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SW- l W e re a e t'p
e of torrespOUqqUor.
Aw Ooonim_inatIon to ihs76e
will not.bs net9oUns'th6vs aom oupa$d'
by the rl s1t..9Mh. it
S- Any piar$ou Iith out partiLg'
know ledge of aUy elironUwah'ooe' itereal
6odreng In his neighbothq,o1 Ifer
a favor by falabhiefo/Anati at 'tn
Looal Notisee WO be aicrt'ed
(except by 1special 'bont aot) .t t,h
following, Ates.:
For tent -es . under.-..
Forl rooh ad<hdi' o n a...15
Closing Ekiaroises:-R. ft. Ula,rkson.
'Just Roeeved-.-B cM aster i'Briowe
0o.1ir lA.P. last week.
Woit~a .e nko - to M . Win.
or sopfe e ale . We 'oaa re
1* d10 *1
* ~1.d4 Mi~dcDoiar&! adveo?.
tismnEutin reference to the EHxpress
Mr.. A P Miller's -confeodTiory
establishm istookeil ith *obicd
- d6licacies of every desoription.' Give
him aall.
The closing exoroises f 3t. Zion
school will be hold in 16.6 Thespian
Hall on Friday eveuidginext.
An infant son of lr. and MrR. TO
W. Rabb. died Wednesday of oiolera
infantum. The bereaved pilonts
have the sympathy of the entire com.
Goon WHaAT CnoP.-From almos
- every section of the'County i.. hear
good reports fr'om the wheat crop
just harvested. Wo hope Wo will be
able~to say the same hii. for the
corn crop.
We are glad to-- l rha ta. th0
Baptist Church near' Grosbyvillei t
this County ktow.n a. ..Cool Brandhi
is riily apprdaching,iqfplbtion
The wivrk to und: the pedi0l uper-,
Svisioepf-ar old friendk Xtr. ic E
0 ooD CoTTtM. We' were sfigwn
j briYRay a1talk o cotton lueasue.
iug twenty incho's-in .1Io andcon.
ta ining' thirty -five, bo.i,,,Thl6; Milk
was taken from a eff ei l just
outside of town a d . .b t. .w
have seen this seasori. -
Major S. R. Fant plael'^d\iour
table yestdrday the first e->ton bloom
we have seen this 'se'asn.
This bloom was . taken ; frum
a ten sore field own:ed' by Handy
Fraser, colored.
Since writing the above we havc
received a bloom of the white bloom
Cotton fromi Capt. E.--J. Means.
The eitizens of School District No.
4 levied a local school tax~ of I mill,
No. 12 levied 2 mills, No 9 levied 2
ills. At a meeting of N6'. 10 on
Friday, thle 25th June, it was decided
not to. levy a tsx. We have not
heard from the other schooj distfietr.
It gives us pleasure'to ace such
interest displayed in education.
Death has again entered our town
an&itaken frog amongst.. uq little
ilie, sonoEhM t. anid-M ess.W.:WB Gil
bcetbile "di d'6f'olfolee'fim last
&bbiiira'y uiing, and:.wes irftdrred in
kresbyterlbru *Uhofoliprd on Sun
day-even,.nng. Th i <Ired'a f d ise.ase is
prevailipg to'a great extent in our
anidst. Alrea'dy four children have
died from. it, and several others are
.lying dangerously ill.' It seems' to
badle thes skill of our inost expe.
riened physicians.
TAMNEER.--Ol. S. Critt-3nden has be
come the editor of the GOfsenvtille En.
torpriae and Mountaineer. In polities
the paper, will of .course, contion
to -be demoratie, 'but Governor
Chamaberlain, "as long as he Yights -it
out on that line," will have the bedr.
ty support and co operationi of T1he
Enterprise and Mouitalneer, in his
"earnest and sincere efi'orts to reform
many abuses in ony Btat-e Govern
Bovnar,&nv.--''one bold scoundrel
entered'4he bed -ehamber of -Mr; W.
3. Oreight in which ho anid his famnily
wore sleeping, and .removed the
pants, coat and vet of Mr. Creighta
to the front door .where .thoy were
'r iged.. Fortunatey Mr; (' ha-d put
hIT0:1j hi gife ' the evening,
A it b*04r ITto,be coptqnt
, ;o.p9e5ket kele.a dd
t0enoll, The burglar madekan on.
trps..liougli: the 'windpw, ; o,t45ng
fOd-iertei ' the-'bliud, --o,, Ole
cobi)r Nas been made as to *ho the
s,but wo'liope he will be de
etaq and brought to justio.
