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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, June 23, 1875, Image 3

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-the real.
socurring in -h1,el I 0
a favor by ftnrohl, pforffe te
Local Noti,g 4
((ed9pt by apOl r! ap) at
oFor tdh !nes iO j*dLer.T #2.6
For eAh ditouallne..5
Njw AWYSIUMustam.
Fresh Su1weId" Ontoir O Ohand
A Personbl: qeit as.
Read the iotoees f P. . DAsn
nenberI in albo(per 64luti'.
Dannqob4ig rid hill e at the
old stand.
Cotton grops over thewholo 'outh
are reported veyy fitis.
Forty-threa deaths in Charleston
fPr ,the- week ending s the 12th-...
whites 11 ; colored 32.
'%r. Wm. Donly has just received
a fresh supply of wines, liquors, porter,
ale, &o. Ice always on hand.
PEns10NAL.-W. T. Robison Eoq,
of Chester has been in Winusboto
several days on a visit. to his son-in
law Mr. G. 0. Bacot.
3BATrnbo IIOUSE.-If some entere
terprising citilen would put up w
iathing house he would make money
-ut of it.
The treasurer of the Wiensbome
int stock bowling alloy assoolatiob
prepared to pay a mebond dividend
fifty per Cent. this morning.
The oolOrod portion of our cotnmu
ty kept tie Trial Justidu tIun
at Saturday. Benefitin^g the pocket
ooks of the officers to a certain exu
The Abbevitle Medium ofhthibs
to obituary notice of Mliss Willie
Norwood a charming young lady
!*that place. Her death will- cause
-neral sorrow.
We regret to have to redord the
ath of little Georoe,~ .'oubgst s6n
Dr. and Mrs.. J. e.MMast.-),
-111h occurred on Thursdny lasfro
Solora infantum.
Mr. J. . Uifbort is adoting a
atbing house east of the Methodist
iihurch. Whether it will pay him as
large a dividend as the bowling
alley, we are unable to say.
County' Auditor Peake "will 'be af
Doko to-day for the purpome of ro.'
ceiving tax.areturns, and tuermorrow
and Thursday will be.at lAidgewayb
Property pwners wrill do .wnll to take
notice. -
Tommy, yqungest son of Mr. and
M'rs. Henry A.8Smith died, very suda
donly Tueqday, of obolora Infantum.
T be beregved parenuts hate the sfmsa
thy of the entiro comm utiity.
Deputy Sheriff Keller infor'ms us
that there are but three prisoners tn
the jail. Tbeset three birds are all
colored, and.. ar's 'Implsoied MYor
Mr. Cddper of the *Centensiel
Saloon," will please adeept our
thanks for a nice treat 'to lemorla is.
Mr. (., keeps every, thing in the
cooling line, Ale and porfbr on ide
a specialty.
An old fri-end ,of ob'rs says 'le is
tired of seeing Febtuary spelt
"Febriarl,a and says further that b't
intends to open a spelling boo and
invites all bad spellers to ome
"fre of kost.'4
By reference to 46t616 coOiun .7
will be seen that Mir. .Thom.a W.
8teele haq been opgoint%d ageunt of the
Singer Sowing .bfa;oio Qomnpany fo'r
this Countyb Mredteele is A native
of this (iounty, Ktod is *it knowh to
be an honest4mrg6i'atzlan.
Why dio not some of our enterpris.
inug baibness mnn iniaugurte yrtoe4b
ingli for the erestioni of a cotton fa,oa
tory t The amontut of cspital ntdsMA
l'.y to begin one 1*. noi large, bs*
wou%ldi pay bettor dividends than any
ber enteiptise that ould be starta
*The boya have ordetsd r at
aeroer the branob belew Uatton's
0ndast and iris stuiadir the itt. of
PAT oB 4 rbl.krits' w9Ao
a4. te yoang ladie..b
. 0 Ehrrt,p.grohani
or of lumbi 1 take gtI
eur g oMihe fo4169
rom ;ir citisens, ' mn5.6
Uonet band has just reoeived
%nother r I and
several now $eeps 0 y
The Oew till4ibMgtor
to out Youtgfuind, Mr:E. B.' G i
whi knows tow to handle it Our
ions ma look fo rare msic -bY
these aoomp4ish04 amateurs,
Mannenberg reqttests You to read
his advertietent,
Aspelling match under the' au
spices. of tie Presbyterian SOwig
Soiety will be. lield in, tie
Thesp!an Hall on FridAy even
ing 125th Juge. Admission' 25
0eets. Look rat- your .blue
bauk apIllng books nd get reidy.
