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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, April 07, 1875, Image 4

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lhe Fairfield Herald
A' I 'R RY WRi9vnIgSD y
.-Fti. Divnt'ory for Fairiteld
; I "s NNTA'Tiv I -Joggph Thotison
: !flo. Joel Copes.
. . LDuva'l..--',erift'.
I0lY1c. , y crk of the Court,.
Sr Neil-J10g of Probate.
w. I lacke-Conol-y Auditor.
w. \!. Nets..n -- Counaty ' 'reasurer.
d'-:twr,wford4chooI Comumissioner,
F'. M.\ ti14 -Jtq'y otutnissioner.
!4x r v ,tI kintilas--Jas. R. HIarvoy,
1:vY ' J0:b, C:l teor Bealy.
S . Oleti-. U. 8. Commissiolnor.
punl iE . -10 -,1, 0. Roberlsor, ..
4.-%%tis. If. N. 9beatN ), Ii. Kirland.
, 1' -. 4 irstion.4 -A. 1. Alnokoy, W. It
PMin-Nl, .Jnmi Aiken, 9ilas W. Ruff.
II .1. '. E. Colenan, Thoias Walker,
Dr'. Ir-, q. sco.f.
nosio.is.\. AI rIIoiIIZEDCAPITAL $200,000
I.e ii LT r: iao
W. 1'.. lobertson, President.
Gen. II. Ne"hagler, Vice.President.
mil I vuey. Cashier,
- - C. Uoila,'1n, 'feller,
. Vt. 1i1"I i-s, II L. Elliott, James
:%iv, 'eorge H. Melastor, ). It. FIon.
u, J s. 11. M Cani, J1ts. It. lVon, Jis.
- Lvice, A. .. Douglass, Col. Willinia
ai on, ( L .arlote, N C.
110 .1 oFFIcIcHs.
il'i -rr0 ltacof-lutni lri.lin .
%v.IxnNs --V''. Gviig. .1. A. Fraser, W.
. Ne on, J 1. 1. Vec.arey,
,iiii.r osircos.ss: --T. J1. II. Alurphy.
The Tiltolls.
I'Tl ill')oiioltVE AND F..IZASIS11--A
l-A U Hi ni v3.CH Rlrr.A I. P Ali 0)TO Ki'
It I wer3calld upou to account
fllr 'llei'dore Tillton't l npotheos:s i)
this -an- I, I should fill out the fol
lii'tg oltes . A preternaturally
go"(d boy, resesilIg the heroe of
t:e S On sool books, with long
leg IIl hair brubso- back from
his i.aid'n temple.-. Ito ha no bad
I6 i..viors, and rads unnicoessarily
F heor bimks, and oxulaimed onoc, to
the tuilo i.e of His mother, "I will
be a l.reacher of tho gospel !" He
woks ill at sVIofll without fighting,
i. .s tmes aleI "si:sy" by very
l.a I bl s, eschews k th tobacco and
l a words, and po4cs for literature.
-it i 1oMS (li-1ht Ie Is joined the
vh h e arly, aIIld lispi Ies to teaCh a
li;i! e'ns.-, or that he escorts tile
cht gy .an' d-aughtors to parties,
ad a:s ser ious intentions in his
fi o nn.l gait. lie learnd to go out
of 1i, wy to rebluke swearing, and
st i C 01T with .indignation at bad
6:.m is i his compaly. lie grows
tub imuated, sedato, fond of the oom
11 . y of his ciderp, inil is a moral
;iasrve nm. Boys who have no devil
i:I 1 theII Caly eiterinh him una.
Narvs hiter-in fif'e. Th oun ig girls
.r..und tle ch1rh, who are taught
as :ill thilgiin.ilarrying a man
Ill t to marry it "wild" one, but to
get some donitire flieido saint of
t % viy or twenty.two, %0so cai lead
a1 11) ml or siy "grac'" at the table,
ireso behild Ap ll Adonis, the
youethful -1Livid anti the d ecoased
.' Ise1 , inu'" D)ory"' Tilton . Tlhere is
ccen pe tition for hiim. P.reoooious in
ashdiity as in gr avity, lie marries at
wentsy an older wosnan thsan him
a11I, as lie his since fleoquently said
aler oath, with a sj iLtfulsph1 it. It
ni niean to miarry an old girl and
tshe idat. age of her, but meanor
Th'ii senior wiehad all the re
i ad spooned ioir hier en.gagomecnt,
ain hias ever siuco not bcen satisfied
unh:'. doing anything until, like the
w man who wvashied hier' Lord 's feo
hIe. also wripedl them with -hor hair.
