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WIIiA Ik~~ AVIS,Proprietors.] .A family Paper,'Devoted to Sclem C, Att !:q.quly, Industry and Literature.[ RM-$3O PeAnu inAvne
Publiahed Eviry Wednesday at
WM"N 'V? 61 - . C.,
9e Copy one year, - $ 8 00
pive "4 . 6" 12 00
en " " " . - 26 6)
Sweetening one's coffee is gener.
oily the 'ret stirritig tyent of the
D.:Koven-"is that a Jagger that I
Pee boore tue ?' -Rochesr Democral
. The irst American palent to a
naturalized Chinaian alia just beel
grauke4. U wa. .or fn imsprovetuent
in over:all.
Sigo:or Bhnga las been pre-ented
ly Fra.u1sin D .lursk.j wtith a tviag
niticeut wreath of oak leaves aeq,
golden acorns.
An Indiana darkey sas :"1Pse
got my Cibil uightS to b1e MOU Ab, but
haint any ole black toes aticken' out'i
mny ole hutes j -at de some, all for dat
1.e.,ky Freeditaund's Rooro%Y busi.
The Philadelphia Herald proudly
at-OUocb that 219 twins were among
the producotinp ot Pbiladelhiu
during the yea: 1874. The crop will
be ripe for thra6hing in about three
For the information and guidance
of the 6olored race, it may be as well
to state now that the civil rights Lill
has no bearing whatever tip the sub.
jeot of hon-roosts.
Ne"da brides won't stnnd much
foolishnesa at a wedding. Recently
eC Of them, while going up the aiele
of the church, ttpped Abort iand kick
ed all th skii off the ihiia of a
groomsman who trod on her trail.
Jrooklyn Argus.
Tilton's foadnes for children is
something reark.able-especially for
that Winsted 6hild. There's nothing
lalf'o *eet in.ifq ps to be read to
sleep by a gushing infant of twenty
One of the most notioceable sights
about Chapultepec, Mexico, is the
grove of gigantic Gyprossep, said to
be from one thousasid five hundred to
two thousand years old, with trunks
soarred and torn by shot and shell
fired in the many battles that have
tuken place In the immediate neigh
borhood. On top of the rook is the
old Spanish castle, built of porl hyry,
marbfe and sand stonie.
The Paris correspondent of a Lon
don paper describes a simple appa.
ratus which seems to threaten the
match trade. It is called the eleotri.
eal tindir box, and ih small enough
to be viarried in a aigar ease. Open
ing this box you see a platinum wire
stretched scross. Touching a spring
the wire reddens suffliently to light
a cigar. The hidden agency uhich
heat* the wire is a very small electri
cal battery, set, in action by the
touching of the spring.
Garibaldi's routine bill of fare is
the following : Breakfast, coffoo;
dinner, soup, one plate mueat or fish,
fruit ; supper, none. Pius IX is
similarly a fruit cater, differing only
from the first in being a wine-bibber,
( don't call him a drunkard.) Victor
Emmanuel Is a heavy lover of food
and Wine, eating Indifferently of mnout
things, from the tripie and garlic of
Piedtmont to the snakes and muscos
([Laoilian style) ot Ilome, inclunive.
411 these are at present happily liv
l ag In the latter city, after much hur
Ayburly ad battles fought and won,
and tile carlcaturists depict them
together, 'arm in arm, saunter ing
through the Carso, with toothpicks in
their mouths,
The wardrobe of Pins IX has at
tracto: the attention of a pious
Frenchman.on a ,visIt -to Rome. and
we gashes somne curious details rrom
his leotter to the Paris Figaro. Tho
Popei wears ot during the year six
white silk capuehins, which his holi
ness chiefly spoils by taking snuff.
These post Pius lX 2I6.a piece. Hi..
sli ppere, made of red cloth, embroid
ered ini gold, cost from ?5 to ?6 a
pair, and half a dozen pairs are used
dusing the year, while the Pope in
winter wears silk stockings over
cotf,on ones, and In summer a mixture
of sltk thread, for both ofj whiolh he
paye ?1 a pair. Ilis holiness' rod
miantle aleo, Is worth ?82. I-lis east
off gainents are always burnt, no oth
er use being'thought sufficiently lhon
orable for the clothes which have
been worn by the ricar of heaven.
