurer shall pay out the same
pro 'ra'ta, Ord con'ti6uo the sante from
year to yen' udtil tie whole amount
of sluch claims shall have been paid,
endorsing each partial paynient on
each claim, and the party receiving
such partial payment shailI receipt to
s'acl' treasnret- fdk' eadh partial p ry
ment-,9' the did re<oeip% being his
The nOt of the same year to raise
supplies for i874-5 (page d57) also
provides for the payment of old
claims. Sction 3 provides for a
levy of two mills for gelleral abh->o1
purposes for the eUrlteht tear, and
also "three fourths of one mill, wi. h
shall be used fo~r the payment of de;
ficiencies for school clraimis an I sarla
ries of County Scool Commissioners
due prior- to lst Novomrber 1873, t~
be divided Meing thre various Counties
according to the deaoieuoiea of the
Thus it will biso~n that tha~ p>ll
ta* is be applied, fr,et to the claimrs
prior to Nov. 13t 1872, and if ally
balance be lofrg to the claims pri-Jr to
Nov. 1873. Thed thb tptota of Fair'
field of the (- mill tax is to be devoted
to all claims prior to Nov. 1873 alike.
Tlhe claitns issued between Novem
ber i878, and November 1874, arc
not provided for arnd can be paid
only taut of tire impounded $8000
wh.chr is now the sal ject of lhtiga
The school bouimitAlone- baa issht I
th.is notice in order (J give k.very onre
an equal chance. it umay be that all
the aurttanding claims are not alread y
regi4tered. If the pro rats be calcu
lated on the registered claims~ and
then these outside dlaithls hre presented
for pa3n crts the Ihoney will be ex~
hausted befo:e all arc paid their
share. It may bo alAo thdt there
are bogus, forged or duplicate
claims. By auditing all the Olaimns
aga in% Lhese may be detected as.d
The registry of tlias claimns clots
not mean an imnmediate paymert,
The treasurer has reecived no order
get to pay out the 561H
tax. Nor doeshbe know where the
quota of the i mill tas will be sen t
to Fanirfleld. It. i's hoped h6wever
that payment can be made i a
montii. The edIVool dommit dion6r
issues tbo present notice in orde
that there nedd be no delay.whdh-the.
money does como.
lia office w.1 L'IUo opbn on Satur
days and Mondays for the rdgistra
tion of claims, until thW'2d March.
We trust that all alaims will be
presented in due itina.
Remember that the phytdbdts Vill
be first on the oklsi prior to Novem
ber 1872, and thbn 'if any money 'be
left over, on the claims prior to No
vet-ber 1873. The 'diaims of 1874
will not be paid.
'Room No. 6, SDcond Floor,
4ij, -'i fNs-URA NCE PAb l) ,
Cdrnor Ricinr "sun and Washingtbn Streets,
3 W'ill .practice in Fairfiolh.
mar 9-tim
TA-fll Juhtaer.
All business -ntruste,1 to him will
receive prompt attention.
Fxcentors' Notice.
A LY, persons hasing claims against
the estato of Abram F. Lumpkin,
decea sed, will render thein In prope-ly
attested, an"l '(iibse indebted will make
paymht to R. P. LUMPKIN,
ar0- Fxecutors,
Buc-k Eye Bee-efve
' NON.NO1t. CO'WNI.YA &. (-6.,.proprid'.
t.rs for th.e c6tthti-,q of Fotia eld and
Chester, offer Fsrasn Rightl to matike
ani uo the same wit'h rample hve for
$10 00. Apply at once an'd be ready to
house t he first wft?ls,
mar 10 S.inhor, . ,
I WILL Fell goods at cost fill said daie
1 All accounits iust be arvanged by
1 5th inst., or I will take legal process to
Collect. A number of accounts not col
lectable by I:iw will be put o' Che court
house door before auction day, an d if not
e tiled will ne sold for what they will
1tg . li)"hic outcry oh'alay of .atc tion
So"l . am goit g'to leave aha ifilit have
M3 busiz es seUI.CA at ono4,
marD-v 'k. 'C. Mic LAVMdlLI N.
pWO goo:l meh to etIl WHRELER &
WILSON'S Sewing Sqhttnetr. rev-'
enceb and bond required. Nobe 'b'ut men
of chtaracti-r ad reli ability ioeed 1%pily.
Address J. II. TRUMP. Oen'l Att.
mar 9-t2 Augusta, Ga.