is. Tiltan has been in a Bs to of
convualsivo dis/mbille for the uinneces
say d uratIion oilier daeys. Theodore
TJ iton s-ubmiiitted to have his feet
w'ed i s i Hse was the c hamii 'ion fond.i
Icer, and lie the chamepion fondled for
fi.tcLon yeals. C'oiicivo a s'tatoo of
a lo'.g-l egged nus, l cold and languid,
Iijirptuai Ily Ilieked by a cat whichb is
paI' petually kit tein g, and you s00
tra.s lachri iymiaciht i.<t al fam ily. Tlhey
co i.iugat ed the venrb '-to we ep"' in
their daily rounds, anod the woman
masde a fool of' the mnin, who hiatd a
strong uispcsit ion to be at tyrant of
Ii:n.elf. Othor weiian assistjd in
thIi.sbusinese. Thieodor'e Tlilton was
lie idol of' that pa rt of .Urooklyn
IIleighits awhich regaids Mr. Beecher
as above tho earth. lie was liattor.
< into a sordid cike or solf-contom
i ion, ands still his gr-aces and
oual I iety dsguisedl thle os'ifics.
tion 110gre more worldlIy with
eu,losilg Isis psrecoeious mora~l identi
t y. W ih one long jeg on the altar
tfr. teligiuo' be spanned thme wide
disi si e to polities, and put the
sili-sr ig in a ui ne-aaper office. Asa
an edit or, lhe deailt wit h every pub
liss nus as if lie, was diisoipl-imni g
bni in aO5 deaco:A' mneet in, ~ Ito
lin~ly handedl lawyers, working out
thiir ceSets. '. causes, over to -the
t..ie, ide hlnLed his ini tar in
bi: t'ow: 'ulpa.t and behiind his
-. . ieSs, and like too many
- Xs.. , gre nraged withl his
i y|- 'ii ~ ,a-t he knew of him.
- ' vLt hie did not knew of
- ii- p. loadilong, raily ,
s..*:- dent devel, suippressd
'b-' : "'-(ko out in. the man.
1- b- * -Irom an illusioni of' gr iat.
icoelity 'of conitcmp,t ;a
I,. earithi/ono and a departed
hie weil of children iiid the
t1 oS his times.--GUath&, ina P)/ida.
l1.w to e,.t plonty of room in a
t-carui-- ,1 nions,
The Colorado Movement.,
Anew interpretation is giv.0n by
the Cincinnati Enquirer to the
gpovement in the la e Congrgse to
admit Colorado as a Nate' The ad.
mission of Colorado. increases 1be
rJuMber of States to thirty-eight.
In Case the election of tlio next
Piesident should go to the present
House of Representatives, it would
require a majority of that number
which is twenty States, to elect.
Each State his but one vote in the
[louse for President, and the ma
jority of the Congressional delegation
determines how that vote shall -be
ca;t. Although the Democrats have
seventy majority in the Ibuse when
the membors vote per capitp, they
had before New dlampshire voted,
the control of but twenty States.
Thus we had just enough to elect by
one majority. Thero was not a sin
gle vote to rpare. A single member
gives the vote of Oregon and anol her
man casts the vote of Deleware. The
death of one of these in the next two
yeara, their sickness prevonting their
attendance, or their absente, to say
nothing of corrupt it,flucnces being
used, would defeat the election. Tho
House would make no choice. On
March 4, the Republican aindidato
for Vice President who had been
elected by the Senate, would, under
the Constitution of the United States
he President for four years. l[erein
we see the importance of Colorado.
'ho admission of New Mexico was
not pressed because It would not
alter the thing in the least. Twenty
States is a majority of thirty-niio as
will as thirty-eight. Now we see the
importance of the late Domooratio
gain of a neubcr in New Ilampsl.iro
which gIves us a niajority in the delo
gation, and carries her veto for
President, Thus the Democrats will
have twenty-one States, a close nrifr
gin but botter thia before. We
hope for three mombers of Conlre.ss
out of four from Cornetiout, but it
is very probable the dolgation will
be devided-two and two. This is
(lite likely to be the case in Cali
firnia. A tie counts again.t a choice
the Same as if it gave an alffirmative
vote. Mississippi, the only other
State to vote, will have a majority of
negroes, we presume in the delega
tion. Now under the joint twenty
second rule, regul iting the canvass of
the electoral votes in Congress, if ob
joetion is mado to the reception of
the vote of a Sta:o it cannot 'e count
ed until both hcuses agree so to do.
