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\Vednesdoy Morning June 9 1875
The Beeoher 0ase Is coming to
h close, Porter and Evarts haVe Opo
ken for the defense and Beach will
olose for Tilton.
The Masons of New York last week
dedi,eated their new temple, the
tandsoiest edifoo in United States.
Twenty three thousand persons
were in the prooession. There are
ninety th6sand Master Masons in
New York and half a million in the
tJuited States.
The Grasshoppers are again visit,
Ing the West in millions, and threat
ening another famine. A day of
fasting and prayer has been ap.
pointed in Missouri for the purpose
of escaping this plague. An old gen.
tleman once esid that the Episcopal
Litany contained a prayer for every
thing except a snake-bite. A new
prayer should be introduced special.
ly to cover this and the grasshopper
The Ohio Republicans have nomi
hated ex Gov. Hays for Governor.
He defeated Pendloton several years
ago for Governor by 7,500 votes after
having previouuly beaten Thurman
for an office. He is sa*d to have a
fine record both as a warrior and a
itatosman. Gov. Allen will be re.
nomitnted by the democrats. The
elocton will be held in October.
Since the time of the election in
renusylvania has been changed to
November, Ohio is t'ho opening State
in the great campaign, and the con
test will be sovere, the advantage
resting with the democrats.
Ttea Cloud, Spotted Tfil, lotin4
tnkn-afraid-of-his hordes and other
Sioux braves are in Washington re
monstrating against the enoroch
Inent of the whiten upon their resor..
vation in the Black Hills. The ad
ministration will cho-t 'them out of
these lands and send them to the
Indian Territory. Then the Sioux
will begin to flght, and U. S. Troops
will massacre them. That has been
the history of all the conflicts be..
tweenthe whito and the red man.
Thie hio Iopublians hWve pro.
tounted against a third teri, at the
same time passing an empty vote
of t-hanks to G rant. Pennsylvania
and Ohio are thus pitted against
Bouth Carolina.
9'he New Y->rk Hierald reports
that theo tabrd term scheimers are ju
bilant over the Pennsylvania resolu
tion and Grant's letter. The.y say
Orant will now cottainly sore the
nomination, lie must have it again
as a further vindication of hFs ohar
fteter. We. wish Grant would be
renominated. He~ would be the
worst whipped presidential candi
date'tbat ever came before the peo..
TVhe papers through theo State are
beginning to call for the. prosecution
of the thieves who have plundered
the peopie so outragously. They
could not Sn i a better subjeot if they
searched thro'agh the whole diotiona
ry for one. Lot.thto entire press of
South Carolina with one accord .join
in a crusade, both against -the erimi
pals themselves and -against the
judioial officers who troglect or ye-.
fuse to bring them to trial. The
people have been enjoying a Barme
old. feast long enough. Thoir aps
petites must ho appeased with somes
thing substantial Moses, Parker,
Leslie, Nea gle. Joe Crews, Whipper)
Snmalls, Woodruff and Jones are all
,weet morsels. Will the Attorney.
General not give us a few for break
fast 1 We would remind him too,
that the first step in cooking a hare
is to -catch him. If he waits mee
songer'the hares will all get out of
'the way.
-1t is -rumored that L~eslie has
again deoamnped for the North to
svoto arrod't 'for epst 'misdeed.. We
'trust this is true.
Whipper has -ben sleeted to the
Legislature from Beealfort. And
yet the A itorney -General 'has taken
no stops to make him disgorge 4hat
-411,000 due the -State from 'tbe
-Sinking fund.
It Is said that A ttorneyaGeneril
'Melton will soon institute 'crimina'l
proceedings against Woodruff and
Jones, the Clerks of the Legislature
11a PAOstM 0 y
the botteti
SgRallp,4 bo e r o
claimt be e ,
last Session.
