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WILLIAMS8 & DATIS, flrop~rf VP4W.l i 'A mFEki, ft'ir, Devoted to Sc[6noe,.Ar"i~uv,Idsr anditerstr.~EM-4.OPe nu nAvne
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7 * ; .
B0ihent- ofie Lepers,
The banishment MUlitpers; is..rigo
rously carried outf n The 'and4ich
Islands: There was a. retont official
Fevrch for persons affected with th'
incurable malady, many having bepn
secreted by tifIr relatives. Hub
dreds were found and put into a v6s.
sol for transportation to the leper
villige,;tp ble .kb ( 0 'until they
die. Their families gathered on the
beach and qxpressed their grief in
loud !aliepotionw; tF IIf
lgsjJ jong
hold a high place Iu the regard (
Sandwich Islanders. Ui is an or.&tor
of great natural 1,ower, a loader in
the distribt'of U4lb*htd a man of no
toriously td morals. He discoverud
hi-t lie was leprou.i although the
indications were so slight, that lie had
Dsoaped.oJfi0W,': aotife', *nd at :oboe
gave himself up to the authorities
A proce"sion of natives, singing and.
carrying flowers, escorted him to the.
re.Se whidh -was tb take him and the
Dthers to -their livong graies. 'ie
made i speech to t4e assemblaze, urg.
ing aiiksIli-! ki thb .'tWdgtM es for
urtdicating leprosy by banial ment,
ind expo'6b.Ai'g his'INtNA oftnilsion
flysteries*of thinese Cooking.
The perfection to which ' the Chi.
ws 'avuociri'' eirobhag was a
natter (f surprise to the repertur.
During the course an orange was laid
kt the plate of each guest. The
>range itself seemod like any other
) ange, but one out open was found
o contAin within the rio. five* kinds
If delicate jellies.- One at firit was
'uzzled to explain how the jellies gol
o, aind giving up that train of re
lection wqa in a .worse qua .dIry to
know ho' t1 1 1 lp .4 ,o the
range got o'it. Colored eggs were
ilso served, in the in-Ado ot which
vere found nuts, jellies, moats ar$d
-onfcotione ry. When the re,porter
ksked the interpreter te,erpla'in this
Loeger ma f bl. hern , ed
4hook his head and ohuoklingly'said
'Molican man heap emartee.; why he
io findee out, I" B1oth the; Alneri
-ah and Chinese guests joined hearti.
y in the laugh at the reporter's ox
3lover fa an Accumniator of Nitrogeo.
Appropos of what .has been said in
inother paragraph in -regard to the
leguminous plants es nitrogenous
Eertilizers, we fina it -stated that Dr.
Vocloker, by a series of the most ex
iustive analysis of soils and plants,
ias discovered and eatablished the
ract,, that an immense amount of ni
:rogenous rood accumulates in the
toil during the growth of clover, es
jecialy in the -urface soil ; amount
ing, including that in the clover roots
nd top!, to three and a half tons of
iitrogen per acre ; equal to four tons'
nd a third of animmoiii. If this be a
I.t, the wonderful elects of clover,
etch, and sinmilir plants on tl.o soil
Wa.e to be 11mysteriou.9, and the far
n-r ileed no loi,geribuy ammonia in hid
;omtmercial fertilizers, but add to the'
oil the lime and other ash elemenots
vguired, whieb can he cheaply fur
isbod in avaliauble forms.
A. F.j wart declined *.socl.,in
at oin Gove,rbor Tilden be
uee was so busy. This maa of
74 yours and nobody kniows how
1mny million, i-n lsis dev'ot.ion to haid
wor i is like aeferal .orher- o4d piew
or k millionamr'es. M oses 'Taylor is
ilways laboring. Vanderbilt, now 80,
s at his office daily anid is harder
ushed thn his clerks. William 13.
