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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, June 09, 1875, Image 4

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the Fairfleld Herald
011la4L Directory of' Fairfioltd
MiAToR-MoSeb AlfrLin.
1PE11'STATiVEV-Joloph 'Tihompson
1ohn libion, .101 Copes.
I. W. DuvAIl-SlorifT.
da"I'l. D, Clownoy-0rk Of (i1o 'ourt
J. J. Neil-.Judgoeof Probait.
Wy. D Peako-Coftnty Auditor.
W. Al. Nelson-Coumty Tretasurer.
W. J. Crawf'ord-4ciouol Comitmissioner,
Rt. F. Marin-u-Jury Coinmission..r.
COVNTY 0oM.11i.1oN..s--J.. it. Ilarvoy,
llery Jacob, Carter Beaty.
11. N. Oboat- U. S. Commissioner.
NOTARIES Puni,--M. C. iobe'ts:C-M, .1.
Q, Davis, 11. N. Obear, 1). 13. Kirland.
, Jf. v VMS -A. .. Mackey. W... A
Ailen, SilaH W. Itin'
.A Colman, Thsma Walker
T. It. Robertson.
PAID UP $76.00).
W. I. Itobertson, President.
Geo. 11. Al1laster, Vice-l'resident.
S&m'l, It. Clowney, Cashier.
Al. C. Robortson. 'I ofler,
W. R. Robertson, lif. L. Iliott, Jamm
Aeaty, George If. MuNlasier, 1). It. -flen
liken, Jas. 11. NICanta, .1ns. If. 111i , JAI
A. Brico, A. 8. )ouglass, Col. Wiliie
ohnston, of Chariie, N 0.
Pierre Iaooe-lutoat.
\vAtDhNS--. Oerig. J. A. Fraser, W
Ii. Nelson, J. 1). McCarloy.
0. II. Mclaster-'r.icieu..
james M.in m-'ice- l'resideit.
D. It. Flenniken Sect. and Treas.
11. N. Obvar, Attorney ;
Direalors-,ias. A. IMice. Faii'l. 1
Clowicy, 0. .\. While, I. N. Wit hir. J
M. Gallowiy, F. Eldvr, '. Ii. Mdai
IV. 11. -'luintikvi, J. 8. CoTnnor.
CI1n i:iP or i'O,101o -'T. .1. {[, Murphy.
Soltiion of it Myslery-Casper lliitisei
The mystary of tIto mystwiotts i,
dividual, Cavpcr Ilauser, has puzzle
the CntireC world. The fato of ti
unfortunato youth ati one tiimo creat
ed nore exeiteinuiIit and oager cur
osity throughout 1uropo than in
event of tho plesent century. A
Ohough his tino paren1tago andl th
Iilaies of thoso thruligh whose inlstiu
mentality Ito was- cInmsigned to hi
bloody grave havo bein establishet
Ailmist beyoud a doubt, a drend 0
thU o01Ninl01C1an of dip.-JlaICillg 1
aitiny illustrious prCsonliagus la
hitherto provotituilthe affair hoil'
i'tud with th.t rcgard for faut
which alunu coul ;olcit Lhe complot
truth. in a t ragne ianlier th
Ilytitery was t.Ived :
On the evoling of the 26th Ma)
8 , a cfsitil aIs.,en-.er Ibrough ti
titrots of Nuremberg 11.0t a yuut
about lift.on olr iixtoonl yours of jg.o
Whose sigular sippearanuo at - o:,o
arrooted hik attention. Althong*
stroigly built Io seemed tearceI
ablo to no his li,ubs, whilo hIis, cye
woro hardly strong eluglh to boa
the dim twilight of the lato summllilo
eye. In lis anmd he held a lotte
addressed to a well kn-ow. citizo
wich h ptresenited to ever2y pass~er
by w'.itht an1 i umeaninig stare,.\ Whe
'cond ucteod to the hou.o ofit the por soi
to whiom ho aippoated0( to bo d irct ed
hie was offerod f'ood, but refused w iti
dlisgust all execept braid and3( wae
and, throwing himsielft downa on ahr
of tra3w, wont into a soun,
-aleep. Thlo person ~inwhse charl'
lhe was lo(t did not lioos what t'
make o'f hin, l'r, on the one hnad
hoe displayed t,boe mIingld cuIriosi t
and stupid insonuibility of' siome be
inig to whomais new,15 but who haz
no poroeptible atppreciatti'o fautlt,y
while he could repe)at eIrtain word
with distiinotness and in 3 a distino