The polie of Columbia ore is a
mes over the (bet t s at m
foond in the..pilis Ofa thief
whn arrested. Testimony has
been taken, but the pi is still miss
What a nice time the radleal
thieves are nowhaviog,.MA theJ
dioial elections $ake plqpenea np*,
the Judges will send thelast oriMUnaa
remorselessly to the PenItentiary.
The Local Tax for Sihools.
It will be seen b* reference f
another column thit oto"e hai
been given to the sohool tradekij
the County of the regular .&quual
meetings in June. We trust that all
persons concerned will interest tbevi
selves in this matter. 'lMretotore
there has boon entirely too myo
apathy exhibited by .our people 'in
reference to these rhetinji. '
some districts the meetings have
gone by default, 'iia, ibould n
longer be the case. Citison. should
not only attend, but sbould vote for -
We have always believed the syo,
tom of free uducation to be an ad
mirable one, and two years ago, we us
od all our Influence in behalf of a loo
tax. The people generally favored
the idea, and in consequencoe, the
tax was levied in every district sav
one. But the defaloation in th
County Treasury prevented the pay
ing out of this money to teachers
and there are now in the bank, aboul
$6,000, claimed by the School Com
missioner, of which a large portion i
the proceeds from the local tax. 8
even in this case the money was not
Last year who the time for th<
annual meetings approached we were
not disposed to counsel any levyj
Moses was still governor, and rascali,
ty stalked abroad.. There was no
guarantee that an ignorant and core
rupt County Treasurer might 'not al
any moment be appointed, and fur.
thermdoe we did not feel authorized
to advise 'our readers to pay, v6lun.
tarily a single -dollar dirtraly. of' in.
direotly to a government that was
stealing from friends and foes alIke,
The people seemed to take a sivuilsi
view of the matter, and refuv6d, ex.
cept in four distrIats, to hvy the
tax. These distriats by tho way
were tho otly ones~ that Laa sobools
for any length ot time.
This year, however, many of the
objections are removed. Goy.
Chamberlain has thrown his influence
on the side of honesty. Frauds are
to a groat extent already checked,
and 'tire prespecot seems still te
lrighten-. We~ have a reliable Coun
t'y Treasure:S who tvill o'bey the law.
Tb. trustees are honest and capable,
Here is therefore every reason tu be.
lieve that any moneys raised by local
tax will be not only honestly but
judioiously ekpended,
Tho 'only gaostion remaining is
wheth"j swoh a tua is.5udtiousg. 4'e
ane will deny the necessity of educoa.
tion. We have freque'tely addttoed
arguments to show that. tre free
school system is the best and should
[or that reason be encourage%1
F~urther argument en this point is
unnecessary. The last question is
whether a local tax is needed. We
answer emphatically, Yes I There
are slx thousawd 'ehitdren in Fair.
Bold within the schoIastlo age. ~The
Btate apportionment for this Couhity
last year was $3,900, or a frao'tion
over fifty tents for each child. Rou
long will fifty Oents keop a 'child at
sohool ? In private sohoolsy from twe
to Wvo days in pabico schools, abowl
two week.. 9%mo ordney thes api
portioned is therefore thrown away
unless it be supplemented from dtheu
sources. A local tak is necessary,
For unless tire p'ubito schools are
maintaire, there will at tro edtrena
tion in the county worth mentioning.
There are pay schools in Witmnsbore
and in one or two othet toOaaNties.
Bunt throughomn the greatet portiom
of the County the tueighberhoMs are
unable to maintain pa~ geols. 1i
is a serious question whether the
children shall grow up ighora'ct and
vicious, or whether a tex shall be
levied for their benefit. lIven ii
taxation be already high, it is betteg
to pay one or two dollars more on a
thousand than to let ignoranee orse
the land. We trust that a localta
will be levied in every distriet,
ben. E~. P. Alexander, 'Presideni
and Acting Superintendent of the
8avatinaa 'wnd Memphis Ileilrog4
has.been .appointed -General Maniager~
of the Western lalroad of Alabassa
and hw. 'takn cArg.
