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WILLIAMS & DAVIS, Poprietors.] A FaiIy Paperl Devoted lo'Sclence, Arti hnquly, Indudtry and Hierature, 'M~m$,OPr wu~b 4alQ
F A II I I ) I I) HE A L11
W I L L, I A M1 S & 3) A V I S.
2rnT.-The /,iRA ,D it published Week
y in the ITown (if Wiln3boro, at $3.00
ti juriafly inl advanter.
qy-- .All tr-insient, advertisemtents to be
I 1/0 IN AD IVANch.
Wlitlt:try Notices and Tributea $1.00
I)Cr I qare.
PENiU PhE W 1,h ALK.
Yost nty get Oiroug!i Ih* world,
illt 't will oe vc ' y blo w,
If yoll ht to all:
That is sid I, you go
You'll he worid. an-1 irtted.
Aiail kept ill a it iew,
For me-ittle..,1tme t0l guCH
Will havi: --m e0inill4 to slo
Fur pt opl, uvill talk
It qIliet and motlest,
\ uu'.1 IaJI%e 1 p esanad
That your h9ttil.b.e pIb.ion
1.i olily ns 1111u o ;
Y ou're a le i.1 a,laicep'v clothing,
Or :re yaa1'r1 at IO
i,14t donl'i get (Xcled
Reel)pi-,lrI'evoly .ool
For pttiple will talk.
Awol 1hen if ymi ,how
I lie,it b.l it ss-i of Iteart,
1, a sigll at.;au ation
To Ia R1e , our v ,a I'll L.
They %% I Catl )Oul tll up5talt,
("ovicelted tian I Van
litt, icrep Stratigit alttad
PoU'L t1(9 to exp atin
F-r .o le w ill talk.
It'2 bre-lbare your dre.-s,
(, tial-iodio;1A yourtl na41t,
Sotaic ile wailtCy
'Iake tut.c of ,at,
Atid i ih t rsit'sat h troiig.
Tat you ni't j.aijt yiour way ;
]It duult Jyel exciled,
WhLatIUve they .1ay.
k or p.cuple wi;1 ialk.
If otr'a e s in iet fnthiot,
)".l't llitnk t) e:'e 01e,
F..r tIIyI. critici.40 rJacl
fit IL c1-l1ieretit aitpe ;
Yott're ablen4d ot )our tuentis,
Or . our 1a1or.* unp.sid;
But ritaill 30 i Oral wtsS
There'd w11il to be ni de
If a fell.w bat Cllknoco
To winik atigirl, - --
Ilow (ilegossjps will talk,
A aid their' 4atndal unrut,
' li1 iUlLvaill yuir W.1i18
A tak1111 or y0q.,ugeij141s
Fur ptopie will t ilk.
They'll talk fir.o before you'
t'. it-i at y-mir ak
of Vdidot 'il .4lahdert
Thtre''levera- lae'i
IIow kind amid polit.
iti nl thtL they S.a.
iut bitter as gall
Whon'yot'ro out. of tho way.
For people will tak.
Now, tie best way to do
I to do its you pen1.,
For youir htilild, it' y.ot, IaLvq quo,
- WVill thIenl lie at ease.
Of ooterslO v su Wil! tmeet
With al 'Storl? of abise,
iut don't-ah 1ink it) stoi, Il tn
It aint. atly , se
Fvr p.oplo will talk,
Cardth,-frl 11h0 cUrk.
We offrl our apologies to Messrs.
WXoodr'u1f and .Jones for tor, noticitng
mo tre .part.ieu Iarly -t he cairds publi,ha
edl .several days ago int thue Phkonix
Aaytitg cominug fromt those gentle
menca is ot interest, to the public. The
last tim 13we satw their nameUs affiolaal
ly thae,y wero -attachecd to ta h)ogna
olatint. Tfheclerlis koew so t-uoh and
tell ato lit thu tht, whent they speak
thety+ah.,uld.h1e heard, andit ,ttt.hting
butt a-blso%oo ftrom the city provetated
.J. Woodhra' che.rk of- the senflate3.
correOts 'the .Utilon- Iierwid 'itn .the
gout fir-nd otf theo senmate. Josephus
a vern tbat Mr'. -Wbhittemaao did not
get art -order on that fundtl.. Sinace
.Joe' is in thet humtaor of gtvinag in.foar
mla ion, nn .ha Ito f I us a aith.inag abot,
ia bti I. hu-t, looks lit1ce.thi.
