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44y- We are not responsible for theopin.
ons of correspondents.
AW- Communicittlons to this offic(
Will not h noticOI unl0s accompanled
by the r,al naurme of ithe writer.
,UW- Any person In the County 1ving
know'edge of any cirounistance of in eret
oootring it lis neighburhood will confo
a ftvor by furuihing information at thit
Lo0al Noticea will bo inserted
(except by special c.ntraot) at the
followin,g rat, s.
For ton iiues and tinder ...$2 OU
For euch additonal line. ..15c.
N r.v A DvER'r-1:IENTS.
Notice-Jno. A. 0. aser.
Noice of Land Rtdemption-W.
1. 'uike. Au-litor.
Ju t leceived-D. It. Flt-iken,
Notive of Lid Rudumption-W.
13. Peake, Auditor.
%dottoin is t ntRg I . y
Ito.L, the i.ew ad.rtituiemunt of the
Wiioooro Fli'le Intitu'-J.
A ih t er Gig ai gi iider ma de Ii i ,p
puar..ie in town ve,terJy.
ei b.! ha.i vuey day at th 1
The b li g..iey at Mir. C.a1the .at'.
ia ,o i- in 01.er-.ti,.11 n is wellI
patron*zed by I.- "ty ."
Waren J . A. F ar his beev
clected clerk of the 'oWnl Council o
WV innabhoro.
Tiere at o Oer $1,00 worth ot
oat.tandinig school chims ih l'aiifilid
due prior t. Novombor I-it, 1873.
Everyoody in Wi in.aor, is gotting
r..ady to attend the Micklen. ug Ceu-.
Auditor Paket ha.i roI1ved to the
niew t.fle in rear of court houe,
Lately fitted up by Judge Neil.
Mr. G. II. McMa.>ter had a
goat killed last Sanday by a dog be.
longig to Mr. Joel Copes.
We trust that memorial day will
not be forgotteu this year. It comt.
on Monday, the 10th May.
Ten pins are tho rage in Winns.
boro. You can luse your .oney at
them quicker than at any other
sport exoept poker, horse racing and
-chicken disp ites.
Anna Dickinbon lectures in Co.
'lumbia to-night on Joan of Are. She
is one of the wost bi illiant lecturers
male or female, in Americea.
There was a meeting of Presbytery
at Now 11ope Churoh last week. A
large number of persons were present
on Sabbath, and the proceedings wet.
full of interest.
A gen tlemen inftorn.s us that ht
saw severatl gin houses the other' da)
in the upper part of Fajirfleld stil:
filled with Cotton.
We Regret exceeuinigly to stat<
that Rev. C. E. Chichesater lhas beer
quite siek for some time, and is stil
indisposed. Hie will be unable tc
preach on Sunday next.
A few days. ago on the pliantatio)n
of Mr. D). 'G. Smith in Fauir.icld
an old cat.gavie birth to a kitten
with four eyes.and .the samne numbei
of cars. The.loitton-died.
Theo .onJAplimencItaI:y not'icc ,of tI
P'hoaix's new d-ress, which wa~s pub
lished in that paper Tuesday, as com.
inig from the Greenville Mountaineer
shouid ha.ve been1 .'iered itod to -6hc
XWinnsboro N,'ws.
TIhe .following .gentle men wer<
elected Intendant and Wardens a
the Town of B3lackstoek last Tuesday
Intendiant, JT. R. Craig-Wardens
E. lF. Paigon, J. Ed. Johnston, 'W. I)
Richardson, G.TL. Kennedy..
Our beet -eaters -dcenand 90 daya
in which to pay for their ineat-i e,
aniligient timeo to miastieate 'the same&
No reflect ions, of course, on oui
butchters, but a hiint j'rt.
We are under obligatIons to 'Mr
A. A. Morris for a phiotograph sof' th<
Thespian JIail, taken by himnself
M r. M. is a first oelass artiat, asni
works very .eheap. Part,ies wish inj
pihotograpuhs of almost any size cat
be accomuodated by him.
