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Oilelat Directory of Fairfleld
OUNAToR-MosOs Alarti,
lohn 91,boon, JP1i Qage. -
L. W. Duval.861
FAM4l. B. ClO*iniY'..(1eri4 w :ut;
J. J. N1-Jige f Probate.
IV. ,Pea ce..0o'ayity APUdif
W. M. Nolson-County Treapurer.
W. J. drawford-School 0ommlesioner,
IR. F. Martin-Jury 0ommiseloner.
lenry'Jadob, Cartat Beaty.
I. N. Oboar-U. S. Commissioner,
NOTARIS PUBLIO-841. C. Robertson, J.
Q. Davis, 11. N. Obear, D. D. D Irlana.
TRIAL imnTos--A. bl. Mackey, W. I.
Marshall, -aines Aiken', Silas -IV. Ruff.
11. J. F, W. Coloman, - Thomas Walker,
Dr. Ira 1. Scott.
T. A, 1toboxso.
PAID u r $75,000.
W.. Robertson, President.
Goo. 11. Nolastor, Vieo-Presldent.
Sam'l, l. Clownoy, Cashior.
At, 0. Robertson, 'Teller.
WV. . Robertson, 11. L. Elliott, Jsmos
.leaty,- George 11. MoMoster, D. U. Flen.
iken, Jas. D. AloCanta, Jaa. 11. RIon, Jas.
A. Brioo, A. S. Douglass, Col. William
chnston, of Charlotte, N. C.
VARDNS--F. Gorig, J. A. Fraser, W.
M. Nelson, J. U. Mo0arley.
G. JI. Mohnater-Presldent.
Jainos Boaaly-Voo-Prealdeot.
D. It. Flenniken Sao. and Treas.'
11. N. Oboar, Attorney ;
Dirootors-JaH. A. Brico, Sam'l. B.
Clowney, 0. A. White, I. N. Withers, J.
M. Galloway, F. Elder, T. B. Madden,
IV. 11. Flonniken, J. 8. Connor.
CHIRF OF PoLlIs-T. J. II. Murphy.
Widows 1Rgiits.
A gaunt woman juwped into the
Central Station yesterday, bonnet
askew and eyes blazing, and as she
reaObo'1 th13 Sorgoant's desk she ex
claimed :
"im the Widow Coon i
"Ah I" remarked the Sergeant.
"And I want to know if my land,
lord can raise the ronton me ?1" she
went on,
"I (1lu3 so ; landlords can do
most anything."
"But I'm a widow 1"
"So you say."
"And isn't there a law to protect
a widow from having the rent rais
od ?"
"Never heard of one."
"And I haven't any more rights
than a mtarried woman V
"Not one."
"Very well," she said, shutting
hor teoth together and striking the
desk ; "if a widow hasn't any rights
I'll marry somebody afore sundown
-you hear me now ?
And sho kicked over a oh air an
walked out.-Detroit Frce Pres.
1)iscovery as Another lmmoih Skelo
Th6 discovery of another maw
moth alkeleoo. et Otiaville, Orango
County, New York, on thoiErio rail.
road, is the sensation of the hour
among seientists and wonder-iovers.
Tis is the sixth skeleton of the
mastodon that has been exhumed
fromi the muck beds of the county,
and in many respeets the finest
though not yet complete. The tusks
have have not yet been discovered,
but may be expeotod to reward fur
ther exeavution. The size of thie
rliQZster of which there bones are
the remains may oo imagined from
the fact that a tall man may stand
Wi.Thin the pel'vie arch, and with arms
outistretohoed, barely touch the aides
at their widest span. The weigh6
of this single bone is nearly half a
toug and so many of parts as have
b'een found weighed 1,760 pounds
The skeleton has been secured for
the New Haven Museum by Pro
fdfspr Marsh, yhd wll set up and
eotdiplete the osson.struoturo da the
discoveries are eom pleoed.
