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1V65 AVIS, Editor,
Between 0 grasohoppers and the
DesA49% t#ritl:thdipeople out west ar6
almostTend siadh' < i~ . ;
An earthquiak; ha beenI .'hakingi
up Oisiepplo-ofn4ian Ad the
adjoinidg.States,ii,dAoli'avers in.thO
appTotb-ofthb% end:'ofae world
will40 btles 166iup6' n a oid -of
the tvalgisof thoe ties.": t
Il:aas~I3utlerr.ootnmedod the
rniliti of Makstohusetts in the
BumWflal pr'o6sfi. le whi
doubtl,ess, placed in the van so thathio
'coulihayd 1io opportutiity to steal
-8po iVfom voant houses.
Tli.ii1&sbe'ddu~ts of Califorta
hav'.OnuiuWit9d 'liidwell for -0over'
nor. N'ho d.emorats will soon nomi-.
nat,au4-thqja will their be a .three.
-corndrpd.Qghtj in the golden State.
Thoeindependenutt wero victorious two
The ium 8f $20,000 wasi spent in
publioly' - Ontertaiig 'a o v e.i t y
lKnights Templars who went from
Richih'nond t6 the lunlr 'ill 'oelo
brati6. Largo sums in addition
wori spont privately. No wonder.
,the :Confegs, wish to be again con
sidered fdll -brothers of suoh i4oh f'el
At the. '3inkr - Hill 'oolobration
'the Southern visitors received a per
fet 'ovation. -Gon. Fitzhugh Lee was
espooially h!onored. The Washing
ton Light Infantry were almost
overwhelmed.,witl- wolootnes.. They.
arc enthusiastic over their recoption.
Ma,saohusetts has a great deal more
good in 'har than Squth Carolinians
havo.heretofore given her oredit for.
Peagh for the. plaintiff in
the BDeeaher . ease to,-day. He
has.spokei since Thursday week, and
his 6ffort has been very pworful.
The Juy, it is thought will not agree
The W;esern Uniono Telegraph has
,mado:throe:qu rters of a million dol.,
'lars by 'reporting this trial for the
'nowspap ira.
The jury -on the Tilton Beecher
case has failed to agree up to last an
counts, a mistreal is probable. Per
has'it would be bottor to starve this
.jury into agrooing .o. .some verdict
even plottipud ''death ensue
to some members, than to have
a ifew trial *orderQd and a 'second
infliction of all this gosh,.us,; n
Win. M, Tlwood has been releoased
fratg 'tle P'enitontiary. 'Iloe was
91entonced sojarately cii every count
in the indictment, and the sentence
haq' been declared illegal. Immedi
ately on his release however he was
arrbsfid oti civil process and oonfined
in taudlowv jail in default of three
mil:lion dollars ball. It id.said the
bail will bel given in a few days.
Twed'-le no Worse than hiundreas
of dtierpolitioia, an,l he will-re
long'be iregarded a martyr. 1t Is
a good thing for corrupt' megi tojhave
a soapegoat, 'and the i-asoals In New
York are riding poor Twood to
death. '
Bottie leartied &9aan, announced
aothe timte tigo-thittthe distruction of
the *orld would 'ho accomplished by
Insects. il showed that 9ivi,iatijon
tenrded to kill but inisect !destroying
birds-and animals, and that in conso
.quan'oe )isoote ' wpuld ravage the
earth. Any o~ oi contemplating' the
rava'ges of the grasshoppers, potato
'tugs and artoy wormhs will begin to
scethat thord is.eonsidorable plauis.,
bility in this theory. The destrue.
tion of the world by fire' and .earth.
quakes would be grand and .tragic,but
toibe starved to dJ9ath by degrees b.y.
.conto i~n$ible little insects is a mnost
mortiyit g refloetien *o mnan in hiis
Txi; Enfor.pied Iipiscop%l Church,
organised by Blishop :Cummings -is
rapidlyr growing,' and already nuim
bei-a fadtr tousand oimnuniants. It
is 'er~y. simnilai :to the lEpiscopal
Chu'roh, ibutseveral .poA.$ons of .the
articles'of belief --and .rubric of the
latter have been altored. -itev. P.
Ii. Stevpne of tbhf State has recenly
joinedatlie Rei'orme.d Churcih.
