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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, June 09, 1875, Image 3

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kw- A ip, not r4sponsIble fohe'onb
'Cs of oftAspondpd. ts.,
nwoations "to this ofdl
6wi t '60 fees unless - asoonpanled
by the real - IC Qf the .writpi .,
- An 4 il Id the hatUg
knowledgeo y tilrodvdtnitO1 .at.ep
eourring in 'h.i1 niAghbor)tittfi ed* er
a favor by furfilm1i iaufO.1ti, I tlda'
Local Notces 'will be in a IJ
(except by'special contract) at the
following rates.
For ten lIne and- undor....$2.90
For each p. ditpnal 110..-.110.
Millinery-J. H1. Brown.
Fine Jewelry-Connor & Uhandler.
Read the advertisements of Df.W.
E. Aiken in this morning's paper.
Tho Corhet Band gave a delight
ful serenade on Tuesday night.
We will wager our bat that this
granger raises his own corn, oats and
bay, as all good farmers should do.
BEANs.-Mr. Joe. C. Squier will
please accept our thanks for a mess of
fine snap beans. Johnny knows how
to raise vegetables as well as how to
sell calioo.
Be careful about fire. Had not the
fire in Gooding shop been so quickly
discovered, one half the town might
have been destroyed.
A fresh supply of hand-made
Biots and Shoes late.st styles, jnt
received at L-ndcker & C's. shoe
house. These goods are warranted
to give satisfaction.
Yesterday was sale lay. But sale
day in the summer when the grnss
is growing and the weather auspicio's
for working is of no serviceto him
who seatoleth for local,iton.s.
Maj. Woodward's mill pond is be#
coming quite a resort about this town
for bothers. All those who haven't
money enough to visit the celebrated
watering P!aceO, resort to this pond.
The St. Louis Democrat and the
Atlanta News have tuspended. We
j resume their subscribers like some
other people we know, have<not )et
sold cotton.
Mr. G. C. Bacot has shown us sev
eral cotton plants, a speeimen of a
crop on twenty five acres. of new
ground. The cotton is six or seven
inches high and already contains
fo ins.-1'
The oeneficial effects of t,he Build
ing and Loan Association can already
1)e seen. Mr. Obear has greatly im
provedl the appearance of his resi
dence, and Commissioner .Tacobs has
erected several small houses for
Tlhe handsome residenos of Mr.
T. Rosa R oberteon on Congress street
is fast approaching completion. It
will be when finishled a great im-.
provement to that portion of town.
Judge Neil is also remodeling his
residence on Vanderbost street which
will be a great improvement in his
Rev. Mr. Perry officiated at the
Presbyterian Churoh Sunday. We
regret to learn that Mr. Chichostor,
fvho has been aibsent some time in the
.3orth for tie'benefit of his lie .Ith, is
tot improving. 'ie'is-greatly missed
by his congregation, whIb-have granted
'him four msoriils'furlob;/h.
Col. Jas. 11. Rion h'as 'irough't to
'our oilice antther speclihen of kidei'rie
-grown on his lot. Th'e Lucerrde
was plantted cm the-5th 'September,
1874, anAl has been out dow'fl boce.
This spooeimen is of the icon<d growth
and is orly -;/ly (5)) ai1che H1ig7h. Ex.
changes pleiase pass around.
We retnrn thansks to Chd'ets d. M\.
antzler An.d W. D. 1Iratton for
an invitatio~n to attehd the com.
muencemnent exercis'es of the euro'.
institution, in bharge of CeI. Thomss
completes its secomld ibai under flat
toring auspicesi aud wb wish it con.
tinued sub ess.
Scuooh~ FiNDni4--I'0 ILa1iy Io
he able to state that Col. Rion has
bucceeded; by nonsent of the Attor
ney General and thb State Trealurer
in having $2204: 27T df the sbhool
fubd n6w looked up in the Wlnbeboro
Nlational Bank penditig att appeal,
f-aleased and ttned over to the
Couiity Tf-easurer fdr dhbuftemetit.
