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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 12, 1875, Image 3

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3W" We ate'net ses onsible for theea. t
ebs of coteap.ondeht.
44* V01imunidatlots to this office
'Vill not be fAe1.11ed unlos' acqsapapieq
by &be real n'ti ef the *l'ter. ' 1
awl Any Oerson IR the coitetp.having 0
knowledge of a) cirdUntetance of ineerest i
eem-tring ip ils neighborhood will confir
a faor by -fttirnlhlbg information at this
Local Noticeo will be inserted t
(except by special contract) at the
following rate s.
For ten lines snOt under....$2.00 I
For each additional .ine&...16o.
lhw AnytnTIsIticNSa. . -
Law Card-GhiRWv &-Devis. 8
For sale-F. . O'Ndii.
Spritg, gentle spri.ag shas at last n
dawned upon us. Straw.:hats, light t
Vests &c., are ilkf : ::' ".- -i
Coa. Wax. jonston was oleated 91
blayor of Charfot te, .s ,%*8-t ' i
day ovet W. F. David,on, Usq. Col.
JohnstoWs majolt tyin 0e
votu9... A ' 0
A wagon lo..d'of';vy N # s: frea n
Catawba river were iu town yAt6r,
Titm t'k-tENNiA.-Every prepara t
tion is being made by the FairfieA' 8
Fire )&ngine Company for the O
Mecklenburg Conteinfial which comes
off next week. Mot of the firemen C
are getting new s-hirts and belts, rc
besides they are h'n'ving -their Nugine a
newly paintedu The boys say they b
drn't intenA to-domt out behiid. (
NEW BOWLIO AI.:v.-Mr. 11 ti
W. Phillips bas cothpleted the bowl- M
ing alley at M60reights shop, and it at
reflects treat aredit upon 'M. ir
Phillips as a mveohanjo. Young a
gentlemen wifhido to have a pleasant ir
afternoon with their sweot hearts will to
diad no better plae than the - above
FuRNITVRP..-WO diopped into the p
furniture etablishmlent of our young d
friend, Mr. RAV. Phillip.)3oterday, d
and found thtrp e fAnest assortwent 'so
of furniture t'V4fjs ever been offer- q
ed for sale in . jo ,'Ir. Piil lpIs II
an nergetiq, ntb 6 hiaio aq4i.ug- 0
derstands his . n g - g
and therefoie ae: eeo .'quege h
of the publio4 4Iu - - -'
Mr. Phil. lapenborg teturned on
Tuesday frors. Illmore wid, .his. c
'b ride, and of:*-Vidsday evening was v
,welcomed bf' serende from the t(
-cornet-band. .'the aad was in fine a
,psaoutic, and .diooursed sweet musie v
-with wsobaraing effect. Alter sever.. p
al tages 'were played, Mj. Dan nenberg
invited tee aserenaders' in: when dll y
cious refreshmnents were-served. AWe
.congrabe.lwte Mi'. ian'inuberg'har'tiib 'e
on his good foituno, and welcome hin t
Aride 'into our 'insidti. "May they ii
l've long and prosper." t
-Fres: 'Grs. --Mr. E). B. Flenniken "'
Ibas shown us a bunch <ft oats meas-.
'urring Eve sfeeo 'in length, taken fromb
'hi-u 'lot. VTor . oats -were pl1dant
-ed on -the 6ltth of la,#t .(o~tuber,
'aod tihe onby' menure pv't -on ther
grouna was thirty bushels of 'dtton
weed.. This 4s aicdtber paroo'f that we
ihave. as.good a grain eetratry as thero
'is'in Amnevioa, and if our farmer,'
wtalI ipay 'more a'tteL'tion t'o it anda
leas to 'cotton, 'we would, 'in afe
Fears, 'he the 'most prosierous 'peopl-e
in thec U-n4tsd S'tates. We 'could
taieour own st-*ok, sepply oiu e,wm
people with b4read and rneat wit'hout.
