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8W We are not responsible for the opill
one of correspondents.
DW Communications to ihis oic
will not be noticed unleRs acoompanied
by Ine r,;al name of the writer.
W Any perqoi In iheCounty having
know'edge of any eirumstanco of intereit
occurring in his neighborhood will confer
a faivor by furnishi ug information at this
L.ooal Notice.s will be inserted
(except by special contract). at the
following rates.
For ton lines and under....$2.00
For each additiounal line.... 15c.
Curoner's Sale of Parsonal proper
ty-S. W. Ituff, C. '. C.
G pods for Spring and Summer
MoManter atd Brice.
Insurance- J. V. Lw, Agont.
Spring Good.s-W. II.Flouniken &
W. R M.tr,lhall, of lidgeway, has
been oppointed ceissus-taker for this
The heavy wind.Sunday bent very
badly the weather rcoster on the
town clock.
The cold tn-p of Saturday Sunday
and 1onday his completely destroy.
od the fruit and vegetables in and
around town.
Gov. Chamberlain has- appointed
Mr. W. R. Marih.ll, of RiOgeway,
consustaker fur I-ai ifield.
The beef in the tuarket this week
is a shade better than that of last
There was a slight frost Wednes.
day morning, very little damage done
to vegetation.
Mr. Joseph Lauhon died at Ridge.
way on Monday last, after a litgei.
ing il.vesa.
We undetstaind that a bowling
alley will be put up in a few daya in
the shop formerly owned by Mr.
McCreight. This now alley will be
counstructed especially for ladies.
A party of negro sj.oits had quit.e
a "aetto" in front of M r. Wh.ite's
Contfectionary Sunday evening. No
airests were made as the police
couldn't be fvund
Several furmers from the country
tell us that the heavy fro.t of Suday
morning, and the violent northwest
wind conpletely destroyed all vegeta.
We1son tht the Charlotie Fire
Comtnes ni e dra Iiintg every night
for theu Cenitenn 'al. ii behooves the
boys belon.ing to the lhttle "Fait.
fieli" to s- ir up, or I hey might not be
admired as much on the 20th of May
next as they were a tu W years ago.
The Wiannsho o Iluil ping and L"an
Associa tto ion i iafourisntung conid -
tin, and we hope short ly to bee a lot
.of hands imo buildings go up in our
midst, to take lie place of thuose~ laid
waste'by :Sherana and his baind its.
T!he Massachlusett8 Sinbool Vum?
r.ow amount-a to 2,500,000. The
finest bul'ldinigs in Massaebu.setts are
u.chool.houses, while in -Soutn Cairo.
lina theo public schools ar'e generally
run about.four months, on account
of the wan 'of funds to pacy tenchers,
and we are. t,ixed altmost to doath.
flow is this '?.
We see -that Greenville -boasts of
the fine cattle dri'ven 'inte trhat mar'.
ket for hutchering purposes. WoVoild
that we could dlo so like wise, for
the little -cahlves butehered in our
market are so,poor that a -couple of
vultures would refise -to -toss shecads
aned tails for the-carcass.
'The nm1n-ntre Itairr <thatMhould be on
tIme So.uthern di.al of-ouir town olook
bas beon 'if fr several years and we
hat. nc doubt but tlhast it is an iuncon
veni'ezoe .to citizens .living in the
southern ,portion.'of town. We thero
fore i'ak t.he Counci: to have one put
|At a meeting of the ICuterprise and
Miountalner Publishing Company,
held in Greenville last Saturday, R.
C. L~ogan E-q., late of Kingetree, was
invited by the stockholders of said
(Cfmp-any to take editorial charge of
the Enterprise and Mountainer, and
aid in its managemen. Mr. Li. has
not yet signified his acceptance of
the pos it ion.
The approaching tournament,
under the auspices of the Columbia
fire dlepart.nent, which takes piaeo
on the 6th of May, promises to at
tract .a large number of firemen to
the State capital. The followilig
prizes have been offered : First
prize for steamers, $100 ; second
prize for' steamers, $75 ; fiost prize
f,r.hook and ladder .companies, $15
second prize for book and ladder
companies, $50 ; first prize for hose
companies and hose reels, $7;
second prize for hose companies-- anfd
hose reels, $58.