Thus it is quite likely that siome of
the Southern St'ates may be r(jected
the defeat of a choice (eIcoted, and
the election thrownt into the House,
where we have one more State than
is absolutely necessary to elect. It
has been twice the duty of the Iluuse
to elect, and in each instatnco the
eh etion was wade by a single vote.
John Quincy Adams had thirteen
States out of the twenty-five in 1825,
when he %ns a lected ; and after thir
ty-six ballots Thomas Jefferson b.
came Pre-sident in 1810, over Colonel
Burr, by the chang , of a single State,
that of Delaware. The Democracy
of the Union owe the Democracy of
the New llampshiro thanks for
strengthoning them where they most
neceded strength, and where we have
now oao vote at least to spare in case
of necessity at ahe Presidential ee.
tion. It is of more importance than
a half dozen Ccycrnours.-Sar'anah
Retail cigar dealers are to be
afichte with a patent eigair-box.
hihtecommissioner of internal
revenue has invented. The box has
perforated coupons on the insade
edge crresponad ing nitht the num iiber
of cigars int the box. The coun
are furnished by the government in
place of stamps, and when a cigar
is sold1 a coupont has to be destroyed
before the piurchaser. T1hae designs
is to maake the smoks rs detectivyes,
but, like everything else of Itis kind,,
tho smnoIers won watch, and the
patettbox will incite a good deal of
a rofanity among retail cigar doalers
wvho do not like to be continually
suspected of cheatinag thte govern.
An entirely new tmothed of suicido
has been invented in lRogland by a
manu natmed Gibsont. lie wvent intto a
bake house onie n ighat, and obtained
leave to come int and watrm himself
TIhae baker wvent out Moon atter for a
few minutes, and on hih.retu.rn..found
Gibson's coat, but the man hitmself
was maissing. A search discovered
his~ body smothered in a trughl of
Thle military enroll ment of destih
tute pjrsona in in the grassahopper
district of Minrnesota tumbears over
9,000. Rations of perk aid floner
and also army clothing, wvill be sup.
plied at onace. Thare tare (6,000 des.
titute persons in - Dakot a. Malny
of the sufferers are foreign borni im
migrants, without means of subsist.
The religious con1!iet in Miexieo
increases in bitltness. Thet Catholic
orgatn at the-ctapitaul declimas vigo
rously against the grtantinag of' pri vi
leges to the -Protestants, antd iti
mates that t-ho loyalty of the churchl
.party to the government depends upon
a sanotion of the crusade tagainst all
A nogro womaan itt Pitt Coatnty, N.
C., recent ly gave birthI to triplets;
thle first was whit e, t he seconad nu
Itatto, and the thtirdl black. TJh.is all
Ocmes from Civil Rights.
~A outng lady in (Chictago, w~ho
accomtpanaied her beau to ,a spelling
sociable the other eveninag, gave im a
the naittetn because he spelle d it with
one t and a)
wO.M1 Mknidaiolij
short Pos onenkent-DaY F3te
-Full DrIstribution.
,d "'fAft:kA;4DI1A, VA.
rech 29, 187M.
I grand cash gift $106,000
g 0 j5O~9ash ift.
dah - 0
10 cash gits,$ $I0,000; each !09,000
16 cash gifts. $6.000 each 76,000
60.0ash gine, 1.000 enoh 60.00i
100 catsh,plfts, 600.0ach 60 000
a.000 Cash gifts, 10 each 100.0 0
1 Ih 0 oe o giris, 60 each 00.00fo
20.000,*ash gifts 20 ench 400.000
'2,l18-oah gifts, amounting to $1,00,00'
LA.).1 O 1'10KET8, 100,000
Whle Tickets, $20.00
flaiv04. 19.4)
Quarters .00
Eighths or aucd coupon 2.50
fi Tiokets for . 100.00
The Mcnipulier Female Humane Asso.
ciation. chartered by the Logiplature of
Virgiikia and and the circuit Court of
OrrnLe Uo., proposes, by a Grand Gift
Concert:to elinblish and endow a "Hlotne
for the Old InfrMo and Destitute Ladies of
Virginia," at Montineliert, the forler resl
dence ot President Madison.