There wats to have been an extr,
communication of JRidge way Lodgi
No. 30, on Sat;urday eveninig a
W'uich Mr. 11. N. Obeait of Winns
bore was to have conferred a'degre
and delivered a lecture of instruotiori
but the weather prevented. Bette
luck nest time.
Mr. D. Rt Flenniken has placed o1
our table a few stalks of eats measnr
inig fifty-two inches in leDgth. Mu
F. has a half acre lot planted an
says the whoe lot will average fift
two inches, he did not put an once C
of manure on the lot. Who Oan boat yot
it? W<
Alfred Walki, tihe negro who g
murdered the 10ev. J. C. Millov in 1on
Union County lust BattdrdaY, was Mla
captured in Spartanburg County on Na
Tutsday aid is now in Union jtil. fro
We ealnetly hope he will sample an<
about too feeti of good hemp ropo. '
The young goutimian who blows
the "big born" in the cornet band
imaginitig the proprietor of the
Morinilng ztar 8,14.,ua to b- on lire
yo.terd.y moning, gavo.i hi i a gun- L
teol duck.nu.
We I(nived the following myste
nious no,e a few day.- ago from iome
Ga., colcurninng the Shne.il* of this 1 rc
County : per
'-Shuo iff Duvall is and has been iin.
Floyd Count,y Cor severaI wueks wit h il
is Liother Thad. Davall. S. M."
-- .- - ~ ~ -- tee
The COncil of Itdg)way liird set m:
tt woi k. Capt. II. Edmui..ds has
crve ' ani b;, id n.if thl. towl, and tbr
an asfebsmectnt is buitig i,do for the g
pulp +. of ni1inig a revotino. Quite dai
a nuniber.of peson, have bid fGr the l1i
flice of elie of -police. ' en
Rain %ills needed lust week, and tht
..n Saturday it came in liberal do.,e..
Sunty wat4 COmutSUio Sabbath at an
J at thi:
i11.e A , ciate Refort'ed Chneh, uidt
the rain itterfered considerably.
O(ving to the sickness of Rev. Mr.
(hiehester, Scion Church was not and
.spen. Mr.0.boar tfloiated in the atnt
Episcopal Ch uieb. The congig
tions were small,6wing to th ra n. the
A Wetern pioet Fays, "In the suZ
spring tle simia sgrow longer on th by
row-ter't. gaudy lkgs ; inl tihe spring wii
the pullet's fancy Itghtly turm.s to bra
thoulglhts of eggs. Inn tine spring t 'e tse
vernal blubber ripeas into burnih-- tull
ed wha!e ; in the .ring the tadpol's Per
fancy lightly turns to thaghts of fut
tail." Pr10
Col. ionl tell u- that lie has
lueerne from 28 to 30 it,ches high in
his patch. This prove. that as good
or better bay can be raised here d
than in a northern climate, and if our
Ilantens would p y a little more lt
tutntion to raising their own grain,
inhay and stock and Ie.s cotton, tlere An
would not be so much land sacri'fi'eed .
under the Sheriff's ha it mmer.
The folluwinig i,neines. s were held
by Trial Justice James Aiken, not
ing a, Coroner.: Friday,29th March,
ou tine plantation ofcut J,'. Daw
kins, in this county, an inquest was
held over tihe body of a colored child.
Verdiot of jury, "deith by the act el
of God." Monday 5th of April on F
tine plantation of G. 1. Martin,
an inquest was hold over the
body of Nanoy Hopkins, eolored.
Verdict of jury "death by burning"
The new council intut.d fixing up
the town hall in style. This hall hnas m
needed over-haumlitng for a long time lT"
and we are glad to kanw that our en- acn
ergetie eouncil are going to under -Pt
take tine job. They also speak o: Za
erecting a music stand in the weeds nI
ein rear of tine Presbyterian Chureb,
where thne citizens' cornet bannd will
discourc.e sweet miusic in thne after- P]
nooni, thereby driving away tine nin..
noton~y of tine dull summer mo~nthns.
