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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 05, 1875, Image 4

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he FairOKeldjierald
P'ull I.A1'r7f .*
OlliiDt DIrectory of Fairfild
* I0UseUat''A'rw [email protected]'dbbh ' T- ono
John Gibmou, Joel Copes.
dn"'l. It, Clownoy--Clei k of (io 'ourt
.l. J. Noil--J11(1,<lgof Prulbn(p.
IV. I l'eake--Co?iny Auditor.
1. 1. Nelsoll-County Treasurer.
W. J. Orawford-Achool Commissioner,
1. F. Mnrt1i-Jury Commissionior.
tt0 92Nl'Y co M M iss ioNxJi-s. t. larvey,
11n1irk Jacob, Cart or lenty.
HI. N. Obeijs,-- U. S. .ommiiisdinor.
Nor.tu 16 1u11,10--l. U. .tobertson, J.
Q. )avie, .11. N. Obearl, 1),. 11. Kiriaml.
'lA1. jururons--A. M. lackoy, W. It
Alarehall, Jinies- Aiken, Silas V. Ituff.
11. J1. F. WV. Colemnan, Thotuas Walker,
Dr. Ira s. Scolt.
T. It. tobeitson.
OA IOG.INA. AU1TIO OM,1ioAPITAb Y $2(j0,0w
vAml uP $i7,000.
W. it. Itoberlson, Pre4idenit.
Oloo. AL. 111c11as4er, Vice-l'relsident.
Smin't. It. Clowney, Cashier.
M.'O. Robortion, leller.
WV. i.Itobortson, 11. 1, Elliotf, Jamem
denl y, George 11. Mllaster, 1). It. Flun,
n10ioen, Jam. 1. JnlCnts, .1n1. II. Monl, Ja.
A. liie, A. S. Dongliss, Col. Williani
oilnlon, of Charlolte, N. C.
l'ierre liacot--ielidanl.
WAl1lNU--F. Oerig, J. A. Friser, W,
1. Nelson, J. 1). -lcCariley,
cnimv or rvo.vpi-T. J. If. Murphy.
A Speillg Mlteh.
Tho other evening old Mr. an'
Al rs. Coffin, who live on Brush street
slt in their cozy back parlor, li
rea.ding his, piper, aind Fiho knitting
and tiho fi.mily eat stretched ou
un11der th1e so 0 anOV(3111d sighed a11n1 il,(!
sorry for cats not, so wvell fixod. I
was a happy, coioliteel liousehol
a1nd tero was love inl his heart a
Mr. Collin put1t down his Iewspaper
and reIrlHkcd :
"I sec that, the whole country i
becoming excited ibout spIelling
"Well, its good to know how tI
spell1, replied tie wilo. ,I didn'
linvo the chainice soilne girls'1 had, but
pride myself that I can11 spell almos
uny word that comes ailong."
"'lil see about that,'' lie laughed
'come, nlow, Spell 'buggy,"
''lumph ! that's 1othing--b-u-g
!.y, huggy," she replied.
"Mi.sCd the first. tim -li ha '
he roared,slapping his lCg
"Not Illuch--that was right.,'
"I V was, oh 7 Well, I'd like to siO4
anybody got two g's ill buggy,
"4u it it i6 spelled with two q ,'s, nII
.any school boy will tell you so," bit
"Well, T know a darn sight botte
than that !" he exclaiiied, ,trikillk
the I able with hi3 H.A
41 don't ware what you know !'
.be squeaked ; "1 know that there
are two g's in 'buggy !'
'-Do you mean to toll me that I'v<
for'gottoii how to spell ?"' he asked.
"'It looks that wa~y."'
"'It dloes, chi ? Welt, [ want 50o
and all yoeu: relat ionis to unduer'.,tai
thiat. I kno3w 0 e)>re ab o u spell inig thai
ie whole oabood to of you strung ol
a1 wiro 1"
-'.\nid 1 want you to unTders,tant
dloiiat hanl (Collii, tha you ar1e4 an i
nioiant old blockboead, whenu yoi
dou't put t wo g's in the word bugg3
-y es, you1 are I'"
''t)oi't t alk th at way to me j!" 1ii
''\Aud dlon' t shako 3 our fist a'
me1 !" she reptlied.