GoV'Na's OPti, olimhanotn, July 8, 1874.
It iffords lue pletsurt 19 qay that I am
well acquaintrd ihh'a lArge'ffiajority of
the ofmors of the Mont peller Fem le 11.
mane Association, who 1esi4e in the vi.
cinity of my hore, ard I attest their in.
telligence and their worth aq4d high repu.
tation as gentlemen, as well as the public
confidence, jpfluence and substantial
tean liberally represented ainong them.
JAMES L. KEMPH. bov. Virginia.
AAX1xa1naIA VA . July 8,1874.- * *
* I conatmend them os gents of honor
and integrity, and fully entitled to the
confidence of the y-ublio.
it. W. IUGlIES,
U. 8. Judge East'n. Dist. Va.
Vurthe'r Tefetinlom by permission : His
Ex0eolenfoy 3ilbeit C. Walker, Ex.Govsrn
or of Va. t lion, Robert E. Withers, Lieut.
Gov. of Va , and U. S. Senator elect ;
Sentors And Members of Congress from
ReInittances for iotkets may be made by
prse p repaid, post-ole money order
on Washigton, D. C., or by register
Full particulars, testimonials, &os., send
ror, oircular. . Address, lION. JAMES
BARBOUR, Pros't. M. F. If. A., Alexan.
Iria, Va.
Reliable agents war 4 everywhere,
S E C U1 .
P EST O.11. I N Us.
Warranted 150 Degrees Fire Test.
It burns in all Coal Oil and
Kerosene Lamps. Try it. Ask
for "Aladdin Security," and take no
115 W. Lombard at., Baltimore,
Double Turbine Watet Whelel
aafa ractured by
Baltimos'e. Md.
7,000 NOW .ZN UBEI
3anfhetnrerg, also, of
Portable & Btationarj'
for0 Ctto nil
~.N'A1is *erng eAn
ratan o sry best finsh Bendt for Cieular..
narch 28--.On
EL. W. Phillips
OF TlE 'v*y bsest qualities, for l'arlors,
'Oha'Mbers and Dining Rooms. For
Rosri-gntan workmanubip, UJNJ'QUA LLED I
I otter at pri'ces that defy comfpetitio'n I
.AIiAD of ha.rd wood, and warranted to
give sptI.re uit tgf,otio'n. I keep no inferi
or qualty. Us 'donomny and buy' the
best, -ad li&y whore .you can buy t-h'
AND BUV the People's 'SeldN'G $$1.
It is thme best In t-he 'mitrket w'ithout ta.
ecption. Tihey are cheaNp.
'lAiTTA?* andi apIit. nerat 3hairs a ipe.
eialty. Our prices are beyond cornpe
titioni I
[email protected]
OF iny own -mnutafcure, Windoir
Shlades, Wall 'Brnoke.rs, -Packets and
FU'RNITURE neatly repaired at tnoder.
atb P'Hoes. Picture framca. made to ordet'.
GlVEN to 'the '(ndot-rake.'u5 ept..
mont. I koep on hand a felll supply of
Metallic Casos 1,nd Wood Coffine of the
linest finish. 'All calls promptly attended
thaoo'y tisat short settlqments muake long
frie: de. . I-e.
o.lv, d-tt,
AlsoB:41ey's. Pte,ft TPhesphate for
sale for cash or approved paper by t.he
Agents. M4 jMASTE1L R JJBRCjz
There is a ma 'ib the sodthetA
part of Illioid whd. is .Vory thauktul
for tl-.4 aQw :I . 19J '
that the mails oontale ng(thei100V
or bItdness.weresoodelsyedutbat hi.
wife fould time tWid some washig
and he no Wears dfe'Ai 'frtyo
t1he firat time lin si lbh.,
'wa golorod pirern, *ero*jot
from oneof tbo. -tudst 'aristoerat o
Roman-Catholio oliurohs of Wpsh
ington) Stip)4, becaus'they 'usitit.
ed upon taking i-eutd. in the main
body it-tead of going inta thd gul
lery at apart expressly- fot clored
people. The ftf6ir exi0tds a tempq
rary excitement.