having to tro toseotteern and 'wetern
ma-rkets for ttB neessaiesoi l*ife-,
avd 'we couia 11-emauA ,'ony.. - wn ,
prl saoa totto . D 1 krf
of Fair Gold count,y o.l.ihad ro era in
dieted 'unde'r9 tinstmtruetions of
Judge Mlaokey, for "ollicial ""b.econ
duct, consisting in habituat noglect
of his duties as sheriff, tendered his
resignuaton on lFriday, through
the presiding Judge, i2 open court,
who thereupon trasmitted it to the
govrenor, and ordered a not. pros.
to enter. The sot. pro.. relates o'uly
to the allegedf nbgloot of duty, at.d
does not relieve the sherif. from
proseention ..'for any' dafalotation
p.roved agaInst-bim, it 1s now cur..
rently stted that 1.uvalhl has effected
on arrangement whiereby be will be
enabled to seTttein full witb-.all par
ties for whoda Re~ ha. reduived any
ynoneys as heriff. ~
INSItWRMENT.--Mr. 3. GroseheTi
is making s:great ,improven>ont on
phe old briok building .noar"Doty &
00/,, tlvry stable.. Mr. G., deserves
great ei for'th. endr~ jhe his,
dinlae on 41abiflding 'and we
rediot that when it is finiobed it will I
0 0ne of the handsoniest buildiugs in
Mr. T. Ross Robertson is erecting
handsome brick building on the
)rner of Cougress and Moultrie
reets, which will be an ornament
> that portion of town.
County Cosmissioner Jacob is
utting up throe beautiful little cot.
iges near the A. M. E. Church.
Mr. J. M1. 4lliott has nearly com
letd a substantial cottage on col.
ge street. The above iiprovemen's
peak well for thoze of our energetic
itivens who are building up the
obte pluces in our midst. Lot the
uod work go on.
COUn-T.-Court met Monday after
Qon at three o'clock. The case of
ie State vs. Charles Smith for as
iult. and resi6ting the police was
rat tried. Mr. Obear for the de
ince, The jury rendered a verdict
f'ubt guilty,
h'o court then disposed of severa
ivil easlS having adj .urned the geL
i'sessions over till Tuesday.
The grand jury issued a buinolis
r Treasurer Carduzu and J. S.
illbrowne, as witnosses in the
Imith easo.
Ourt met on Tuesday morning.
le first case tried was that of the
tate vs. Joe David, malicious mi
iief in killing a mule.
Solicitor Mackey was assisted by
l F. J. Cameron, who has - lately
iturned to this State after a long
bsence in Arkansas, where he had
een.(Luite succeFsful in his practice.
On mot.ion of Mr. McCants, Col.
ameroi was admitted to practice in
le circuit courts of this State. Alr.
oCants appeared for the defance,
Ad made the test possible d-fence
a plain'case. Col. Cameran made
flee argument, which was conviec
g to tie jury, and Joe DAvis will go
the penitentiary.
The next case was that of the State
Ia%ames Moore, for forging notes
the Singer Sewing Machine Co:n.
rny. Gaillard & Davis- for the
4ence. On the first indictmint the
3fendant was found guilty. Ou the
cond indictment lie plead guilty,
id on inotion of his oouu.sel the re
alAiug indictments were nol pro!sed.
o4rt tben adjourned, Judge Mackey
viig. nuotice thAt hereaf,er lie will
) . prt till midnight in order to
uWtilt docket and save expense to
ie couaty.
COtsuT -TEA.-TIh followin,
asIS were tried Wednesday State
s. atin Chesnut> for stealing Out
)n oid mules, Chetonut h d evaded
rrest for two years. Ile was coli.
iotedon the first ildict-m6nt aid
lead guilty to the scond.
State *-s. William Brioe-, asault
ith int ent to kill. Verdict, guilty.
On Thursday the ease of the State
a. Rleason Gilbert, for blurder, wa
led.. Reason stabbed Chalvi Shedd
a dipoiute over ten cents, while
bey were playing cards on Sunday.