Some mi?erennt or misoreants
without the fear of the "K.urt" be
fore hii or their ovoi renv6d our
Sign from its "posish" in front of
our offi-4 to the lam p-post o1
MeMaster & Brico'i uortier Ia.t
Thuisday night. These midnight
marauders have been removing signs,
gates, boxos, &c., for several weeks
past in our town. Several beautiful
flower y -a da have been destroyed ny,
coWs. Signs have beon disfigured,
and nobody knows who did it. The
quettion.arises who l r bsponsible ?
We say, these confo orate gray gents
whom we soo'loafing arouuid every
train that comes in or goes out, for
the purpose of showing their hand
some uniforms, pretty ebony clubs
with red cord and tussel . besi.les a
monster six shootet, those are the fel
lows that are responsible. The town
istaxed to pay them and they ought
to be made to do their duty. We
hope our energetic council will look
into the matter.
Duflie, Ben Wood, Larry and Amelia
Reed, the parti's charged with al.
structing letters frqm the poet office
of thid city wefe taken up yebter.
day for exan.ination before United
States Commissioner Boozer. Suffi.
cient testimony was taken to justify
Mr. Boozer in committing them for
trial in the United States court at
the next term in Charleston in default
of bail-McDuffie in $5,000, Woody
in $2,009, and the others in $500
each. The rest of the gang will be
examined on Monday. It was Mr.
S. L. Leaphurt, and not the asuis.,
taut postma.-ter of that name, from
whom the check was stolen noticed
in yesterdays account of the arrest.
Un ion. Herald.
Our readers will renember that
the above mentioned Ista MeDuffie
is the -ame scout.drel who entered the
sick chamber of Mr. Jas. R. Aiken
of this place some three yeats ago
and took f.rom Mr. A's pocket $210.
lie was tried found guilty -of grand
larceIly ILt d sentenced to the peniten.
tiary fer two.years.' sa-oSehas again
con:o to ,rief 'by re-moving 'Thinge
that did not helong1to -him and we
hope will meet his just -deserts.
Mr. William Milling, near Salem
dhtrch, in Fairfield, last wok killed!
a 4.Catamliount" wtighivg twenty
piunids. iIe was out hunting witth
his r;fle, when passing under a tree,f
the '-varmint" sprang upon him i from
an overhanging limb. It missed its
distance and 'landed upon the ground,
but sprang a second time at Mr.
\lilling and fastened its claws in the
breas.t of his coat. Hey struck it off
and it ran a seconid t ime npI the tree,
Mr. \l illing drew his~ pistol and fired
at it, the ha'l taking effhet in thie
amima:l's head. It spr'ang upoP him
again, but was soon despatlched. 11ad
the beast I.een lau ger, it u.ighit have
made a dangetroiis light, as it evinced~
any amount of pluck.
This antiml is about three feet ia
lei.gth. with brown back, and tawny
belly, covered with birowun spots.
Major T. Wi. WVoodward, an au
therity ini such matters, pronounces it
to be, f'romi the description given of it
a1 American bay lynx. lie has
caught sever'al of the same spcii s
with his dogs.
Major WVoodward considers the
presence of these -varmin.te due to the
diasatrous effects 'of t'he miserable
government we ha-ve been living unider.
These governments have ,paralyzed
industry, and aro ind-ucing a 'oontrac
tion of the -cultivated area. What
were onace fertil-e bottom landics, are
now jungles nod wildernesses, 'the la'ir
of foxes, lynxes, wild1 cats,' re.ptiles
and other foes of ci-idlisation. This
is a lamentab'e fact, and suggests the
qiustion, "are we advancing or -retro
grading l'"
Sale of Valuable Property.
~113 author ity of a' seat of the General
Assembly, the County Commission.
era of Faitfaiia County will otter for sale
at public outcry. on thie first Moaday in
Junie next, at the court. hoase ins Winns.
hore, the building now known and occu
pied as thme County JaIl. Thes lot upon
which said building is located, fronts on
Mainlu street. 112 leet 9 inches. and is 104,
feet 11 inches deep. The building is 68
feet long, and 6t0 feet 2 inches deep, made
of brick and stone, has thre, stories, and
is covered with tin. It is situated in the
heart or the business portion or the Town
at the outheast inter'selion of Main and
Meirket streets, and is altogether a highl -,
desirable location for mercantile purpo,ss.