Who's a s4hakinig his first !"
d'Yu wero 1".
* hIat's a lie --anl it fornal lie o .
"'l)on't call ime a liar, you olh
b)ziaarll ! I've put, up with: you:
1neanne)Oss foi' forty yealrs past, but
dlon't caull me a liar,, an:d don't, lay '
hand on me1 :''
'Do you wvant a divorco !." 'li
s thitote, spriingnig up~ ; ''you can g
"''t.tspit inI my face --:1on 't yoi
dare do it 01' I'll miake a dead iaia
of you!'' 81h0 warned.
"I haven't spit ini. your frockle1
oldr visage yet, but ( may if youi pro
v1130m fartheri !'"
W''Nho's got a freck led face, yoi
uldil,rkey-bussard I"
'Itat was a little t.,o inachi. H1
ftnd'btr 16t)on as If hie would str:ike
ami3( she se0izAed h im by thte neck-t ie
'1'hen hie renehied out anId grabbed her
iih,c rt tiedi to tlt, her1 ott' htI
fot but aho t wisted up on1 th~e nlefk
tie dntil his tongueo rah out.
"Let go of m1o you old liond !'' shn
' Git downf on1 your3 kneces anud b'e
Iny par'd9n,'on old wild-cat !'' hc
Th1Ley Aurged anid aiwayed 11-nd
struggl~ed , anld the peacef'ul cat wae
.sti'uk by thle ovei/turninzg tablo ~nd
hadl hier baclfbro'ken,\vbile thio eld
fell down and1( the pictures dance3'3
arodild. Tb 'rh wbh)ian f'ially) sht
hera hun's supply r.f air' off' ant
fl'iri'ed hiim, and as shlo bui"ped hi;
heia't nye an-l down'm on the floor ani
seat1 tereCd hlis gray hazirs she shout.
"Youl wvant to get up anothier speo.
Iling-'school withI me, don1't von!1 '
l'lo was see ipn ron h
yrd y'esterday,~ a stocking p)innle,
ar~oundi hii- t hroat, aiir she thad couirt
phlaste on' herI (3' nose andl onl ('iC gi'e
tied up. Io11333o 3e the look of
malrit.yr, w hile~ shi' had( th 0beC'arin31
of a vi't-i :-331 I... re a:ti, a'
A VAsbington dispatch says: Jn.
formation has been received from tho
lptiper dist ict of South Carolina
-hvw.i6g au% alarming iworoaso il
negro erime-urdersr. bb ies and
the.. Ilke. Th4overmtueld. 0, not
soom to care- about inter(Oring so
long on thoviot,imn arewhlta 'tuid tle
criminals black mon.
'The sword of Col. Erckitl Slocumil,
of Revolutionary fame, with wi'ith lie
foughit the J,attle of Moore's Croek, is
still in posession of iiA grafidion, our
worthy townemian, Maj. JUll- O. Slo..
oulb. We would suggeet that tho
Charlotto Contonnial Gomm too pro.
,cure a loan of. thit; .ntorVsti4g rolio
for the May celeb'ration.- Ootclboro
The preperty of "Ilogs Tweed,"
lately astachod in Now York, hic11do
tile n.1gnifioceut stables of the groat
riig.itaster, fitted up with .wiilint
t,riinmings and elegantly furnisho .
Tweed had private roonsabovo his
horses, whore lie mbt his friends to
contooct plans for plunderig the oity,
and drink deliciously Uavored punch
from a hugo silver bowl,
A Milwaukeo baby har boon nam.
od "Zero' in honor of the cold day.
on whichi he was born, The, womati
who maurries that boy when hoe grow8
up will assuredly comen to naught.
Mark theso words.-W. Louis Rte
II th wolargkst mixed colleges-in
the oountay are Oberlin and hllhi.,
gan University. Of 1,330 students
at Oberliu 633 are woinen ; of tle
1,191 at Michigau University 100 are
loast (log, raw fimh and raw pork
were among the delicacies served up
at a recent native feast given by
King Kalakana to a. party of foreign
er., who had to sit ou tho ground ainl
cat with Lheir fingers.