Astor, w.hio is over 80, att ends closely
:o the 'bustiess of his vast real es
:ates. George Law and Daniel Drew
ire each 76, but do niot abate a jot of
their active worvk. Peter Coope-r,
iged 81, is regularly . at his office in
the institute building. Edward
Mat.bews, who has reached 75, keep,
a close eye on hisi Wall istreet realty,
At 718 Charles O'Oonor hii still up, to
to his oars -in legal papers, though
hie avoids, whn ssbe attendance
upon the courts. So the .dem,nition
rarmd goes oni, lest rust and age should
sonspire to 'brent down the ma
A funny joke, and all the more
palamtable as its truth, can beo ouched
for, sa5ysa Newv Jersey paper, occur
rod at a, prondanent church .ir that
con had been very indurstrious it 'Al
ling a new church hock, costing 75u.
At the service in question the uninIs,
ter, just before dismissing the congre
gationi rose and said :,"All ye .960o
have chiildrenm to baptikd WllNid'ase
to presenit them nmbxt Sabbath." The
deacon, who by the wvay was a little
deaf, baving ian eye' bn selling 'the
books anid supposing the pastor waa
refermng to them, immediately jump,
ed up and shouted :'"All whc
haven't enni get as.mnany as you Waal
by calling on me, at 75 cents each.
An abortionist in New York re
cently killed an accomplished actres
in tihe practice of her profession upo:
Mrs. Anna J. Curtis. The murderes
is in the T'oonmbs.
W I L L I A 31 S & D A V I S.
74rme.-The JIERA,l'D il published Week
y in the Town of Winn"boro, at $3.00
P3 variably in advance.
qf&- All trmnsient advertisements to be
Obitoiary Notices and Tributes $1.00
per t quare.
Ten small hands iipon tle el rorad.
Five forms kneelitig beside the.led,
llua'-eyes, Black-eyes, Curlyheadi
Blonde, Brunette-lp a glee snd gl.o-q
Maiting the 1111gic word. 1u3th a row !
Seven years, six years, fiv,,, roor, two
Fifty fingers. .ll in a line,
Yours arethir.y, and twenty are mine,
Ten 8weet eyes that sparkle and bhine.
Motherly Mary, age of ten,
Evet the finger-tips again,
Ulance along in the line--tid tlenl.
'IIntra, mniura, entra corn,
A pp!e seed and apl,lerthorn,
Ware, Latir, limab-.-r lock,
Tlhree geese in a flock.
.Ruble, roble. llu).v and runt,
Y. 0. U. ' .
out !"
enier.ce falls on Curly-lead;
Oi'e wee digit is 1gie and dead,"
N:ne-and-torty lelL on the sprerd.
"Itra, mlintra," the at go.4s,
Who'll be taken nobody kuvws,
Only Uod mny the lot di.qpose.
Is it. maoro than a childish play ?
Still you sigh anti turn ttw;y,
Why Y What pain in the sigh I, I pray ?
Ai, too truo : ".e the fingers fall,
Oike by one lt t,he magio catl I,
Tall, at the last, chance reitahes al1.
"So in the i ltelti days I o co:no
The lot sil-Li fill in 1my a home
That breaks a he. t and fills a tomb
"4shall fall, and fall, and fall again,
Like a Law that eounts our love but vain,
Like a Fate, unheeding our woo anti pain.
"One by ane--and who shall say
Whether the lot m.y fu'l this .liy.
That calleth oue ufthose dear babes away 9'
'Ta uo, toe .t-ruo. Yet hold, dear friend
Evermore doth fte lot depend
On Ilim who-love-, and lued to the end
-,Blind to our eye.3, the fiat goes,
Who'll be taken, itno mortal kno ws,
But, onliy Love will the lot, dispose,
''Only love, with IHis wiser sight;
Love alone, in his inlinite might ;
Love, who dwells in eternal l.ght."
Now are the fifty fingers gone
To play some new play unler ihe sin
The ohildi h fancy is past and gono.
So let otir boding prophecies go
As childi6h, for do we ijo surely know
The dear GOl hol.leth our l. h ielow
A business crisis is reported in
Little Falls. A man recently passed
a counterfeit $.!0 bill there, got noar
'ly all the moiey in town in change,
and departed for parts unknown.
New York Commercial Advertiser:
"It is estimated that $98,000,000
Ire spent annually in the United I
States for repairing fences nlone.
TIhe good eld sent imnent, 'Millions for
de-fence,'.isn't acad yet."
