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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 19, 1875, Image 4

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if"7ild Heiald
I)lj 1Or7 of 1irield
8ixaron--Moses Martin,
ItRPR rBNNTATIV PRJ-.3osep1 'ftoip5O1
John Olbson. Joel Copes. 4
L. VV. ivalll--Shierifr. U.
6all'l. It. Clowney-Ier of the t'ourt.
1J;-Neil-Judge Qf t'robaie.
W f. , .ISen ru'er:.
W. w. rerd--4o4ool Coninisiloner,
IL. F. aitith-LYury* C;oinmnissioner.
0o NTY OMeelsoNats-Jat. Lt. iarvey,
lJonry Jacob, Carter leaty.
. M.Oott-- U. 8. Commissioner,
Q..Davis, II. N. Obear, 1). 1. Kirlanid.
- TIAL JUBTIONS-A. M. Maokoy, W. It
11aratidli, James Alken, Silas W. Ituff.
'IL J. ', -IV., Coleman, Thomas. Walker,
Dr. Ira S. Scoit.
UAItOUNA'. AU-rlti'nlzrIiA.ITAL;2(00)00
VALID r $7U1 0.
'. It.' Robet'tson, President.
(eo. 1H. MoMatuer, Vice-President.
- Sain'nl BI. Oowniey. Cashier.
M. C. Robertson, 'Ieller.
W. R. Roherlson, It. L. lilott, James
j3(aity, George It. MlMaster, 1). It. Floa.
nikon, Jas, 11. h1cCanti, Jilm, 11. Ition, Jag.
A. Brice, A. S. Douglass, Col. William
ohnaton, of Charlotte, N U.
Plerre Bacotr-leieindani.
WAIRI.i-F. Gerig, J. A. Fraser, W.
bl. Ncison, y. U. Aetrley,
0. II. AloAascr-l'resident..
Jantcs Ilaity--Vice- 1'resileri.
D). It. Flennikeni Sec. annd Treus.
II. N. 0bear, At(ortiey ,
Directors-Jas. A. Bice, SAI'l. 11.
- Clowrey, (). A. White, 1. N. Withers. J.
M1. Ualloway, F. Elder, l'. 11. Madden,
IV. 11. Flenniken, J. 8. Connor.
cUitar or I'OLIcs-T. J. If. Muiphy.
A PiltrIotic (1irl.
At the time General Greene re
treated before Lord Rawdon fron
Ninety-six, whiienl h10 had passed
Broad river he was very desirol to
send an ord-r to Getioral Sumter,
who was oin tho Watoroo, to join hii,
that he might attack Rawdon, who
had divided his force. But the
general could lin'd 'no man in ihit
part of the Blate who was bold
enough to undertake so dangerous
a mission. The country to bo pass.
ed through for niany miles was full
of blood-thirsty tories, who onl overy
occasion that offered imbrued their
hands in the blood of the whigs. At
length Emily Geiger presented her.
3elfto Georal Greene, and propos.
ed to act as his wessenger ; and the
general, both surprised and delighted
closed with her proposal. lie ie
cordingly % rote a letter and deliver
ed it, and it the sano timo com.
municated,the contents of it verbally
to be told to Buiter int casO of ac.
ci<lents. Emily was young, bl't its
to her person or advent ures o. the
way we live no further information,
except that she was mounted on
horseback upon a sido saddle, and
on th.e seconud day of her jou.mtey
she was int.rcepted by Lord Raw
don's scouts. Coming from thte d i
rectiont of Greene's army, and not
being able to toll an untruth with-.
out blushing, Emily was suspected'
and contined to a roomt, and ats thle
01o06e' Itt eotiiinand had the modesty
-not to search her at the -time, he
sent. for ant old tory miatron as more
i' ting for tnitt purpolse. Emhiily was
not wtanting ini expedient, antd as
soont as the door wats closed anid the
bustle a little sub- ided, sho ate up
the letter, piceo by piece. A fter
awbile the matron arrived, and, upon
searchinig carefully, nothing was to
be foumnd of a sugJicious nature about
thet prisor, and she would disclose
nothinug. Susplicion beintg thus al
itayed, the oflicer coimmatnding the
scouts suffered Entity to depart
wit;thor shte said site was bound ; but
p ~he took a route somewhat circuit.
out to avoid futther detontiont, and
soon after struok into the roatd to
Sutmter's camtp, whe eo arrived
int safety. Emiily' told her adventui-o
and delivered G reente's verbal tmes
saeto Sumter, who, in eonsequene
Bird Ghosts.
