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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 05, 1875, Image 2

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IYditt.stiny t0 Morning may 5 ;187?. b
Yn es &oId.tbhat Gov. 'lhawher.
from the Noth, would veto the tax b
bill. Ie has not yet mondo 1iss. veto P
public. We hlave no doubt he will .h
veto this~ obnoxious bill, but we
think it well for him to do so at once. El
Let thoro be no dalliance with this a:
matter. ti
The pocople of Cheter niro fully t
aroutned to a sense of tho importance
of 4javing ~railroad commuunicatibns
Ith Innoaster and Western North
(darolina, Bot,h the thoster and
Lenoir, and the ChoEtr and ianc -
ter, Raiilroads are being puhed
vigorously, and the town of Chester b
is alr a sy improving. Why do notl
the peopl of Fairieold build a nar
riw gauge road from shelton'e to
Winsboro no can o easily done
and w)uld prove of vast. ronefit to
Fal.tfield and to our town.
.- Ei G. G rimos who shot Col. WVhite e
at the investigation of Bowen it
is charged, was brought to Columbia
on Monday and by virtue of a war
rant i.su d by Justice J. Q. Marshal
was incarerat in thei Richland jail 0
on the c hharge of muder. o are f
loking for the day when Bo i will
aleo el arrestod and tried f, r this
atfenc. hl proofs adduced in the
libel cse, seem, without a doubt to r
convict Bowen of the in famous crimes
- of irstigatig GIimnes to murder Col. 1
Nie i. Parke sl Bht,l inojl. WiIe e
Nt ile' i.lIyetiatin of joNl lie
is charged with two offune , irbt, in
ihat he diverted $28,000 of the sink
ing fund, and scoondly, that .ho stole
$150,000 in cooupons. It is baid that
rkedr paid these coupons, and then
pokeod them to be used again, v
ubtitut-ing thodrefo o as younche..
aoup nsalipped from bond that Ii...
never be-en issued. T1hese stolen
coupons, it ip clainod, uoe again
luneled by Cardo,s a for Y.J. P.Oens
and tils transaction formead
aconsidorable portion of the sul ct 9
it2Is a : Bet irus lf t, ve
000 of the mising coupons have bern
discovered in the reasury thus r Lduc
ing his allged steatago to $210,000
Vigorous seard is being mado for the
ot,b;rs. WIo ar told tha i Parker
wishecs a speedy trial and oclims thatd
lhe can easily c upr hinself of tile
charges preferred aigaiinst himt. It
uncy he that he has been arrested on
a wrong chargeo. Wo shall so.
The PLonipix says that Parker threat
oneif hb is not taken Tut by his
friritds speedily, that he will have
sene bCedot oz.m.pany in jail .with
ilm. f this be true we trust none
of his churs will go near 1im.
Ther. is no telling when this trial
may end. It may involve one aftes
another of the ring thieves, until all h
ire Crught in the meshes of their own
villiany. e
The Libel Otse. d
Te libel case against the Ne wet
ur~iy fornlong timeo std loven a
to onte in favor of aequitting Calpt. .
*lawson, and at the end, steed nine
*to th.roo in favor of acquit-tal. T1he
court discharged th-e jury. So real. tr
ly the question Is undecided ; but we
*have no idea that a now trial will be el
brought. in fact, 13owon got .cor.sid. i
*oralbly more than ho expected. Pro-m
buaaing, dotibtloss, that fi em the lapse
of timo and the inaceussibility of the r
witnesbses of his misdoeds, the News th
Iad Courier would be unable to sub.
b'tanltiate its grave charges, ]Bowen a
t'oughlt by brag and bluster to in,
timxidate h, and thus gain imnt
ii the future for any scbemes of vil- f
aliny his fortile brain might concoct.
