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2W' We are not responsible for the.oplu.
on&- of oorrespondents.
SW Oommunloations to this oflice
will not be noticed unless accompanied
by the real nate of the write.
SW* Ifreafter no LOCAL NOTICES
will bl inserted In our columna exceo)
upon p pient of TIN dRNTS a line.
M4 Any person in the County having
knowledge of'ant c.reusestoe of int erest
o0urrtg L -his nilghborhiood will mifor
a f'vor by furnishing information at this
Cltation-Jno. J. Neil.
Read the advertisemntut of U. S.
Internal Revenue.
Shoriff's Sale.-L. W. Duvall.
xeouto 8 Sale-Jaimes Mann.
Fresh Arrivals-..Connor & ,Chand.
Report of the Condition of the
Winnsboro National Bar.k--S. B.
Clowney, Cashier.
Sheriff's Sale-L. W. Duvall.
A bowling alley will soon he one
of the enjuztments of town.
The frequent irregularities in the
northern tuails oiuse great annoyance
in Winnbboro.
I SChool tiustees mill be Careful not
to allow their schools to run too long
Small quantiics of cotton still
find their way into th.s market. The
market is steady, prices ranging from
14 to 15 c .nt.,
Mrs. Boag has goi.e north to lay i-i
a full stock of S.ring goods. When
she returns she will be glad to see hr
Another lively game of base ball
on Thu.-t.-diy afternoon in whioh our
side got fanned out.
Bev. W. If. Caiap.bll waa in town
a ftw da3- oi a visit. He is looking
well and zeenis to be pleased with
his new field of labor.
The police have at la,t reccived
their uniforms, which is a dcoidea
iml rovenjent on the old cine-. The
Present uniforms is confederate grey
f ok o, at, pants and vest. They pre.
sent quite a millitary appearance.
Farsers arc a long wa3s behind
in getting their lands prepared for
the cowing crop, on account of the
excessive rains. But as every thing
happens for the best we and advise
them to grin and bear it.
The town council are having aravel
thrown upon the street in front of
the down town cistern. This will
make a good street of what is now a
alough of despond. It is time o re..
1 air,ns an empty wagon stalled there
th- other day.
Several e lored men were hauled
up before Justice Robert-on on Tues
day for not working the roads. We
warn all parties toi turn out promptly
on a call for road duty, or they will
get into trouble.
Messrs. Cathuart aud Moore are
busily engagedin preparing a bowling
alloy, the first of the kind ever eslab.
Jished in Winnaboro. ily the way,
why can't we have an alley which can
be visited by ladies during crtain
t.oirs of the day i It would be a good
Mr. WV. N. Mason has placed us
under obligations to himi, fer a bag of
Wino yam potatoes. Mr. \I. tells us
that he has beena planting them for
many years, and eonsiders thema the
best he has ever seen, lie htas a few
bushels of seed for sale at low Giguroe.
Potato raisers wishing flne heed will
do well to call on hi n.
Is [JAYs OYF,n ALL.- A buff Coch
en hen, belonging to General J. 13.
D)ennis, laid ana egg on F"riday lust
worthy of the Lenten Lesson. It
measures eight inches around length.
wine, six aLd a half inches in the
centre, and weighs 4 oz. 3 dws. 8o
says the Union-HIeraljd.,
On Monday eighte.en trats of land
were sold for taxes and one forfeited
to the State. For the mistakes that
occurred in publishting th.e delinquent
list the present Auditor and Tres
are in no way r.espou.46le. TIhese or.
Ileers are deteramned to correot all
irregulariti<n heretofore existing, and
to make of FairSeld a banner county.
The Count-y 4omm isioners meet
again in Winnsboro on the 10th
Mlareb. We see a bill is wovk&ing its
way through the [Legislatuare per.
malttliag the~ 0->missiOners to dev'ote
one mill of thie ordinary tax this
year to pay old claim.aa, and provid
ing for an extra tax of one and a halr
miills next year to elear out all defi
ciencies. These will douabtless pass.