State vs. Isanae Meeizi for am.oui
iih itent to kill. JJe Beltun
r osecuting nitneos. lie I ed been
adly .itabbed, but it being. shown,
at Meetze acted in self-defence, the
erdiet,was not guilty. T1he Court
i-onounced that the verdict was due
ot so murb to the tiur ti the
afuse as to the eloquence of coun-cI,
hr. Douglafrs,
tate vs. Jas. hlouston, horse cte-li..g,
~signed to Col. Cameron1 but the
vidence was all one way> and the
erdict was "guilty."
O~n Friday, the following ,'entenoes
rere passed:
ienson Gilbert, 30 years sIn peni
andtary.. i
Jaines Moore, 2 years in peuiten.
*amies 4louston, 1 year in pecniten
.Sam Chestnut 5 years in -p'enitevr
Wmn. Bri'ce, $1,000 fine.
I i flE Yirtr of OAILDWELL BRo & C0..
. Was this day disisolved py the
nihdrairal of -Jos. C. CallIwellI. Thme
onmai.ing Partners will continue tice
ausiness at the old1 stand under the firer
abueof CA LWELL, & CO
amy It tilhtkstoek 8. C. May '.6 187!r&
Adouble brako Engin e (John Agnew
.buIld er), one hose reel and four
undred fest of leather hose. .Al 3 in good
rdter. For f'urther particulars addreses.
F. I.. O'NEIL,
Chief Fire tlepartment,
may 0 Im Charmleston 8. C
Dr, Isaiah Simpson,
cItizens and public generally
that he will visit WVnneboro,
arofeusionall.y, the 4th day.fI45y, and
emaln 8 or 10 days. Te h extracted
witbont pala. iatisfactien 'gua.iatee.
anr11 20..1w
I. A. UaI.Iaa. ' l. M. L.Vlk
T. It. U0111ELTSON,
'ili .Jus04tice.
$-- All 4tk ia91 'nLrnte-l to hillm will
re0elto pmlp atentin.
Wil. II. L I N
toom No. 6, Second Floor,
Corner Iticitr ;tin nd Wasington Strts,
Oi- Will praefice in Fairfield
finar 9-it .l'
I 111(irIpAcy.
iithe District Cotrt of the. U. S. ri)v the
Distric't t . . Uartolina, Inl haie matter
of .\ M. Newbii. anktrtipt. At Yorks
velie, in the said listrict, on ht 201.h1
day of April. 187..
' Ili: Tako notice ihat a petition lis
bIeol filfd inl suid Court by A. I.
qe"wbili of Fairfi..'Ad t'ouely, in aid i6.
-lot, dily declared a Bankrupt, ut.der tile
Act or Cotigiess, - iitled --Ae A,cL to
istabli-ni a tiniform system of liaikrapt-.
!y througlhont (le United Stalci," Ap.
rovcd March 2, 1867, for a,di6charge
and certilicato thereof, from tall his deb s
and other claim.aprovable tnder (he said
kct ; nand thie 20th day 'or May 187 ,. [It
1' oelook,al.. it assigtiNd for Ilin lleAing
ai he amc, before %%. I. Clitwsl, onae of'
le teginters in BankritPcy of ltid'Cuurt,
ot his ollice ina Yorkvil e, Sout h i ' 'r.i a.
ivl.-tn tanld whereI you lta;ty atteiid, and
Olew cause, if Itin' y.u hlave, bI)y the
)rayer of fite said jitiaiotn sliotld iot be
AT - : . ,1. WIALL.Cl,
U. S. Marshal aas \lesseiger.
Deruly Mebmetiger.
nay 5..x3
.li Bankruptcy.
1a the 1) stril Court of (lae U. 8. fir (te
Disitict of S. C-t olati n l a tie fat oer
of W. S. a inkrup. At Vork
Ville, itt (lhe 14aid Districl, on tie :th1
day of April 1176.