Dannenomberg & Co., hnave greatly o4
imuproved thei r st'ore, and now have rij0
en hnand.ai full aissortmient of goods.
Mr. J. 0. B3oag has added to his we
stora, and is prepared to furnish any 'O"
articles in tine ladiegr' dress line,
Mr. J. H-. 1'rownb as a beautiful.
asso)rtmnent of ladsies spring Hats
Give himu a cal.l.
A Cigar facetory hnas b'eon estab..
ed itt Winnsboro.
IV-e have received an -invitantin l1
to attend tine Mecklenberg'Contninian.. O"
W e hnav, ont several occasions, erxpc- am
riennced tine hospi,tality of tine citLize ""
of Chnarlotto, aind we sha,ll most cer.. eui
taintly participate withn them in this pri
celebration. T1he noble sons of N.
Moeklenburg were the first to thnrow
off tine h3ritish yoke, aind we shlil
never ense to do them honor. I.e asC
-whnolo oflee-proprietors, printerr,
devil and pressmann is booked for the eO
Centennial. Lnook out for us I
Thne Fiiield 1Firo Uompany
paranded on Thursday ovening, and
made a splend id appearance. Thne
music was furnished by tine Citizens
Corn'et Band, whnich was delightful.
After parading the mnain street they
repaired to the Court IIouso. cistern
aind exercised their muscles on the
braks A great miany ladies assem.
bled to witnes tine playing of. Line .
little "Fairfield,'' and we noticed a Fa
smile in the faces of several of them ti
when tine water from the nozzle flow No
Iat least fifteen feet above the market pu
steeple. hIn
f Mins Galloway, the Abbaevi11o
tng lady who recently left Duel
ist to beone a misoionary in
ypt, with her traveling conpan
s, was in Rome on the 5th- of
reh, They expected to reach
pies the next day, and to sail
in that point on the 8th for Alex rr
Ir.a. They had been bleised with
ro.4perousjourney, thotgh Mhe trip
I been very fatiguing, and the
ither bad. They wero all prelt) T
Lt the ouiclusiou of no vice at the
secopal Church, Sunday, the rain A
fAling inl torrcnt-, threatening CI
truction to bonneta,'flowers, flu
,a, ti iimings and ill that sort of
1g. ITO. r(quisite number of uin
Ilus was, not (ii in tid, and soveral k
sons were onl the point of consign.
thirnselves to the ungry elements,
-n suddeilly uppearefd on the
e a second Valter Rileigh, or we
it -ia, ai shy Chester-field,'speeding (
I.litly to the re.neue. le did not
)w his ermine tipped mantle on the
und to be pre.sed in the mire by
nty soles. lie was more pinctical.
st iig threo uibrellIas over the
tinant of the flock, a1.1 ga thering Ni
In inl "as a lel"1 au-i so forth, he e'
it phan tly ieatlethe I ,roecssion,
I led theni tou n sc retreat. For
feht of gal'antry we return himi
11k(s inl the nine of the )IItres
tiliarum A ho wero thus spared the
it tion of nuubet less inilliners'
iml Hitalnt ia.mlk e rs' bills. A nd we feel
ired that the rc.,cucd fair ones, as
y gazO 0 -iplacently upon their
thers, flowers anti iibbons thus
tehed fron tho jiws of destruction ,
tie, heroi,t of' this doughty knight j
I l'old I.im in gilatefll remimill.
lce for at least two daiys, that being
ex1101ne litnit of femitine grati-- 2
e rind feoale constancy. And if,
e ance, itt the dimn vista of the a
ure, this little episode should be
d1uet.ve of serions cu->seg uencee,
it should be decreed thut,
IThe heart that has for ionor bot,
liy bliss must. be repaid,"_
7e bet cur bottom dollar that the 6
wuement will be as follows :
d then they bouti I th ho ly knot be
fore St. Mary's shriiie
It Iakes a P1aradisU on enith, when C
iarts and hands coibine,
I every lord and lady bright that t
Were inl chapel ere
d, .-lonoreI be the brav-at knig t. Pa
beloved, the fairest fair." sl
TUTK. ap
TIE second' quarter or ttis
sahool will Commence Mondayi
the 19th ofApril.