Otn the Mlake,
The noble descendant of Pooahon
tas who owns on the site of the Peoters
burg mine, whioh exploded under
Mahione's brigade "during the war,
charges 25 cents a head for all visii
tor's.to that last. ditch. Old Mlahono
himself could not see it now fur less
than a quo,rter. .
R1ev. Dr. Palmier, the well known
Presbyterian. minister of Now Or
leans, bas just eotnpieted the memoirs.
of Dr. Thornwell, of South Carolina,
a work upon which he has been en
gaged for some time.
John L. Blonnel, clerk of the vil
lage of Middleton, N. Y., is a do.
faultor to the extent of betwteen
$8,000 and $4,000, and has absoond
The people of Lafyeto, Ind ., are
grumbling at a fire departmenta which
coste $15,000 a year, andl actually
permittod the engine house to burnC
down over , icir heads, and th a,to
inthe day ti'io , t,o,1
When they catch a mnan in Dubu
quo looking. Into windows after dark a
crowd sits down on hinm and rubs
pepper into hiis eyes, and his refor.
mnation is malrvelously rapid.
The defaleat/ons by the absconding
lawyer, Abrarq I aokson, will aggro
gate $800,00q,
like a Romance. 9
'SpeoIal Oorrospondone of the ITerald.J
AUaUSTA, May 17, 1875.
o (he. Editor of theH orald.
If the facts which I propose giving
W4 whiclh I obtained from Presi.
lent W. E. Jackson, of the Au usta
Jotton Factory, of President I. it.
Eliokman, of the Granitovillo Manu.
!aoturing Company, of President W.
3. Sibley) of the Langley Manufae.
,uring Company (the two latter mills
are seven and ton miles from Au
gusta),-do not prove beyond cavil
tbat those Atlantians who have or
may take stock in the proposed At.
lanta Cotton Fdtotory are throwing
their money away-aro a beneigb'ted
set--then they way conisider me
July 1, 1858-Thirteen gentlemen,
of which President Jackson was one,
purchased the property of the Au.
gusta Manufacturing Company (now
known as the Augusta Factory) fok
$140,000, on a credit of ten years,
the interest payable semi-annually
an I one-tenth of the principal each
They then subscribed and paid in,
as a. cash commercial capital, $60,.
At the time of purchase the millb
were in a dilapidated condition, so
much as to require all their business
capital, or the $60,000, to put thm
in fair running order, and from
twelve to eighteen months' time was
mostly lost in doing the work. Yet
the interest and principal falling duo
during the time was pro.iptly mot
by the earnings of the mill, and at
the commencenentof the fifth year to
save the interest the remaining in.
stalitents were paid off. Now It
must be borne in mind that this was
done by the earnings, and that all the
stookholders were out of pocket was
the $60,000.
During the war they only made.
enough to purchase contiguous to'
their property one hundred and ton
two-story brick tenemint houses
twenty-four frames of a liko obarao.
ter, and more than three times as
much land as was included in the
original'purohaso, when, with $200,.
000 of surplus on hand, they couolud
ed to give each stockholder three
shares for one, and to raiso their
$200,000 ofstock to $600,000. The
above was done early in the war, tho
last years of which they declared and
paid over as as high as soveo, eight
and nine hundred per cent., payable
in Confederate money.
From July 1, 1865, up to April,
1874, twenty per cent. per annum
was paid on the $600,000 in United
States currency, or 200 per cent. on
the original and only outlay of
From tho above date, April 7,
they conniqnoed paying a divideid of
12 per cent, with the intention of
using the surplus on hand, over the
12 per cent., to the increasing of the
capacity of the factory,5~0 per cont.,
and which was done by an expondi
ture of 882,000.
ThoIieproperty stands en the compa
ny's books at $840,000 anid is richly
worth .$1,00,000, if n ot $h,000,000.