F ar rent of ai houmtst . .$ ,(000
Fdr griaoeies~ etct., 38'6
Solo ken.t 'ater trunk4
Ftn tb auggy ba. rtjiss 60
'Thrtee corda oft -wood -18
iIo htorse bltaket 11
Tlotat $1,520.
Th.e a bovo we arte informed:oan the
besat autthority, wats paid out. of lte
cort,ilLent, futd of thet Senate. 'IThe
wtar rantsLi wer nt int Seat tor WV htit
tem.nai e's namn Tfhey wore tall issued
to dJ. W\ todruffl, wrho i-, allwy w4VB illintg
to( stahda in theo breauhl.,
A. (O. Jonecs, cletk of t ho house of
rep)resenttatives, has published int the
Phtetnix, int r..sr onse to our.reqtuests, a
corret list of llams ptassed at the.
lato aession. It, is idenatic.al with the
list published by us a few days,o
with tho addit io of one for f.!tos.
W. Prie & C2o., which huas not yet
b)oott issued. It is a source of great
patisfatctiont to aeverai ptartles to have
this certifioate. W e are not .likely
herceaftor' to have any more maStakeO
whtereby $250 can grow to $2,250,
;nd thosa htave good claims . oan tesl
easy without fear that they will b
nmDflO(l bV fra wlt-U iusI.ad
A Shocking Csll1Y.."
Abiut,5 o'clock .yestrday after.
noon Pilot Boat 9,'a>t Bain CQr
ker, renebed the city with Capt.
Isaae E. telyea, of the yacht Ella
Anna, who, with o"e of the passen
gers of that ill fated vessel, was pick.
ed up off Sullivan's iland. Tone
flows of one of the -1most h . Ud
ing disal- l-tI t1.M7tas 0c in
this harbor for yorA so. re1'd
like- wildfire, and .6 an hour -it% e
the wharves wLero ~ *dedw' i
util1 iqu,iOes io" th.d4e W
the melIgikooly'aMo
Capt. 'R.a , ed the
Ell.4 Anna, ttatealha he yajht
left her pier at 'alf-past 0 ! o'litok,
having been -chartero,.A 6a a Y
to the JhUuisatotH'o'bby, iF' Ih i.
The party coutiated If ltr 1...V.
Sar0im, 'Mr.' Adolpih Dq<is ,:;
James Leahy, Alr,. A. .W , .Adf)ma
and MAuster Job 'C, E'jvlq, th'
y4unjgcst son of, rJ' A. low
of'thlai.ty.* Th:thb'(boa
co.si-A.sIf,td 'o C i ely e ilu, q'.
youtg tad U.IInCd. Wil11 n- .IlfkO, ' a,
$(il of Capit.A-idlawm 11rke, .a. ty.11
kuowu pilot of t4ili t4cy. -- - T jll
mas fair and p'llk'ami :dtli ate~l
spenditig 'sevprsl, i.'r4) a-it )th,
Ilousatonio buoy,. the -ycobv hoiI
I m4.oi-k, s d o' fi.r' homewarq.
voyage. . y Iii litae.'the' W4roez&
had fremheim.d aiid a reef- waS takenm.
in khe sal. About fittenn. -uiautis
pt.itt2 oolok, when aibItN ,two,.. hu.
drod,,yard's tmBw'a's o Sjet*.y .oil
6uliivau's Island, thleI , p' oUt
his helm down and. attenqitddi topi
his vessel iW. ntia ikot-her) ivord,to>
wearehip. ) The pipht,igliWever ro.)
fused to obe) her, &IelPl, jqVd ,he q
.t,ae, al4d wais bopb't Up. . j the,
m iid, atwhieli Inbuent a flaw! str6ek
he r., - 11vr ,guiiw ilsI wdre forcod
undeF by, tj4Ql a .in:a 4-W, TA
wae-f e ak it fif.edi6 qf,
coursd, left st u gln i, W (Abi,'
and in the cofusi n thJt enstid.r;
of thely -were fitypr 8yop4 ,ut: .4ep!
or drowned. The Acoident was wit.
ness'ed by Pil6t 11 at No. 91 whioh'
wagi t/.thit time' thiig 0kCa,n
Illing l;oint, aind Ca pt. Coketk.AhA..
mediately came to the rescue. Capt.
Rel)ea and Mr. A. W. Adams wier
pickud up and brought to the cit5.