86 long as freedom of religious be
lef Is amitaibeod,Jut 'so long will
there be asub-ditision of s.se. It
hs impaos.lie to .ind a creed in any-.
thing t,bat will suit .every nend
many oo0 hav heretofero be4O
bold et ir on4 by the poweri
404s otA. .AuWg dio
plev ir.,eforation" was a revolt
against Church tyranny, and the
1g1pt ery Aistht uM
matel every man will worship God
ooin thebA l sodtetso his own
This raises the question whether
t is better to have one grand churoji!
>r an infinite number of smaller
(Obarleston is' in a_ mud.dlo. In
obruary, 0 R. Miles, Esq., was
ipointed Counsel for the Orand
to assist tbem in examining
no County af'airs. At the present
erm of Pourt he was presented by
,he GraudJury, for becoming the
paid attorney of the County Com.
niisIoners while actiig as County
Jounsol. Mr. 1iles insisted on
iaving a rule served upon him.
Jpon the return of the rule he made
complete vindication of his con
luot, showing that he was really act
ng as attorney for the County in
iettain suits brought against it, and
iot for the commissioners individu
illy. le also presented an exhaus
,ive report that he had prepared for
he grand jury, but which that body
lid not accept. This report furnish.
)s undoubted evidenceo of "systena
io fraud" on the part of Bowen, the
3heriff, and other parties. Judge
Reid completely exonerated Mr.
iies, and in addition thanked him
ror the services he had rendered the
Dounty. Almost all tho offici0s of
3harleston will be presented for
nalfoasanoo or misfeasance in office,
and several of them will doubtless
omie to grief.
We give a synopsis of Col.Aikens ad -
Irece on the Granges. This synopsis is
mperfect, as indisposition prevented
as from taking full notes. Col.
Aiken gives good advice to the
patrons and shows conclusively Lt,
bonofits resulting from the order. It
is the case that where the gronges are
fourishing, farming is improving.
'hie difficulty is that people do not
take hold of the matter properly.
We have soon farmers collooted on
the street ouroors earnestly d isousi
ing the crops, and yet, on entering
the Grange they have nothing to say.
If they wovnil n'y 'iCsi agt icultu
ral matters in the ( rango instead of
outside, all the members would be
benefited, and the meeting, be full of
But whore nothing isdone save the
transaction of routino business the
Grange cannot prosper.
We regret extremely that Col.
Aiken apparently in his address
counseled farmers to run off cotton
apen. which they may have given
liens. Col. Aiken cannot mean this,
for suoh advice would tend to violate
the rules of common horesty and
would certainly cause the farmers to
enidure the penalty o'f the law. It
is therefore unfortunate that he ut
tered any remarks that might ho con
strued into meaning this, for it would
furnishes a damning argument against
the Grange. As a friend of the order
and in its behalf we ropudiato any
such sentiments.
The rest of the address was very
etertaining and was well recoived.
We trust that new life and vigor
may he infued into the Granges of
this County. Ridgeway Grange is
flourishing, but tho other county
Granges are doing nothing. The
question aisos w'het.her the farmers
will suffer to elude their grasp the
best opportunity ever offered to thema
for improvement, socially intellee
tually and pecuniarily.
It will be remembered that a few
days since two negroes made affidavit
in Greenville County that they wvere
present at the murder 'of Dr. Shioll
of JLaurons in 1868, and that the
murder'was instigated by Joe Crows
and hiu bon Adam.. A dam Crews
was arrested in Columnbia on this
charge and committed to jail. Hie
w~as brought up on habens corpus
before Judge Mackey who was in
Columbia en Monday. ia counsel
moved for a release on the ground
of irregular arrest, and that the war
rant was endorsed for murder on the
outside and merely charged homi
cide in the body of the warrant.
Judge Mackey hold t4io objections to
be good, and deciding thast thero was
not suflicierft prod%f of the ehargbs
preferred against Crows, roleaseod
him on his own rooognira%e 'for
I$800, to appear at-theo Court ib Lau
rear. Crews is now at largo.
We are not snflioiently acquainted
with the faots to express a decided
pinion. Bunt the bail seems totally
neommensurato with the grave offence
aharged. A simple assault and
battery or .potty larceny ease would
lermand .nO less security than tisi.