O IR : Take notice lhat a petit ion las
be fe'l ik 'said iti t, by W. 8.
tab., of 'airfield County, inl taid Dist r't
La,y aeola red a anakrap t aanler'a t Act
f Congrcss, enititlud "An Aet to establi-h
unif'otrna systibm of Ilka t. - t: ontgh -
ut (te U11iaed S,Ltitvf" Approel aarch
1867, for at 41..Chaarge atid certificate
ltcaol, froit all his debts anl other
lait I rownlble tinder ule staid Act ; :atd
ie '2tih day of Nity P75, tat 1* M., i
-signte- for the ie-oring of th- sa-te, be
or,- W. 1. C4. wsonl, one of tihe liegititer
ta iankrtaptey of' said Co.irt at hai.s ollice
t airvahe. Southi Carol.ta, ilent anad
vbere you may attend, and shew e.ase,
(I tay ;m aLve, wly tie I ayrC of' the
,aJ petit otla should not b.- gia.ted.
AT I-:.'r : It. M WA LACE.
U. S. Nlartslal as lest,er,
iiy T, W ,C.wos
Vullutay XlLjeijg,!r.
tnay 5 x3
1875. AGAINI 1875
Louisville Weekly
Dourier - Journal
,ontir.ues for the pi esent year ins liberrel
arratngenient.. whereby, ot ile 31st of
Do, inber, 1875 , it will distribtfe impar.
.aliy attiong is subsoribers,.
ni presents, eo ittprisinag t welve huntdr'ed
asr'ful and( beaifuilal art'icles.
The ( oaurier.Joutrnaal is a lotng-establish-.
tI, have, wide-.awake, progrerssive, naeway,
No othaer piaper ofrer's saach indt(ucemten Is~
o a stcib(ers anad eitnh agent. a'renlar as
w ith Iaull p:art icuaaras andt. specime t opiesl .
ent free ta'a applicta ion,
Te'rmaai $2.00 a yeart andt libeai offers to
l)aily edit iona $12. P'oslage prepaidl 'otn
dll laper~s withlout Cxltra chaarge.
'A .idr'a ss. WV. N. II A l.l)Ei A N,
lre's. i.nauisville I Coaurier-Jouraa Ca'.
The Statte et South Carolilul,
Courry o1r FAanRFaI.
In the Pr'obate Court,
T lElEAS J . .E. Cra;g hiatlb ma'date
V' suait ho mte to gr'ant haittmI leaes of
rAltiii.tr'taton de bjoDnj nton of the FMI a e
atnd aeff'ects of Jiohn, McKe(an -a doceaaseda.
These'~ tI laherfore t b o t-eand admontta
ishl ali anad sintgualar Ihett kinadred anad eredi -
tots of the saidi .lohna aMcvKe'ownva de
ceased,at (laey be anad appear before nme, itn
Ste Corant of Probatto, te lbe beli taf Ft.itr
field Coura iotase, 8. C., otn the Iiath daly of
May ntexf, after panblien(iona here.
of, tat 11 o'clock in the for'enloon (t shew
onutso. i anay (lhey haave. whty he saai'd Ad
abminist ratiuoh ihotuld noi t he gaA:aced.
GJivena tnder n'ay handt, I lat 20thl daty
of April, Ann~o Dorminl, l875.
JOllN .. NEIL.
acha 27-1 l r J. 1'. p. C,
60 pairs of faao Chainas anal Ilataet.
lInek bandaa.l.'.
CotItan atnd Mianailla Rope for palowinrg.
WVell lit po.
L. 11 Shtovels -'| manurea' f'orks, Tuabs
anad Ilueket's, N ails tand Axos, Ct,tioa
CMf-ds, ltnl Saws'a, P'adalockg,..
flad irorrs, ffee Mills,
liocks', Pereca
I IOn Caps
I.'t'tece P'riathe Carolinta RIice.
20 lUartrelsa attsoaled l>aitng anal Plaftin
poltat ces.