Birds have a groat fear or death.
In illustration of thtis, Madame Buist
in her ned 'book ott birds, relates the
following :-A hent canary belong..
ittg to the author died whbilat nesting,
and was buried, TIhe surviving umate
was removed to anothter cage ; the
.breeding cage itself was thoroughly
purified, ehcttsed, and put asi<de till
tthe'followintg spring. Never., after
wvard, however, could any bird en
..dure to be in that cage. rThe little
creatures fought, and struggled to
get out, antd if obliged to remta in,
they huddled close together anid
amoped and we-re thoroughly unhappy,
refushig to be comforted by anty
amouint of Bunahine or dainty food
The experimote.t was tied of initro
duoinug foreign birds, wvho were not,
evetn in the house when the cattary
dhied, nor could, by any posibility,
hive hteard of her through other
canaries. The result n as the samto;
nto bird would live in that cage. Thec
e'Oger it-as haeuund, andt i thIt author
w.s obliged to desist from alIl fur
thoer attemtpt.s to coax or force a bird
to stay in it.
llThe English resideun:s of Augusta
\are making arrtangemntt to colo.
bIato Queen Vtctoria's lifty.sixth
b.irt4 da y, which occurs ott the 2.1t h
colilgresslionil Power Over ItalIroads.
A 146 nt decision of the United
Sta tes Supreme Court has beeg- reo
ented as indorAig all'r the id 'of
the contralists ooncerning the unllta.
Ited.power of CongreAs..ovO.- nteri
State couneroe.- -Later -.in Jrmation
tends to show that the eourtcondliVd
itself to asserting the right of Con.
gross to ubolish any obstruction to
such comimeice that might be set up
in any one or other State. It is
probable that the mistake arose from
the hasty roading of non..legl news.!
paper correspondent.-. The Baltimore
Sun publishes the declildn infull. and
."Upon data furninhed by lW oni.
lete reports of the decision, it has
een assuwod that the opinion lays
down the full authority of the Gov
ornment over railroads for all pur
poses.conneoted with the question of
cheap tiangportation. The fact is,
the opinion does nothing of the kidd.
Tbo court says that i. cases"of ob.
struotion of comaneico: by thh States,
Congress should interpose to the full
est extext of its constitutional power
but it does rot iiddrtaketo Ay iffi&t
would be an obstructiou, or what are
the constitutional powers of Cong-ess,
although, it does express the mont
3arnet hopo that no occasion will
ever arise for Congress to esercise its
powors, whatever they may be.
Equally erroneous is the st atement
that this opinion settles the principles
involved in what are culled the
"Granger oases" from V isconsin,
now on appeal to the Supreme Court.
f heso cases rost on the validity of a
law of the Wisconsin L,agilature as
sumitg to iegulaie rates of transpor
tation Oin existing railroads. The
court, in the Baltimore and Ohio case,
laid down the law that a Statu had '
riaht to exact any conditioa preco.
dent to granting the charter ; but it
did riot say one word which can be
conhtried to give the power to a
State to togulate a railroad already
in operation.
The Dlyterics of the Femalc Toilette.
The Pall Mall Gazotto says : "The
li est novelty in woman's attire does
nut sound comfortable. She has, it
scOms, adopted a garment in which it
is alimost impossible walk or to sit
down, or to enter a carriage, and
which can only be worn by throwing
the body into the most painful con
tortions according to instructions
specially given by the dressmakers
who manufactured it. The tParis
correspondent of the Queen gives the
fullowing account of this new article
of dress : 'Demitrains,' iays the
correspondent, 'tire inconvenient for
the street and evon for getting into a
carriage, and they are so tied back
and banded with elastic that walking
and, above all, sitting down are not
the en Y, e:kreles in ?Vements of yore.
