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WILLIAMS & DAVIS, Proprietors.] A Family Paper, Devoted to Science, Art, Inquly, Industry and Literature. [TERMS---$3.00 Per Annum in Advance,
Publitied Every Wednesday a t
%ae Copy one year, - - S 8 00
five " " " - -- 1200
Ven " " " - - 256)
An Irish Story.
It was a little after midnight that
a knock cante to the door of our
cabin. I heard it first, for I used to
sleep in a little snug basket near the
dre ; but. I didn't speak for I was
frightened. It was repeated still loud
or, and then came a cry :
"Con Cregan I Con, I tay, open
the rioo. ! I wapt you."
I kiew the voice well ; it was
Peter McCabe's ; but I pretended
to be fast ot-leep, and snoied loud.
ly. At l'ast my father unbolt ed the
door,-tl I kcard hin say
"O, Mr. Peter, what's the matter ?
Is Ole Pould nian wor,e V"
"Faix that', what lie is, for lie's
dead," ieplied Peter.
"Glory be his bed !'V When did it
happen 1"
-'About an hour ago," said Peter,
in a voice that even I, from my cor
tier, could perceive greatly agitated.
"Hie died like an ould heathou, Con
and never Imlade a will.'
"That's bad," sa% s my father, for
he was always a p -,ite man, and said
whatever was pleasing to , the com
p .ny.
"It is bad," said Peter ; but it
would be worse if he could'nt help
it. :,isten to mte now, Corucy ; I
wanl ye to help Ime in thii bisiness
a d '-wre are live guiveas in gold if
yu do what I bi-I ye. You kno w
that ye were always reckoned the
very image of my father, and before
be took ill ye were mistaken for
each other every day of the week."
"Anun !" said my father, for he 1
was getting frightened at the notion, I
without well knowing why.
"Well, what I want is far ye to
come over into the house, and get I
into the bed.'"
"Not beside th i corpse I" said my
father trembling.
.By no means, but by yourself ;
and you're to pretend to be my fath
er, ahd that ye want to make yer
will before ye die ; and then I'll send
!.ir tlhe. nAighbors, and Billy Scanlan,
%ho vhoolnaster, and ye'll tell him
what to write, leaving all the farm
an.1 everytbiag to me, 5o understand.
And as the neighbors will see ye and
hear yer voice, it will never be be.
lieved but it was himself that did
"The room must be very dark,"
says my father.
"To be sure it will ; but have no
fear ! Nobody will dare to como nigh
the bed ; and ye'll only have to make
a cross with yer pen under the
"And the priest 1" said my fath
"My father quarreled with him
last week about the Easter dues
and Father Ton said he'd not give
him the rites ; and that's lucky now !
Conic along, now, quick, for we've
noe time to lose ; it must be all
finished before the day breaks."
"All right," was the reply.
My father did tnot lose much time
at his toilet, for ho just wrapped his
b.ig coat round him, and slipping on
the brogues, left the house. 1 sat
up in the basket, and listened till
they were gone seime minutes; anid
then, in a costume as light as my
parent's, set out after them to watch
the course of the adventure. I
tihoug'ht to take a short cut, and be
there before them; but by bad luck
I fell into a bog hole, and only escap
ed drowning by a ebhanso- As iet
was, when I reached the house, the
performance had already begun.
~' I think I see the whole scene this
*instant before my eyes, as I sat on a
*little window with one pane, and
that a broken one, and surveyed thle
proceeding. It was a large room, at
one end of which was a bed, and be.
side it was a table with physic bot
times, and spoons1, and teacups ; a lit.
t.lo further off was another table, at
which sat Billy 8eanhan, with all
manner of writing mat,erials beofore
him. The country people sat two
end sometimes three deep round the
walls, all intently eager and anxious
for the.nming event; Peter himself
went from place to place, trylag i.e
smother his grief, and occasionally
helping the compatny to whiakey;
which was suppli.ed with more thtan
,aco3ustomed liberality.
