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'rho other day. the good people o
Columbia beheld a pleasing sight.
1, J. Nosoa, Jr C. C. Dowen, and C.
iiuttx formed a grohp of three on
the 0 idqwajk, A sme one rozark.
- di #an bnhly Tainity." What about
tie In-dictuient preferred by Butts
Judge Mnke'y adjourned Court on
M aht after a very satisf-:
tory torm, hm dotkets were clear.
ted. Judge Mackey has been very
.dxeditious doting his present Cir.
oast.' In York County he held court
Svry d* until widoight pr later,
%nd cleared the dookots for the first
time in eighty years. This despatch
is most ptseWrthy and will do much
to remove'complainto of the "laws"
Santa Annoa, th o.ce powerful
leader of the .\exicans, is dead. His
life was natked 1-y many Changes.
For fitf yars h- has been engaged
pretty c.mstatitly either in buitding
up his owit power, or in destroying
that of hi.s numerous rivals. ie i.
best knowa to Americans as the head
of the Mexicrn government and
c >mnianaar-i n-ohler of her army in
the war againit the United States.
Santa Anna-had outlived his former
'groatness, and hl-- dith:wilf produce
neither mnch jay nor much regret.
The Meekienburg Centennial is
near at hand. On the 2001h May
175 the good leople of Mecklen.
burg County threw off the British
Yoke, ad thus gave an impetus to
the revolution that resulted in
ATnerioan Independence. Great
preparations ase making to ensure a
iuagnifoient celebration, and it is
ostimated that from 50,000 to 80,000
persona will bo present. Gen. Joe.
Johnston is to be Chief Marshal, and
lion.John Kerr, eue of the most
eloquent, sons of the North State will
deliver an oration.
of v. Chamberlain will be present
as representing South Carolina. We
predict a grand aucco.a for the
patriotic citisonv of the [orpet"L
The Steomer Schiller was recentl)
wrecked uft' the iSeilly Isles New
Enogland during a fog and three hun-.
drod and eleven htuman beings perish
ed. The Captain exercised the great
est i gilance during the fog, and for
five nights did not touch his bed.
But from Inability to take any
reeloonings d.inger was not appre
honded until the vessel struck a
reef. The dJet..ils are heartrend
ing. The crew and! passengers were
swept off in detail, in small groupu.
Th'le Capitain often acting most hero
ically was himiself drowned. Thtis
fearful diniaster added to the several
dreadful shipwrecks that have oc.
ourred in the past few years will have
a tendency to revive in the breasts
of mortals tihe great dread of the Sea
to which the path Ilorace plead
* The case of t he State vs. Smith,
County T'reasurer was again continu
ed. Several naice law points being
involved ini the ease, the solicitor
preferred that the Attorney-General
abousld conduct the prosecution.
But the Attorney-.General was en
gaged in Columbia in proseuting
the ex-County Commwi,sloners of
Rtiebland. We commend the disere'
thon of the Attorney-General ins
prosecuting three patent commuission
era whose mieeds involve a few
kundred dollar', in preference to
wasting timue ini a trial itn which
twen.ty eight thousand dollars arc
invlved, eight thousand of which
have been, looked up in bank for a
year whent humnd reds of needy credi
tors are wan ting theo necessarios of
hiewley, of (Jo rgetown. who, it
will bee remembered, waged a sansgui
nary three days war against Civil
Rtighat Join 4,'and afterwards zr.ade
friends wvito his oPPonaent, nd assist.
ed him in tie Greene campaign, is
now on trial in Columbia on the
chorge of bribery. hIa was arrested
dhuring then campaign. We shrewdly
surmise that the founmtainsa of justice
) ~ in lRichland deluged liowley rather
bee:tu e he was a (Greene n,nt more
thasn because he was a~ cri.ninal.