The Martin b)oyS of lowl, loved
their father, and when Ie died two of
the live were kilh-d in the struggle
to see which should have hi old watch
and chain to remob3r him by.
A careful inedical authority esti.
mates thatt a inan with a sore throat
swallows ten times to where a well
[Ilan swallows once.
"I thio'ighit 'twaus quec - le didn't.
h4er the last time I hit hinm,i" said
Mlr4 Iuse, of Alabama, to the jury
who were 1r)ing her for the inurder
of her husband.
Smoto one aeked Aleek Ste phen
%%h) (it %m- io ovorceoati, anu he
eldli-d that. was boeaise three made
himl somewhat uncoaufirtable.
A man may be intensely resApecta
blo and soiontific, and +till r.ot be able
to play tenpins without bainig to pay
for the game.
A pair of spurs worn by the ra
mllolus John Rlldolph, of ioanloke,
h1avo 110011 deposited with tile Vir
ginia Ilistorical society.
A hired girl in dlawaro, in order
t.o get r-id of the task of milking seven
cows, sot thei bairn on) fire, and was
sent to theoStaterison for araon.
A Alil aukihee lady who paid $50
to have ia wvart remtoved from her
nose8, nowl~ wats to know wihat's be.,
SomeIl of the nose.
"Cut your coat acecording to yourt
clothl.'' li yo.ur al oth is -bad cut
your coat-badly..
P IE R RE B A 0 0T,
FFP,Ris for sale thie following verny
'J I opular brandst-, vi?.:
Ih-adleyR Sea Fowl (01t11110.
IiradIley'si Ammtoniatedl Dissolved
Royal Onano Compoud.
Brndwley's Actid Phoshat1fe.
l'arties wlvishing CGuano', by l ctha-oadi
enii.have- them orderedl to L)oko, Ridgeway
tyvleci lord 111 i trothIter's St ations1, 11s L
am11 agenlt for- the eli n'rot Illmy of Fair
fiel. 'ITme sales duoo N ove-mber I' .t.
Fri arrnlUfgemenN on 1 1I time and rie iih~ii
cotton opthm' a; pply1 -to A'OL'
feb 1 8
\UtSpring stock has no0w arrivedh an..
w.ie invite thle inspe)Ction of all buy
ere. A fine lot of
.Dres-s (Goodsit .Low~j Pries.i
\111l nory- 0)peninog t his wook. * otme 0ne
cono11 aull, g ive I). Landterdale a call, and
bintg the mon01ey.
1 Cm' fja alI.k.
Cau1 r4oaa WX hiLo' *&ori.
1 (Car bo:tti Flo'iniaal gridle,
1.Car Load Bolted Mbal.
Whbitrnn1 id SIPh..".d, baconil and
Rio and Java Cf1'e--"green
anIld 'istled..
New 0rI(cans ".1d Coin.nonl
All grades of 80J0A 't.
Lard in bbli hal -bbls.; K(og
an1d calls.
U. R1. FL1NN iN.
npril 10
-AL Amor ooons
-AT TH1 I,,-.
W11nn1WO M11llin1e: y .Baz'sIart1.
r i. a wi!,hiet in, i f orm ir
.I.Lfriend.4 antd patrotn generally,
thai .1he ,in j1t4t reftined from thu Noeth
af rivr purcinsng a hill :nd Complete
141oC of Millinery, Con1s1isfilg pr Fren h
pattern ints and JolliCis, Straw Goods,
late and
everything u l131:11ly
- untd in n firbL-olasm
. I1 jNe)ry EStArbIlAunen t,
Also a beauti'11 liie of Whil o (1m )H,,
Dress (loods, Cidicowm.1,41.- Miseroves,
Notions a-id Fitit 0ods. 11d Otliers
tuo immer is ai, miti-ilon. ill ot' whieb is
expeoted to srri iv aid be open for ill
spection luring the week. A l I a k is
to 'call and see for yourel whe lily goods
Er35,0041 Heart Shingles for tiau
Cheap for Uabil.
' . J. 0.. 11.ag.
march 23
--AND rO
.dA. rt. L. I v im.