We will strike a balance sheot at th
first valuation:
[First ineumbhrane of promised1
,puronaso money paidl by thne
earnings, d 1-10,00~
Present CirculatIion, 3, 000,000
D)ividends paid during i lo
war (after thec papment or I lhe
purchase money), or from 25thI
oftJuno, 1862, to thne 24mh of'
April, 1865, wore, in theo ag,
gregate, $0.000,000, redluood
to gold by tab'o or currents
rates, at the several dates, 423,000
DIvIdend in United States our-.
renoy, since the war to date, 1,1410,000
Total. $70,o000
Deduct first outlay, or comi
meroiialcnpital. 60,000
The dividends on a capital of
$600,000 were for eight and three.
cluarter years at 20 per cent, per an
m;and for one and a quarter
years at 12 per cent. per annumi.
And this factory only made, in
between.sixteon and seventeen years,
the above amount. The present
statod value of the stock oin the basis
of $600,000, is $160 per share, with
none for sale.
The main building is 500 by 52
root; three stories high, with two I
wvings near each end, either of which a
would make a good sized countryt
Factory, and in the centre of the main t
ulding a square addition 67 by 67
ct (al lbuil.t of brick), in the base.
mnt of which are two B3oydon water
Vheols of 200 horse power cacti, that E
ost $22,000. The office building in ai
ront is 135 by 27 feet. '1
Off sonio I,000 yards is a fire-proof r
varohouso that s will ,hohd 3,000 t
>ales of cotton. In thic actory are c
night Babcock fire enchextinguish,ers
hnd wat'or-pluga for each floor. ci
There are 22,448 spindles, mostly
if the ring~ spindle ; 722 looms, capa- ~
>l fmkrg268,704 yards of sheet
eg per week-average production d
'40,000 yards a fortnight, consum-.
ng 400 bales cotton.
10. of men employed, 119 a
~o. of women employed, .292
,hildron> 260
orsons. (Cash paid out for labor per C
onth $16,000. At the above.rat d
,600 bales are qonsumed a yeat)
ud $882,Q0paid for labor, Franols
gio is speriteodent, and P. 8,
1ol t1 :assistant superintendent,.
use stop ng to eulogise any of
his nil1l. he wonderful result does
The present August. water power
s between four and five thouaands
iorso power.. The oapacity is suffi,
lent if you add that which might be
aved by night to run eight factories
iko the "Augusta Factory."
I found President H. Il. noknan,
like President Jackson, exceedingly
ourtoous, and willing togive me any
acts desired, My main.object boipg
nimply to convinceVthose wh have
,aken stook in the Atlanta-factory,
knd those wLo.o my .be .anvassing the
wisdom of manufacturing our cotton
it home instead of shipping io to
N1assa.hOusatte aipd bringing the
manufactured material back,. that.
they had bettor not stop to weigh the
matter longer, but go to work, I only
interviewed him with reference to its
payiu.- I learned that previous* to
tho war the capital of this cotopany
was about $485,000. During the war
30 per goent, was divided in. porip,. in
oroasing.the capital to $716j500.
f Iu 1867 Mr. Hickman was oloted
President. The company oas in
dobt.$75,000, and paying twelve per
cent. interest for it. The assets were
not ovoif this amount. The fato.
tory war adly run down ;. the tna
ohinery was out of order. No im
provoments. had been nado during
the war except to build a ware-room.
to 1868, '69, '70, '71 and 1872, 8 per
cont. dividends were dald-; in '73,
10 per cent. ; in '74, 15 per cent.;
in '75, lik per (sent. ; and, in addi..
tion, he paid- $153,909.25 for 1.,160
shares of the stock and cancelled it,
reducing the eapital $116,000, and
he rebuilt forty operatives' houses
and almost rebuilt many of the old
ones, besides spending about $200,
000 on the mill, iLoreasiog tbe pro.
duotion of the same from 120,000
yards to 217,000 yards per weeki; and
he now has a cash capital of $300,000
over and above paying past dividends,
for the imProvenents and cancella.
tion of the above stock. This stock
is now rated at $160 per share
without a share on the market.
Number of spindles, 23,700, three
Fourths of which are the mule ; the
balance are of the ring variety. The
former do not produce as. much as the
latter. The number of looms is 584.
In 1874 3,676,8U2 pounds, or 8,171
hales, of ottonl were wanufactured
and 10,536,500 ynrds of cloth made.