In the- meantime, one, of the woroers.
on the gtillage, who had also observ
ed the accideut, shoved off in a yawl
t,oat, which was anchored to the
beach, and arrived in time to pick
up Mr. Suivis and Mr. Leahy. The
former was isaensible when carried
to the shore, but soon revived. lie
was too il. however, to come to the
city. Nothing whatever was seen of
the remainiug four persons who had
been occupants of the yachl, and the
bupposition is ti at they were either
drowned or swpt out to ada.
Mr. James Leahy, one of the res.
cue( passengers, arrived -in the city,
on the six o'ulook boat from the
Island. hlis statemaent 'of the disais.
ter agrees with that furnished the-re
porters of this paper by Capt. Rlelyen.
M r. Leahy anid Mir. Sarvis were pick
ed up bay the yawl from the Island,
but neither of thema is able to say
a hiat becoame of the missing men.
WVhmen Mir. LeAby left the islandi, bir.
'Sarvis was in a erit,ical conadition
from having been ini the water so
.long, but, hopes are entertained of his
recovery. At a late hour last, night
a hundred rumors were pfioat con
oerning the fate of the re'stof the par
ty. It was atuit6d that hilr S.rva
had died, that Euaslow had been
picked up at, sea and was in a fair
wvay to recover, and that young
-Hmu ke had maunnued to swiII to F?ort
Sumer but none of the rumors
could be traced to a trustworthy
sRo-ree, and there s"oems to be very
lMttle doubt that all of the four per
souis nmed have met a watery grave.
A party of gentleme.a went dlown to
the senue of the disaster, last night,
to search for the bodi.a, but up to
I nidnimght they had 'jot returned..
M! titer Jloho K. Enslow is a son of
th. J . A. N'osl ow, of Otnarleston, and
s about sixtueen years old. lie we
not able1 to swtim, andl it Is feared
t ha.to be wnt downva withI the boat.
Master - Gialmani Burke is aubout
s.eventteeni yiars told, and is the son of
Capt. W ma. Burke, a well known
pih,t oif this city. Being a good
swimmi ner thes e is some hope thati he
may have mnanaged to keep himsehl
afloat until piocKed up by. a passing
Mlr. Geo. E. Kent is a native o
New York, who has been residing is
Now Charleston several mtanths. 1i0
was enageoD. in the auction busineri
in King sLrebt, near the Academy o:
music, and boarded at the WaverIj
Hiouso. Hie wa,s twenty-three year
Mr. Adolph'Davis wasn ,wenty-sevea
years old, and was a baative of Louis
ville,.Ketuuky. Hie -was embleyed
in the United 8tates 'aymnaster's de
Assoon as the news of. the 0i#$te
retohed the city Mr. C. W. Chanoy,
00M P4te4 tAtes 4giu#gr 4epi4K
ment, eoibarke4 on th golvortnhent
steaim launolh apd,orq 'ed aruunu tle
scene' Wr seve 'all todX d e6hing for
i he boJiea. Te launoh/however, re
turn d at 10 o'clobk IiA igh"Lt wit g.
out having discovered. a iiiXe trace
of the lost mon.
is a , ioop rigged yachto? about eight
tons burden and wp built about
seveu.years ago by. Messrs. .M arah &
8onat the *ell"known ship- builders.
8he was*b1qlIdered one of th6 'fatet
a4iling y*.chts,o.,ti)e h;P bor, ltviug
repeatedly won,rgoes in this harbor
an-ini. Savannah. Her value was
about $1,500. A small boat vulned
lit $11 i, whtih was towing astern,
. lo weut dowu. The owuer. Atr.
Jamles Rileyhad beeibut'6f tie city
for some qtad had -.bjti j.3bt arrived
jrou Port Royal wholn ie heard of the
di. ,ressiing elua.iky.-Vtos and
AmHericai Forests.
An iuduattibti writer lias' furnish.
%QAO intpreting figures in regard to
the rapidity with .wbich A moriiaan
forit-ts .re being srquatnderd. ' This
exhibit shows that in ten Iyears i no
l-,s thanl 1.2,000,000 acres were out,
ad burnot4 over to reduce the land
to CultiVatiOn. 'wen -five cities
take anlit Ilyroi 5,000 to 10,00'0
Lic . eelc for fuel, while in the aggro
gato-8,000,000 acres oer year are
u,:ed,np fVl,tii4>jr iiii7ad waste.
Ihe r.IrLa' are a'ready consuming
150,000 acres per year lor ties.
Few of the Bisteru anl Middle
Stu to. hu%e any forests left to speak
' ; mtiost of the Western States, cant
of the Rocky Mountdin<c, are barren
of titber, and as a consequence we
must son lok to the Pacifio slope
fur a supply. To make up for this
inmens drain the plucting'of forest
tiees progiesses at the rate of not
more thau 20,000 acres per year.