Fairfleld Fire Engie Company.
A CALLE1) 'MERTIN0 will be Iteld in
A-C3..To(vt It l1l on this(Tuesday) even
ing nt 71 o'cl6k. Ylenber will com
preparel to pay dues.
By 'or der -
mav 9g,
J 8 hereby givoan that fromi this date the
"'CarrolIt tionso'' at, Bltackst :,k w illI
not be open as q~ ite A f%w private1
boarders nil beo taken oni reasonuable
mar 2-.-41 Pioprietor.
TV i E e xer cises of I his s cho.il
wilt commence Mon'd'ay, the 8t hi
~of Februtary.
'es.sions for (lie pYeset, fro in
haulf-past iinto to h.alf-past t.we'
o'cl'ock. It is highly impdria t. thM all
'he putpils a pe4r the fii-st drcy -
4, M. CARTL)Fith,
feb 4- Prindipa).
Bdirected, ITwill offer fo' sle to 1,he
hiaghest bihdder bfrth 'u Iios i
doeor in WVinnsboro, en, the fhst Mlonday
itn A pr-il texi, wit hth ie It'gnia hours ofi
sale, for cash, ti e purchaser to pay for
alt ntecessaly papers, the foll'oivitng tie.
scf-ibed propeit y to wit:
A tract of land containing Itreo l!in. v
dredt aces, inoie or less, helungirig to teo
estictb of Jbhin 1M. Peny, defleased; and
bountded hf lat.db of Mrs. M. E. Myers,
E. W. llagnes, LI. L. Elliott, JSeI REas tier
and o'hers.
Levied upon 4.s the lWe-orff of John E
Pony at. the stit of It. Y. Ilarrison (f. a.)
against John E. P'eay.
She,ifT's Office,
Mar. 6. l%ib'.
mar 9-z2 jl
Old School CIand1s,
r TillE f.ogislaldre havting hpproptiated
1.certain funds for thec inyme. of old
school elaims, nnd having provided that
the said claims be patid pro rat a, all cla ima
(datedI prior to the first of N6'vembot J8-72
htalring the prefei-enbLe. ::otce is hereby
given to hold1(ers oif datid clims to preiefit.
the same at the aflie of' the' $chuool teat.
mission er fol'ftagist ra,t ion, s) tL-.at. the
catact amotutodtaanding cant be al.cer
i ainred and p'f'portional pa., metts madie
tereon. The ofl'ico will tbe open fot' reg.
istry on Sat urdlays add Mdridays be'tween
the hours of II a. m. and I p. m. unil
22nd March. Parties cr0 utgedl Io present
their clatims promptly in ordbr td secureI
their pro rata. NV peyUm'n*t'oill be tade
until the regiry is compte. ..
mar 8
English Breakfflst Tenat
UJNPOWIfl4R Tea, Young Hifson Toa,
G4Oot6ng Tea, guaranteed flue. Cal
end get a sample- For sale by .,
ilhar 9
Special Notlees.j
IT Isushx,.ess to aAtedpt to ole'as' a
streWm while the fountath !s impure.
.Dyspepsis, loomplifntA of tie ilve .r
kidneys, eriptions of the skin,.ser kul,
headaoheslud all diseases atfit Irpm
Impure blood, are at on.ge reIhove,j by
Dr. Walker's California VIagkr D iters.
purifier of the blood, and rehoA 6' 'tf 1I
the system, It has never nown to
To rus ArPt1'r'b.,.9 'hnattq under
what form af'lokrous y'ou labor, thei' is
one gre t (ruth )*ou should kejf'wisd :
All disease ory'inastes )n an IsUe con
dilion of tIIe blo'd, Yjurity t'bnt kid the
disense nist depart : but 3ou eaiihot
I uoily the blood by the use or poisutnniia.
drtge, and exhaustive eimulants. Tdo
.,est blood 1-urifier ever discovered Is Dr
Walir'o fs'snous Vinegar Bitterr, oom
poundeh of siuple Itarbs.
MoNXT Sk\-KI, ilox'Y fAis.e-'t i ne
longer ne.6ssry o pity tAro. an.t Lree,
profils. Messrs. I urchgo'ti, e'edTt &
'o. beg to dra* at tiloR o their immense
closing out a%ls of 06.0 '*orlh of Dry
Goods. Carpets. Furs, te'., 'w'h' h takes
place annually between Jan'4r' Vet, and
February .6h. prior I o puralhasi Ig A'teai
Spring stock. al 275. King street, Charles.