"J. Gray-Pack my box with five
miarkaie about this sentanieo, only
that it is nearly as short as one can
be oo.iatructed, and yet conta'ins all,
the letters of the alphabet.
A WilHaimsl.urg, New York, mnan
awoke his wife the other night and,
in a startled tone of voice, informed
her that he had swallniwed a large
dose of strychnine. " W eli, you fool
said she, "lie stwlI, or ia may comec
An exolhango suggests that Colo
rado be called the Cenatennial St tt.
As the bill for its admission wvespass
ed at a time when there was much ado
about color, we shall cont.inue to call
it Colorado- St. Louis Globs.
Mr. White and Seat, got 78.1 votes
for 4.vernor of New Ilamnpshmire.
.Seat, is an inveterate coflicc-seeker
and as nearly omnipresent in politics
as .are the W ashlb uros.-BIioston
IhE WVAS 1'TM:RK-A lady wats tel
ling a frienad f rom the cou1ntry of a
very grand party she had givetn re
cently, "We had two generals, oneI
judge, a poplaltr aiuthor antd a play
writer.'''-Yes," chaimied in her
wicked son, "aitd there was a deputy
aeriff, too, who said he wanted to ace
dad, and dad hasn't got homz:e yet.
It seems that Theodore Tilton is ona
trial as well as HIenry Ward Bleecher.
rThe lawyers for the defense are trae
ing his life with the keenness of
badgers. In t)'e meanwhile the
anxiety which TIils.on and iBoecher
feel is telling on thoem physically.
Beoecher is getting thinmner and TVilton
mm gray er. As the trial-according to
gossip-will not cnd till abhoit the
middle of May, this five months' siege
of accusation atnd rebuttal, of' victory
an d defeat, will affect the manhood of
both parties, and icavceA the na
wrc "
An. A ififor-o - Was Earelul bi is Men
I dropped i-it the grocery store a
few nights ago and found old Crop,
pst i t1 feet-Onthe stove
to a oibe j" o friends. ie
sid i -VY9u-didn't know that I Ot
JuthN16r af o 'Wello sir, I had a
splendid company ; and I was the
most popular ciptain as ever went
from Sus.ex County. All the women
wanted their husbanas and 8os to go
with me. They knowod as I was a
strategist. I didn't skeet 'round af
~er igtitl.,n.1qnb wa reartz1t in,'
"i l egs,
fellers that could run. What was the
result ? WYhonever there was a fight
other companies would go in and
after a while conie out all out to
pisoos. But I pledge you my. word
of honor that I never got into a fight
all through the war that 4 didn't
ri' 9ut :ird knore uwan than
dI .o in I 4o'epg e b,in v1,IgV..
d10r:Genera, General I could have
doubled the army after a battle or
two."-Afax Adeler.
Eety oO qtolnember j Lorenzo Dow's
"4op-not come down ;" and tuany will
reemiber th6 !rbacher ,bo took for
his text, "I fear thee because thou
art an oysteranni" Luke, xix., 21.
Having himself been an oysterman,
he was able to illustrate and enforce
the text with wonderful power.
-:_Another favorite.text of Iii was
"The-double-minded man is unstable
r lhi.- ways." This, of courte
tart a:- lorao without a stable.
lie ~ear,pe to. the. elements, and
go-Ufiji'oomed, unfed qnd without
water. Whereas the stAbled liorse.
Smply plovided for. The one is
idan anwilk, the other is in full
flish'and 6 6icbadition. Perhap it
gaAvine who found so
mu e ui -and adionition in
yk "Tbat, Wou akest my - feet like
ben's f4et'fN was a beautiful pie.
ture he dtd ' fthe motherly otea.
tqdefaq!y' nfPdustrioaml 80ratch
I . grOA for the benc : of her
o spring.-& Bri6ner.
t fSiLrtagvea of the VImCs.
Thuilow We6d ''bays "thre are
10;000 New Yori lidies whose oos.
tUme., when in full dress, 0esk at
least $1,000 each. -Fiftecd yeaIs ago
the tamuo num'ber of fashionable la.
dies would have appeared adorned
qpite as attractively at an average
expense.- of $350. Ten thousand
children, under tn years of age, are
elaborately and fantastically arrayed
at an expense of from $100 to $150
each, while the obildven of woalth
citizens fifteen years ago were simply
but appropriately rtiired at an ex
pense of $20 to $25.