Lynellllng a Minister for Preathliig iliP
i A man died, recently, at Sutter
:reek, who bad never lad'heied to
any particular belief 4n any specified
a stemt) of religion, but who bore
,eputation of being a liberal, kind
Ie irted man and good citizen. A
minister was requested to conduct
the futieral service, and the good
n)lll diring his -discouist., , said in
effect, that thi d:osased had not the
least ehat cc of salvation, but had
made a bee-line to the hot nlce.
Tlose who heard him were indignant,
mid that evening a party of men
went to th3 nainister's house, dragged
him out of bed, put a rope around
his noek, deolaring they would hang
him. Ile behged hard for life, and
finally retracted the aspersions I-e
had cast upon the deceased, and pro
m1ised to leave the place at once.
Ile was thee released, and next daiy
he p..ck il ilup his effects and left.
Ailta Calior)iian.
There was a m,Ii citastrophe near
Augusta Ga., on Saturday by whiih
Mr. Fred A, Maxwell and Mi s1 Cor
rilno Duiwoudy o,t their lives. It
seems that the couple, with tomte of
their young friio, wore boating otn
Burch's Mill P'ond, whent -the boat
containing these two upset, antd they
were left floun.dering~ in the water,
Mr. Maxwell was a good swimmer and
made a desperate an,d alinost, success
lul efforc Li save his fair -om'ipanion
but the task was too great for his
strength, and just b,efore reaching thme
shore they sank together to rise no
more. i,s Dunawoody was a youuig
lady of greatt beauty, and was univer
sally beloved. She was only sixteen
3 eat s old and had tnot yet left schocol,
tnd is theo last ohild of a widowed
mtother. Mir. Fred Maxwell was
ouly about twenty thiree yearis of age
and las bcen planuting at his pl.ce
near Augusata. Hie was a young moan
of highm characters and great, promise.
Tryllng.he Presidet's Whliskey.
The Alexandria (Vai.) -Sentinel
g(ives an aceounut of the visit of twc
V'irginiants L to eNotd'enf Or . tt a few~
days 51nee. Tlhtose gentlemen were
tiotal strangers to the P'residlent, but
beinig ushered itito his presenco the
spokeuman.of the pair remarked thati
tney were unireconaruoted rebels who~
desired to soc hima, face to faa and
the Pre.d-nlt~ seinhg lhe humor oh
the timing talked very ph-auntoly wih
his v'iitors. inaally, oneO of' the Vir
gihnians remarked th it he id i noi
mnean to hie im..pertinent, but they3
hadt heard that .the Vresldent was
not op5poaed.to a good glass of whit
key, and they were somewhat of t,bt
samne persuasion, andI would hike t<
takerggiff #lth bijs for soottbill
ty's. sake. "He su'illedI, and tol chip
a "little bell," end or,dered int th
fluid, end the callers drank i
health ailI prosperity, and thean de
parted well plea1ed with their visE
as the .lresident also seemed to b
evidenmtly appreciating the humor
his guests.
Why do people call for a piece<
string,1 ad did any,body ever hear c
o'ne calin for a whole one 1"
All Serts.
The first thing in a boot- isthe I ast
This is how they Iingi it. rtw
4Darling I am growing b id."
An Alabama colored patent niamc
hie dauhiter fleterogenious.
A sociqty que,otion-DWes "on;er.
Pungh propos"s as a sweet. nan
iiilveri title for "a oit.y love sng
"Einua Mine I Eama Miieh!'
"Can you prell- But no ; we
won't;. W'l suve it L)r the itt
match."- Boston 'Yansmith.
Annie llowe, who eloped with her
lover, In Aentreal, the other day,
wa bound to be uarrie4, Annie
Alluding to ohignons, btri. Cleaver
said : "A girl i. all head.' "Yes,
until you talk to her," answered Mr.
An eastorn papir regrets to state
that pimong aill the families repreout,
ed in tie ; orsis Club of the town
there is'not one baly.
Arsene H1oussaye asks "Which
is worth most iii tme world, the ap.
proval of your own conso abe or of
public opinion.
- Notice to burglars : The. Fitch
diamomnds have beenk reimoved i-ow
the New Yotk Custom House to the
residece of the faumily.
Newbern North Carolna, has a
paper called the Nut Sholl, and its
editor is very appropriately known as
61he Coloncl."