All my consoeusness of the deceit
and ,tdokery oould tiot depr ive thie
scene of a certain solemnity. The
misty dibtanee of 'the half-lighted
room; the highly wrought expres
sion of tJe country people's faces,'
neover more intense ly .excited than
a1. so-mle moment of tAiis kind ; the
low, deep-dra wn breath ings, ubro
~%ken sano by a sigh or a sob ; the tri
bute of affactionate .sorrow to semi
lost friend, whose memory was thus
forcibly brought back--these were
all so real,that, as i looked, a thrill
iDg sense of awe stole over mne, ad I
- nctually shook with feat.
A low, faint cough frm the dark
corner where the bed stood seemed
cause even a deeper stillness ; a
then, in a silence, %here the buzzi
of a fly would have been heard, i
father said :
"Where's Billy Scanlan I I wa
to make my will 1"
"He's here, father," said Pet
taking Billy by the hand, and loi
iug him to the bedide.
"Write what I bid ye, Billy, a
b) quick ; for I haven't a long tii
'afore we hote. I die a goot Cathol
though Father O'Rafferty won't gi
me the rites I"
A general chorus of muttered, "C
imusha, musha 1" was now hea
through the room ; but, whether
grief over the sad fate of the dyi
Iman, or the unflinching severity
the priest, is bard to say.
"1 die in pace with all my neig
bors and all mankind."
Another eborus of the compai
seemed to approve these charitab
I bequeath unto my son, Peter
and there iiever was a better son or
lecenter boy !-I bequeath unto n
oi Peter the whole of oj two farr
>f Killimundoonery and Knockst
boora, with the fallow meadows I
iind Lynch's house ; the forgo ai
-ight of turf on the Dooran bog.
;ivo him--and much good may it
iin-Lanty Cassarn's aere, and t
[eary field with the lime kiln ; ai
hat seainds me that my mouth
just a leetle dry. Let me taste wh
re have in the jug."
Here the dying man took a ve
tearty pull, and seemed cousiderab
-efreshed by it.
"Where was I, Billy Scanlan
iays he ; "oh, I remember ; at ti
iie-ki'n. 1. leave him - that
?eter I mean- the tro potato ga
;en at Noonan's Vel' , and it is t]
ilegant, fine crops grows there.''
"Ain't you getting wake, fathe
larlin' I" says Peter, who began
)a afraid of my father's loquaciou
toss ; for to say the truth, the punt
,ot into his head, and he was great
isposed to talk.
"I am, Peter my son," says; I a
,otting wake ; just touch my li)
Igain with jug. Ah !" Peter, Pete
(ou watered the d1rink."
"No,iudeed, father, but, it's tl
ate is laviu' you," said Pettr, a
igain a low chorus of compassiona
ity murdered throu hi the wi
"Well, I'm nearly done now," sa
ny father. "There's only one litt
6pot of ground rcmaining, and I p
it on you, Peter-as 3e wish to li
t good man, and die with the sar
)asy heart as I do now-that ye mii
my last words to ye here. Are
Listening ?" Are the neighbors I
'ening I Is Bibly Scanlan liste
ing V"
"Yes, sir ; yes, father, we're i
minding," chorused the audience.
"Well then, it's my last will ai
testament, and may-give me ov
the jug"-here he took a long drii
-"and may that blessed liquor
poison to me if I'm not as eager abo
this as every other part of the wil
[ say, then I bequeath the little pl
tt the aroes roads to poor Cun Orega
fur he has a heavy charge, and is
honest and as hard working a man
ever I knew. Be a friend to hi
Peter, dear ; never let him wa
while ye have it yourself-think
mue on my death-bed whenever
aks ye for any trifle. Is it do'
Billy Soanlan V' the two acres at t
aross to Con Cregan and
heirs forever. Ah, blessed be t
saints 1" But I feel my heart gros
lighter after that," says he, "a got
work makes an easy conscience. A:
now PIl drink all the compan:
good health, and many happyi
W hat he was goinig to add, ther<
nio saying ; but Peter, now teri
bly frightened at the lively tone t
sick man was assuming, hurried
the people the another room to let]i
fathier die in peace.
When they were all gone, Pe
slipp~ed back to my father putting
his brog ues in a corner.
"Con," aays he Tye did it all we
but sure that was a joke about the t
acres at the cross."