A slanderous paragraphist says:
"A -dry-goods olerk in an Iowa oity
late.ly dropped senseless behind th<n
oounter while waiting on customers
The female oustomner for whom hi
bad pullod down every yard of calic<
on the shelves quietly requested the
proprietor to remove the mnourn
b rance and send on a fresh clerk.
A long Isied man' has gone t<
sea with his soul stirred by the storj
of Enioch Arden. lHe wants to b<
wecked and ooine homeo and fin<L hi,
A Stupendous Work.
It is estimated that if the Engl
Channel is buc68sfully tonneled,
300,00 travellers who now cross
will inoreptse to 3,000,000. A jr
ney from London to P.ris wi!l i
take but five or six hours, with ,
dreaded rtugh sen-voyage taken o
Tbe boring is to begin simultaneo
ly in Franue and Euglaid, from
bottom of two wells, 100 feet de
The bore is to be nine feet in divi
ter, by machinery invented
Dickinson Brunton. The dot
made from the exonvation is to
continuously carried out thei wh
length of the bore, and the fresh
bro tthed by the workmen is to
coutinuously,forced in. When Char
Dickens madte Montague Tigg I
projector of a plan for tunneling I
Engliibhin Chunnel he did so in I
nature of a huge joke, that was i
tended as a s-tire upon some of t
ohimer cal tuacial sobernes of t
petiod. Yet hero, to-day, is a pri
tioal and scietatifivilly organis
Fchemne backed by large capital
the execution in carne,t of the ta
lie propused in jest and ridiou
Assuredly, it is unsife to ridieu
alimost anything, no matter how i
practio-Lble it Looks it. thn mtumei
for po-terity turns our ri-lcule up
Great Fishing in Florida.
South from Jackponvill,, abo
two miles, is Alnehua lake. P.
mnetly thii-i wos a prairic (t' of ver 2
000 aere of gof)d grazing land.
tho i.itkt. of it was a deep hole
laud sink, of which there are a gr(
many in the State, into which t
waters of McKistry lake, ituat
farther north, and the surroundi
country used to flow and find
tuLterranean outlet to the s<
About four years ago the outlet
more or lss choked up, and the a
plus waater backing soon cover
this v%st tract of country, in whi
aqueous condition it has remain
ever since, increasing and diminh
ing in area as the soason varies fri
wet to dvy. This lake is litera
alive with fish. I have seen color
boys, with an ordinary pole, out fr4
the woods, a line not over four f<
long, and a fly rudely conbtruct
of white and red flannel, catch eigl
pounds of black bass in a couple
hours. The 6ah average fromt t
to twelve pounds. An eight-poui
bass is common.
IN Klux Outrages.
The latest Ku Klux outrage is
ported frum Alabam-t. Three Ha
oal negroes visited the house of
old colorod man named Moses T
and forcibly taking him therefro
al)d tying him norosi a log, whipF
him unmercifully. Moses says th4
were four in the crowd, but I
fourth man was unknown to hi
The negro whipped states that I
cause of this brutal ontrage was tl
he hnd incurred the displeasure
these ruscals (all bitter Radiua
because lie voted a Demoorat tiol
at the last election.-Con8litution
Somebody has exaimined the ree<
and finds out that orly two Speak
have been lunger in the chair ti
Mr. B3lainse. Henry Clay seri
in the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, Ii
and 18th Congresses. Andr
Stiephenson, of Viriniia, was Spe.
er of the 20th, 21st, 22d and 2
Congresses. Two Speakers! b.
served equal terms wvith Mir. Blai
-Nathaniel Maceon, of No t'i Ca
lina, who served in the 7th, 8th ?