Tern s of sale :-One hair cash, the
balance in t welve months with interest,
stenred by bond and mortgage. the pur
chaser to pa'y for all papers. For further
In formatlen.address
. - ~ HNRY JACOB,-.
Ch. Co' Cani. Taierfel Cr.
NSURE.your property in.either of the
following companlies vis :
The Liverpool and London and Globe.
The Home Insurance Co. o- Now York.
The Fravklin "1 hjiladel phlia.
The Atls, ' .'. Hlariford.Coun,
Parties wishing to insure tbeir propert
ty during my absence will p.lease apply
to W. N. ChaMdler.
april 17 lip JAS. W. LAW, Agent.
W# .H Flenien & Co
Just Recived a . Full Stock of;
Linen L-%ans,
Cotton Lawns,
Chinere Linc,n,
Swiss iuslinp,
Cheok Caibries,
Corded Jaonelots.
White and
&c. &e.
Clothing, HAts, Mens Furnisbing
Goods, Caesimers, Cuttunadell
Bosiery, Gloves, Trunks,
Wooden-ware, U1nd
the best ssrt
went of
iver brought to this market, all which
will be sold cheap for '
N.'R. A few pieces of datnaged'
Dres 0oods at 121 and 16 2 3 cents
per yaid.
W. H. Flenniken & Co.
xpail 17
Brnnchi ASency of Ihe SING RR SEWING
ACUINR COMPANY laving been
3stablished in Winushot o, I am now pre
pared to tipply tihe
mf every ladmy.in Fair0eld .with an -article
whmichm.has~ pm'oven I:e be vjety usNerfl . t l
hem Simngr Sewving Alacnhineo whimch is
dlo ail work betm.er Il n any othmer mnachine
tere.d. Aly hendqumarmers arc at
,ileMA1.4S''ER.I- 13BRS DryOGoods8Store
oan go with perfedt !p1oprie~ty. I will
lurng my slay
ide for all old Manchines,-giving~ a liberal
. counat
I sell on TlME .mr fer' time ( ASI, and
will ike grP'mt pienS.iire in Imendb1wK 'illy
oneC to use mlhe ILa hmine. .\achinmesm of all
nikee repaired.
One Whieeler & Wilmon.
Agait for Fairfleld County
mar 20 .
Simrnons Ikpade 'Oompoundl.
A pitmely Vegetablc Compound, fr.
timcm anwy pomieoneus mat emr wha'Iever
ean he givenm with -iumpmmnity to nm -infam m
of .mnly a few hmonra old f<-r Colie -or mun
Deranmg'memt of m.ie ]:o eb', 'i-his Con.
po'undI will as'ist 'il me to r'eslbm the i
Auence of n.nlari n. nm mm t h ere y Piee r
health, I't isguairnttd to ce eym.em
mmi, Commilpatmon. Idi ii ') <t in J3!,
ache, BJillions -or ('r in p (mlic (a
especoially Paint er's a V le), mi d all ot-h
derangemen'ts of 11.n L im. Er,m' Qy.8~k
tIomaoch andi Iowel. .Chec it a~ tyn
and be convinced.
Mtanufactutedv by E. L. KING & SONS
Coinmnbia, S. C.. and for snie bmy,
Dr. WV. E. Ams ken, A genit, also by Dr. ~.
R. IgoMaete, Wlnnsbot-p, 4. Os
jun 28
Notice of Land lliedemptia,.
AupmWous Ovv1ic,
Fairfield County, April ich, 1875.
NOTICE islherebygiven to J. N.Lmgon
N amnd his assaigmns, that time money has
born deposited in time County .Treamury of
Fairfield tJI,n$y, f'Me thme rddmjt'on orf
tirtey- fie 86 aores of land ie. Townsbip
Nd. 8,s6da as the propom ty of' t.he est ate
of John Yongue, deceased. for taxe,, and
purchmased by th~ said J1, N, Ligon, Miaroh
the 8th, A.- ,, 1 75.