Hon. Jeffert-on Davis says of the
late John ilitulael.: .iTogother we
struggled for State rights, for thi
stipituincy bf the (onstitidtli, 'for
coninuiity indepenc, and, after de%
feat, wore 4iprisoped, ogeshor. As
ty frieid I'motird" o laud
regret his de4th ' at -4 tt iig.
kind.'. a . s
Josh Billings zyn "Thee nin't
allytlitig thut will conpletuty. cure
azieloo, tiough a -second wifo has
been kwn to hurry it oo.
A uan nay forget-his businesa, his
family, and all the scorea obligatiohs
of life, 4but hi always enemtie l
where lie got that o ontqiffit bill.
- -.I.- - I--i It I
The 9eneral A peuably o f the
Preibyterian Church in the United
States will meot in St.lLuuis-on the
20th of May.
A California ian pounaed l,lj
wife, was filed $90, and he suad -her
silk. dress to piay tholhou
If you want your boy to make his
mark in the world, give hiii a :vi!oe
of chalk.
EESamples (o Agentts. Ladieo'
E Conbiiiation Needle-1ooko
will hhrops., Seud stamp.
O. New iedf ord'.lal.
NOIN111easily le by vei,n
VXk.% at Im r-onrmus' prices.
or getling up cinbI in lownsm and counitry
for the fbildest 'ex Conmpany in Amerioa.
( ronlt iducemen's. 18end for circular.
CANTON TRA Cd., Chanbei-a st., X. Y.
)sYno0.ANCY or .Sou1. CIA1011mUo.'
Low eithver sex many fas,inate
and gain the love I it rencoions of any
person jIrtly I eo -9-A) y. j.his sim.
pile, imctitl aeqiuirement il can posses
free, by mail for 26c, together wit a
uarptpagqgui ,iyttcio .rpcle, rams,
.1lot to- Latkive dding;. b(g A irt,
&c. A queer book Address T. IL.
LIAM & 0., Pubs Phild.
E W A r dAIlok.ie12
~,~C~AR~.M WON kaS N~I overs 0Men & 1
1111-A Ie - r A1 1-11017 h t .
;Rij.. V'ultIvator. coriL
0'anter al),kchiong
All wArrAotod. Agentil
wAliced. clidi for Iiilustat
XUABLE HEAP MCirciiUr with wifrravlee
II I W. Il p], Ike. , IeilI ;d0t G-M Allft
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
>m ~tu- tfi oi)NL1s er.&Q f')c.h: U
Sold :y Druggists generally, and
WVz. I.. Kinne:n & C'o., New York.
l'aL'l M L Y Bl
Ple o outilsenit'free. WI * ht a suit'ahle
persont tut eeiy neiglhborhioo I to Lake.
orders and deliver goods for our cstab
lishmaent. C. 0. l. saletof silpand famti
ly goodb of' all kitids int consiant use and
wear. The oldest C. O) D. house In
A mierica. Sales over* hl f a million Ain
18t.7. LargE cash pay to iho rigi Isrt
A real oth tue 'o'r p, tOale or femiala, at
yonrt homes or traveling. No risk. If you
go to work weo will send youa freo and post
paid a line of sam ples andi a comfpleto ut.
3 U RUD a A
Weak, Ne'Yous or Pellilitated t
Are you s'o anguid that any exertion
is-juires miore of an ef'or[ tihan you reel
cetaabe of matkintg i .
Then ti.y .IIU[t1MElA, 'the wonderful
l'onic and iuvigorgt or, whaich acts so ben:
fleitrlly orthi tierive organs astoi
part vi-go#'to.hll se vital forces.
sti1tulattestf a,~ ogi aIto let the
snurtfW i~. ~ r.4j ib i misery,
butt it is . a'obbTj - eing directly
It r * 'i s tgo 41 het e
nervo,ivc Du -'r Itealthy tone
toteWlh e ysten) n~ to ocn msake the'
1nvaidgei onnei r n.
Its ole ~ i na is n olent, bit is
PThei''s~~ hango'e no
t.nt hats been long~ usrd wi~l p~etq
runmedial resides, and Is proaounced' 'the
hIghest medIcal anathiritle "'the tuost
powe:rfaul f onIc ani alt erauivo vcown."
