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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, March 10, 1875, Image 4

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rhe Faitfleld(HeIald
l'U BLIS ,(30
E0 I" E R Y' WAZ s.N'S,D)/ ''.
Oilicia1 ape6y0 ofr
PUN.trott--Mo.4os, Alftrijiv.
ii.Kl eiNTA-tri e --J6sel~ph 'ltj'hornpso
John (jibmon, Joel Copcq.
b,. i. lIntvalI-Steoritl'.
,"a:Int. B, Clowntey-Clerk of the Court.
JI. J . Noull----Id,e of Pr4atr'.
V. I P'eaki---Couitty Aiitor.
W. .l. Nelson-- h*o3It.y r ie ure.
w. .I. ira%wfordl-.- ch.ool Comr ie i.sioer,
It. F. Matrilin-Jary .CommisAitner,
co INI- It on.srstaosen's-Jas. It larvey,
eurt'y J.P:ob, Cart er lica(y,
11 . N. Obteari--- U1. S. Comu,iisioe r,
No r.utit ua',rin .-.I. U. Itoberthar .
Q. Dvisi, jf. N. Obear,
TItIiAI, .IliTtCwt-A, M1. Nhackey, vW.
larSinl , It. ft. Flni;an, 'Rilan WV Id
1). 11. Kirkladti, James Carter, ihouins
Walker, Dr. Ira S. Scott.
TI. It. hohewtmo.
w'NNsiioun NATiONAL. 11ANT OP SO:Tt
P.A II D 1 $7-5.0 00.
V. R. IIIt8o, l'resident.
Gen. 11. McNiaster, V'ice-Plre8ident.
Sai'l11. low.jley, Ctaslior.
Ml. C. Robertilonl. 'faller.
IV. R. TtoberIoRn, TT. . L.ioti.. Salelo
LI , G[o'r'ge . .MOInslIer, D. I,. Florw
nikenI, .las 11. I. AlcCantI::, .la IT. ltioni, Jas,
A. Brire, A. 8. Donglass, Col. Willitti
olkinston,, of Churiol te, N 0.
Pierre licot,latent.
w It -F'. (b.ri,v. .i. A. Fi'afscr, V.
hi. Nei,on, J ). cc. efley.
Mli P or ol I - . II, IrpI1h1y.
So isti (4i' r YntI li. LSemol vtan.p
Sand We1 t \ b et'ss F. D.IlIitsr, 76 und
77, Nninsitict Newt YOrkI.
nri and ou xyard. Sond sm
4'l 'stalogiep. ATivx'~s O"we't 168051opoL ur
and Wl-elo& wvar4m, IrAwrwsUne,.A.
EFPattnples'to .\genl s. Lad)ios'
DID CotilAition Nvedil. Book,
wit chromom. Soud 8tamp.
P. P1. (i ic, New Iledr'.d .ai-.
{ON I\faiymd by.lln
(11r gttiig up1 clbs in towns and coutlry
for thle IIIldest Teat Coulmany inl AmuerstoI.
(Ie -a. in8tme t . 1 e,llo circtkh r.
C.\NT N TI .\ t:t.. C'haiee14 St., N. Y.
4t'olilll, cool), wm It'sEN ISS,
ND A 1 , TII I O.T DI-SI.'\: AES,
'M.'3 niw-.EEQ
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
Pil1' U- OtNI.Y IN IIIXF I )I.:1%.
8old 'y) Druggi.its gonerilly, an11d
%Vx, P. K:im:n. & Co., Now York.
Shll- Post.polieillitalit ( )i y Iixo
-FIIlI PriS10111001L.
F1 RlST (4 11 A N 1) (4 I FTCONCE P'.