)ttP tleoely.im .aIo <ih nu. n'r,i
01s, S inls1., ('r eis nu lIt :iti i e 1
ed, Hb owvn a tad 1'inid ibim ha.m s, ('ai
Flanni .-lsj 8lk~ low<A for lIjdis, new'i irvi
Jet N ock incs, Ptenri Fleey lBuiIorhs
l,iline and-ilk JlIianke'r'lhiefs, new ytyI
Noui o, Ilen dlei ii ess liii i ils, ine
SilkIt 'ecit. . A Finie hissorniliCi of' Tonwel
IFtll aissortmen' lt ofl Croc.wry aneltm i lass
ware. I lFany Uh t:iin a ( ps i l Siatcers
lijack Klpaicas atd 'A 4 to. AQ acens ofi
lhoul -vnl-d Sk iirtad Plaid liitlsova,.
Maily < I thes'e aril es . re i . xitsIllbIt' Jor
aind wil be sobl fit
Withiers & Dwight,
A lot extra' Sugar (ure Uncl alanvassed
eA. . AKC r oy
WN. 0. BE & 00.,
-r ulHl R A Lr advne mAl~Q adei fnponI ec
--gtti-'ngmet,s of Cot to n or ot hr Fri
i1'ice to themn in ChiarleAt 1,. or throuighi
16 It corrospqdents in vZerpool, New
VQVk ail )altimtore.
I'ri i..airi79 & n1
81un111ons ; lic om(31poltni
A purely Vegetablc Compound, ft
froml any poisonetts molter w-hateve1
van be given with impunity to fill Infa
-otnly a few hours old forColic or n
Deraigemenj el' te liowelp. 'his Co
I'nll'it will fla it n'atitile to esilI the
flenice -rf ri1111118. find tlIel.V pies
hea11l1h, It is gurntilnfred io (I,-e )(
t-i, Cont-ipalion.. P'ilik i f ( it t 114
iche, Billiot or Ciomp Colie I
pec iil ly Pit ers C 1 ( le), na-d all oi
reditantgemeits of t1.o L, i NtI. Hidi t-%. I,
FtomIamic aid Dio wel . Gi%e if ; tIr
tnl he convinced.
Mnittainetied by E. L HING & SON
Coinmb1il. S. U.. IInd for sale by,
Dr. W. E,. A ik en., A gent. also ty Dr.
R. alster, Winnsboro, S. (.
jitn 23
MAoy 1st 1875, to April 30st, 187(
I 'lIlE lILvis.tl Stalutes of fihe Unite
StatH, Seeiin, 3;' 2, 3237, anl 82
reiptie every p)erson engaged in any bus
nelt, IvOcaion,- or eiployntit whit
renders him lno to n SPAXIA. Ta.
i priocure aid pluc cons1pcuonsty1 in A
establiihment or )Iace of businessa ft 8ta
dhtnoting tho pyment of said special tr
for I lie 8peiial lax year hoginning May
l"'75. before conimonluing at conttinuiu
business after A pril 3U, h875.
The Taxes embraced within ithe Provisiot
of the low above quoted aro the folloi
ing. viz:
tic ii,rs, . .$ 200 (
Dealerd, retail liquor, 25 (
11 Ilers, whobale liquor,' 100 (
l)-nlers il 11 m h1 ior. whlesale, r0 (
D)wnlers inl moall b14uors, m-tail, 20 (
I)enl.rs itt le0' tobacco, 25 I
Anml oi siles of* over $1,000, fift r
eilt t for every dollir in excess of
Deal'rs iii inntifac tired tobacco, 5
lanuat 'irers of s1ills, 60 1
And for each'still mantifnelured, 20 I
Amil Ior' each vori manufactured, 20 (
M tl anfne lurer4 of loblicco. 1 (
ailfiteltirel's of cigars, 10 I
Peddlers of tobacco, fiftfi class
(inmoe tian two horses or other
anlmils). 60 (
Peddlers of tobacco, seconld clnass
(two horsest or other tnimals). 25 (
Peddlers of tobbacco, third cias
(1 ne horsN or other animal). 16(
Peddlers of lobicoo, fourth alass
(ott foot Or pithlic ctonveyan-e), 10 0
lirewers cr 14,,4 Ohan 500 barrels, 50(
Brewewi of 500 barrels or more. 101)0
Atiy person so linble, who shall ftai I
complily with ti foregoing requiremew
will ie sliect Io severe penlall's.