It will be ti good tiaio for
thosc whto) have tlot been in the (
oul to enter, ns there will be a re -or k
izatien of C'asses. &o. 8t
or terms, &c., apply to ye
pril 113 Principal.
wotice of Land Redenptioni.
Autrrotn's OrFPcti,
Fairfield County, April 9It , 1875.
OT'ICE is hereby given to llenry
~Clarke anid his assignis, lint the
icy hats been deposited in the County
asur*y of Fairfield County, fotr the ro
ption eone hi andred and eightyv (I180)
is of landt its Tow nshinx 8. sold as the
perty of thme estaxte or W. U. hloyles, de
sed, totr iaxes, aind puirchtased bty the I
dl llentry Clarke at. delinqnont land sle
rch 8ith, A. D. 1875.
pil I0-2i Auditor 1F. C.
SR.. .OSEPIl FIIEY ret'pectfully in
L forms th c L adies an-I (lent Ileet
Vini.sboro-and v icinaity, hat lie is in
isboro prepared to ttne and repair
nos, tOrgatis and Melode'ons.J
ir-onis desirtous orfI huving thiIle-itr In
minents ini good ol der wH il p-lease h-ave
I w th Mr. F'. eitg.nt.d it will be at.
lcd to.0
omothing NWow,
tIll1 ohld con v'n ientI Mad I 1.-ety wemi
pied by 11. II. hif, uw!ert iihe
I scicoted ituc k of t lhe veri' best Wii'in e
I liquors thu atin 'be 19i. '1 intmi to
it, die patronago or thle pubhl.o by
ping first-chiiss goods, anid giviing my
tometrs what they call f-or at lowest
C. Corn Whiskey and Brandy
at Specialty.
Ihave an advantage in procnring
l.ecal at the lowest pri-ces.
on't fail ta give ine a call and satisfy
irself of the above facts.
pril 1.-mons
Trilal Jutittice.
f All businCs.i "ntrieted to him will
recive prompt attentlon. S
Nlotico of' iLand Rledemption,
AMirzotte OFFieEr,
FairfIold County, April 7th, 187i.
OTICE is hereby given to J. N. htgon
and hs kesigns, that the mioney has
n deposited in the County Treasury of
rfieldl Uounty, fotr the redemption of
rnty five 85 act-es of land in Township
8, sold as the propet ty of the estate
John Yongue, deceased. for taxes, and
-ohiasedlb the said J, N, Ligon, March
8th, A. ,., 1876.
ffI 1 LN N EA Y
ADIES' Hats trimmed to order by an
.J experienced Milliner, at reasonable
Les, and warranted to give satisfaction
1E largaest snu finest stock of Black Al
oa in this place.
beautiful ittook of Piqxcs. Stripcd and
locked Nainsookm J.wckoijete, wisi
utilius, &o. Notious and Trimmings it
eat vnriety at
npril 6 J. It. PROWN'S.
) U Spring stock has now arrivel an
we invite tie intpection of all buy
I. A fine lot of
Dress Goods at Low Prices.
llinery opening this week. Come onc
ne all. give D Lauderdale u uall, and
ng tihe money.
i-pril 6-Spi
New Grocories.
hh i.U. I" -it i t%-. 0 EnX
ilul Molasses and Siru
t-I. Choice Demor,% ra Canton
bllb. Yellow U, Extra C, nd Gravula
Led Sugar.
4acks prime Rio Coffee.
Ilce of County Commissioners
W1MNsonRo, -. C. March 28d 1875.
1A L ED proposals will be received at
) (his office for thirty days for (lie build
g of a bridge over Cedar Creek at
ii1ih's ford. All bids mtust b e accom.
ided with the Iames of two or more
ffioient sureties. The commissioners
merve the right to reject any and all bide
in their judgment. the interest of tihe
Unt require it, For de tall Qf plan, and
eotient,ions apply at this ofilce. -
mar 26-t4x8 Ol4ivmhan.