K He that as It may, we arc glad that
h3owly will be brought to tr::d. If
baseI proob of I ""et. ' f f
bribery be an offene of whick one
can easily be convioted, how many
SptofR ienftmntta?y in
TteIit apinst 'Paiter will doubt.
telt be continued. Parker claims to
very anxious for a speedy trial. This
makes us fear, not that the State.has
t the wrong sow by the ear,
The Deficlnoy Ap top$ation or 8ehool
The legislature cauosed a levy of
three quarters of a mill last ye%r for.
the payment of old school claims, to
be apportioned to the counties ao
cordidg to their respective -dedclbu.?
cies. 8uperintendont JJll6on xone
timesine dinap484 a list of unpaid
claims from each Behool Commission
or, and aniple time has - elapsed for
t 4e rpqqption of these repottg. And
yet no steps 'have been taken 16
wards apportioning the fund. 'the
State Superintendant does not even
vou6hsafe aby expladation of his tr,
diness. This the peoplo. detind.
"An impecunious podagugue" ,as In
the Union.Herald jogged S r. Jillson's
memory, and very rightij. Mr.
Jllison has for several j4606 -past.
drawn a large salary as school Super
intendant, and under the irregular
workings of the systems of isobool.
his 'duties have not been onerous.
It behooves him when he has duties
to perform, to perfom them with dis
patch. Ile forgets while he is living
oomfortably that school teachers are
half starving.
We trust that at as early date
he will either apportioti this money
or else state his reasons for not doing
so. We will beglad to give hial an ol'T"
p ,rtunity of placing himself right
before bis "impecunious peda.
Democracy versus Oonservatism,
The editor of the Greenville News
commenting upon third party move
ments, independent Republicanism,
etc., says: "How was it in South
Carolina 1 Is It necessary to state
the case ? Is there a man in the
State who does not know that more
Democrats kept away from the polb
than there were Liberal Itepublicans
who voted the Green ticket ? Besidep
this, the Democrats failed to organ
Ize as a party and now have no or.
ganization I f is time"high time
the DernocrKt- of -3outh Carolina
organiz,! aod conmoneiie. to woik foi 1
the malvation uf the Stato.''
There will be no Democratic part)
in South Carolina so long as there
is no great newspaper at an impor
tant centre to fight for it. Thert
is Dlenty of room for the old Mercury
in the Palmetto State.- iuyusla
WVe fool compelled to notice the
above etxract, and to say a few'
words, both to the Greean'.iile New,t
and to the Augusta Constitutionalist.
In doing so we are unwillingly comn.
pelled to go over ground already
traversed by us, and only the neOcssi
ty of puttinag the Conservatives ot
this State right before outsiders is
our excuse for so doing.
In answer to the first assertian of
our contemporary we will adduce a
few statistics.
In 1870, as is shown by the census,
South Carolina cont-ained 62,547
whito, males and 85,475 colored
males over the age of twenty- ono
years. Of these, 1408 wore riot
citizens. Trheso must be deducted
from the wites, as all the blacks
are enfrano.hisod. There were then
in 1870 about 61,100 white citizens,
in a total voting population of 146,
Now Greene, received 08,814
votes, or within a fraction of 8,000
more votes thtan could be possibly
cast by te whaites in 1870, and the in
crease of population since then has
been very smaill.
It is acknowledged by all that. thec
colored vote was heavier ine 1874 than
ever bofore. Why then did C3ham.
berlain receive but 80,403 votes,
five thousand less than the blackb
could east in 1870 ? The explana
tion is simply that a heavy colored
vote was cast for Greene. We ven
ture to assert that the liberal colored
vote outnumabered the stay-away
bourbons by eighat or ten thousand.
WVe have shownu that U reene re
ceived several thousand moiro votes
than the entire white population
could cast. Woe will next show *ith
er that there was a heavier white
vote cast for Greene thani ever be.
fore, or else thast the liberal republi..
esna in 1874 cast an enormaous vote.
In 1868, the democrats ran a
straight out democrat for governor.4
lb0 receised 23.057 votes, and Scott
received 69,593. In the same yeara
after a very spirited canvass, in
which the whiten were thoroughly
aroused by speechos and barbecues,
Seymour, a ainit out A-em ..a
i es to 62,91l .r
of e democrats, d"
' Sht hopeless, r
i c6 ran Carpenter
who reee T 37 votes. This
aet for any straight-out ticket, and
is Carpend W" AAAAW obhr
id vote., it was prqven tL.at just :.a
11ay whitol Wo d voe a distaste.