Our press which was out of order
for some time has been repaired by
Mr. Joseph E. Gilbert, asisted by
Mr. John Montz, who repaired the
iron work, and Mr. John Muze, who
wsde she wooden portion. TA ey
have made a very neat job indeed, i
arid we have no heositation in reconi. a
wending then to all persons desiring c
woik in their line. I
A colored man named Abraham
Baker was found dead in his hed a
few mornings ago. Coroner Ruff d
held on iniquest. The post inurtcn
was performed by Dr. Robertson, as.
sisted by Mr. E. W. Aiken, and an
ginapectoris was given as the cause
of his death. A verdiut was render.
ed in accordanm wth thn f-ets. 0
The Winnsboro Building aand Loati
Association orgainize4 MoAiday even
itig, 450shares werelpaid up. An
election was held which resulted as
follows :t
Preidcut-G. II. MoMuster,
Vice Presideut-James Beaty r
Sect. and Tres.- D. I. l?Ieniken.
Solicitor-i. N. 0 -e-kr.
Mirectois-S. B. (Hownoy, 1. N.
Withers, Dr. T. B Madden, J. A.
Brice, F. H'dor, W. 11. Fleniiiken,
Q. A. White, J. M Galloway; J. S.
Connor. C
Among t he uots sent to the Govern t
or for approval, we notice one to rt
duce the corporate limits of B.ak- f
stock to oi.e.half mile square, and an
act to incoi porate Ridgeway. The t
latter town will be one mile lung and
one-half wide. As we have nvt seeU
the not. we do not know when the mu,
iicipal election will t4ke pLce. As b
Ridgeway is destined to become a
metrop-Jis, we nave a serivus notion
of emigrating thither and running for
mayor or alderi n.
MATIMONIA1, ID.EM.-A seri- n!
Jus disease :cems to ha,ve broken out M
:iong the young Imen of Winnlsboro, t
Nhich threatens to carry off some five h
>r six of thent during the next, few I
weeks. Arrangements are being ir
inade on all sidos for the sad events,
Ind much symipathy is espressed for
:ho unfoitunate victims. We ofier
;o them all our heat tfelt comipassits i
111d on the score that nisseiy loves
'0111paty, 'welo mlii. thei it.to the ,
A G rAT l3I FRAUD.-S ,e time
ince, a mtan calling himself Kellogg,
nd professing to be an agent of Day I
L Atwood, 466 Broadway N. Y., vis- D
ted Winusboro and inducedceveral
)er;ons to subscribe for a ng,zine
ailed "Milliner and Di essi tiker." C
Aollecting the c.sh he vamuosed, and
either he nor his mugt,zie lia. it
)een seen since. F
A gent!en.o , in town wi ote to New s
ioi k and received information that
o tuch magazine nor agent is known ,
.here. le is a fraud. Pass him T
A rouianti.) incident occu r ed in
'rial Justice Robertson's ofice on
'- ny. Trho usual dry course of ()
h w was enlivened by an infusion of N
~othem der passion. Elijah IIarris, V
:olored, a.ged about sixt y, and a
buxom colored girl < about twenty,
applied to the .Justice for a union in
he holy bond (S of mtatrt~imn ly. Qunite
a ,umbecr of speg Ota toris g4t.Ihered.
This was the .Judlge's lirt, caSe iln the
matt imonialI docket, but lhe pea form.-e
ed bis duty nobly, and sccurely joined
Ll.O happy couple accordinig to Hoyle, ti
0., Sund y the down mai traint en
the Chiailotte, Columbi.a & Augusta
Railroad, encountered a rock of about
25 or 30 cubic feet, in Spring.i cut,i
2 miles below Morrows TJurn Out.
f'he engine struck it with conasidera
ble force, and wats n good deal damn.
aged by the collision, which also oc
casioned the tearing up of tihe track
for a little distance. The shifting en
gine from CTha,'ltte went down and I
carried the train on to Cohlumbia, r
leaving Morrow's late ini the evening.
No one was hurt and $50) will cover o
all the damages.
The base ball seaaon has begun in
Wii,na-boro. A gun.e uins played on
Tu.isday in which oursidle heast by a '
score of 9 to 4. As this ie the ra a.
tional gamec it abould be kept up. H
Theceollege greon with, bome woik
oould be made a good groand. In I
this eonnectiona we would suggest to
Mt. Zion Society not to let out thes
green to cireus comnpanies. T1haeso dig f
up the ground and leave behind them
unsightly rings, whieb dcst,roy the
value of the ground for purposes of
recreat ion. - Several times the rings
have b>een leveled by privato enter
pris~e, oni y to be raisedl again by some
cceeding circus. If the ground be
again put in good order we trust the
Society will 'let it so remain.
