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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 12, 1875, Image 4

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The Fairfleld HefId
runL.[89:11) i
I 1 VJE|Y sV'E4 ) J gY
Ofile ,T'eg,!(ii- arY.
It RVRE 41) IAA FROu-,oseph 'T'ho.pnagn.
Yolhn Gibson. Jool Copes.
f.. WV. l)hvall-She,riir,
enesa'4. 1. CloWney--Clerk of the C ourt,
J. J. Neil-Jud_g o Probaite.
W. I-oeakt---ovioty Auditor.
IV. M. elion-C01.f%yy u er. .
CO -T nia.4ry toIasnRAUsiover.
(20' 6)1 t.i1 i SAlON RtRe-Jas. It. 'llirvey)
lenry lbob, Carter Beaty.
it. N. Qear- U. S. Comlissioner.
NOTAIr.G MeaL-O.-a. C. itobertson, .
Q. Davis, -If. N. Obear, D. 11. Kirland.
TitrArL .1'tics--A. 31. viackey, W. It
larsiall. Jnmes Aiken, Hilas W. Ituiff.
Il. d. f. \V. Coletnau, Tlhomnas Walker,
Dr. lrA.S. Scott.
T. It, Itobertson.
w.NNZIr0.Ft' ATIONAi DASI OF 9ottl
CARO.1NA. [email protected] $200,000
I AI) uI $15,000.
W. Ro. Unbertson, Prosident.
'(leo.'1'. M5cMaster, Vice.President.
Nan'l'11'.' 0owhey, Casifer,
Ist. C.Nobertson. Toiler.
W. I11 1. 1-te op, It. 1'. Rlilioa, yaftll'
'10tI Y, apti,e II. 'doNIsgr, DX It. Floti.
'IIe n.14 34s,Cnf . .n a , Ition, JAS.
A. Iie,'A . Nuglass, Col. Wlliam'
oinston, of Charlotte, N. (1.
w.A tussa-. Gerig, J. ' A. Fraer, IV.
bi. Nelson, J. b. MCarley.
'G. INMI'o C5nte Icade.
a)niib lir,f-fice- Presido.
1). It. Fleni6ken Sec. nnol'Treap.'
e it iv o r irou.--T. J. If. Murphy.
. cwildered.
The editor (if larper's Weekly
thitiks the Republionns will pretty
soon, in the genoral nihdash 'of things,
ho as1king, "Where are we to go ?"
Well, if tby.wanlt to be on th e win.
ning side they haa bettor repont and
become good Democrats,
A t 4. recent interview, in order to
get (rsn'tto roall the dismissal of
Commils. ilor Douglass Simon
Caeinron was snubbed q into
anitoni-shmiont. Grant told .him
Pennysivania had already too
many yigs at the swill tub, and
that bitter th'ru9t made old Simon a
"mouruer in Israel."
ti Thing.
if the1o report be true that Senator
Jornes, of Navada, can make ioo, by
his new piress, I or fifty cents a tun t
and if it likewise be true that he i,
about to est:ablish -hi fnotor'is in the
8oitIh--it is timo for the regular
dealera to pu% on their thinking oaps.
For our part, we rogard it as a joho,
but hevon only knows, 'in -tiid ago,
what man can or cannot do.
.liprecedenrtctl Isitic of Postagi Stanip.,
T'he issues of postage stamtps of all
kiinds by tIho Postellico D)epartmout
during tbe month of April last
amsounst-ed to a little inl Oxeoss of $3,.
600,000. This is an average of
atbou 20 .per cont. more the.iss'ues for
t.he corresponding month 'last year,
antd is by far the largest amounmst ever
ssuted in any one mouth by 'the De
Aeoording to a Mrs. Palmer, one
of thea Boocr-Tilton witnesses,
Juhdge Nelson's court room is fairly
stusffel with-spirit folk who take Bides
with Theodore and Henry, as t.he
case mnay be. ,ashington is thiere
-the immortai'George. So is lHen
Franklin-the insamortal Bon. Til..
tons ghostly backers -are DIemnost hes,
MIoses and LiaIayotte. Anatony leads
the Ilecoher host, and Cleopatra
stands in the van of the Tlilt,ou ar
Gi. P', 3I. 11. Young Looking A fter Arms
alltti fiiltites.