WeaN as would vote for their choice
In 1874', A*o6116re4'ptn,ite tick.
t was Pomina(ad whiuh jeccived
just 0wen)y?truhqust.J ')qro votes
Uap bad. ever, beaGe r 4t- for a
itra ight demboaratie * tioket., . These
M9,000VC.tfa' oti.mft Vd'a betta :coat
lithet.by whfts" I wio had neu6r'voted
lio straig"it eiiocratio 'ick, orf
ise by blaks mbo. never would vote
e-oa Jryi ver - Cty
hpssld.VptAe,&a4d vr'l tire tite -
avehe partyP.hreal. fright.
Antlrergood trult was the elec.
ioiiJjt~Ii' inea'sdiI'--uoihef t of the!
p o4 to~e 'ogi,late and a
'okor .ek offcouinty ofmloials. Let
uri irtauce i Charleston. -H sd there
>eevti r gulat d6khoorat fight, the
esult would have'ben the election
If itta to r ps of eigihteon un
oriuqipled 9eogiqlptue
id of threoiontke9mmisaionft who
would'h .V&pl1CkfjJved f-1et'trbasury
l becu
ing o,f C rety.lit the CQ,
Oroniso: ha sAt -better plan than
luttz to Congress,has strtngthened re
byti gtratIr fn .tliW legIsliWnre,and has I
i1,n a g,od Y> 4 VoiJlty Cor
In concluding this nntter w defy
my one .to prove that asingl& CountY M
Ir Akg*dokais TiOyt 'wns"' lost to C
e conserva"tuves iy the 6onipromise,
while we can esaily. how that in many
,sues this action of the conservatives
was productive of the happiest rt
ults. -
If such be the oase, whal cause is
bere for regret th4t there is iii
outh Caroliina no regularly organiz
d democracy I There is a regu,
at conservativi 'tate organitation, I
kerfecte4 at the atcotivention. This
a enough. \'e are tired ufstraigh
ights In thia State. We have been
ooaten often enough. We want to
:oinproitve. AgaIn, ts m'oon as both
>arties gain confidence in these con
)romisos and in the good faith of all
tonceracd, the c,)mpromisc ticket w il
>e able to defeat any vtraig4t tic(ket
)rougbt igalnst it.
And now a word to the Constitu
ioualist. We admit that in journal
At as in street cars and omnibuses.
heore is always room for -one more,
mud that the Mercory was a live ,
spicy and readable paper. But we
want no more politu s such as the
Mercury used to preach. Thlat style A
af poli.ies cost the South about four
thousand im illhons of doIirs ;- an d
although we. may not regret lhaving
once fully tried the wiadom ofC it, we A
are not ready to try it again. it is tool i
expensive. We can't aford to spend
money now, as we once .did. Let us
rock along slowly and comp: ouie our I'
polities as we compronieisedl our
debts after the war. In the mean
time we sincerely trust that the Ne ws
and th.e Constitutionaalist will h a pe r
suaded notto forms a de mocratic party I
in this8.tate. 'We expect qjuetly to fall
in with that grand old party in Nat. a
tional polities, batiin state polities,we
propose to paddle our own canioe.l"r tI
many years the people of this state
had a policy of their own. Theay ea.n a
once more afford to be. $ndepende,et. I
And having gained twenty thousand ;,'
votes already by a compromise, we w
trust they will endeavor by another
compromise to gain the additior al
ten thousand required for victory,
IVinnsboro Mi llhio- y Jlnzanr.r
~R4 iS. Iloag wlshesq Io infroran her
M .frI ets andl patrons generally,'
lhat sihe h as juse re u rned fronec the Not h
after purchasiax a full and cone.plhte
stock of Millin aery, consaineinug orf Frenh
pattern Ilats anda Iionercs, iaraiw Goods,
evaery ting usuetally
foun ad in at Ii rst class
Millttery t%(ahllshmenit,
Also ibse(itil line of Wi~te Goo.l.,
')roAs Goods, (tMicors, Ilaoiery (Ito ve,,
qetlons aitd P?ancy ioodl, ,tiid odilers
0o numerous to menis ona, all at' whic-h ~i
apected to arrive and he open for in
peetion during the wea'. All I ask is
e call and see for yourself when mny goods bei
rriveo. Fa
Jr 35,000 IIeart Shingles for sale!o
'h.eap for Cabh, 22 a
J. 0. Bong.
march li .