Ioi' Nale loW flw Ullsh,
IEua*y, Iro.a Son.
T NSUREt F youar properly ani ithear of th e
-L ollowin g comapaniaes viz:
ITho Liverpool and London anal Globe.
The lionme Inasurance Co. of New Vork.
'lT Frafaklin " "i Phliladelphaia.
TIht &tlars, " " iartford Conn.
Parties wishing to inasuro their' proper.
ty duaring nay abseno'~ Vill please apply
to WV. N. Chandler..
april 17 1n JAS. W. LAW. Auent.,
Special Not - .
CHAItMS bA3V, EbMAYP erotihoiid
all Spiriftuot" l 4 a. "Wet
)amnation.", 01Poot fellpw..f4bo- knew
vbereof ho spake, bypa . ex ertienoe, atid
if living, wotid ntPF TUNA. na
bInh Excitan: IyetI
But recre i, ofndf Tno, l batl
r*xl.qleI1e-14e best fihe -Woki :,as ',d*j
knowt-vI,elh containf31 al . e
Ir. Walker's UilifNia V:nc *Dl.
Tl: WAi-r-r.- K10.4
iJo not snd away qth0uyg.blg *jbico.~
can htnin as wdell -a elsewile'.
do not advocia . 5 totht 9*
you can lily abl;o &0ee $4 90,9
when you onn butvyotur 41ank' Boolik,
Ohe kielt grtd. at P4desOn'lo as
York. thlen, kend l o l allt6-, Uvan&
Cogswell. hal lesoi l C., .n p irobsnse
what yon nleed. All'tholi1(nk took, 1re
I ode idl Ciarls0toav anld yotr eIUrage.
metit will suslain a worthy ahitufatlinig
Dr. J. Walker's Calforlda Vin.
egil' litter are a purely Vegetable
preparation, inado hieliefly from tho na
tive herbs folipd onl the lower ranges of
the Sierra Novada mountains of Califor
iia, the inedicinal propertics of which
aro extracted therefrom without the uso
of Al-ohol. Th question Is almos8
daily askl , " t is thle causo of the
umparallelod succeS3 Of VINEGAR lIr
'rr.:sf Our answor ia3 that they remov
the cei.3 of' disease, an'd thd .atient ra'
covers his health. They are tho great
blood puifier and a lifo7giving principlo,
a perfect Renovator and Invigoratot
of the Rytenm. -Never boforo in tii
hiltory of the world has a nedioWie beon
Com..pouided possessing t.4o. roinarkable
quaIhties of Vt'oAt Ui-raS in healing t
sielc of every diteast 'ianl is heir to.. I'hoy
mo a gentlo Purgativo as well as a Tonio,
relieving Congestion or Inflanmation of
tho iver, and Visceral Orgaus, in Iilious
Thie proparties of Dt. WALKE'S1
Y INEGA A ln-i'rxits are Aperiont, Diaphorette,
Carnahiative, Nutritions, Laxative. Diuretic,
edative, Countor- I rri taut, Sudorific, Altor4
tive, and Auti-Bilious.
LA. Ii. MlkeuttNALD '1 c-..
Dl !Ni 4 and Gon. Agta.. San Franelieo. Califorian,
andl vor. 44Ntahngton avitChlt tsi., N. Y.
Sold by all Druggists anid Dealers.
Car Load White (10rn1.,
I(',. Lond1 Flour--all gradis,
1 Ca Load Bilted Mcal.
WN hite and BRok m .acon and
Shoulders.- --. . ( -.
Rio and Javat O ffec-"g-r-eenl
1111d romast-ed.".
New Orleans and Cm. non
All grades of SUGAR.
Lard inl bibli., hal -bbls., Kegs
all( calls.
Genuiic Durlina Smoking -To.
'april 10
Consuption Cured,
To the Editor of U,c Nx:ws.