W is OTPON, M1ay 'R-Qen. Young
ox meombcr of Uongress from Georgia
is hos e in behsalf of Georgia ansd ether
Southecrn Sta-tes, to scuro a revoce.
tion of the order from tha 'Ordnance
])epart deitNeitbhlinf'ars and ord.
nmance a Iers froni States reoently in
rebellion.~' Thsis order ' is 'in accor
dnnee with the action of thso last Con
gress ordering that fundas for this
purpose ehould be deposited to t'ho
T1reasury. Gens. hun1Ig visited the
President, Secretary of WVar and
Chieof of Ordnanee. The matter la
referred to thse D)epartwnent of Jus
tiee, be fore w hich Genm. Youn~g will
be board onfMoIny..
iMPriloulis o10 Veynge.
Prof. G' eorge S. Peduzzi, a Brook
lyn druggist, aseended from thso Capi.
toli Gr (ounds, Wodnesday, ins a
ballb n Ais own tnanufaottmo, end
of $1&,01i0 edbic feet capacity. The
x,rimal ship pa.sed over Fear Rookaway,
ansd thsens maade directly for Long
IBlansd Sonnad. T.lhe professr, disian.
elinsed for a sea voyamge, ettempted to
land at G.lens (ove, anda threw ont a
grapneol for that purpose, but after
demselhhn ig several fences and tear.
ing thle groun.d for somse distance, the
cable broke, ansd the balloon and1( its
occupant soare d away to Oyster Bay.
The professor, <iscovering that he
could not cross the sound before his
balloon descended, threw hsimself
) ~ from the carto the ground, a distance
of tirt orfort fe l.ie was
severely saken, but not seriously
n tsured,
Ieplo who o West and behold
I e superfNoial turly.burly of Chioa
golittln drolmn that - th tM,lisky
city really stands on a Joanoial Vol.
ano e- are now told that "the
dell Cttq'ttax-list'foots bp $6,750,
000, and the city Is borrowing monby
to net the deficits in its treasury
by 'eason of the shortcomings of
tsx-payers. But worse tOan that
it is acknowledged that if all the
lolinquent taxes were collected they
w..uld not be sufficient to pay the
outstauding liabililcs of the city oot
provided for in the funded debt."
Third Party.
Scouting the; idea of a third party,
as d roamed of by 1ohurs and Hal.
stead, the New York Sun says
What is to be gained in ameliore
tion of conditica by organizing a flock
of bats to hover over the battle field.
and then take the subsidies of the
winning camp 1" We respectfully
submit this interrogatory to th ose
"leaders"A who arej ever so anxious
for the Democracy to follow the toot
of the Liberal horn.
The masses are always in favor of
good government, and they to polit,
ical parties only by the belief that
through them the best chance is offer
ed to obtain it. When it becomes
clear to them that a party fails to
secure honesty, economy and ability
In administration, there is but little
hesitation in seeking those qualities
in another. There changes are slow
anong the ignorant, becauso the evi
don~es of party failure nre less easily
.approciated, the arts of the doma
gogue arc iess easily detected, and
the niodes of reaching the remedy are
not so quickly understood ; but the
ignorant aro not unpatriotic or indif.
forent to the general good, and whon
the change is mado by such from one
part-y to antother, the process is even
more difficult whon it is sought to
win them back to their first love. All
over the south just now we eo evi
donces of revolt among the celored
republicans from the further dicta..
tion of bad men. We are glad to see
it. Whonever a man, black or white,
comes to the ballot-box lie should
.prefer to vote for orm whose politics
are alone objectionable to him rather
t(ian for one whoso reputation is be
atirched or whose sims are known to
be inim.ical to the publio welfare. By
buch a course only can the wisdom
and safety of universal suffrage be
made apparent. It is because, in
the past few years, the republican
voters, opecially in the south, have
failed in t'his duty that we hear such
grave doubts expressed as to the suo
otes of the experiment made in the
reconstruction acts of conferring the
privilege of voting upon a newly
liberated people.