-l3ut theo News and Courier didn'tIl
iuiztiadall worth a cent, and in thu hi
-tirt round gave Jiuwen an unmialkb si
bly black eye. The produotion of Ia
'Grimes upon the stand was a bomb
s'aell for Boweni, and from thlis time' ar
Swas really the defendant.. During pr
4ho laltter p.art of the trial was wit. nc
Iaos.w,d theogxtraordinary spectacle of he
t e proecutoJr of a libel eabe writhing au
under the, accusation of murder in Ia:
en act ion in.,ti,g.,tod Ly himself. 8
-The sequel of i his trial will proba. an
'lAy be a Ip "ScOi n1 of B0 u ,n for G,
murder, and1. we predict that l1owen an
will, ero I. Jg, h)itterly regret that he gr
over tinkk hi ed.i a atrastuh
owS and Courier. We congratu
to our contoinporary on the snag-.
ificout fight It has imade.
Tha lu-Klux Ai
Tii kii Kluxt -Ait' aid *ih
3 pronounood uncon titutional by
10 8upremo Court. Thia is. 'ust
Wfel g*661G 16'g bexeeteld")
iery b9dy -nd the only 'surprise
as been that the Court itself bhould
7parently reninin in doubt. It is
so said that this decision '1Il rpot
3 imado publio until aftpi' 6he'fpli
ccgions. -. Thie-expiwk-the,Iatitmo
the Court. . Their-.taadin *1s has
Sen die, not to doubt, ut tj
usillanimity and cowardloo. They
lve for years been piipp'ts, iof tii6
xcouti've and Con4teap, up tla'pg
1sm when such a thing was po s8j,
Ad pookoting deoia-i-us wheia even
heir weak oon'cionoes won d not
3rmit them to dooldo, tocord u g
it fiotat.es of the ulsorueulos lead
a of their party.
This (inal at of .pusillaniWily Will
roTo of no avail. Bettei 'or' the
arty lihad the Supreme Qurt deid
I boldly in favor of colstit )
iberty. There would thoie .bayo
eon some reason for asserti6 that
tore is a better leinent in the- re:.
ublican party that will. ofom1l ith
buses and give security to the g6v
rnment. But the ho.itation of tle
ourt, in tmaking public thid deoziio,
atil after the eloctions, proves (hi
von the highest autiority in, tb
tnd is mado subsurvi -at to unscru,
ulus demagogues. The conserva
ivo oloment of the country will tkeI
larin .t thia fact and will thomselveS
ronounoo u decision in 1876, whioh
ill reudor unecoasary any deoisiun'
:OW this cowaldly court.
Pursue the Riui.
Niles'G. Parker is in jail. A fte
oveliog for years in his ill-gottei,
ains, ho at last stan da a olanceo o!
coeiving his doserts. But larkir
i by no ioans the only criminal il
hie State. There -are other mou
oldly walking the streets of Colum
in to-day who were leagtked witl
'arker in his Soheice of spoli.t.ion
ad were principals in orines agaiU
lo people equally icinlous. Shall
1os0 go fro, while Parker is o1
Ail I We call upon the Attorno3
.a.eral a.n.l i1ha other njoiubors ol
1t republiuan :rt.y w-ho desire ro
>rm to answer this quQstiou.
Franklin J. Moses, Jr.,-daily-walk
Lio stroets of Columbis. Sovei
onths ago be was the object of tht
ittorest attacks of nowpapers anc;
-lin a ... in . i. . -' i a , -
-title waS Nynlonyinois with eve\
ing that is venal, profligato anu
L)rrtupt. Gigantic fraudi we tracec
irectly to him. J1o had no friend
ho honest people Of tile Stato wer<
l-ed into believing that just s0 soon1
a his gubenatoial termi ended, lhe
ould be arrest-jd, triod and convijet.
ii of hlis ilagrant crimes.