We again call on those indebted
to us to pay up. We have waited
patiently on themi but now that
cotton is grazing fifteen cents a
pound, there's buit lit tle excuse for
further delinquneno.i. If we were
immiate.iiized spirits and could sub
sist on air and water, we wotild
gladly furnish our paper to our n
mnetous friende for nothing. But
heing of the earth- eart.hy, we fmd
t necessary to subsist on wore su6b
tantial pabulum, and this pubuluu
an only be obtained by a libera
lanking down of greenbacks. A
le location of the NEws and HERALI
i well known, small bills have n
ifliuulty in fluding their way to ui
ud we have to meet thein I Hoy
an we do so without receiving who
i due us ? To any one answering thii
tiestion satistactorily we will give a
ire subsoription to the NEwo. Al
thers will please pay u).
rere favored with a visit Mondaj
rom Mr. J. N. Robson of Charlestor
ho is making a business toul
liroughout the State. Mr. Robson it
le of Charlestou's most notive, and
aliable and energetio business inen
tid by a lung career of hones deal
igs with Ilis customers, throughout
i1 the Southern States, has built u1
coml)oIiIsion trade s,ound to n,.no iij
te city. Ile is atgett, for the cale
tated Fertilizer, so Well known it
is Dibtriot, the Soluble Pacifi
uano, one of the best that is now it
ice market fur eottou or corn. Tht
;ook offured this year has been care.
illy unal)zud by Prof. C as. U,
hepard Jr., and pronjunced equal
) that inauufactured in previoui
ears and fully uo to the standard,
'his fertil:zer is now being offered at
>wer rates than ever befoie, as will
e ,eeu by refeoence to the advertise.
,ent in another column. Mbe8lr.,
[enry L. Elliott & Co., ure the
zents for Fairfijld County, and are
topared to fill all orders on th.c
iobt f.ivot abblo terms. We o)>i
lend Mr. Robson to the attention ol
to pie:s throughout the State, as he
as fir years past beei one of theii
oast liberal supporters. Ie believeE
Vinnsboro National Bank.
VT Winnwboro, in tho State of Somg i
Caroliiin. at. the close of busines,
ardt,ji 1875.
ans and Di,counits, $-58,401 0:;
S londs to secure
circulationl 76,000 C
to from r(Aeetning and
Reserve Agents, 7,9O7 12
tie From other Nationtal
1tnks, -11,291 G,
Dal Etate, Furniture
and Fixtures, 1,418 7(
trrent Expenses and
Taxes Paid, 2,3G0 4
-omiums Paid, 10 212 5
Its of oth t ationail Banks, ,31193 O,
ractionai Currency (includ. -
ing Nickels ) 404 47
)vcie, (including gold
Treisury niotep) 211 0
-gal Tender Notes, 9, 0 40
-1d9-1plion fundil With U. ..
eas. 6 per C'. of circtilatt,:1 3 9 6 00
Total $'sj, Iz715
pital Stoc' pQid in, $,000
ttrplus Fund, i1154;, .
her undinided profits I ,'J3 U5
ai onah flank notes otit
staniding. 65485 (00
div id nal f)epotsits, 37.915 17
ae to other National Banks, 1,82d 4t
T ot al $183,t57 95
STATE 01" SOUTilh irAAltOIbNA,
Cotnn y tit 'airtfield.
1, Samue'l I5. Clownecy, Cashieir of' t hi
inunshoro N at ional lzan' , do solemi,nly
eat' t hat thle abov"e statetmet is trutt
txh . 1 betof liy knto'wledlge antd belief
Swatin to atnd su bscribedl beforet' me',
is 8thI day of M arch.
Md. C 1108IIh'tT)N. Not-try Public
Correcct 'Alt est:
W. It, BllEltTrSN,
J1 AS. 4. fl1t0 Dui lrect ors.
S)lhl'i1o a3ifb Ouiano,.
46 CAstu, $53 TtME, without.intterest
'acific (u 110 Conipany's Com
pound1( AcidI Ph(osphate of' Lintie.