"Ifullo, bub I Tr) iug to get an
appetite for your dinner ' "\Vell,
n-o e ; not exactly ; faut is, I'm try.
i$ug to get a dinner for my upp tite."
A Scotch uaiden, upon her lo-er
remaiking "I think I'll marry- thee,
Jane," replied : "I would be njuckle
qbleeged 0b you if ye would."
' In Livirpool when a man 'geto
40 -k and eatd a u'nwspaper.they fino
,i. ps ten shillings for it, and that the
4ind of prens-gaggers they are.-Bos.
Ion Gobe.
Conducotr Mo..es Terry; remark
ing upon the weather, said "Cold
Y-a-a-sl The Atlantic Oeaun froze
over, and a mau j ist oataij over with
a loud of wood.
That Sing Sing eonvict who was
mariied a few days tit,ce has still
five years to remain in prison, which
insures him wedled bliss for that
time Ut lCabt.--Bo,j+% Globe.
Civil Righits on tile Rampage.
A bloody riot occurred in the anp
ital at Maryland on Mond y last,
o,used by the attempt of certain
a vil righters to prevent a man of
their color from exercising his civil
rights of voting tho Democratio ticket.
Annapolis hits hitherto been ountroll.
od by tepublicnit, but at the pres.
ent election enough of negroes voted
the Conservative ticket to carry it by
about 100 majority, whereupon the
Radical darke3 became enruged, and
attemipted to practice intimiudationm
as above stated. hind isea iuminatC
liring enisued, resulting in the kilims
ofone or two mnegrmoes and wouniungx
of a dozen or miore. Several whites
were bounded. Thus Granitisa
breeds disorder all over time land.
Umicle John Rtobinson, who was
the people's amid liepublicani candi
da.to for Mla3 or of Cimncinniat i, liad the
misfortune to be beaten on Momnday,
amnd to be badly beat en-6,000 beima
the miajority against him. When we
recolleet thant Cmeinminuai is not a
D)emioratio city, and that it has onil
elected the t.iehetof thamt party in latt
years because thore is a very large
Liberal element among it voters, tht
detfeait of MI r. Robinsonm cami only be
attributed to -the- fact that cirotn
meni n're ne,t popuiar In Cineinnaul
amnd t at its people have no desire
to have a menagerie iin their politica
Unmcle John, as he is fanmihmarly' edIled
is said to be an honest nman1 hut hme
bail been coninected with rings mll
his life, and eveni now-namsoiates witl
clowns. Hloneo very probably his
A saimmier episode, as -avolved by
lhttle Johnny m ast m.umnr.er ourdo
Towser was a lying in the suan a trio.
to sleep, butm the flies was thm.t bad h<.
e i.ddent, coO lie hmed to outch o in, anud
bimea by a.bee a bee li't on his hed
an was aw'king about liko the do
was hisn. TIowner lie hiel big he,
still, tyhena time boo was close to hi
nose, Towasor winked at me, like hi
said you see what this duffer is a dolt
he thinkm' Im, a lilly of the valle
which issant open- yet,' but, you jum
wait till I blossom and you will se
some fun, and fun, and sure en
Towier opened his mouth very sI
so als not to friten the bee, and til
hee went inside Tpiwser. :noutl
Then Toewer he shet his d reamy eye
and hims mouth too, and had begun
make a paefle smile won the be
stung hi o), opd y'ou oever sob a lill
Uof the valley aek so in all of go)
iot. Potlheto as a Mir flunter-.lI
SkIll with the LISso.
A eorrefpondent of the San Frat
niseo A It - givos tuis doaaription of
tlilinjg encounter with a grizz!
beer,in which Gov. Paubeco ti,uirt
promit utly
Cov. Pacheco has 8amonig his at
coinplish ients-and they are IuI
-one possewied, we believe, Iy i;
other Govrnir in the United Saate.
lie canl lasso anld get away with
wild grizzly bear; and-wo sa w hit
do it, in lay, 1852, on the Ranuh
de lei Osos ( Ueur raniche.), in Sa
Luis- Obispo, then the residence o
Gov. Pacheco's mother. A way uI
inl the mountains, among the wil
oat-, the grizzlies take their morn
ing naps after thoir nightly prowlin
about in search of any stray cml
pig or other small gamic. 'arly on
morning the eriormious print of i
grizzly's foot was soen in the earti
cloe by the dwelliag of the G ver
nor's nmother, and in at feOy aiilutid
Pominaldo and two or three othie4
were in the saddle ani off for t-i
liloulnains. When the tall iwili
oats, half way up the mountain, wore
reached, the parly had iot rideit
more that. two ininutes anong the
tall, dry wisps, when thu hirser
suddenly started, snorted loudly; and
instaitly a huge grizzly-stood ereet,
with terrific porimeie, high above the
dry wiid oats. Hie looked like a
gigantie negro, with a shiagey, fur
overeoat, his eyes gleaming fiercely,
hiseruel teeth and red mouth un.