Asi<your druggIst for.it.
'For sale by WM. F, lDERf ;& Co,,
New York.
Ti'lE' . egoroJses ot' this scho 'l
will comneo .Meriday, 9.i:elj
of l'ebruary.
Sesvi'cts.i ilbo'res'wt, fre i
o'oilock. Ifis I p rai.ta all
the pupl)lie appelar thIie first day
feb -1 P,M. rincipnn.
Smfnpns juepatie Compolund.
A purely Vegetabli Compound, fr.
from, any poisoneue matter whatever
can be given with impunity to an ia
of only a few hours old for Colic or site
?,srangement of he sowele. 'his Cow
p6und will assist niaitite to i,i: the i
fluence of n.alaria. And thereby preer
health, It is guaranteed io tt-t Dyi-pe
Is, ConstIpaton. E1lienUs (3 Iiit1 lCrh
ache, Bill ions or Cramp ((.lic (n
especially Painter's C olic), -iid all oth
derangements of ito Lii,s. Rjit )p.8k
t1tomnaoh and Bonel. Ghe it at ria
and be convinced.
Mmanufletute4 by E. L. KING & SONS
Colnmbia, S. C., and for sale by,
lr. W. E. Aiken. Agent. also by Dr.,.
R. McMaster, Winasboro, S. 0.
Jun 28
UST Received 100 lbs. fine Ooshen
But 1et. Also a choice lot of Fresh
Groceries, consisting of 8 bbis. No. 1
Mackerel. 8 bbla. No. 2 Mackerel, 12
Kits No. 1 Mackorel, 24 Kits No. 2 High
Family, I bbl. Pigs feet, I bbl. Pickled
Tongues, 100 lbs. Dried Tongues, 10 lbs
lolugn.. Sausages. Also a choice lot of
Sugars and Coffees, Syrups and Mo'aises
of all grades. Also a fine lot of Fresh
Canned Goodd. contisting of Canned Sal
mon, Lobsters, Mook Turtle, Corn .d
Desiccated Cocoanut, Potted Ilam. Turkey
and 8ardites. Also a fresh lot of Crack.
era and Cakes. I Doozen llo es of lerk
imer Co. Choese-the finest in town. Also
constantly on hand Fresh Flour and
Meal, Baoon and Lard. and a choice lot of
%IoEwans Scotch Ale, Liquors and Segars
)f the finest Gradee, Powder, Ehot and
John D. McCarley.
Dress Goods, Clothing,
Cassimers, Hosiery,
Shoes, Hats
At prices whlih must secure
their rapid sale.
We inlvit? -ll eXLllillatiOl1 of
*goods we are offerig.
We haive just receiv.~
ed a new supply
Sugar, Coffeo, N. 0. Molasses
&c. &c.
.W. H. flenniken & Co.
m3arch 1ai
A )t eWi aug*irared 't,ean'vassedi
e ECCaLa'tLey.
JREA T Remedy, "Seven Rea*N or
Goe Wonder," which is1
recome e ifor-all aches or pains, and
'o pA,isitke motto. For male by R II
* ann. 'Whol-e agent for Fair field Coo
', and Will'tulke 'pleawqv-e In filnor
erd foh druggists and country rmereha,nts,
Dr. WV. E. A'iken,-of Wlnn,ooro will kee
'it on hand. Vor' further plarthienlars
'plf to 1. Ii. JEN NINO08& CO.
fel 1-Ini Winnsboro, 8. O,.
J Onlntiv 1l1L IMse.
1I'TI" will prevail-Facte are stubborn
thing-4 and will;not. benr denial-To see
linst be to believe-In tihese days of .pro
gress. lt am has become the gEat iotive
ind labor sraving power of the age, fn all
odustrial nel manufnactUIng pursuits
nd dfa- twents-W hy should not evory
'Amily hats a Stean Washer.