Ihteemred ltelid
Will you pilease i nfor'm 'ot'r re ade
that I hauve a positive
and all disorders of t he Th'roat andl Langs
and that by3 iti iuse in' my practce., I
haiv ,en red ha udrekl of cA's ss, and willI
81,000 00
for a cas~e it will not benefit. Inideedl, so
tronig bs miy faith, I will s'chd a Satun
pie free. to anty tstlerer addressing
met. P'lease thow this letter to any one
you may kud'w wsho is sstfermng fromt these
diseAses, anud oblige,
apr il 27--Go ii ti~j i.mam St. New York.
Jinek Eye Bee PIjye
Anid Moth Tray.
f 10(N.NNOR' eTLOWNiLY &. CO., ptroprioe
U totrs fde. thec toniti's of Paiittel niii
(hiester', oIler F'arn'a Rilglntts to tnake
an.1 uste the sme with sainple lito for
$10 00. Aliy n ce and~ be ready io
lht use thle ftirt swailms,
nilar 10 u~ ittnhoro, S. C.
Sale of' Valuable PrOper'ty.
'? Y ainthority of a e nct of the Genera I
.) Assenvebly. tIle Cotut'sy "Ommimielodt
eri (of Firfield countliy wsill oil (er for stal.
at. pubhlic outt cry. oi ihe first M'5 ondlay he
Ju nto next, at the court hious in Winnen'
hor'o, t he builing now . kntowni antd ocon.
piied as the County Jail1. fte lot tipon
*hiceh ftaid building .ld locnted; frott on
MsIain, itreeo, 112 teet 9 inehtes. andh is 10-4,
fee i II inichesi deep. -The buiiling Is 118
teel lo tng, ainil :0 feet. 2 inchses deep. made
of birick andi stone, has t reco stories, and
is covered' withI tilt . 1h1 blittated Iite
heart of the hitstness pdrtlin of the ' own
at the chutlicast in'tersection- of Malts andi
Market. st reets, and is altogether a high ly
desir table Iocatiunn for' meroantile I uirposes,
Terre o'f sale :-Ono half casth, (he6
balatce ins twel,e mTont hs with inlterept,
stcented1 by bond and niorfgage, the pur-.
chatsir to pay for all vf'bers. For furtuhwr
itn formtat jens addreas
Ch,. Co. Comn. 'airBfeld Cjo,
English Breakfast Tea,..
.adgtasatrple- orsteb
si. 9leM A.S TE R & UR iq1,
; 1A 1 'll(epa iW Conpoiul.
A purely ,VegeIlbl .Compk,und fr.
trom any I1 4r. p t,
can hie givOia wiih imiptiil) to fin illrew
of only a few honi I old t-r oliv 01 II
ierantgement of Oh Jtoje l-. Tis Con
p.ound will lipsi.6i Ilat.j.II- iti-t ia c I
M-ieuce <.f n) alasill.41d 1i 1 a ylApi 4
h.- .It it g1 it111 ttri' it II f I
pie, i;2 11142I luel01. l'i . 4 1 %il I is
iche, Itilli 4 lip or V nn I ( a 1( (it
v t pt(cia'",') Cast t I,, li( I. ,
Ird IarC( stig 1 . il ,l % 4 1. 4 i
81ollinch 1 at,d Io 1 ? . (.it, ii iI rin
and lie conviield.
Mannfacture.1 by E.. L. KING & 80N
Columbia, S. C'.. d 'or salp by,
Dr. W. E. Akenl. Arent. alo b Dr.
Rt. McMaster, Winatasboro, 8. (C.
jun 23
tSTAIL 9WI D; i832.
Nos. 3 Broad Street and kO9 East Bay pteot,
Tm BY VIRIN ClrAl"Iri (M111:1t OF %T((J(.
Piris Papet aid Enveldpe'.
Wedding and Rail jnvitations
sept 8
IALADDIN ' 1,t 1 "
thit usT o1. Is USE.
wateamt.ed 150 Degrees lire i Tiest.
w tit wI rr: I cN o,o i,:ot . Y Eo oimzi.