We ee m01any bigt hat at last the
(anger has become apparent that the
nation may be compelled tu confess
the failure of the system, and reverse
its action. Should such a thing be
done, the colored republicans of the
south will be the only sufferers. The
few .bad loaders will easily lose them
selves in the vast multitude of re
maining voters, and would doubtless
return to thie -position of active e
mies~, from whicb they generally came,
only to fatten upon and betray the
weak and ignorant, while .the race
which have had such high hopes -of
an untrammeled developron't of its
oapaoitica will sink again to the posi
tioni of serfs, if not of slaves.- Uniona
Ne~w Hanasome
Sterling Silver Plate, Suitable
for birth-day anel Bridal
Setta of rich Jewelry, F?urguotse
Pearl and Amethyst,
F5'rom $30 to $75 per 'Bett.
A variety o'f 'Fine Lockets, and .Soil
A fresh lot of POCKET KN1VE8
()\UR Spring stoek -has wow arrived an
\fwe invito the inspection of all buy
ere. A fine lot of
D)ress Ooods a .Low Prices.
Millinery iopenin-g this nveek. Comne one
conmc all, give D). Lauderdale a call, and
bring the money.
anil Am
tH. Flenien I Co
Just Ioelved A FUll Stock of
Linen La-s,
Cotton Laws,
Chinese Linen,
Swism Muglinp,
Cheek Cambrios,
Corded Jae.qets.
White and
&c. &e.
Clothing, 1at8, Mens Varnishing
Goods, Cassimers, Vottunades
Hosiery, Gloves, Trunks,
Wooden-ware, and
the best arsort.
went of
ever brought to this market, al which
wift be old ohap' for
N. B. A few piects o dainaged
Dross Goods at 12} and 10 2. conts
per yasd,
W. H. Flenniken & Co.
pril 17
IST Received 100 1hu. iw Goshen
lut (V. Alwo a chhce lot of Frvsb
(Irdeeies, consisting of 3 bbis. No. I
Mackerel, 8 bbls. No. 2 Mackerel I2
Kits No. I Mackorel, 24 Kits No. 2 Nigh
Family, 1 bbl. Pigs feet, I bbl. Pickled
Tongues, 100 lbs. Dried Tongues, 10 lbs
Bo!ogn.. Satisages. Also a choice lot of
Sugars and Coffees, Syrups and Molasses
of all grades. Also a fine lot of Fresh
Canned Ooods, consisting of Canned Sal
mon, Lobsteis, Mock Turtle, Corn aud
Desiccated Cocoanut, PAtted 1Ham, Turkey
andi Sardines. Also a fresh lot of Crack.
era and Cakes, 1 Dozen Dn ses of Hierk.
imer Co. Cheese--the finest, in town. Also
constantly on hand Fresh Flour and
Meal, Hacon andi Lard, and a choloe lot of
\t'cEwans Bcotcoh Ale, Liquor. and Segars
thte fizest Grades, Powder, Bhot and
Johnt D.McCarley.
MRS.f110ag wishes to inform her
L.Lfriends and patrons generally,
'that, who h as jst returned from the Nort h
'after 'purchawling a Muftll an complete
stoc'k of M~lilinery., consisting of French
'pattern Hats and Bonnets, Straw Goode,
?teoets, and&
everything uasually
found in aerstsoias
MJMTier,y Establshmnt,
Also a beatitirul line of White Goo,ls,
Dress 'Goods, Calicoes, hlosiery Glovres,
Netions and Fancy Goods, and other.
too numerOus sto 'Shadal'ion, all of whic~h is
expeeeilto a,r'rt att#be open for in
spection dluring the week', Ml i ask is
to onll and see for ydurself w'hda my goods
gJy 85,000 Heart Shinglesfot~ esto
Cheap for Cash. .23
mnarch 28 S
3 Hhuis. N. 0, CdariGed
Sogar, 10 LBbla, N,, 0. Molass.
es (Choice.)
Afornier lot of thease goods
have given general satisfactiont
Givo Theut a Tdal.
B'EA TV BRO. &. 0N.
A ForM 7a e uIt. Every family buys
pit, Sold by Agents. Address G. S.
Walk-, Erie, Pa.
Daily to Agentm. Or new
articles and the best. Pamily
Paper in A merica with two $5..00 CIromos
free. A. M. M'FO Co., 300 Broadway,
N. Y.
) mrs "MuL Senisam
I AT d A
Samples t.o Agetils. Ladins'
Combination Needle Book,
with chromnos. Send stamp.
.P. RtER, New Bedfird iass.
