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. MEANS bAV1% Editor.
- Wedposd"f Moyning June 1 187?.
Wo call attention to-day to a very
intdi'elii 'td 'of thi lffess'
and present condition of- shanufacto
rics in this State and Georgia. It
,will be seen that 'those will be"the
financial regenerators of our State.
An- Exchange speaks of having
*f0n a!11olIet" ,4f Geore Washing.
ton at the Noeklenburg -Centennial.
The only reliet of the immortal
'George that we ever board of, was
Mrs. Martha Washington, and, she
abadioned this vale of tears years ago.
Was the' father 'of his country a
bigamist I We pause for a reply.
'The Pennsylvania Republicans
11ayo renominated lIartranft for
Governor. They denounced the
third topf da, 'but endeavored to
put a S6ar coating to this 'bitter
pill by eulogizing Grant's adminis
tration. The examplo of Pennsyl
vania wJll be followed probably by
all the States except South Carolina.
Honest John Paterson nado the'
last nominating State Convention
propose a third term for Grant, and
this proeipitato notion alarmed the
people of the Union and blooked
the President's little gamg. Poor
Grand preparations are making
for the Philadelphia Centennial. It
is confidonbly expected that this
great event will'bring all -kindreds
and peoples together. More espeoci
ally is it designed to revive frator
nal rolations between the seetions
and to secure American Unity.
The orators of the oconsion will be
Charles Francis Adams and L. Q.
C. Lamar, both men of broad liberal
patriotism. :Gen. Sherman. who op
poses violenco'in the South, is Grand
lailial, ind Gon. Joseph E. John
ton will'have-chargo of the military.
Thuswill,honors be equally divided.
Wo 'hope every body, -North and
-South, who is able, will attend the
centennial, keep in a good -hu.
mor, and imbibe friendly fooliugs
, , P oranoously with'Coutennial
mint julope.
In another portion of our paper
will be found a letter from Charles
Nordhofif to the N. Y. IIerald on
'Louisiana. The writer is a widely
known contributor to journalistic lit.
eraturo. 8dveral yena ago ho corep
~responded for the Tribune, and his
letters wore filled with bitter denun
oiation of the South. It will be
soon that his ideas have of late mate
rially changed, and lhe conoludos with
a full justiflcation of the whites of
Louisiala for their revolution last
We bespeak a careful perusal of
this letter. It presents a long array
of facts damning to the radioal party
in Louisiana and to the whole nation
al party whiol% upheld them with
.savage brutality. We had thought
that South Carolina was the most
governmont-oursed Stato in the
Union, but even her misfortunes
cannot equal those of Louisiana.
TEhe Levee frauds, of themselves, by
'causing fearful inundations over a
'vast extont of territory, wore more
-muonstrous 4than any combination of
bond'fraudstoould possibly be.
Wo rojcio ,that a comupromiso has
~been effeted,' 'and we trust thmat
Louisiana, as well as 6t4er Southern
States, will aeon begiu 'a'n upward
'Boston is al1ways gotting-up an'ei.
oitonmont. This time it is over the
marriage cereixiony. It appears that
a, young couple, membors-of the lie
'unan Catholic churoh were married
by a magistrate. Thereupon the
priest in charge of the-flock of which
these young sheep were a portion,
denounced thom in'-unmineasured terms
fromn the altgr, declaring that they
hbad not boon properly married and
'that they should not -be suffered -to
'comniuno until a -religious sceremonly
hould have beon pdr formed. These
den noiations it is alloged were re
peate several times .until the bride
~groomv began to think that "this
thing weasBrowing monotonous," and
institutedislt against the priest for
42000 damuag s. The -question wuill
'.now}e. decide' whether the divil law
fa 4 superior to ecclesiastical canons,
''and whether public denunciation of
an individual by his minister will 'be
clasand sind ar the had ofatpr:..hi:-.
oommunoiions, or whether it is sub.
jeot tovdatgages iP -a- oqurt h9upe
The os istill In progress. The
priosttei tha't'he used qffensivs
Ialanguae,*bt *djpt4.. at ho may
bue said the couple "ient before a
buokle beggar,, which term he ex
4IM-uso4 in the old country for
a pagistrato who x6arries eve rybody
iat6;b* befdre, Mm.
If the verdiot be given for the do.
fendaut 'in 'the other matters, he
should rever theless be putished
severely for the use of thtt torin.
Toli ly.the term "butke bneggar"
to a magistra.to or trial justice is a
fligrant contempb of the moEt im
portat judicial officers in the land.