6th Congresses, and ex Vice-Pr.
dent Sobuyler Oulfax, who sers
in the 38th, S9th~ and 40th Congre
E~x Senator Bohurs is now in N
England lullIlling a few lecure
gagements, after which .he goes WV
for the sae purpose and to attl
to his business ni lEa irs in St. L ot
A bout the 1st of May he and
faimily wrill sail foe Europe, spe
the sumamer in Germany and Swimz
land, and, returning in the fall,
will give up a month then to lent
ing, after which he will resume
residence and editoriail work at
Louis, he being still one of the ot
era and editors of the Western F'
perhaps the ntost prominent, asi
the most widely circulated, Germ
paper in the United States. ]
mauoh of his timie, for the next y
or two, lhe proposes to devote
writingj hia, political history of
United States and otlier literi
works which lhe has ini contem
tion. Mts. Scburs his received
oral liberal offers to leave polit
journalisam, and literature, and
into business at Now York
Chicago, but they are not such;
at least, as to overcome his testes
his duties in the former abund
sud inviting fields of labor.
Mexico is said to no concentra
troops for a raidI inito (Gauatemahl
revellgO for the EX"iiniof c
The Medicis Exempted IJuder the Nom
Tax Law.
lie The commissioner of internal rev
it enue has decided with reference tc
ir- te tax upon mnedici ies under the lav
ien of February 8, 1875, that two clas.,e
he heretofore held to be liable to st,am
ut. tax are ovnditionally exempted.
us- First. Oilicinni medicines, o
the medioines m ade or compounded accord
Dp. ing to formulas published in author.
me- ized standard medical authorities
by but which have been heretofore pul
rie up in a style or mauner similar to
be that of patent or proprietary nedi
:le oines in general.
4ir Second. Medicines unofficin;l, or
be ma,le and compounded aoiording to
lei unpublished formulas. Ia the first
he of these cases the conditiou ou which
he the exemption is made to depend is
be that the foriaula 4sll be published
n- on the label, and diapensat->ry pharma.
he copia, or pharmaaeutical journal, or
he other standa-d onedial authority
0- where bucb formula is published,
d b1all be distinctly referred to oln the
or label. In the second ease no proprie.
sk torship must be claimed, and to re.
e. move all semblance to any olaim to
le proprictorship, or claim to have any
n- privato formula, or occult secret or
It, art for makiug and preparing the
Ot' same, the maker or compounder must
publish on his label the ex tot foimu.
Ia which he u,os, so that the medical
article be free and open to the trade,
lit if thay see fit to maku or compound
the eame article. The formulas in
all ,,mes uijit,st be publiahed in forn
li %nd manner, and indicated by such
,weig it and meozures as are generally
adopted in thtir standard medic &l au
be thorities.
ng An extraordinary suit is now in
a progre.,s in the Otbaneery Court of
Ia. Louisville, K.., which from the
;ot prominence of the parties concerned
ir- and the character of the issues in
ad volved, has created a very decided
ch sensation there. The late 11. D.
ed Newcomb, for many years president
1h- of the Louisville and Nashville Rail
m road, was married twice. 1Hia first
Illy wite became insane and killed two of
ed her cbildren, and has since been an
>m inmate of the Mlassachusetts General
oet Hospital for the the ins-ane. Several
ed years ago Mr. Newcotub procured a
ty decree of divorce, aud was afterward
of married to a young daughter of a
No wealthy anc prominent citiz-n of
ad Louisville, by whom lie had two
children. He died last summer,
leaving property of between one and
tvwo millions. One son by his first
wife survived, and is practically the
T, plaiutiff in the suit, although it -is
a- brought in the name of the first wife,
an making all legatees and trustees of
DO, wills dcfendants, and is brought to
m, declare the second marriage pul and
ed void, the divorce, it is claimed, hav
,re ing been illegal. The effect of a de
m cision in favor of the plaintiff will
he be to declare the children by the
he second wife illegitimate. Able coin
of sel have beeu emiloyed on both
114) 1B dt - ---------
l. Death Among the Four Babies.