~'NOTHER lot-of nice spting Calicocs
at in at D. LAUDERIDALE'S which wil
r sold jat the,same old pripes. Al-o
id orival of nicely i sA orlted milliner;
o'J, which wc guarant cc to give Pati
at ion.
FRI( 4
IIhtds. N. 0. ClarifiCt
1"Il', 10 BIS. N. C. Motass
A formner lot of th ,se good]
ive givell general satisfactior
Give Them a Trial.
BElATY B110. & SON.
)Cit Spring stock h'q niow arrived an
we invite the inpe'cion or aIlI buy
A fine lot of
Dress Goods at Low Prices.
Ilinery opening this week. Come on
ne aIl, give 1). L.auderdale a call, an
ug the 1money.
ipril 5-Im,
row Handsome
Sterling Sliver Plate, Suitable .
for birth-day and lridal
-tts of rich Jewelry, Furgumns
l'earl and Amecthyst,
From $30J to $'75 pe r Set t.
variety of Fine Lo-ckets, and Sea
-A SO, -
fresh lot of 'OCKE1T KNIVE
ch 11-7'75
In JBankruptcy.
,the~ [)strict lourt of the U. 8, for ti
ijistrict of 8. (.-naohnat. in thIe l,ait,
of WV. S. itaibb, ilankrupt. AL. Yor
ville, in the said Diastrica,. on the '.Wi
daiy of A pril 1875.
'I11i: Take niotice thait a pet ition b
) been tiledi ini saidi Court, by W.
abi, of F?airtiel Contty, In said Distric
tly atccha red a liankrupt,n-ler the A
('orgress, entit led "An Act to estali
umniformt system of i3lankrupitcy th,' ougl
it the Uiteod St.tes," Approved Marc
3867, for a discharge and certifical
Cejei, from al his deaii ibts and othle
aiimu i.rovable under the said Act :at
ie 20th day of May 1b'75, at 1-2 M,,
*igncd for tL'e heoaring of then same, he
rc W. 1. CIa wsoni, one of the Recgistei
lian krnpiey of naid Court , at his'ofla
Yorkville, oulth Carolina, whlen a
here you1 ma iy attenad, atnd shew cans
any )oni h-ive, why the irayer of ti
jut pet it ion should not he granted
U. 8. Marshial as Melssenger,
By T, Wv ',0J.Aw<oN,
Consumption Cured.
Estemed Fienad
Will you plea'e Inform youtr readei
at I hiave. ai positive
1I nil dli.-orders of the Tliroait and Luntg
''I that by its utse in my33 pact ico,
igecured hundttr -ds of cases, antd wil
$1,000 00)
e a case it will not. benetit. Itndeed, s
rong is my faith, I will sendi a Sat.att
le 'ee, to any sufferer addlresain
I'ease .ho w thisi~ leittor to ay ont
U may know n ho is sualferaag fromt theis
cases, ad oblige,
Fnatflly Yontra.
ril 27--fm 6i3 Wiltiam St. New Y'orkc
No oice of Lan leflemaption,
AUltitrOR's Orricit,
Faiirnieh County, May ZIrd, 1875.
"QT[I is huereby giveni to iR, J. MoOai
Iey and his astsignas, t hat the money ha
Ii d6pjosited in the C ounaty Treasuiry o1
a liel Countty, for the redemtptlont 0o
lot in tlhe Town of Mlonticello, sol
the propoity of W. D). Itich,ardson foi
eg, March thie8th, A D. 1875. anad
clased by the said It. ,1, McCa'rl'v
W.hD PE 2 E
0p 4
W E livie attentionvi our stook
new Qoods, ipWoh have heen
leclell with unusual care, And which
thir,k are
We have our usual variety of
Gents' and Boys Clothi
.INE NS, &C.