hand wvroto down the name of' U:spoi
flauser. As an idiot or cleera imi
poster, they tfinlly determnined t,
send him to prison, where a clost
examination showed himi to be in
-oapablo of any attempt at fr'aud, bu
onl tho contrary, to be a vi st-im himu
self of crime. The soles of' his fee
iore perfectly soft and white, prov
ing that lie had11never beeni permite
to'tako exorcise. It was clear tha
he had nievor soon all a never lealrnet
anything ; he was a complete strian
ger to the commonest ties and dutics
which bind hi ,nikind togetheor, ant
utterly ignorant of the naturo 03
oven existence of society or moi aly
in short, he had ovidently vegorattte
in complete isolation and litoall~
in obscurity, for ho could nlot beat
the effect of light upon his eyes nu
neither knew at first the difl'orcnoe
-between night and day, nor could
lie measure time. Lrofe'ssor D)an
moeo charged hiimself' wiuth hi.
-education. 1By gentle de'grees arm
cd with the utmost pationce, ho at
ompted to awaken the dormuani
iglties of this extraordinary be
vaglielearned wi th raptidity, ant
.dreatrgisty ro oll etlins of the long
of' his 0egatory mn wvahih the yeaii
before h1tuood hadi bceen sapent, ros
talik about vdl. 110 wold o.ftet
over, he did 'n llr, for' whom, how'
ing of ill-will, ',itortain any feel
in his s.iplicity -,at.her wonlderod,
offended himi. 'ho etuld havet
had not. entirely o'4essor, whio
researes as to-the t,irJinued hish
fortunate pupil,-ncoua'' his un
traae back the depths of hhim .to
and hoped eventually to coh'uory,
scattered facts he from time to. he
obtained into soma tangible 8st
Thuns three or four years rol
peaceably along. T'he world, ti
of its nine days' wvondcr,
forgotton all about Casper, and
might fondly htope that his euen
hadl done the .same .hinit : but it
not so. U 1'he I not let any of
hlia novemottl to,esape thew, and
robaby tho y pefq,jors jQVV
poor yout h,vvhien su
el in obtaining for h'a e nq t
erful protection tl tZ
worthy solontiat, that of the Earl of
Stanhope, an Englisl nobloman, who
at thit time was residing in Gor
niany. On the 14th of December,
1873, Hauser, who hatjon7,f,
alone, was enticed 10 11ab o rM
grotto by an, unknoin I
plunged a dagger 'iito hir he
Every ef'ort was made by the ap
thoritios to discover the-69'imi
Lord Stanhope offerod a large re.
ward for his irest, but all in vain.
Among those well acquninted with
buch partigularx.of th'iaso us its
iio-practioab.lo for the strong arm of
dCspotdlm to suppress, but little
doubt will be foundto exist that
poor, friendless, murdekod '014per
lI!user was a sovereign ptinoo if'the
realu by birth. Now developments
proved beyond a doubt that flaujeir
was the son of the G'rand Duke
Charles, of Baden, and his wife
Stephinia, eonseqiently the, legiti.
mate heir to tho thronO. Chvrle,
who had married Stephanuia, the
niece of Napoleon the First, in 1806,
was a nan of reckless character, Nut
long after marriage he became ei4m
ored of the Baroness Gayer voi
Goyerborg whom ho raised to the
rank of Countess von Hotchberg.
This womn attempted to poison the
Grand Duchem, and when , the latter
was delivered of an heir to the crown
ol Baden, she caused that child to be
atolvi. It was the unfortunate orea
ture aftorwird known under the name.
of Casper Ilauser. The (rand
Duchess. was assured by the physi.