This factory is eleven miles from
Augusta, on Iforse Creek, but is
managed and controlled by President
Hickman'of that city.
Langley AManufacturing Comp-tny
factory isalso on Iforso Creek, eight
miles from Augusta,
I called on its President, William
0. Sibley, who, like the other gentle.
incn, at once took down his books and
willingly gave me the dosired infor.
ination. And just bore I doom it
due to each of these splendid business
non to say that they were not only
generously frank, but each speaks of
the other in the highest terms of
praise. .Jealousy and illiberality is
sal.y exhibited in a small soulod
usiness man.
.The Langley Mi:l, President 8.
i,was put in full fore April 1,
1872 (three years ago.) The 'capital
was $4l000, though $411,192 was
3xpended, upon which two annual
dividends have been paid of ten per
3ent. each. After charging to profit
aud loss the above $1 1,192, they
have now a surplus of $112,662,
which, if divided, would give over
27j per cent. more to the stockhold.
irs, and if the 311,102 wero included
*whichu is in realty profit, oven a larger
livid end.
This is the result of a mill of 10,.
)00 spindles and 328 loo,ns in threeo
rears, with over half the operators
cio hands that had to be taught the
vork., In this connection I learned a
rery important faot whealh most strik
ngly proves what a factory will do
owards developing and building .up
place. Tfhis taill employs 325 per.
one, and there is now in the immeodi
xto vicinity of this mill a population
f 800 persons, where three years
go there were not a half dozen souls,
ind if' It had not been for th. faotory
here would have been no more.
'ihis maill consumed 5,002 bales of
otton or 2,279,919 pounds of cottonx
aat year. Number of yards of cloth:
nado in I874-5,715,517, of whiebh
,145,000 was 4-4 goods. The epoei.
loe soon were splendid, having five
breads to the inch, more in the filling
h an is usual in sheeting generally con
These mills were all run daring the
net year on full time.
Just at this date neither of them i4
laking money; The price of ooitor
nd the price of goods will nxot pay~
'lhe demand for goods does not war.
ant the present price of the raw. a.
This question was discus ed. M1y
eductions from the remarks mado
ore that there was tidtVg.est doa
I' difference. Mfore regularity of
tachinery was cpMded 1l ti6 & o;.
elling power given by stean' f
'at it was a nterof qu'estiofi It it
4dntrejy ifn t 9 baignc4
xo otofa vantagos "olaft8d~ by
ater, espoeially' If 6oal culd bW&got,
u n Atblasta, at a low pfrie.
The -day I was in Aegustuthe pa'
ars had some notices of the NeWtta
sing made to destroy the flattering
ad hxigh standing of Inmanx, Swan &
o., but Sanders' denial and the
rt.y venom exhibited in the -artcl
adaiibgdthenm at. on0 pie' them!
the est aaton of "al biis~ MOU
*1th w44t t ta ked. V W.
- , 1 ". . . .. . I K, .
.AL XL 3ft ~ .
T l'OTS and t11.0E&8 ,etlen men,
Boys' Bedy-ma de Clothing, B
eta, OSlawls, Corsets alnd Ribbonsq,131
ed, Bt own -and Plaid liomeppuns, 0
coes, S pool Cof Ion, L.inen DanAsks a
Fhjnz a, 811k Bows for Ladles, new sty
Je1 Neoklaces, Pearl Sleeve Butlon
Plated .b irt Sjoqsp Initial IJandker,
chf (so mething ine f',. Gifitlienn
Linon and 81ilk Hanidkevo hi ers,'n'ew'styl
Nubia, Beaded Dress Du tf ons, Diao
Silk Pelts. A Fine assortment, of Towels
Pull assortment of Crookjery and Glass
ware. Fancy China Cups and Saucers
and China Mugs.
Black Alpaocas and W16 to Allacoas of
choio make. -
Boubvard Skirts and Plaid Lindseys.