CHARLas LAND, ESSAT1ST. denouns .d
all epirituoum liquors as "Wet
Damnation." Poor fellow: he knew
whereof Ie spake,. by sad experience, and
If living, would apply the same to Alco.
bolo Exoitants, advertised as Curealle.
Put there ii one Tonio and Alternative in I
existence-ilhe best the world has ever
known--whielh.ootatinsoo' alcohol. It is I
Dr. Walker's ( alifornia Vinegar Bittern. I
How To I.TORN Tu11 Paosnt-r or I
rus STATI.-Keep yovr money at home.
Do not send away for assything which you
oan oblaini as well heore as elsewhere. We
lo no Advoo Pt ping%$ for Abalt WIiclk
you O ir buy Ioe f OVen 9
when you can buy your 61ank Book- of l
ho two. grado. at prices as low as New 1
York. then, send to k%alker. Evans &
Uogswell. Chat lesinn 8. C., rnd p:irchase
.hat yn need. All their Blank Book . are
m ade in Charle.ton, anl your encourag
ment will sustain i worthy inaautfauturing
Dr. J. Walker's CalIfbrnia Vin.
egar Bitters are a purely Vegetable
preparatiou, mado chiefly from tuo na
tiro herbs found on the lower ranges of
the Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor
n1a, tlo. I)odicinal properties of which
are 0xtracted therefrom without the use
of Alfohol. .. Tho question Is almost
daily asked, " What is the cause of the
iuparallelod succsS of VIGCOAR BT
rEntst" Our answer is, that they remove
the causeo pf disease, and the patient re
Dovers his health. They are the great
blood purifier and a lire- giving principle,
i perfect Renovator and Invigorator
of tho system. ,N6ver -b0foro in the
history- of the world has a medicine been
Doinpiunded possessing the remarkable
1ua,ties of VINHOAR BITTERs in healing the
iick of every disease man .1:heir to. They
3re a gontle Purgativo as wol as a Tonio,
relieving Congestion or Inflammation of
th Liver and Visceral Organs, in Bilious
The properties of Di. WALIMs
VINRoAR BITTMRS are Aperint, Diaphorotic,
Carminaive, Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic,
BSedaive, Counter-Irritant, Sudoritic, Altera
Lire, and Anti-Bilious.
... -L. A.ANALV d CO.,
Druggh. and Gen. Agte., San Franciso. Osifornia,
mud cor. or Washington and Chaulton Sts.. X. Y.
Sold by all Druggistsa and Dealers.
-o --
W E itisvito attention to. our ..!tock or
new Goods, which have b9en e
ecled wlih unusual care, -and 1hiW h -
hinik are
Prettand heap
We' haver onen's'dal variety &f
Gents' and Boys Cloth ng,
Me3Ma#er & Brico, e
Nos. 3 Broa~ treat and 109 kast bay'street,
Pifies PAper ant EEnvelopee, 4
*WedLan M zqzuru9taJogc,
*ontW595sTsToox yosy;o m g.5 b
mu f4
r RUTIi will prevall-Focts are stubborn
tlig-s apd will,pRlI bear denial-T,o,ses
mdstbb o belieViAlI thesedays6'1 pro
jress. st am ias becoine the great motive
nd labot saving power of ie age, in all
udustrin i nd manuftncturing pursuits
igd depa twents-Why should not eye,ry
amsily have a Sieam' Wasiher.
The "clipse Sienm Wasiner," is tihe
)est, It does not occupy the space of.onsl
quart M it and is adatable to aNY-h'teve
toiler or round pot. its which water can he
)iIled ;Ea id witfh it 9u wmanit en: do
Nhat is o linerily regarded in ny's wavvit0i in
ron two to three hoire. A claild, telve
rears old tnay use it and do the work of a
crown wo nIan in one half the 'ime, and re.