pleabanitly conspicuOUS. K6eh m1ian
and every horse for the ins'ant seem
ed petrilled-as if, while eve-y nrvo
and every muscle and wary teise m as
at i's utmost tension, they had Sud
denly looked upon the Medusa. In
a second's ti me Pacheeo spu red for
ward, swirgiig his lus,o. h'le bear
0o0mienaei sparring warily, and Iew
professional boxes can tond . off ai
these cieutures will. Hat Pacheo's
lasso hot out like ani arrow an
lasped nabout the huge fore-foot,
when the horse (who saw every more.
ment and was just as wide awake as
Paucheco) sprang the othur way, and
the 13O teinig fNAt to - the pon iell
the bear was instantly throwil, to the
ground)1when two otifW linon, kjutiok
as ightning, had thrown their Is.
sub's aid oaught the hind-feet ; then
aiother jider cought the I.oe fore
foot, and four hurses took thisir pIsi.
tiunb like cavalry animails trained by
some noiselets signal, and alowly
marchedi down the mouintiai's side,
two horsts in the van and two in the
rear, draggit-g Ula Alujar quit-t-ly
down the grassy diticett, the toar
hor.aes keeping just taut line enough
to pievent the bear from gettiing
any use of his teri ible hind caw.,.
Faustenilig tle bcarx's hind feet to
a strong, deep-diiver stake, they
stepped awaiy to at rspectab-lo di,,
tance, their eyes upon the feroeim
creature adn their h1a(ds upon thoul
addle-pui-els. We waliked np
close tip the bear to t:ake a c refid
look at him. All ciled out . "Cuida
do P' "Take care !'"
"Vhy, ho's all secure," we aidd.
"Ye- ; but look out ;"
"I (udo't thiniik lae could gel
Inloose 7"
"Pei hops niot, but you'd bettel
keep aiway I" Arnd we <iid.
Thie hear hay with h.is head bae
tween his lhuge lawts, coveriing hi
ye,save occSlasiab, whent in
wonid furtively li:t his eyes, lakei
sulky child, to look at, hii ciatart
t hien covern ag hais eyes aa in) remi
iicaoet aiad ,'tcal a noeri look
Soon he gaive hetavyesigha, anda a-ouan
onaeapaid, "lie is dl)iig, 1" We ex
pressed surprise to leaii thbat th. boa
was wounded.
"Hie is not wone, they re
pilied, "thnt his heart breaka-lhe di
of rage." And in a few momeinnts hi
had breathed lisa last, and was d rag
ged aiway sorme dia'anco fromt th
house and loft.
Puacec pointed to the rsky. WV
looked, arid saw ' hutine car rim
crows whoa-c watchful e.yes Ihad seei
the feast long before it was halif wa,
dowin lie mioantain aide ; anid befen
we uere a hundalaed y1irds f.om th
dead bniar its bodly as compuletel):
hidden b.y the aiable, fhlappig w ing
of the hungry tundertakers.
Bly thre deciioni of a New Yor
IYoa:k (court of Speciual Se.a-ioins a ma
bas been iisent to' prison for box ii
his-sona's ears. Tihae ) otiigster, wh
risn about nine yea.in of tia, ohijeorned t
j having hia ears blaipped, anad aipplie
a for a wanrant for his father's arres
B Tlhe warraint was garated, angd thaoug
,the dlutiful son failled to appear,i
v court, the6 father, on his own adi;i
t aon that be had slapped the boy
* eage, wait sent to jail for fivg:.day3
if there to meiditate on the beauty
o parenta' relations ce estabihedau I
e* statute, The deuidion of the Court
,* som6*hat star-thing, aid *e thope t
e, sall boys of the cominunaity ani
o refrain from pusbing their radyanita
. too tar. But parents irn furture nmt
y disrponse with that torror of boyho(
n-"th'e xod in pickle," otherwise tht
aos- ud themselves in the jug.
S Ilow to Estimate Crops 'er Acre.