.on S. C. 64, Ihito liall street, Atlanta.
G., and Bh st'iet, Jacksonxill, Via.
Shmplesleht'm bn.applionion. Yit..per
Express or P6,lt'0.qloe Order, or good*s w'I)lI
be seht 0, 0. D. All retitl orders over $16
will be gent fti-6h the Miharloston branch
free of charge.
OIICUTr.RAI. I:Wikr.-- f you 'ia've not
already ordered your Agr(iitltural Liens
l0 secure -tdva'nces, doso at once. Walker,
Evans & Cogswell, Chilleslon, 8. C., 14*ft
on hand four difierent kinds, and if neith.
er of these mort your views, they are pre.
pared to prirt, at the lowest '14es, any
special form to order. If she Planft'br o
Farmer has not yet bought the Itural [email protected]
countant, a book for simple farm accounts
Let him do so at once.
They also have a New Agricultnral
Lease which gives the Landlord a lien on
crop of tenant. This is very valuable.
Among o4tr new advertisements, is that
ofone of t.he oldest establi%hnents in
State. 10tablished in 183., it has main
.ained the first'plaoe in its lit e of hu iness
With Ia'rge'experience and unsurpassed.
racililive, Messrs. Walker, Evans & Cogs.
rell are prepared to sustain Ihe reputa
tion of their establishment. Like A. T.
'Ztew-irt. I believe in newspa er adver.
ising, ahfi take this theast tso d(fI'nce
hat they Whe thi seibr ANed %'ry
largely to the'r stook of typ'e 'k%d
machinery. anA ari 'et'er 'brFp'a 'd than
ver to please their oustoms. Wo wish
them every success.
01 A RBLEs ron, 8. 0,
rffer io tha p.iblia anI dea!ers in g eters
in immense and well selected stock 0
Dry Goods, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Matlings
Io., at the loweAt prices. llerawith they
rnnex the pricesof a few articles--Calloon,
rom dto 10o., hong Cloths, from 6to
16o . .Bro*1 Itomespunt, tt ,hea
from t to 10o., Jo-ns, Y n i .
wards, Caissimeres, from I, 1hp;farA
Flanne', from 20 to 40c. Ladies', isses'
rnd en' llose, 76c., ,$ .1-8, $2.00 per
loz, and d,)wards, Buspenders, $1.40 I-er
I.>x. and upwardq. Ladies' ad' Gents
Pocket H ansikerchiefs, from e'o. ef- doz.
Ind up ards, Black and Colorvd Alpa'o4s
Oc, and upwards, Dress Goods. from 25c
1piars, [-adies'and Gents' Furnishing
Toods, litekeeping Goods, Fatncy Giods
Ribions. N6tids-, 'c., from 15 t o .16 per
)%!nt. cheaper 1hbA eagwhere. sampies
ient end orders pi-ardptly filled. All
-eail orders from $10.00 'ap wards, sent
rr Express free of charge. A liberal
liscount to wholesale dealers.
br. a Walker's California Yin.
agar Bitters aire a purely Vegetable
ireparain, hindo OhIefly fromi te na
lye horbs fonld b0 Ih'o lower ranges of
ho Sierra NiWa6Wntains of Callfor
ia, th thnn'dicnal.rpies whIch
Lally asked, "Whattis the caus.d of .b
uiparalleled success of VINEGAR BIT'
rF,ns 1" Otur answer 1s, that they removi
,bo cause of disease, and the patient re
'orers his Iealth'i. They sire the groat
ulood purnelr and a life-giving principlo1
perfect Renovator an IJnvlgorator
>f the system. eNve before in th~
aistory of the rorld has a rnedioine be
ompounded posMesin, the fmakable
uahaties ofV!xxOA*t BIT XSa in tiWaling thb
rek of ever tllaband6 man is heir to. They
re a gentt PI'rgat.ite tis well as a Tonic,
olioving Con esmtion or Inflammation of
he Liver add Viircoral Orga.ns, in Bilious
Thle. propM'riee b bk. \vAIxza's
rINEGARD UITTaRs are A perl'ent, Diaphoreti(
Jarminative, Nutritious, L xatiye Plr
sedat.ive, Counter-Irrtant, 5udod AlIt
.ive, and Antl-Billone.
it. ii. McDOUNALD CO. ..