And preti he iai of sUiIndiv1a)
of nb$ri taa6iir obarged *10
a bri6 th. 4moo he us in the whole
calendar, oj,mitte4.t go soot free
We cannot 'tderstao It. It seemi
to.be impossible to -bring. tinfaential
criminals to justice. But we roserv4
comment until #e&e fihdr inforW,
ed as to this matter.
The' Oentehuulap.
The recent Centonnial celebrations
seem to have inaugurated an era of
good fooling betwoon the North and
the South. In the historic soones
of revolutionary events, the tw4
sections can meet with a coMmoM
fooling and united sentiment. They
remember on'y those days in which
thoirforofathers stood side by ide
with truly fraternal good. Sooi
after the inauguration of the Union,
the two sootions began to differ i6
politics, and these differenoos finally
oulminatod in the lAuto civil war
Revolutionary gjound is therefore
about %.he only ground upon whio,
they can stand in unity. It is po,
culiarly fortunate that these Onten.
nial celebrations have comne at thiF
time. Fully a decade was roquired
after the civil war for sectional pass.
ions to cool down. Had the con.
tonnials come sooner they would
have been failures. But everybody
is weary of the old war spirit
and is willing to accept some other
political Issue. It Is therefore just
the timne for fraternal interiingling,
This is proven by the kindly spirh
displayed at Lexington, Charlotte
and Bunker Hill.
The South can at lest begin tc
fool that she has something in com.
mon with the Union, somethiig tc
hope for in the future. It is .there.
fore very desiroble that the Soutli
be represented fully at the lPhiladel
phia Centonniol. This will be 'a
world't Fair, and the world .will visii
it. There can be no better adver
tisement than a full repre,,entation iii
this oxhibition. We wish the ad.
vantages of Sou'h Carolin especially
to be made known-her fino soil and
climate and the character of hei
people. In this way immigration
may be induced to come within ou:
As Set South Carolina has taken
no steps to secure representation, aud
there is not much mure than a yeai
left. An organized effort should be
made at once to put South Carolins
on an equal footing with all hei
sister States. Who will take the
initiative ?
Address of Ool. D. Wyatt Aiken.
Col. D. Wyatt Aiken delivered a
very interosting public address con.
eorning tile Crange, to the citizens
of Fairfield on Satnrday last. The
address was delivered in tihe Thies.
pian fall. Capt. James Pagan,
Master of Rlidgeway Grange, was
called to the chair. After some fine
musiri by thle Cornet band, Col.
Aikon was introduced and spoke at
hoeur. We present a synopsis of hie
The speaker becgan by deli ning
grange to be a farm, and its obijeci
tile association together of farmers.
All farmers who had practicully
tested the proper working of GIrange:
were pleased with them. While it
seone parts of Fairfield the Grange
was accomplishing great good, h<
regretted1 to see thlat it Was not flour.
ishing in Wirnnsboro. Ile lielievei
this to be tile fault of thle member:
themselves, not of tile grange. The
Grange is inltetnded *o benefit th<
farmer in every possible way. lui
the patron must perform his portiol
of the work an ld mbust strive to belle
fit -the -Orange. In doing so h<
will -End benefits reacting upon h'im
The Spieakey 'Then proceded t
showv in what ways theo'Gany,e elevat
ed the farme'r.
It elevatos the fartner intellctu
ally by association with other -minds
Shut up the farmer at -h e~ine -and l<
learns nlothling, makes ino 'improve,
mlent and continues in thle same old
rut hlis whole life long. flut by as.
sociat'ing with other farmers, -aud
aiscussing matters of importane
by relating hia experience, and di,.
eussinig his f.'ihures, withl tile means
of p)reventing~ them -he will nlecessar ily
improve, andl his 'mind will be
elevated. Tho Grange furnishes
tiis opportunity fo- -intm-cha ngo of
thloughlt and experience, and carnnot
fail to,'improve, if t'heae'Opportlunities
be talken) advantage of.
Tho'farmers aR a olass, at~o less
-educated thlan any other 'elasses,
beoosuse thboro is more independence
and less eo-operartion between thorn
.than in any other trade or profession.
Thlose wvho do thot comuu'ingle vith
their neighbors do not discover. the
defects in thei>r ednoation. And h.e
w thi b w r. r A him
is realift no noth ,
r. 41en.c1 jllog tIona
of the praotital workings of Oranges.