Sunitie qi e iin,1t j s give in.tructions
as to the managnit of thobe deni
trains. The best manner of gat, er
ing up the trail is to turn to the right
bonding Oightly backwards, and to
take hold of the dress as low down as
postible with the right hand. When
you straighten and stand uprighlt
again the skirt will be slighty lifted,
and thus become no longer t han a
ahort costume. WVhen you wish to
let the skirt trail again, you must
throw it back with a sweep of the
right hand. This witl be fo'und a
muchi mocre graceful way of preserv.
iug the traini froms contact w ith the
streets than by lifting in on each aide
withI both hands. Mani dressed in a
coat or pair of' trousers involving so
mnuch trouble andl agon)|would hardly
feeml up to pe:1forming those duties
which woman kindly proposes to taka
un her own hands ; she is, however,
very st rong-mninded, and udelights in a
Life of active ccupation."
The Great Natiolal SuloJer.
A lady traveling from New York
to Boston, a short time ago, took her
seat in a drawing rootu oar, the only
occupants of which were two gentle-'
mecn. One was smnokcing , the other
heuld a fresh and unlighted cigar just
ready to apply the nolitch- 'VTh fair
traveler did not like the odor of.
51moke(, and Onahnuy romna r ked aleou A
that this was the drawing-room ear,,
and they would please find the
smoking car forward, for the smoking
was very offensive to her. 'Tho gen
'tleuren removed the ohsioxlous'weed
but looked extremely serious abo'ut it
and had a word or two with the con
ductor when that functionary entered,
lie mildly requested the hidy to step
into another car, but she was comfor
tably seated and declined to move.
By and by other gentlemen appced
and addressed the would-be suker
as "Mr. President," aind when at last
solue0 otne let drop tho mnystic wo-rd
"Grant," the obtuse but well mean
ing dame recognized her company,
and su mmnoning the condutctor,
sought anotheor car.-Boston ~Satur
day Eviening (Jazette.
King Kalakau ,, of the Sandwvieh
Islands will send his feather cloak to
the (Centennial h0x position at Ph ila
delphmia. This artie will represent
more labor than any other that will
he on exhibition. Its main'ufacture
was cornmmencod over a hundred years
,ago, under the auspices of somec of
the ancestors of Kamuhameha, the
tir:t king of the islainds, and upward
of fifty years of time was required for
its completion. It is made of the
feathers of a poenliar species of bird
-ench birdl furnishing only two
teachers, one0 from under each wing.
In air,o the cloak is a little over a
s<quare yard, and its color is a golden
yellow. It used to be worn by the
King on state occasions, but o,f late
years it nerves only to adorn the re
eention r.Oomk of thec 'lu.a
The Richmond .4?1spateh pub.
lishe extrietifr g g [on.
Beresfor ley T
Johnson, ,nom statue
of Ston "OL' sekson. Jf-H. lope
promises o *;forward
photograp i us e work it.
melf to follo 0 or a. of the
Royal Academical 'exhibition in
August. lie states In the meantime
that the Statue is seveu feet three
inhe ' iite hb orx h is
two bketolies as patterns for a pedes.
tal suitable for the statue, giving the
proper dimensiois. These patters are
simple and elagntt, rebtesenting ditf
'fnt jesigno for.Q ddostalpinie tbe
high, vigt feetliG idhes'iu'llse
ter at the bap .,wo feet dve
inoches at the . rN pedesisl will
be CvAstXute;0 Riohm04. oranite,
A'.gentIeman.of, meaDqy who. went
with his family from South Cargliu
to Texas.abot'eight taqnt4st1 ago for
the, ptrpose of rnaking tha ? akte p1a
future homej is now in the 1111pity Q(
this place, where he has .purebass4 .a
valuable faruttlwtiohbe will imme.
diately.bring, ioi family isAd make
it his, permanen home. Ajp'I 'gives
anything but a flattaring aecount of
lie eight nionth' experience in Texis.