- ould*'t Do U.
- prisQper at the . Police Court.
called an acquaintance -the other day
to swear to hi4 general good reputa
tion, an.1 when the nan had taken
the stand ihe lawyer a.ked .:
"Aie you acquainted wit-h the
prisoner' reputation 1"'
"Yee, oir."
"A nd do you swear that it is
good 1"
"No, I can't,'' replied the man
after a moment's thought. "I won't
slwear,19 the reputation of any man
who sits in bis hiouiae and blows a
brass horn all day anid half the ight.
And lie stepiped down.-.Detroil
Free Press.
A Ocrmani lake anl its l?sh.
In8Smith's "WVonders" we read that
noure of' the curibisities of Germany
arc more surprising; thian the Lake
Cironits, in .Carnijo-l, and the maetha
od of taking its tish, Tihc lake is
four or five miles long, and two iles
broad. Tihe most woniderful circum
et inoe is its ebbing and flowing in
-dJune and Septeamber, whenu itruns off
through eighteens holes, whioh furum
as manny eddies or whirlpools. Nal -
vasor imentions a singular mnode of
eshinig in these holes, and says that
when 'the water has entirely run off
into its suibterranoan resorvoirs the
peasant ventures with a light into
that cavity, which runea inato a hard
rock thre' or four fathems under
ground, to a solid bottom whence'the
water running through atmall holes as
through a' sieve, the fish are left be-.
hidr'd siud caighn adit were, in a not
provided by natum e. On the flre ap
pearan.en of its ebbing, a bell is rung,
at Girenait, on whieh all the peasants
in the neighboring villages preparre
for .ishing in these obbings. An in
erediblenumber of pike, trout, eels,
troebc, perch, etc., are thtus canght.
Oine of the common practices, as mon
tionod by more than one old writer;
is to placo a board painted white
along the edge of the boat, which,
reflecting the moon's rays into, the
water, indueos the fish to sprng to
sprin6r toward'it, supposing it to be a
-moving sheet of water, when they fall
into the boat.
Barnum for Mayor ot Iridgeport
and old John R~obinson for Miavor of
Cincinnati. The elephant now goes
Civil Rigbt-)k
WASILNGTON, MaM- *18,14875.
Sir: I bave the pledduie toabknowl.
edge teceipt of yout'a lof ;the' 14tb,
containing eipressions of 'preoia
tion of my tfforts in behalf 'of the
Civil Rights bill. for' whill- We cept
my thanks. You fu ther wsk,
"Will you be-kind eviough,il infori
me It colored tmen art ehtitled to the
privilege of saloons aid biabei shops
under its provisions t
To ObiN I ans*or '.1' ahder4t*%d1 by
1s1aloons," you mih" drifibuig Ds..
loons, and I am happy to say that
the Civil Righti bill" does not sive
any right to a oolored-moan -to go
into a drinking "mnant''t-b*1 t the
fe'ophe p*.d'i-rtW,d 'p ery
glad that it does not. I am wil(ing
to concede, as a,friend.to the colored
man, that the white race may hqve
at least this one superlott p'rivilege
to the colored man, that 'they can
drink'in bar rooniatid -shloons, 'and
I shall never do rAything to interfere
with thq oxoroise ofC' that high and.
dibtinotive privilege. I would not
advooate a bill Which sAuld give
that right to the odlor4d tran. If I
were to vote. fr apy ll-o this sub
jeot at all. it *ouldt H4 'o" to keep
the colored man out of the drinking1
saloons; and I hope that no barkeep
or will ever let a colored man . have
a glass of liquor at any bar open for
dritiking. Iidecd, I should -be glad
whenever a colored man a .ould go
into a drinking saloon fir the pur
pose of drinking at'the bar if 'some.
body would at -once tuke him and p it
him out, .doing him as little injury as
posAible. Hie dould do the coloied
mnan no greater kindness.
rRiviC T OF ABtaR1 1;4 .81op.