Frame toge'ther f>ur light stioka,
ne,48uring exactly a foot square in.
a i.ide, and with this in hand walk into
y be field and select a spot of fair
s Overage yield, and Jower Itbe frame
over as many L.eads af it will inoloso
nd ahell out the heads thus inolos
oJ esirefully, and weigh the grain, It
a fair to prosume that the proportion
will be the d13,500th part of an acres
produce. To piove it, go through
the field -%nd make ton or twenty
Ssimilar calcul.tt ions. and estimate by
(lie ineans o'f the whole number of re,
f ,uIts. It will certainly enable a far
mor to aak* a 9'oser calculation of
whtt a ild will produce than he can
by guedsing.
The Building. Trade In New York.
The New Yofk Tribune says the
prospects for the building trade for
tho cumiag season itn that city have
not materially in.proved since last
yetr, when they ware not as good as
in 1873. Several tensons are as
sigieud fur the present dullness ii
the tiado-tho dullne.s in business
e.rnerally, the reduction of rents
Without a correponding redsetion in
the coit tf building nmaterials, which
had f.tllei' of slightly sinct the last
year ; the obstinate and' undolipro
Mising attitude of the trades' Unions
aid the conjeq.,icut frequent strikes
amoug tlie workn.e .
H Is True.
The V orobester Pros is responsi.
blev fr this :Seiibbled upon the
margim of a document received at the
Executiv Mansion from the office of
our Mjiibter to the Court of St.
James w.ere the following stanzas, on.
titled 'Sir l.ummydupe's Mauslige,"
whiteb are 1-upposed to have given
ri.e to thb rumor. that Gn. Soehek
wat alout to roNign .
I hold 'a hand at draw,
And, thitiking it worth while,
I "blinded'' half umy pile ;
And, with triumphant simile,
*Ue "saw."
.drew,o a
Thie oilipi-fouir verg Spuou.
draightwa idit fellow wiades
Fur mliwith three old maids
. -0 9c&1010 --
Mr. John llobinson, the circus
maniger, who ran for mayor in Cn.
einnati the other day, does not sceth
to be pleased with his first end only
expei ience in politics, On the iigh,
of his defcat ii audacious re
porter had the temet Ity te, call upon
hii rnd iask what he thought about
it. Whenl they bcought' the rapor
ter to, ad had.eleard the brimstono
from his eyes nad mouth, lie said lie
did mut iecollect exactly what Mr.
Rohi,nsonl snid, but lie judged by
the energtie annier of his speech
nimd the sizo and frequency of the
oath., that he did not care to run for
oiie aiy more.
The N. Y. Ifernld "says that the
South has naturally no ordintry in
te(-st in the Centennial celebration,
t(j at uToers an occasion not only for
I iIply of I he resotrces of that
riii priona of thme coiuntry, but for the
e'viii noo of its patrOtisma. Our cor
. respotidee froin bisai1sippi and
SG eorgia ind iea tea the in terest which
thiSuheuri pe'ople take in our
,inatioal aanivesary. It is unfornate
thlat the Sothemn States are too
porto give muclh pecuniary hlpl to
the enterpaise, but we trust that by
unoi.t year they will make' important
. ontrabbutionis of their productions.
r We cannot leave the South out of
the Cententiial without sotue dis
.credit, to the polio; the North has
a purbued sitice the war."
.Thie Ilon. Alexander fI, Stephmens
e denies dist liecty and emaphatically
that, lie over upheld, supported or
a defended any anot of usurpiationl by
IGeiner.'l Grant or anybody else,
iether ini low or' high olhicial position
y and says hei lite has been devoted to
the "iiaitiuenance of right against
a, wrorpy-tbr rights of individuals as
,well as the rights of atattes-amgainst
,ai e butsO., of piowcr whiioh tend. to op.
pi~re.ion and tyranny."
Thle first compajulsory educeation
cat. ci a off in New York on #i ed
niesday, and resultod in a boy and girl1
kC who retu.d to go s.cool, being sent to
"one of tho city reform sools, The
g ,parenits are both drunkat-ds,
0 Trhe T1ribune says that it is a mnero
Smatter of currenit News to doolare
t- that Mr. Beecher's bearing and worda
bi o the Witnesas stand areO produocg a
n very great impression upon the audI
ences ,in stIhe oourt,roin and, upoti the
'a 'general publipt
Pf TIhere Is a 1utter aInung the flun
yN koyas,'owing to the ustaterdeint thab the
IA E:nperor of Bratilr ifter resigning i'
e* favor of his (aughter, will take uj
'y his 'abode in the United 8tates.