We welcome him to our eootry, and
are satisfied that he will have no
oause to regret oxoharging [email protected] Tex-A
howe for a h6nd INrth Georgia.
North Georg A a CWA en.
The Little Ro-,1 a
gives the d,ta.1 G00
in Sevier'(Jonntyt,no. Jl O
on the 15th. A farmer 4 Viiiiing
a neighbor, und havigg apreseetinent
of evil, i,, 79%71an aWIia 'exaon re
turned ti i ld!te, *Whg'he observ.
od a light burnn. Pue:Ina In the
window the men saw luur , rabbere
counting tIe money which they had
stolen. Both men being armed
with -double-barrelled ar6t guns.
fired upon and killed all the r9bbers,
and then entering the houie the fer
wer waagerazed by the sIgt 'of hll
nuardered wife and W chIldren.
Alligator Skins.
The manufacture of alligator
leat l.4i 4oibecoondo, inipr
iut brano i ot lmsdisr'Tli ' kin
come chiefly from Florida and
Louisiana, and the hunting and
skinning of the ;.a4imals for their
hid es is extensively pursued. About
80,000 skins are tanned every year.
They are manufactured in varioub
parts of the inited States, ad a
number is exported to )ugland and
Franoe. The Frenoh, owing to their
superior methods of tanning, are for
mid able .0oppetitqrs..
One unight to men got into a
wordy controversy, which waxed
quite hot, and finally one of them
challenged $lte qtljer.to a square fight.
The ohallenge'd party filibustered
around and endeavored to avoid com
nitting himself on this issue, but
finally pressed by the other, he posi.
tively. re4se4 to h 41#Vot that
I m any coward,' he said, 'or that
I'm fraid of you, but I was allers an
untuoky man in a fight."
"The Peopkes Paper," flying the
name of George Francis Train for
President, is his latest venture. Well,
why not I If it; is an absolute neces
sity t.o have a fool for the place, at
least give 'us a sprightly one.-St.
Louis 'JUmes.
An Englishmans proposes to rna
street oars by elockc work. Only
two hands wiIn be -required.
is The telegraph line to Glenn Spring
inearly comnpleted.
U)ES1 CTFTFUL[LY inform the puti.
he t,it n gencral that they have e ,ened
time store formerly -oceephed biy S. IQ.
'thenrt whmere. Ihey intnd to eonduret a
general stook of merohbandise, consisting ol
Pair And square treattaent to eaea and
overy one that w4l1 vali on us.
march ?f
"$llver Skia" Onle. 84ts for sale at the
3 Door West of Post 01kW
RAT &c
Where we constantly keep on
hand a fully supply o4ooA
Horses A mulem,
-~ POR
.ALMOO cbr 3Ei '.3 ,
march 25
dL 3M WL X Nr 3.
B'OTS and 811EOR , 0emtre a N
Boys' 1te%dy.-'n.de Clotiing.11 a ]
eta, 8!aw1s, Corser nid Rlibons, Blea
ed, Bt own anJi Plaid flomespurs, Ca 1
ooem, Slpool Coilon,. Linen DamaskR &aim
Flan.nal, Silk Bows for Ladies, hew sly
let Necklaces, Pearl l3leeve Bi:aton
Plated Shirt Fluds, Initial Ilandk&er
oliefs. (something new), Gentlemen
Lianen and 8ilk 'Handkerc hiefts, new styl
Nubias, Deaded Dress Deit:-ose, Dine'
Silk U elts. A Fine assort went of Towvets'
Full assortment oflCroitory ansI Glass
were. Fancy China Cups and Saucers
and Cl ina Mugs.
Black Alpacoas and Wb to AIjaceas of
ohoice make.
Bot..vard Skirts and Plaid Llnaseys.
Many < flthese articles are dialh able for
and will be sold1 at
Lao wr PRI, .unS
Withers & Dwight,
PackagsfZ NEWli R
In Sarrele h anduo gr0ar -
res, K ita~ *,3, andek* gaum
her 1, ME ,8
S#3 8saks of fresh groustd FL OUR,
all sixes and grades. froth the
Granite Mills Augursta GJa4
A full stock of Grocerre., Provisions
and Plantation 8upipl ,ou altt
of whiek will be sold Athe
lowest puces for OA8t-f.