11St OF iFT$. -
I g randtt ; a-h gifl $1 t0,OOlj
I granid on.--h I gift, 60,0)IJ
,t i g u nes h -ts i ) f aic -.' 0 , 000)
S10 e:n-hsl gills,io00, each IsO,00n
:!t,IU carsh gifIts, 25.00 eachv 75,. (I 0
'p, 7 ens h gft, fl .000iti to $;h 0000
x;M1JF0 (a ) gi Ti s '', 1n 0(00
1 Ota 0 sh glls, .60 ach o.te
i0,00 cas' h i fis :.' e a -100.0t0
'Iar 78 csh g'is,~ anil.n Ao -00000
(.lil, Oa'ft~Ityte T[CK isI't,rlo
l'rgniu tidaEi OF Tic Crs.t 'vuL
Th :il'o,ti tepearoI e ale lta 1e u
'ae ii'nlchtured by ~'the iiLgislauturet of
irinia an ~'cand ith iaIe e cat Cut ofvi
Orrtt.yof lt,poies byItt as Grand, Oit
Conctoi t~liettbl i. a' elow pitloe
foth ! it ut'irm antd lDesctiteto ie o
codeen o' eideto pulai.
Gof A Orries,It. ox, Jly 3IB, 17
It alltr. er p''leeur let b y te it IIh
the o ter 1t' the Hol tpeL i t Ilem' leIi 1i .
nGay. .t'oiation, who reside in .th vi-.
Slnitiol ay ht u, ad .'Ictice a~ttgves t iin
Ct i tnt an t hi r), ! woth tad high t repn.l
tation a geni'em, asI wellsthey oulie
JAOil SL KintPElgtGov. Vrgiin.
fo cAN Na''urAi, 'VA.t,ca ul ON 1 J.. .I I
aditegOr, andC3'( fuly ,,ile tohe
'l.iWiif UVH E
C . WESTug &atn SONS.'#
'Jllnc ilhet BP Of'. Walker. E-oen
Waiai'ors and15 )e es Conrest. n
xp'Are In p Pid' (oost f}'ie m.. tPoneyiI o.e
ou I.tes 'hy regiAsk e
or care Oie lN
K anc evrywhr
re you 0oa id a n11y xer
Is 'th.ea antore-fian e 1r. thtan you I-el
captle of nt kintg '?
Then try JURtUM-AIA, the wondelftl
Ionic and invigornlor,which - Apts benle
eal'-illy II1 IIIe Secretive u lgans a to n
It vigor to all the vital for1c1Ces.
it no nionlo olio rIpllet r, whie
st irntultes for amhort I i tie . only 1lt It Ime
StlWerer fill to n hower deptht of mi4e-y,
hI)m it ip a VegC!1bo 'onlio acting directliy
oi t 10o liver ani len,
It regtates iho Iowels, quiets the
nerves,' and givet) stleh i t lilthe y I'll to
to the Wholp sy leml 11s to .4oon Ilnnklu the
in vatid ieci,hiko.a a w p ist.
lia'pra ti nt violcl i]'gci ent , b t i
chlara:lulr7ed by3 great genitlenle.S- ; file
pa,eid,r1o4ov i-, ijudd6n tang'e, no,
a:gy ar it ,it g rAdua)lld) is I roubres;
m "' 4i . Like I h lobi ,f:
And milelt ly ii cal awanly."
T ii0- is no ne t til unliletI disover" v,
Liit has been loog useilvwith wit efiI
ritneiat relti, afnd is prononttced by the
ighest :iiedlcal tithoriffes, "the ntot
powerfult I mile fiid tiliert ive known."
Ask your 41rinift for it
For sale ly, W4I, Fe K IDDI & (0,,
New York.
and 6,14l-9
plote'O ut t e .ist 4ItItN
person Ini evely nihoh.i o ne
ide t d itfi gldt for'ot t ab
1111hmnint lu- , 1 0 .0$ .( i>nlini
ly gooisd of al kind4 in constant ute sntd
wear. - The uldlsi G. 0. ID. hoUso In
A mrin. Sa'ei over hiIf t imillion itn
187 I. irgei Jasill pit) to the right permon.
A real cIAlUo ft all, malo or tinalp, at
yiur totheortraveling. No risk. If you
go to work we wvill senid you re1e and poOt
paid a line of estmplea.and -a-Ooppgjorqu,t1
fit. Addrlems It( InI o %q i e8Cur 1e y o1r 1 erV .
tiory. 11. J. IIALL & 6'0, N. 'loward
street,lalmre di
$480an,53Tite,without interest
11"adle 4'il 110 Colliitlly's ('0111.