Th t bing *hen thi
i90 a - ohool distrio
will e call .ao ider the.pro. 0
Pvit of vot tax for the
if any sohool distriot refuses to levy
a tax, it shall be 64ia i xnNIf. !9
.!Oing.any of the State appqrtion. ',
q Had ti 0i e p r
in but four districts in this County. V
bel eve th; in 'ltime they 1
,wil I supplaOt all other schools. u
Ph. dystemstbo til 1 e d'. t
Octiv81'sowlyW npr .9,o :iv
zedao'soley to 'mako, it a . sucess.
We trust that a local tax -will be M
levied in esoh diettiot. It is - tat t
thit the tages qre.already yoy bigi ,
;tR we a49 i 0.70ran,p of "t0 kt
Governor thathq.vjlk. v#tq, tie aq9
Osed qt the ,lost.ession,. and we .v
y teb to''ill be-aust,
aine, levy decreased. t
Sbotd4 thy i$ b. d'eprelied fr6ni
120to4omil, for 0tte purpeoe,j
t b6 eole 4uelwoI ffotd to .e a'
local tai ifat o'is 'Will *latid'i t
'alf. "'They shoOld4e*yAtli 'io -sho* e
that they do not objeot to, tiOt A
for prqpq,purposei. And v%y
one who.ses the ignoranoo pervading
the young of all classes1 wil sreo"
k .edbiatlon is a pro6br pirpO6.
In thIi conTieOtion we hav. a'u
gesiitt6 oFdr*whoh We hope 6ur i
exchanges '*i :ee a to submit 'to. I
the cititens of their reopeotive oun.
ties. Au Gov.4 Obamberlaiin y
poses to.veto the Jt'.billj .he 'eold
reeive the pupport of the. people.
The Union-flerald, we believe, sug
geuted that public meetings be held
over the State, calling on him to
Veto toa measure, This ii' iTptA.
ti0able at this timi t the , y
now'iiggest that such ,resolutions be
passed ateoa'h school district meet
ig throughout the State.. Coming 0
(r'om every section, and from the
people directly, they w41t have
great effect, not only on the Gover
nor who intends at any.rate to. veto
the bill; but ip% ihd'? egslatib
who'must re-*enaOka'iow'law.
Theresolution- should be of sme
what thefollowing forim.
lat. That the people are willing n
to-pay all taxen necessary for the
welfare of tha State, but no more.
2d. That t6 tai' lVy' ['Nsed," lisa
session was - exorbitaub. ) and. un
8d. That the Governor be request.
ed to loto the said bill,Mad . ay
otherof like import. f
4th. That the members of the Leg- tl
islaturo are .instructed to .AUStpin t h
veto, and frame'a new law, reduciog b
taxation within proper limits. a
Wo lelieve that auch nction 1iould sI
be productive of most benefial 51
results. We submit it to the ooaid-. 14
eration of the public. h
The Third Term.h
COssuar has at last spoken. The 0
Pennsylvania convention pronounced *'
sgainst the third tefim. -This act has
evoked a letter from President Grant,
a very oharactoristic letter, which says
just what has been sa'id by the Ptesi
dent before,---nothing. Hie did not
want the. first term, nor does he
wan.t thethird any more than the I
first. Yet he took the first when
offdred, and will take the thirdb
should ndbessity so re1julre.' 'Th's 'd
letter is unwotbhy 'the Ubief ,magip- Ib
irate of the rep'n'blie. la u' *
York'Herald calls it judioions. It.
is not judioious, but conte wptiblc.