ON easily made by selling
31ONETIAS RL lArOInTIS' prices.
or getting up clubs in towns and country
for the oldest Tea Company in America.
Gr,'atest inducemen'a. send for cireul)r.
CANTON TEA CO., Chambers at., N. Y.
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
Sola'ly DuggisLs g6nerally, and
Wx. F. Kii)txa & Co., Now York.
fin tie next three months to Iteep you
a year, any unemployed person hew ecen
the ages of 16 and 60 should lake an agen.
oy fi.r the illustratted Weekly. a larpv.
sparkling, literary and family J.nper,
($2.60 a year) pure. instruotire an.[
amusing ; half of its pages full of beauti
ful pictures, the other half containing the
choicest reading matter. James Parton
contril uting editor. Like that grent Eng
ii-h paier. tho London Illustrated News,
it is highly moral, but. entirely uz'ecta-.
ian suid non-political. Juring a year
it furnishes over 1.100 pictures, and the
equal of 9 large octnvo volumes of rend.
ing nmatt.r. At 9lves away. extra
ench w ek, a large engraving, (52 in it
year), size. 17x2i ivelhes. These are
equisitefac 8itaile8 of the finvat steel end
gravingto, on heavy tinotil paper, with
margins suitable for for framing, and are
truly a fine art gallery every year, Be.
sides, each subscriber is preseuted with
tihe chromo "Gold Fish, Fruits and Flow
ers," sizi- 2z2j feet. in 27 oil colors, paint.
ed by limsey. Not only the largest ant
fitnest premitium ever grven. but the mor
wonderfully beautiful ohronio ever pro
duced. It isjust the paper for which
0 everybody has been waiting-larger and
finer than any other, at half the usual
cost. Its success (nearly 1000 subsuri
bers a day being received) proves this. So
complete, so progressive, so full of nse
ful as well as entertniuing matter is this
paper. that. we venture to assert that to
f ,every thinking observant American, a
,j.yer's suhscrijtion (costs $2 60) is. in
actual, useful value, worth fifty dollars.
Agents.-This combination is unequr Il
ed It is an insiantaneous and pronounced
iueceeis. Evety goed American takes at
least one paper. of course. fle takes this
paper becavie (1) ii 'is he nie-st, newest
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INC ' great brgain-n th" "'uit i he hiavd
'L inev. Usells itself. Ito quick, if you
want an agi-ney. 'his tiumo of the year
m1y aat an mke from $10 to $20 *per
day. -snul three tkinps for specimens
and li'beral terms, with reports from
agents.: sulbse0ibets, :and .ress'notices.; t',
better set, to ante fimo, scnd $2.611 for a
compleout-fit., naud iranke $100 while
ION ""** ''*' '' "s
refiundeid if not, perifectly satisfied or if
the territor~y,you n ant is-aiready occumpietd.
Address all orders futeo'imnens subscirip
<ions. or omuttits{o T. E. MtOl4RE Pumbish
ter. 'he llmndtrttrea Wbe'kly," P. '0. Box
54501, No. 11 Dey at.. N. Y.
&c Weak, NertvOus or Debil1ated?
Are you so nagmuidl that any exertion
rtu~ires more of an effort than you feel
capable of mnikin g ?
Then t'ry JUI U ttEBA, the wondlerfe4
'tonic and in'vigorat or, which aOts eo ben-6
ficially om' time secret tire 'organs as to im
R part vigor to all tieo'virtal fuorces.
It is no alcnhalfic appetizer, which
stimulntes for aashort tinme, only to let lime
sufferer fell to a lower dlepthm of miseiry,
btt, is' a vegetable toedk acting Airec'tly
onm the liver and spleen.
9'0 ireg'ulates tihe Bowels, qtaiets the
LE tiet*ves, and gives asuchl a healthy lone
to the whole system as to soon make -the
invalid icel liknat niew person.
Its operations me not violent, tbu't, is
charaetersed by gveat gentleness ; the
patient'e'xpeeriencea no sudden chanige. no
marked resulls, but gradumally his troubles
"Fold their tenits, like the Arabs,
And silently steal awarty."
F~OtThis isa-mt new and 'tttried discovery,
o0( bumt has been long used with wonderful
remedial results, and is pronounced by the
higheat, medical authorities, "thre mocst
powerful tonio and Aietorat I've 'know n."