As to the other' braboh of your
luestion, in reference to' barker.
sops, let vat say that the trade or 4
barbor is lik 4ny other t-ade, .to be
)ireied on by the man who is -engag.
Ad in at his own will and pleasure,
tnd the Civil Rights bill has not.)ihig
.o do, and was intended 'to 'have
iotbing to do, with its exercise. A
jarber haq a rightto shaive whom he
leases as much 'aSb ajeweller has a
right ro repair a w%tuh for whom he
ileases, or a blacksmith to shoe such
:Ulored horses as Ire pledses. In
)ther words, these art not public
imploymetits, but, private business,
n which the law does not inteifere.
From time immemorial all mancu
lave had equal right at the common
aw in places of public auueweants,
n publio conveyances and in inns or
icensed taverns, because all such
juAinems was for the public undeV
jeGial privileges granted by 'tleI
Ljoverninent. The theatre and like
publi anwusemen(s were licoosed by
lie publio authorities and protected
by the police. The public convey.
moces used the King's highway. Tie I
public ion had the special privilege
>f a lien or cL aim upon the baggage
>r other property of any traveler
ising it.f'or Ihis keep -; and if any
nun was refa4d, while behaving
rmlmself we4l ad paying his 'fate, a
'eat in any place of am usemnent-, or
arriage by public conveyance, or
shelter in a publio ins, hie had at
ommoh la;w'a right of action agaicat
~he party so refusinig, The Civil
llights bi-ll only confirms these righte
>f all citigens to the colored man in
3lonbidocrationi of the prqjudioe against
aim and an attempt in certain parts
if the countr'y to interfere with the
3(ercis.e of those -common law rights
and has enacted a penalty as a means
>f enforcing the right in his beball
n consideration of' his help)ess and
lependenit cndition, T1heo Civil
Ilights b~iI has not altered the coor
d inan's rights at all from what they
were before under the common law
ppli'aable to nearly every Btate in
he Union, It has only given hint a
~reattr power to enf.oe that 'righta
o met he xigncyofcombined
b,ill allows the coloredl man to f. rce
iimself into any mao's private houso
ar into any eating house, boarding
house or establishmenot other than,
those I have named, is simply an ex.
Iibition e ignorance as well as, in
somse cases, of insuffera ble prejudice
arid alignity. A ud while L woul-i
sustain any oulored mian in firmly and
properly insisting upon his rights
under thre Civil Bights bill, trich
Were his at common law, as ' they
were the right of every citizen, yet
i. shiotuld oppose to the utmost of 'my
power any attempt on the part of
the colored men to use the Civil
Ilghts bill as a pretense to Intoerfero
with private business of private par.
ties. It is beneath the dignity of
anj colored man so to do and alleots
such as shiatting him out frori drink
ing saloons, may be well loft to the
igniorant and generally vicious tuen
who keep them is a badge of their
superiority to the colored raOo. -
have the honor to he, &c.
IN Irrepressible P411y,
Wo have been trving to lose our
Gat. %#4 are somewhat foci of her,
but she had away of producing kit.
toee every few months in varioua por.
tions of the house that was. very di;
greeable ; and on the evenings when
her maternal duties were not urgent
h'e u.ed to mount the back lence and
spat, and fight, and y-Ol with a
screech like a fog whistle. So she
becme. a nuisance, and we deter.
mined to lose her.. I had a grudge
againts my wife's aunt, and the first
time she came to visit us I gave the
oat to . bar, and she took it up to
PhiLdalphia dAbout thirty mi.es) in
P basket. There was only one oat
vhen 'ny aunt started, but when she
got home thei e were six. The cat
bad kittened in the basket on the
way up. A I believe the oat would
have bad kittens on the top of the
Baptiat Churei steeple if she could
have got there. We had peace
arodud the house for a couple of
nightsi but on the third night we
were.startled by a seream from the
bacl yard liko the yell of a Coian.
ohe Indian with the detrum tremens.
I looked out at the window and ob.
ierved the oat enlarged in -in excited
argament with another oat on the
amoke house roof. She had coni
baok. The next day I trAded her off
ror a buob of beets to a farmer from
3ver the river in New Jersey, and he
book her home. I knew then that we
4ad. lost her inalty, and as night af.
bor. night went b) without noise, we
relt glad that she was lost for good.