What the peple require is a short
statement saying plainly' whether e
Grant Is aspiriog for a third t'rm or
sot,-and if that ould 'not lbe given,
fat better *ould it have beeni it a
Grant' had 'continued to kee'p lisa a
mouth shut. .4d'hefe is owre amu'sing il
thing In the letter. The president h
says he has h'ereiotore kept sileat
upon this question l/ocasse hi believ'. i,
ed it to be boneth,' his dtQnit.y to "
answer it "before, the subleci should lF
be presented by competnt anthori'ty ,
to make t. nomination or by a body
of sn'oh dignlg ands uthor'ity as not t
to make a reply. a fair subject of c
widiotl,.' tl
Now the o'dOssion'of this tettet is a
the adoption by 'the Stato republican "e
nominating oontentiou of P'enn.syl.' Ii
vania of a resolutioni d'onouing a U
tI frAt. Last y ea' a simnilat'
bdsdy in Sobaih Gajolina '*dopted 'the
* Reechtd, That In the di,tin ih
d4 soldier and stateunin' noir I the ri
h4kd of out nation we eecognie ~e ci
who impeaco, as *ell as in *ars pos-- N
.elses th~at sidelity ,.of ' purp6se and ei
in,tegrity of charateter so necessary ci
to Insure tamluilly: at borne, a'e p
aseoivabycd, ta the yermneney~ ~ 8
6b .good. and lotoaso gkiileb CI
whierhave beosse the d8rne*.~4fe ?a
of the great Republioan man'y to ie
whieb we belong. and r this ~s, b
rodg Ir) i to yd e or
f sid for hird rm,
n# dp 'to do , w shall re
'th ea 4 Sl h.
the w o oodntry o n ary
)r its prosperity."
Aoth resoldtions were ,aR by.
ouid thie V;fearjivsnia' Cohientltia
a called ihe flrst body haw-1g" dig.
Iity? a utority Ysu1490160t pro
t nt fUta . bedotgdg ridt Oi
>us!byreplyIlng,:;o - iWtj This .Js
e0y,on South 04rolina, especially
f Grant, at the time of the Iast,elCe
iv6", boasted th:t the only rep-lblibkn
iotory *os won io' a third t'w
tto WYiat does the I'resident
tean ? Is his letter an insinuendo
hat bilinort,who offAred- tho r-PiioOt.
Li was & dobody-? Does 'he: mean'
>Isult tio' republicVns of' 84uth
rolIa bY hintingthat their ,1
Paiion, composed of all the grand
tanjandrum of the -partyf wq a
eneath notice?
Th6 fa.t seems to be that Grant
.ould.t,Ake a thirdL term could ,l e
es it. - Il e'ha.a sense enough. to khow
6t ibe third tern 'must be appar.
tly thrust upon dm. We are-rol
iio'edof Markr ontrony a ration
vot the great-Coser,
IYou- all did, see, that ,o9th 9,hiporea
I tkrice presepted him . kingly opwn,
Whioh jie djd thrice o(use. 'Wa's this
And vet C*ar was inurdored after
ha} as the bt&ayer of his Coutitry'd
iberty. Lot.-Gvant take warning.
'WIXBnoIo, June 5, '175.
fr. E ditur :'"
A c9mm nioation received from
i,.D. .- Aikon, blaster of the
Late Grange, P. H., informs me that
o will' be -Id Winnsboro on Saturday
le 26th inst., and requesti the subor.
inatp Granges of the County, or as
laiy as can do sor to meet him there
a that day.
Grange -No 29,
The Petersburg Mine.
fr. JNitor,
In your.Tuesday's issue you make
iention of "the 'site of the Peters
urg miI#)jWkieh. exploded under
Iabone'd frigado during the war."
euse my curiosity, but I would
ke to know whetq t/hat mine was ?
-. IkQU'REIV.'
We'copied the article* referred to
y "Inquirer'' from an exehangle, but
died to. mention at the time that
ie brigade referrod to was not INa.
one's, but Evans'. South Carolina
ligade. MIshone reinforced Evans
bout noor{oi.tho day tho'unine was
>rung. Thtemine i.luilnated about
x hundred yards easnt of the Jerusa
urm plank rpad, and' due mile and a
ralf from P4tersburg, Va.