Many < f these articles are deBit able for
and will be sold at
1,40 W P 'O.JS
Withers & Dwight.
dec 17
OlFFERS for anto the. following .. very
Popular brands, viz :
Iradley's Sea Fowl Guano.
C. C. Coo's Supor phosphate.
Bradley's Amnoniated Dissolved
Royal GUano Conpound.
Srail ley's Ael d Phosphate.
Parties wishing Ou1nos by the car-load
can h-ve them ordered toDoko, Ridgeway.
Lyles' Ford anad Strother's Stations, as I
am agent for the entire County of Fair.
AcId. Time sales duoc Novosmber 1 .$.
For arrangements oni time and price sit
cotton option ai pply to'
I ESPFCTFTFULLY inform the pub.
lie in gesieral that they hsaveo,ehsed
the store formset'y coeuplied by J.: H.
Catheart wherec they inn to oonduot a
general stock of merch andise, conisistinugof
F'air andl square treatment to 6aoa and
overy one that will call on ua.
march 27
P~ackages of NE~W MAUkCWREt
*so Barrels, half and quak-ter Bart
- rels, Kits I, % 3, and eztta nuiae
ber I, 1IE88.
823 8aa of'fresh ground FL~ UR,
all alses and grads from et
,Granite Millw Augusta G*a.
A.full stook or Groaeriss, ProvIsIons' s
and -lPikutation' supplies, all' a
of which *11ll be sol at the'
6OV9ab pri0ea.for4W C
cob029 & .
~A Per Day at h epin
to Terms free. A ddr
Portland, Maime. .Sinon & C e
.jan 21-11
M ' I
Doors Wet of Post 0ffice
IAY &c
Where we constantly keep on
hand a fully supply of good
EEorses & Mules,
SaL.".M o.m- 3EI.E3..
march 2V
Eay 1st 1875, to April 30st, 1876.
IHE Revised Statutes of the United'
. States, Sections, 32 2, 3237, and 32.
equire overy person engaged'in any busi.
tess, avocation, or employment whic,
enders him liable to a SPECIAl, TAX,
o procure and place conspicuously in his
tahlialituent or place of businees a s1 amp
lenoting the . payIent. 01 s10ti :FCcial t3LX
or the speolal tax year beginning May 1,
876, before commanoing or continuing
)sinaS after April 80, 1873.
rhe Taxes etbraced within the P,-ovisions
of the law above quoted are tl:e follow
ing, vis:
Lectifiers, 000
.1cenrs, 20 00
alers, retall liquor, 25 00
alr,wholesale liquor, 100 00)
).alers in malt liquors, wholeesale, 50 00
[lealers in malt liquors, retail, 20 00
Dealers in leaf tobacco, 25 00
And on sales of over $1,000, lift y
cents. for every dollar in excess of
)ealers in manufactured tobacco, 6 00
lanufaaturers of st ills, 50 00O
And for cach still mnanufactuiredl, 20 00
And for eacht worm manufactured, 20 0()
Ilanufacturers of tobacco. 10 00
ianufacturers of cigars, 10 00
Peddlers of tobacco, Birst class
(more th: two horses or other
animals). 50 00
~eddlers .of tobacco, accond class
(two horses or other anImals). 25 00
ecddiers of tobbacco, third class
(inc horse oreother.animal). 15 G0
eddiers of tobaceo, fourth class
(on foot or. publio onnvoyanca), J0 00
3rewers cf less than 600 barrels, 60 00
irewer, of 500 barrels or more. 100 00
Any person so liable, who shall fall to
enmply with the foregoing requirements
Fill be subject to sievore penalt;es.
Persons or firms liable to pay any of the
pecial taxes named above must a pply to
-CASSCARPENTlRR 'olleolor of Internal
teVenue at Columbia, 8. C,, end pay for
ud procure the Special-Tax Stamp or
tiumps they tiect, prior'to May 1, 1876,
ud without further notice.
Commissisoner of internal Revenue.
(Boo of Internal Revenue,
.W asbington, D, C., Febrarary 1; 1876.
lech 1W-mn 18 30 a 20 27
tbutolis tt[epath, CJomnpoimd.