A. few months afterward, as I was
going tip to bed, I ,:iw a wet
ku-l dragged animal in the halL
Upon close inseotjon I found that it
Oas our oat. She had swam the river
and oo.me; and she had just bad kit.
ens on the front staira. The farmer
inbsequently made me pay him four
prices for the beets. Thut evening
Phe resumed her vocaliz.tion on the
)a4.fevce, rad f.rom the vigor sbe
lisplayed jdge she was trying to
)onverse with aiaother cat on the Oth
ir side of the riverb two miles distant.
Phe. next day I iej a brick to.. her
ieck and ohuoed her iatgth. #repm,
r.yo hours a(tqrwars she vaq in the
7ard again; damp, 'and with a cord in
aer 4ega, bUnt &till inclined,to be
loiiable witt the other oats, and still
able to work off a shriek that w.sked
0l the babies in the neighborhood.
&s bhe didn't seem inclined Lte stay
oAt, I took her out next morning and
uitched her with a rope behind the
aear cur of the express train, and in
a few moments she was proceeding up
;he track with frightful velocity,
Asawing, and spitting and holleaiig
is nhe went along. That afternoon I
lrowned the ki(tens, and just as they
>reathed their last, the brakeman oi
he railroad called and said somebody
i d fastened my cat to his train, but
ie had resdued her and brought her
Vack, for which 't-ervico he wan-tod
wo dollar,. She seemed to have an
inconquerable ind isposition to remain
oat. 8be was set much out of repair.
Pot of her legs was broken, but her
oice was sound, and while corn.
nauning with another ciat that evening,
li4 emitted one wild shriek, wbh
brought iJooley over to may houise
vith his gun to scertain who it was
hat oried "Murder !"
A few days aifterward she had kit.
ens again on the parlor sofa, and
hat night I hitched her to a couplI,e(
k3rockqt. I had bought and touched
hem off. She whised fur a while
round among the stars, aud l thought
. raw the ospse fall ever toward
bVilmington ; biut the next evening,
rhile coming home from church, I
aw some cats holding a synod ini :hie
rent yard. One of them was our cat,
inged, and little discouraged, but
till capable of drowning out all the
ther cats in a chorus. She still re.
nained untost,.
The following morning I earried
oer oat to Keyser'. farm and ran her
brough the thraah ng machine, and
he eame out a mass of pulp and fur.
Phen we burled her. B3ut I don't
eel perfectly certain about her yet.
shouldn't he much surprised if she
rould come together ag,in, resrurst
nid come home% to have some amore
~itted1a and a few fresh yewls oc the
nmumit of that fOnce. If shi d ies II
mif going to move to Kanmas.
Wealth and insanhity.
Mr &nthoey Compton,~ of New
fork, who is only g6 years of age,
and is worth $,000>060> has been
adjuadged Insane and placed in the
Bloomingdale Asylum. Hie has
aonceived the Idea that hhi wife,
brot'et.abd etket reltves ar recon.:
ijring to ruin him, and his aim 'was
to away from them, is gMdmoth
sr, well advaneed in yearey will
leave $2,000,006 between Mr. Comp
ton 'and.- hi. brother, and this he
thinks they are trying to-do him out
After traiting foor year., a IMici.
gan lover Anally popped the qnoe ion,
and the girl answered, "Of ourse I'll
have you. W hy, you old fool you,
we could have hoon muarriod,th+c.
M1orllIy of the Races,
Some Limo ago uentio) w4s made
of the remarkable mortality 4mong
the colored p(cplo of Charleston,
as oompared with the mortality
among the i% hites, the basis used for
the comparison being weelly returns
covering less than a month, Still
more stiiliog results are presented
by the health offi6er of Cborl.ston in
the returns for the year, The death
of whites dVring tijo year nutobered
718 j colored 1,230. The estimated
white population is 24,000. Th:Lt of
the colored is 26,000. Thus the
r.%tio of deaths is ("e for every 33
whitep, and one for every 21 colored.