Persons or tirims libille to iny Any of 0
pecial IXeS 11nnm1ted above mut1st apply I
L.. CASS CA I'l-,N T lII 'olleator of Iit'ern
eve1te at Colutmbia, 8. C,. antid pay t
11111 procutre ihe Sliccial-Tnx Stanp (
Stampis1 tey need, ptIor to Alaty 1, 187.
and wii tout, futher ntotice.
Comiissisotter of Iuternal iRevenue.
Oihaeu of I niternal l~iteu,
W ashtingtont, D,. U., F.ebr,arairy 1; 1875.
meah it; -mi 10 ;i0 a 20 27
Ntos.3 Broad Street and 109.East Bay Street,
w('AN' Ft'nNIiH wORK AT
Pirnes Paper and Envelopes,
${ecddiag and cSall ({nvitations
oNd THEC t'Esr qTOeni ANo-NniNTED 1N TnE
se'pt 8
Chiarlot.te, 00o1utmbia, & An i.
UOS'.MO iA, DeOcmbeir 23, 18774
TfiIlli t'ollowing l'assenger Schedui
I. w' bo run~ over thIa s ro a. ont ari
afta I tis dato:
TnIAI!4-Or toRiTn.
Leave Aufrutsta, at 9.30 a
"Columbnia, S. C., 2.45 a
" Chester, 6.84 pr
Arrive at Chariottec, N. 0. 4).00 p I
Leave (Chtralt, N' -C. at 83
" Chtoster,' 11.2 a I
" Wantinaboro, 1'S.38 p,
"t Cohanbin,i 2.62 p i
'Arrive ait Aitgtn 8 05
.1 A- A.'i1%V ION (1"n'l Snlpt.
A. POP1iB,
1om0nestic Intelligence.
T RUTI will prevail-Pats nrc stubborn
thing-j n%1 will;not benr denial-To see
mustbo to believe-In these days of pro
gress, st am has become (he great motive
and labor baving power of the age, in all
industrial til tnanufetuwring pursuits
and depa tienis-Why shouhd not every
fauily hnve a 8team Washer.
The "4elipse Steam Washer," Is ,the
best. 11 does not occupy the space or one
square fo,) and is ndaptable to any stove
boiler or round pot, in whidh water can be
boiled ; Rad with It. one woman can do
what. Is ot linarily regarded a ony's wash in
from two to three hours. A child, t welve
years old may use it and (i. the work of a
growni wo an in one half the time, and re
gard the 'abor of using it only a pastime
Witli it,, wtshing has ocased to bo tedious
or labori us, and ''Blue Monday" hav
ceased to be a day or confusion and her
ror, because with little or no labor two or
three hours suffice to do a day's wash
witihout seubbing, wetring or tearing the
olothes. b eaking buttuns <j-c.
Time, It bor. money, and material all ar
preoious- economy is wi-dom and its fruit
health,wen0Ith and happiness-Look then t
economy I i washing, anid save your clothe
to wear fotr times its long as when wash
ed by the sand r.nd board, by buying and
using the EclipseSteam Washer," which
combined with that very attractive and
unsurpass d -Eureka Wringer" consti
Iutes a c. mplete and perfect wabber
every fami'y and washer-wotan should
and can hae It , and no aensible washer.
woman wh has at heart the interest of
her patronp will oppose its use
The"Ecli pse" is simple in construction
scientific in principle, effectivo in wotk
and will wit It the finest or coarsest fabrics
more satisticlorily than by lntd, in froth
fifteen to twet .v minutes. Plrice but to I
dollara--Wll Ilf)r sale for a few dc
onger at R Mt. LUNLEVY':.
june 6
1. W.1 illiS
O F TIE very best qualities, for I'arlors,
Clambers and Dining Iooms. For
design and worknNshi p, tJNIQUA TLED!
I offer at prices t'hat. defy competition
MADE of hard wood, and warranted to
give entire vatsfaction. I keep no inferi.
or quality. Use eceonomy ntd buy the
b<osui atnd buy where you can buy the
Sleep Confortablo
AND BUY the People's SPRING BE).
It is the best in the rnarket. without ex.
teption. They are cheap.