] ounld Aid ]T8lls lInIate t 'ilt ie.
0Oueh, $3Mime without int'uoes.
r 11o nocoiinotlat e Planters they can or..
L der iinow nn- linve until ist April
to decide .whetitr lthey will take at ite
Or Miih priS . Whei deliveredi-from1 Pao
tory by earload,nfit draylage wVill be C-b.1rg
el. This GIliiu n i.4 ow so well known in
aill IlheSoutherni -1Ames I'or'its rviiiarkitble!
e*ecsts i agk iey for ilnfrenAslig the
psrocduuts of* labor nt? niot 1 require Spe(
vial rec'mnIlie lm ionl f1omi Ism. Its use
for tinlo yk-irs Imst ha1x esilabilihet, its
uharacter-for rv!inaiWe excellenice. The
AuplliesI pIt. itl into mark11-et. ltis season
jiro, its hrieto'ore, liepared under the
suplerineteivne of D)r. 8T. .IlAA.N
lI.\AV lsNEl. Cliiii of the Comttpalt>y, at
Ch C t t - . 1.. 1,t h ent -tla UtIers i nny
reit a4te.i t 111 I h1 t it q1a I ty att. 60'41 Po.
sition is (recisely ie sat .-i Iih - here.
fore sold, J. N. EltIllON.
01 , Agent f. r S u It Carolina,
( CAit1rleston, M. C.,
JotN 8. 11 *.s & Co., (1etnral Agents,
1:att timore.
dtoe -1-3m1
NoD. 3 Br'oad Siroet anid 109 East Bay Street,
CHARL.EST6N, s.'c.
YET, BY USiio il EtAPER~ ot(An1Ls OF,SToCic,
w i'. cn.Nisi,i WlOiK A1
Pities Piper ind Envelopes,
Wedding and pall invItations
LAnEst smY.
sepit 8. -
(II" C ii A It .i.8 i'ON, S. C'.
Wiliamis, BlacKrf& Willianis,
IThese Firtsut Clasus I'ertt il izers, en refuilly
piepart ed under the spice ini sutb rviion oilfc
our-'Chionlsi, int- ST,'JUiLI EN Ii.VEN E.1
at'e-Tow olreredat, Vgdrig rates.
Soible Itio. (thiofbuiUty A ammoited c
a~cidiI Phospthaei, ('ash ais ab iove'. dO00
1. rpoutol Aiddhn tgit at I 5 cenp~ pountd,
dehivered at nu'resta Iutirod t)cpot-on or
btefore Noveaber 15tht, asflin
J)tr:yuxge, $ l.00 lper Ton, uniestj ordered
by the (i' nrtioad (8 ton is).
R- C'. WI 1. is1t MS, treaurer,
Key Ikox -I8, l'harileston 038, C.
It. ii. l'f,ENNIK E N, Agent aL Winntsboro.
A LL ptersons i ttdebtedi to thte unider
tX.signted are requested to settle thei
atconniis at Ontce, or~ they wvill be give
0o1t for cintaa..i in
Grateril T1iot1i fis proclaini V IN.
FG A 1 BITTEMs the 111ost Wonlcirful it
vigoriant that over sustaioted 'o sinking
No Person can take thesellitters
'ectrditig to direction, and reinaln long
Imvu, provitled their bones are not do
Atroycd by inicral poison or other
ieans,'and vial organs wastetd beyoud
Bilions? Remlittenti and inter
"AttCilt ifferS, wliChI are 10 prova.
lelt in tilo valleys of our great rivors
throughout the United Statos, especially
thio of tho -Allsissippl, Ohio, lissonri,
Illinoig, Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkan-i
sng, led, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grando,
'da1, Alabatha, Mobile, Savannah, Ho
6n40o, jiunes, md mainy others, with
vast tributaries, throughout nur
'dlitro counti'y during thle .u8inmer- and*
Autu,m, and rinoarkably so during sea
on.s 0 tuiusual he.tt and dryness, nro
invaiha ly accompanied by extensive do..