A purely Vegetable Compound, fi.
rom any poisonceus matter whatever
an be gIv vo with impunity to an infan
f chly a few h ours old for Coll-o -or
)erangeinebt cof th e Bowel.. This Comn
onund Will assist it aine lo resist the I.
nence of malari a, ad thereby )eser
ealtha, I.t 14 gb aran teed to curt tyspe
ehe,- Blous er Urahip Colic (a
speolally X'4in tet's 0 oliey, ' mnt all ollh
cdangetnents of the L iier, Kidneys, 8k
totaah anIl flowel. - Olve It a'' tria
id beoninoI.ed,&
Maufctt d y . L. KING &SO0NS8
tismbia, 8. (b, anid for sale by,
Di. W . ,Aa ken,:Agent.-also by Dr. J
Iollatf Wipsboro, 8. 0.
I3enty, Itro., & Soni.
AFe&,tae in t, -livety faioly buys
I&., It, Soloby geots. A4dress.G. ..
Walker, Er9, PA.
Dail to gdAns. Enew
artes' and tiho est Family
por In America with two $6.00 Chromos
frog. A. U. - M'FG Co,, 800 Broadway,
N. Y.
Samples to Agouts. Ladies'
E 6mbination Needle Book.
with ohromos. Send stamp.
.P. a. w Bedfird .\ass.
ACJENTS W ANTED fort the, best,
cheapest and fatcst vellirg Bible e.er
published. 'end for our extra teriis to
A gOntd. 'Netioisal lPublishing Co., Philn
-. 3~ouo0 women.$~ws.'o r
ndoV ualeaplspsro ularo
1ble 4ti no rlsk" A 6 eoubar
ut write at one on potaI
. 0E , , OrM s'r., VKW YOnX.
1000 Agenta Teacher, Stulents,
-mon and women. wanted to sell Ch.VT/NA
NA L GAZBTTRI 0F T1i U. S. shows
grand results of 100 years progress. A
.whole Library-Inoston Globe.-Not a
luxu ry but a necessity. twer-ocean.
Best Selling Book Publislied.--ood Pay.
Want Gen. A-t. In overy oily of 10,000.
Address, J. C. MicURD Y & CO. St.
Louis, Mo.
NO.10 of th e "100 choice Selections,'
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now contains'one thousand of the latest
and best things for Declnmations, lin1
morous Reoitat.ions, Family Readings eta.
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ties, and Lyceums. Also, "Excelsler
Dialogues," aned . "Model D)ialogues."
Circulars free, Get or your bookseller
or send prico to 1. Garret & Co., 708
Chestnut St. Phila. Wo make tbe cole.
bi ated Po nn Lciler Fook for copying let.
lers without I rees or water. Agents
~wJ ags
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
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Job nton 1llo way & Co., Philadelphia
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A handsome illustraled newsipper con
taining informaion for everybody. Tells
how und whore to secure a 1lome cheap.
It contains tthe new homestelti and tii
bor 'Laws with ot her interesting mat(er
found only in this paper.
It will only cost yo!t a Postal Card.
Now number for .pril just out.,
Addrcss, 0.F.. )AVIS.
Land Commissioner U. P. I.,
Omaha, Neb.
Wherever It 11 8 .We Tried
J U U3 .E B A.
has established itself as a perfect, regular
and sure reine ly for disorders of tIle
system arising from impr oper action of
the Liver and Bowels.
It Is not a Physic, but, by stimulating
the secretive organs, gently andi gradual.
ly remo' es all impurities, and regulates
the en: ire syst om1.
It Is not a Doctored Blitters, but is a
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lates (lhe appet ite for food necessa:-y to in.
vigorate e cweakone:J or inactive organs,
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the large and rapidly inucreasinzg sales
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$200 aznd oftin par. $4000t)( pvr(it pa
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I' Othostic Intell1igence.*
F I'IUTI will prevail--Facts are stubborn
Ithingsv and will,not hear denial--To see
must, be t o believe-Yn these days of pro.
grass, t am hfas become (lie gl'ent shotive
and labiot saving po~wer of the age in'l
indluftrIal - r d msanufactur.ing Pu it
and.depa buhents---Why should not every
family have.a Stoanm Washer.