RATTAN and Split meat' hairs a spe.
eliity. Our prices are beyond compe
OF my own nannfaotlure, Window
Shades, Wall Brackets, Packets and
FURNITURE neatly repaired at moder.
ate Prices. Picture frames made to order.
GIVEN to the Undertake 's Decp rt
meat. I keep on hatnd a full suppily ot
Metallhc ('ases and W o>d C'lhins ofi thle
fintest finish. All calls promptly antenaded
tc. My terms are cash. I net upon I kn
tlieory that short settlements make Ion.
oct 3
Something 1Mew.
1 3H HJ old conveiea1 statnd lately occtt
.L pied by 11. B. ilefo, untder the
Winnsboro 1lote1, Is open again witha
well selected stock of the verj hest WVines
and liquors that can be had. I int-end to
merit the patronage of the public by
keeping first-class goods, and giving my
customers what they call for at lowest
N. U. Corn Whliskey and Blrandy
a SpiecialE.
as I have an advantage in procuring
the test at the lowest prices.
Doen't fall ta give me a call and satisfy
yourself of tIhe above faets.
april l--8mtos
60~ pairs of t race Chtains andi Iamues.
lhack Tiands.
Cotton and Maniilla RIOpe for plowintg.
Well tc po.
I.. HI Shovels ait Imnaturne f.>'r, Tub
awd B3nckets, Na.ils antd A xos, is,tnt
Cards, IIlani S.en, Paud locks,
Mad Ieons, C'offe'e Mills '
ihocks, Pecrcua
tion Caps
I Tierce Prime Carolia Rice.
25 liarrels assorted Eshing and Plnut in.g
petato es,
Z7or Sale0 low for Casil.
Enlglishi Ireakfiist TIenl,
G UNPt)WDER Tea, Younmg Iry4on Tea
Oolong Tfea, gutarattteed fine, Call'
andI get a sample' For' sale by
ar McMA.STER & ICEum
ortlapiip I, Vvery family buys
'A it. Bold by Agents. Address G. A.
walkeo', rrie, PA.
DaI1y,16 AlKents.. 85 new
$, 0 arlicees and the' -beat Family
paper in Amerloa wit h two $5.00 0hromos
free. A. M. M'FO Co., 800 Broadway,
N. Y.
* 0 e kina.u. end
Samples to Agents. Ladies'
Combination Needle Book,
FRL with chromos. Send stamp.
r.k, ew Bedf,rd .Muts.
N0 g easily made by flellintg
N E TAs at irORTNs' prCO
or gelting up clubs in towns and coutitiry
for the oldest Tea Company in America.
0r.'alest inducements. Send for circular,
CANTON TEA CO., Chambers at,, N. Y.
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
PUT'UP ONLY IN 11.1U1B )X ,Xs.
Sold Sy Druggists generally, nud
Wit. F. Kinor.n & Co., New York.
in the next three months to keep you
a year, ainy unemployed person between
Iie agea ot 16 c.nd 60 should takean agen.
i oy fcr the Illustrated Weekly, a large.
9 sparkling, literary and family paper,
i- ($2.60 a year) pure, instrtiivo an I
h amusing ; half of its pages full of beauti
r, ful pictures, the other half containing the
is choiceAt reading matter. Janes Parton
p contril uting editor, Like thiat great Kng
x li-h Pat er, Iihe London Illustrated News,
, it is highly moral, but. entirely uu-ecta
g rian and non-political. During a year
it furnishes over 1.100 pictures, and the
i eqnal of 9 large xotavo volumes of rend.
- ing matter. It g1ves away. extra
cacti w ek, a largo engraving, (62 in a
0 year), size. 17x24 inches. These are
s0 equisitefac similes of the finest steel end
0 gravitigs, On heavy titited paper, with
0 margins suitable for for Traming, and are
io truly a fine art gallery every year, HP
ttsides, each subscriber is preseited with
thechrono "GoldFish, Fruits and Flowt
ers," size 2z21 feet; in 27 oil color-4, paint
ed by liumsey. Not only the largest an
o finest. prenium ever given. but the mwes
0 wonderfully beautiful ctiromo ever pro
q) duced. It is just the paper for which
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complete, so progressive, so full of use
0 ful as well as entertaining matter is this
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year's subscription (ocss $2 50) is, in
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refunded if not, perfectly satisfied, or if
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Address all orders for specimenis subacri p
- tions. or outfit a to T. E. MOOfIlE Publish..
er "The Illutstrated Weekly," 1P. o, Box
5150, No. 11 Dcy at., N. Y.