What becomes of the majesty of the
lw if preaobero are suffered with
impunity to call magistrates "buckle
A few thouihts on Reform.
Parker's ease, it is said will be
heard at an extra term in July,
This is a civil action and will proba
bly result in nothing. Why does
the Attorney-Genoral not institute
criminal proceedings against Parker ?
It is claimed by the ememies of
Governor Chambprlain that he is
delaying the course of justice because
he fears implication in these frauds.
We do not believe this. But, as
supporters of the administration, we
would suggest to Governor Cham
berlain that it would be better for
him to avoid even au-pioion of evil,
by exerting his influence to scouro a
speedy prosecution of the leading
members of the ring. Should he
even apparently acquiesce iu these
law's delay, be will be furnishing
ammlunition for his enemies. Ro.
form in South Varolina will be a
sham, an empty bubble, so long as
the men who ruined 'the State are
suffered to walk unmolested our
public thoroughfares. We have
only this to say, ither commonco
In 'earnost on Parker, Moses, Leslie,
Whipper afid the other prominent
criminals, or else, for Heaven's sake,
stop sending poor unfrieLded devils
to the Penitentiary. The v-ry coun
ty commissioners who are inarcerat
ed, committed 'their petty fraudr,
while noted officials were stealing
millions. They only reproduced in
a feeble way the critLes of their
masters. This foobleness wis their
ruin. They have no influence, no
money, no friends. They arc fit sub
jeots to be immolated upon the altar
of reform. But reform spurns them.
They are unworthy victims, and it
is an insult to offer them. Outtaged
justice demands greater sacrifices
thsn these, and she must have them.
:In the name of reform, in the name
of'justice, in the name of an -outraged
people, we say to tho'judicial powver
in South Carolina, "Toc not a hair
of the head of a single county com
missioner, or school trubtee, until
you have brought down the whole
weight of the law upon the notorious
thieves who inaugurated a whluooale
system of robbery and continued
it until the State was made bank.
At the recent tormiof the Orange
burg Court, the State was apparently
very active in bringing offenders to
jostice. The news was heralded,
with flourish of trumpets, that Hum
bert and MocKinlay were to be ' dealt
with severely on the charge of forge
ry. Hlumbert was brought from the
Penitentiary, where he is now in
carcerated on the charge of embez
zlement of public funds, so that he
might be still further punished for
the crime of forging school eertiti
cates. This smacked of ' reform.
And so earnest and so enthusiastic
seemed to be the Judge and the So.
licitor in the prosecution of the good
work of bringing thieves to justice,
that we confidently expected to hear
by each mail that the arch thief
of the party himself, Franklin J.
Moses,,jr., had also boon put upon
trial upon the indlictmnent thuat for
a year:has been found against him.
But we were much disappointed
wshen no such refreshing intelligence
reached us. We could not under.
stand it. We do not yet comnpro
hend how-outraged.justice, personi.
fled 'in the honorable Court of
Orangoburg, could lose sight of this
admirable opportunity of taking its
revenge. -It may'be possible that in
its eagerness to pursue the nmiscre
ants who defrauded the Rchools of
the enormous sum of several hundred
dollars perhaps, It had no time to
dIvert its thought, to Moses, the om
bezzlor of paltry -hundrodn 'of
thousands.' For the -radical party
has ever been peculiarly -considerate
for the welfare of the public schools.
Free education is its hobbf, and
every di'ort has been made to estab
lish it firmly. Th'e school fun,d a.
been rigidly disbursed. Teachers
ire handsomely paid, cash in ad
vance, and there are no outstanding
school claims in the hands of hungry
pedag9guee to mook the system.
If radicalism las been a decided
success in any thing, that thing is
the school system. It is therefore
peculiarly apDropriate that Humburt
should suffer for his crime. But it
is well to sweep cleai. The COurt
might hale devoted some little at
tention to Moses. This is due to
Moses. Ile has for years lived on
notoriety, aud it must be extremely
mortifying to one of his tempera
ment to be thus remanded to obbOu.,
rity, "unwepi, ubhonored and un
seung." Let justice step aside
awhile from his impetuous pursuit
of evil doers to attend to Frank's
little case. It would be a pleasing
diversion to the public to be I
down from the tertifio excitoment
up to which they have been wrought
by these harrowing tales rf incarce
rated county commissioners and
school trustees and constables and to
witess the farce of the trial of an ex
Governor who prostituted his office to
the basest uses and exerted all his
influence in behalf of immorality, cor.
ruptlon and degrading vice.