Cilns, all of whom were in the pay
Of tLo Countess, that her chil, iad
died. 8he believed it itil h r hus
hand died, when she neoretly oatued
tie infaits collin to be opened. It
WadS epiity. Som time afterwards
Ahe gave birth to another son, but
the mother seemed to believe that
iher uhild had boon takon from her
and another suibstituted. This was
1 really the case, tho substituted baby
- heing an illegitimate son to whom the
'1Countess IlUtebbeig had given birth
:about the same tl.mo. Tho bastard
was christened Leopold and becamoe
h hoir apparent of udeti The Grand
Ditcheuts never spoke to him, even
s after he had becomo Grand Duke.
. She lived in scolusion, and died a
fOw yOrs ago. Whether her bus '
L) band Churles ever discovered 1he
8frud,oertain it is that she finally
- poisoned him, whereupon her son
" ioophold Lecante (trand Duke of
Baden. li had no right whatever
to the position ; for the real hoir,
Ow-per Ilauser who was then alive.
Whon inquiries began to be iie
into Casper Ilauser's fate, ouintes,
llotchberg caused him to be mi.rder
ed. The Grand Duko Loophold
died in 1852, when his son Froderick
L >uis, the present ' Grand Duke,
amaended tile throie. lio iiriod in
1857 Louisa, the only daughter of
the preseit .mperor of Germany,
r who hits for a son-in-law the grand
r Lo of a murderess, and the son of a
,bastard, who in reality has no right
-whatever to the crown of [Baden.
Thue Fr-ankfort Gasetto made piublic
these facts, and was furnished infer
mnation by parties in possion of thIe
seetot history. To ascertainl the
names of thle later becanie thei task
of the Prussian police, by order Qf
th - E'iperor. Unable to seite the
books vf the Gazitto on any direct
cliargo, thie police took advantage of
the fact t hat thle owner was also a
piartnier in a job printing establish
ment. F'rom that establish mont hadb
heen issued a circular reflecting on
certain bankers. The latter sued the
jo~b prinuti ng o$ioe, and the polioo, on
that ground, seired all t.he books
of the Gazette, including theo'sb
secript ion list. Throughout Germa~ny
the disclosures of t hat paper'and
die oppressive mleasures of the ex
arperateJ Enmperar hiave created
p rofound sensation. Th'le Emperor,
whlo is a stickler for legitimacy, is
intensely mortified by the disolosures
abiout hiis son-in -law. 11 is daughter
the Grand Duchess of BLden, tefuses
b perin pulcsince the dis.
lourshave been miado.
i(l0 pairs of trio Chainis andt Ilames,
llack lland-'.
Cot toil and Mlanilla Rope for plowing.
Well itepo.
L.. 11 Shiovels a i manure forks, Tubs
and lBuckets, Nails and( A xos. Co.tton
Lards, Hlan,l SaWs, Padlock,
.Bad I tous S oin Ait lis,
Leeks, Pe:cu1
tioni Caps
I Tie-rco Prinmo Carolina Rice.
2.5 liarrels assoteds Eiting and Plhant ing
f or Sale lowr for Cashi.
I tAtyp.Bi'oL4 Son,
(WBare agents for a ir go New Y or
'VV A IIOUSiand have now o
buaiy1 (I inpowde r and 'Young Ilysi n Tea
PnLti iiia one lb. andi & b. tin eenisters
rOnarranted tull weight a nd to give patig
lad ' ion or lie piurchlaso
he Money Refunded1 I
10 loW. (live t11e a trial.
R0 SEN'H E I M-& C 0..
T E9'1RdeFTPU*.LI,iY infWorm-the pitb
lie In goneal hat, thoy hrve o ioiled
lie 1to 'formerlV o0cupied by .1. 1I.
a1lhorrt where they intend to Cotlilot a
,t,yjerald NUoik of mrchandise, consisting of
G I) 1ItR[11,,
anZiV d~it sqe~tutn :t,edb mient. lOo ao antd
eyvry one thaLt will oaOl on uS,
~. W7 Phillips,
(FT1 I very best:qualities, for I'arlorb
)C,i mhera nd'Difili g ious. For
demign and workmnshi p. L-QUALLED!