And yet Moses still goes at large,
espite the fact that thmero is an . in.
jetment ngainst hIimi in Oraeb 'r
)r grand larceny, anld in svite of tIlL
let that .\ttorneiy U ciueral Molton
hedged his soiemni word taIt a1fte
Ic ides of November' had conmo ant
)Ic, MUsts should be punli-hed.
what has become of that indictment t
by does -\r. Molton sit. supinely ill,
is ollico and allow t'his chairacter tc
mn at largo, lotting against th
2ople, anld offoring h imself as a oan:*
(late for evry imlp,>rtanmt and luora
ye oflioc iln the g-ift of tih opl
U. P. Leshie is known) to have.
aindled the Sta-to out of JLudrod~.
tholuszands of dollars in the lnd
Ilik'ion., And yet he is a .proi
nt law maker in thlis dico piroudt old
tate. Why is 1h0 not girrested and
led foir h1is Offecs ?
W- J. Whippor, who pocketed t
lon1 thiousanid dIollars of thu Mink
g flund, -hats not only.'never been
ade to alcevnnt for this stoal,.but i.
iv a ciand-ida'to fo'r tihe legislature
yml Boaufort, and will soon pollute.
0 stte hlouse witih his, p're:iena.
D'. Neagle, who~ amaissed '(lons t
ds, has neovur been requlir ed 'to ex-i
ain tihe malnner in wvhich lie wafs so
ddenly, on a sinall smalary , t rans..
rmeid froum am pauper into a wealthy e
oporty hloldor. John .J. Pattorsoni
S an mind ict.ment laninst himu for
ibery. And the indictment it 0
loping while 110 assists -in mauking
ws for forty millions.of people. 0
J. J2, D)ennis, Joeo'Crews, Woodruffr
d Jones, alacw the repu'blican
inlting-companiy, and a host of i,.
r crimiiinls aire still feasting, while
neost mlen arc t'oiliing for a baWe' e
beatence- flow long will th'is thing
It ? In the namll of the people of' i
urh Ci aroli, 111)w3 asak Gon. Moelton, C
iv. Chlamlbrlain andu the 'Judges "
al the~ Legislators, down to the
iind Jurie's of tile different counties,
w long ? Who will answ- ?
afi rdays. she has errqIfogivc
ipbent centenuia In Lex.
g A ssachusotts, So roli
411owfed und Guv.. bR
n o d. Iis responde, taken
A( o as a file effort, rull 01
ixprossing the views of tall true Sotl
Jargli.40XV' It jMf(ir jW)Wl11W1'1 r
audatory teras upon the patuiotisn
od, sl If hiitd,bJAti
3rjo inf%o)~ f'letjoaa j tifaes
AoV. Chamberlain went ont tz-ay.
' 4py,jfu-eyp then sho dure(
auffuro.d with a cOuIaG un1a
'atie9yi not tyypr6 by in it? btrvagtl
r ah;d-s whplQ404WO! Oij WL
ga x,it;.tra Ludy j ,bgeiciwwisdoi :wit
9ut9 - o ai v Ma Ae her.. li:ia
I wt .'##n M naui kuity t sas }, r
[arke, pas not- jom4p the trueAt a is
W1n4 i ani,O g reat n14tiva., aud ittll
41ndi -go .kueh9.
In, t hs houtebce I r.10.ham4elabil
railed io'oxpt'e.a the 66.bebtimeati
ativa boin C aroli6idtf. Wp -'i
er6 6bru,aud rA'ad in the' 0.aot.
ta,woeaticestors illustae
hir'dovotion to thdir imother 'Stuto
III all 006tht's il. wich her hong'il an
mfety #'6ra NV1-ed, arll W h'
egi.rearo*Trows.our infap.y ip tl
school of Statps lighta- foutdoo-. b3
gal9ua, e4t)~rr, n apba, Caoli iaU
have no word,-ofApology'ty'offor f6
Dtr'66iiduet In th*n late w.ar. Se
Oesaion . w' falil -(;Po (.li36i0
r a Y o.1. ,.i i 0.1, - tIe; iniheret,
right of eVery oppressed peoplc; anm
e'tr ril*it.s pea jaaed,' advptdth
ir U1thda(1nfteinig oursulvc. fron
w4at.no .believed.-to be Northeri
perfidy, and'wttdii au iffT-rt was 'mad
6td dif1d1its 16nt' p'u IS-iOD,
re.Asted the uttuin p with till t6
force..that patalotism culd icii
mad Ialih 0ol4 UtiliUo. -WO We
defeated. but w.o are not' ashamfled
We 1 nno o t neo s p.
