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Notice-J. Groeschel.
Millincry-J. H. Brown.
Spring Goods-). Ltuderdale.
Something Niw-S. F. Cooper.
New Dry Goods -Dunicaberg &
Notice of land.redemption-W. P.
Pea,e, Auditor.
And still it rains.
The meeting Thur'aay night was
large aid enthu1s'a 1'e.
Several buildings are gaing up in
town. Also a good .n iny stores are
being overhauled. This looks like
The Council have rep-ire I several
bad place. on Gully street, for which
the cItizens living thereon are greatly
Plant Corn.
There is a positive dearth of locals
Tho streets are becoming n.oro
Pubfi sh lin Yinasoro are
Ye: etday waa a l>eautiful spring
Sualo inprovemouts are going on in
W inusboro.
Now that Lent is euded, let us have
some febtivities.
Mr. JoJh1 Stitt, au old citizou of
Fairfield, died on Tuesday night.
The usual overplus of rchool cortif
cates this )ear in spite of the vigi
lance of the officials. .
Smokers wishiiug a good, long puff
for 10 cents can be accommodated
at the Morning Star Saloon.
Mr. Dolily t the old Ptunt of J11o
1). MoCarley bas received a large
quantity of number one bologna
sausage. Call on bim and getsome.
Sheriff *Duvall being absent on
Salesday, Coroner S. W. Ruff took
churge of ihe Sheriff's office and con
ducted the sales.
Jas. .R. Aihen Esq., and Capt. W.
D. Aiken left WV innsboro for New
York on F.iday. The Captain is on
matrimonial thoughts intent.
Ridgeway orange is one of the
most prosperous in the state. Seve
ral hundred dollars of supplies have
been just received by its members.
Messrs. W. R. D>,ty & Co., have
received another batch of fine Ken
tucky mules ; give them a call.
F"reightsa are so heavy on the
C. 0. & A. R. R.., that it takes two
engines to one train, one to .puil red
the other to push.
M~es..,rs.. McCants & Douglas, ad ver
tise a pianmofor eale. This is a very
tine instrument, possessinIg a rich,'full
tone and is a- most new,
Mr. W. M, Hardin has returned
from a several montlas sojourn in t04
land of flowers. Florida agrees with
We are inifornmed that extra trains
will be run over the C. 0. & A. R. R.
during the Mecklenburg Centennial,
and all persona visiting Charlotte on
that occasion will be passed over the
road for one fare.
D)eputy Sheriff Keller informs us
that Shieriff D)uvall has been hoard
from, Hie is somewhere in Georgia
uinder medical treuatment, and will
put in an appenrance in about two
we eks.
Judge Mackey haus issned an order
to Coroner Ruff to take charge of the
Sheriff's uffice. This order will be
held in obeyance a fetv days to give
Sheriff Dunvall n chanace to retuarn and
resume his duties.
Johni Green was again before the
Mayor Tuesday evening for not comn.
plying with his, John's, propositi.
tion. His Honor, afier some good
advice to John sentenced hImt to
work on the street for fifteen days.
Col. D. WVyatt Aiken, Master of
the State Grange will address the
granges of Fairfield County soume
time during the first week In May.
lotton on one-fourth of an are, a
Mar Za-tux Chairn.
Order for General Meeting <
In the Ditiot.Crt of the Onited SI,t,
for the Western District of South Car
In the matter of Charles In
Cal heart." Binkidot. Bmukruptcy
OTICE is.htrqby gtve.n that a gene
,4jhe(i1,g of the creditors of sa
akrut. wili be held at the offico of tj
U0). W. I. Clawaon, legiser in Ban1
ruptoy, in Yorkville, South Carolina,
said district pn 'Cho 9th day of Aprl
Anno D.inli or.o thousand eight .huirr
and seventy fi4g, for the priposes pa,.
in.i'ho I wenty-acviih section of the Pan!
ruit of M aroh"2, 1867.
84MI'L. '3. CLOWNEY,
Ansignee of Usst. of Charles Cathcart,
nar ;8-Jaw2w AankruF
Percales a n d Poplin!