"Of course it was, Peter ?" saysal
"sure it was all a joke, for the mat
for that ; won't I make the neighb
laugh hearty to.-morrow when I t
thema all about it t''
"W hat I' exclaimed Peter,
amazement. "'Toll 'cm all abc
it g"
"Faith, rind why shouldn't I 2"
turned my father dryly.
"You wouldn't be mean enough
betray me V" says ?eter, tremi
with fright.
"Sure ye wouldn't be mean enoi
to jgo agaieast your fatiher'. ?1y
worisi1" says my father ; the
sentence ever he spoke ;" and hi
he gave a low, wicked laugh t'
mnade myself shako with fear.
"Very well, Con l' says Pe
holding out his hand ; "a bargain
bergain ; ysr a deep fellow th
Father only ehuckeled a littis
this ; but said. nothing. And so
ended, and my father slipped qul
away over the bog, mightily welt
isfied with the legacy be left hima
And thusa wo beoame the ow.
to of the little spot known to t1his day as
nd Con's Acre.
ng - - - . . - -
ny ICotton.
ad- From the "0hronological and
Statistical History of Cotton," recent
nd ly published, we glean some inteurest
He ing Items in regard to the great sta
.io, ple.
ivo We find that in 1791 the cotton
crop of the United States was 2,000,
h1 1 000 pounds, of which three-fourths
rd was grown in South Carolina and one
in fourth in Georgia. Exports, 189,500
ng pounds, with twenty*-six cents aver.
of age.
In 1795 Georgia cotton of good
h. quality was offered in New York at
is. 6d. per pound.
Iy In 1800 the ravages of the cotton
le worm were first noticed.
In 1801 the cotton crop of the
- United States was 48,000,000 pounds,
a of which South Carolina contributed
iy 20,000,000 pounds and Georgia 10,
us 000,000. Exports, 20,000, 0 0 0
10- pounds.
e. In 1804 remarkable ravages by the
id cotton worm occurred.
I In 1805 the cotton raised at Hilton
10 Head, South Carolina, by Wmn.
be Elliott, brought higher prices than
id any other kinds, with one exception.
is Kisney Burden, of St. John1a, Colic.
at ton district, South Carolina, m:ide a
most careful selection of seed and
ry with rigid care in cultivation pro
ly duced cotton worth 25 cents per
pound more than that of any of his
1810. Consumed in home nann.
. fuetules in the United States, this
year, 10,000 bales of 300 pounlas
o ch. Nuniber of cotton mills in
A aeriua, 102. A ot one in Georgia.
r, Tennessee had four.
to 1816. This year South Carolina
9- Sea Island cotton riold for 47 cents
)h per pound when other kinds brought
ly 27.
1821. United States cotton erop,
m 539,033 bales of 300 pounds each.
ps 1825. Consumption redued.
r, Cotton costing twenty-five cents in the
United States was sold in Liverpool,
ie after a long holding, so as to return
id but six cents per pound. Eli Whit.
to ney, the inventor of the cotton gin,
le died this year, on the eighth of
January. Total amount of cotton on
ys hand October Ist, in Georgia, 138,.
le 000 bales.
ut 1826. On hand in Georgia OctoLer
ve 1st, 190,592 bales.
no 1827. Kinsey Burden, of South
ad Carolina, got $1 15 per pound for his
ye crop. Amount of cotton on hand in
is- Georgia, October Ist, 223,920 bales.
n- 1828. Kiiisey Ijurden sold two
bags of cotton at two dollars per
L1l pound, the highest price touched, so
far as is known, in the market.
ad 1830. Total number of slaveis
ar in the United States 2,009,000, of
rk whom 988,000 were in the cotton
be States. Imports of cotton into Great
ut Britain, from foreign countries,
I ; 248,018,963 pounds, of which 210,
ot 885,358 were from the United
f, States.
as 1831. 8tock of sotton on hand in
as Augusta, October l;t, 10,000 bales.
A, [832. N um ber of cot ton mills in
noithe United States, 795, with 1,2416,
of 593 apindles. Stock on hand in Au.
he gusta, October 1st, 1,500 bales.
en Total crop of 1824-5 560,000 b.,les.
h.o " " " 1825.-6 710,000 balies.
'a " " " 1826-7 927,000 bales.
he " " " 1827-8 712,000 bales.
ws " " " 1828--9 857,744 baled.