ilrermg ou tho tI.rinle (f A miurieu
Inadtpqujdauc.. J We did--with egjun
3auif itad, far ta lega lity, jai
what Wah1illgtul, V,ilnnlul, Greonec
ait ion, SuIIter .4 st. of otheri
lid before, py. % lil" wU su3 t l
keroes f tii -r'Obollion of 1776
spothoosikud' *o ddeui* o s,ckc-olotl
itid Ashds ;b':hltiu t ;q h * o *t
GOv. (hamborlain iamrely 'pag
;ei.tiuga Ovoh'a fOt41ig t -o {
mVthe-pa'rt of thuouoheit 1
d talb " An t perlegt
Nhilq the at aft4isearri Are
' *,- -: wou a- teeling ul
latifaction to. par'.ado the bleaat,
)f 1'-Confeide,at1 * hp erred wofAlI
Ai abking fLr. themI- p.rdonl frou Slias
mohusetts or froIA tiny. 110.p-Do 1
iationi nude(r the Suan. One pgt~ lv
ire proud. of. SoiuthI C a.raol na ha a
io reaasoai to lua.h utif th la.dvenattt oi
bov. (lh:amtberlaina anad hai. frienach
~o lar bo0.1 dier. An.d it i.' onaly sintac
Jo0v. CTh:ta'berhaaina haa s i a.il.ai
:aimaselif to her a.l.l cit iz'.nsi that Siuti
acroln is..giataia a.ina to luol
erist8.ates in'.the face.
LetL not. thais bao con,trito I into ~a
'rharehllioua.-ati.le. Na ple an
o-day molre1lo tal tu itanIU1U hon aepub.
icana formi of governmenaaat than th
sons of Sout ha Cartolinai. liut whilt
hey maoet in) baarnaeny om.e ml).ea
he people oif the lInr~ited States;~ they
tieet theoap as brothaers,. rconaei
fter a long .fanuily estrangeme,ca
ndl not as errintg'prod-igals or' whtip
eid curs, ettreat ing Vor maeac y.
Offiujal Deadheadi~sm.
Jr. A'ditor:
WVe ohneveo with plenare jourt
briotiures on. tthis su'bject, andti wi
rust that th'e Iaoiemaent inauguraited
y Mr. Goiodwyna of t,onntecticut will
taven the whaolo body poliaies of
a. hioads ; natad t lazt heareafter,
'gislators II ill tt b. liaduaio .to
ughencu the session of te neematbly
atving /frc aLCCe sa to haomet, a' t.itgla
tat, homet be oneo huandred iles dis.
ant froth t-he capitzal -; an.1 that
na ptoor citizeni Ii lig (an
to line a4 a a attiroad las I lis onaly
w or mute killed -b'y tho wiltni.
s'fan ongineeir, ho inaay.be-pjol ite
/jnited iti, thei colledtion of lhis
aim nay a Trial JLtSticot whao is undot
o obl igautin ofa~u a -comuphimaentary
Maraeator fromu thle aforaid rail.
ads.1' . .'.
Maaln oan Suandaay 2nd inst., in
ty of lJhlt.imoure, by thie lier. Mt.
ockiemter, ?aR. P[1IJL. DANNEN
lyRGO of W innsboro 8. 0., to M IS
ARiki-l' .lOSE.N-lEIM6 of halti'
ote, Md.
. fi$, l'o., & 8011,
ap-il 9.I.