ragoients of tho stonach anl liver,
and other abdominal viscora. In their
treatillnit, a pirgative, exorting a pow.
orful inliuence upon theso -various or
gails, i essentially lecessar-y.- Tlire
is o catlulrtic for the pirposo equal to
Mh. 1. WA LicHR's VINGARi liTERs.
ts tihey'will speedily removo tho dari.
colored viscid lautter with which the
bow.iss are loaded, at tile sa.o) time
stim.Ulat.ing the sCecLions of 1,th liver,
ati generally- restorin;-4 the healthy
functions ot tho digestivo organs.
Fort Ity the body(3 aiitmt disease
by purifylig :ad Its iluitl with1 VINGAlt
Btrrrus. No epidemic enn tako hold
of n sy,tem thus fore-arIed.
Dyspepsia'or -1it digestio, i Mon1t
nebe, Pa.n inthe Shoulers. Coughs,
''ightness of i1he Chest. D>izziness. Sour
Eructat,ions of the Stomach, Bad Taste
In tho Aloutl, lilious Attacks.. P'alpita
tation of thO llea't, inflatniiation of the
Luings, in in tihe region of the Kid
noys. und a hundred othr paintful symp
toims, :1r-o the of'sprinl--gs of* D)yspopsla.
One hot tIle will provo a le etr gplarantoo
or its incrits thin a lenthiy aivertiso
Scrof'l1, or Hing's E1i, WI1ito
Swolling, Ulcser, E:rysilits. Swelled Nek,
Goitre, Serflou Inflhnmattimis, IndolIlt
Iin ions, iererial A i1ections, Ohd
Sores, EI'rptiolls of th1 Skinl, Sor-o H'yos. oto.
1Inthese, y ill ill other constitiltionail Dis.
'a010, WaRIC.' VI:;At j"irrlts hIlive
shown their great, cunritto sowers i the
For 1 Inflnnmatory nnid Chronic
Ihellinatis8111, Gout, Bilious, Hiemit
tent and Intermitteiit Povers, Diseasesof
the Blood, Liver. Eidne'yt and Iladder,
theso Bitie.rs hao no equal. Such Diseaso
are caused by \'itiated Blood.
gaged in i Paints anl Alinerals, Such. a
l'humbers, Type-stter. God-lienter., and
Afineis, as th OY advance hI life, (1ro suljec't
to paalyisof tho liwi. To guIlart
againlStt, alS a,C do40-e of WALKH'S's IN
ima. I irr-ns ocisiiIlly.
For Skin Diseases, .ruiptions,TA .
ter, Sall Rhemltil he, Spots , Pimplos,.
Pliist Ilvs, Il1oils, a1 i-h cle4. l iiIg- w rma,
Suald-'hand, ' Soio Eyes, Eryip'olas, [tch,
,Sett's. l)iscoloratjins of the Sk in, limor
andu D)isonses of thel Skinx of1 whatecver inmo
or nattureo, are litdrally' dug ny ittdt enrcried
out of' tho sy'stemi ini a' short time by the 'iso
of thoso flitterts.
Ph1l 'Tape, and( othier WVortus,
lurkiuj In t: system tot so mnany tlhoutsardsi.
ate ae letually destroy'id nnd~ r'mo\-edC4. No
Bsstem .of lue'diein(e, no4 verifulges., no, an
t ichniities w"ill free the systein fromi wi'ni
j4'0t N1nnl: Coiplaits, in y ountg
0r ol, llmried4 or' Sing ag. ttit ih dwnt'.,f wo
in0anhnod, or the tnrn of' life', thneso To'nie
iirtiometit, is b<9on percept ible,.,
(leane ithe T ii t tedt Ilood n h
eueryou hitd its impu)lrities burusting~l th4)mgbh
the4 skin itn Pimples, Ernptions, or Saoes
eleattn I iit n oui find it obstructeod amti
sluiggish in the reiits; eicatnso it, when it ir
fiyl;yourtfolings w~ill tell yoeu when. Koop1
the blood pure, and the health of' the systemi
will i'ollow.