Further particulars given hereafter.
Considerable interest was oaused in
Winnsboro atuong the curious by the
Wood's Reaper belonging to Major
Woodard. 'Many had never seen
the thing before. W hen labor.paving
machines can be generally used in this
country, agriculture will receive a
peat Iipstus.
We return thanks to the committee
for.an invltation'to the;final exerciseq
of the Dialeotio and Cadet Literary
ooieties of Lcxington Military Insti.
lute and the ball of the
gr1duating class, Virgina.
Uadet T. K. Elliott represents
Vfairfield with great cro4it at that
Heiphill of the Medium has been
ldated Captain of the Abbeville
Ri C'owipany% Seated -on his tripod
irith an umbrella over his head and
Hie quill be.hind.his oar, tis ituposing
ppearanoe will incite the boys to.,
3eeds of valor on the the Oampus
oartis o Fott litakens.
Pete. Ciaig and, Viney Rose
borough had quite a lively little
row on the Street Tuesday night and
wete'brought before the Mayor Wed
nesday mo Ing. Pete belbg the
wal r par y having .only one arin
nd one eat, was turned loose) while
Viney danced up the the' tue of a
3n0 dollar tbiliat.
'Ainother spelling thatch wan held
In Chester oin' Monday evening, 'The
sucess of the fr%Ar' ohie Inatoed -a
large number of personis to enter the
listsin.theseUond. After a oonsid
eirarble amount of ape lling, Kir.
-Boiohanuan was declared the tiotor
Miiss lPassailhigua, tihe 'vietor in the
previlous luatohb being ennonda
We leatn that some of our citisenu
Intend having "a good' tiie atL 'r.
P. Gorlg's Ro'ok 8pring place, four
ntilIes above towin on the .$rd o'f .Jply
Barbeeuej pin-.nio, danoing and
shooting will be the'order of the day.
Tbi,e Rook Spring plane lathe most de
sira-blo one tlhat duir tionfl coutld hlave
ohosen, and we hope they iill have a
god time. VWe understand. the .sil
ver cornet band will do the "blowing."
Cao9s.-1from *that *s caVh teari
thq Crps generally throughout the
County are -splendid.. In some
portions of the Countj fatmerA
are nedding rain but not suffering as
yet. lY(rge oro)s of w,heat land es
have been hsr\vested) and& the eount
tenarsen of our, people generally be.
gid to look bi-ighter.
During the thunder sbower Mow.
day several, telegraph posts worlb
shattered lb town by lightuing. Ont
hsheo badly demo*allied the senior
of the Westetn Uioft telegraph
4lide ahid two of Mirs B. Sugenheim'
er's oletty that 'they tontetnp.late
golbg info the lightning tod. buui'
Dutd o9 DXtuish 13' KmRktAKD,
~atdils residence in F'airfield on Sun
d&gi and Ms hitt'edyn Monday. ly
Kirklsa was well known in ai.ed1
having lib1d publiuo aiqe for ininy
years. $Ie wasifur,,.ong. tien. l
feeJl etb4 and his death, after ho
had liv d tfi a%fotN.4'p,elg i tVire
*dofyrye nd"tens was not unek
poted~,1i% Kink nd lehktes a ,fanl
ly and e gtot fieadE to' uqiue his
lose . 2
.4 eotton'faOtiry *1l1 soon be bulli
In'Abbeville County'. under the aus
r plogo o theo,Abbs.vilie and Laiiv
eg. GreOuville ts also Moki
prepsra lons to ereot another fato
oads .' people of Columbia are et
In this matter. And
Vak8l, though containing
abit4a a* of water power both
ad Wateree tivers, is dol
Why do we ot tke t'.
t6 6ild a factory in this County ?