AJ he wisdom of omtuipoten'0e:the u
Mig,-ishe.rixtg aahaft pf a
u or mi t, ancd hasbo a '
all t!e a was' morl-kt of Oot Z-V
L'repidentJoseph Louon,'and 6 aftem"
to roar td his-flenmory a poor tribute of
words, trusting they way oarry with them
a spork of cos.oh,1ion to the hearts of
1f1190-Who. are sill. vbllod' n'thd nidhlli't"
of sorrow, and evidontoo to an expiring
Iorld 41jo factthat, a food
g jfNem;' afd- iS nI(W (Sing
Ito crown before tfce Ureat White Throne.
Deaih coies always like -a Iros(, oveis
whIen.l we.dalily..r6lnd, hioul-ly ex 413og hilli,
leaves' our' hev 45iul l4w6s, aN our most.
cherished 1Planqs forevor lrosra io. The
lsm.r showurs.may . come. and- other - suns
m.ay ribe, 4(tt he Perislied beiy o
uII t'4. has pasel i tI.huli glory Of 1)cavenl.
Ols,-thei graVO ! ihe grave 1 m its
peacqful bovom spring ntonte bu t fond
regrets asud ender reot' lectiouo.' Wiant
a pliwe for medllati.411 'Thlero' i is' we
cill in loi.g joview' time whole hist ory
1 of- virtue and den1tlenle8:. and1 11141 thtous
'aid otii:artment1s -laviiltd Uponk us ab[Oto bt
iuiii oded ina lie daily interouse of iin (i
Thlj l4ve which s1irvives. h e'toinN is
oue of thie hoblost.'attribittes of iliq soul,
thoigh it iaiy throw a fs ansialnt Cloild
ov.or JIso houir of ga) ety, or spread at deepli
0n,adness over tho .hokr of gloom.. tut who
,ould exuhanisge it evor for the s 10 ON
Thiclere iw a reneihriie Of tho dead to,
wiih.twe i uril ev.n itr(outh t a nhais cf
t0e liviug. auld citi,es frousk tie dbths.of
ir'u ont shel.ris
A; sigh for thecteuch of a vanishell hiad,
Tihsto und Ofa voice that is sti.1,
8vey. Morchallts'.Ulionl.
Itdgew.ty, 8. V., April 20, '75.
A DOTICt) by lie Quarterly Conforecme
i fW:unitsOto.is d Ittilge way 'Circui, held
L as lidgo ny, ILpril 2-ith, 1876..
'Wireiaas. It s.ple.aued Almighty Ood to
tiake do h0isell a .lrading ni-cm-i r or thiu
Q llarterly Coin.renlce, liur' beloved broit,.
er'Jt1o.t'A l J. Ul,Ni, who1 closed 'is
earlily life Apri, I ]') I, 1873. 'T'hleiefore
RCSe6Ir(ed, That we nmianloy ,tie graoe of
God i s' urdeprLed. ho1her, bly whil
I-r 1On 01 yout 1o 1) ;1$0 Igo, WI%'4 Oin blaid to
sinailntlaiu unsb!utI.I-4a:d his :hristian pro.
esiinsi ; I y aihlcl i .is laburs in tie
Unur efi, Ins tho cipacisy of stewasd, Class.
I.,dt-r, aina .%ijidny-8.chool 8uperinten,
dCII,wI.N:-iIgIIrly abundat, aiid Io
ceu table ; asd by..whihol ins tie tjoalu4i i
.Is i:miitHy, im ilie im ercoi-se of socili.
iti.e, isil.-u the iitriencis 'of' bujines- he
colastaIait ly* us' beaatrully 'eX hibited Lit
epirit of Chii-.
r. Au1vred, ThatilIue inl his death fil
i. harchn theulo coiu sunity inl which ihe
.ive I lmvc sistained a great loss, it is
Iever Iless our dity to bow inl humila,
sn',sitiision to tle will of our 11aveinly
Patiher Who doel s amkII thingi well, Ilaid who,
Ciotigh Ille bin ie- is w,rkien, btil,
c.ar.ies Onl 1thl lwori.".