'on C7omiiosi ixo wIVTI Co'r'Tox &Jr.:
20 Cash, $33T'itte without iterest,
PO0 accomodoate P'latnters they :an or.
der ntow anid have until 1st Aprtil
> decide whiethxer thtey will takte at tme
r cash pr'ice, W~hen deli vetred from Pie
try by earlo-ad, nodrayagea will be chartg.
dI. Thns (uanto is cow so well kntown ii
11 4heSothe rin States hor itts remar'kalt
lleets as an ageucy fur inucreasing thct
roduets of labor a" tunt to rtequire spe.
iail recommaend'at bt ion,o us its ute
tir nine years paist hast establishie< it,
har'acter f'or reliale excelene.. Thei
tpliest pit itlo into) matrket this sceasotn
ee, as he re! tofore, pre paredi u ndert it
poprintendence of D)r. 8ST. JUJlAN
LAV t'N EL. Chuemuist of the Conmpai.y, al
harlestotn, 8. U., Itence Pliant ers aa
t'5 asstnied that its qtuliry ai.d comnpo,
ition is precisety the sanme :s it her
re sold,J. N. ROIlSON.
Agent I' r [outhI Cttrolinu,
Charloston, S. C.
Jotts S. R{t'sss & Co., aeneral Agets
dee 4--tm
LLTA persons having detmands af nlint
te estate of (COL. IJAyVI
'ROVEN'IE deceased, will render theti
ii properly at.tested withiot, (detty
ames 11. Rion, ALtoraey at Winnsboro
r to thme undersigned at Columibin.
mclh 2--x2( I Fxecutrix.
TIlE exercises of this echto,
will commnce Mlonday, the 84
-of February.
Sessions for the present, fro
half-.past nIne to hialf-past twa
'clock. It is highly Important that al
he pupils appear te first day
feb 4.- PrincIpal
May 1st 1875, to April 89st, 1870. 9'
T IIE Revised Statutes of the United P
1States, Sections, 8212, 8287, and 8239 s
require every person engaged li any bovi. ff
ness, avocation, or cmploymen, which B
renders iani liable to a SPECIAL TAX, 1I
l to procure and place conpicuoualy in his e
ealoblisiment or place of busenie a stamp w
denotiig the pn.yment of a'd special tax J
for the Hpeciml tax year beginning May 1. C
1875. before conuencing or cotiiin iig
business after April 30, 187b.
The Taxes embraced] w'thin the Provisions
of t he law above quoted are il:e loltow -
ing, viz :
Rectili -rs $ 200 00
Dealer,s reiail liquor, 2 00
V alrH, WhOILPHale liquor, 100 (00W
-WDalers in uit. liquors, wholesile, 60 00
Dealers i itialt iquors, retail, 20 00
Dealers in leaf tobacco, 25 00
And oi sales of over $1.00), i rt % v
cents for every dollar in excess of
Dealers in manitifactured tobacco, 6 00
Matinufa -turers of stills, 60 00
And for each utill neanufactured, 20 t)
Aind for each worin tatmufaatured, 20 00
AInnufact urers of tobacco. 10 00
Manntactut,rs of eigis, 10 00
Peddlers of tobao;, titet class
(in re dhan two horsos or other
anini'). 60 00
Peddb-rs of tobacco. second class
(two horses or oi lier aimalr4) 23 00
Peddlers of tobb:acco, third clabss
(t nte hiese or other unitmal). 16 (.0
Poddlers of tobacoo, fourth class
(otn f,ot or public fconveyan:e), 10 00 b
Brewers cf lems than 600 barrels, 60 00 W
l1rewor.- of 600 barrels or more. 100 00 i'
Any person so liable, who 8hall Iail to
comply with ie foreguing r-quirements C
will be subject to seveoce lealt;e-i.
Persons or firms liable I ) pay any of the
special taxes aimed above must apply to o1
. b. A N DE lt.- ON, 'ollector of interinl I
lItevenu1.) at Colimnbi 1, S. C.. aid p;y for it
and proctire the Specal-Tnx itamp or w
Stam,ps livy need, prior to X.ay 1, 1875, fi
nild withoua fuat her notice.