Coma8sIoN MI80EA1 8,
L EBE AL advaaees made up Won
siJegnment.e of.Oo&494. ow etle Pro)
duce to 'them I. ChavlestMn; oss through
their correspedet in i4verped), Nov
rork ad Baltimore.
g'Parieste sWnes t) the sete
spland ('otlo.
-. t a f, li
A purely Megetabli- Comound4 fi
r u ally poiolicus mailer wlaateve
a he lVen'with linpunity to aninfm
imolly few h oos i,ld [email protected] Colle or t
Per uges et <f. -IIte Ilaoi. ., This. 9
;ou dWil as:iat tiul,e to ripi't th4
tuence of t.nlaori. i.d therti ples
ialthV'it4sana-maA IdAIIA4
ls, conleli a k. ilif't-, 41 (jgl it
che, 1li1lroll or at calo,I C'Ale
spelially Painter',s.C olit), aid all o
11 .0 VCo e.
Slandfawotel I,y R. U. RINI ) 80
-hisaa, 8. C.. nd'for sale by,
Or. W. W kkeelj Agent, also by Dr.
L. 1cMater WAt db4o.
J:u 48
SUST Received 100 lbs. fine 0o8sh
Butter. Also a choice lot- of Frei
Iroceries, conol4ting of .8 bble. No.
lackerel, 8 bble. No. 2 Mackerel,
His No. 1 Mackorel, 24 Kits No. 2 Hil
awily, I bbl. Pigs feet, 1 bbl. PiOkl
ogue, 100 lbs. Dried Tdngues, 10 f
lologn.. ausages. Also a- choice lot
lugare and Cefees, 1ysups and Molass
f all graei. Also a fne lot of Fre
naned Goods. constiigs of Canned Be
ion, Lobsterp, Mock -'rtle, Corn w
)eslooated Cocosnut, P .Med Iam, Turk
nd Sardi tes. Also ' freis tot of Craa
re and Cakes, I. Dozen BQse of ier
mner Co. Cheese-,he linest'lutown. At
onstan,ly on hand Vrepfi flour as
defil, Bacon auid Lard, rnd.a Ohcipe lot
tIcEwans S.otoll Ale, LIquorl and 8eg
f She Amest Grades, Powder, Shot a
John D. NeCarley,
sept 24
Bemeothg5 lWei
T. HE old coqvenieyt stand lately oco
17 pied by H. -B. itefo, tunder il
Vinnaboro 11el, is epen again with
rt1l selected stock of the -verj- best-1W0,
id liquoe thitAdn bq 01,u- I intend
serit, the patronage of the public 1
eeping first.-class goods, and giliiig U
ustoaters what they call for at lowt
. C. Corn Whiskey and -Brani
s I havs an advantage In preUgll
lie test at the lowest pricee.
Don't. fail ta give me a call and sais
oself of the above facts.
'.8. . COPER.
april 1-3maos'
A.NY: pe sautoring from thseabos
RC,and a triM b"9ttIe' of medloh
rail i e forina'idod by Express,
The e'nly cost.being the Express chara
a, whi la owing to my large business as
mall D~ . Price hns made the cureo
ube' by the use of hi. teate-4 e ,
Do not fdI1 Io send to *hima for a t,rl
ottle'; It eosis n'ot.hing, and he,
o matter 'of bow lon'g st.an ing y6ur cj
may be, or e vi, hasy thr renedi
say have VaM' I
Cironaa:s alad testimnonials sent with
Bo part,ie4Rstr to gIves }or . express,
roll-ass,,I pest . ce directioil, anid
DR. Chas.,T. to Ice,
pil 27-ly 67Wilis,St New
11raae lh wt 9 Psaer.. osonoO Te,
~~Wtt?uzOGa 0a l!L PWD1ss
It burnA ia all Coal Oil aed
ewrds%'nb Lamps. Try it.. A sk
~oi'Al#ddie Mvarsii," and take no
LouIsville Weekly
Rosswiew J=oua
:eatinues for .the preasnt y'ear its libei
mransgement, whereby, on the 81st.