.lttso1e.gd, 'lkhat':i page 'of our Quiarterli
CofiI'e're nce itocord b siiably itsk ribet
iblie iimenory of tihe deceased.
'I lat. a copy o th1se re olutloi bo f-.
A36se to Iis 17i,111ly with the assuranloe 01
ur sypath'iiji1Iy in I hof gigrnl. her'eavement,m
Ald 1ilM't ie ubligstirn of .the saine ,bo
reqitee.uji .rthJ n in'ns &ro Nj;ws niul
iikA5.1 the hisim a NeighbAr,.and the
Souiliern Chrismianl .dvoclte.
119W ..ui11~ ,.oa. .. .
Ridgewna Lodi NoAQ . A F. .
A i hns ple'isal I Aliighly
mis sI dispo:sr of evesI , 1ih4
."eat Arclilect oif lhe ni nivierte to r'VIIovt.
C1'omiC Imi ke to etleisity our belovt!d .ir.tli
JOlEl'll I.U LON.
lesoilvd Isf. I lint wo I.i'uly realize thi
io'uid..wayLo gi hias'su.ti Siined iiu shim
*leath I oif dui o' it sPohjest. a-il most ldis .i
'2nd, i'hai Ithe high sese of dliv nna
I le ~s iet pe'ruormace tef ivwhsici
claraiscter'ised m lie' mai commnoisiseds ciiii
re'sp.ei. 'The aincer'i' Iure o tu thl whli'l.
ahiaiped p is n0.t ion iownt-tii' all inien, elici ,
e I our i e'steemi. :i I'e' gs'nli 1 lia 51 m i iia
earn'iesl Sy iiphsthy" dlis play oi in afil ih,
walk sl flife capivatedl onr lovec. '.lihe
. end proper' and -well dii i:eda chiar'iy.
si.a le l.isim an examl 5o is., Li ia
i"s)ii t)h .' sil kmii .'' ~ il ' waris hear
aeo' irtpeningu Iby a< ton tco ims bes'i
emiolmsi, ll i' s'sready imo adises withs
iad C'umilmel a hose, ina troubtle, as.d neve
Li ed fre'sinI iose ini him-esl niieed.
Ud " hsat we "ilVi'iely s impi ie wisll.
Chie siiembercs 'of-h' i s fam.I ieo h.,v'e Ihe-i
deivediiC of hiis '.ro etisoin gu~lianceii. and
lte love whlich'theym' allway'si' f'oun- ini himl.
-iIs 'Thi.i us SI i.l,'mi ofI ourim rea'peea ,
es i'(im and ii ,rl.m'herlyi) love, w' haviiie
li:ga a i i nei isimnu osh iuscr!ibedt' with
hii namer a' ndia d'.lii ' t s ilo sh s t'isnm y.
'as h. Thalot ouss rcm irer h'e Cord'ereds a
selsil a copy'sl of these rso'uiions o Ithi
haesvsi sclIamij v~ily-o' our deeasdBrtei''i msli
al am cipy to thea~ s s,imao N m:ws iandl
I ic,as.h, anid tu lie Csa.usri.ix N a5anonm.
JollN (1 (LAIiDl.:N,'
msay 1- 1' lx Secretary l'i'o Iesm.
New Iandsome
~Ster'ling Silver Plnte, 'Suliblc
for bairth-da~ly an'l Bmrida'd
Setts of- rich Jewelry, 'iurgufolac
PearI and Amnethys't,
Fronss $3o to $75 ce Sett,.
A.va'icty of Vino Lookots, and Seanl
-.ALSO, e f
Arsht,t of PO(OKIl'T-KNIVE8 a
- CALL800O N 1
~.L y & Col
8 Doors WCv of jost Offic
H1AY &<
WI1'" W c Constantly keep oi
h ad a fully supply o.fgood
Horses 4! Mules,
-geU A - X- XXTR--0
mnarci 25
W. H.Fl liRien & Jo
1A VE'
Just Itocived a Fall Stock of
Chine,te Lincn,
C'orded JacOtst.