St"One anallow does taot aake
d, spring." S3o wrota the poet, butt on
ey expeirienee is that, ooo crooked pin o
a~ chair does
A 1,omg Sante Q( Chtca.
A gae of obess between I4uro k
and New York city, sarted in 1a.t
by correpondence, to onneluded, artep
having been in progress for sixteen
years. The oontestauta were Dr,
Brensinger, of Pfoishelm, in Paden,
Germany, and F. A. Brensinger, of
New York. The Now York playep
won the game.
A Tex2s paper asserts that sheep
valu ed tit $7,000,000 are annually
destroyed in that State, This aecme
almost incredible, but it is oertaiq
that the destruction of sheep by dog*
in i ho whole country involves an
enormous lose. Maryland and Vir.
ginia are both great sufferers frou%
this cause. The destructive propen.
sties of the dog in this respect more
than counterbalanco any services ho
renders. It is pleasent to have the
affeotion even of a dog, but laid affea,
tion for sheep is often stronger than
for his master. The agriculturist
will have to choose between the son.
tinental estimation of dogs and th4
value of mutton and wool.
A largo heavy-set man who resiot
ed near Indianapolis died recently
from a disorder which no Indian doo.
tor could make out. At the time of
his death he was little more than a
skeleton, his flesh having nearly all
wasted away. A post mortem exani.
nation showed that his liver was full
of abi,cessen, so that his food had not
been properly absorbed, and that he
had notually starved to death.
The Bonedit Arnold house at Ne*
Haven is being demo'islhed to make
room for a neighboring store. It was
built between 1650 and 1660, of brick
brought fron Holland, abd was not
only once the lodging-plaoo of Ben-.
diet.Arnold, but the scene of his mar
One of our glories is a man's right
of trial by jury ; and what a proof of
oorroctness of our esoasy it is to hear
that the following papers were picked
np in a jury-room, after a recent trio
a :'1, not gilty ; 2, not Guiltuy; 3,
wit Giltey ; 4, not Uilty ;5, Gulty ;
6, 1ut Gilto ; 7 nut Gulter.
Gen. Augur has been sent to re
liove Sheridan at Now Orleans. It
is hoped he will in-augur-ate some
change for the better; though we
agaee with the Lexington Caucasian
that the whole Lcuisiana busines is
a gigantio bore already with small
opening for ao diminutive an Au.
General J.B. Gordon emphatioal
ly declines to allow his name to be
use0 na a oiandidate for Vice Prosi
dent. Ile thinks a straight out
Democrat cannot be elected, much
less a ticket with a Southern tian on
it. The soldier-statesman is right as
A call has been issued for a public
meeting in Richmond, Va., to give
expressions of regatd for the memory
of John Mithel, the Irish patriot.
The call is signed by Gov. Kenpor,
Mayor Keiley, Ex Gov. Walker, (ien.
B. T. Johnson and other prominent
In addition to the six Cardinals
recently nppointed, the Pope has in
dicated his i.tention to create Ave
other Cardinale, whose names for
prudent reasons he reserves, but
which will be madte known when he
judges proper. In the event of his
death they are to vote for his sucoes.
The Blarnwoll and Bltaekville wat
rages. Thore will be another vote
uap on the sutbject on the 1oth of
May. If lanwell wins, there will
no another election, we suppose. So
far the game of llaokville ham beau
"her.dy, I win tails, yout lose."
Unraion- IIcrald,
Tjilton said recently i *It will be
impossible for Mrs. Tilton to make a
reconciliation in this life for her o-.
operation with the defense to injfare
me, bit I expent to work for her sup.
port het-eafter the same s before,, for
Plymouth Churoh will throw her
aside when it has done asing her."
-The Trnibune says that It is a mere
matter of current news to declare
ti-at Mr. Boeocl'er, bearing and words
on the witness stand are produoln2 .
very great impression upon ibe audi
encee in the oourt room srul upon thq
general public.
The I,ouir.ille C'ourier-Journal
trots out as a atriight D)emora6le
ticket in l1% T1ilden and Hendricks
but Is noth-eoinmittal as to whi,h
horse shall be the leader.
'The new liquor law in 0hi, for
bids the prohibition by )looal goyer
ments of wine, older and beer,. thus
making a sensible distinotion -be..
tween spirituous and Sermnantes li
"Ye liig een eom. view the
grond whreyou must shortly lie,"
!ha aLady toda youngla r
who ras called upon to assist In dedi
eating a CJouu t(House.
a The newspaper men of the South..
r west are holding a convention at St.
a iLouis to devise mieans for the better
oompousation of ournaliatio labor.

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