As to thB1'hIne that was fditil to Ni
ane's B3rifad we d'on't ht$w its b
ttion, blit. preeunto It is situated
mewhere'on the road to the New
erusalem. As we have never tray
eidtIian way, we refer Inqua'irer to
a e one else for Information.
Burnt to Death.
A colordu girl, living o06 Dr.~ I(ol.
r's plantation, aged about six
sars, was burnt to death last week.
lhe was playing in the fire' with a
room, which esught fire and imme
intely coo,municated the f.smea to
or clothing.. * Be(ore assistance
auld arrive,' she was so fatally burnt'
tat she died ins great -pai,._-Abbe.
i'lle Me.dinr.
Tho following communication is
ut from the News and 'courier of
be -5th 'iost-. Tt hoas p'me to the
nolvledge 'of'Go'vernor Chamberlain
bat some 'of the trial justioes are niot
takitig h'onet -returns. The
mounts reporteud in 'thtt papers or
bil'eity-, as turned over 'by themr,
are been so stuall that -they have at
'acted the attention of the go've'r.nor.'
he matter of those returns is 'to 'b6
'vestigated, and tho guilty offioials
til not only be decapitated but be
unijhed. Th'le following is the ex.
'act fronm the governor's letter on
e stubjet
~t has been repre.dent'od 'to 'me
uit som'e of the trial jusiticesi in you'r
:ty do not ture over to the county all
to ilues e., olheed, and the
mounts reported.in the pa.pers do
em very siall. Can you' fnd a& way
Iearning th4' flits abotat. this 1
le*e advise me, for I will deal san
artly' with any one who (ails in his
e& t. Yohtei troly
Governor of.Souih Jarolna.
Thle '$atrella, .'eqioad de psej
(erngo th ~ ~ h gt rbop .
erieo is too weato restrain raid.
~noot o'r will not keet Tnarandinug
irtes from passing into a 'friendly
ate augo 866nitti?fell kfrda of
io'hitiery it. oarinot 'woe - j a
ezico uet btfbg bble at a tinta
"prevea~ Iahr '"bad boys from'
terineg a f't*nAly 'Be.",
0 AT CASI id
GALVESTON, June 5.4 sVoo i
dispetobto the news from rowr.svlle
LPQairGoeneralsFuerotroeently,at:.%lon. Y
torey, is on his way to this frontier,
bMh,l ib toibavgopgrand. I k
rc6loo ude two egimenta of av
alry ~lIih orders to check raidingi
Sexa eneral Cortina posi. t
Myr te Ito.oybef ay ordpr di
reotly from him, aul will report in
persotit"thd City"of ,Al6xico. He
sa.yd he has re..ggned and is now a I
oliiien. HI4 friend B 'arc oirculating i
a petitinou to the Government to
l C.rLWi. reinil in :iutlioiity on the
lit1rnde. The aplrep"Ur e. of tho t
to t1p on thO R Grode e
pru'n,oea grat oxetonont aong.
the .eope on, thie lexican side.
141itst of .ranches above Ntatamo.
rae have,.o.rganized to resist itivasion, q
and. haie pioed ~ sentinels at the
6rossing of the river and roads. The
6attle droeirs are imuch' alarmed.
-'ome prominent citizens have gone
to Mataloras for security and pro. -
The committe of the Grand Jury
of Marion County report that ou
records are kept . in the Auditor's ,
offico, and the committee are,
therefore, unable to say whether
there are any irregul-mitlos in that 0
office or not. They report the
tre surer for not havibg made the -
monthly returns required by law.
Their'report on the County flnances
is tinintelligible, and a further in- k
Yestigation will be had. Tie County
-.Zffices, in every County, .hould be
investigated by skilful and trust
worthy men. In two-thirds of tha
counties there has been systenatio
fraud or frighiful extravagance,and if
thste stolen or wasted money oan't he
recovered, the public would, never
theles, like to see the delinquent
oflioials in liubo.-News & Courier.