4ard the 'abut' of using it only a pasi Ii
With it. w sling has ceased to be tedious *
)r labori us, and 4inse Manday" lias
3eased to be a day of confusion and itr
ror, becati<e with little or no labor two or
ihiree hoira Fuu111c1 to do a day's was
without soeubbing, wearing or tearing the
3lothoes. b %mking bultons ire."
Time, 1o bor. money, and mnatetial all ar
precions- economny is wi4dout and its fruit
h'e.111h.Weo lith und hu,ien- e lit-11 I
wonomy i al#sinlg, 3dnve yt coth
o wear etur tinei net long as when wash
!d.by the eand t.nu boad. by buying and
itisng the 'Elipse Stenn Watwher " whjob,
.onibined witi that very Aitrrmti6e ant
Initritnas d 41tureka Wilnger'' cjnsti- p
ules a e. mplete and perfect warnher- i
Ivery fami'y and washer-wonan ishould
knd easn hotwe it ,.and no -ensible waiher.
6o'nan win hoas at heart the interest of ci
lter patrost- will oppose its tise e
The"Eel' pse" is siminple in construction it
scientific In principle, elrectivo In wbik p
Ind will' wa It the fitest or bonrletst faise I.
nore satisliciorily ao an-by lintid. in frim ei
ifteen to lteltv --nits. Poice but fo
101l1as--WI 1 f - sile for a few df I
mgr at It %. .,.NLEV Y'1. . I
june 6
iharlotte, (Inlumbia, & Augusta
Rail Road. r
'or.6sllA, Dcetaber 28, 18774
r 1113 fuliowinj Passenger Schedulh f
L w be run over this roal on antid sl
,.(I this dato : 1t
TRAIN--0190 NOnRTH. pi
oeave Augusta, at 0.30 a , fig
Columbia. B. C., 2 4o i ,s of
'Wininsboro, '4.58 y1,
" Ches( or, 6 34 p n
Arrive at Cbrrlotte, N. 0. 0 00 i m
eave Charlotte, N. C. at 8.80 a I. F<
" Chnest e, / .11.2 a it 'In
'''Winnsboro, 12' 38 p'im
" Columbia, 2.62 p i'
rrive at Augstas 8 06 1, It
JAS. ANDER ON ,.Oon') t.upt.
(Ion PauAnger anni Ticket Agent.
~ I jPC
Lay 1st 1875, to April 30At, 1876.
I1E Itevimed Statutes of the Uinited
Slates, Seclionq, 82 2, 8297, and S239
-quire every person engaged in any huss.
een, avocationl, or -omployment which
L.nders him .lnhi'e to a .SPACL.1, .4,
procure and place conspicuously in hia
riabli,ttusent or .pluce of buemnesa a slanmp
entotfing te paymtetnt of eaid -apecial tnx 14
ar' t lhe special S-ix year beginitig aiy I,
975. before comimencinig or cuontinuing N11
uisintess after A.pril 80, i876,
lie Taxes emblrnaced withtin sthe -Provisions
of' te law above quoted sare S-he follow'
intg, viz.:
eqi41s, .i .200-00'!
S. alers, whnotesal' iqutor', 10 (i 0 .c
ienteirs isn matl. iqueor.1 whlolesnale, 50 00
st'aler's ins smnh hquitors, r'enail, 20 00
teatr's is leaf tobaicco, 25 000
Ande on sailes or ove'r $1,000, fift r' P
conse (be eyery de'llar' in etocesi of'
Sealer. in manufactured tobacco, 5 00
lanuf.,turers of stills, 50 00
And lot' each aril.l-mtanfactured, .2(1 (0
And for e&ch worm manutfacturedt. 20 00
lainfactiire'r of tobacco. 10 0t0
nufacitir' rsn of cigats, 10 00
'eddlers of toiucco, ti-rst class
(morethan two horses or oither
snuimfl<). -50 00t
'ed(lers of tobacoo, second class
(t wo horses or other asnimale-). 25 00A
cidiers -of Lobbscco,-third olass
(, tne htorse 'r ot her't'thnale). lf (,0
'eddiesrs of 't ohiicoo, fours In class
(osn foot or public lnnveyan.,e), J0 00
rewes's of less tani -600 -batrels, 60 01,
rowerp of 600 batre'l o'-' more. 100 00
Anty persion so liaiblme, who shall fail to
omnply with the foregoing requniremente.
il1 be subiject-t6'sevos% ienaltie.