Checkeod and Stiliped .Nainsooks,
Swiss- Muslins, Victoria I,aoe
8tripe, 13oonde -Ouieure
Lsadles and
april 6
$5Per Day atbe
2O Ter ms free. A ddr
?ortlatna, Maine. A..tnoi&
A LL parties indebted to the Morni
Star Satoon who laws not, setti
their account's up to April 1st, will be
fused credit hereafter.
' J. 6ROBSC0H E,,
anell etiJ'r Prle s.r
Time and place will be more partiou
larlyipeoified hereafter.
T'e t VLa lttie o oM
dist Church is still going on, and
large number of _oloe Rersons bay
connected th6ilelvos- with thi
The Citisens Coroet Band, of thi
place 01il 'cOlPaOy the*l1'elt
Fire Engine Company to the Meck.
lenburg Centennial, and we predict
that it will be one among the beat
amateur bands that will. visit Char.
lotte on tha't Jo6nsio). 4
We are gav to be able to state
that the Fair6eld tirengi,n'cu..
puny have accepted the invitation
extended to them by the (farlOtte
Fire depart ment, to be. .preset.,at
the Centennial edlebration whidb
takes place in that -cityou lo 26th
of May next.
Mr. Isaiah T. Gladdee Ias present.
ed us with some of the "Ntrly Rose'
corn. This corn has achieved quite
a local reputatiop, as .being the
earliest variety of largo corn. Mr.
Gladden will supply parties with
We have received the April num
ber of the Southern Cultivator, puL.
li-hed at Athens, Ga. The Cultiun.
tor is one of the bObt 'agrioultural
journals published in the South, and
should be in overy household. Sub.
scription price only $2 a year.
At a meeting of the citizofis- of
Win.nsboro hield in the'town hall ou
Thursday night the old Council wat
unanim6usly re-nominated to serve
for the esuing year. This is' quit(
a cooapliment to these gentlemen
and we underjstpnthey haie ac9pt.
cd the action of.-the- nieetint.
A t the EAster cleuetunJo,. Job'f
Hpi,;eopal Church, Winnsboro,. the
following efficers 1vere elected :
Wardens, W. M. JIOILht and DuB.
Egleston. Vebtryien, I. A. Gail
lard, P. Bacot, R. It. Clarksqp, T. R.
Roberikon, A. McKenzie. Two ad.
ditional vestrymen will be elected for
St. Stephen's Paribh, Ridgeway.
It was decided not to call a rector
at present.
Charles Strother and John Le;
Queuex, both colored, got into a diffi.
oulty*Saturday night KA %rbMts
Hall. Strother was stabbed three
times by LeQneuez. The wounds
though p-ainful are pot dangerout
Barber's ranche is booot-ing fatis
for rows and 'ihouldbe looked"a'fter
by our vigilant (?) police.
We heard ono of the firm. of
Street, Walker & Co., say yesteiday
morning that the Council aught to
pass a law. requirit'g *agons after
load ing with guano,ito move immedi
ately out of town. We agree with
him heartily, f.r we. all know very
well that the'large ritim:b'dr of wagohs
daily standing in our Streets load
ed with phbosphatis is very offentsive.
The April number of the Rural
Carolinian.is at haui, with a table
of conterits vecry iniviting to all who
would aid in the great work of im
proving the agricultural system of
the South, and thu& contributing. to
the p.ublic wealth and prosperity.
Every farmer should *shbscribe for
this valuable magazine. W~alkor,
.Ivans & Cog4wel,pblses
Charleston S. C.h,pulhes
We regret to have to chronicle
the departvre from our toewn of ourold
friend Mr. E. C. McLaughlin. Mr.
MeL. has been' A ong us for the
past four years, anid we have always
found him p perfet, ~entlemwan, and
we Nerdhily recommued&im. io the
citizens of Spar-tanburg (where he
intends remaining) es such. In
bidding our old ,''tar heel' friend
adieu we wish him success,
Thp following dispatch was ,reeai'
ed by Chi1ef of I01lico Murphiyn Bun
day night.