Drriggtsta and Gon. A gt.., Pa~ rinciadal, CalifnIta,
and cur, of WAlsh on and Charlton At.., N. 1.
Sold by all Draggitet andi Dealers.
"Silver 8ddu" Oitidd SetI l'or sale d h
Gi1 AF iT Remedy, 'dSe*ega Seastr ba'
'~A GQId eus Wondera' which i
rbcorrntmefide I f9r all aches or pains. an'd
is ihr,wn upen it-4 o*:, merits. lopure
no pay, is.the motto. F or filA 11'iti
Jennings. who is ageni foi- Fairfield Costa
'y, and wil 1 take pleasure in ""lin or
dera for druggists and cotantt' tiH-l~i hij~
Dr. WY. IN. A iken of Wihitis dor$ #ihleep
it o6 hlani. itoi furthe tml p
plt to ft. It. JENN!18$C0( .'
fd 1. ~ Wififfsb6o o, g.'tb.
iidgeway. WheetwrJght and
Iwsh to 0imf8rm my patrons aftd the
pulcgnet ally that I am mow lose.
ted beside the Masonjo fil, wifere I
Anm prepared to do 11r.. Shoeing and
all itnls of p1Nast ion BoFerhi~th work
also, Wagon add Duggy repairing done
with the usual prompe.ness.
C-4 d
P%t some
Afl th4 Bks GQod,
Alithe B t Sles,
All the Be:st Pattein
-Al tie 1et Alte'l
All the Best M*niss
-All 'tl Beift B66tiv
'A'' the, tnhu,rt
-Aii the eis a
Fo "I't AND
9Ivh us A VISIT Al
The~ AMmptoms of iver oo.mpliint, are una
The pain is in the sfiouler, ah- Is rMistake
id with the loss of appetito ah-l siokuess,
eraing with lax. The hied is tro-abled w i
oiderable lois of nutry, acoo'uphnied with
something wh.ch ought to have tNeh done.
m,d low apirits. Bometimes man'y 6' the It
very few of them; but the liver i-c general
Is warranied noi 't Ie'tjIna single
particle of Mercury, or any 6njurious
mineral substance, but is
eontaining -hose Southern roots and Herbs
rhich an allwise P:ovidence has placed
in countries where Liver Diseases most
prevail. It will 'oure all diseases caused
hay dorangme.as of the 11ver and Dow
Bimmons idIe. Regniator, or Mediome-,
Is eminently a family medioine, and by
h.Jn ket ready for Immediat e resort will
huresi ejn hour ofeuffering and many
a dolfaritiese and doctors' bills.
ter 6rer Forty Years triplt I i still
receiving thy e o un ualied t esti,
highest character ad, prsponaiblity.e
Eminent physIcIan. eommadS it h
Effectual Specifio.
for ocnumpti,en, IIvadacbe. Pain in the
shoulder-s. Di ssiness, Sour Stoch, bad
pltation 'of thte !!ear, Pain in the regions
of the flidne.ys, despondeney, gio'd'% and
forebodings of evIl, all of *hdc h are the
offasing of a diseased Liver.
Foer Dgsposisa or Infigcut8n
Armted 'it this antidote all ohim&'tes and
ohahges of water and food may be faced
without tear. As a Ktemedy In Malarious
Fevers, Bowel Complaints, restlessnes.
Jaunice, N,suhea,
It is tl e eapest, purest and the best
Fe itl Medicine in the world I
Buy ibe pev!ders'or Prepared SIpn(pon Liver
llegulator unlehs Ikh olt 4ngraved rap..
pier piIh Trade i4iark, stamp~ and signtrture
unbroken. None ether is gornine.
Siahon, 0.., and P'hiladelphia.
h'01 SalS Bf AsLti DRIYGSISTS,
immMatisi tiv6r Rtegilatok
tor all dig asies of I4v Ii Sornacb an\l
Mklarious Fevers, d~ovatl Conmplaite,
Dyspepsia, Mental Diepresulon Rlest.
lessness1 J aundi'oo, Nausea. Ri6k
)Ieadohe, Ccrtio ,fosast4pa
tion and D llIiouatucas.
1- .A. s
1% Barre'le Oh ales. &. 9odse
1 Tieroe of New Unoa,ivasse 8c9g r
Cured bamii.
,. BEAT?, BRt. & S&N.
O\N and after this. date all scoon'at
\duet th NEW IDEA 5AtLOO'! wil
be found In the hands of Aar, John D3
MIoarhe for colleetiot.