3eoember, 18V&, it will distri1buto impa
,lally among its subscribers,
a preseits, compriuing twelve htndre
mseful atd beautlla articles.
The Coarler-Journal is a long-establis
cid, live, wide.awake, progressive, news
l other paper o era auch induoes
o stlbsoibetsand club agents. Citoula
vith full partiemurs andI specimen copi
sent fte. on application.
Tennis, $2.00 ,a ar aa4 liberal ofers
,sl e5t oni $12. P9stage piepaid
dI g.s without extrd.change.
ridess, W, N. H ADaA,
res. Loui vilk orJeuraal 0<
Beaty, Bro., & Son,
anril 24
C' '
Grittenil Tiloun)aI14 proclaill tNI4
EGAit BrrrElts the most wonderful Iln.
vigorant that ever sustained 44%d sinkffig
5yate , . - .
NoP ersollcantaikothOSAI'Mt
according to dIlrections, and remain hign
unw%orll, provided thioir bunea aro not de-.
atroyod -by mInQral poJsop, or. oher
means,112 ud vital orgaus wirted bAn
rpair. "' - o-- t
Bilions Rtemittent and Inter.
111ttent }lovors, which, hro so,prova.
cnt inl thle Valleys of Our great ,riv1.8
hr1oughout the Unitod StatClS, esPeC1nl1
Ahoso of tho Mlississippi, Ohio, Missoui,
Illinois, Tennessee, Cutmberland, Arjutn
uts, Rted, Colgrado, Brazos, Rio. Graltig,
[-earl, Alabafhia, h1obl'o qafnMh, no.
tuoke, James, and many Other's, wvit
;hoir vatst tributaries, .tIlrougliqup, our
mitiroC Country during ,tho Suimller RA
itutmn, and retnarkably &o durin'gbit.
otis of miuustial heat and drytiess,.10'6
nvariably accompanied by oxtensivo do.
',.allgemonlts of t6i stomnaclt. an<i l1volr,
In Tothor abdominal viscola. In 'thoir
reatont, a pJurgative, exerting A po-n
r1futl indluce upon these yasrlouli,or.
,ans, is essontially niecessary." 'PTok
no catiartic for tle purpose equal to
s they will ipeedily reinovo thle dari
olored viscid nmatfer with whbich thm
nwels aro loaded, thoie sae no time
tin.ulating t h secretions of the liver
Ind generally restoring tht healt,h
unlCtiOnIS Of thle dig'estivo'organls.
Fortif 1y the botdy againtist dilsenA
y puirifyingt aill its Iihlids with V) NEGAIW
lIs. No epidemic Caltan t hol
>itnt systi hhls fore-0-armlled.
Dysppia, or 1nd(ligestio 0 e 7atd
che, in the hle ofoulets, boligis,
iglitne of th Chest, Dizziness, ,p.lir
:ructatiois of tho Stomach, Bad T.oU
[In the Mouth, Bilios Attacks. Palpiti .
ation of tle ivart, Inlammllatonl of tle
,ungs, Pain ini thle re'."ion of thle M.l.
eys.. and a andred ot her painful symp -
hei, are. the offsprintis of Dyspepsia.
)6 bottr will prv aho r guarant
& ita inriti than ma lengthy aidvortino.
Scrofiua, or Hind' E l whlI
wel1lings, I:levrs? Ery.siplehas Swelled NCk,
,oitri, Srohuloul ianyatens, dololt
nf01AIISMaIns, Amrcuil Affleotionim, 014
res, Erptionis of the Skin Spr ays, Mo,
ni these a o in all other Contditutional thPir
ases,' Wammcl's 111-1Aa-t"u hn11y
bown their great eurativo powers in the
1nostbstinte eent ilntable caisel.
For- inlammatory and Chroua
111thematisil, GOt, Bilious, Uenit
entand itermittent Fevirs, Discase Io
hto Mlood, Laiver, Kidneys anid Bladder,
boo Biatter have n1 eu(Ilal. Such Diseason
re caused by Vitiaited Mlood.