I On Monday evening Jennie, the
most pronmisang of thme qu-artet of
Ilahn babies, .nr LOW strret, died of
ard catarrh, atid t,wo of the others, Sairahi
era aind Mary, are said to be sick. The
an dead baby -tasi yesterday prepared
ed for burial and laid in the front room,
ith Theli three little sis.ers who ale now
ow three weeks old, lay iu the erib ini
ik- the adjoining room, Sarah and
3d Katie together at, the head and Mary
ive with Jennmie's saant pillow beside
no, her,oceupying the other end. Saramh
ro- who was delicate from birth, has
nid not thirived, but Jem nie seemed to
si- bi growing finely until taken siek,
ed Her funeral will take place to-day~
s- Mrs. Hahn, the mother, is well
enough to go- a bout t he hmouae. She
is a comely-f;aeed woman of average
ew stature. Althoughi but thirty year
an.. of age, Mrs. H-ahin has been th<
est mother of ten children, the first be
ad ing twins, born whenm she was seven
is teen years of age. She was a widus
his when she miarm id .ir. hIlahn.
ei- The constant increase of bills hv
ibe congress demands some remedy. Ii
uar- the tortiethi congress, 2,498 bills and~
his resolutions were introduced ; in th(
St. fort y first, 3,643 ;lin t he for ty -second
via. 4,275, and In the last congress, nio les
oat than 5,(030 were presented. Ot tb
is latter number, only about, 600 wera
Ian passed, and of these 225 were passee
3ut during the first session. The greste
ear part of the bills introduced are privam
to clain)', and It is urged that somie dif
them ferenit and less expensive mode o
ary dihposing of such eases should be de
g:a- vised. As 1,700 Gopies of every bil
.'are printo . without any special order
icn, some Idea of the expense which thesa
go claims cause may be readily formed
and ----***-~
f et, W hat is the difference between
and bdneycomb and a honeymoon ? 2
ant hione ycomb consists of a number c
small cella, .and honeymoon ver
often of one great "se)l."
ting - **
iin The la v lion st'amn''a have lease
ny.m wti th.ir a ti .n n to ario. te ii
Air. Bolink's Anileur Fire Brigaile.
.'iMr. Bolink owtin and runs a coop
or shop ascur tihe house of oorrectiot
and as he keeps a dozin men at work
he is bound to have his bhop r1n o
.1system." The other day lie wai
reading a newspaper article in regard
to the prevention of confiragrations
The article advised all cmployec:
to lay out a regular progrimue of
what should be done when a fire was
discovered in tLe shop, and drill hiq
hands till they understood it. li<
bought fifty feet of hose for the peu.
stock, detailed a man to u-.o it in
case of Ore, and then initructed cacli
other mani and boy just what they
should do when an alas mi was given.
One rolled out barrels, another to
save tools, another to throw staves
through a window, and each one
know exactly what to jump for.
This was all right, and Mr. B, link
had a good wind to cancol his instr.
alice policies and depend on his local
fire brigade. .lefore taking this
step, h awevcr, it occurred to hin to
give his programmo a t' ital. lie had
a little curiosity to s.-e if his em
ployees would spring to their posts
according to in-tructionl. and he
studied out a plAn. Yzsterday
0iornting he passed up-stairs, kicked
a pile of shavings together on an
Uid piece (f zinc, touched a snatch to
theus, and next usinute ran down
stairs crying out :
"The Ahop is on fire I Fire ! fire!
fire I fire ! !"
The mian who was to use the hose,
grabbed it up, threw it out of the
window and jumped after it thcut
ing "fire I" until be was heird three
blocks off. The man who was to
save the tools tirew an adz and hit
31r. Rolink ins tile b-Lok, an , then
bit himi again with a draw stave.
As Mr. Bilink was pawing around
on the floor, the man who was to save
the ready-made work rolled five pork
barrel over him, kicked in the
heads of three n-ore, and then dug
out through the back door. One
man saved a piece of board six feet
long ; another took up a stave and
broke two winoluws before lie flud,
while a third threw a hasunier at the
clock, uttered a wild shriek, aid
kicked open a side door.