Aj,..lterary debating sooioty has
-been-orgnited by the citizens' of
tigeovKy. The following we learn
*ro tbe'officers:
&1o. II. 0. Davis-President.
r.4 R.-I ..EdmundIs' and W. D.
Coleman, Vice Presidents.
S. B. Poinier, Secretary.
John M. Edmund , Treasuror.
The firat debate will be on the
relative merits of the works of nature
and art, and will be maintained by
11. 0. Davis Jr., and John Edmunds.
Capt W. iR. Marshall will deliver an
. This Society will be very Impriv
log if properly managed.
Dr&rn or Ms. JO1N BRATtON
Mrft. Elizabeth P. Br&gon, wife of
Gen. John Bratton and daughter of
the late Theodore DuBos'eEsq., de
parted this lite, t the ago of thirty
seven years on the 23d of Juno at the
residence of Mr. Edward Noble In
Abbeville. In the ieceased, to love
liHess of person were added the
charms of a true christian character,
and in her daily walk, as maiden,
wife and mother, she,, endepred her
self to all who knew''ter. She had
been an invalid for several years, and
her death was not unexpeoted. , Hr
remains. wore interre.d on Fr iday in
thei Episcopal Comotery in Winns.
boro. We. *tpnder our deepest
sympat.hy toher bereaved family.
AKOTHER BURO'I.Any.-The resi.
dence of -Mr. Wiley J. Davis at
lidgeway was entered last Tuesday
night by a burglar, who ransaoked
the dlothing of Mr. Davi- and several
other gentlemen who were stopping
with him. Fortunately thQ mid-night
l)ief had to content hhnself with one
dollar , and fifty cents which lie ob
tmined from Mr. )avi6' pocket. This
is.no doubt the same fellow who dn.
tered Mr. Creight's residence last.
IM-6dil'y night, as a Puspioious char.
aeter was seen going in the direction
f ltidgeway 'uesday mo'rning. He
i.a well dressed yellow-fellow, and
slenderly built. The Columbia
police had better keep ,n aye open
for him11.
SPELI.WG M A'rcH.-The spelling
.match will-e -hbld Friday avaning in
.tlio :.'lbeipian' IIll, begibning at
$.30 o'clock. Admission twouty-alve
'oents. Two sides will be chosen, and
the match will be conducted pretty
much in accordance with the. follow
in riles which wore ndopted in
1. The oipt-iina choose their sides.
2. A speller has but one trial at
eac~h word.
To set all ato.es, the dictator will
begin wvith'imple words, as ache,
.4. Obsole .6p ovinicial or techniw
optl words are n.s, to be excluded, but
iaish this proviso: That upon such
~ord& being.giNn -out, any .)peller
may have the right to objeet, stating
his plea. The umpires will then de,
cide whether said woyd is sufficiently
objectionable to exclude it.
5. The speller mary repeat the
word after the-leader, shall have the
rig' t to ask the meaning, or que8tion
the 'corrootness of the probiundiation,
or to correct his own bpelling up to
the p renuncintion of the word after
spelling the final syllable ; but after
the pronunciation, no correction wilti
be allowed.
6 . Three referees shall be appoint.
ad, who shall decide all appeals from
the decision of the leader, during
which time the apetling shll cease.
'7. W honever a spiler miis.es he
shalt retire.
8. Webeor, Worces,ter or Walkor
shall be authority on all disputed
0. Thc last speller must be spelt
RM.Davis, Esq,. will act a,
teaoher and Col. J. II. Rion, J. C.
Oald well Esiq., and Capt. HT. A. Gtil
lard will act as umpires.Two handsome
prises will be presented. Refresh
meiits will1T16 served 'by the ladies
'under wireso' alueptoes the watcb is
eotidueted. We hope there will be a
full attendance. Dinficult wrorde
will uot be .propounded until the
spe-llers get TWell under way.
Ribeeuber Co.' Alken's addreu.
4> day.