C UT .V BY,VI HWAwant,
Rclaster b Brice
Tnnners, Cutriers and Leathet Ma
r ll. above named film woul.1 g
ei4pecial att Alidt to Boot and 8
\lanufacturers an flat ness Aaker.
will sell pure a-4k tanned finish ed at
for lighrand'he~vf.pirrposes, as 1o,
%ny house in the trade at wholes.isf
an 28
Just RLecIved a Full Stock
et Linen Lan,
h ,(Cotton LalVns,
G renadities,
Swiss ~ausjne,
Uheck Canmbrios,
Corded Jue.,n
-White and
Clothing, Ha.t., Men Entnishin,
Goods; Cassioners, Cottonad?es
H osiery, Otoves, Trunks,
WVoodi:n*are, and
the best assort
tuent of
Ie vey brought to this market, all wl
.will bie sold cheap for
r . B. A few pieces of dams
l)Dress GJood, a~t 12) and 16 2.3 0<
jwpr yard.
W. H. Flenniken & C
pil 17
T iE 'soconil quarter ofr
school wIll commnenco Moni
t he 19th of Aprit.
it. will bee a good time
those who have not bben in
secheool-te enter, as there will be a re
ganizatieh of elasses, &e
aDrIl 13 I :".r. . . i):.1
May Ist 1875k to April 30st, 1870.
T lW Revised, statutes of the United
BIStates, Sections, 32, 2, 8237, and 8289.
require every person engaged In any bus:
nees, avocation, or etmployinplit which
renders him liable to a S/'ECIAI, T.X
R.to preure and plare cirpieuo--/ ?'? ha
eatarblishiaent or plece othusinrax a 81ama1p
detoging ghe fayment of Ia-id special nix
for the special tax year beginning May 1,
1.70, before equtuencing or continuing
business aher. April 30, 1815.
The Taxes enbraccd within the Provisions
of tle law above quoted are the follow
of ing, via:
sej Reciifi re, $ 200 00
we Dealers, tetail liqtnr, - 25 00
D alers, wholesale liquor, '1(10 tot)
Wtalers .In MAIt liquors, wholesA!e, 50 00
Dealers i ialt liquors, retil, 20 01)
Deifrir in leaf tobacco, 25 (o
And bn sales or over $1,000, ifrt r
ene i for every dollar in excess of
$1,000'. -*
Dealero in manufactured tobacco, , -r- 00
anufaiurers of slills, 60 0U
Anil for each -1ill iiianufnetured, '_JQ 06
And for each worm manufactured. 20 00
Manufacturera oftobacco. 1) 00
Manluflaclurrrs of eigt"as, 14) 00
Peddlers of tobacco, firat cliss.
(nore th.an two horsos or other
anImals). - 60 00
Peddlers- of tobacco, 1geconel class
(two horses or other animals). 25 00
Peddlers of tobbacco, third class
(, ne hoise or oilier nnim.,l). 15 0
Peddlers of tobaooo, four Ih cliss
(on foot or public coinveyaiv.e), 10 00
Ac. Brewers ef less than 600 barrels, 50 00
Breweri, of 500 barrels or more. 100 00
Any. person so liable, w ho sl,all (il to
comply with the foregoing requircieaets
wIll be subjeotto seirere lsennit:e4.
Perpons or-firnsii liable to pay any of the
1g, special taxes nated above must a-ply 1o
L. CA88 CAIWP iNTItR. olleciorof luitctaal
Itevenue at Columbia, S. C.. and pity for
and procure 1he Special-Tax Stamp or
StanpS they need, prtor to May 1, 1175,
and without fuit her notice
J. w . Douar,.\,8,
Comnitsisoner of luternal lIevenue.