4e:0entioed ! young Man who b.d d
neqdueation bittJoined the: Grsag* .v
several years since, and by assola. .1
0ld1ha e4o14st'his1f abd n i n h
fteen to eighteen bales of cotton to 1
the,tb2ule, i
The lanas in the vloinity of the n
Grange of which the Rpoakor is 'a di
oi6mber are worth twenty dollais an 1
acte. The dwelling houses "are all 10
in 'fine repair, and the farmers hare h
Bbs horsis and carriages, and ei6ry. ij
,hing, prospers. i 'hi* is all ' "
result of association 'of ideas .and a
co.operation of labor. They raise P
th6ir oWn provisions, and I st year b
sold oats to the people of Fair *old n
for $1.25 to $1.50 per bushel, and 01
there are now in Abbeville County 01
thousands of bushels of oats for sale. V
Marlborv is twenty miles from a
rpilroad. Yet there have congregat. 0'
ed 1500 patrons at one Grange pie. u
nio, every patron having his ot
horse and every horso fat. These 4
farmers never succeeded till they 00
,rqanls,d Granges. y
rhe Speaker then denounced the -
lien s'yetom. lie Illustrated the evil P
effects cf liens'upon both the mer- r1
ohant and the farmer. The enor.
mous per contage will ruin any men,
and he who is compolled to give one 0
of those liens has gotten so low. down b
that he might as well run his cotton P
off woen gathered. o
'In one county the recording ot P
liens gave in one year an income of 0
$6,500 to the Clerk of the Court. cc
In Abbeville therevenue this year it
is $3500, and in many other coun- s1
Lies it is also very great. The 01
Speaker's Grange allows none of its ti
members to give a lien, and' from fi
this the greatest benefit ensueu. h
He then dealt the farmors some m
raps about not reading. . Advised tt
them to subscribe to agricultural cc
works which are as useful to them as b
the law book is to the lawyer, or tt
the medical work to the physician. I
The old prejudice against "book W
farmers" must ibe exploded. Agri- it
culture in the South is fifty years al
behind hand. The delegates from w
the Northern Granes jwho came to w
Charleston this spring, stopped the 0
train between Charlotte and Colum. e
bia to examine a plough, and express. b
ed themselves as convinced that the Of
South would always remain poor until 01
the agricultural implements used tC
here be improved.
Apy bald red spot of land may be
taken and broken up with a two
horse plow and left to fallow a year
and then seven hundred pounds of rt
cotton can be made to the acre on it.
But old fabigned farmers will say W
"you tre killing your land." It h as
only boon adopted because some one P
listened to a "fool theorist" and ex
periwented. ti
The Grange elevates socially. m
But in order that this end may be re
attained, it is necessary to have
ladies in the Grange. The Spe,ikor
then eulogized the likoies and eclar.
ed that no grange wAs prosperous in B
-which there were none of the fair
-ex to make the.men behave.
The speaker then dwelt upon the t<
pecuniary benentse of the Grange, and 0
showed that by cc operation and h
wholesale purch ases, gre -t suvings W
can be effected.
In regard to the objections raised iy
that this would injure the merchants ri
be denied it, hut would only say that e
whore the public good conflicts withs e
the' interests of two or three men, b
thero men mnu.t be sacrificed.
'Tho speaker then explained the
secrecy of the (Grange. it possessed
no screts other than those porsessed
by other organizations. As the mer. ti
chants have their boards of orn- d
merce, the mechanics their trade b
unions, the professional men their as. o
sociations which no outsiders can join, ni
just po the farmers have their own
organzition to protect their interests, it
le then touched upon the moral d
and politieal influence exerted by the i.
Grange. It ignored religions and
creeds, mnaking.no distinctions on ac- e
count 'of themn. But it inculeatedp
chtarity an'd the Christian virtues and ti
thus exeroised a power for good. So 0
also it'ziukes no distinction because
of politics. 'But it teaches honesty
and inadepubide'noe, a1hd 'in this way ti
execises political power. Groat 0
revolutions -in .politics have been ii
lately effected by the .patrons "not e
as a body, but as 'a mass.' 'Poland, I,
of Vermont et*hibited In -Congress a a
want of of mianliness and 'independ. ti
enee, and although bre had been re
markably .popular, he was 'defeated k
for re-elootion. Ho told the Miaster
of the State Grange, "Vou d-d pa. *E
trons of husbandtay caused nmy defeat.