Comissiner of Internal itevenuc. 14
(Jffice of I utern)1al Itevontne. i
V i-shington, D. 0., Febrlcary 1, 1873. ;1
inch It; -m 16 30 a 2027 Ia
English Brenkf'ist tea,
UNPOWDE1 Tlea, Young Ilyson Tea,
Oolong Tea, giaranteed fine. Call
and get a sample- For sale by
mar 9
State of South Carola,
In Re I fr
Levi 1). Smith
aigiainst p
sac WIn. imih.) a,
et al-.,
TN purnance of an otdcr of tle court
of Probate miiade in the above stated
case, I will offer for iale al. public auc
tion to the highest bidd,r, before the court 2
door in Winusboro, wit hin the legal hours "
of sale, oa the first Monlay in April next,
Ilt following real property to wit : A Il
'lhat. Cerinlin piece, parcel or tract of land c
lying,-being and situate in the county H
11nd State 1af'oCsaid, containing ihre r
huinIred aind twenty acres, mvore oi less, P
anl bounded on the North by land1s of di
If. 0. Dukes, on the Fast by Ellison
Cloud, on tle South by aids of Cloud &
1uillian untl in the West by lands of 40
Ilogan and Wiatts. Termns of stile : So p)
much cash as will pay costs of the action tj
and expeomes of sale. anl balanlce oia ti
creii of ont yeau., secured by bond and aj
nur(g.age of tlie preinlse'. a
I.. Wa DUVALL, S. F. C. of
Sherif's Ollice,
Mlarch 11ith, 1875.
'rlo Stato of SouthI Carolina. e<
C. M lei'eighana.1 Judiah Ii leChenaghian o1
andl Thomas P'la;,er vs. John T, llall hi
and otheras. c
I N pursantce of an ordler of the Couirt qi
of Probate tinde in thme abovo s
stated ease 1 will offer for~
salo to the higheet bi-dder. tl,
bef ot a thte .couart house door~ ini )
WVisboara,, wit h.ni lhelegal hoaars of salt
on athe first ?.h.tdaiy in April next,y
lahe following described property, to wit; c
All liat. iece, piarcel or tract of land 8
lyintg. hei ig aid siitunto in tah le coutnty .i
anad State aforesraid, containting sixty
jac:es miore or~ le.ss, hounded by lhi.d of I
bans a l'at ely betlonigintg to thle estate of --
hlall ; atid having such satapes miat ks anid
bundaaries as ntye iepreuse.aled on a p'at r
of survey a hereof niade by Win. 13. Elkint
D. . oat 3rd Iecembaer 1874, by which
pliat the land will be sckt ad title oxecau
tedl. di
Tearms of sale C.\S II. Pur.chaoer to payh
for piaers-g
Shecriff'~s Oflice,m
Wiinnaabore. 8. C.
mhcl 'J 1875.
ie h 1 1-22|
T) Y virtue of an execution to mte ci
-) directed, I will offer for sale for a
cash, at public autiont to the Ihighiest bid
der before thle court, house d oor in Wintns
hoio wvithtin the legal hours of sale ottn ih
firtt Moniday in A pril next the follow.
ing descibe,ad real properay, pin chinser
to pay for all p)apers. Onec iract of laid
situaate in Faii field coaunty caontalining tifay
nacre s miore or less, belotiging to t'ie est ate
of Danvid lobley senior, and having sauch
shapes miarkcs and boundaries as are tep
restediiC oan a plat of sturvey thereof miade fj
by A. 1el'onaid on the 26th day of Feb.,
A. J). 1875. LeCvied upon as the properly
of David Mhioly a nior, decocased, at, the
stit of Luaoy A. Mobaley, vs. Edward D. A
lbley. et .all lExecutors of D). \lobley 0
dcens aed.
Shcriff'a. W. DUVA LL, 8, F. c,
Shr f'Olice,'
LWittnsboro, 8. C.
miaroch, 11 1874,
nieh lxtl x2 I
7 FTERA this date I will discontinue
dl solling Whiskoy by the drink, and I
offer mny Bar FiKtures, &O. for sale.
j Winnsboro, Feb. 3rd, 1875.
Special Notices.
AmBRIOANS are a Nation or Dyspeptics.
o livo fast, dissipate and fill enry
raves. We drink all kinds of alcoholio
)irits, and swallow, without mas ication,
>rk, greasae and every kind of life-de
roying, system-ologging, indigeitiible
oil. Dr. Walkers Vegetable Vinegar
liters will- rvmove the evil effects, an
e recovered patient, with pure, vitalized
coieal blood l1..wing through his veins
ill have a ch arer head and a cooler
idgie-nt, which ndded to expet ience, will
tise hIm to abztain in the future.
lb.w -ro tiroul TIMK P1i0t,1ntRTy Or
IN STA-rN.-Keep yoer money at. homte.