3A'k ydur liruggist 'for It.
'For sale by WVM. *F. KIDI>EiR & CO,,
New York.
Ciharlette, C olumibha, &
Rail Itead.
abov CLorIIA, December 28, IR74.
ms DR. Tills f'ollowing Pats#enge'r Sctel'eni
uloi . attr sbe run over this roal OR and
&harg* Leave Augubta, at 'tt.80 a mi
Bs are '' Col thm'ia, 8. C., 2 4% a mi
'* W'innisboro, v.58 im
" Chester, 6.811 r m
*an t a Arrive at Charlotte, N. C. 0.00 p mm
tral Lev Charlotte, N o. at 8.80 a mm
.4 Chester, 11.2 anm
" Wasboro, 12.88p nm
r ease " Columbia, 2.-62 p am
aedles Arrive at Augusta 8 06 p
JAS. ANDE~I ION, Oen' Hupt.
sen. Passenger andl Ticket Agenmt,
as, as
4 Bleaty, Blro., & Sea.
'. g HAVE A NEW WAGON for'
aril 24
May Ist 1876, th April 30st) 1870
rT IE Revised Statutes of the United
IStates, Sections, 82% 2, 8207,' and 828C
require every person engag'ed in any bati
noes, avocation, or cnsployniont whiol
renders him liable to a S'ECIAL TAX
to procure and jilace cospiciously in %i
etabli#huient or place of businems a at am]
denoting the payment of said special. tal
for the special tax year beginning May I
1875. before commencing or continuing
business after April 30, 1875.
The Taxes embraced within the Provisioni
of the low above quoted are the follow
Ing, vis
teciitis-rs, $ 200 01
iealers, retail liquor, 25 01
D alers, wholesale liquor, 100 01
D-alers in malt. iquors, wholesale, 50 01
Dealers in mall liquors, retail, 20 01
DealCrs in leaf tobacco, r 25 0
And on sales of over $1,000, ft v
cents for every dollar in excess of
Dealers in manufactured tobacco, 5 01
Manufa'turers of stills, 50 01
And for each still manufactured, 20 01
And for each worm manufautured, 20 01
Manufacturera of tobacco. 10 01
'Matufacturfrs of cigas, 10 01
Peddlers pf tobacco, first closs
(more than two horses or other
animals). 50 01
Peddlers of tobacco, second class
(two horses or other animals). 26 01
Peddlers of tobbacco, third class
(4 no horse or other animal). 15 Cl
Peddlers of tobacoo, fourth class
(on foot or public conveyan-e), 10 OC
Brewers of less than 600 barrels, 50 01
Browerr of 600 barrels or more. 100 0
Any person so liable, who shall fail u
comply with ithe fol-ogoing requirement
'will be subject to ievet e ponalt;es.
Persons or firms liable to pay any of th
special taxes named above must apply i
ILA UASS CAllPRNTER 'ollector ot lIterm1i
itevenieat Columbia, .4. C,. and py fo
nad proclare the Special-Tax Stamp o
Stamps they need, prior to May 1, 167#1
and without further notice.
Coinvsisoneviof lnuernal Itevenue.
Office or I nternal 11eveniue,
W "ohington. D. C., Febr.&rary 1; 1875.
mch 16 -n 10 *30 a 20 27
3T om1estic Intelligence,
T AUTII will prevail-Fncts ar rfubbori
thing-i and will,not beat denial-To sec
must. be to believe-In these days of pro
gress. st am has become the great notiv
and labor baving power of the age, in al
industrial f nil Pialitfaturing pursuit
and depa timents-Why shouhl not ever.
family laive a 8teat Washer. . .
The "I-.clippe Steam Washer," is th
best, it does not occitpy the space of on
square fo.it and is adaptable to any.stov
boiler or round pot, in which water can b
boiled ; a-id with it on'6 woman can d
what is oi linarily regarded a ('ny's wash ii
from two to three hours. A child, tweiv
years old may use it and do the work of
grown wo ian lt ono half the time, and re
gard the labor of usitng it only a pasiim
With it, w-ashing has ceased to be tediou
or labori us, and "Blue Monday" ha
ceased to be a day of confusion and ho
ror, becatse with litt le or no lahn1 i wo a
three hottrd Atffiao to do a day's was
without seoeubbing. wearing or teuring ih
olothes. b anking buttois itc.