The health officer says in his report
that "Previous to the war consump
tion among the colored was of rare
occurrence, and then only among the
well marked scrofulous diathesis of
the African descendant." The in
crease of the diaea.e is ascribed to
exposure, dissipation, - want cl pro
per nutrition, clothing and bedding,
and the health oficer says that the
only hope of saviug the raee (row,
the fate of the American Indians is ii
securirg to them moral, religious and
i adustrial education. That this fear
of their dying out in tuat locality is
not an idle one is shown not only by
the general death rate of the race,
but particularly by the death rate
aiong children under five years of
age. The proportion of oolored still
born to whites was Ist as 6 to I ; the
proportion of deaths under five years
was 2 to 1, and this in a communtity
almost equally divided by two taces.
-Carpetbagism and Congreasional Jeg.
islation of the sort fashionable with
the dominant party for the South
will never better, but add to this
deplorable condition-of the colored
The Hon. Alexander II. Stephens
Las been giving a guarded express
ion of his views on political questions
to a correspondent of the Louisville
Courier-Journal. He insisted that
Presdont Grant was not the mortal
enemy of the South, and that he
d-eserved a great deal of gratitud.o
for vetoiiig the' bounty' bill. A!,out
the t,kird terni scheie i .w -a ileut
and on his Louislaar. vote, which has
made him so unpopular, in Georgia,
he appea-rs to have wade no remarks.
En a space of ten years not les
than.2,000,000 of Brit.>h subjects
$have left their native land. Soie
went to Australia, some to Canada,
and more came to the United States.
Until lately the Irish emigrants were
in excess of the English aud Scotoh.
Since 1869, hosvevcr, the -repective
ratios are reversed. During that
year Great 1Iritain sent forth 18,000
iore emigrants than Ireland; and
iu 1872 this excess was even more
President Grant and Attorney
General Williams are troubled to
know what they shall do with an
Indian who kills another, as the In.
dians are not subject to our law.
The truoulent Now York Herald
suggests that when they Catch an
[ndian who has undoubtedly killed
another Indian, the true couise is
to give h-im a new gun and five dol
Deoar Brother Beeeher says In woe
of his lectures: "We all agree that
a man should not lie for nothing..''
Then Brother IBeecher -ahoald no
longor lie for his reputmt.ion a. a
man of virtue, for to everybody out
side of Plymouth church it would
look deucedly-liko lying for nothing.
The New Y ork Times says i't is rew
ported on ai pairenthy good authbority,
and the asertion~ is iitrinslonlly
probable, that the Hion. Gilbert t0.
WValkcer, of V irg uia, wvill introduce
at the next session of Conagress, a bill
for th.e assumptioin by the 'national
government of all the State debts.
A pttiioni b.earing 3,000 signa
tures has been piresented to the Mas.
achusetts Legislature, asking the
incorporation of the floston an-d
tCh'eago Railiroad Transportation
Coempany, intended to be a grand
fre ight line to the WVest and South,
and involving -a capital of $3<1,000,
Temost artless fashion editotr y*a
heard fronm, is the young persion 'who
closed her remarkts, one fluy, by say
ing she didn't know any uioire tens
but was going t9 -churebi th'e next
day> and woidd learu -soetething.
If Mr. ffohn Rtobins~on', the great
cirous mnan is elected Mayor of Clin
cimlAti, for which <:hce tho is nomii
nat-od, wont 'there 'be dlanger of' the
existencee of thec ring syetohh in his
adininistration :?
A compositor out Wet, the other
day turned out an account o f a wed.
ding headed,"Making of' Saunr Kramut,"
w'eer it should hsvo been "Martiri.uge
of Glen. Kaut z. W~hen the editi,r
saw the airti,lo he burat-a patenat
swear gauge. ~
"'Sally, what time do yourfok
dine ?" "Soon, as youi go awi.
Oreeted with Lad News,
Aqiongst tho Orriv4l6 in New York
on Monday from Europe was Vape
tain James Mitebel, moll of the late
John 511tohol, the Irish patriot, lie
was gretly shocked on lapg to
bear of his father's doatly, whoin lie
had only recantly left, witljou the
slightest anticipation Qu suph . a
event happening.