Persons or' fsrmns liable to pay any of the
pecial taxes stamtied above tt4t a pply to
.CASS CAl'RPE. ilti'olleet.oLof'lt eal
evei?ue at Cohltmhia', 9.'C.. andti pay for
ndl procure nIhe Specati Tax Stamtp or'
lamps tey treed, prior to HAfy I, 4875',
nd without f'uthler udtico.
-3 W-. DOUG ThA88,
floce of Internal itevenue.,
Wt :msingtont , D. C, F'ebr.zrary I, 1875.
chi I0 in 10t30 020 27: 1
STIlE second qusarter 'of tisc
school will eottmenee Alonday
tihe 10th of Ai.ri
it will be in good ti.*o for
thtose wit have nnoi heosn n sthe
hool to enter, as the~rs with be a u-c:ov.
natien of o'asses, &.j
For terms, &oe, appI,y to
'thei 20th .f A ownbo, Lpiar.bg,
theb intefest of A. F. Gooding in ti
nlasboro Livery Stable. All bnIte
ggy hire, and hors1fee4 wII be 04 H i
aggy herses, also- otar tlges and bsggrUs
1w hire, The patrontago of thse public Is
speetfuslly solcted.
11 T. TERiL
TheSymtilwoms of W1verconpi-int araun
Ie p iI is iI I lite alloubler, ind is inistake
I with the loss of ippotite ani silhais,
raling withl lax. Thehead is troabledt wi
derable lola of U-3n) try, accomIIjpanied with
1metihig Wit clh oti-Itht to hjvc beet dotle,
tid low npilrits Sometimes tnany of ie ut
ary rew or I hem t but the liver is gencraill
EM:c> 3.e 21.< Wt me.-.
1. 'Warranfed not to contain a single
riltielo of Merettry, or any injurious
ineral substaince, bit is
infaining tlhoseSonteria roots and Terbs
hitch nn allwise Piovldasnce haw placed
countries where Liver Dirensei most
revnil. It vil enire nil diense ca1used
y derang mc..i8 of the Liver and low
immons Liver Regulator, or Mediom.
K I inlnently n family medicine, and by
-ing kept ready Nr imttedite rueort will
ive mniy In hoitc orsaiferinig tnd iany
dolailr in t i-e II doalctor hils
.1f,er over Ilorty Yeari Irint it is still
,elvilig lte illmst 'o lillialied testi,
ioninls loI t virtue from persins of (t a
ghest chariteur and responsibility. I
n: enIII-IIt jlysicianls Commllenld it as thIt
' Effectual Specifio.
r c,mqumpli ni, IIa.laclie. Pai In (li e
soulders. Dizzin-ss, Ponir Stomach, had
sie iA the mou b, billious al tnks, Pail.
nttion of Pke lileirl; Pain in the regions
the Kidneys, despondeney, gloom and
eboduigku ul cvil, altl 0f Whiich are tle
ipring ofat disensed Liver.
For Dysposia or Indigestoai.
rmed V.it h tIis ui:tidote tall climates and
abgea of' water and fomd may be faeed
ItIItil fettr. As a ittemedy i Mainrious I
-vers, Bowel Complhaints, ristlessness.
1nnd(lite, N1usea,
is ithe cheapest. piurest. atid the host
Fisaily Medicine In the werid1
ly iin powders'or 'repared Simmons Livor
-ttelAtWr unless I our engraved wrap
r with Trade mark, st aip ind sign!Ati.e
broken.. None othier is gei.tie.
Macon, a., 'And. P!!atlalphia.