Mr. Braest, N. Taylor. of the
Gh 1il0 N4*948 *ilting WIA*-s
b p o. T h e News is a n%*
loirnal of great vigor, and a
6hagh* we oduoasionally differ id
poUties,we always welcome.6 i to
Ot atiotum, We hope i, will meet
h'0 success It deso,ves. The Ntws
Il getting up a mattinoth isrie) and
Atjiness non will dnd it in advan
i6go to insett an advettlement&
Frul -Yriday mot-nibg ibout two
'olook P-olkieman Jdakins disoov*
ad&r. A. F. Gooding's bla'k4uith
%hos to be on Are. He promptly anA
nounced the alarhi and both the
Engine ah&1bok and Liddbr Com.
panies were quiokly on the spot but
rortunately had no work to do.- The
fire was vory small when dieeoered
miad was extinguished *ithout the aid
of the Greuiet.
A correspondent of the New York
rribune writing from Columbia, as.
'ePts that the Attorney General is
working against the Governor. Whyis
his thus I During tli campaign, the
former was, no to speak, the gover.,
nor's bottleholder. Can it be that
since the gov6tnor Is fulfillitig the
pledges made for him by theAttorney
Jeneral, that the Attorney General.
riuarrels with him 1
A(lorable Angeli-Why Mr
nhere did you buy that lovely scarf
Enruptured Swaih.-'A-, Fienni.
ken, Molaster and Ghaillard's estub
lishnient on the corner.
A. A.-Well those young gbntle..
eno have exquisite taste I and they
ire so accommodating too. You
must buy some more searfe from
E. ..-My dear, If I were to buy
kil the beautiful soarfs they have I
wouldn't have any change left to pay
for giases at the ,owling alley,
and then I couldn't come and hand
balls for you to mnake those charming
strikes. 13ut I'll tell all the other
rellows to go round to Flennikot0d..
Saturday morning as a colored
man wds driving into town in a two
atile wagon, the mules became
frigitonid and ran away. They
ware getting past control wheii ii rs
11. 0 Itobertson who had jujit return
od froth making strikes at the bewla
ing alley, rushed to the rtsoue, and
seizing on of tle mules by the bridle)
forced the team upon the pavement,
where they stopped vithout doing
any damage. Mr. Robertson's hero.
in exeited the -admiration of the
colored John, and the latter. in spa Ik
ing of thu occurrence, remarked th at
he "wantedto know that young man."
Although this is the workinig seas
on, the trial justices dourte are full.
A petty case brings in tw~o prinei'
pale, several witnesses and a doze:n
.ym:pathse~rs and lookers on and the
consequence is that while a few col.
lairs may beogained for one party,
the loss entailed upon the opfs ii
f.ar greater. We havd hoard of
several instances ie whicn plough and
hoe hands have been compelled to
leave their work 'and eomne several
miles to attend a trial. The law
against malicious prosecutions should
be enforced, and a law should be etn
acted to prevent brivalous prosed.i
tions as well.
PUGoI.u8Ti ElEjaci E.--Four col.it
ored women of our town had quite an
interesting little skirniish naar the
express office last Monday night. It
seems that Sarah Johnson, Mary
WeTst and Bettie Yongue had- some
animsosity against one Sa rah Stravi
gans and on Monday bight muet Stravi
gans and gave her a paolnding. 8b~e
not being satisfied with the treet
ment she had reediv$d at the hands of
these women, brodigbt them before
ldorman Gerig Tuesday ,r.orning.
Mr Gerig .rs3primanld them se
*erely and turned thena loose. Stravi
ga'nb st'ill being dishatisfieSl, broughat
th'6 ease b'etore"Fist'J3ustlieu Mackey
Wednesday. Mrh. Mackey- after
bearing~ the oddne, lned Sadrah
Johatson $7; M.a3 We*t $$; Ab'd
Btittlei Yonguo $3.
OohsWterable InbeteAt I in tnit'd
over the tiuostion whothet- or not thki
Clbrk bf the Coiirlshalt dt-dhir an eleec
olidh. , 'hb. agt of 184 9 g0j9.o
spiebialip fot such ulection, and fdI
4devised Stattitbe. have te.enaabtbd
tftat law in somewhat niodified tbrms,
*8bme pJarties have oxprest#d a doubt
wh#lethaer the olerk now has power
td ordet an blehtion; andl Capt. Clog.