The "iCclps.t Steam WYaher," 13 ilh
beat, it does not, Occupy the space of on
square fojt and is adaptable to any Sto
boiler or routnd po.t, in wvhich water ean be
boiledl ; and with it Oo woman can do
what. is ordinarily t'egarded a oay's Wash in
from two to three hoursq. A ohild, ttvelve
years old may, use it and (10 the work of a
grown wo nan in one half th ime n
gard (lhe labor of using It oly a, and irn
With it, weshing has ocased tobetits
or labori us, atnd tlIue Monday' as
ceased to be a (liy of confutsiont andI ar
ror, becautse with littlte or no labor two or
three hours sutloc t4 do a da' wasr
withuout Boeubbintg, wearing or tearin
slothee. bi enking bottons g-e. (
Time, labor, ioney, andc materIal all ar
preeos. Goonoiny is Wisdom and it s fruit,
health,won.lth and huapplness--.Lcok then t,
eonomy In washing, and save yobr Olothe
to wear foul' timtes as long as wvhen wash
ed by the hand1( and board, by buying and
usIng (lie Eclipse Steam Waher " ithic
combined witih that vei'y attr4oti~. n
unsurpass.d ''Furekca WYringer" oonati.
evr famil and washorrfoma ashol
and ean have It ; and no 'sensible washer
Woman wh. .has atiheart .the ine~t or,
he~r pairon. Will okposo its.use,. eeto
ThoB ol soIs siangle in o st.tton
and~ *111'*rt lith'e Uhe t or obast abrc
inore Bsatisinotorlly than by hand, In fr om
fifteen to twenty minutes. Prie bu fero
dollars-Wi ll b:for Rvale for a fewu do'&,
onge'r at B M. uUJNLEVY's
June A
Orateful Thousanms proclaim V
FGAn Brrms the, ,ostwqu4erlll I
vigorant that oVor sustatited 06 -9idhit
system. . l J )
No Person cafitako these BIttIWr#
according to directions, and romiali long
unwell, provided their bones are not del
stroyed by min&l 'Foisdn or othe
means, and vital organs wasted boyon
Bilous? lRemittent slid ito
mittent }overs, which are so prova.
lout in tho valloys of.our great 1I1 a7
throughout the United States,,epda .c
thoso of the Alississip)i, Ohio, Missouri,.
Illinois, Ten nesseo, Cumberland, Arkan
sas, Red, Colorado Brao Iti Gran0o,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobio, 4avainah, Ko.
anoko, James; and many' others, With
their vast tributaries, throughout our
entire country during the Summor and
Autumn, and remarkably so during e.
sons of unusual heat and diyflss,''6
Invariably acconipanlod by extensive do.
raigomonta of the stomach aud liver
and other abdominal viscera. In th6l;
treatmont, a purgativd, exerting 4 tow
orful influence upon these various of.
gaus, is essentially necessary, Therd
is no cathartic for t impur'poso equal t4
as they will speedily remove thOe dark.
colored viscid matter with' iyhifol thd
bowels are loaded, at the samo timb
stinalating the secretions- of the livo,
and generally restoring thd hoalthy
functions of the digestive orgalid..
Fortf'y the body against di69t
by purifying all its fluids with VINo.
MT'EIS. No epidemic can take hold
bf a system thus lbre-armed.
Dy-SIpSIa or Indigestion, lent
ache, Pam in the Shoulders, Coughs,
1lightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sonr
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in tho Mduth, Bilious Attacks. Palplta'
tation of the Heart, Inf14nination of th
Lun11gs, Pain1 in .th region of the kl-'
neys. dl a hundred otlhef painful symp.
toms are tho oll'springs of Dyspepsia.