1) out send nway for alfythiig which you
i obtain as wo It hei c as el4ewhere. We
not advtoc:it, p-ayinA $5 for lint w hich
au can buy natroAd for even $1 00. bur.
hen you can buy your Blank llook2 of
e beo4t grado. at prices as low as New
ork. ihen, tend to %kalker, Evans &
)gswcll, Chao leston S. C., land purobase
hial you tneed. All their Blank Book are
rdo in Charlcston. and your eticotrage
ent will sustain i worth ity manu fatt uring
MloNFY SAVED, MONaIY M.s.-Il is ono
nger necessary to pay two an,d three
otit. Mlessrs. I urchgolt. Benedict &
>. tcg to draw aliention to their ineinse
using out R-0 of $500.000 worth of Dry
oods, Carpets. Purs, etc., which take
nee annnlly between Jan uary 141, nnd
bruary 5th. prior to pirehlasi g their
wiing stook. at 275. King strel, Charles.
n S. C. 64. V hite Hall street, Atlanta,
%., and Bay street, Jacksonville. Fin.
miples Sent, on a pplio-.4ion. Remit per
cpress or Po;t O.ie Order, or goods will
sent V, 0. D. All retail orders over $10
1i be sent from the Charleston brinch
Bc of charge.
Among oar new %dvertisenents. is that
one of the oldest eslablishlments in
nte. E<tablislied in 1832, it has main
inedthe first place in its lit e of hu lness
ith large experietce anil unsurpassed.
cilities, \Messrs. Walker. Evans & Cogs
oil are prepared to sustai i hi reput a
i of their establishment. Like A. T.
ew-irt. they holieve in newspaper ndver
ging, nd take this meas to antiounce
at they have Lhis season added very
rgoly to their stock of type and
achinery. and are hotter prepared than
er to please their customers. We wish
em every success.
CiIA i LES rON, S. C.
lier to the iabhic -n i dateri in genera
immense and well seleotel stock o
ry Goo.is, tarpet.s. Oil Clot is, Mal i ings
D., at thi lowest. prices. l[erowiti they
inex hlie pricesof a few art.lcle-s-Ca,.ous,
0om 6 1-0 1 0o., Lto ng C lot Its, fro lm (o10
ic . Brown l1lmespitun, extra heavy,
om T to M0o., Jt-ins, froi 124. up
iirds, Cassimeros, front 40c. ul;wlard-i,
itnnels, fron 20 to 40o. Ladies', Misses'
id Grnt'i Ilose, ,5c., 1, $2.00 per
oz. and u iwards, Stispen.lnrs, $1.40 Ier
iz. and upwards. 1tadies' and Gents
Poket landkerchiefs, from 60o. per doz.
id upwards, Black and Colored Alpacas
lc, and upwards, Dress Goods. from 25c
)wards, Ladios'and Gelts' Furnishing
)ods, lonsekeeping Goods, Fancy G -ods
ibl,onH, Notions, &c., from 16 to '5 per
it. cheaper than elsewhere. Sanples
ut. and orders promptly filled. All
tail ordero from $10 00 upwards, Rent
ra Express free of charge- A liboral
scount to wholesale dealers.
Dr. J. Walker's California Vin.
;ar Bitters are a purely Vegetablo
'eparation, mado chiefly from the na
re herbs found on the lower ranges of
0 Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor.
a, the medicInal properties of which
-o extracted thorofrom without the use
Alohol. The question is almost
tily asked, " What is the causo of the
iparallelott sutecess of VINEGAR BIT
xs 8t" Our antswer Is, that they remuove
o causo of disonso, and the patient ro
v~ers his health. They are the great
00(1 purifier and a life-giving principle,
perfect Renovator and Invigorator
the system. .Nover boforo in the
story of the world hag a medicine boon
tnpounded possessing the remarkable
nhities of VmzNHoAtt tTTEfas In hoaliDg the
3k of every diseaso man is hcir to. They
o a gentle Purgative as well as a Tonic,
lieving Cotgosionx or Inflamiihation of
oeLi'er and Visceral Organs, in Bilious
tIT propertie ofnD, WALKER's
t NG lt I'"rHtaareApriet,Diaphorstic,
irinative, Nutritious, L1axative. Diuretic,
tdativye, Countor-I rritant, Sudorific, Altera
ro, and Anti-Blilious,
rOggiuits anid Ge-n. A gta., San F,rancisco. Cnttfrnia,
itt cor. itf Waisihmrton anid Chtarlton Sta.. 14. Y.
Sold by all DJraoggsts and Deaert.