Time, IP hor. money, and mat eriW all a
precions- economy is windom and its frui
-lealth,weosthl and happinesE-Look then
-economy i a washing, and save your clot.h
to wear Yowr tines as long as when was
ed by thh '.wnd Y.nd.board, by buying an
iaeiug the DelipseSteami Washer," whic
'combined with that verty-attractive an
'insurpass. d **Eurek a WrInger" C -mnst i
tutes a c. mnplete and iperfect washer
-every famni'y and w'asher''Omnan shiout
a'td'can haave it , and we sensible washet
woma'n wh has at hiea'rt the ititerest,
her patroas will oppose its ante
Thae"Enli pse" is eimnye On CO't'ueliio
soientific in principle, 'e'ffect ive in w'ot
anrd wi-il va h the finest or coarsest f,abric
'inore ithtisi-tetorily thtan 'hy hand, in't'-o,
fifreo'n to twen'. 'miutes. P'rice but fe
dcllars--W,h il 4f r sale for:a few dc
'onger at Rt Mt. lN LEVV'..
june 6
RESPECTFTFUJLLY lnf'otoi the pub
.A lie In generti,l thasthey hav4e opene
the store 'oi'unerly 'ocetxpiell by J. I
('dthoart Where they intend'Lo - conduct
general stock of merchandise, consisting 4
'Fair and square treatment't-o 'eac-a az
'cvery one that, will-oall o.n us,
march 27
'45i1ver Skin" Onion Sets for sale at th1
an 24W. E. AIKEN.
Torms re dr
P'ortland, Maine, 1 en &C
t an 2i-l..
Gratefil Thotsiand procAtin Vi4l
RI AR BnTERS the most wonderil In.
vigoraut that over sustained Vio.alphing
No Person can take these Bitters.
according to directions, and remain,hpg
unwell, provided thoir bones are not e.
stroyed by mineral poison or other
means, and vital organs Waeted boyend
ilIous Remittent and Inter.
mittenit ]b evers, which are so hrova
lent in the valleys of our great rivers
those of the Mississippi, Ol10 ,issotar,
Illhiols, Tennessee, Cunbrland)Arkha
sas, Red, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grabdte,
Pearl, Alabanua, Mobile, Svanntb, lo.
tuoko, James, and many othera, with
their vast tributaries, throughout our
entire country during the Summer and
Autunm, and remarkably so during sea.
sons of unusual heat and dryness, AM
invariably accompanied by extetsivq iofr
ran1gemiients of tile stomach and liver,
an<l other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgative exerting a pow.
orful intuence upon ilose various.or
gans, is essentially necessary. Tilore
is no cathartic for the purpose eqbal to
I as they will speedily remove the, dtk.
r colored viscid iatter with which the
r bowels aro loaded, at the santo tins
stinulatIng tho secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring -the healthy
functions of tho <ligestivo organs,
Fortfliv the body against diense
by purifying all its lidi(1s with VINEoi
BIIFrEuS. No epidelnie can take holt
of a system thus forc-armd.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Ircat.
-nche, Pain In thle 'Shoulders, Couikka,
Tightness of the Chesti Dliifless, Bour
Er-kctations of the Stolunch, Bad Taito
in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Pipilta.
tation bf the ileart; Inllammation of tile
1iungs, Pain in the region of the Ki
I Ioyl, !nd a hundred other painful syni .
Ptoins, aro the offsprings of Dyspepait.
Ono bottle will prove a' betterguarantil
of its merits thanl a lengthy advortiso.
Scroflsta, or King's Evil, WilT
Swellings, Uleors, Eryipilas, Swelled Nook,
Goitre, Scrofulous Iniammations, judolent
Ilnflamati ons, Mercu'rial Afifctiai; Ol
Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore NyosAta.