I olf'ur at prfices that. defy coMpetition
M AD11 of hitird wood, anol warranted to
give ent ire stisfao'ion. I keep no infer
or quality. Use economy nind buy the
hest, and buy where you can buy tho
Ohe npemast.
Sleep Comfortable
AND lie t People's SPRIN DED.
ft is te host. in the market withvut ex
celion. They are cheap.
RATTAN and Split reat 'hairs a spe.
eialy. Our prices are beyond coope.
t.triun I
OF my owo manufacturo, Window
8hades, Wall Bracketa, Packets and
FURNITURE ne'tly repaired at moder.
tu Prices. Picture fra nos made to ordor.
Special Attention
GIVRN to the Undertake 's Dep ri
ment. I keeVon hnnd.a full Fupply of
Mletal j aloass 'mnI WVoldCVfina thea
finest ftfisah. "All cals'promnp ly. atLen dt
to. Mly termb~ are oash,. I act. npot , me
theory that, shor, tettlements fuake Ion
friot d4e.
act 2
1'ackages of NEW MACKORI1.
in Barrete, half and quarter -Bar
rets, Kits 1, 2, ;{ and ex,ra nua'
ber 1, MIESS
i123l1S.As of fr'esh ground F?L URl
all sizos and grades from the
Granite Mills Augusta Gai.
A full stock of Groceries, P'rovisions
und l'lantation Suipies, all
of which wvill be soldt at te
lowest prices for C.ASlI.
oct 29
WillllSJJOro lIllhine y Bazaar.
M' ~RS.. Bag wishes to Inform her
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*Millinery Establishmod,t,
Also a beautirul line of Whit. Gooda,
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too nuaerousj to mnentbon, all of which is
expeotted to arrlvp. and be open. for in
to call.aud See:fotyourelf-when may good.
arriv.o 5,,iorSiger~sl
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W . oty & Co.
or8 West 01 1ot offc,
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Where we co 't3ty Jeep oni
hand a fully suJply ofgood
Horses e ulcs,
war;h 25
PIE R R E B A 0 -T
Populair b raimth, vir.
LradlIe. h Na lI uano.
U. Co's 11 perlphospil ate.
B1radley's A mmoniated'Dissolved
R l ode.
IIoyali uaino Comapounid.
LB raleoyM A ci d Phiosphi ate.
Parties wishng (hanosm by the cair- load
an havi e som or'r'ed 59 ,poko, t.idgeway.
ylef 'Ford' it 'bmhr's Xfn'Ib1s.t.W'T
mfl alget'fa the nirn1 Couty3 of' " iir
old. Timeo sanlea due Novembeh.r I .t.
9or alrr'algent n t imeun and price :lt
ottona opitii pply in
"feb l:1
3 II lds N, (Q. Ca .ifled
sugar, 10 IBbls. N. 0. Molass..
s (Choice.)
A formero lot of th s"'e g.oods
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amiily, I hb1. itigs feet, I bi. P'ickled
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logna Sausages. Also ai chtoite lot of
ulgafc ana Cofreos,'#yr4ps tad bito assles
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f 0i fines 0. aqeg, rowe, a
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o00 s. Suphato of ilino
50 vils " " Mlorphin .
10 lbs. Gumn Opium.
25. " " Camphor.
For sale at the Drug Storo of
JUne 3 W. v. AIIw N
I ~ amily;btys
4 1 er. bygnts., depsG .
IF4kr Ie, ~iI*
TQ Daily to Agents, So new
P artioes and the best Family
I.,,491 Amerion with two46.00 Chromos
A I 9r
tple;k,t Agent. .Lqloal' gr
Comnbinition Needle Book. anl
4eIth ohromom. Send stamp. in,
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Agehft. 'Natibiaj 1'tblishing Co., Phila. hl
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anndhnr ye
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16OO -Air01n1ts Teatiberl, StIldenbil, 00
t IId-.0%een.want ed to sell CNTAN- ro
4qA U .-I ZE7l''' OF T'AI U l. s. I-lhows II
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ber Laws with other ileresting matter
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New number for April just oeit.