The-speakor then urged upon his
hearers to take 4ntereat in-the'Grange
and then~, dismissing the general, A
audience, delivered a lediture to the 8
'Patronts on the working. of the order. ft
M~~""hui Without lands.
[Philade\phia Correspondence New York
Tribune.J a
The samte of macohine -mnusic ap,. di
pears to have been attained i-n an 0
ingenious invention.just perfected by A
Messrs. Schmnoelo of this city, which
was exhibited last evening -in 'Horti- ,
cultural Hlall to<a few inited guest.o
The apparatus reads notes and plays di
tupon an organ with absolute correct.
'ness of ime aud touch, 'the only -asd
satance git.n it by the operator le
bngtfeeddin the end of,a rolof w
)- A-So4d. atba
h 901 6 foilpite
to irony. - ;
le Old "Fathert g e a lb
of W004*U e'!9S
ltraoh1 Ri ,"I
' days $ioe, aged seent year e
Ig olored mas namd 4ties
e Jenkins, was drowned in Speneer's
in mili pond, near WilliMa4ut lass
is week.
TWre w Iakme tu e 8oo,eld IM;
ling Mills, at Atlanta, 800 lb ROtmbe
have struok and the mill has beajlia
e working.
Buck Eye Bee-If Ito
i And Moth Trap.
C ONNO R OLOWNEY & CO., proprle.
* tore for the counties of Fairreld and
Ie Ch ster, offer Fasm Rinhtl to qmake
nd use the same with sample hive for
d a$10.00. Apply as once andt be teady to
house the frat swarnis.
wit 10 - innabnro.
10 VW&M X0A
A Full Corps of Able Professrs.
e Complete outfit of Arms, Apparatus,
r. Eto., for thorough mental and physical
training. Looation noted for healthful.
ness. and possessing Railroad and Tele.
9 graphic facilities. For Illustratod Cat
g logue apply to Principal.
Deable Turbine Water Wheel,
Manufactured b
POOLo & lhvaT,
Dimle!, Stoa, Dnlojo,
s always relilea satn
t of
68 0 t r
TTE are agents ter a larg. New Yor
lv TEA HOUSE, and bays no~w o
d hand Gunpowd er and Young ilys. n Tea
bput up in one lb. andi b . tin canisters
warranted full weight a ud to give stoi
6e faotion or the purchase
5 Money Refunded!I
'.'s low. Give them atial.
TH RA Isaay
whichcan b eure by.
* imeyrsr o hssa
e, p et r It isY ackoR
ehichby mane purminbyt
timelyarsor to bethe st
rdbl preparation ver bin
t rovued for th rnred fan
and esimonea'ereceivdto thel,
sanetied by they epriene
a phesreda to bsaonit mst.
~ rdmefo toeeli ad
I: uan inferd the publiever
oases of Coughs Bronchitis,
. Croup, W nolg Cough,
e influenza, AC.o.w.,
&ore Throat, Pains or Sore.
MesIn the Chest and Side,
Liver Complaint, Bleeding
alt ae Lungs, &o. Wistarfs
Balsam does not dyup a
C3 oitgh, arnd leave the cause
behind, as Is t'h case witha
k. most preparations, but it
r loosens and cleanses the
lungs, and allays Irritation
thus'remnoving the cause .1
a eeemnlaint
es~ ___se
OMbs IN RA1 Of OUR Ud s
,. 0.
-u # e0-rt id mo hi l *i
NO. 2hAW Ri ,
ht Warehouse 444 1.ble attached to
the. store foCIA .owne4 by John it
lathel tt 14 for ,0 Posse!sion given,
libmediately or next ill A Iy to
~ 8. dUti ul IMEro.
''une 214
A'LL partw idlitbd to the estate of
N MNegroin, deceased, are to
questel to tooke*.ibnnetliat* payment, an
all phrtles hol8ihk olaims againte th
sa*e.,.are requested to Prefent them #
1i4tandersikned at Blackstock.
j 2-1m J. Am'r.
818t .AGAIN! 3375
L6uisville We. ekly
GOUVI0P - %IOuxial
Continues for the pre-nt jra is is& t.fra
;arrangemet, wheveby, on the 81o o
December, 1876,.it will distribute impar
tali1 among its subsoriberl,
in presents, comprising twelve hundred
uleful and beautiful artioles.
The Couriler-Journal is a lohgj-etablish
ed, live. wide.awake, progressive, neway,
bright and spicy paper.