In two minutes the shop was clear
of every one but Mr. 13link, and he
wascrawling out from among the
iarrals whei steamer No. 6 came
galloping dowi. The snioke wa,
ra Iling up through the roof, the boys
yelling "fire," and the firemen were
determined to save that coopershop
or perish in the attempt. AMr. B0
link heard them calling to "1git them
hose around hyar," anid to "pay It 3r
up toeiglhty-five," and he got to the
door and houted :
"Hold on, gintlomen : there is no
fire here !"
"Git out'n thse way !" cried the
pipemen ; "yere's your mineral wa
"It's only a joke, gentlemen
there is no-" Mr. Bolink was shout
ing, when the stream of water iifted
hin over the barrels, out of the
back door, whero lie sat down on a
broken shave h(orse, uail his oooper
shop had been fi led with water, and
the shavings had buried out.. Diir
ing the afternoon yesterday hsis
whole force were engaged ill empty.
isng barrel, wringing out dlraw-shasve~.,
hsanging broadaxcs up to dry, and]
o-therwise gettinsg thai shop ou a
workinig ba-,is.-Detroit I'rcs-.
Dlssaliaflcd Bolidllde-rs of iho Port
Royal lllloaid.
, TPhe New York Tribune says:
"Another of tle now f eqluent meet,
ings of dissatisticd bondholders has
h-en nalled for Tuesday, Ialrc l6Lh,
ait 50 .lohxange Place.. The railroad
ill troublo in this instance is the Port
Royal Railroad of Southi Carolina and
Georgia. Acecording t,o the st atement
of Mlarx & Co., who claim to repre
sent the bulk of the foreign bond.
holders, the Port R--yal Rasil;ioaa de
faulted in its initesest in 1873, anal
hias not psaid any interest sincee thsa;
timte. TIhey. beoomning dissatisfied
at the uniprod u -tiveness of t,be capia
tal which they have inlvested in the
road, will me'et meet for the purpose
or dev isinig measures for the protcot,~
tian of their inteie.ts. Thme pila c
be preseunted at the mseeting has1 not
been drawn up, but, it is under,tood
that steps tow:irds a foreclosure of
the property will be tan unless
somie shore satifactory plan11 of ad.
jurtament is suggested. The Georgis
Rasilroad Comps~any hsas ensdorsed th<
Port' Ioyasl Conmpany's biond to the
extent of $600,000. Accordling tc
thiejtinancial statemne1, made A pril 1
18'l(3, the capit,al stock piaid in th,
Port Royal Railroad was 3,00(0,000
fubdod debt ~$1,800,000 ; total cos
of the road $4,800,000)."
And Maynard, of Tlennesseo, ge
as minister to thse eiffilget, Orient
Trho howling dervishess ehant wild.
,lays, and the sultan hsas orderd a nos
set of permutation locks for th
doors of his seraglio.
A Miin Killed by a Turkey Gobbler.
The 1Fayetteville, North Carolina,
GSz-te, of a recent dUte. eomaiD.
the following aniouncemeint :
"Pied at his !eat in A nson C munty
N. C. on 20th ultimo, tihe ion. Saum.
uel Spencer, L L D., ant one of tie
Judges of the superior court of his
State. Ilis honor's he lth had becn
declining for about two years, but
he perfornmed the last circuit three
months since and1 we underhtand, in.
tended to have left house in a few
days for this town, where the supe
rior court in now sitting, had it nt
been for the folloaing sectident,
which, it is thought hastoned his
death : He was sitjtiug in his piozz,
with a red cap on his head, when a
I arge cook turkey pabing, the judge,
being sleepy, began to tiod ; wen
the turkey, mistaking the no 1.
ding and red cap, for a challengQ,
mn ade s violent and unexpect.ed an
attack on his hoior that ie L rew
him out of Is chai-r on the flo sr ; and
before ie could get any assistance,
so beat and bruSod him that he died
within a few d4ys after.
4Thieving in tie outskirts' is the
latest desiguationl for p1icking 1.Adio.
Josh F'razer is to be hung in Cam
dell, on Friday next, for the murder
of Bennoy Coolor.
A Missouri woman lived twenty
l1roo years with three pins roving
through her waeted franme.