'White and
&c. &c.
Goods, Caaimiers Cotto' nde.
- losiery, (U loves, Trnka,
Woodent-waro, anid
the beat am>rL
lis0o1t o f'
~ver brought to this market,' all wh ich
wiU. be soldt cbeap for
N. H. A fow pieces of daomiaged
)rossI Goods a,t '14 and '16 2 3 cents
'er yaid.
W. . Fleniiiken & Co.
1857~AMN 1875
Louisville Weekly
Dourier' - Journial
lOnLinutes for thme presenl y,ear ts libero.l
rrangemlent. whereby on thme 81st of
a waber, 1876, it .will distributeo imipar
aly aunong its subscribers,
i presents, comprising twelve hundredc
ao' ul and beautifuhiI l ricio.
The (.ourier-Journal is aL long-eslablishi.
I, live, wide- awake, progressivo, floway,
rigiht-andt spicy paper.
No outhor paper offers mulh idduconjouga
Srubscrjbers and club agenta. Girculars
ith full partioulars and specimon -copios
enm free o-a aptpliciejn.
Terms, $2.00 a year and leea fest
ibaily stillion.$12. Postage prepaid on
Il Pa pe;s without exti% chag.
A.Idress,. W.. N, i-A IA)EMAN,
rea. ILoujavilla C~...:....rI. Co
NOT IER lot of nice spring Calicoes.
.N-t in at ). LAUUN1iIDALE'S which will
be sold ari the samo- old prices. Also 'a
2nd nrrival of nicely arsorted millinery
gooim, 'wlil,h we guarantee to give sati
(grquer's Sale of Priional Prop
')Y virln1 of stnildry execullions to me
I directed, I will offer for sale to 'hei
higheijt bidder fit lihe store hoiuse ofr i. F.
Davidson & Co. in Winnshot o. cit lie
list i londay in Mlay vext, within the
legal hours orsale. for ensh, lihe follov ing
desrib( t personpl property to wii :
Oie etink of goods mid contents of
store, levied tipoin the propet ty or ,. W
J)oivqll, t.ursivor, at, file sitit of ii. v.
Fimling & (d,.ugainist L. W. lutill, sur
vivor, and im:t ig-Ainuitt he same derend
Xoroner F. C.
orO1her's Ofici,
Winlushoro. .4 C.,
AJpril 121h It75.
april 1.5-tlx2
IN T" I1R W'A T011 AAP CL a' ,CK
G OL) and -Filvor Waiclis. (I, verv
- hibst time lepiers) soli-I Gold CGw iii,
holl Plated chlais, Iings all Siver lou
Chainis, which I L11nai11nuice. Also, lirast
Pis Collar itnd Shirt ihitons or nIl e.._
criplions. A ,et of hint rirl Cocks6. % ho
cin beat thilen ? Itepalfring dlone in a
workinan-liku manner. va isfac ion gilau
de15AS. MU LER,
R O.S EN H E I M & C 0.,
R SPECTFTFU'LI X iinorm Ihe pub
R lie In general 0h1i hey hmve opelled
rho store - formerly occupied by .. 11
'Ithet where tiwyimi toikki i. oorddet a
general stock of nivrcl udise, couistilig ot
G Rt 00C111IE1),
D.ity (looll.'
A N) J 1U61ts.
Fair and squre t'0ti mnt t o cac. and
overy one thac, will cal'l o n us.
march 2'7
W Ec aragenns nr. a !r.rg.- New Y'r'
waii nnledci fullI we'iht un-. to g4ive Sai s
'fact ion or i lie puiirchase~
Moniey llirunded!
l'es low. Give them n tdiil.
.nr 9 EATY A1B0. & EON.
tJj'IIE second i uat-er -of thiis .
ischiool 'Win commnoc 110~ .\oiday
. the 1i9th of Ajpril.