A ddress, 0. P. DAVIS.
Land Commissioner U. P. It ,
Omlha, Neb.
Wherever it Its a ien Tried
3 U R UB E BA,
ias established Itself as a perfect regular
and sure remo ly for disorders of the
sy.-tem ariming frem impr opir action or
the Liver and Bowels.
It is not a Physic, but, by stinuinlting
thte secretive organs, gently nd gra.-I~al.
lj reo es all impurities, and regulae es
the entire system.
tIt is nmot a Dloctored Bitters. but Is a
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.lates the appet ite for food necessary to.ln
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Ist be I o believe-In these days of ^prmo
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owin wo Ilan in one halt' tlie' I inte. itid re
rd the 'abor of.tising it only a pistim
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labors t, and "Biso Moitday" ha
aised to he a dray of conifullian anised ho
r, becarin e with litIto or no inth-r I wo oi
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Thre''c pIme" is simpl in constructioi
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nsll. Itsis it t i nite to it:n, 1.'e
'a, (c.rissipiur:s r.. J jimit e St e ieit h uc
he, Biill i'Qn s on Cs' e (I (
pecinity P nin 1set' sC' lis.. r id .1 Ml
dt angemet:ts a f flIIe. 'erIa tr s y Ns
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Msnnctt+..ed'ly *E. L. KING &-s1Ws
Innoem, 8. U.. anid for sale biy,
Dtr. WV. E. Arsk ent, A gent,. also 'by Dr ,?
McMasster, Winnisboro, 8.,c.
jsnm 28
IN -T"b; r. WATl ANDb -f,0C1
NEW -900&4S.
Mj 00t andI Pilver Walolses. ('ther very
U' best timire'&.epers) Suolidl Gi,,1 Chrains
'It Plurted Chnirtis, lin ugis4 E tier Bit
ans, wthich I euaransee. Also, lirst
as (Collar and Shtrt Basttons of rail dot.
paionss. A ret of beatifi-! Glocks u Ire
ibeat threm ? Riepairng 'lotte int
maan.likea aaner. SFa4e foetion gitaran
teoI tU[tJ 5JLg
loj estra Snttgar ('ured 'Usncanvas sed
3. . sT..:'MoOn..o
Gratefil Thiousands procilm.t YIN.
yOAR BIfTETS the uont wonderfil n.
vigorant that ever sustained t,he sinking
No Person can take these Blttes
accordhlig to directions, and remain long
unwell, provided their bones are not de
stroyed by mineral poison or other
ieans, and vital organe wasted beyodn
repai r.
11il.u, Remittent and Intor
mittent l overs, which are so prova
l6nt in the valleys of our great rivers
throughout the United States, especial
thoso of tho Mississippi, Ohio, isesourr
Illinois, Tennessee, Cumberland Arkan
sas, Red, Colorado, Brazos, Mio Grande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, No.
anokf, James, and many others, with
their vast tributaries, throughout our
entire country during the Summer and
Autumn, and remarkably so during sea.
lons of nunusual heat and dryness, iti
invariably accompanied by extensive de-.
rangorments of the etomach and liver,
and othor abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgativo, exerting a pow
arful influence upon those various or.
gans, is essentially necessary. Tiere
is no cathartic for the purpose equal to
as they will speedily remove the dark.
colored viscil matter with which the
bowels aro loaded, at the same time
stinulat.ng tho secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring the healthy
functions of the digestivo organs.
Fortify the body against disease
by purifying all its fluids with VrNRGAR
BIrrrEis. No epidemic can tako holt
of a system tius forc-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head.
ache, Pain in the Shoulders, Coughs,
ihtness or tho Chest, Dizziness, :Sour
Ertattions of the Stomach, Bad Tasto
in the Mo uth,lilious Attacks, Palpita
tation o the I Teart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, 'ain in the region of the KH4
noys. -Ind a hundred other painful symp.
tom nro tho olfsprings of Dyspepsia.