Ia this as iIn all ot ier pinstitudonal D1i.
easosk WArnu' ViNXAt 11rri-it- hn1T
shown their great eurativo powers In th*
1oat ob8ttiinat al intractable tane)
For lnflamnttory aid-throle
- henmatism, Gout .11m1atok Renit.
tont:etermittent ~evors, I?senseent
t , Liyr> Kidnoys pnl. BlAder,
thiesellitte-rA)bhvaotitqal. Such DiseasGA
r are caused by Vitiated Blood.. .,
r 3IeCaiical Disenses.-Persons All.
gaged in Paints mid Minerals, streh 4
Pl.umboa, 'Vypeetters, Gold-bert-ci, Ana
Miners, as they advanco in life, are subject
to paralyis of tlho Boweli. To -pljM
L against tiis. tako a dose of WALUsa'l YtN.
L OAMa BIr-rtm occasionally,.
S FoiSlu Diseases, Erptiovs, et..
ter, Salt-Ithen, 11lot chesam Spots, Pluplb,
Iusles, ils, Ca-buneles, RIi.bnn .q
aScald-head, Sore Eyes~, ErailpelasA,
:1 Scurfs, D)iscolorationas of 'the Skin, Hiutore
-and i)iscasoes of thme Skinm of whatever tranm
- or aaatnro, are litWrally dug 'up -andi Virt*e
i out of tho systemi ini a short ltime 'by tiho itso
of these Bitters.
e Pin, Tape, aund oiker Wo~n,
'lurking in the systema ofso nmany tho1w:sd
n are eihfoctually destroyed and remoVed. N'o
k tfav of medicine, no veramifu ges,'nh) an.
,a~ie nintities will free -thaosystem rm 'worne
n Ilike these Bitters.
, For Fenmle Complaits, in y anng
or ol, mnarried air ingo,.at the dawn ',f we.
'manhootd, or the turn of life. these Tionio
Bitters disiilay so decided -an influened ttate
implroivemaenat is soon? perceptible.
Cleanse the Titiated Blood whea.
'ever you findl its imapurities bursting'thris
'the skin in 'lhimplec, Eruptions, -or os
'cleanse it when you find:I 'obstra'eted
sluggish -in the Teint1; 'cleanso it'when it 'is
'foul your feelings will tell yeu whenK~
thme blood1 pure, anul the health of the sy~t1
will follow.
Druggists nni ,Gaen. A ts.,ana srnelson d rulnts
Bouble Turbine Water WVhe,
Mtarnfactured by
Bestimoe MEd.
bI'.t0 rlibl sti tt
Maufstarers MsW di
Portabi & Btat.r
ra ry estAalh gndfr Ecular.
ZAN T'l. flyATjIr AND 7OI
iBUS'[email protected]
NE.W 000D)8 ., .
0OL.D and Pilver Waleqe, (Ilth *'iy
bes time keepers) bhli-l Giold Chains,
h~ol P'in ted Chains, itngs andl ,,Sv ey11b
Cliains, which I sanaran lee. 'Also, 1lreat
IPi.ns Collar and Shirt Buaiteons of aillalos,
eript ens.. A set of beautiful Clophs.. 4 lie
catn bcat them 7 Riepairin'g alone p a
worlk~inan-.like manner. S'a itelaci aran
do 15 C A.M LE
11IINN 8liOI0- F.EII A LE. T8
TUTE. . i
TIl E seoond quarter of this
sool wil oommnj.a Mhooday
the l1.Jh of A pril,
It wIlea a goeo' ti'.Mda
.- those who, have not been' ib'the
school te enter, asegoro wi, be jt reor
Sganazat ion of e'asses, &e
For tef'ms, &.0o, applyto n'. '
april '13 '.,A' . MtTL.. -
bi i
- hI a
m ii
z j
W.PE. Doty&
4 .Do'or West of Post '6
Where we constantly kee'
ha~nd a fully supply ofg<
Rommes? lYul
maroh 2&
Fit. Qured Fe
ANY pieron istMering from the
PimE,eease t quobt toadd dre
will te for'warded 'oy Exeters,
The only oost being the Express
es, whie 6i owing to my l argo busine
small. D-. PrIce has made the ouri
a study for years, andl he will wari
'cure by the uwe of Msi remody.
Do not fail to sena to him for a
bottle ; it ssa nothing, and he
no mariter of how long standing you
,,' hae or how many othor rei
:4rna.s.and i..timoniats.,ent a
)'RE 2'&JAL 1OTW%R
Do partieular to le your expre
Wella ye, post (~edreotion, an
ht'. blma. T, Pelee,
anel1 #.l. 6r WiamSt.. Now..

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