No othor paper offers ruch inducreniii
to sbooribers and club agents. Cirsulars
with full psrtietlrs and specimen copies
sent free 0-1 application.
Tertns, $2.00 a year and liberal offers io
Daily edition $12. Postage prepaid on
all papers without extra oharge.
Address. W. N. IiALDEMAN,
Pres. Louisville Courier-Journal Co.,
Louisville, Ky.
Southern Life Insiurance Con
Agents and executive officers of
8outh Carolina Department of the boutrh.
ern Life Insuranoe Compniy have Ap.
pointed the following named genulem
officers, Exeautive Committee and Tru%tees
of the Fairfield Auxiliary Board, touth
etn Life Insurance Company.
SAMUEI, B. CLOWNEY. President.
GEO. H MoM ASTER, Vice-President.
JA$. W. LAW, 8eorelary.
COL. JAS. 11. RION. Attorney.
D. R. Flerniken, F. Elder, F. Gerig.
J. :. Douglass, V. D. Aiken, Sam'
Catheart, G. A. White.
G. It MoMaster, D. R. Flenniken. T.
R. Robertson, 1i. .. Elliott. James Hf.
Rion, flenry N. Obear, Geoige '. Wite,
P. Gerig. Sam'I H. Clown#y, W. D. Aiken,
i.E. Ellison Jr.. Jan. A. Driea F Elder,
J S. Douglaom, W. 11. 719ainiken. kana'l
Catheart, It. A. lerron, it. %I. Davis
may 20
G REAT Remed, 61Seven Seals oir
G6140ftr ' which. is
recommi ende I for A11 asbee or pains, anA
is t brown upon its own merits. No cure.,
no pay, is the motto. For sale by JR. ii
Jenninga. who s agent for Fairgerdi Ch,
ty, and willi take pleaenva. In fitli ng or
ders for druggists and country merchant ,
Dr. W. R. Aihen, of Wisnsboro will keep
i6 on bandl. For fiwrber pargi cula rsp.
ply to iR. NI. JENI N3NI4& CO.,,
Winusboro, 8. g..
OUR Spring stoc k has now arrived an
'we invite the inspection of all buLy
era. A Lu. lot of
Dress Goods at Low Pr'fees.
Millinery opening this week. C'ome one
come all, give D). Lauderdale a call, sad
bring the mooney.
april 6-t:n
Notice to t3choot Trustees.
Oruios of SCooorCostssroxNa.
BT an aet approved March 8th 1871,
...it is-providedl that e'an annual meet.
lng of each school dist riot shall be held on
t,e last Saturday in June of each year at
12 o'clook M. ziotice of *he time and
place being given by the clerk of the
bcard of Trnstees by posting written or
printed notices in the public places of the
district at least ten days before th- meat.
lag.'' It also provides that at sneh meet.
lag the inhabitants qualified to vote at a
sohonl election lawfully assembled shall
hay., power to appoitta chairn-an. to ad.
journ from time to time, and to choose a
clerk ; aho shall possess the qualification
of a voter and to raise by a tax in addition
to the sutas apportionied by the Stat e to r
school., further sums of money not ex.
ceeding three dollars for et ery child in the
district between the ages of six and sa.
teen, said euma to be collected by the
County Treasurer, subjrot to the orJet of
the truWteds, contersigned by the ('ommis.
sioner, to be used as shall be agreed
upon at the meeting, plther for salaries of
teachers or for the creeoiton or repa4ra -of
school buildings, or payment of hardiA
eiebts, together with other powers as Will
be seen,on referene to the aot above men
You are therefore instructed to an
huounoe such meetings in your respeotiva
diasalits on Satinrday the 28th June at
12 M. at, such places es shall be agresa
upon by the veseidtive boards of ttfustees.
. The clerks of Te' -eupeotive'boarde will
call at ray oMile tr 'blanks snd instruc.