May h!s been a month of horrors
as well as a month of flowers. The
wreck of the Sehiller on the English
coast takes the lead in the chapter of
disasters ; other--warine disasters of
lees extent are reoorded ; tLo great
fires in Pennsylvhnia add a painful
futerost to the story of sufforing and
distress ; the Boston explosion and
the Holyoke disater enrich it with,
horror, and now as the month closes
the aable tells a tali of earehquakes
in the EHS, inAOlVing the destrue
tion of 600 houses and the loss of at
least 161 lives.
Much.interest is being manifsted
in the anticipated re-union of the
Hampton Legion in this city, on the
21st prox.-tho fourteenth anniver
sary of the battle of Bull Run.
General T. M. Logan, now of Vir.
ginia, will deliver an oration on the
occasion. All data of rolls, records,
eugagements, deaths, &o., are debired
in order to the aompilati m of a his.
to-y of the command, and to this end
anyofficer or men in possossion of such
data, are requested to prepare and
report the same at the meeting i0di
Gen. Forrest, in accepting an invi
tatian to -partio'ipate in :he ceremo.
nies at the National cemetery at'
iemphull "I appreciate and am
enfl ympathy w-ith the spirit of
manly friendsbip a'd 'reconciliation
whiob prompted the recent inter.
change of so many asoldiory -esarrtesies
among those men who, 'Wit'h equal
courage, met so -often as foemen upon
the field of ba,ttle, and sincerly trust
that the time is not far in the future e
when the soldiers of the late war will
eense to rem)em ber the angry pasions
engendered by the bloody st.rnggle.
Between those who weore true to their
colors during the late war, there can
be no hate or hitte'ine,. Since all
have nQw one fleg anrd one country,
there ought to.be no estrangement or
aectional antagonismr." (hn Pillow,
in response to a similar invit;ation in
behalf of the MoIxican veterans, re- P
turns a cordial acceptaone.
The latest Boston lror'ror, to wit,
the murder of a brigh t little girl, five
years of age, in a Blaptist Church
where she had attended Sunday
School an hour before, and the find
ing of her mutilated body in the
steeple tower, is of a piceo with a
good many antecedent Boston hor
rors. Strange that such thingae should n,
be in a city so moral and enlightened. -
An elder'y lady, who with her
daughter, has just returned from a
rhther rapid journey through France
part df Germany, aud Italy was asked
the other day itf they had viii ed i
Ronte, and 'she replied in the nega.
tive-. '"LJe, ma, .yeai, we did," said
het daughter i "that was the ph oe
where ive bought the bhd stockings."
-An Intoxioated indian wams burned
in a Novado hut, and an aceeunt of
the mocident says that when the fire
reached his stomach it linge-rad there
omitting a steady blue flame until
about a quart of bad wlirskey had
The Washingtn Str says$ alugh'
in tha front of the Exeontiae mansion
there has bten rooently set out a
gotag palmetto tree, which, by its
?9t bgives evidefeo of ha'ving fair.
"lken root
r.mithers, how can yott sleep4l
Thle sun'hat~ been upthse two hours."
W.lb to afhehs ?' 'eaid Sinith
erb. AHe goes t4 bed at dark,
while I'm up t.ill after snldnght"
'Onions avo said to b the nuost
d~oleoone srig diet on.e can put
obon his billo are
A little# d'oy hreo ' ur
ears old,w PI bthol li
own and o do ory.4 'j$ub'
an up and:so 1 .
Wy ; thweni1 thP
Greenville boasts. of'a boy eight
ears of age who opi'ioltethe. wholo
horter catuohism of the Presbyterian
hurch correctly. . -
In this season of house.cleaninI
I not sal to sit down on the corpet
o aplay with the. 'baby. It U1:y
rolve h taok 4on yoir en animity.
Goodinaniders are aliiys 'inmired
y all personp 1 bad manners are, on
lie contrary, always despised.
The Pope attuined his 84th year (in
he 13th inst.
Admilstrattor's Notie.