M1'echalnical i seases. - Persons n -
agendg ll i stnd inerals, selth a
.;tnbrs, Type-etters, Gild-beater , And
filers, i they adVaeO in life, are se4t
0 piaralysis of thle 13owitk -To guard
,gainst this, take a dei of WalKERs k
MAR Nrr-ini oevnsionale.
er,V al-4 henn1 , lOe2,1, Poiide.1 4
['igstns ofithe Chnes, Rizinesos, ~
yealIdhead, Sofo te, Eysipe,Ba l'a (t
>uf,sorations of the Skler, nfaitin Huor ii
AIngd Di in the rekin of hoe nan1.
)er nate aritrlly dugIV up andtOl ariedo
CCuts of it sytm in a lehy i dnerbytis.
Iftelist Ms
PirofTap, arin ' other Wrms,
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Ike thse i Hiters.l iIrClsiitoIiP
Fos,r,Kemale Complin Ii~ts,i youngC
nahood, tor thea turl iof pife,l theni
littr' display so decided and inu nica
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Cl asthe itated Bloodue
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ane it when you fnid .It bcatr, uc ad
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:e i llow. iallsl V
oR. H.i McDONALDes Er, CtO.l,
3urIs iscan tn im., San Frio. Can,lifiore:s
ld l)isr.e of aM tone andi Cfhao te.,r iN Y
S ldir,y ae I(rug3 gisu and ar.
ub lte yTure I 4 Wantehee~i'l,
For Femal mopla,iSton, Dur yo,
IlUlIood,03 tie tu nfac,trers, ajo, or~
litors(isIlSy CC(Portedanl ii Stinitay
r estish inteVin; oende for eutlar
wi0 pair.seati of trace hainsand
and uckets, N)uls and Del r
-- &c
5 Irrl Ass 'IninEad ltin
#13a Brodurons
UNP vlea 7P Ou & Hsn e,
Si?nmTe, garatrd l ie
nd gea sayple orlni by sl
M STER &rg M3IB,mina
inflPh O~8~1
h4oatufe In 1C. EVvy4*fm11i4bt0y*ji
rold r nis. . .
$20 IT.! 111114 e afefl
Paper In Amerledlwlt h. I wof$5.00 01tomob,
fx.o .MFug, 80,0 Broadwa ,'
Up&a ~Send stam
Samplos 6i Agent". Ladif'
Combitnation Needle Book,
r -*ith chromos. Spnd stamp.
' . P. Q aum w Bed -fird Ma-sq.
19 3easly mqede by Pelling
'i TAs at IMRTY.115' prNoos.
tr or getting up clubs in towns and count ry -
pe for the oldest Ta Company in Amer ioa.
r* Gr'atest inducemenis. send for vircul-ir.
(a 0CANTON TR A -C0., Chambers at., N. Y.
Wells' Catbolio Tablets
Sold Sy Druggists generally, and
Wit. F. KiDu,K & Co., Now York.
In th next three months to keep you
12 ayea. any udeinployed person. between
1h he ages ot 16 and 60 shoild lake ant agen.
5d Aly f.r the Illustrittei' Weekly. a large.
bs' sparklini, 'literary and family Paper,
of ($2.Wi a year) pure, hirtiructive an I I
Us amusing; half of its pages full of lcautii.
II ful pictures, the other half containing the I
,l. choicest reading nttier. James l'arton I
,d ooniril uting editor, Like that. great. Eing- p
By ligh pal or, 'Iho London Illustrated News, f
k. it'is highlymoral. but. entirely uusecta
- rian aun. non-political. During a year
o it furniblhes over 1.100 pictures, and the
id equal of 9 large cctavo volumes of read.
of ing mattr. It giles away, extra
ra each w ek, a large engraving, (62 in a
year), size. 17x24 ioches. These are
0e4uiite/ac simikaef the finest steel end '
gravings, on heavy tintod paper, vith I
margins suitable for for framing, arid are i
truly a fine art gallety every year, Be. t
sides,.each pubsoriber is prese.ted with
the ohromo '-,old Fisi, Fruits and Flo,
ors," size 2s2 feet, In 2' oil color4, paint -
ed by Rarbsey. . Not only. the largekt ait
finnat premiutm ever given. but thec mop
wonderfully beautiful chroio ever pro
dued. .it is jnst ite paper for which
everybody has been waitiTg-larger anid
finer titan any otlher, at half the usual
6estv Its success (nearly 1000 Pubscri
bers a d-ty.being recoived) proves this. So
complete, so progmssive, so full o' m.e.