Old1 School Clallns.
OL E l.egmslatutre having appropriated
certair funds for the paymeait of old
hool claiiins,. nnd ha ving provided thmatI
e said claims he paid pro rata, all claims
ited prior to the tirst of Novenmbet 1872
rvitng the pa eferenice. noste is hereby
yen to holders of said claims to present
le samte at. the ofliee of thme School Cent
isstionter for registrr,tion, S>) that lie
cact amounit outstanding can be aieet
tineid anid proportional pa,, liens ade al
ereon. Th'le ollice will bie opent for reg.
try on Siaur.lays and Mondays between
te hours of I i a. rm. andl( I p. m. until
uid March. PA4rties are urged to prevent
eir Claims prompity in order to secure
acrlpro rumin. N? puaymnt will be mnads
til Ihe rryistry is completIe.
School CommissIoner.
mar 8
Thle State of SouthI Carolina,
(IoUrrV oV F'atarltr.t..
Inl the Probate Court,
Y 9J OIIN J. N A[L, lisq., l'robate Judge.
HERI'EAS Pierre Blacot hiath made
Ystit to me to grant. hiam letters of
drimiitrat iou oif the Esitat e anad effects
1' Mhary Di. ilacot deceased.
Thes re therefore to ese and admon -
ih all and singular the kindred and aredi
ire of thme said Mary D). haneot, de
:ased.thtat they be nd appear before me, in
te Court (of P'robate, to be heltd at Fair
aeld Court lIouste, S. C., on ibe 81st day of
larch niex, after publication hers.
r', at 11 o'clock in the forenoon t.o shew
lause, it any they h ave, wby the said Ad.
inistration shioulid not lbe granateid.
Oiven tunder my hand, this 15th an
f March, Anno D)ominh, 18-76.
rsohlG-{ x2 J, P. F. C,
Executors' Notice.
A LL persons having claims agains
C.I the esta4e of Abrami F. Luampkinm
eceaised, will render them in propo,-l3
tiested, and those lndet-ted will make
ayment to R. P. LUMP'KIN,
The Symptoms of Liver complaint are oun
the psin is in the sloulder, and is mistak
odi with the loss of appetito ani sickness,
terating with lax. The heal is troubled W
siderable losn of memory, aacompanlel wit
something wit ch ought, to have been douo.
and low apirits. Sometimes many of the a
very few of t heni but the liver is general
1I warranted not to contain a single
particle of Mercury, or any injurious
mineral substauce, but is
containing those Southern roots and Herbs
which an allwise Pl ovidonce has placed
in countries where Liver Diseases most
prevail. It wI:1 cure all diseases cqused
iy dorang .me,ts of the Liyer and Bow
Bimmons Liver Regulator, or Medioine,
Is eminently a family medicine, and by
b -ing kept ready for imlieditce resort will
save many an hour orauffering littd minity
a dollar in ti-te and doctors' bills
ftr over Forty Years trial it is still
receiving the mobt utiqualified testi.
nionials toits virtues from persons of ti e
highest character and responsibility.
Eminent physicians commend it as the
Effeotual Speoiflo.
for ctnsun pti ,n, HeadLache. Pain in the
shoulders. Diz.inesw, Sour Stomaoh, bad
taste i.u the niouti, billions attacks, Pal.
pitation of the Pleart, Pain iu the regions
of the Kidneys, despondency, gloom and
fotebodings of evil, all of which are the
offspring ofa diseased Liver.
For Dyspesia or Indigestion.
Aried wit h this antidote alt climates and
chahges of water and food may be faced
without fear. As a Rtemedy in Malarious
Feverm, Bowel Complaints, rtatlesnes,
.laidite, Nausea,
It is the cheapest, purest and the beat
Family Medicine in the world I
Buy n-) powders'or Prepared Simmons Liver
Regulator unless in our engraved wrap
per with Trade mark, stamp and signi ture
tunbroken. None other is geiluine.
Macon, Go., and Philadelphia,
Simmons' Liver Regulator.
For all diseases of the Liver, Stomach and
8f.leen. As a remedy in
Malarious Fevet s, Bowel Oompl aints,
Dyspepsia. Mental Depression lBeat.
lessness. Jaundice, Nausea, Sick
J/eadohe, Colio, C'onstipa
tion and Billousnosa.