IEALED proposals whl 1e receivec
) until the 1701 inst., to furifIshl th
reet Lamps with oil for thensuing
By order of Council,
p1l 7--8 JNO. A. FIRASER.
Car Load White C orn.
Car Load Flour-all grades
OCar Load Bolted Meali.
ilbite andi Smoked Bacon ani
io and Java Coffe.e-"greer
ew Orleans and Com.not
11 grades of SUG A R.
and cans.
enineII Durhaan Smoking To
~few & Handsome
Stotiing Silver PlIate, Suitablo
for birth-day anel Bridat
ett's 'of rl'ch Jewelry, Furvguois
Pearl and Ame'Thyst,
lDromn $30 to $?L per Sett.
vatiety of Fine Lookots, and Sea
fresh lot of POCKECT KNIVE
oh 1.%
Special Notlcem.
AmPIRIANS are a Nat ion of Dyspeptics.
We live fast, dissipate and Aill emly
graves. We drink all kinds of ncoholic
spirits, and swallow, wit bout was ivation,
pork, greafe stnd every kind of life.de.
stroying, system-logjging, indigestlhic
food. Dr. Walkers Vegeta!ble Vinegav
Bitters will rvmove the e%lt cffeots, sn
the recovered patient. with pure, vitalized
eloetrical blood flowing through hils veinm
will have a clo arer hrad tnd a coolei
Judgment, which added to experience, will
caute h1iu to abbtain in the filuime.
l14W TO iISTAX Tir Pueomtximy ok
-tr. ST.vrs.-Keep jotil money it homne.
Vo iout >-end away for ni.yt hilg which 3o(i
cnn obinii as w. 11 'Ce e 4a -liewhere. Wei
do n'-t ad vocam e p.-ying $ flor i htat. w iet
you can buy atroad for oven 0-I 90. ba.
when yout 0nt buy your Bintk look- ol
te 101 grd1. It. 'iricix ats low ts t.
Vork. Ilien, send to u alker. Evitns &
Cogswell. (ha lesion S. C.. ind p-rchase
whit you iteed. All their Dlank Book . nri
made in Charle.-ton. ond .our en11coirage
mnent will austain i worthy tmallufa..turinp
Dr. J. Walker's California Vin.
egar Bitters are a purely Vegetable
preparation, mado chiefly from tio na
tivo herbs found on the lower ranges of
the Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor
ia, tho medicinal proporties of which
aro extracted therefrom without the uso
of Al-obol. 'Tho qutostion Is altmost
daily asked, "What Is the cause of the
unparalloled SUCCeSS of VINEGAR 11T
TFl(SP' Our answer is, that they removo
the cause of disoase, and tho patient re
covers his healtb. They are the great
blood purifter and a life-giving principle,
a perfoct Renovator and Invigorator
of thle system. sNover befor in ithe
history of the world has a mediolno boon
compounded possesing the romarkabla
qualities of VIxUAR BiTrrTEu in hCaling the
sick of every disease man is heir to. Ithey
are a gentle Purgative as well as a Tonic,
reliovitig Congestion or Inflammation of
the Liver and Visceral Organs, in Bilions
Tho Qroperties of Dit. WALKER'S
VINEoAR Ti'mts are Aporiolnt, Diaphoretic,
CarnAnaive, Nutritious. Laxative, )iurotic,
Sedative, Counter-Irritant, Sudorific, Altora
t1yo, and Anti-Bilious.
,%. II. McDONALD & CO.,
Drugglets andOen. Agts.. San Fraiisen. Calirforni,
and cor. of Wiailngton and hiarlton St., N. Y.
Sold by aU Dr .ggistd and Daleri.
Percales a n d Poplins,
Checked and Stripod Nainsook.,
Swiss Muslins, Victoria Lace
Stripe, Brocade Guipuro
Ladies and
en3tE *' 'L\Otions
pROS E N H E IM & C0.,
R ESPECTPTPULlX inform Ihec pub,
lie -In general that It hey haive opiened
the store formerly occ'upied h'y J. II.