1ow is Tuts ?-The Abbeville M
dium says that the Chester Bowli
kIley ha declared a'dividend.f fi
per bent on the earnings of the po
;4d, (we quote from memorj
ose buines.We call<
o Bob" to rise and explal
ir4did he "git his larni' 1".
x6 Reporier.
We state for the benefit. of tI
Chester Reporter that "handon
Bob" is mistaken as to his faots. I
probably copied a, squib from .tl
Union-Herald, which was -inoorrea
The bowling alloy refrred to is I
Winnsboro. It has declared to
dividends of ffty por obfi each, w1t.
In six weeks, and has uo idea', whaI
ever of closing businevo, Vetobu
RUNAWATE.-A team owned b
Mr. Frank Elder got away 'froi
their driver last Tuesday and ra
down main street. Mr; Elder in tr3
ing to arrebtheir progress was throw
underneath the wheels and p.rett
badly injura,d, having,one of his rit
broken an4 ia-left Ankle. badly hurl
We are are glad to -say. that Mr. I
was resting very comfortably yestbi
day evening.
An ox-team Tuesday being somi
what weary of the hot sun, made a
attempt to onto the handsome dr
goodd establishment of' Messrs. Ja(
0. Squiet & Co., taking it no doub
to be a forage or lieu depot. The
were inforied of' thir' uistake b
the drivar and quietly taken out '
A obioken vender from the moun
tains of North Carolina was muo
worriod by some of our young me
last Saturday evening inquiring if h
heid any butter," (knowing at, tb
time that he had none). After-abou
two hundred applications had bee
made to him for butter, an "old dil
apidated fifteenih a'irendment,walke
up to him and said) "Boss, gemme
up yonder say kin yer lot him hav
jis' one pound of bitter fur a poc
sick man 1" The tar.-heel becai
frantic, and replied to the old darke
with oathp, . "do you think I wo.ul
fetch butter two hundred milei
in sich weather as this 1" An
while driving 'off his team he we
heard to remark, .4t1is x4-n. bot
needs greasin' worse thati &Vy tlad
I. ever s0d."
Remeu4ber tire spelling match c
Friday ~vening. Th ladies at
bus,ilyIen eed. in getting it up, an
it muat b~ a sucess. T wo fige prizi
will be. givenh One for the .best la
speller and onie for the best spe11i
among thy male persuasion, W?
hope there will be a:very full atteni
ance . Th~eie, te steheighbeIdes b'elz
very awukiig, are very. instruotivi
and a halt dozen or so in Wippsbol
would ini$rese greatly .the orthc
graphic a tilli of the! t jople. Ii
don't me .to say there are any ba
spellers lg town. ,We know th~ey ai
all good1 bu e want4o bive them
chance tog prove thei skill, Toebo
cal words,will not be introduced ul
less neceRnary at the nd bt the gaze
Worceste~ and Webstbr 'will be ti
Tnxa 81ton KINo.--We were vaa
ted y a eryheavy s$orm on We<
nesdaly evening last. 'I he wind wi
vor.y.,ba(y indeed, attd the rain I.
in torrenta.--.Trees and. fencee,. woi
blown down promiscuously all ovi
town and the roads leading an a tre
tly direotli o er lik aigriet ~ea
arne blookad'6d by ti rdoted trees a:
demolished fences. The storm w
we understand, more severe on Lith
rivet than it was here. ,Mr. Jas.
Leimon, br. W. Ki. Tui'nei- and Maj,
Jis,. flardin living ne.ar Bell's Bridi
edea by hail~ We also' lea ,i
the gstt was very severe in the Blac
stolktelghbothood. On the Kincal
'bNgi road, drops ate badly dimage
in fdet nearly the whole weste
ycd.4n of the Uointysaneeu*er
ly froty the storma.
* I:n m
W E 6ve this dSith ui
ry R. P1i. "s
Ir- Nil prto in th*b ia"
r cdooW the,
B. LA ogEiR & .
aI . D.
00 june l'4.t .
O N a4d after .bIonday the 21st day ol
Jube I will take charge or all buel.