It 1E.ams 1.41" "cEwi'sal
A great AA
D)emandsa Ha
An mai luke
All the Best Goods,
All the B st Styles,
All the Best Patterns,
All tI. e Best Gaiters
All the Best Business
All the Best Boots
All the Substant
All the Sizes
New Grocer1es.
C) bhu,. PORT3) UI00 and Eng'
*) islaud Molasses- andi Cantoa Slital
khd, Chiolee Denmorara Sua gir.
12 bbh,b. Yellow (;, Extr a C, and orana-a
ted HIugisw.
B Sacks prime RIo Coffee,
BE4T Y, BRO., & 80NI
iasiness and pain in the side. 80,1moaimus
un for -rheumatism. The stamach is affoct.
bowels in general costive, sometimes al
ith pain, and dull, heavy sinsations con.
i painful sensation of having left undone
Often complaining of weakness. debility
boVe attend the disease and at other times
y the organ mot involved.
"I have never sees or tried sunh a
simple efficacious. satisfactory and pleas
ant remedy in my life."-i. liaines, st,
Louis, Mo.
Hon. Alex. H Stephens.
"I occasionally use, *hon my coQndli,iou
requires it, Dr. Sinmnons' Liver Regulav
tor with good effect."-lot. Alex. all.
Governor of Alabama
1Your Regulator has been in use In my
family for some time, and I am pursua ded
It Isa valuable addition to the modicat
soience."-.ov. .1. Gill Maorter, Ala.
"I have used the Regulator in my fami.
ly for (lie past seventeen years. I can
safuly recommend it to the world as the
best medicine I have ever used for that
class of disonsa it purports to ourk."
11. P. Tligpeft.
President City Bauk.
"Simmons' Liver Regulator has proved
a good and eflicaoious r.edicino."-C. A.
"We hava been nequainted with Dr.
Sn.nons' Liver Medic ne for tmore than
twenty years, And know it to be the beat
Liver Regulator offered to tihe public."1
M. R. Lyon and 11. L. Lyon, Bellefounaine,
"I was eured by -Simnouts' Liver tegu
lator, after having snlered soveral years
with Chills and Feor-"R. V. Ainier son.
"I Have been a dyrpetio for years ; bo.
gan tho eReg"lator two years ago ; itlas
acted like a oliham In my eaeo."--Rov. J.
V. Holmes.
Ladies Endorsement.
"1 havo given youtr medicine a
thorough trial, and in no case. has it failed
to give satlafaction."-Ellen Meacham,
Chattahoochee, Fli.
Sheriff Fibb County.
"I have used your IReguila.or with suo.
cessful effect in Bilious Colic and Dys
pepsia. It Is an excellent remedy and
eerlaialy a public blessing."-C. Master.
son, Bibb County 0s.
My Wife.
"My wife and self have used the Regu.
hater for years, tid testify to its groat
virtuos."-.Rev. I. Felder, Perry Ga.
"1 think Sintions Liver Regulator one
of the best medicines ever maue for the
Liver. My wife ani many others. have
used it with woudetful effe."-E. K,
Sparks, Albany, Ga.
M. D.
"I hive used the Regulator in my fami.
ly, also in my regular practice, and have
four,d It a moat valuable atnd satisfactory
medicine, and believe if It was used by
the profetasion it would be ef service ins
very many cases. I know very much of
'i comaponnnt parts, and' certify its medi-.
einal qualitIes are perfetly harmless."'
B. 11. Origgs, M. D., Macon, Ga.
match 2...xm
iBoots & Shoe
Nn your 'pocket
so dsiraIble.
at Lanrd ckers.
at IL 1 ekres.
at Li s kers.
at L ati ekers,
Shoes, at ILan'd ckers
alQualities, at Land deeker8.
tud Shapes, at Landeekera,
GRE A T R emedy "Seweo Seals or
GAoldten *onder.," which in
recommtende I for all aches or pains, and
Is thrown upoit Is own merIt., No eure,
no pay, ls'the motto. For eale by Rt I
,lennings, whoe is agent for Fairfi Coun
4.y, and wil I lalke pleasure in tilling or.
d era for druggists snwl country merchants,
Dr. W. E. A1k en, of WI nnsuboro will keep
it on band. For further part I enlars ap.
ply to R. II. JEN NING8 & Co.,
~. Wlnuboro, S. C.
Just reo.-ived, a fresh su pply of
Irish Potatoes atso. Burst and DI. ian
9erry~ Co. Garden Seedhs.

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