G EIn the weather
In your 'pocket
so desirable..
S,L'%nd tker
atL i cker4
-at L-ti ,kers
At La 1 kesr
at -jaudt ckers
-at Landeekera-.
hl Qualities, it Lan deckerm.
fd Shapes, at Landeckerm.
E #4A0
10-CM0 DW
osinessani ptit I-. the side. Sometimos
n for rheuniatisni. The stamach is afOOt.
bowels in general costive, sometimes ahl
th pain, and dull, heavy sensations con
painful sensation of having left undono
Often complaining of weakness, debility,
>ov% atten4 lfi'q disease and at other timei
khq,,q ...most involved.
"I have never aeen , or trIed s6oh a
simple effioacious. satisfactory 46d plea
ant remedy in my life."-H. ilaines, t'.
.ou, Mo.
Hon. Alex. H. Stephona. "
" occasionally use, whon my condltlo
requirei It fr. Simmons' Liver Re tila.
tor with 'ood l'6ot."---llou. Alef. l'
Governor of Alaban!tv
"Your Regulator has been in use in my
family for some time, and I am purouaded
it is a valuable addition to the medical
solepoo."-Gov. J. Gill 8 .ort er, Ala.
"Ib havo ys ed the Rlegul ator in my fami
ly for the past seventeen years. I cadt,
eafely recoommenl4,t to the world ae thdl
best mediclne I havo ever used for that
olss of disease. it tiurports to cure."
H. F. Thigpeun..,
President0City Bank.
"Simmons' Liver Regulator has proved
a good and efficacIous r.sediino.-C. A;,
",iI ,e ,been acquainted with Dr.
Sin' pas'Livet, Medliono for more tha1i
twet. .y4e, n cin p it to be the best
Liver I~~ ato~ 'reu to the public."
M. R. Luiand l. L. Ly6 n,I ellefontaine;
"I wse r?. yy 8ibrods' lAye agu.
lator, afle b ~sg suffered soverl yeara
with Chill ad oever-"R. F. Adddrson.
"I Have bean a dyspetlo for N&r j be-.
gan the Regulator two yearge .ago l i has
sited like a chavm in my caas. --Rev. J.
V, Hiolmee.
Ladies Endorshinent.
.* 4vg p vbn your me~di ine
therou gh t til, and in flu cAse has It fat it
to ti msatsatio."-Ellen Mleacham,
Chattalioochee. Pha.
Sheriff .Pibb County.
"I hI'. used your Regula'or with suc
cessful eli Ct in Billious toadDa
certaityi ultilIo i51eebi,it."-C. Mlaster.
"My *.tfe &:d self have dised the Regut.
lato'f o'r yea, j oxlIei fy to its great,
vi'tue."-lRev. J.,e erPerry Ga.
"1 think Siminous L~h.Regulat or one
of ib tie! medidio evr. iadoe for the
use . , 'a to .tiI Gy 9thers, have
Sparks, Alliany; Ga. *et"B ~
'-l have dsed the fl1igpiotor in my .famniq
13', ales lii niy regutar,praetioe, and have
f6ur,d. IL a riAest .valuablA Add satisfactory
medlibleo, anid beleye tf it was used by
the pryf6ssi dn it d l4 be e'f service la
very many casqh. .I know very much of
'Is componaunt FaNs; ant certify its medi
cinal qualities Aro perfently harmless."
B. B. G riggs, 31. D., M1aeon, QGa.
maroh 2-zOm
iIeite ot South Carolnat
Xll the Probate CoiirL;
PY JDLN J. NkIL, eq., Probate Jutgj:
W H E REAS Thomas Nf.Neely hat' lapdd
- suit to me to 'gr at, himu UttjA o
AdminIstration of the Esataie tind bffects
of Anne Walling, deceased?
Theee are thuereff'rp t9 olIf Na 1 admotii
is6 all and ainguala~r the kiiadred an redA
'tore of the said Anna Walling, do.
eeased,tha.;they.. ad appear before me, ii
the Court of Probate, to be held at Faire.
field Coifft itoffse, 8. C., 1'n the 18th day of
al eil ngt fte pbisio here7.
o atiI oolom intheforennon to shies,
oauae. ftipny they ha,we. . by ihae said Ad's
ministration eh'onid nomt be greanled.
,OGven under my hand, this 24ah del
ofFeb.,' Anno Domuini, 1875.
8-f 1#23: P.1. ruf

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