Cathe,nrt whtere they itenud to con,iduct a
genoral stoek of merchandise,consisting of
Fair and square treatment lo cao a an<
o very one that will call oni us,
inatof 27
(1UNPOWDEIL Tea, Young Hlyson Ton
Oolong T6sk guaranteed fine. Cal
anid get a samnple' For sale by
ma 9
if 4-GU I
TI'he Syi lit o is of .iver otimplaint are uni
I he p itn is in time s'iotler, and is nistak
I'd Witi the loss of appetite atid sioioss.
ieraing withl tax. The ht iead ir tr,)l, wu4
-i-h-rable lo<H of i, --a r ey, acoo-tipanlol wit
somiethit ing w I chl otight to have bopn Iloil.
Iaind low apirits. Son'et ime muany of the
vet y fevw of I hem 1t t 1he liver i- genleral
1I4 warrntiled not to contain a siagle
particle of Mercury, or any injurios
minler-Il eubstanllce, bit io
coniitain 'i; Ig those Southern's roots and. tiertas
wilich ilal nilwie 11t ovidonoo haw placed
inl countriesi i here Liver Discat,.es iio.t4
prevail. It wiii core all di.c-tses ennised
"y derang !nme..is of the Liver and How
Simiins Liver Regulator, or Medolma,
Is tninlenly a fiaimily mIedicinev, and by
h -ing kpt, readvly for in1,i ,e rll .e esort. will
sive many till limi- ofsnifferinig nid many
ia dl lar31' ill li-14 end tlclors', bills
I \F,er over Fort.y years trial it is stiI
retceiviig tihl- Imlot. i1nqu111ailu 1'ied tesi
n t;it iit i virlet(4s fromi pel rs,)1n ' s 1
highest chlnaacer 'i' rIT weponsibility.
1,msin11(i t physici;lans commend it as lime
ost I f e c t u a l S p e c if o .
forl ,nsuimpli n, Ilwllelace. Pa.1in inl O.he
shoulders8. );zz.in--ss, ,M4tr 'Ktuuach, bad
t;iste i a li moid!, tilliis nttacks, Pal.
iit lit 'on of lie Icart, Pain in hlie regions
of lite Kidineys, despoinduoy, gloomi tnd
fot s ' ohillil or evil, all of1 whivit are the
off's-ring ol'a diseased Liver.
For Dyspesia, or Iudigestaoa.
Allimed viih this4 antmite all cliimates and
chitliges of water anmd footd may ie faced
wiAb 1 I *t ea' As a I(t'iemedy is Ma1lairious
Feveri, 1141wel C01mplain11s, rcstle.mane.
.alanidic,e, N inisea,
It is tie cheopetit, pure's and tIhe besl
Flumily MiAicine in the world I
lifty n i pwowders*rs' PreI,ared Simmose Liver
Regnditor itiless in our engravod wrap
per Wit hTriade mark, stam.pi and signr uro
ittmroken. None other is gettine.
lacai, Ga., and Ph1iladelthia.
Simmous' Liver Regulator.
Ptor nil Iliseaises of the Liver, Stomach and
St.ieeni. As a remedcy its
Malariouss Fevers4 'Howel, Compla'intIs,
1)ype sia, enl lh'epression Hest.
lessneim"s. .ianntdico, Nansen, Sick
liteadlchse, Colhic, Comist ipa
10tione and Uiliionssness.
it iiS' EOc_j.'ua'a
A gr'eat
Put somte
AlTl tire Best Goods,
AlU the B st Styles,
All the Best PatteT'ns,
All tl e Best Gait,ers
All the Best B-usiness
All the Best Roots
All 'No Sahstatst
All the Sizes
Furhgot,Benedict & Co
n ie x m a num~~ UGS0, &e
1i.4-hess aLn I pIiu in thu tStle, doteS
en for rheumatism The staqaoh il aUeqt.
bowels iq goeril oosllve, sospelties aIr
itl pain, an I dull, l406vy san1ions con.
h1 p-iutil sensa&ion of iaving left uUrto?p
Qrtel) Cqumplaitlin of vokqgss. debill.ty
bove atiend the disease an4 at .other tint
ly the organ mno8 involved.