Il.lland now has 12,000 winldmllilh
in operation, at an estimated aitnual
cost of 4,000,000.
"Tee,h in exchange for wheat,
pork or potatoe," is what enterpi is.
ing dentist in one of the State towns
An insane man blow his brains
out on a train on the Northern rail
way, near Concord N. H , and anoth.
er passenger, becoming faint at
witnemsing the fattl deed, went oi
the plitform for air and fell off, re
oeiving fatal injuries.
A good little boy on Ilayne treet
aids to clothe and feed his widow%ed
mothor by threatening to "1.egO
stones at the little girls as they atre
going to ichool unle,s they pay Lim
a penny a day. His ambition when
he grows up is "to be a policeman.''
Chicago Tribulne.
Gt:n. Lorenza Thomas. for many
years Anjutant Ooneral of the Un1it"d
States Army, died at his resideimei it
Wmahington on thu 2nd inst., aged
71 yea.s. lie was a native of. Dela..
ware, and was Secretary of W ar
during President Johnson's admin
The Spart1inburg lIer ild leirns
that JameCs K. Menus only son of
Capt. :. C. Means, about 15 yjars
1)f age, accidentally shot hiulivelf a
few days ago, and was killed .it most
instanil, . lie was out hunting
when the lamentable occurrence t,ok
"I see very lhttle of you," said an
old gont lemtan at a ball bhe othle.r
etveninrg to a young lady whom he had(
not tiet, in a long time bel.,re. "1
ktnow it." wats thIe art leass reply, "but,
mother wouldntr al low mec to wear a
vety low neck dress to-nighlt, the
weather is so cl.
Judge Cook haa a taoub.lesomie
grand jury to deal with in G ree-nville.
lie directed thema to brintg in ai
chiarge against t,he Greenvyileo Daily
News for labe, atgaiin.t Treasurter
Riunion, which they deland they
could not do. Thte Judge t,ten no
titled thaemt thtat ho would hold themt
over Iroma day to day, without pay,
until thtey took ntotioni.
Mrs. James K. l'uslk has presentedl
the Tennessee Ilistorical Sucioty
with a pen m:ade fromt an eagle's
qiuill dropped by an eaglo ins Vtr
gnitan presented to PresidenOIt
Polk in 1845. Mr. P'olk signed his
first message to congress withI the pen
made from this qui1!, the j,itnt reno
lution of congress for the admission
of the state of Texas, the ldw :,0
extend the lands of the Uted States
over the st,ate of Texas, thte act "re
ducing the duty on impjorts, and for
other purposes," and the treaty of
peace with Mexico, July 4-,h, 1i818.
Theno hartford Tlimnes reports tha-t
a yo'mng woman of that town wvent to
ignire the pie of sewing machtines
the other day. She asked if any de
duction was iade to clergymen.
"Oh, yes," replhed the salesman;
"are you a minister's wife ?"~ "No
air," was the anaswer, "I am not."
"Are you the sister of a olergyman?"
"Oh, no," wits the answer. "Then
unwhtrelationship, do you ask
for reduct,ion 2" "WuelI:" she re
ple,"I am rnot a clerg~yman's wife,
o,r .Astr, or couisin, but I h:ave jeast
hat I nwarre(l tn n' a a nu rat. in th.
Dress Goods, Clothing,
Cassimers, Hosiery,
Shoes, Hats
At prices which must Secure
their rapidl Sale.
We illvitc aln examuillation of
goodIs Wve ame offl'irig.
ve have just receiv
ed a new supply
Su1gar, Coffee, N. 0. Molasses
&c. &c.
W. H. Flenniken & Co.
11A VE
1) A N N E N B E R~ U '8S
Full Stock of Sprling 00oods.
New C,alicoes ! New ('nlics !Piquesc!
The Big Bonanza Stripes.
Something New,
Comirplete stock of Wiash Popils 150 per
yard, Nansooks. 8Witi J/uslins, Victoria
i,awns,t Plaiti Mfaslina1
-AND -
Execeu or's Sale.