UNION S. 0. A pril, 4th, 18'/5.
To Chuf P'olig, Tlinnb6 oro S. ci
Rev. Mir. Miller mnurJered and ro,b
ed in this county yesterday. Mur
darer supposed to be a copper oolor
edl negro about fiye feet eight or nind
inehcs huigh, had on when last seen a
brov'n slouch hat, brown sack coat,
and wears about niumber nine shoes,
heft one run down at heol, wvelglis
about 175 pounds, and. supposed to
be mnaking hbf' way to -Chester,
Winnsboro, Nowherry or Columbia.
Robbed M r. Miller t.f new black sack
overcoast, with cape or tal ma, black
felt hat and silver watch, with dog
engraved on case. Overcoath
when stoleni a bluegeli yndpgi
ar-In. Arcrest hium.if posiolc. lf
Sheriff Union Cottnty..
Mr. J. C0 Feadet calls" our ntten
Lion to an article is.1 t.-lAral Caro
linian of 1874, -page ~2, entitled
"Model Farming in teUp.Co4uiry,"
in which it is assorted 4that Z. Powers
made one IAhousand p>oundsa of Une
D Somthia NewVr
bo aI o t stna I I n
Wininstoro liotel, 1 oPeq 6gaia with a
well selected stock of the verj beat Wines
antd liquotatht cn bdadd. Inteud to
merit the paironage of the public by
keeping Arst -class goods, and giving my
cust omers what ,th-y call for at lowe.t
N. C. Corn WhI-ske and Brandy
A Specialty.
as I have an advanta e in -procuring
the Lest at thw'lowest priced. '
Don't fail ta give me a call and satisfy
your*elf of the above facts.
8. F. COOPE R.
-april l--8mos
Executor' Sale.
-B Y vihtue or authority contained in the
Will of Abram F. Ltipkin. (Is.
ceased, we will sell at public sualon. for
cath. on Friday. the 16th day of April
ntit, at the 13oulware place abont sIxty
bushels cotton seel, an anvil, a Tie and
a lot of old iron, and at the hotoo, place, on I
the following day, about seventy bushels
of cott on meed, a portable grist mill, a lot
of old iron, about three hundred bushels
of corn, a lot of fodder and other articles.
Sale to commence at 10 A. x
inai 8l-x2tt
Western Disttlet of 8out 'Carolina --8.,
at SpirlatibUt-g the 11th day of Mareh,
A. D. 1876,
r IlE under-igied hereby gives votice
of his rplointment as Assignee of
of J. P. Elklits, of AlatOU, in the county of
Fairfield and Stato of South oarollna.
within said District who has been ad
jndged a Bankrupt upon his own petition
by the Distriat Cout of said Distr'et.
J. 1. H. THON 8 1N,
march 17 .x8 Assignee.
Administrator's Sale.
W ILL be sold on tho 19th day of
April next, at the house of John
F. Canmeron, late of Fairdeld County, de.
ceased, the personal property belonging
- to skid sstute Terms cash.
Admu'r. with t Ill aunqxed.
- Col. F. J.Cameron is authorized io sell
the above property. All persons having
claims again I said edtate will present
the same properly attested, and all per
sona due said eetate will make payment to
me in Columbia, 8. G.. 'em r before the
r 1st day of mWiry net.
IC U A'4n1r, ith 111 annexed.
C'tun'a. S. 0., Mlarob 8th, 1876.
n march 24-ig
--AND 10
'OTS,ana 8I$0ES., entle'men'saiW
ems', 83awli, Corsets n nd Rib'botns, Oleat'h.
ed, 13, own and Plaid llomespmuns, Oaii.
coes, spool g.ot.Ion, Linen Da~muaks ana
Flanft el., Silk flo#a*for.Ladies, ntew style
.Jet N ecklaces, . eal'! Sleeve Buttons,
Plated 8hjt Stedu, .Iniial lanidker'
Linen at4 Ret4t is ne* styl
Nutblas, I3aoD'as tto'ns, lacsk
Silk Felts.AA a6asoritemt of Towels
Full assor-trsest't0 recery' anid Gilass
w'ire. Fassey China Coips awd 8aaroers
and Cl'ina iegis.