>d" " " 1829-30 976,845 bales.
ad a " " 1830-1 1,039 848 ba les.
"' " " 1831-2 987,477 bales.
re " " " 183i2-3 1,070,488 bales.
"""a1833-4 1,205,395 bales.
- A Mr. Macdonald, of London, has
he invented a new type-setting machine
a.ll: which lie is now engaged in perfetinig
u1s He sets up several columns of the
Times daily. The difliculty as in all
ter these maclines is in the d istributinig,
en and Mr. Macdonald gets over this
by not distributing at all. In the
II; Times office, which is a little world in
WO itself, there is a type foundry, and
every morniuig after the typo sot up
0; by these macbines lhas beeni used, it is
ter throwi into the ineiting pot and ro
>r east, and is all ready to be used
oi'l again at night."
in A New York telegram of Friday
put says :"Col. M. R, D)elauy lately of
the United States colored volunteers,
re- 'and a candidate for Lieutenant (Gov
eor of South Carolina, lectured this
to'evening in Irving IIall to a large au
rig .dionc, among whom were inany col
ored meon. Ho gave at grtmphic de
agh scription of the social, moral and po
ing litical relatiens of the races in the
last , Southerin States."
ore. .AW- -
aa1i The Boaten Bunday Courier say:
"T'he Loer and soprano in a South
ter, End choir are to be married soon.
's a Theby met by ehants, the usual way.'*
at's Paorbaps if they were to i-choir of
some umarried man they might not
at dueit..--Commrcial BIulle*in.
it ----+~- - --
atly Senator Randolph, of New Jersey,
sat- bas invented a stitehing-machine and
elf. Ohio of the bes~t plowsi in use. Sew
aors sow is his mnotto. too,
Advice to Lady Pedestrians'.
A Sacramento paper gives tli
common souse hint to a lady pode
trians :
"If ladies who see a team a
proaching as they cross a street, wi
glance to see whether the driv,
obseives thon, and finding that I
doet, will walk along as if there wi
no danger whatever, they would I
much more safe than they ar,) und<
tuch li cunstatioes. Many ladies g4
frightened on secing a team noi
them, go ahead a little, dodge bac
glance about them, and make a gran
rush, as likely as not going in t1i
wrong direction, the driver of tL
teia in the moantime reining h1
horses to the right and the left, I
avoid injury, bat unable to gue
where the lady will jump next.
A lundred Bushels from one Potat
Mr. 1). 13ranning, . f Jaoksonvill
Fo., made last fall beforo the Duvt
County Agricultural Society,
statement which suggests wonderft
postibilifics for the swcet potato i
th" congenial climate of tuo Soutt
In 1871, having a specimen whio
he desired to multiply totthe larges
possible extent, he first cut. it int
pieces each with about two incee
square of skin. These he plante,
February 10th, in a riH warm spot
which had been occupied as a ho
pon. They grew flinoly, and on Ala
18th, he took from them two -huu
dlred and two vine cuttings, which h
p1lan ted, and he continued this cut
ting and planting till August 1oti
platnting in all something over to
thousai d cuttings. The crvp wa
[lot measured, but experienced far
mere, who saw the whole in henps
is put up for banking, estimatei
that there was at least one hundre,
bushels. That will do for poor san
ly, barren Florida 1
lillcva's Bird.
A siLgular incident is related b
the local press of Washington citj
Lhus : "As if Providence had dott
of the a sembled wisdom of the Su
premo Court, the other d:.y on.0
theso meditative birds suddenly ap
peared in their midst. It came dowi
the chimney and perched itself a
the right-baud of the Chief Justici
without saying a word, and there i
sat all day, blinking, winking, ani
gravely listening to stupid pleas, nod
ding comfortably between times, an<
altogether performing the duties o
the bench with duo decorum. N,
one disturbed the new associate, bu
when the oth3r owls walked up a
evening, and went home, h0, to0
shook off the dust of ages and wan
up the chimney. An attendant im
mcdiately ttopped up the fire-place
and put tip a notice, "No outsid,
owls hereafter permitted In the Su
premc Court chambers."
louisvillc tonrier-Journlisms.