Prug,gists atd(hen. .its., San F'ranctsco, Califrnul.
andt ci,r. ofWaisha,iot tonen Charlton Xts., N. YV.
sold y ati rugg lets and iDealerg.
l'ot tbleGrist .M ills, andt do jiob wsork ofIt
atiy kind.
-A 1MO,
All kinds or Colins andio Cases keptl on
hnand. Preices to mdlt the time
Woy" Aly .\ills havec lakenm t h" f'irs
"ov 2( J. W. McCRt ll( II T.
SUCCE881StR'1')a. t., 1 110 T H lPSON.
Taaners, Cmtirier's and: r.cauter nlan'.
r D, hi above namied 6'n m wti enI utI
.I. es peo i at Itjemionl toot atol Sli
M'iinuf',ecurers an.i limi ness Minker. We
will sell pure oak tanned finished Plock
for' light ad heavy puirposes. as low ns
any honse in the trade at witolesalo <
an 23
A r.ew srnpply of Ward's Perfect lFilting
bhirls antito eColobratted Petnn Collar.
:W. II. FLE~NNIKEN & (;0,
Et. W., Phillips.
)F TI'll E very hes, 4inlities. ror irlm h
U tnInh Ierq noId D iiitng ItoomIIS. For
design and w orkIni ish ip. UN I- QUA 1.1,E,D
I uffer at pricc4 Ihat def'y competitiion
MADEl o htard wooml, minl warrnoted to
g i v e e n ii r e 8 11 1 4 1 W , 0 11io n . I k e e p n o i n f e r -
or inlity. Use etnnomy ani hiny the
twsi.1 and( buy where you cun buy (lie
Siewp ComfIortable
ND BUY 1lie Peoplei Sli'NO BlEJ.
It is tle tem inI the iniket, witionf ex
cf-ption. Thley Are cibep.
lHATT.\N an-l ":plif ejnt 'h n r a -
cily. Our priocs are beyond coinpe.
P ny owr iii:1 n ufact ihle.. Winllow
Shondes, WVa.1 Brackets, P'ackets and
11epai ilig.
FURNTii TRE Ily repaired AItioler.
ate rices. Pictlro frai n111m1de to order.
SPeCil AUCent11n
GIVEN i the Undertake 'S I)ep-- r
mnpm. I keepon hild lb fill iniply oi
M4linh0 ('n.q(s ild Wo> d (offiins of ihe
hue.t finish. All calls promptly atteided
Ic. Myv orn i111 re eni41sh. I fet 1upon ih1
theory liat -hort se( lemeits make loll
fric, di.
net 3
S.n11! (t1ihi0 , new slyles, good
braind.-, 10 cents. per yard.
"ClI and ,eo."
Garden Scedi, Oiion Sett,, and a
Choice Variety (if plantiig 1111d
entinig Potatoes.
Fl ea, leni, Grist, Bavon, Silgarl
Cuffee,nnd Lard, Severad vnriioc
fresi C(kes and Crackers, 1heese,
Soaps, Suda linid Can11di4s. La rge
Itd aitmns, Cojonnuta, Northein
A ppl, Oranges all ait lowebt mar.
het p1 i0e.
The following Goods at and below
cost to Clear out stock,
Furs, Shawls, 3.inket , Coniforts,
and fther \Viintr Goiodi.
Itt grcatly ret uod Ji.;:ees.
od 2329.9
[email protected]
30 000~( '-e or pri-e ln-ber
1JJX'JtJform ial. tnt low rales by
P.\IImI( : & )A V1is
f eb 1 I-Irm kn ay.- S. C'.
Situnjins [ej)aIlCo01i]ound.