It hairns in all Coal Oil :nd
Korusene Lampa. 'Try it. Ask
fer "Aladilin Security,' and take no
1 1i WY. Lt)fmbard 82., tIatli liuore
Packages of NFHWt MACL(OI El.
In liarreIs, hnI.f ad quainrter lia r
ber 1, M1:s8
32J SE~tks of fresha ground FL 3Ul.1
all1 siSos andl grad'ds roan thec
(irante Mills Auagusta Ga-.
.-\ f\lII sto-ek of G roceries, P'rovlnions
anod I'lant atio h ut pplies, al
of which .will be sold nt, the
Iowest prlues for C ASII.
oct 29
O """"---"orsal ''"o io"*-'-ea v*
P...1ophilar brands, vit
V. C. Coe's4 Super 'phosphante.
.Iraadley'.a A cid P'hospha te.
Parties wishintg (lumnos by the car-loadl
dan have,thno,orddiid to t)oke, liidgeway,
Lyles' Fordl and 'lrot her's 8tgeioqs,. as I
stn agent far th-o 6ntire (eant oft Fair
fAold. Timo sales duao November l t,
FotibfraDementwoQre 1imgeand price ,
, 000 bu. Corn, 175 hr lea Forage, on
a to responhidloarto.rn
The Symp, ois of L.iver coainii 4 ii mi't
(ot plin is in lite silnulder, and-is nistake
eil wiN h the lus. or appetite and slokne,4s.
ieriing with Inx. The hea I is tro.Ibiud w
i,erihle lois of in -mn >ry, aoto upiaie 4 Witb
som1lit hinilg wlh c,,4ghlt, to have been done.
andI low aiie,61 Sonetiles ainlly of the at
very r.v ofi ihel, :1 ii he liver I% generall
.E3CcO't,xXc3'X.oxxxqm C1.7
U4 warrniled tint to conlaiin a single
pii-ile of %erury. or any itjurious
initeral t;u)stann(e, but Is
cotitiitiing those Southern roots and lierl a
which an nilwi-e !1iovidence Ins placed
in c,,intries whete Liver i.i npes itost
pre% nil. It u13 cure all disease caused
y detang .-ne..s of the Liver and how
Simmons Liver Regulater, or Meadlon3.
1 4ikinently a f.uniy muedicien, andw by
b.itg kept ready foi- Imediate resort will
.1vt a1yV an hone o6mCfering nsd ninny
a d1hA1r in ti-te and iloctorx' hills
% er over Ftrty Years in it it Is still
receiving h111 m11st uniuqualified itesi.
monials loits virities frot persons -P' ti e
Ii g Ist Chaiater and respotibiility.
iw tient phyilians tommend it as the
tfectual Speciffo
for o n s-11siulpti it, leivitche. Pain In ithe
Shoulders. Dzzilws, Stocihlll, baild
t -ste i the moti-eh, bilPousnttacks, Pi
pitnt ion of the 1 Hlart, Pain i lite regions
of tao Kidneys, dlespondency. glo,)m and
t'.i hw)iinge of eil, all of whid. ure the
ulh:-riig ofa diselosed Liver,
For Dyspesia or Indigeltton.
filtniled yith fl.s intldote all climn(et anI.
chahtge,s of wfiter nnd ro )h may be faced
will I fear As a ,Remedy in Nalarious
Fevers, iowel Complintls, restleseness.
Tt in the vienpes. pureat. atnd the best
Fiamily Medicine in tie world I
Bity ni polders'or PrepAred Sitrno,e 1 Irote
Itegiuator unless in our eugrkv.1 wv-t
per with Trade mark, staip and sigl 1u.0
tinbrokeu. None othei is gel tine.
Macon, On., and Philadelphia,
shiiin011 li0ir R'egillAor.
iessne:t.l Jhunice, Nau,sen, Sick
fIindche, Collo, Conistipa.
ion ani i lliousniess.
It II*O0 1'dO .'0t.a,.