F. Y virtue oran order of tho Court, of
J) Probate ror Fairfnold County I will
e,iler for sale at public outcry to thme
highest. bidder, at the residence of Thomna,
Richiardson, udecensedl, near Simpson's T
0. on thme 26th. Marchl, theo personal pro.
pe.rty of lihe snidl d- 'net I.
E.I W. Phillips
) F TlE very best qualities, for larlors,
. Chnmbers nnd Dining Rooms. For
design and workumanship. N LQUA LLED!
I offor at prices fliMt defy competition !
MADE of hard wood, and warranted to
give entire saisfaction. I keep no inferi
or nnlity. Uso economy and buy (le
best, and buy where you can buy the
Sleep Comufortable
AND HUY lthe People's MPRING BED.
Itt is lite boe. in 1h market. without ex
ception. They nre cheap.
lATTAN anl Split %ea( Chairs a spe.
eialy. Our prices are beyond compe
lition I
O1 my own manufacture, Window
Shades, Wall Brackets, Packets and
Riepail PIn1g,
FURNITUR1E. neatly repaired at modor.
ate Prices. Picluro frames mado to order.
Special Attention
0lVEN to the Undortak.'s lep-rl
ment.. I keep on hnnd a fill supply of
Metalli Case- ied Wo)d Coflins of the
finest finisl. All calls promptly altended
to. My terms are cash. I aot. upon I he
theory that short settlements mako long
frioc di.
TUST Received 100 lbs. fine aoshen
Hul I or. Also a chmco ot. of Froeil
Oroceries, consiming of 8 bbiH. No. I
Mackerel, 8 htbls. No. 2 Mackerel, 12
Kits No. I 'Mackerel, 24 Kits No. 2 High
Pamily, I lihbl. Pigs feet, I blal. Pickled
Tongues, 100 lbs. Dried Tongues, 10 lis
llo!ogn.. Stitsrges. Also a ohoice lot of
Sugars and Coffees, Syrups and Molasus
of all grades. Also a fine lot of Fresh
Canned Goods. conisiig of Canned Sal
mon, Lobsters, Mock Turfle, Corn a.d
Desiocated Cocoanut., Plafcd Hlam, Turkey
and Sardities. Also a fresh lot of Crack.
cra and Cakes, 1 Dozen lilo<os of llerk
imer Co. Choese-the finest in town. Also
constantly on hand Fresh Flour and
Meal, Bacon and Lard, and a choice lot of
McEwans Scotch Ale, Liquors and Begars
)f the finest Grades, Powder, Sholt and
John D. McCarley.
sept 24
Packages of NEW M ACKOR~EL
in B3arrele,half aend quarter liar
rols, Kits I, 2, 3, and extra nun
beor 1, MES8.
328 Br'.oks of freshc ground FL3URI,
all sizes and grades from the
Granite Mills Augusta Ga.
A fuell stock of Groceries, Provisions
and Plantation 8upplies, aell
of wich will be Hold at the
lowest pericos for JA8[l.
ct 29
60 pairs of traoe Chains aind Ilames.
Black Blands.
Coltton andi M.anllla Ropo for plowing.
Well Ut pe.
L. ii Shovels -ci manucre forks, Tubs
and Bluckets, Naeils andI A xos, Cottoun
Cards, flanid Saws, Padlocks,
dad Irons, Goffee Mills,
L.ooks, Perou.
saon Caps
1 Tieree Prime Carolina Rie.
26 itarrels assorted Eui.ng and Plant,inq
L'or Sale low for Cash.
Boaty, Bro. e Son.
Cl RMA T R emedy, "seveul SeniN 0a'
'Goldems Womudea','7 which eti
recommeeede i for aill achecs or pains, and
is lhcrown upon Its own niorits. No eure,
noe pay, Is,lhe meotto. For sale by R i{
Jennings. who is agent for Fairfield Coon
ey, and( wIl l ake pleasure in filling er
ders for drueggisls andh country reerobaents,
l)r'. W. . iAken, or WVinitio-e'ro wrill keep
. o R.n If .11'"NlNO ' $:t'

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