The "t-.clipse Steam Washer," is the
)est. It does not occupy the epac of oni
Iquare foit and is'adapiable to any steve
)oller or round pot, In which water can bq
>oiled ; ad with it onb woman cin do
?what is o1.lft-arly regardl a oly's wavh 14
*rom two to three hours. A him., tvelve
rears old may use it and do the work of a
grown wp. nau in one half the tim~c,'i re,
ard the labor- 6f tisg it' 6nl$ 'ps(lthe
ith it, w tahing has aess4d to be tedious
)r labori us$ and "Blue ionday'l has
eased to be a day of confusion and hor
ror, becaiue with little or no labor two or
hrec hotirs suffice to do a day's wash
Ri-hout seubbing, wearing or teating the
ltdhes. 1b eaking buttons t-S&.
time, la bor. money, and iaaterial-all ar
precious- economy is wi-don and 01t- Pruit
'ealth,we lith and appiness--Lcoit then I
iconomy i washing, and save your cloth*
0o wear forur times as long as 'when wnsl
id by eh 'nnd r.nd boat d. by buying an
liaing te Eclipse8Steam Washer," whiect
r.ombined withi that very attractive and
ansurpass d e-Euireka Wringer" co'nsti
'eitee a o. mplete and perfect wtasr
ivery famni y and waplher-wonan shouild
rod anu hav'e ilt ,ndA no sensible washer.
itoti Sh' has a't'haeig,'t tb6; [email protected] of
ser patron. will oppose its use
The''Ecli pse" is simple in construction
'cientifio in principle, effective in woi&
and will wa ht thte finest or coarsest tfabriots
n)ore satiat.tetoriy tihan by hiand, itrovt
i(teento>twenty milnutes. iPrthe b'tut fets
lollarb--Wt It. be for snle for a few da;
>nger at R .\. DUN LEVY'$..
june 6
Boluble l'acifle &uanio,
$46 CAMtu, $53 TiMEu, witbout interesL*
pound Acid Phospate-of Lime.
F'en OobrI-osTlso wtlr COTTON SEED.
$3O. Oash, $88ldwiv thout iterest.
r 110 accommodate Planters they can or
..der now and have until 1st April
to decide whet her they will take at time
or cash price. Wife% delivered from Fe.
tory 'by carload, no drayage will be charg
ed. Thia Guano Is now so well known in
all the Southern Statos for its remarkable
eWe'ts as an -agenoy fory iqoxensing the
produbts of la'boras'ndt o ~e*uire spe
cial reommendation rot us. !ts use
for nine years patar has established its
oaract.er for re'liable excellence. The
tmples put.into lnto--marktet this season
ali-, as heretotore, yreparsed under 'tho
superintendence ottf ir. ST. ,JUIAA'N
R AVENEL.Chsemais 'f the Oem!pany, at
Oharleston, 8. C., hence lanters 'may
rest assu,ed $hst Ite' itality 4i.~d compo.
sition Is'preciseiy th e .ieIh 't'here
fore sold, J. N. RtOlnsN.
-Agent f r South Carolia,
ToENCharleston, 8.C.
'deo 4-3nm
NTew GrocerieL
hhl.. PGRTO ICO and Bagt
e sland Melasse. and 0abmtt Sh'
hhd~ Choieg Demortr6
12 bblb. Yellow C, Exira 0, and Granula
ted Sugar.
8 haeks prime lUfo dfe..
N31ATY, B3R4,, & 8ON
(Airateil Thousands proclaim Vim.
EGOAt 131-1'7ERS the liost wonderfl1l In..
vigorant that ever sustained C'io sinking
No Person can tako these Bitters
according to directions, and remain long
unwell, provided their bolils are not Jo.
stroyed by mineral polsoh or other
means, and vital organs wasted boyond
Bilioust Remittent and Inter
mittent I evers, which are so preva.
lent in the valloys of our great rivers
throughout the United States, especially
those of the Mississippi, Ohio, Missollri,
Illinois, Tennesseo, Cumberland, Arkan-.
s, Red, Colorado, llrazos, Rio Grando,
Pearl, Alaba-ma, Mobile, Savannah, Ro.
anoko, James and many others, with.
their vast triutaries, throughout our
entiro country during the Summer anu
Autumn, and remarkably so during sea.
sons of unusual heat and dryness, aro
iinvaiallyaccomnihled by extensivo do -
ra'gemeints Of thle stomach and liver,
aid other abdominal viscora. In their
treatmPnt, a purgativo, exerting a pow.
orful influenco upon these various or.
gnis, is essentially necessary. Thore
is no cathartic for tMe purpose equal to
as they will speedily removo the dark.
colored viseidI matter with which the
bowels are loaded, at the sane time
stilnJlating the secretions of the liver.
and generally restoring the healthy
functions of the digestive organs.