3 U R UB E B A.
Weak, Ner'vous or Debilitated?i
A re youtso aniguidl thtat any exertion
rsetuires mtore of an effort than you feel
capable of tmaking ?
Thon try JURUtEBA, the wonderful
ton ic and inlvigorator, which acts so bene
ficially or~ the stecrettvo organs as to im
part vigor to all the vital tbrees.
It is no alcohtolic appetizer', which
stimulates for a-short timie, only to let the
sufflerer fall to a lower decpth of msisery,
but it i.e a vegetable tonic acting direct,ly
onl thte liver anid epleen.
It. regulates the Bowels, quiets the
nerves, and gives such a healthy tone
to the whole system as to seon mnake the
invalid it.el like a new person.
Jts operations is not violent, but is
charaoteried by great gentleness ; the
patient experi,ences no0 suIdden change. no
marked results, but gradually his troubles
"Fold their tents, like the Arabs1
. And silently steal awaay,"
This is no now and nutried discovery,
but tins been long used withI wonrdert'al
remedial results, and is pronouncedl by t.he
htighest nmdical auithorities, "the most
powerful t onic and alterat ive known."
Ask your druggist for It..
For sale by WM1, F, 1(IDDERi & CO,,
New York.
TlE ICi~t~ OT i1. iN USE.
Warrantedl 160 Degr~eesI Fre T1est,
WATERI WR1TS iN COLaoR. FUii,i,Y n1Rnen gggy
It burns in all Coal Oil and
Kerosene Lamps. Try it,. Ask
fet'r Ala4dis Se'eurity," and take no
1i6 WV. Lomb#rd sl., -Baltimore,
T'nr,Catriprs and Loather Mant
1f IlE above named fim wonla call
I,especial attention to Boot andI Shee
Manutfactnypra and! Harness Makor. WYe
Iwill sell pure oak .tanned finished stock
for light, and heavy parposes, as low as
any hou'a in the trade at 'Wholesalo Ct
Oratonl Thousands proclahn Vus.
'OAR BrERS tho most wonderful li.
Tigurant that over sustained toh sinkhig
No Person can take these Bitters
according to directions, and remain long
unwell, provided their bones are not do
stroyed by mineral poison or other
neans, and vital organs wasted boyond
Illous.1 Remittent and Inter.
Inittent F'evers, which are so prova.
lent hi the valleys of our great rivers
throughout the United States, especially
thoso of tho Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri,
Illinois, Tenniessee, Cunberland, Arkan.
aa, Red, Colorado, Brazos, 11io Grande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ro.
anoko, James, and many othors, with
their vast tributaries, throughout our
entire country during the Summer and
Autumn, and remarkably so during sea.
sons of unusual heat and dryness, aire
invariably accompanied by extensive do.
ralgomonts of the stomach and livor,
and other abdominal viscera. In their
treatmemt, a purgativo, exerting a pow
orful influence upon these various or.
gans, is essentially necessary. Tliore
is no cathartic for the purpose equal to
as they will speedily remove tho dark.
colored vischi natter with which the
bowels are loaded, at tho' same time
stilnilat.ing the secretions of the liver,
and gencrally restoring the healthy
functions of the digestivo organs.
Fort if'y the body against diseaso
by purifying all its fluids with VINEGAl
lIrrEns. No epidolmic can take hold
of a system thus fore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion Tuon&
ache, Pain itile Shoulders, boughs
Tightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of tile Stomach, Bad Tasto
inl tile louth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita.
tation of the I eart, I nflammation of the
Lungs, Pain in the region of tho Kid.
neyl.. nl a hundred other painful synip.
toms, aeo tile offlprings of Dyspepsla.
Ono bottle will prove a better guarantee
of its merits than a lengthy advertise
Serofula, or King's EYl, WfiTe
Swellings, Uleors, Erysipelas, Swelled Nock
Goitre, Serofilous Inflamimations, Indolent
Inflaniitions, Mercurial Affections, Old
Soles, Eruptions of tile Skin, Soro Eyes, eto.