LL parties indebted to Iho estate of
. .John McKeown,. dece-tsod. are to
ntestled to make jimn.i1sIt e npaim-tt, nun
i parties Ioldiig cliims in gainst (i
[.me, are requested it pieoent them I
lie undersigned at Blackvtock.
J e. ci.\mo,,
June 2-1m A mn'r.
lIIE best of drinks can always be
found at the Contennalat llr, tinder
he Winnsboro Hotel. Another .tesh lot
r fine Cigars and Tobacco just received.
lot of the best Whiskies, Brandle,
ines or overy description both forpign
eitd dogno.tic. All kindk of Arctic drinkm
an he had at shor notice. Ir3 ou would
ep coot call a t ho Cenennia I .A I.
S.F. Cooper.0
J(, He Flelefl & (Co
11 A Ar B
fust Reclved a Full Stock of
Lition Launs,
Cotton Lawns,
Chineio Lin<.n,
8wiss Aluslins,
Check Cambries,
Corded Jaceett.
White and
&c. &c
Clothing, Hfats, Mens lFurnishing
Goods, Cassimers, Cottonades
H osiery, G loves, T run ks,
Woodenm-ware, and
the beat ass->rt
ment of
erbrought to this market, all wichul
will be sold cheap for
N. B. A few ieces of damaged
obsq 'Goods at l14 and 16 2-3 cents
e'r 'yard.
W. H..Flenniken & Co.'
r I 17
1 iEl firir of CA I.DWEr,r [1110 & CO.
.. was this day dissolved by ie
vithdrnwal of .Jos. C. Cadllwell. 'Thi.
emnaluing l'art.ners will continue t..ie
muituss at a.hs old atand ut'er te fir'm
amo or CA LUWELI. & Co,
-1. A. ('ALDWEI)..
W. S. IA LL.
aid' ii bln'okstock Ei. C. ?tay 6 18~75.
4//uin 0
- 4.3''a
. -,... #4 8
Tiridi JUf4tIce.
OFFIm E RNits1R OF00UR'T I1d'J4e
IV'ZNNSI)O0R O, 8 (7.
SA&' AIineDsUsa; itt:tdsas(d. hitn'' will
receive prompt attentioni.
AO. 2 L A W 1 ANG1M,
D'. W. E, AnENj
.)1-,AIh1-:n IN
Drugs aid Nedicinest, Pilts, ,011
Ifew gmnnl -i7nrs jns. rc v -1 and
tbr itle. at I .C Drug Stur'e of
Jo'tle 3 W. li. .\ll l N.
A tu ron'us Oros.:
OTIC itt hereby givenl 1i1hnj .h1to %,lIli,.
L (of Ille Coltly A%%dli,Qr or P'tiifd1
colUiity at Winnshoo, wilt b0 op.mn in o.
cordl noe with itr fron tho 1. .lly of
.lineit) the 201t dity of- -,illy, IS7., 1to
'receive the r(PtIr,l.s anld oiake iu..a.41ems.
mHen'of lth poers>'Tll prooperly (of ?,lid
cootitly ingetlher with -ll Piolls i.et weo _
aind 60 years of ntw.
8olionl 10 of the Tax net,s nas am..1-be.i
reqmiirtIt that- e y ps>gqp r-qw.1d by
how Io list py 4opOItyl shnll . t11 ,111I)Inun t. I eli
tie Ist day of .1 n ,,.i e lt 0 o 2) ost'
JutolY, manke oil na 11dliver. il o
.\ilditor of t '' -'ofnIy inl wbi-ll timt
prelery isb ly w it, Le r'i'trol roor'
tnxain u(ttoln1. vverit--d o hi o,th
of ii! i he re:s t 1 Yt 1.0 hic h th .s heetl .otl
os 5sn sf e it sinte I s it li%stmentl or
p loperly foor' whichl het Wns re-pliOlsible,
id to wh an,111i M d of 11 ll h.! p141. soond pl l.