nby has wi-ltten to the .Attorneys
General for Ils:opiidot ott ethis gOesi
tion. Kersahaw baa eleted -a oheriff
and an elbotion has beoeh brdered'i
dheAter. It annes to bneh the duty
of the Olork to a4t ppon the low 1a
dbwh and t9 qrde1,e,egciq1
then ifthe abt.be aoemed us utori
ed,.Judibial. r'ooeddingi to b.Au
to prevent bibIon;. Tb t's*et
to be the best way of settliog ti
We had the Pileast of a ?Iit iti
week from Rev. A. J. Witherspoo
who is visiting South Oarolin6 aft
an absence of many years in i
West. He is engaged In the misolo
ary work of Dr. PAlware's church
in New Orleans, but Is on leave
ab-ence for the purpose of rptro4u
Ing the Life of Dr. Thornwell, a no
work just co6bpl(tOd'.'by. Dt. 'Jale
He - Is engaged -q i .bQe of 10!
wi-1out resA'u4iktQ0O1a,.tA e 4 y8.
eeds of -the. sale: of Ithis-book, are f
the benoft of his sipter, the widow
the lamented subject of the
This book is not a Mere blograph
of Dr. Thornwell, but contais
general history of the times iu whi<
he lived, and diseussia the edubi
tional, ecolesiastical and, politio:
movewents of the day. Ein ,natin
from the brain of Dr. Palmer and el
riohed with gems of thought froi
Dr. Thornwell, the two leadim
divines of the South, this volum
cannot fall to be of interest to eve
the general reader. The book
octavo, cotat.ins 600 puges anl
sold by subscription at $1.00. TI
subscription lists are already large
We received Sunday by inail
package which we thought from i
size must contain the Chicago Inte
ocean or a quadruple sheet of it
New York Herald. It proved bov
ever to be a twenty page issue of oi
wide awake contemporary, the Gree
villa News. It is ebock full of go<
reading and mammoth advertim
tuents that speak well for the pap
itself and for the prosperity
Greenville. This is the bigge
enterprisein the way of South Uar
lina Journalism we have ever seen
and it should result to the advantal
of Col. SpoIghts.
By the way, the News contained i
editorial on "the polition I situatidl
in this state, taking ad its text
sentonco which it attributed to ti
N6w Era. The sentence is as fo
lows, "tu the meantime we trust th
the (Groeuville) News and the Cox
otitutiounlist will be persuaded n
to form a dethooratio party in th
State. We-expect quietly to fall
with that grand old party in Nationt
polities, but in state polities we pr
poi-e to paddle our own onnoe." A
the News attacks this proposition, y
must remnove all responsibility for
from the New EtaLiIt first appear<
in the Winnsboro News, and wi
honored with an insertion in ti
New Era. The Winneboro Net
must therefote take up the. cudge
in defeneoe of its prodigal offsprin
and Inay on some future ocosasi
add uee arguments in defence of ti
position .assumed in the editori
referred tos
Notice to School Trstees.
Or tib E or Soctoo CoMMsaNa,
I3 an act approved i\[arch 6th 187
it. is providIed thiat AIn 4nnutal met
tag of each school diettiot shall be held i
thme last Saturday in June of eaeh year
12 o'clock M. itotice of 'he (titie a,
place being given by the elork 6f ti
board of Trustees by posting written
printed noiic-s in the puiblic places of il
distr'ict at least ten day. before th. mot
ing/'E It aho providea that at such mee
lng the inhtabitus qualified to 'vote at
sotbl election lawfully assembled slhe
hayv, power t o appoint a chairian. to a
journ fromn timo to time, 'and to chioose
clerk ; siho shall possess the quialtnn
of a voter andi to raise by d tax in additih
to the sns apportioned by the StAte lh
schools, further settns of money not e
ceeding three dollare for er ery child In tl
district between thd nges of ui:n and at
teen, sanill ehim to be collected by t'
County TreaBsirer, sibj Jol to the araler
the trustees, contorsignedi by the Comumi
saoner. to be used as shiall be agre
upon at the meeting, either for salarIes
to:tohers or for the erection or repa ire
school buildin'ge, by paymient of lawi
.lobts, together *lth othet powers as w
bsen on %fohliios to the aet Above tug
V'on are therefore instrhhled to a
nouince sUeh mneettigs In -ydder.respei
disiotet on Saitrdtly the 28th Julie
12 Mi. at sucoh plaoeA es ehall be agre.
up'on by t he respretlIre boards of trjutei
T'he clerks of tile rq1spective bdards w
anl lily oflee fdr links and instri
W. .0.4AWFORD,
june 8 f8 15 ii 16 School Commissioni
8d0t1idS$(JIL TO d. 1R. Tid Pdd4,
Tt nneVd, C it rides tuic Leatilel- bial
rjltE ali'e naflod firi *oilkt es
e" spedial attedtion to Boot and Sh
Manufacturers and fltness Maker. 1
winl sell pi:eV oak4dha(ed Abih,st.s
for light and heavy.purposes, as low
a y house In the trade at whjolesal,
oQ3i s un e~me4
." PUbr w t .Ub know
isbef he spake, I4 ! experion6e, ond
It 11*311k, wbuld apox 39 same tb Aloo.