Vast quantities Qf prQpert-y are
being destroyed by tho war in C11bm.
In Trinidad twelve estates, podua.
ino over eight hundrod tnousand
hogshead of suga*have been burned,
and in villa Clara and Cionfuegos
wore than forty tbousand bog8heade
of the sane commodity h4ve beenlost
by iWroads of tho p troits. To tlie
d,struction of property must be ad,
ded that in Sagua la Gra4de, consist
ing of twenty-seven large sugwr
estates, rand also the sugar ware,
houses at Sierra Morena and Cara,
butas, numbering over si4ty vast
61ructures, well filled with sugar
waiting for transmission, to 1jaVa.AQ
and other ports.
Some Boston croaker has made the
following ealculation of the cost' of
tile- St. Patrick celebration in that
city : "N umber of inen, 10,0001 ex.
pense per man, $5, $50,000 ; lost
time, $20,000 ; thirty hands at $1009
$3.000.; persons who loso a day to
see the procession, costing them $50,.
000 ; total, $123,000. This sum
would transport 1,000 families west
of the lisaissippi and present to
each head of a family l'0 acres of
.The Petersburg News says: Graham
has been expelled from the Senate of
Virginia because he was partices
crm&nis to the Stowell cadetship
swindle, while Stowell eseaped ex.
pulsion from Congress for being a
party to the transaction. This shows
that the Senate of Virginia has a
muchfiner sense of hooor about the
Dharaoter and conduct of its members
thaxk the House of Representatives
Cira Morris played "Blanche" it
San Francisco, and the usual arrange.
ments were made to throw a greent
light on her face in the realistio death
scene. Through clumsiness, the sickly
huo was imparted tn about half of
the stage, including the other players,
giving an idea that the dose of pison
had been taken all round. 8he saw
the blunder, and, died as abruptly as
A gentleman playing whist with
an intimate friend, who seemed,; as
far as hands were concerned, to hold
the Molammedan doetrine-of ablution
in supreme contempt, said t.o him
with a ountenance more in Per-row
than anger, "ily deaT fellow, if d'rt
were trumps, what a hand you would
have ,"
Englishmen pronounce the Besso.
mer ship a atocesi, and they se -*on..
fident that they have at last got %
ship which for steadiness, amiplitude
of room, comfort and speed, as far
beyond all t/be dre'a masthey -have .yet
had of a comfortable passage across
the Straits of Ds.ver "when.'the stormy
winds do blow."
W ash ington dispatches 'inti mat e
that there will be trouble iji 4tie Kel
logg 4legislaiture, when -the tirae'ces
to vacate the seats wrong'Iuly obtain
42. Trhis isecorroborative of the views
expressed by the clored mtagnites
who recently visited Washington city.
They delared that -farce would have
to be used to ca-rry out -the compru
The - pro,portioni of theo married
amnorg the uisone is smaller than that
of thre unma-rried." Undo4btedly.
A il who has to scratch arnn:d and
zmake a living for his wife and eleven
ohildren couldn't be insane if he
wanted to be. He hasn't the time.
Courier..jur na.
Twelve persona stopped at a hotel
over ntight. 'On asking their bill the
next inori-vng, the:y found it to ho
$12 Thme old mien paid $4 each,the
old women $2 etrch, the young men
50 'oents each, ti6 .young women . 25
eents each. H4ow many of each was
in 'no crowd i
foeve> a inan may be pardoned for
mem.rking'"WVhih 1" It Is when he
has)just u'oad, from Harriet lProeott
Spofford : "There are someme
i,orn 'Co rul with a haughty, naroless
iMeiss, and others bor to di4t or
theoil with stern and doggedqdeotion.
- our ierJou~-rnal,
A Baltimore young wonEn~ akated
herself through the ice ;but,as the
water was only four feet deep and
shte wits five feet long, she stood up
and informed a youpg mn of what
had happened, and be courageously
passed her a board.
Bostoni is organizag an ortho
gra.ph ieal touramn ii( t btweenri tifity
itn'jwpaer 1lweN (l oipi sidit rtnd tifty
ad vanmct( ed cholairs from theo pubbeIt
'h'iao the tothne. lIq Th e .. ;... .

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