Blaek *Mpaesad . ebeas of
choice make. Wst I~~uo
eN.t .vatl Skirts and Plaid tinaseys.
Many1 ( these ar,tloles are diinbatbe for
and will be sol .t
Withers & Dwight,
dew 1.
Notice of Land1 1tedehaptiol.
Fairelid Couant.y, AprIl 6th, 1876.
N1OT. c~hcah,y iye:m to J. 1).
4S' 'is a4g'm;that
pa e Itedhe'onny
~~s% ~ R Mf~ ounsy e*t the re,
o(9) acres of
0e land ihow solth~.9$ d as tire prop.
Ott erty of she '~I of Robert law-.
0. (borne, .dttee4' fdr, ptxes, and,bought
by the said J. b.1)0 oCrey, March the 8th
A, P. 1876.
W,B. PEAlti,
, april 6 Auditor Fairfteld County.
Tislhi Jet.ihee.
e' .WINNBORO, *. O&
W All,busiee entruattet to hita will
Special Notices.
AUP.Rtoaae at a Nation of DyspeptIcs.
We live fast, dissipate and Oil early
graves. We drink all kinds of alcoholic
pirlts, and swallow, without mas Ication,
Vkk, grease and every kind of lifo.de
01royiujg, A64m-leVIg, indige1tble
foed. Dr. Wlkere rgetable Vinegar
I3ters will rtnove the evil effects, "nIIn
te rebovered patient, with pure, vitalized
elect ricai blood G.,wing through his veis
will have a ofrater b2ad and a cooler
jidgemat, which 4ddd to exptrience, will
taupe-itvt to absain in the future.
How 4o 111sToUR TI11 Paos,uTY or
TuN 8TATK.-feep )o0Vr money at home.
Do 'tiot i'end away for aiyth11g which you
can obtain as will ,,ere as elsewhere. We
do not advocnae plying $5 ftr that wkich
you can buy abrond for even $4 90. tur.
when you rat bty your Olatok Roo4 of
the host grade. at prices as low aH New
York. then, scd to %'alker, Evats &
Cogswell, Chat lesion 8, C.. and purchase
what you need. All their 1iank hook - nre
made in Charleston, and your eoomrage.
ment will sustain a worthy maun faturitig
Dr. J. Walker's Calfornia 11n
egar Bitters are a purely Vogotable
pireparation, made chiefly from It na
tivo herbs found on the lower ranges of
the Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor
nia, the Inedicinal propertIes of which
are extractod'therorom without the uso
of Aloohol. . The question Is almost
daily askedi "What la the cause of the
unparalleled anocess of VzxzGAR BIT
TaMs1" Our answer is, that they romove
the cause of disease, and the patient re
covers his health. They are the great
blood purifier and a life-giving principle,
a porfoct Renovator and Invigorator
of the system. ,.Never before in the
history of the world has a niedioine ben
compounded possessing the romarkable
dualities of VIxboAa ITTB In healing the
siek of every disease man is heir to. They
are a gentle Purgative as well as a Tonio,
relioving Congestion or Inflammation of
the Liver and Vistoral Organs, in Bilious
The properties of DR. WALKER'S
VY1oAa DITTURs are Aperient, Diaphorotic,
Carnanacire, Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretie,
Sedafire, Counter-Irritaut, Sudorific, Altera.
tres ai Am-iUlIous.
it. n. MCDONALD I Co..
gLtsan k A4gti. u aioio. Call(rni.,
andcar e whig6ad n koten Ms... X. Y.
Sold by &U DUgt&U end Daesa.
W..'Doty& Co.
3is Doors West of Post Offico
PRO VlI015S,
HAY &c.
diiTA 33L '..'J!