In these, asi ill all other constitutional is.
OaSCS, WALKit'e VIxAa 1rrXntl have
showl their great curativo powers in the
most obstinato and intractablo cases.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Cout, Bilions, Rtemit.
tont and Intermittent Foevrs, Diseases of
the Iflood, Liver, Kidneys and Iladder,
those Ritters have no equal. Such Diseses
are catised by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical DiSefseg.-Persons ena
gaged in Paints and Minerals, such no
lumbers, Type-setters, Gold-heaters, and
Miners, as they advance in life, are slbjeot
to .paralysis of th liowels. To gttard
agaist tiis. take a dos of VALKHit'S VIN
EOA It I'r'r9(g occasion.aily.
For S'iit D)iseases, Eruptions, Tet.
ter, Salt-Rheu, lilotches, Spots, Pimples,
PI'tstuios, boils, C'rhuntcies, Ring-wvorms,
sealdl-hetad, Soro Eyes, Erysipelas, rtlh,
Scurfs. D)iscolorations of the Skin, Hnmors
and D)iseases of te Skinl of whatevor nIameI
or nlatuIre, aire literally dug up and carried
mut of the system in a short timle by t1e0'1se
of thlese Titers.
Pin, Tlape, and othier Wou,
lurking ml tile systeml of so many thousarcds,
are ellfectually destroyed anId remnoVe1l. No
sy stemn of luedlicine, no venniftugos, n. an..
Stelminities will fteo tile system from wornus
like t,bSO flitters.
For' Female Comiplaints, bn young
or old, mlarried or single, at tile dawn .of we..
manhIlood, ort theO turn of life, therse Ton01i4
Bitters display so dlecided an influence that.
iIlprovemtent- IS soon1 perceptible.
Cleaiise the Vitiated Blood when,
aver you 111md its impurities bulrsting through
the skiul ml Pimples, Ernp tions5, orSoea
eleanse it whenl y'Ou fintd It obstrcted at
slnggish inl the veins; cleanse it when it is
foul ; your feelings will toll you when. Keep
thle blood pure, and( the heal1th of the afystoin
will follow.
Dlrugglsts and Gent. A g't..8San F'rantoiso, Calfornis,
and cor, of WVashington and (TharhIon Sts.~ N. Y.
Sold by7 alA Dregglsts and Denterg.'
Double Turbino Water WVheel,
* ]d5Mrndfactured by
Blimnone, Md.
7,000 )JOW iN UNEI
-simple, Strong, Durabieo
:attfy reliable and satis
Malanactnrers, also, of
Portable & Stationary
ngines, Steam Bolers,
Saw & Grist Mills, Min..
ing MTachinory,coaaring
for Cotton MiHl, F1lour
org best fliish Bead for (frculara.
mahft 123 -am
U lST Received 100 lb.s- tine Ooshen
* mht Ier. Aliso a choIce lot of F'resh
(Gr(ocerhe, consisting of 3 bhis. No. I
Miaekerel, 3 tbhla. No. 2 Atackerel, 12
Kits No. I Mtkerei, 24 Kits No. 2 liigh
lamlily, I bbl. Pigs feet., 1 bbl. Pickled
Tongue.s, 100 lts. Dried Tongues, 10 -lbs
lJo!ogn.. Sdansages. Also a ehoice lot of
Sulgars and Colfees, Syrups anid Molasses
of all grades. Also a fine lot of Frcsh
Canned Good1s, consaisling of Canned Sal..
mci., Lobsters, Mock Tlurtle, Corn andl
DesiCcated Ccoanut, P Atedt l[amn, Turkey
an,d Satrdin,es. Also a fresh lot of Craek.
.era llnd Cakes, I D)ozen lIe tee of flirk.
inmer Co. Chieese--the fiunt in town. Also
const ant ly on hnnd,t Predi Flour an.
Meal, Ilacon and Ihard, and a ehlole lot of
'e4wta &cotolh Ale, Liquors andi 8egars
f tihe fineCsLt.hirades, Powder, Ebiot and1(
sept 24 JIohn I),}JeCarloy.

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