S Exitanta-, 4ert(6d sb Coroalls.
is one T6l11o and A11spative in
es 4 4.p-the best the *orld 1a ever
kni-o-whleh oontalts a . aloohol. It is
De, Wker's Californla negsw Bitter.
.,#to R011*t101 deh Paessaasti er
-I'- PAAT.--Keep yoVr money at bose.
v Do uet send away for apythleg which you
.ob Obtal as 1 ehere as elsewhere. We
do not advoeste paying $5 for-that which
U you enn buy abroad for even $4 90, but
when you ash buy your Blank Books of
the bodt grado. at prices as low as New
York. then, send to Walker, Evans &
Cogswell. Ch16s lesitn S. C., and purehuse
wwhat you neO. All their Blank Dook4 are
Sni ade in Charleston, aid your eneouragI.
, ioonj will sustain a worthy nauutafturlu
Ar. J. Walker% CaUft a t
>f gar Ditters i1'e n getable
preparation, mado chefly fom too na.
tive herbs found ot the lower ranges of
t4o Marra Nevada mountains of Calfor
Shia, th'6 Uecinal proporties of which '
arc extracted theronin without the use
a of. Alo.ohol. .. The uostion is almost e*
h k1aIly asked, 'Whit is the cause of the F
Iikparilleled success of VINEGAR IIT
Txts?" Our answer Is, at tho romove oh
the cause of deaftse, Rth patient re- L
x6rers his healths They are the grat Ni
blood.urifi and a life-giving prinolple, si
n perivct Renovator and Invi 1rator F%
u of the system. ,.Nover befbft in the w,
history of the world. has a m i n iona
tof o nlded s*s'. th'e ' trkable
1V o . f 111"'ias In healingthe
srok every ds an is beir to. They
are A gontlo Pur&tive as well s a Tonis,
is relieving Conge$ 0 or Inltnuation or
the Liver and Vls4rt: Orgas, In Dilioub
I1 Disease-.
e Th6bpfies of i. WA.ak
TIMMARBrmasaroAporient, Disoretik
Carusinare, Nutritious, Laxativ Dureti,
Podativo, Counter-Irritant, Sudorile, Alteft
tire. and Anti-Billour.
It. It. bKODONAL.D d& CO.,.
SDrug0st ad Gen.AgU.. " Frnoon orftwndt
ad our. of Washuno and Chs n&. ..
r. Sold by at rMggst aS.
Car Load White dorn.
1 Calr Load Flour-all grades,
1 Car Load Bolted Meal.
White and Smoked Bacon and
Rio and Java Coffee--"green
10 and roasted."J
New Orleans and. CoM.non
e Syrups.
All rades of SUCAR.
.Lard i bbis., hal:-bbls, Kegs
and cans.
Genuine Durham Smoking To
0 april 10
& P
d0 imtmngrfrs
a j)
A Full Corps of A ble Professors.
n Cmlo outfit of A eins, Apparatus,
.t Etc., for thorough moittil and plysical
d t.raiing. Location noted for hesthltti.
e neas. and possessing Rialiroad and Tele.
r gratphto f,oilitlee. A'or Illustrated Cat.
e logde apply to Principal.
.june 1-.1m
ofS'1IUSiMd 5ilr CARD'-CASPB
june 5
TNSD1I your properiy 14 either of lh e
.,. following companies via:
ce Tile IJivbrpooi and ILondont atso OIobV:
Ve The IIomie lnsuradli Cd. # f.e Yett,
Vll The Franklfie *i *1 Piadelpbls. -di
as The Auths, " ' hart*npd Cone. ~j
4 Parties wishing to insure their ,propeor. ,d<
*y detrilg" ny absenno will please'a apply
.*-6 WV. N. Chandler..,
. .; pvanll 17.1m .J1A. WIf. LA.AE AganL.