W. 2.04AWFOPRb
jan' }8 i6 16 Bobool Con misside,
Af wvgoea Migns just, teevea and
ft sal., at -tre Drug 8tare of , 9
to 4
son to transmit the pQ1wkr from
istant bank of keys -openat
etrical organ has been exhibit4
:London for .s tim p4-1
i Sohmoel btrutden the 'elott
arrent is endued with a seemil
teligepoe, ald ,distinguishes qi
es in the same way a blind ml
>es-by feeling. Marvelous as tb
)pears at first thoughti it is simp
ipugh. The soor4 is written o0
roll of stout p per by cuttit
>r4 through it in tle form I
14ares or parallelograms. Ti
idlg instfument,Awilh. is aboi
arge as .a . sowing machine,
*ovided with a unititude of ema
r a fngers,~each'ef which is co
sted by a wire with the ipe of tt
' an which it operates. The ra
nusio is fed in over a brass tub
ihen the angers rest on the pa I
pleotrio current in tralsmitted,
luse paper ij a non-oonduotor ; bi
benever they fall into the hol,
it in it, they touch the brass beloi
ie current is tranimitted, and ti
und produced.
Tto length of the note is governu
, t6. length of the alIt in the p
ir. A noiseless bellows.machin
k by wind conducted through
Iiae from the, organ, works the feel
ig apparatus. To aid in producit
'ohestral effoots, drums, oymbal
ills, etc., are added to the ordinai
pe organ, and operated by eleoti
ty, in the same manner as tl
ipes. A greatly increased volun
sound and much jicher harmon
mbinations can be made by th
istrunent than it is possible for
ogle performer to produce upon a
-gan, in consequence of the fa
iat the performer has only ils tf
lgers, while the eleotrical machit
is two hundred, and o-a strike
any notes at once as desired. A
ie notes on the organ that can I
Pibined into a chord can I
rought out together. The ove
ires to "Seminamide" and "Willia
oil" wore performed last evenir
ith pleasing effect. As the readir
strumuent is mechanically acoural
id the score corrotly written, thei
ere of course no falso notes.
as obviously machine music, ho
rer, but machine music of the higi
it order, and might readily hai
en miataken for the performanq
a well drilled, but rather spiritle,
ohestra. The inventors hope soc
apply their device to a piano.
rhe U. S. man of war, Saranac, wi
oently lost in Jobntou's straits.
The Associated Press have incren
I the length of their daily de
itches about thirty per cent.
Prof. J. Wood Davidson has joins
is large army of critics of Shermai
emoirs. He; shows that Shorm
ally burned Columbia.
The Sioux Indians are on the rat
ige, and a war is imminent. TI
idians do not wish to surrender ti
lacks Hills to the miiners.
It is said thie President las moe
iLong Branch to prevent the birn
an English subject in the wbil
couse. Such an excperime;nt he thin!
ould be Sartoris-ky.
Beach closed on Thursdaiy in tI
aecber case and made a motion
.-opeu the case to admit the no
ridenoe claimed to have been r,
mnoly discoveredl. A rgume~ hi
3en ordered on tl-e point
Too mu'el Iloppce.
A party of ragged Chinamen ri
trned to San Francisco the oth,
ty from Nebraska whore they he
5an farming and mournfully at
)Ilfdentially told'a reporter:"T
uchee hoppee all around like hell
Whbile Postm iEneral Jewe
going the rounds he might at
own to Texa4, wheie it Is said thei
a mail-route contract for a son
eckly service, but is only porfori
I monthly by a boy on a mustar
any at $400 per annum, the co
actors receiving the trifle of $84
"No, gentlemen of the jury
sundered an eloquent advocate, tl
thor day in a Denver court, "tl
latter is for his Ildbor to decd
ho sits there sleeping so beautlfu
r." His Honor opened both e
3d his mouth, and said, "All ow::
i. your narcotic speech, sir."
A piens young widow in Milva
me, speak'ing of a handsome fell
ho lives in her ne igh borhood, saya
I feel sot back a year In my religis
tery time [ meet him."
The Beecher scandal has reachi
fries., aud the nati1Ves 'crowd aront
Ladley ardi bratidish clubs and ye
r the latest developments.
It inharsit teust -be wa'id of Gel
utter that ho rettes'frcvn public 1i
poor mn.n-he Is worthonfIy $9;0&t
)0, and we don't befio've that b
ogs to him.-'Rckener Demoe,rdg.
An'Cng'lshman fell down stairs I
Lodon idtel and they fined hMa f<
sturiting the peace. Glorlovu bi
liberty, thy scream s 'hearO
meulca alune.
The Blaockfeet Indiansmainot d
roo a wife, but they can lest hi
t on the prairie and etab bet 'I
Zf tbq Uragnbyan Ihils -slay wut
n er in Charleston specie pays..

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