We have no intention of dictating
to the Honorable Court; but even
the lowest and most humble citizen
can offer a suggestion. It may be
that the insignificant charge prefer.
red againsb Moses has escaped the
memory of the Court. We will
herofore briefly repeat it.
At the time when Gov. Moses was
becoming the butt of every decant
newspaper, North and South, he
found it expedient to purchase an
organ that would be his qpologist.
He therefore bargained with Senator
Thad Andrews for an interest in the
Union-Herald. -It is charged that
the price was a draft on Ilumbort,
the County Treasurer of Orangeburg,
for six thousind dollars out of the
the cotitingent fund. The draft was
given. Cardoza, it is said, endorsed
on the draft that he would accept it
in settlement ai so much cash.
Thereupon Munibort cahotd the
draft. Whon be came to a settle
Iment, CardokL roruscd to receive the
draft, and on the lailure of lumbert
to produce the money, caused lim
and Moses to be indiote'd fr .irano
larceny. An atteipt w.s made to
arrest Moses, but ho daied the au
thority of the Court. The -case was
continued. At the next term, Atto.
ney-Geoneral Melton conducted the
prosecution with his accustomed
ability and eloquence, and succeed.
ed in procuring a verdict of guilty
against t1umbert,the only party who
could tes.LVy against Moses. H ero
by the way, was another instance of
the impetuously of .justice which:
forgot all other ..bljects of pursuit iid
its eagerness to imprison that vile,
dangerous boy, IIumbort. Andi, so
vindictive has justice been *of inte
in pursuing notorious criminals that
Moses has nev-er been molested. iIe
still walks the streets of Colunmbiai,
an injured innocent. And this is
justice. We have only to say that
unless justice relax its efforts, it
wIllsaeon have a bad ease of head
ache, or worse still, a stroke of apo
Several nations in Europe arc said
to be hovering on the brink of war'.
WVe haveonot yet been aide to dis
cover why they a going to fight
but this gives greater reaison
for expecting hostilitie, as moi.
always fight bettor when they don't
understand what they are quarroling
about than when they do.
Admilnisirator's Notice.
A LL parties indebted to the estate of
John AlcKeown, deceased, are re
quested to make immediate p)aymnti, an
all parties holding elaims against th,
Katae, are recquested to present them id
the undersigned at Blatckst ock.
J. iE. CR.il,
juno 2-mAnir.
J'UST Received 100 lbs. fins 'Goshen
flutter. Also a choice lot of Fresh
Groceries, consiting of 3 bbls. No. 1'
Alackerol, 8 bble. No. 2 Mlacketcl, 12
Kits No. I AMackerel, 24 Kits No. 72 liigh
Family, 1 bbl. Pig#s feet, 1 bbl. Pickled
Tongues, 100 lbs. Dried Tongues, 10 lbs
Bloogn-. Sausages. Also a olee lot of
Sugars and Ceffoes, Syrups and Miolasses
of all grades. Also a flno lot of Fresh
Canned Goods, consisting of Canne'd Sal.
mon, Lob ters, Mook Turtle, Corn atnd
Desilccated Coconntk,'4ted llam, Tu'rkey
and Sardines. Aleo a fresh lot -of Crack
er and Cakes, I DoZent BI. te of Ilork.
limer Co. Chtoeso-the finest in town. Also
constantly on hand Fresh Flour and
Meal, lIacon and Lard, an'd a ch'oice lot o f
SicEwans Scotch Ale, Liquors and Segarsa
f the finest -Grailes, Powder, 8hot and
sept 24 JhDD . MCOarley.
Trial Justice.
WINAYB0R04 -f. 0.
XW* All business entrusted to him will
receive prompt attention.
H. A. QAILLAUn, - . M. DAVIb
NO. 2 ],A W RANGE,
- A I,80
"Silver Skin" Onion Sols for sale at the
TT. T.
W Ei are agents for a lar g. New Vor
TEA 11OUSE, -and ba%a now u
hand Gunpowder nud Young Ilyst n Ten
put up in one lb. and j lb. lit vanistcrs
warranted full weight a nd to give sativ
faction or the purchaso
Money Refunded I
Prcas low. Give them a t.rifti.
mar 9
Southern Life Insutranco Com
Ageuts and executive oflioers- of
South Caroliha Department of, Ehe bouth
ern Life Insuranco Company- hhve atp.
pointed the following named gentlemen,
oflicer.4, Exm,i!c ive Commit tee and Truutees
Of the FaiLioid A-uxiliary Board, -8outh
ern Life Ismrance Cbupany.