Where wve constantly keep on
hand a fully supply ofgood
1Zosses a Milen,
No. I, t250 -; 'No. 2,$87.00
No. '8, $42.00.
in,thle Carlinas c'An testify to its'merits
It, will do the biAn'. worli aWul onl'y costs
4n.-half of Ue 'mo'ne'y Ithat yo'u, :would
have to pay for ens or the 8'O-CALLED)
first..elass macohines.
. Fr eiojuolar, sauspr6s '6f treek, Needler
Thread and Oil, caw oh
A. 4., OIf0A R ,
A gt. i'ol W'ai'rfi4 Con a's3 i4, 'U.
Ike i6 agent foa 'he eelabuited Ligha
Running h1ome Miashilib.
D. . AkWELL Charlate N. 0.
Geu.A Aj. for K. C., 5. ha na., and Via.
The 14ymiptomls t t.iver ompnilainit ti-e u 11
tle p-tin is inl the Wiouldelur, nad is mistal
ud with tie ioss or appetite an.i sikn,e,
terating wiit lai, The liea I is tr. ibled v
widerable lo<t of manm wy, acco-panie wi
sonething wit ch ought. to have been done
and low apirlis. son'ilnes niany of Lite
wory few of theu ; but the liver Is generna
Is warrant.ed tit 4-o contnalin a sing1k
pni-ticle of Mercury, Cr 4anly i:jQuriouf
mineral substance, but Is
containing thoseSoutlherv roots nnd Hlerbs
witloh Fit nllwire Povidence haw placed
in countries where Liver Dimoms mot
prevail. It will cure al4 iemse ciaused
11y derting mte..is of the Livvr and Bew
Simmons Liver Regnutcr, or Medioans
li iilineintly a faility medicilne, and by
b) in kept ready for itmiatiile resort will
save inany an hione oflutfferiig and naNy
a dollar in tite ial docim-ii' bills
\fier over Porty Yeat- trihal it is still
receiving the mno:.t. unttahiites lti,
monials toits virlums from pers.ms or th c
highest character andI responsiboiliAy.
Liment physicians commenid it as tM
Effectual Specific
for c )sumpti n, lendache. Pain in the
shoulders. Izzin-sq, Sout' Slotmeish, lad
tasme i'.s tle motI!, hill onsuciacks, P'ail.
pitittion of lite llearl, Pain in the rugions
Df lie U idineys, despondency, gloom and
ate'bodings of evil, till of whiit -are tile
AffNpring ofa diseased Liver.
. For Dyspesia or Indigestioa.
Armed v it It his at,tidofe a elolimat Ites and
Ahahlges of wa(er ana food may be faced
without fear. A's a Iteniely In 'MalaYVions
Fovers, Howel 'Compalintis, restlessneas.
laundice, N.cueci-,
t iN '1he chenpe.t, pur"t ntid the best.
Family Medicine in the world I
Iny na powdersor Prep-tred intmons JAver
thgtnia'tntless in ottr engraved wrap
>o wtht trade mark, stamp aid signt ture
ubrokon. None other is gettino.
Maca, oa., and Philadelphia,
81111imo114 Liva Regulator.
~or aH diseases of'(he Liver, Stomach anui
ARl.eena. As a remedy in
4ala'rio's Fever's. Howirl ComainaltIs,
DysapepsawI, letnt 'Dep'retssion IR eit
lexsness, .Jauienic', 'Nausen.-'Siok
'tiona and tillionisuess.
I great
)emnids a
All the B'es (Good
All the B st my es
All the Best aLternls,
Afl tA c Bes G aiters
All t'ne Best Busineit
All the Best Booa
A ll the Su'hstanti
NC'JUl)I-N( T 'H
Pa klages of NEW VNACK0OIIE.
it 13,jrria.la,tf. anti cjtartnor liar
reis, K(it4t 1, 2, 3-, and eZti'a n'Gov
heor 1, MIESS
328 Sy.eks of fresh1 ground F~L'.)URl
nll sizes and grades from thu
Granito Millk Augustta Ga,
A fell sto'ek of Gro'eems, Provisioni
and Plsantation, 8uppuies, ci
of which will be told at tita
lowebt pr'i'es for O'AS II.
oet 29
TBEA'TrV it. & uN.