Grant has gotten everything a
thoroughly arranged for a third tort
that lie is now seriously thinking o
begioning his preparations for
"Vice-President Wilson," eays a
exchange, "is having boils.'' Thia
then, is the reason he dloesn't talk
his seast as President of the Senate,
Massachusettseclaims to have r<
eently dliscovered a silver mine.
taon't surprise us much if it shoul
turn out that Massachusetts in dig
ging around promsiseuously, has a,
cidentally stumbled upon Butler
Croscent City spoils.
A careful roveiw of the New Yorn
markeots that, wyhilo the degree of r<
covery var'es in the diflenit branel
es of trade, yet all are fairly on th
way towards a healthful condition<
business. T1hen dry-goods and grocem
tradeos.arc most hopeful, and all rI
others show signs of i.n provemlen
except p.ossibly the iron iatere.st fl
machine trade and the bMldis
trados. Every other branch of bus
r.e.ss looks bettor ini New York.
A promuient merchant of Rein
says the Courier estiwat,es the loss l
thme flood in the valloys of the Coou
and its tributaries at half a milli<
dollars. This great loss consists
the injury to theogrowing wheat, Io
of time in farm preparations,, and'
tIhe dlestruct ion of fenctes, buildint
etc. Th'le business meni of Rome, am
even of uior.o distant Atlanta, willi
direct-ly feel tIhe losses in8ictodI
the F ebruary rain.
The Spartanburg Spartan' lear
that Capt. Fred Lathain will eat
enthmusiastically into the laudable e
terprniso of stockiog B3road river wi
shad. Ile proposes to place a "11
way" in thoe Chaerokeo danw.
Ez.Gov, Bradford, of Baltimo
has declined a federal appointme
on the ground that he does not kna
an thing about the details of *J
o 0e4
"The rich," said a Datchata, A'
vension bnename it ishs deer. I
Personal and General.
is "Max Adelor" is organist of St
M Martin's Episcopal Church, Phila
P- The oldest member of the Jewist
community in London, a Mr. Barnel
)r Ilime, died rcoenty in his llai
e year.
i The man who predicted a mild
r and open winter, be-ause the hair on
t squirrels' tails w-s not as long n
r usual, had hi i ears frozen four inbe:
k deop the other morning.
d The Braoken (Ky.) Chronicle tellb
o of a mnan in Robinson county who lis
0 murried his fifth wife. One woman
is lie married twice, and the last one is
o his first wife's daughter.
9 Dr. Skinner's suit against Mr.
Beecher is fur four , set of teeth
three for his wife and one for his
1 father. Mr. Boecher objects to pay.
ing because they wera not furnish.
ed for his own mouth, but for the
mouths of others.
A Memphis doctor treated a man
for asthma ,cwhen the dibe.ase was kid
ney complaint, and a jury iade him
b fork over throo thousand dollars,
t which soothes the kidneys wondorful
0 ly.
Samuel Sinclair, formerly the
I wealthy publisher of the Tribune, is
a one thousand five hundred dollar
c clerk in the New York Custom House.
Y An extravagant country m:tnlion
ruined him.
. Roscoe Conkling is said to have
grown broader and stouter with 3e:rs,
but worst of all, the gracefully tuean.
dering ringlet that whilon divided
his forehead, is characterized as a
stubby exclu..ation point I
Revolutionary-He lives in Rhine.
book now-108 years of age, threads
a needloat arm's length, slept with
Noah when a boy, played narbUs
with Piaroah, and turnel the grind.
stone for G. W. to aharpen his littlo
The Spaniards believb that Jaek
the Giant-Killer was a rekI personage,
and that he lived in Canada.
A little girl on the train was asked
what motive was taking her to the
city. "I believe they call it the
locomotive," said the little innocent.
49 -- - . - - -
I The nowly elected Judgo-Archi..
L bald J. Shaw-visited Sumter on
Thursday last, and took the oath of
ofice from Chief Justice Moses.
Marie Christine, the new abbess
of the Theresian Convent at Prague,
t is an arahduchocs, and is swoot siz
- The Lowell Courier says that Gen.
, Schonok's puker was intended only
3 for a country fireside, but whether in
this world or the next is not stated.
There are no "ofiloial" newspapers
in the State. Public officera and pri.
vato citizens can publish every notice
a required by law to be miade public in
any newspaper they may select.