It- ful as well as entertaiting matter is Itis
Ile ppper. that we venture 1to assert ihat to
a every thitiking, observant Anteian, a
s year's s.uibcripotion (cositS $2 50) is, in
to Actual, Aseful v#lue, worth tifty dollars.
'y Agents.-This combinatio is unequ.- i
y ed It is an instantaneots a;Nd prononneed
It success. Evety gc+ Avperican takes at
least one paper.-of course. lie takes th,is
paper becaa4e (1) it is the nicest, newest
ly and best; (2)-t is be bcloenpest--giving
a great bargaln-and hus mits tihe hard F
ilmes. Itesells hitelf. Ito quick, it'yoii
want, an agancy. This time of the -year
any aentoan make from $10 to $20 per t
da. Mend three stamps for -pecimneus
an liberal terms, with reports from
agents,.,subsoribers, and.pressinoiices; or,
bietter yet, to s'tve time, sendI $2.50) tor a
eomptote out-4il, and make' $i00 while
you wo-al& be otherwise waiting,- You
'U- are sitre to take .hold anayhow. Money
refunded if not. per'fecsly satisfied o'r if
'e the terrim or.you n anit is alr,'ady occu pied.
-. Address all orders for specimenos sublscrip.
tO rioita or ontfiteto T. E. M119112 Pth'isha
eor mvThe lluastrate'd Weekly," P. e. Boex
5469, No. 11lDey st., N. Y.
1 Weak, Nervouise D~ebHlitate,d
Are you so angtaid that any exertion
re'gut'res more of, an effort than yout feel
a ,le of tsakin2
as .:ntry JUR JI;BA, 'the wronderfutl
f onio and invIgorator, wich acts ao bene
. faiilly or~ t.he secretavo organs 'as :to im
part, vigor to all the vital foroes.
It. Is no alscoho*o- Appetisor, whioh
b5 stimpiaa'@es for ashuort tinac, only 'to let, the
suiFerer fiell to a lower deptil of misery,
but, It I a vegetable tonic acting directly
9n the liver nad spleen.
It regula'tes the Blowele, -quiets the
- 'aerv4es, at'd gives snech - a ealhy tone
to the , whole system as to soon make the
Invalid meel like a new person.
Its operatlons as no't vient, but is
~chaeiaeterred by great gentlones; the
patient experiences no aaddeni chan e. no
marked reitults, but gradually his troflbles
"odtheir tents, like the Arabs,
* Arr'suettiysteal awaay."
p. Thisati no new arid untried dliscovery,
ibut. htas been long used with wonaderful
SQ weeed ial restilis, and is pronounced by the
highest medical attorities, ,m"the mtost
powerful tonic airdaheterative known."
A sk y our druggist for It.
F?or bafeh.$'WaI. F, 4dNDDER' & CO,
New rork.
.tNSURE your property in.either of th e
fLollo wing comapaniles via :
The L iverpool and JLondon and Globe.
.i Te Home insuranceCo. of New Yotk.
,' Th rnln" "iladelphtia.
-al The Atlas, " " Hartford Coun.
of P'artIes wIshing to insure their proper
r- ty during my absence will please apply
to W. N. Chandler.
aprIl 17 l1m JAS. WV. LAIW, Agent.
is Buck Eye Bee-io
to AdMt rp
.,.tors for thecouties of Fat'nh tuad
Chester, offer Farm R(gData to mako
ord u~ the sameo wit.h sample )tivet for
orense the Appst at nce atted bo rea dy to a
mareth 110 a uwras -.

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