Sitmournl' lIver Iegulator.
r all diseases of bthe LIver, Sbonmachi and
81 leeni. As a remtedly ini
ilairions Fevi, ' owel (toomplaintIs,
Dyspopsia , Mel ntaI Depraessiont li est.
lessnetss. Jauicoli', Unitsen. Sick
Tlondehe, Colle, 'Contitpa
Li on and illiIiousness.
lit somel(
11 -the Best Goods,
All the B~ st Styles,
ATl the Best Pittterns,
All t' e Best Gaiters
All the Best Boots,
All the Sustatii
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. MED @11
~ ot extrA Eugar,(tured Unocatlassed
34i-e4s an i p tin in Ilse side, Sometimes
i for rhounvisn The tamnio' Is affect.
bowels in generaf oostive, soweelimes ai
th pain, an:J dull, heavy sensalions con.,
painfuil sonsa,ion of having left nndone
Often complaining of weakness, debility
>oTe atienid Ohe divease and at other timev
fihe orgon mlost involved.
J1 ive never seen or tried so a
simple ellicacious. satiofNctory and pieas
Ao. remedy As iy life."-Il. Usiies, S&P
Lou*im, No.
Ron. Alex. H. tephens. lt
"I occasionally use, whe.n my .ons#jlo;
requires it. Dr. Simmons' Liver Regula.
tor with good efeet."--lion. Alex. i11.
governor of Alabama
Your Rtegilator has been In use in my
family for soino hisse, and ( am pursuaded
it. to a valible addition to the modicaj
sci,:nce "-.0 v. I. 0ill 3--orier, Ala.
"I have used lie Regulator in my fimi
ly for ihe pas seventeen years. I cqn
onfely oeconimend It to iho world as Ili
be.4 medicine I havo ever used for that
class of.Jisoasee it ,purports to cure."%
If. F. Thigpeu.
President City Bank.
"Simmons' Liver Regulator h1as prove4
a good and elicaclous r.odiciuo."-U. A,
"We have been acquainted with Dr.
Ki:nous' lAver Medic no for more thao
Lwenly years, and know It to be the best
hAver Regulator offened lu Ute pujlIjo."-_
NI. It. Lyon and II. L. Lyon, Bllefonta.n,
"I was c-ured by Smins-' Liver Ragn.
,lor, after having suffered soveral years
Nith Ubills and .evur."1, F. &nJorsonl..
The Jergy.
"I Have .boen a dyspetic foryears .; be
Ian the Regulator two years ago ; it ha
soted U.ke a cha-W In uy case."-Iey. J
, lolines.
Ladies Endorsenn.
"1 have given your nedicine a
,horou.gh rial,.and in no.ease ha6s it failed
.0 give fatist'actiol."--Ellen bleachain
iattahoochtee, rin.
Bheriff Pibb County.
"T have used yoiir -Regula'.or wit.h sue.
essful effeot in Uililous Colic and U)ys.
mopsia. I is an exoelLent retnedy and
wrlainly a public blessing."1--C. Master,.
un, Ilibb County Ga.
My Wife.
"My wife and self have used tlhe Regu
ator for years, and testify to its great.
rlues "--Rev. J. Pelder. Perry Ga.
"1 think Simmons Liver Regulator one
'f the best mediloines ever maae for the
,ver. Nly wife and .many ot.hers, have
sed it with woudeful effect."-E. K.
Ipirks, Albany, Ia.
X~ D.
'sI have used the Recguloator ta m-.y fam-I.
y, also in any regular praclico, and have
our,d1't a ninst valuable and stisfacl ory
nodiclno, -and believe if it, was used by
he profession it. wouild 'be e-f servico in
'ery -many cases. I lonow 'very :nuch .of
Is comiponent parts, and certify it-s .medi.
innl qualities areo penfootiy harmless."
.fl Oitigg M. ))., Macon, Ga.
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ini youl''pIockcI
at Land c&eps
at L i ckres.
at L ai kskr.
at L ai tkers.
hIoes, at Land. ckers
at Landenker,
1 Qnalities~, at Landecker.
d[ShapeaS, at Landeckers.
WW 000DS,
1l OLD and Silver Waloken, (the very
Vbest tlime keepers)Sofida Gol VIhains,
boll Plitted Chlins, flIngs and Slyer BIuo
abaijis, whidhi I estlaVnteo. Also, fireast,
Pin)s (Jollar and Shilrt Dut tonms of all des.
ariptions. A sel of heayliful Clooks, u hmo
san boat Ihem ? Reptt.rlng dooe in
w orkmran:.llk* raanner. salisacingat
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