The English propose to move
street ears by clock work. The car
are to be of the lightest possible con.
truet ion, and are to be fitted with
She00lioud sp ings, having a force oJ
900 poun o a, and wound up b)
tationar y engines.
t Bnime newspaper.s accuse Genera
d Tracy, of counsel for defense in th<
-Beecher ease, with being unready foi
battle durinig the war. Th'le Graphic
's defends him against the insinuation
declarinig that hie hans chargedi at
the head of bia column on mans
bloody fields, and, after the batth
has often be.en seen sitting under
tree, cobilog the cannon balls out o1
h Iis hair. Th'le certificate is though
to be sufficient.
'"i Benedict & Co
'I ra Jjg Street ObegrIeston,. U. 4
n- e4RyB~T.S,
hTIf8 IS iDA OF? NEWV YORtj. 1U8
For prices, see Local.
*e, __ _ _ __ _ ___ _ _ __ _ _
hie 7S hereby gIven that from thIs date i
.L. "Carroll hlouse" *t Blaeks Look wi
not be open as a Hotet. A few priva
tboarders viii be takee ,on reasona,t
numar 2.41 P'ronrietor.
'1omestic Intelligence.
T titUTl will prevall-Facts are stubborn
things and will.not benr denial-To see
nust be o o believe-In these days of pro
gress, st nan has become the great motive
and labov wtving power of the age, in all
indus(rial ind manufacturing pursuits
Ind depa tivents-Why should not every
anily -ive a Steam Washer.
The "10-clipso Steam Washer," is .the
best, It does not occupy the space of one
square 17o> t and is adaptable to any stove
boiler or round pot, In which water can be
boiled ; a.d with it one woman can do
what is oi-linarily regarded a 6ay's wabh in
from two to three hours. A child, twelve
years old, may use it and do the work of a
grown wo nan in one half the time, and re
gard Iho labor of using it only a pastime
With it, wishing has ceased to be tedious
or labori us, and "Blue Monday" has
consed to be a day of confusion and her
ror, becaue with littlo or no labor two or
three hou, , sulice to do a day's wash i
without eewilbbing, wearing or tearing the
olothes. b: eiking buttons Jc.
Time, In bor, money, and material all ar
precious- conony is wisdom and its fruit
health,wenlith and happiness-Look then t
economy i.i washing, and save your clothe
to wear four times no long as when wash
ed by lie 'iand and board, by buying and
using (he Eclipse Steam Washer," which
coibined with that very attractive anid
un surpass, d "Eurekfa Wringer" consti
1utes a O. mpleto and perfect washer
every famiy and washer.wonan should
and can have it. ; and no sensible washer.
woman wk has at heart the interest of
her patroa will oppose its use.
The"Eoli pse" is simple in construction
scientific in principle, effective In work
and will wa h th finest or coarsest. fabrics
more PatisNotorily than by hand, In from
fifteen to twelty minul es. Price but fw-i
dollars-AWill be for sale for a few do;
onger at R M. DUNLEVY'S.
June 0
nFFEtS for sale the following very
opilar brands, vi:
Brao)ey's Sea Fowl Guano.
C. C. Coo's Superphosphate.
Bradley's Aitoniated Dissolved
Royal Guano Compound..
Bradley's :Acid Phosphate -
Parties wishing aumnos by the car-j
agli have thcin ordered to Doko, Ridgevih',
Lyles' Ford and Strother's Statiols, as I
am agent for the entire County of Fair
field. Tinie sales (luo November 1 st.
For arrbngements on time and price with
cotton option ai pply to
feb13 -
a store andI to arrive, fresh goods5 for
. every day use, and for the holidays.
Colored and Ulack Kid G loves, Ladies'!
Dress Goods. Shawls, Boulevard
Skirts,, Cassimeres, Jeans,
Domestic Gooeds, Blank.
ets, Ladies, Gents
and Children 's
Wo would e all the attentIon of the
ladies to our beautiful Black Bilks i
Remnants ofC.arpetsatreducedj prices,
Nails, Irona, Tin, Hardware, Wooden Ware,
Ujn-Ware, Crockery, Oils, Drugs, P'atent
MeJdiciues, Soaps. Ex.Lracts, Tooti.