Fortify the body against disease
by purifying all Its flids with VINEPGAR
Drrms. No epidemic can tako lohl,
of a system thus forc-armeo.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, reast
ache, Pam in the Shoulders, Coughs,
Tightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in the Mlouth, Hilious Attacks, Palpita.
tation of the l loart, Inflaminmation of the
Ltigs, Painl inl the region of the Ki,1
noys, nid a hundred other painful aym1p
toms, aro the offisprings of Dyspopsla.
One bottle will provo a bettor guarantoo
of its Merits than a lengthy advertiso.
Serofila, or hing's Evil,, Wfio
Swellings, t'Mers, Erysipla, Swelled Neek,
Goitro, Scrofulous i nflatemnatins, Indolmnt
11nflammation, Mercurial Allections, Old
Sores, Eruptions of tho Skin, Soro Eyes, oto.
11n these, as inl all other constitutional ii.
OASeU, WAIIC&'s VINEGAR IT-nrts hnlv
shown their great curative powers in the
n1o1t obst,inate and intrnctable Cases.
For 1llamniatory mid Chronic
Rhenmatism, (outj Bilious, Remit.
tent and Intermittent Fovers, Diseases of
tho Blood, lirer, Kidnoys and Bladdor,
these Bitter, have no egnal. Such Diams
are caused by Vitiated Blood.
Medmnal ical Diseases.-Pe1sons at1
'agod in Paints mni Minerals, such at
PnbI'lbers, 'yile-setters, Gold-boaters, and
Miners, as they adVaneWO in life, aro subsj%et
to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
against this, tako a dose of WALKNs 'IN.
XuAR B Urrr-9us oensionally.
For skin Diseases, Erupition.q,''A9..
ter, Salt-Rhew nm, ltlotches, Spots, Pimples,
Seald- head, Sore Eyes. E rysipelas, [t4ib,
Senurf. I )iscolorations of the Skinu, lim'..rs
and l)isoasos of the Skinm of whatever name
or nature, nrc litdrahlly dug up and carried
out of' the system in a'short tine by t,bo 'two
of tese liiters.
Pin, Tapmhe, andi oilher Worms,
lurkimg in the systemi of so many thnsar'da.
are 'effectuamlly elstroyed and re'moV'ed. No~.
Nystem 'at meidicinec, 'no vernmirngos, n,m an-.
'thumninities will free the system front,wmal
like thaese littrs.
For Feninle Complaints, in y oung
or old, nmarried 'or single, at the dawn -,f wo
mainh,ood. (ir thu turn of life, these Tioumio
l iters disphmy so d(cide(d an in flueneo thait
nnkproVementl is sooni perceptile.
Cleanse the Titited( Blood whlo
ever you tinid its impunrit ies h,nrating thr.ongt'
the skini in P'iimles, Erupmtions, or Sore:s
cleanse it wheni you find it obstructed and
sluggish in the veins: cleaunse it wheni it is
foul ;your leolings will tell von when. Keep1
the blood pmre, and the healhi of the:.ysttru'
will follow.
It. II. McDONALD &~ VO.,
lUruggis sand Gen. A gts.. Sa rs. n0, CanfZr,mra
anid cor. of wahina tIon nnal ChJastutn Sta., N Y,
Mold 1,ay alt an rggiata and D.atoe'a.
*' 1If<1s. N. 0.. Clarifie<1
$ngar, 10 Bbls. N. 0.. Molass
os (Choice.)
A former let of' th'se go<i
h4ave gw;en gener'al saisfatii<an
IN TP' A WA'ull ANI) ?j,Oggy
O'hD) andi Silver WalIece, (the very
best t ime keepers) Solid Gold Chains,
holl Plaited (Jhnins, It igs and Slver Bu'o
O aiinR, which I ilaranie, Ahjgo, llm'agt.
is Collar and sh.ir't IRutin of all des..
'-ruptions. A set or beatif'u Clocks, I hao
camn beat them ? Rtepai ring dlone' in n,
wo kan-nlike maner, Sam isfaclion guaran -
deo l5 CiIAS. MULLER,
EngHkli B3reak fast Ten.
U' 1NPOWDI.:I Tea. Young Hyo 're,
11 Golong Tea, g'Iaranneed~ fie. Call'
asnd get a sample' F'or snks by
McM A.STE R & 3$g

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