(ice or Iuternal Ilevenlue,
W mshinglon. D. t'., Febrarary 1; 1875.
inch 16 -t 16 3) a 20 27
Sonestic Intelligec'e.
T J'%UTIl will prevail-Facts are slulborn:
Lthivgp and will:not beni deniIal-To see
. nist be 1 o believe- in these days or, -pro
gress. ut an has become i li great motive
and labot saving powel- of lie age, ini all
industrial in'd anitufieturing' pur)mitu,
. and depa otes-Wih should no. , every
.a4i,1y have i -jeamin asher.
The "'clloe SteAn Wasrer,". ih the
a 1est. it Idoes not occupy t ie space of oo-a
I k square ft% at and is adaptable ip aniy sto & I
We hoiler or routnd p6t in which wNter can be'
boiled ; st-d with -iP ..-one .Jonian "n. ,o.
r A whatiJoot liarily regarded.a .flY's.r sh1'n
frw.m'to totree'ours. 'A child', t elve
years ol'd may u4e iit hlid dle the Not* of A
grown wo ini in one-half the ine, and re.
gard the labor of,using it only a.pastine
With it. w ishitig hits ceased to be tedious.
or - laboti ', and; - t-Deio MoNiay! :h1.1tv
ceased 1P..he.a,1y. of confkgii .aikd her
ror, because willi little or no lahVh o -.
'latee hoOrs iuffice to d'i: adivyiIt witsi
wilhiout seubliog. aitng-or tearing the
alothes. b eaking button.s.,c.
Time, labor. money,t nd matlerial all ar
precions- econony is wi-doumr atd its'fruit
Sahalth,wea lahstnd ha tppiness-.-Look then I
ecoanomy a a washing, attd snve yoatr clothle
so weAr-f6:etr'iineas at'long ts "i'han' waah
ed by the hand t. hoard. byyhbuying- anti
aasinag the Eolips.e ,Steam .Wsaher, which
Lomibined withI that. very attractivec anda
* ntsurpass ii '-Eureka Wringer"-couasti.
auies a oimplete and pei-fect washer
e'r ttifa y and washer-wotnan shi4uldl
. ndl can hrae it.',sand nto WenaithWwajhaer'.
wom.an .wh laos at .haaritahe: inteurest of.
her pat roar will oppose il' aise
The 'Ech ptse" is simtph in conist i-tction
'ciaent ific in printcipale, effective ini wot k
anid will wa h the finest or caaarss f'abrics
mtore satisiacierilhy 1 t ay handa, in front
t'fite t wenav 'inaures. P'rice bttt to
daollars--WIa11 t.ef, a' ak for a fe'w d
onger at 11 .w. N i:l v-'s.
june 6
OF (harlotte, (I olui mnbia, &
ItallI 110oad.
TIlK fatllowing P'aQsensger 8checdule
1.wbe ritn over this roa.i on anal
ati, a this dlate :
[aeave Augusta, at l.'0 a o:
"Coldmtbia, S. C., 2 45 a .
'' WVinnseboro, 4658 y' m
d'. " Chester, . 6.8-1 r' a
Arrive at Chario: to, N. C. 11.00 w
TItI-ooa,so 5a1tJT
Lease Charloite, N 0. at - 8 31).,
'' Chaest er, I l 2-a a
g . 'Wtaansboro, 12.88 p
Columbibn> . 2.52 pm
Arrive at August a. 8 05 p
JA8. ANDE,R tIN, aen'l $aapf.
Gen. Passenger atudl 'icket Agent.
In Bankruptcy.
ln4lhe District ouar'. of the U) 8. fort the
dech I)istrics o5 ii. Uarolina, in . he mhasior
of A1. M. Newbill,. inkrtp'. At Yor'k,
vilie, In the said District, o'a the'20th
day of April. 1876.
QiR : Take notice that a petitiona has
I.7 been fied ini siaid Cot' bay A. .'.
god Nowbill of lriieldl Cotnmy, in aidl 1)'
iis riot, duly declared a IBankraipt, under- thie
Act of Congress, tttaled ,-An Act toi
establan a uniformai system of hhsaakrupt.
ey thiroughoat the Utnited Slates," Ap.