One bottle will prove a betterguarantee
of Its merits than a lengthy advertise
Scrofala, or lingN Id1 Wio
Swollings, Uleors, Erysipulas; Swelled Neok
Goitro, Scrofulous inflammations Indolmnl
Inflammations, Mercurial Abil6tis,'J Ild
Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sof4 1ftos, ate.
In these, as in. all other qoustititilinal.Pa.
ensea, WaKna's Vi,mOAa Dirmas. have
shown their great curative powers in the
most obstinate and intractable cases;
For iflaimatory and Chrdild
Rlhienatisi, Gout, Bilious, Renit.
tent alid Intermittent Vevers, Diseases of
the lod, Liver, Kidneya and Badder,
theso Bitters have no cqual. Such Disease
are caused by Vitlated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases.-Porsons en
gaged it Paints and Minerals, such at
. Plun, bers, TyJ-setters, Gold-boators; and
Miners, as they advanceo in life, are subjea?
to paralysis of the Bowels. To guara
agamst this take a (so of WALIHa's ViNf.
EAh Drm1..s OcCnsi0IQly.
IFor Siin Diseases, Eruptions, Tot.
ter, S;altL- heum;, Blo tches, Spots, Pimples;
I%stuh..s, I lil., CniHmneies, Ring-wormus,
Seald- hond, Sore Eye; Erysijiul aw; [toh,
Scumfs, D)iscolorations of the Skin, ininr
and Ulseaise.i of the Skin of whatever inm0
or nature, are litdrally dug up and carried
out of' the sys;temi hn a short time by the 'ass
of' thae.w itters.
Pin, Ta'pe, and1 oiter IVornmi,
lurking in the sr'stom, of so many thou,aands,
are effect.ually iestroyedl and remoV~ed. bid
aystem .of mine(Itl, no veliilfuges, n. an-,
thtelminitics will free the $ysteml from woruth
like thexo Hitters.
For1 Feniale Complaints, ih yoirng
or old, married 4or sinaglo, at the dawn 'if wt..
pnanuhood, or the turn of le, these Tonic
hitters displa.y so decided an jnfluenco that
imprj)ov'ieen is soon perceptible,
Oleanse the Vitiated Blood who
ever you find its Impurit.ies bursting throngh
thme skim, im Pimples, Eruptions, or SoreR;
cleanse it when you findl It obstruoted andI
sluggish in the veins; eletinse it when~ it is
foul ;your feelings will tell you when. Kee i
the blood pure, and the healthb of the syteal
will follow.
11. rE. MDOiNALD A co,
Drug t ndGn A gts., aan Frahalseo, Caliohd4
and r. f Washi tonand Chmarto 8... N.
Sold by all I ruggIsts anit Don',aors I.
CIuarblot, Unl,iub in, & Augusta
Raiil ROad.
0o r.t un )p,ncebi 23, 1R7..
TRAIN---olo NohTHs.
Lento0 Augusta, at hao a n
'Cdlunmbia, 8. O-, 2 45 a 'a
'Winnsbeoro, 4.65 p m
Chester, 6.84 p ni
Arrive at, Charlotte, N. '0. . 9.00 g in"
'IAIN...o&Odo gouth.
Leave Glharlotto, N C. at. 5.f0 a inm
CJhest er, 11.2' m
. Clumbia g.52 p aIt
Arrive at. Augusta ' 8 05 p
JA. A NDEIt O N, Oeh'l Supt.
Gen. Passeger ?5a4 Ti cket Ag'nu
Consumption Cured,
To the Editor of the .Ns*.
Estcomed F?rlend
CfURE FOR 00NB20t?gtog -)
an al disorders. of-the-Throat and Lungs
h ave cured hun pr~o ~s~s'amI wil
for a Case it will not benefit. iJndeed,s
sit'ong Is thy faith, I l'scmj(l 'a se
pie ib-eed 'May . sa ddege0
rne. Please Lhow,thliltlete to y
vou inay Gtio'V ma'o .~5fera1sh'g dt~1,
hlseases, and oblige,
Faithfully Yours,
ipail 27..Am 69 Wun~St . ~ok

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