-AND te
'oT3 and 1iHtk8, beltAmee'
Pboye' 111dy.lib de Closta, a
1. slawls, torpets a M Ritloaetb
,hs .wa aw-4 Plaid Hemespisse
es, -4 pool 0 ev fall, M,ines 08aihasbe
annoote, silkh news for padies, New 0
tOCIIIkIII01, P411r lee UM111011
&ted shift tud$, la1tial 116dk
lore Iomrneghti: dw). 0e01eboe
non sad milk 1111dkerehl off, tew all
ables, Beeded .Drse so IOn , JIlac
lk Pets. A Fleesesorm aet e Towel
In 4*s6IseM t er Creokery and Otam
ire Fuey Chine Caps avd -amster
DI"It 'Alraeas *ad Wk to allgave" 0
*loe smake.
Blot ieaotrtr4 SkIroe sad ld F 1 deys
k,ay f these artiette are dese64e ft
ad -willM dbold at
Withers.4 Dwight,
Trg ava amm..r 1GOOD 1 mau
CALL ANflste,
ethern Life Insudaces Coi,
LAgentseand et.outive ofltsers o
phi Caroline Depaertment of tho bouat h
a Lire Inenrance Cionsy have np
uted t sfolloering named gentlemaen
eero, Eft ujive VotitkitledTute
tho ei Ft d Auslliary Bloard, South
faife Insurance Company.
BA MU B4.1. CLdWNEY, Preatl.
IEON ,MoMtASTSt, Vlet-Pheidgfla
AM. D~ AW, #eoret1r'
306. JAS. II. RidN, AI;ormey.
hoer, .~ A. While.
.ItI. *b!Wtaster, D.). Fleae 'ebn, I
d ei. S 4. Ot loene ..'
.EdrIAe *.age.A ris P Eidos
8. Jl ap1. 1': ft. fi,inik&, Sam
lh':;t., I. 4. Bierds, 1t. M. utvs1.
fiL 6. 3D b OO
t3OR'S W'IItAf, d~ik*I t,fO W
IB3$fAL .dtilbE. tal upott 7e
os to (KWf Ba 08tliste, e throng
.lr earreapodents'ta ,iverp.olt Wei
irk and. Baltisore,
2Q". idelieule. 4ttent(i ph il '}}dole
74rnd- (ottoa e
The Bypiptins of .,ver cotplaint aroun
tho%in Is. In tbo allooIder, and is uiftak
e4 lith the loss of & 4iVt a6d sloknesi,
teritif *1'b let. Th h6Ld is troubl6d *
1lderable lii614 of netdoryWodia4dJ.i,t
somthit *h.ta ought tW 1Ave b6e done.
%ad low spirits. Sometimes hany of the '
very few of thea but the liver Im g6'neral
to .irAt1V6d W to VontAin a singI6
pirtIel6 of stercut , ci aty lojurious
mineral substance, ut li
containing thobet8itherl roots and IeVe
which an allwime libvidenoe ha9 placed
Sin vountrioi Whee %,ver bieas6s nst
prevail. it will oue all'aiseases'6ntsd
UY derangemeuts of th6 Liver And Dow
Simmons Liver Regulator, or Mod6i1e-,
o einuntly a family medicife, and by
being kept ready for inmediate reSort will
fave 0n a hour ofoufferIng and -hnuy
iia dollar ?a tie,e and dootors' bills.
.kfter over Forty Y ears tria itse AIIl
reoeiving the most unqiaillhe'd 'fosti.
moniss tolt virtues from persons 6r tih o
highet o6b(taler and respontibility.
F.mient pilysicians commend It as the
Efer6tua1 KOeOi&
for eniumpti an, livadaohe. PtiTh to t'ho
shoulders. Dissiliesit, 13our Stodn'oh, bad
taste iN'the Incruth, 1illIOus attaoks, Pal
pitation -of the liba-rt, Pain in the regions
of the -Kidey'i despondenoy. gloom and
forebodit'g 11 evil, all of whitch 're the
ofirfringifa diseased Liter,
For byte'iB or Inaigeitbn.
Armqd with this antidote all climates aid
ehahges'Of wator'and food may be faced
witti'ut O. . As -it e'iddy in Malarious
Fevers, oWel Com'painte, r''lessness.
Jaundice, Nausea,
It IN the aheopest. purest and (0i 'ljogt.