" V h wo never spe or iriod'sua
simple eilcapique,. at.sf,%tqry *no plans.
out remedy in my aie."-f. IAine,, 8t,
Iq utUs, Mo
gou. Alpx. Jf -Stephpg. """
"I oseasunally use, witoa4 py oon.diiet0
requires it, Dr. Simtons' Liver Regulal.
lor :Jl)t hgoi sJ'p,W.--,j1o,q, 41es.. 14.
Govorner of Alabwa'
'-Your Regulator has been ln as e miy
fainly kor sone tine. aqd I a pursuaded
it is a vilunable addlou to ,be medloij
sWen 'ce "--1vv. I. Oli .4iortdj, Ala.
"I laive tnei lite Iegulator in ny fami
ly for the past seventeen years. .4.aA
safely recoouieud it, tghe world an Ih
beiL iedicine i have over used for that
c!ass of diseasea it pnypor.ts to oure."--.
H. F, thligpen.
Fresident Oity 'Batik. -
"S-immnons' Liver Regulator has profte4
a good and e0cacious r olooae....0. A,
6AWe have been acquatted with' Dr.
81n.inous' Liver Medioino for more tha..
twenty years. and know IL to be the.be.st
Live legulater offered Io the publio."-..
%I. R. Lyon and 11. L. Lyon, SAlefontaie.
"I was cured 6y &tnmous' Liver Rogu.
Islor, auler having sulered sefeal year
with Chills anid over-"R. F. Anderson,
The Mnorgy.
"I Havo been a dyPpeU,e for year ; bo
gn the Ilegulalor two years ao it ha
Aotei like a citaru lu wv case.' --Rov. I
I., IIolies.
Ladies ndoreement.
"I havo given y.our ume4leine 0
thorough trial, and in no case has-it failed
to give satisfetion."--'Elllr Meacham,
C4lattahoeheo, Fla.
Sheriff Bibb 0Ounty.
"I bare used your Regula.or w1th soo..
cessful 4IFOt in i ious Colo and Dys
pepsia. it is an .exslent remedy and
certainly a publio blesshng.-"-C. Masterv
son, Bitb County Ga.
My Wife.
04My wire and self have used the Regu.
lator for years, and estify to its great
virtues."--Rv. J. !'ulder, Verry Ga.
"I think Simmou Liver Regulator one
of the beat medlinines o4er mato for the
Liver. .My wife snd many ot'hors, hve
used it with wonde'M fost."HE. K,
Sparks, Albany., Ga.
M D.
"I have used 1the Regulef or in my fami.
ily, also +n my regular practice, and have
tour.d it a mosth wahtable and *uA40faetgry
meodiclno, ami~ believe if 41 'was used by
tihe p'rofossonm It wouldi be -rf service Iu
very nmany oases. I know very much of
1Sa component parts, andl certify Its mnodi.
ina'l qua1lites are perfecty harmless. --
II. I. (Origge, M. D)., Maooa, Ga. .
-mnaroc 2-x6m
In Boots& Sho~e
MGE your,'pocket
-so desirable.,
aIt Laind ekers
at L t. ekpes,
at L a i es.
at L a I tker's.
Shoes, at Lanldeckers
ial Qualities, at Ljandeckera.
mdl( Shapes, at Landeckers.
E$CUREO (fnotd'he Oil of fltAey
I p,,% oNitr tbAIu~tidies of Pairield th e
mnogt Pashional$e, N%udful and attra a.
tive Stock of
ever exhibited for sale In, this plgee,
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Whit, Goods, Paesi Goods, Notions,
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Frilling~s, &o., inclu aing all of the novel.
. le6 of th season, Please dall and see,
Very Re!pectfiliy,

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