0088 con eoted with the D Goods and
e. Clothingator4,of NDopO
by June.17 "VIDTAN1 BIft"o.
T the Citzens of
HE underuignqd cannot allow the
presentopportunity to pass by, or in any
watPer o'wmt.to tender to the itizens of
Winneboro and surrounding o ountry my
thks for the liberal pati6nagb 1t16gowed
upon- tne individusillA and-4t tru4t that
whal6vor enoouragement I have recelved
in'the past I will oontlade t dbierve
in' the fature. -In 'nt6ring upon
my new labors A hope ishili fnd that
y ,my friends will still rememlier that their
U fri nd Phil, is as genIal and oourteous'as
n overand that. none will have dause to regret
regret their ootnvitlo4w With him
B in buslness afdairi. t hal ag'ind'iv
y o to ple;se my p,trous whbh fi I hope
0 they are familir with, as I hae. been
among them soms yekrs. Having all the
racilitilos to oarry on a' complete line of
Iry goods, clothing And notions,. I ex.
poet to-meet all demands and at prioe;
that shall.utt the closest huyer. With
the opening of the fall season I shall buy
a stook to; ,ult the meat fastidious.
Yote Re8peotfulIy,
June 17-t.-- Pq.IL. DANNNBERG.
hereby glye notiof that Mr.
ThomA Steele or ly
authorized agent for the sale of our me
b hines in Fairfield County,, .Ur. Steele
n was formerly a citizen of thfis dounty, anu
he oomes to us recommended 6e a striotly
honest and -upright gentleman, and we
e o6mmend him to the patronage of the pub
Jun 1 4th, 18.7?. -
n TaE 01iN(EM'FG. COM1110ANY.
. . J, I, LIGON, Anxv.
jutie fi tlxi Columbia, 8. 0.,
d DlON'T F41L TO
d Io Mainitian~ the
k .jun~ 2~
uM ATr0 N&di '0 ldR1PSON
TAther ~ iurieVa an t ~a~ Man
y i~m*~ittmW. d L it ataoss Maker,
F $tsed Alieh-ed etoe t
Special Noices.
CHAir,s Lmv, L*8issr6T. denouno jo
V iR spirituous litluos an "Wet
inmnatio'n/h Poor fellotr t he know
whereof ho spako, f7 sad experloatee, and
if jiving, would apply the same to Aloo.
hol b Exottants, advertised as turoalls.
But there I P one Tonlo and Altorna,Eve in
existene6-the best the world has over
known--whioh contains no alcohol. It is
Dr. Walker's California Vinegar Bitters.
How To R2staI Tiu PROSPiTY or
Tu 8TATi.-Keep your money at honie.
Db tsot send away for anythiog which you
can obtain as well here as elsewhere. We
do not ad,ouato piying $6 for that which
you can buy abroad for oven $4 90. but
whe" you can buy yottr Blank ]Jook., or
the bost grade, at prices as low as Now
'York; then, Bond to Walker, Evans &
Cogswell, Chat lesnst E. C., ind purchase
what you need. All their Blank Books are
made in Charleston, and your encourage.
ment will sustain a worthy mauu facturing
Dr. J. Walker California Via.
egar Ditters are a purely Vegetable
preparation, made chiefly from the na
tive herbs found on tho lower ranges of
the Sierra Nevadamountains of Califor
nia, the medicinal properties of which
are extracted therefrom without the use
of. Alo-ohol. s. The question is almost
daily asked, "What is the cause of the
unparalleled success of VimmAit BIT
TUts " Our answor Is, that they remove
the cause of disease, and the patient ro
evers his health. They are tho great
blood purifierandaNlife-gving principle,
a perfect Renovator and Invigorator
of the system. jNover beforo in the
history of the world has a medicine been
compnunded possessing the remarkable
qUalti, of V1NZOA Ri IrTTRs in healing the
1ox of every disease man is heir to. They
4 gentle Pur4ative as well as a Tonic
*46VIntg Con eatton or Inflammation of
Ah*,Livcr and Visooral Organs, in Bilious
The properties of DR. WALXR'S
ViNNUAR 1ITTERS are Aperient, Dia horotio,
0arminaivo, Nutritious, Laxativ iurotie,
Gedativo, Countor-Irritant, Sudori%O, Altera
Eve, and Anti-Bilious.