A purely Vegetabill Comiponil. fr
froml a%toy polst-l.vins moiller whillever
canl lie giveln Withli il.punit3 1o sill ilifia,
ii only a few h]ur old .r Uoliv or a
l>er:.ngemen I llte It"Ads. Thim Co,l
Imutl- will aslsilt 1111111le lo lS e i"I fihe i
flukenlce (;f N- i. ItII i to d,11 N - 1- h r C.,; s r
heallil. It is ginlint1nte d in t:,i
4ia, C o li l) fit 14.11. .ii i I i i it i. J- .j
it e , . illio l S OV Cl :. 1. p ( ;
especially Painit r, '1 1 i aI I I I1 -i .3l1
deranigemeuIS .f i. ,i I i. EW) (3 * .,
.-to hitm lt n Ilouil. Gi%e if it tria
and' he conivinceed.
NlInIIfIIItu ed by E. L. KINC & SONS
C 11111hin. S. C.. and fot sne by.
Pi. . Ai.ken. Ajrevt. atlso '-y Dr'
It. Nileinsler, Winlilboro). ". C.
jin 23
In view of (he low prit es ,hlained for
colon file pIresInt .sI.i nII. and ill
rder to plhee L.nr Cmunn wiihin !ble
0 ach of every pann11C, we h.1ve greatly
el Ileed 011 lrice4.
They will 1be old as follow, -
FER T oI I),)R IZER ' 44
ver ton o 2,000 ums., $46
Pilyable 31:1.I, i6..
Timt- Pric.
P1er Tonl of, 2,000 lbs., 5
Payable Nov. W,, 1875, ll%cc ot Ill
Cash Price
Per I'lci ef 2000 lbs , $46
Pya ble May lbt, 1i7 .
Time Price
Per Ton of 2,000 lbs., $53
Payible Nov. h,t, 1875, Free of In
Acid Phosphate.
Cash Price
P(,r Ton of 2,000 lbs, $30
Payable 1st, Aliy 187.5.
Time Price
Per Ton of 2,000 lbs., $35
Payable Nov. Ist, 1875, Free of lu
Freight, anud11 Drayllge to be aid ,ed,
Call ot Agents fur Almanics and
F'2dt SALE 11Y
W N NSi1OI1O, S C'.
Geo, W. Williams & Oo,
an 1 lopricetor14, C'ha rcstoni .. C.
P~ackaigs of NEWX 31ACKNOIll
inl ha rrelM,h J and11( q uarter lIar
ttels, K(it 1, 2, :3, and exItra nu:'
her I, M1ESS
128 Sr.eksn of fresh ground FL ~)Ull
all size's and gradesi from the
Granite *'Iiils Aug'usta1 Ga.
\. full stock of G1 feer, es, Prov .isn
oIf which wii l be sold at t is
loet,ices fo. CA.\s
oct 29
0 -air of traco Chiainsi and il h.t
15 ok tIandili.
.I Iliovels t annrei :-trks, ''Tl,
andi Bncke , Nails nad4( A x os. U nit
Cnrds. 11an.1 Sawts, pai ocs,
Lor'ks. Pertcu
l ion ('aps
T iercte Prl ime Carol in tic Ct.
E> Iiarrels a ssoried 1ihtin g and Plantin
I 'o' SaIe low for Caish.
useatg, ro.4%Son.
I1m Grocories.
hhas. PO RTO RICO' antd Engli
.Islandi M olatsse antd Canon Sirup
Ithd, Choice Deomor'a Sugar.
2 hblis. Yollowy U, Extra C, andi Gran'th''
ted Sugar.
Sacks pimiiiuIoCoff.~0
EA.T V, 1B1o., & SON 4
0 FFEIS for sqle ihe following very
Popular bi tndt, Viz:
1I1radley's .Sea Fowl (ilano.
C. C. (o's. Super pliosphate.
Hwradley's Amm nontaited Dissolved
Royal Guano Conmpound.
BridIey.i A ci 'l Pho.pha41te.
P'artlies wvishtiiig Gt it - Iv the car-loud
C nIII It ve Iiiet hen tr e ,e 1 ko, Itidgew,y.
Lyles' Filrd aind olil. iI.n. taia.i s I
nin I llngoit for 1ihe% en ;.;-- f :.
i T i - i m N-l . . ii.
co'"to j pi.t' I pi.iy in
feb 11
in -toie andl to arrive fresh goni for
. every 4:1ay use, ::4 ffir flt' Iolidavs.