e4.1y pros ene bl lhoin irl tssder his coo
11ool ont lime 1st 4:1 y if .J1no of tt1t Yhot .r.
eilber-i (O I own r . ge t. patenli, lii-a - 1,
g tardialn, e 11.: il , Admint i:,ra'or. rt'ii.
te. recelver. .flicer. factor, lo!,14.r. andti.
all tsooinione, coini elo and1 CI.orporak.
lions required by law to 1s withli Iwh Vitt
Ihereof on sauid 1-i loy cof June. psot iliitg
ao-ording to the ruies proescribfd bv iaw*
All Per.sos1s wo fail to nt-ki- theirl r4toi1
Rind list thelir Pr,.0pi-rty withinl tho litilo
prescribed by 1 Y law. time penluity of' 5 por
Cenli. Whialtlh 1dl he enfoel
% . I L P I A o .
niy2 %rAuditor FailriL.h. Couit.y
m_y 26 &M
A udo'blo boraill l ue (.11m, Agtsxv
bu.L .'ioilde!-) re el 1mt1d fo mo'
IhunmldrIed te-l sot le.lo her h llse. in good
order. 'or furtiero pniculars mreos.
Cie F"irhe.aDep mo tet
rnnay 6 I mt Chst t.n ol'. C
N 'All let tf nice rprtng ('oiros
bes sodis aot thle ao ttn obl pr'ic's' A I.co a
ndols arrivasl or nicely tmre or'ted muillIiery
gon-ls, which, we gnta.'anteeoo to giv..o 5a Oi
f.ot ioni.
Doltble3 Titrbino Water Wlheel,
Zomnufarcd by
B II8hmore,o Dd.
ltwayit roebjo and tits.
ihiCtory. i
. ~ I'or ta ble & 6tutionry
Engines, Steam Boiler;
'SosW &O Orist illa, Dinso
n MechineryCaring
* or Cotton hills, Rlour
* rct 1 ht le e
AX..stpp'y .of [osdji. ntsf Gensis, kdl
Oloves, and 8ilk Para'osotls. y
sony W_IV. i lKN NIKisN '& CA
I.hty Bz'o., & 861i
.ooto-il 21
WVeak,-'Neroi o'i i)eb'iit ate
'yots so 5sIgtnid t any exertion
roosi'iresmos'e of anm effort lIon y0ou toot
m:nmpntie ot'n wge 9ir
T.hIosn try JUi'UtSEIA, time W,nki.rfn't
toninantd lnuigono'r, h'lioh n'catscosoie
l'iooliy ot thme siroeteit' 0 gnnr ais to~ imro
parmt utgor' to aill thme vital lorjesm.
.t ~ n n o ihlio Appe'izer, whtich
slimninotes for ni sho,"s ttmL.. ohy-t dtst
ot0l~saierr f.oil to -h Iowser delslh of' msieory
biut it is a vegetamble tonlic macting direct 3
Ott mlI liverm ansd spiur.
I 'gulates the lloivele, -quiests lime
tie'ves, ainod piv's souch sa ldamltby toml
to the.'hl sse not to -soo'n smnke the
invial id .eel like ti ne'w per'5slm,.
tebaralierCm.ed by gtien tt nlteW'io ;I ho
p)a1'tt e*Ptmenoeto ignIlo11dr/ tmmg.ti'
triioe rentrh, iUut,ogys.dniesly hmo tis lo
.And silent i~ 9ttalwany 00
h o e hn: untriedl titeoy
lom 's n mr~t~ og used with wfoli
r(loislieenbls, and l's ronou'hd ~ ,o'
lighest we' dioenI fla ioii e eos t
dM\verfuml sonic an.id alteraotivoe k'dn t,
~'work.et ,,sytER&C.
*11. Ii. LYLES,
Room No. 'E 8e,ondl Floot'
Corner ichar.4an:fd washington Street,
COLUMfl3A, s.6 -
S&' Will pr'aetle'o int }airntold,
mesr 9-1m '

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