Birushies, Nail Brushes, Ia:ir Brushes,
Fancy Articles for Gifts, &o.
Photograph Albums, Novels, AlbIes,
hymn Books, Prayer Books, Olft Blooke,
,P.eus,lunk, P'aper, &o., &c.
Eegrafer D rice,
deo 12
T. T.OT.
WE are agents for a large Now York
W.TE4 )l.098M, and have now on
- hand4 Guopowd&er and Vou,ag HIyson Teas
put &ip In one lb. and & lb. tia cai;a,,
warranted full weight and to give satis.
IC faatlon or th~e purohase
t. Money Reitbded i
le Prices l,ow. Give .them~ a trial.
mar I
. W. Phiilips
O F TIlE very best qualitlep, for rarlors,
Chambers and Dining Rooms. For
design and workmanship, UNEQUALLED I
I offer at prices that defy competition I
MADE of hard wood, and warranted to
give entire satisfaction. I keep no inferi
or quality. Use economy and buy the
best, and buy where you can buy the
Sleep Comfortable
AND BUY the People's SPRING BED.
It is the best in the market without ex -
,option. They are oheap.
RATTAN and Split Seat Chairs a spa.
.ialty. Our prices are beyond oompo.
atioln I
OF my own manufacture, Window
hades, Wall Brackets, Packets and
FURNITURE neatly repaired at moder.
xtePlrices. Picture framos made to order,
Special Attention
GIVEN to the Undcrtakor's Dep!,r(
mont. I keep on hand a full Pupply of
Sletallio Cases %nd Wood Coffins of the
nost. finish. All calls promptly attended
o. My terms are cash. I oot, upon the
hoory that short settlements mako loa
rioi do,
oct 3
Spring Caliooes, now stylos, good
brands, 10 cents. por yard,
"Call and soc."
Garden Seeds, Onion Setts, anda
choice variety of planting and
eating Potatoes.
Flour, Meal, Grist, Baaon, Sugar,
Coffee,land Lard, Several varieties
fresh Cakes and Crackers, Cheoso,
Soaps, Soda and Candies, Large
Rod Onions, Cocoanuts, Northern
Apples, Oranges all at lowest nm4r.
kot prioes.
The following Goods at and.below
cost to clear out stock,
Furs, Shawls, Blankats, Comforto,
and other Winter Goods,
also Millinery
at greatly red iod prioes.
feb23 J. . BOAG,
SUST Received 100 lbs. fine doshooa
Buitter. Also a choice lot of Fresh
roceiries, consisting of 8 bbls. No. I
M.ocheyol, 8 bbls. No. 2 Mackerel, 13
l$4s bio. 1 Mackeorel, 24 Eilts No. 2 High
Farmily, 1 hbl. Pigs feet, I bbl. Pickled
Tongues, 100 lbs. Dried Topas, 103 lbs
Blologn. Sausages. Also a 4boico let of
Sugars and Coffees, Syrups and Molass
of all grades. Also a fine lot of F?resh
Cannedl Goods, consist ing of Canned Sal..
mon, Lobsters,, Mock Turtle, Corn ash4
Desiccated Cocoanut, P-.,tted 11am, Turkey
and Sardlnes. Also a fresh lot of Crack.
era and Caokos, 1 Dozen lBoxies of Heork..
imer Co. Chese-the finesL In town. Also
constantly on hand Fresh Flour anud
Meal, Bacon and Lard, and a ohioloo lot of
MeEwans S.egig.h Ale, hiquors and Segars
of thte fnest Grades, P?owdey, Sh~ot ptig
John D, McCarloyA
sept 24
8IJ0C18f0. TO 0. B. TilOMPSON.
Tenge,rs, Cainrlors and Loeather Mann.
fact urers.
T Hg above rJmmd( firm would call
Lespecial attemiioni to Boot antl 8hts
Manufacturers a,l liinoe Maker. We
will sell pure oak tanoed $nlahe4 stoog
for light and he~av.y purgesce, $s loaw as
any houso in the trade at wholesale cr
A LL persons Inde bted t,o the under
signied are requested to settle thi
bccounts ai once, or' they will bre giv.e
onttfor olaion o

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