Colored 1in1 ick 141 i1ves. Ladih,'
Dresi (1ool. hlawl. hievard
Skirts, CIs. nIII re.. .Ins,
Domnest ic God,Ilhank
ce.q. fL- ie.4. Genis
andt ('h11biren's*
We Vonithi call fihe zentionl of file
ladies to our belIltiful Black Silks at
leinnt:11ls of Varpetm at rednjeed p ic
Nails, Iron. Tii. liardwr., Wor.len Ware.
Tinl-Ware, Crockery, Oils, Drtl:Xs, Itett
MeheIines, so-p.. it Ex,4 t -xI . T1I ot1
11r1"sIb s. Nail Ilruslies, Ilair 1rushies.
Falicy Arlicks for Gifts, &o.
Pholograjh A U),a1sm,Novelj. IlilIep,
Ilylnm Books. Prayer Books, Gift Books,
Pens, Ink, Papar-, &O. &C,
McM1aster & Bice.
dec 12
~[~UST Received 100 lbs fine (Goshent
eJ lint Ier. Aliso a choeice lot of Ireshi
(Groceries, consistintg of bhs. No. I
.\ ackerel, 21 bhils. No. 2 Miackerel, 12
l(is No. 1 Al-ackeel, 2-1 Kils No. 2 liiigh
ian iiy, I bbl . P'igs feet, I bid. Pickledee
Tfugues, lOt lbs. 11riel Tonfuites. 10 11bs
Iiro!n.. San--ngcs. Also a choice lot of
Stigaurs aml Cotfees, Syrups atni .\&'s-a.s
of alhl graides. AlIso ia fine lot of Freshi
Cannel Go-ods, consiist ing of Cantned Sal.
umoni, Lobst ers, Mlock Turile, Coin ni.,l
Decsiecatedl Cocoanut, PsiAted 1Intn, 'PTnrkey
andi idrdieos. Also a fresh lot of Crack.
es and Cakes, I Dozen Boi xes of lIerek
irner. Co. Cheese--thle finest in tiown. Aliso
coinsiltan1ly on hiand iireshI Flour' antd
.\lecal, Ilaconi antd f1trd, and at cho ice lot of
ins Sc.ot chi Ale, Liquors andi Segairs
if t.he fi nest Grtad es, Powtde r, Sho i t and
Johnl ). )IcCarley.
sept. 24
[~AVE enlarged their stock by a
LL vauriet y of'
ti' Siver Pte. N ow lint (old hings
New Penit I Ten H- s. N w liera.y
Dishies, New Eighit iDay
Clocks, New
N EW O1i L
LI. personts haiviung demtantds tn irtist
. ho esitt of (I.l:Vl
RO)VE~N'D deceatsed, will render l the
pr>paty attest el wYihto it iilyt
amues II. Ilion, At ttrey 'at Wint neor -i'
r to the tundlersignted :it thii ' 4
mehi 2...x'e ''vili.
Car Load W,hite Cmorn.
Car Load white Seed
I Car Lo(ad Flour-all gradvs,
All grades (of SUGAl).
Rio and,Java Coffee.
Choice IIu, White and
Smoked Bacon.
Lo.1rd ill bls., Kegs and cans.
Pearl Grists an,t Alcal.
.1 R.Il NN I ICN.
I -r12n3w .l : ' r
LOO(K lit) YOUR 01 OW. I i1"."T
Q UT111 will prev-1l - icis nre sb
Ihtil-gs 1 d111 wiIH n) hv:II 1i :-.i:i--T1 a
muti.wc be - .) b"lie - O l hcme dlay.< 4" pr
preSS. vi ail 11.1s veCli:e t, greilt I1111, i e
unai h:1ho. .:aving p weof Il he( a..e, 14 n;
:11141 I n I ; n - . 2ro t i t, iring p S4- il V
iili 1 :1 .11Ti treg i l\ I ify e sh tll*ltv
clij s S . m I W " III %w.her."' is ith
ilt.l Ict e rpy 1. Ie 1 . 1, of mt
quare e . l's -1 d1 I'la Ide 10) nliy sl: v,
boilr o io n'ipw. ill wbrlehl wa :1 1 be0
b? is o il I 11! 1 CwihIS1 11 1 a , i (L,
4 1 i 11 4 l . i .I re . A i -nfly's w n,.h jll
Irleil I wo 111 hreI h" IIrI-. A Chihd, nhk v
y ea1rs3 oh III sm y Y t,e it :all, .lit the Uwork Oila
grw1VI wo still$ ill )III 11 1f 11 lime. nild ie.