SA MUE1,1 B. CILOWN,13Y. Pre:iident..
oftO. II M'rm ASTHt-*V ice-President.
JAS,.W. LAW, Secretary.
COL. JAS. Ii. itON, Attorney.
D. R. Flenniken, F. ider, F. Gorig;
.1. S, Doglass,. WV. .). Aiken, Sami'l
Cathcart, U. A. White.
rTnU sTrs.
a. it- McMaster, ) Rt. Flenniken, T.
RI. .Itoberjeonl, 1.1. L. ElIliott, Jamtei 1.
Rion, 1lory N. O0ti, Geomi' White,
F. derig,-Shm'l 11. QTwney, I?. ,) Akn
;t, E. Ellison Jr.. Jas. A. Bric a. F Eider,
J. S. Douglass, W. II. Flenniken, Sam's
Calboart, It. A. Horron, it. MN. Davis.
may 2J
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./we invite time ins9pctiona oi all buy
ers. A lino lo t, o f
*Dress Goodf Adioi/Prleca.
Millineor,y opening. .this week. Coame one
conme all, give D.. l.atdermlale a call, aand
bring timo amouey.
april 5--Sm
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doesignanmd workanmnship, UJNEQUA lLE D
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Sleep Comfortable
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IUg L m i hosa in the mtarket without ex
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eflty. Our prices are beyond compe
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-Speclial Attehitlion
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Motalio.C.asband'W4id Gqjtian af clie
est shthI... Mirballi promptly at tended
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hieor -that'short.hetLiomonts make long
riot8a, -
Fits Cured Fiax
ANY person suffering from the fitiQ
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PRlICE, and a trial boi,tle of thiedtolno~
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no matter of how long standing your case,
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Circulars and testimonials sent with
Be particular to give ) our express, as
well as your post olco direwtion, and
Dr. Citas. T1. lprice,
april 27.ly 07 William St. Now Vo.k.
Winusboro Milline10 y Jlazalr.
RS. Boag wishes to inform ht
friend.4 and patrons generallt,
that she has just returnedI tromn the Nor b
after puirchusing a unll and comple t
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april 10
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aty, Bro. Son
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ar 10 # insboro. S. C'.
Warranlte(I bi Degr'ees Fir'e Test
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'he Liueri ~ IoCo. of New 'York.
I ho L gsTh " "Pladeil i la.
aties wishing' tInsure (beir propor.
n li~lg my ahse cc Mill.pes pl
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1 Vil.sboro 110ie A noi her h einh lot
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-DR110. & Co..
r H E firar of CALADI lied by the
.was this day [.Iwell. 'The
withidrawal of' Joe, Odnhinne t:oo
remainaing PartrM:, andler the firm
nlamlof CA LlD WELIL A LD WIqL L.
Jio ALL.
W. 0. Miay '6 1875.
may 11 Bllacol
p0.~oL~ ~onts, kId
Ioe~ w i KZN & Ca.
187M AGAINI 1875
Louisville Weekly
Courier be ournal
Continues for the prosent year its liberal
Vrrangement, whereby, o the 81st ot
beccuibtr, 1876, It will distribute impar.
3 tially amoting Its 14nbAoribete,
In preeto, comprising twelve hmudrea
fi sild bevilil articles. V
Th ( ouriler.Jotirtial is a long .*jtabli-h
e lio,W ile. wi 0,' pigpressirej- m y
briiiii midivtapy pllpet'V, ;A
No otht,r papor offers such Inducenteuts
to siibpcribers anid cdl)b Agent-i. Cieulate
with full prtiulams and,speolriien oples
selit free o'1 applicaltoW .
Torim., $2.00 a year ant) liberal oters tO
Di 0 cil itio $
till paperm without enira oIharge.
A idr. im W. N. HAI.DEMAN,
Pt;, hoVikville Courigr-Jourilat 00o
Lousillo, Ky .
3 Ilihds. N. 0. Clarifl<d
Sugar., 10 Bbls. N. 0, Molass
es (Chioice.).
A formoi, lot of th'se troods
have given general satisfaction.
Giwe Them A Trial.
-FCP.., S.A.L~i.
A .,d..sible bt ako Engqlue (John A'gniew
-hidlder),'ono' liisv reel nnil four
tund red -te of leather hope. All Iin good
order. For further pnrticulare nd dross.
F. L. O'NEIT,,
Chief Fire.Department,
may 1m1 ChaIleston 8. 0
I- -
U -R
d teffe a
A. If .M

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