R. 11. MoDONALD d CO.,
Druggisat Fnd0on.Agfa., Ban Frnnoisoo, 0Ifornia,
and cor. of Washiqlfban and 101otriton Mo., PP. Y'.
Sold by all Druggiste and Dealers.
- .-AND -
tnoe 17
A Full Corps of A ble Professor's
Completa outit. of Armna, Apratns,
Etc., for thorough mental and physical
trpining. Location noted for heoalthftul
n5mi, and bogsflssing Railrbad and Tele.
graphit aitolitiee. For Illustt'ated Cat -
logoe aiply to rnolpah.
june 1-Inm
8 iihds. N. 0. Clarified
Su gan 10 Blbls N. Os Molass
es (Choice.)
Aformner lot of th'se goods
have giveni genteral sattisfactionl
Give6 Themi a Trial.
131ATY BRHO. & SONi.
lhtek laye Bee-like
And MVoth Tr~ap.
i - O d OtOWNEY & CO., proprie.
to4fo the counties ofi Pair eld and
ete ofer? Warm RIglatu to make
.1. ~s.s~ 4h .ssmple hive for
boy. A3 l el ahd ~i be ready to
ege 4jswa.~u
. ar 10 -Winnsboro.
The 8ym11ptoms of ,iver complaitt aret:
the pain isn the 8 l1oulder, and is i8isl.
ed with tihe lo:ss of appetite and sicknao.
111ratling with a11x. The he010 is troub11,1hl
Filerable loss of memory, accoomipanild w
something wih oh ought to have boon don
and low apirits. Sotmel litmes mny of I bt
very row of Ihieim bit the lIver is gener
3IEO2r 1.e -e m2 e c':3.r
Is warranted not to econtait a singl
particle of Muroury, or (thy injurion
mineral substance, but is
otainling those Souttithern roos antd ierbi
which i allwise iovidenco ias placet
in countries where Liver i)isets m11i.
prevail. It will cure till di-ease'; cntse ,
iy derungimeats of the Jivvr and low
gimmons Liver Regulator, or Medicina
[a iiienily a Itiily medticitI, Rand by
igkept readly for1 immoediate resor.t. w-ill
4nve inty nn hotir otsiflfering id iany
i lli tl-ne and cdovtors'hbillpi.
After over F'orty Yearsi tiil it is still
'eceiving tite mo%i. tunituabliied te!sIi.
mttoninis Boits virtues front pers-,ns or Il o
tigiest cliaracter and responsibili (y.
Emtt1t1iicit physicians coimmnid it ais 1the
Effootnal Speciflo.
'or cnsninpi n, itft-lt1daiO. Pa1it in Oit
houldetrs. Sotizins, or Sitmm i, had
aSte i- Bite mot l, hi ihous attaics, Pail.
intotion of tihe llenar, Ialit iln tite regios
1 thle Kidneys, de-pion'ley, glo)mI and)(
otebodingPs of emil, Il f oWhich are (he
i-pring ota disised Lirer.
For Dyspesia or Indigestion.
irmIled wil1 Bith is antlidoe nll clinmfBies n1l
hiahiges of water mind foodl may bie fneced
vithott fear. As a Itently ,n Nialarious
ever, Dowel Coiptlaints, restlessness,
aunditc, Nausea,
t Im the chenpemt, purest aid the best
Ftimily Meeioino in Ite world I
hty nit powders'or Preptred Simmons Liver
tegulator unle.4s iln our engriAve wrnp
er with Trttde Ilmark, statmip and1i mignl-tui'o
mIbrokeni. Nou other is geiuine.
1. It. ZEILIN & CO.
Macon, Gfa., and Philadelphia.
Simmons' Liver IlegulatoP.
LFtor all diseatses of te Liver', Sotoac andi
81pleen. Ast a retmedy in
rinltarionst Fovers, liowel Comtplaitnts,
Dysp[epsia,0 Metal I)t'presslott lit.
tion andt Uilliouness.
mafy 18 5n
OV ER Till 'R') TY Y A RS l-VXfI' Jr4Eci
NEW 000DS8.