Tomilly MedIbIe 'in tife wbrid
Buy n t8pfdeis'or Prepared Simmdiha L'ver
ReolatoriWaeBs 1 otr etgrarek wrap
per with Trade mari, stamp t a rki.f4ce
usbroken. Xone ether Is goltiAno.
- oon, 0i., aid PhiIadelViW.
rol BAM It At V*GGisV8.
For all diseases of the Livr8tomah and
* ipleen. As a- remedy in
Maiaridus Fevers, Dowel Corhplafft*,
- Dyspo'dia, I! ntal Dlepreson loest&
Re n'eidr. JA(Indico, 1,atid'ea, Sick
S adehe, .Colic, Constipk
lion shil Uilhiouisness.
sEe is sO, Cg
&T aboo9
tesinassawl pin InI the side., 8omotii
on for -heaniat.lesm. Th6 slatan6h Is aITeo
bowols in general oostive, fltootinomes
ith pain, and dull, heay s)nttIOnS co
Sp-inful sentat.ioi of iaVing loft, undone
nanihinino of weakness, debility
iy the orgal most involvea.
"I NVe never seen or tried sYah a
simple offiOacious. Atibtaolory ad pleas
ant remody in my life."-ft. Ilaines, S9%
Loutis, Mo.
Hoh. Alex. A. 6te'hole.
lit Oboaslonally use, hen my oonatidof
requires it, 1r. Simtions' LIer Regulaa
Ior with good ceffct.1"-l1ou. Alex. til.
Gotrnki of Alaba,-w
'-Yokir Regulator has been In 0s6 in fn
family for sorto tim6, and I am pursuadeA
it is a valuable additlob to tho inedial
soienoe."--Gov. 1. Gill 8 iorter, Ala.
"I have used the l(eg(l1'toi in my f4ml
ly ror the .past seveft.en year. I can
Vafoly re6onimmnc ift to tho '*01+ as the
begL 'medicine I have ever tved for that
ola ss 'or disennes it porpotl to 'uro."_
Preefdont Oity Bulk.
"Sirnmons' Liver Regulator has pr6'red
a good and oificacious redioino."-C. A.
N utting-. i g i Ot o.
"Wo have been noquainttea ivith )Dr
SiMmons' Liver Mcllo.ito for more thaft
twehty ye&'rs, alid khow it to be the boat
TIver Regulator offered to the public."
M. R."ty, and I. L. 'Lyon, 11allefontaine
"I avs o'at'bd by Simm6ias' Llvdr Ragst
lal or, after having sutfored several yoara
w'ith Chills and- Po*vor-"ft. -P. Anderson
Thb 1b-gt.
'"I iavb'ldan *t dyspetio for" yrt ; be
gan the Regulator two years jg-; it ha
noted like a charm in my casb."-Rev. J
U, Holmes.
" 'have given y-our, medicine t
thoroigh trial, Ad ih no case has it failed
'6 give katst1olion."-EllU Meaoham,
ChtlIahoochee, Fla.
.Sheriff Bibb County.
"I lik*e usged your Rtegulsa or wvith o3
desful effect in Billious Colio and Dys
'popia& It iq -an eloellent, remedy and
'ortain a public blessing."-C. Mastor%
don, BI13 Cbunty 'Ca,
My Wife.
'iv W 'nd self have ined the Regu.
li,i -t . y eirp. noid testify to Its groat
irtuos "--tev. 'J. Folder, Perry Ga.
"I think Simmons Liver Regulator on6
of the best medicines ever naQe for the
Liver. My wife and many ot-hors, have
used It with wondolful offoet."r-H. K
Blarks, Albany, On.
R'Ahnye used the Regulptbr lb my famia
'ly, kiso in moy regutlar practice, and have
four,d it a nhost valtnable and satisfactory
idiotne, and believe if'it, was used by
-o professibn it would be ci horvico i4
thany eases. I khow 'very much of
'mpotiont- paris, and certify its medi..
lfgg, M. DP., M'adeb, Ga.
rdecker de COs
Till' IIRt fre Test.
Warranted 1100 Se ,Lv n)ofonjn,..
AND IT WIli Coal ol and
It, b'urn 5;. Try if. Ask
1terose e6rit1y," and fake ne'
for "Ala oter.
. -Lomb'ard .st.: Baitimore,
'nglish Breakfnst~TRiA
1NPOWIuen Toa, .Youuq llson yei
dl get a samuple. For nila by
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