0.provced March 2, 1867, for a discharge
and certificate thereof, from ah his dlebas
___ ttd othier claisa provable uander the saiad
Act ; atnd the 20th daty of aMay 18765 at
J2 o'clook Ma,, is assignted for the hearting
of thesante, before WV. I. Chawson, onae of
the Registers itt Bankrup~tcy of said t'ourt,
his at his office in, Yorkvil e, Btioh Carotina
lay when and where you miay atienda, andl
to laew cause, if any yeu haave, why tht ..
for prayer of the said ptetat ion shiould ntof be
he granucd.
or- ATTIsI: h. M. WIALIL \CE, i
U. 8. Marshal as Melssentger.
Der1u3 y Messenger.
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nt w nf t the Lili . -ir F 'iri I i e
oL - PM intb e -e1atifatl .1 att rm e.
Yetook of
N.-.J 1,14.41N.Efty 0001).A .
vert exl,Abile.d for, s#j;..st .11i, plcer.
Aly sock Is o,w co,11-lete in Or,G. O.di
liite G oods. Fancy(. Gluod., .\t i,,ti,
1 ove4. Iiandkercie.J:c...&c.
A nd a splendid. .OIQVv or Trinming4,
111broi-leries. i,Wes2iin. g&,W
r'littg . &c., inclk i ta i all of III * 'i-Ti
J0s of' h e se;S,If. I e eall an. see.
Very i-lpilrri1y.
jLr :hR WN.
Ironinthe Blood
T he Peruvian Syrup, a Protect
ed Solution of thec PrQtoxije of
Iron, is so combined a's'to have
the character of an aliment, a.
easilU digested and assimnilated
evith the blood as the simplest
food. It increases thle quantit y
of .Nature'. Owne Vilalizing
Agent, Irotn in the blood, and
cures "a tho.esand ills," simnply
by Toning up,Invigoraein and
Stazng the System. Tiaen.
riched and vitalized blood per
eneates every part of the body,
repairing damnages and Woaste,
searching out morbid secre
tions, and leaving nothing for
disease to feed upon.
This is the secret of the evon
dierfud success of this remedy its
curing Dyspepsia, Liver C~om
plaint, Dropsy,(hronaie Dir
rheen, Boils, Nev'otsAfetaamx
Chills~ and( 'evers, Humno
Loss 'of -Constitutional Vigor,
Diseases of the RidiAeys - and
Bladde', Fematle Co0rnnlaints,
and all diseases originating in
a bad state of the Mfood, or ac..
Companied by debiieuor a los
state of the suEstehn. Bieing free
fromn Alcohol in any form,n its
enaergizing ekects are not fog.
ioted bg corresponding reac
tion, but are permanent, infus
sing strength, vigor, and newe
life into all parts of the system,
adb dlnU up an Iron Oon.
Thousands have been changed
bU thme use of this remed y, from
weak, alky uf'rn crea
tures, to strong, h~ealthy, and
happ menand women - and
invalidla cannot reason9lUyhcs
Etate to give it a trial.
See that each bottle has P ERU
VIAtl SYRUP blown in thegiasse
Pamnphlota Fre
SETH W. FOWLE & SONS, Pfoprietors,
No. 1 lMit a' Pla.., Uoaaij.
So,; ny Dlat.o a-ra or.Iqansr.,y.
1liEA'T itemeday, "sey'eu SeaIs or
5 AoIden~ Wondier,'' whtich is
econ,mnel I for till nichest or prins, rind
tbrown tupon its own mterilts. No cure.
pny, ist the molt o. For sale by 1t Ii
!tnintgs, who is agent for Paiirfield Coann
u,ad wit I lake piletaure in fililntg or
ata for drutggisis antd country mnerolhan,
'- W. 1. A iken, of' innttoro will keep
Ott htanda. For far-ilbor'part i otlars rip.
y to fC. Jf. JE~NNNGs & CO.,
rd 4 m.Wintnshoro. it V,

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