G OLD and Blver Wtafohes, (thto vora
* htost thno kieper's) Soid Gold Chnains
holl Ptlat ed Chtaimn, IItigs andt Sivea' IJui
(Jhains, wichi I guarteelo. Also, Ut'ra
Ptinv Collar and Shitt' Bhtt Bons of all des
criptions. A set of bteautifuil Clocks, u% h
can .boat thorn ? liepairing ddno in
workman-liko e nanncr, Sai isfactioni guar
doo 16 . ______
Becaty, Bro., & Son.
- .zei 2d
U0sin0ss an1t pin In I he aide. Sometii
kon for rheumatism, tihe stai4oh is affoo
i, bowels inl general oostive, sometimes a
%tith pain, Itild dlai, hqavy snsations- co
ith pilaiful 8ensation of having loft, undone
.fton complaining of wenkness, dobilitj
above attend the disease anti at other timne
ily the organ Iost involved.
"Ihaveo never seen or tried such a
simple eflioncious. satisfactory and pleas.
ant, remedy in my life."--h. Uaines, st,
Loiis, Mo.
Hon. 7Alex. It Stephens.
"I ocasionally iuse, whenI my condition
requires it, Dr. Sitiuots' LIvor Iegula.
tor .with good offee."-1on. Alex. ill -
Govornor of Alabama'
I-Your Ilegultor has been in use in my
fanily for some timo, and I am pursunded
it is a valunblo 1addition to the medical
stience." --t'. -1. 0 ill 8 vorter, Ala.
I hnve uisl he legulator inl my fami
ly for Ilhe past se-ventpei years. I canl
., I lv -eenniivield It in the world as Ih
best imetiino I Itave over utied for ahat
Cns Of' Ii!esetl iL purports to ouro."
1l. F. Thiieil.
President City Bank.
"Silonlls' Liver B1\t1gul1at or. his provedl
fgood and ellioncious ivdicinle."-0. A,
"We have been aoquainted with Dr
8iine oni' Liver tdedi, hte For tmore tian
twenty years, .ind know it to bn (lie hest
Liver lRegulator offered to the publio."
M. It. Lyon and It. L. Lyon, 1lllefontaine
"i wns eured by Sliminnus' LiverI Regis
11tor, "ftr having 8140-0r1d sevOtal year
with Chills and Fover-"Rt. F, Anderson
Tho Olorgy.
"T Have beon a dyspel ic for years 1 be
gin (lie Ilegtlator t.wo years ago ; it ha
noted like a ciavm int mly case."-Rcv. y
U, llolmes.
Ladies Endorsoment.
"I have given your medlino *
I horough I rial, anl in no nso has it failed
to give !matitjfacttion."--Eleu Meachlami
Cl'haow-hee, 1111.
Sheriff Bibb County.
"I have used your Ilegula or with sno
cessful effect inl Billions Colio and Dys.
pepsin. I. Is Ain excellent, remedy and
ceraliy it public blesshitg."-0. Master%
son, iibb County a,
My Wifo.
"My wife andil self have tised (lie Rtagn
Int.or for years, and testify to its great
virtts."--tev. J. Felter, l'erry Ga.
"I think Sinuons Liver Regulator one
of the best medieutas over Iaae for the
Livor. My \Wife and 1fnny othors, havb
used It. with won det ful voeit.d"e--. l.,
I-parks, Albany, 0:&.
M D.
olI have used the l-Agulotor In my fa-.
ly, imdue in my regutlar practice, tnid hamve
four.d it a innti valuable anad antisfacory
edlicine, and believe if it, was usedi by
e professibonit I.wouald lie cf service In
many caIseS. I know very much of
itiponut'parts, andI cer tfy its miodi
uil ali re.41 . perf'etly hartmloss."'
mig, M. 1) ,, M acon, Ua.
andecoker &~ CO.
f' ijE best of drinks can. Alwrays lwe
.1. found at he*Centtenntial liar, tinder
the Winlboro liotel. Another fresh lot
of Aino Cigars and Tobaccejust tecilved.
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