A lIi1(HIgreal A
All the 1he4 (4ootls,
All tie 1B st S:yles,
All tile Best Paterns,
A ll ti-~ B est G Alt.ers
All .the Bes Bulsiness
All the Best Bot
A1l the Substaiti
All the oSIes a'
SA DI.S'I(lii Irimimed to order by an
rate.s, anid warran tell to git satisfoolloA.
fIllH largest anui finest stock of Black Al
paoia In this place,
A benut:tol slock of Pi q es, Stti.ytt and
Checked Naitoutoks, Jackonects. Swiss
a ilni; &o. Notions and Tritemings ini
01,%3I3es 11 In n in lit e side. Sonetim
n for rhoumatism, The stam-toh Is afroo
bowels in general ocstive, sometime a
tit pain, and dull, heavy sensationa con
pilnful son-telon of having left undone
Often complaining of weakness, debility
)vo attend the diseaise and at other times
F the organ inost involved.
"I hrve never seen or tried such a
simple efficacious. satisfactory and pleas.
ant remedy in ny life."-Il. Haines, St.
LotIs, Mo.
Hon. Alex. H Stephens.
"I occasionally use, whenl my condition
requires it, Dr. Simmons' Liver tegula.
tor with good oflfeot."-lion. Alex. il.
Governor of Alabama
'-Your R(eguator hs been in use in my
family for somue time, and I am pursuaded
It is a valuable addilion to the medical
science."-GOv. 1. Gill 8 iorter, Ala.
"I have used the Rtegulator in my fami
ly for the past seventeen years. I can
safely recommend it to the world an the
best medicine I have ever used for tha
cltsa4 of' dise-ise# it purports to ouro."
II. F. Thigpen.
President Olty Bank.
"Sinnons' Liver Regulator has proved
a good and eflicacious r.edclue."-C. A.
"We have been noquainted with Dr
Sin mon.4' Liver Medic.ne for more thtat
twenty years. and know it to be the best
Liver Regulator offered to the publio."-.
M. R. Lyotk aud It. L. Lyon, Dellefontaine,
"I was cured by Simmons' Liter Regi.
lWuor, after having sulored several years
with Chills and Fever."I. F. Anlarson.
The 31ergy.
-I lIvd bein a dy.epetlc for years I be
gan the Regulator two years agn ; It ha
acted like a charm in my ease.' ---Rev. I
V. Holmes.
Ladies Endorsement.
'1 have given y our tnedicine a
thorough trial, an-l in no case has it failed
to give s.tisfactiou."-ilen Meacbam,
Chattahoothee, Fla.
Sheriff Bibb Oountr.
"I have used your tegula'.or with suc
ceiful effect in BillioUs Colic and Dys.
I-ersitt. It is an excellent remedy and
eertaiily a publio blessing."--C. Master,
son, Bibb County Ga.
my Wife.
"My wire and self have used the Ttegu.
lator f,o ye.irs, and testlVy to Its great
Virines "-Rev. J. elder. Perry Ga.
"I think 81niooda Liver Ilegilator one
or the behl mnedinines ete' Wdeao or the
LNar. My *ife and ntany other., have
used It with Wondetfut efeet."- . K,
Bparks, Albany, Ga.
M D.
''t have uised the llegttlatbr In my tardil
'y, also in my regular tptaotie, and hats
our,A it a~ nin-t tinable and stisfaotdef
edicine, and believe if it, was used by
e profesuidn it would be af service in.
I'g mnany cases. I know very Oaucht of
conhipon'nat parts, and certify it. medi.
at qua:~lties are perfectly hatt'fless5."-~
. B. G eigg. M. D., Macon, Ga.
G ialet h
ilt Lour v0ket
at Land ekers.
at taa i kors.
Ao t Lai~td cker's
at tandenkerg.
d Qtaitijes, at Lndeckers,
at shapes1 : atLandeckers-,
J UST 1t50%UY91) -
.. 0 extra igaer ('" r,ade Uhncasq4
lIIa nt~.

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