One >ottlo wilI provo a better guarpntoo
of Ita mn1rits than a lengthy advertise
Scrof'ula, or King's EI, Wbi-f
Swellings, Ueors, Eryxipelns, Swolled Noik
Goitre, SerulOnItIOU4 I1111111n11mmtiOUS, indonl
Inflamunations, A oremial A lrections, (kt
Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Soro Eyes, eto.
In those, us in all other con1sti,uti4nal Pie.
Cases, WAr.kku's ViXEGAL& I1'TTrtS have
shown their greut eurative powers in the
most obstinato and intractablo cases.
For Inflammatory and Chronle
Rhenmati4m, Gout, Bilious, lifmit.
tontmId'itermittent Peors, Diseasesof
the Ilood, laiver, Kidnoys and iddor,
theso Dittors have no aqual. Such Diseas0
are caused by Vitiated 1lhood.
Mechanical Diseases.-Persons an
gaged in Paints and Minerals, such n6
Iumbers, Typo-setters, Gold-boaters, anid
Miners, as they advaneo in life, are subject
to iaralypis of tho Bowels. To guard
against this take a dIosC Of WAL,R,'S Ylf.
EUAR I'ruiTsi occasionnily.
For S.Min Diseases, Eruptions,''t..
ter, Sal. t-lithnm, lilotches, Spots, Pimpjlos,
Seald- head, Sore E yes, Erys'p las, [tol,
Seurfs, lhascolosrations of t.he Skin, llnmors
and Iinenses o,f the Skin of whatever name
or nature, aro lit$rally dog up and carried
ont of t,he systemi ini a phort time by the -iao
of these Bitters.
Pin, Trape, and other' Worms,
lurkimg in the systuen of so many thousa'de,
are effectuamlly destroyed andl remo\'ed. No
systea .o. mnediuine, no vermifuges, no an.
thehunities wdil fre the systmomui~n worms
like these Hitters.
For Femalde Complaints, In young
or old, mnarried or single, at the dawn .sr wo.
nmnhooid, or the t.nrn of life, thoso Tmnle
liitters display 50 dteidedi an ifluence that
unprovement is soon3 perceptibe.
Cleanse thme Vitiated BloodI n hen
ever you find its impurities bursting through
the skin. Am Pimnples, Ern pions, or Sorea
oleasos it when you find it obstructed and
slnggish in the veins; cleanse it when It Is
fou ; your feelings will tell you.wben. 'Keep
the blood pure, and the'health of-the.system
-will follow.
nt. Rr. arCONALD & co.,
nDr.lso, (e. Agts., Sa I arnn~le,C1tru
Sola by anl rv"ggIeM.an.oqsi.ere.
Chrlotte, 00ltn mab in, & A ngusti,
R ail ilind.
rj l~ '1lowing Passenger Sheniel
Lw he run over. this *roas. onan
afh' thaia 4nto:
'[Leave AIMg.usta, -at -.g3lu a ii
''Colsawhia. b.C., A 4;, y .
' nYi sboro, 4.[,8 y ,
Arriwe at UIharlot to. N.-C, 'I9 (0t
YaAlX--no,.o woeru
Lea.ve (CharIlt t, -N 'C. at 8 31)s
" Obesi er, 11 '! a i
-- svsbro, .P. 8asn
" ' Columbia, -s.i' I
Arrive .'l Aarngsta 8 Ornp
Gen Pa'ssecnr an.l Ti uket A ient.
'JBuck Fye.Bee IE.yv
And Moth 'Twap,
INNoCIIOWMf)g & 0,pere
a 10 -:h aewith sample 'hive ,for.
$l.o0. Apply at Ooe adi .be.readl lo
httse the lrat swarms. *
mar 19 anbor
A~ ~ lerDay at home.
Teo fre A dress
Parnral "N 'A C(&

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