Vo ago
1e11i, en-le 44 n I i il l th i , l.ot n1 ins es
en for rhotmiiatism, The tmiac% i are .t.
. bowels in general cailve, momekti-ini ul.
ritih paii, an-1 dull, heavV i,nstions o0a.
,h paaful sonsuion or haviig e.t in 1114
. Often complaining of weikness, debility
abnve atlend the dlsease and at other tinev
liy 4he organ mVost involvPd.
"I h ve nevir seen or tried such a
simple effliaciQus. satisfaotory and pleas.
an. remnoly In my life."-II. litines, St.
Hon. Alex. 'R Stephens.
"I occasi'mally use, when my condition
requireq it. lr. Siinmns' Liver ieguba
l-or with good etffot."---ion. Alex. .4d.
90vo0T110r of Alabama'
-Your Rlegidator i?ts beent in use in my
family f140r some ltme, 11 It in purlsuaded
it im a valuble additiou to thin medica(
science "- Q ov. 1. Gill 8-iorter, Ala.
''I hnive uied the l4egulmor iii my fawi
ly fr lthe past seventeen years. I catt
safely recommend it. to ie world as tie
bw<t mediciine I have ever used for that
c'nss ol diseNtCa it purports to cure."
Il. F. Thigpen.
Presidont City Bank.
"Simmoni' Liver Iegilator lang proved
a gal and eflicacious uc.dicine."-U. A.
"We have beetn acqaminted with Dr.
Si1 mons' Liver Medio no for more IRan
twenty yeas', And know it to be the best
Liver ltvfguiliator offered to tie ptiblic."
M. It. Lvn And 11. L. 1,yon, lellerontaine.,
"1I wait cured by Sinmots' Liver Itega.
laior, artert having stuttred seveial yeara
wiih Chills ani Fever-"Rt. F. Anilersop.
The Jlorgm.
"1 H%ve beAn a dyspetic for years.; be
gain tI he Regulator t wo yea's ago ; it has
adetd like a ohain in my oaso."-Rev J.
.. -ilol es.
Laia nioraement.
1AI have given your mnedicio a
thorongh i-rial, and in no cise has it failed
'to give satisfaction.''-Islien Meacham,
Chatthooelhee, Pln.
6he'if P b County.
if have usied your Rgitla or with itero
cessill 0'ect in Bib'iims Colio and I)ys
popsia. It 4H an e'xcelelnt. retledy aid
certaioly a pubio bleatsitng."-C. Master%
r?m, ibb Count Got.
iy Wifo
"My wife a'nd self have used ilie Regft.
lator tor yetra, and testiwy to Its greM
Viet-ues "--ev- . Folder, Perry Ga.
"4 think 3immions Liver Rogliator e
of tIme best. me10ditinoi evor maue for the
Liver. My wife and ainny other, hrve
usel it with wondie ful efcot."- . ,
Spti.rku, Albany, Ga.
M D.
"1 have used the tegieAor in my tani
'ly, alto in moy reguslar' rwaetice, andi ha'e
tour,d it ta mist valuable rand atis'fact ory
tmetdieno, anti belIeve if' it was 'used by
the profession it 'onlsd be r i se'rv oo in
very matny cases, I know very much of
-ts cmntnnt pats, and c ertify Its 'nedia
cinal qmalit iet are perfectly harmtless,"
II. II. Origg4, M. 1)., Maona, Gh.
EU in ootat& 1%oGe
iN yolai'-'packc4
(o dsir'able.
nt 'L '-ki's
aft L~1. ker's.
Sho~e, 'at L.ai:d eke'
ial Quaiistics,3 at i4 (Lad-kers8.
11,d( Shapes, -at Lafndckers.
T. T. T.
'\~Eare tEgeia for a lai'ge New YVork
TYEi'A 1f0088, and have now on
handti Onhiwder and Y'oung hlys.-n Tea a
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