- It will b.e ia good time firg
thiose whii haive~ not been in t he
scdhool Io oitor, asi there will bhe a re or}
ganw.atin of-c'asse~s, &ii
For terims, &ct.. apply to.
A, .\ . CARLTIE1uj0E
iipii lnil P icilbnl. -
Fits .-aed Free
N'" Oi'eson suffecirig from Ilie above
.id isond~e is reque'stedi to adir<ss DII.
P,IClE, and a trinl hotle I of medicine
will o for-warded by Ex piress,
- 'Te only cost beinig thie Ex press ceit.i
es, which owinig I o myt large buiniesi(.s nie0
smaIlI. 'Iir. P'riat. hais miade' theture of'
I'S OU RP'I'Itp.y .
a ihie'ly for years, arn.I lie will warr'uzt a
enrec by thle uive of hisi reineoly.
').not fail to senti to him in r a I rial
bottle:;~ it costs not.hing, anid hc
ll'II:, CUR/~~f -YOU,
liinotle of how Ion g starninig y1our case
mray lie, or -hicw manay othier irmeies
nmay hiave fini e I
,C'ircuhis adlnioil etw
li pairtilir to give 3 your cxpress.~~ as
woll ats your post ofilco dir'eition, an.lil
april 27liy 07 \illiam St. Newi
Furhgot,Benedict & Co.
'%~ king StP'.et Charlestoni 8. (I
OIL CLOT'fis,.
( AI A TJ~ I N G s .
'For prices, Me, Local
-W L iavite .iteillio I -) otr , o
VVnw (Jo-ds, whlioh. havei bveen se..
ltwe-1 wi;1ith11 uiisti.1l clre, a;tid Whichl we
Pretty and Ghoap,
We b.tve v l. tIS1tti Varie y of
W.IFST 0009,
TitI i 1311N S. k , C.
Gents' and Boys C'othi ng,
.'. Jillit.I\,
11M.M-Iste'r & ihe.
Iron in the Blo0od
4 1:. A10
The remeviam Syrup, a Protect
e Solution of the I'rotoxide of
Zron, Is combined a. to have
the charactMr of ar aifent, as
ettelly criesteff "act assimilfte(z
with the lood as the imples
rood1. It Increases the"qua?&ttV
of Naturels Own aitizint
Agent, Iron fi the blood, an
crens a thoisand ills,"t sihp
t'ihel andactalofed lood e-a
eain diges n ansstuasted
eeainrh boodta thebi smprest
Tonig up,nlvigorating awS
Tazixisg the Sstet. The en
mleates eysa of th ee dy,
repaiing DamgepsiandLve ost,
heaching, Nou mrbd ecrea.
hins, and levng, notnor
ie~se o fee osiuonlVgr
his os the rtftes won..
3er, Dysemsa, Comverintm
3hid ll adeases, iatno
1z bad state ofthe b ood, or ac.
~ompanied by debility or a lots
;tate of the system. Being fr'ee
from Alcohol 'in any form, its
ener gzing j'cets are not fo..
rowed by corresponding *eac
lion, but are permanent, inft
ping strength, vigor, and neuo
if into all p)arts ofthe system,
znd building up an Iron (Jon
Thaousands have been changed
my the use ofthis remedy, frona
veah, sickty, s:uffering crea
ure, t stong helty, and
ta py enen and womnen; and
nealids cannot reasonably hes.
tate to give it a trial.
See that each bottle has P ERU,
/hAN SYR UP blown in the glass.
POahphlete Free.
ETH W. FOWLE & SONS, Propritors,
NWo. 1 MAlt II Plaee, B3ostona.
00LD BY nftraoOsTA -GENa.nALLg.
. u .rr vr/-,- rs
Brce.,m ib ' ge
QU2Aue %,W1ut/
CrantAb /A- J r/4&~
2,4p 0, 8,,/1. /e tet
A/23,ir 29),.udsp,/*.
twa aJ~J i r crpa. A

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