gi d I lhe -abiir fi ilsinig it Isly : 11.,tilllC
With it. w ishling sli ceasel .I be tellionls
Or labmrI m,, anid "(snel.\1by'' ll!L,
Colon.P. t11 be Ii Iy ' .f C fi a m4ii 0 1 : h1i .r:1
rmr, becne w" i ii lilt le Or n, ailner I w o nr
4111- 141 1 . 1-: -;slcii clta 11 " (10 it v' W :
wtvtae-b ig.w 1ig rie ring lihe
310o1hes. b) -;nkinghLrn eC.4
Timle, l:,hhlr. ru11,nqer. an . il.l i0 .9 1
pr"eI:ions. e1"1In4.22y &"I wi'Is2, :.1, isI , 1
hC1I. 4t'It n l el i. . - 1 ,5 4 1 ts 1 . .
14coneu i" 1" I F i m s un i- it itashng Id
d by3 1he -nd1 1 I hna1. 1 buy1ing 11n.1
Isllgr linte Ecli l.se t S team %%,r,'' hieh
..ol l iied Wil w it 11:11 very 11 11ra1clive nil lod
In4urpliss d1 '-ire-ka Wrin1ger"'t--ri
ulles at v m11Ilee Rnd plerfectwo-r
'%cry famls Y 11141 "N p w .hera. 11111A h l
1n11 0 n111n :1P it. 11, 1 1 0 I-ei.1siliale w.:111
W0111nt1 Wih h1. 111 henrli the iltervs I t f
her pa roa. will ;,o itS 11se
'l t pse.' e is !,imlpl.. in 4"oniat luction
scienti1e in pr-incile, '11*0cliver inl wolk
1111 will w h tlP fintest or cortnest rablrics4
r101T s1a ..1 'Clorily thi by h m, ill 1fr..lm
fifteen 10 twenlty rstinluteB. Iice bout fe.
nnlr0r atI R .4. DUN LEVY's. '
11111: b s
SeWing 3achinle.
No. b, o$25. o No. o,$37.00
No. 3, l .12.0(.
71Nil1 bes.t it Al.y I J IEs in
. 22maket. akes the" L(j H. i'J- (
in Ilhe Carolinns9 (12 e nIestI)ify !l) 2)' me
It will doi 292e no122 wsork and~s only 41o.
'224 hall of1 2he ml(oy thait y4. ' . 4421.
have i pay0 3for one1 of2 1 1I C th.0 A lL,I. I
fui ht IIs 2 mihnesl.
Ior circoIlar", snm iplex of" wiork:, Nr~ r14s
A. lt A. .\loff ?1 1
1 ' 1 :d -2 1 I . ht , .,ioi hi
- -frN. 4.. , :. Ga, and. 4.24 lc
men2 I -ly
thei i 20th I of isovembelI4 I 1pureb1a
K hin 22-24 o'f2( A. F. Goodling iniI'
unsboll.~ro 1.1ivery Stableo. All be.r41.
Itgy3 1hire. 12212 haorse feed 111 willh (".
Ili, rueIt. will be0 44triclItl 'n4re 20
vill nlwwnys keep 4on 1,2nd good "(hIe:s
(42 hire. ThIe pa2"ronng2 of the"11142 1
Ceei ully sohlilied.
T.I C E &ECO.t
"1 II l AL advanices mrndo upon o.,n
Kn sg mentsi of (Cottonl or otheri 1'ro
hi ee to them in Ch24iartein, or thr2ouigh
her2 colrro)pod1eI2. in Lsiverpnol, New
orks 1nd1 Bal Ii nore.
N<.v. 7

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