Ionor, 1iie his.colored school in
W ihnorGtburjay. 1'he sehol
Mce, rattgi'ng froni'five years of age
to mraturity, were neatly dressed abd
aVll bohavedl Largo outline mnaps
were hung upon 4bie*all, ind *t the
'command- 41M tasaa. .uavara
gohWted out the1vl,aa 1dIiInoiss.,
lsi4 and wateroa the two' heoie
pberes. The soholats* though some
were only five years of age, exibited
astonishing 'aoqaintauoe yItl the
subject,and answeted forrebtly Ond
promptly when shipped in rapid suo
cession from Hindostan to LouIsiana,
the So of Alarmota, to- the Ohio
River, the Anozon or lake Eric,
potnted out in succession the divise.
ions of Asia, EuropV and America
with the capitals of each. In doing
this they exhibited entelligeneo
showing they' were not answeilng by
rote. They tbon exibited profioleny
in writing, reading and arithmetic,
and coucluded by singing several
songs very' creditably. When we
say that the examination as.as good
as any we ever saw we are
not saying too much. It
was not a regular examination
either, but. meroly routine work.
Mr. Richardson deserves credit for
the progress he has maide in teaching
tie young idea how to shoot. Among
the scholars who listinui.shed them.
selves, were Abe Steele, Tommy
Ayers, Eddie Holmes, Willie Gold.
ing, Willie Brice and Sarah Liston.
These ranged from 5 to 7 years.
Deeming that a report of the finan
oial condition of the County would
be of interest to our roaders, we call
ed on Treasurer Nelson a few da) a
since to asqertaiu the amount of t#xes
collected last year in Fairfield, and
the disbursemente of the same. . Mr.
Nelson very courteeusly gave us the
required information and explained
fully his abstracts which ore models
of neatness. He expresses himself
willing to furnish any informati.n
.oncerning the working of his office
to all parties interested.
The following statistics were fur.
nished .us:
Total an)onnt charged to Treasurer na
per abstract, of duplicato $1,9i9,4L.4
By deduotionj
and abatements
by Comptroller
General for er.
roneous assess.,
mnent, &o., and
mnla bona taxes $1,420.07.0
By deductions
widow's t a x 2.153,90.6
fly Treas. Com. 500,00.0
Total nett coil. 17,989,41.4 -21,989 41.4
Of this nott tax colleoted, $11,949.62.0
was the ordihary 3 taill tax, and-*6.971,.
81.2 was the sp ecial tax -of 'l.j niHls for
past indebtedness.
Total amouRt charged to
Ireasurer, . 45,842,l0.9
By nett cols. 40,609,28.5
By Deductions 2,166,00.8 -
ily null, bona
returns A,076,87.1
By Comm'ng. 2.000,00.0-$45,842.10 9
Amo.)un' charged '$2,87 1.00
I'irned over to
Co. Coms. for
collction 810.00
Abat ement , over
ag:, &o., 386.00 $2,871.00
Ponr Stale purposes 40,609,28.5
Count-y "17,915.48.8
Peli tax 1,g 19,00.0
The nulla bona returns are very
arge this year, but this arises from
she fact the former Auditor brouagh
>ver the entire nulla bona re-a
turns of* last; year. -Many pieces of
land were charged to two or more
parties. There will be a very small
aulla bona tax next yoar, as the
A~uditor is exercising great care in .
preparing his abstract for tlhe cotr.ing
rear. Very few pieces of land were
tmld at the delinquent taat sales, show.
ing that the people of Fairfield paid
their taxes as fully as to, those of
any other cotunty.
Jome all you thilrsty souls thiat ioung4
about the street,
Ill tell you or the place whore yen hadr
better meet.
Our young friend, 8. F. Cooper, has lately
come toftown,
Von's forget his signboard as you look
yFhen wnen you are thirsty you'll get -
somthting good to drink,
But don't forget to pay him, for he's a
l1ver of the chink.4
There's no plae in this burg whore you'll
be kinder waited on than
By our young friend 8, F. coper for a'
Bar he's jutst the man.
Hie is kind and attentiVe atd se'oommo
dat.ng too,
Call on him for a drink, andl you will fne
that this is true.
is wines are all mnellow-.Qf the best
vintage they have been pi-eseed .
They aye ripened well by ago, and h'e Jeep
the very best.. .
His decanters and glasses are always
clean and nice,
ils malt liqt,ora are col, for he 'keeps
them tip-m ice.
In the moruing when you aYe 'thtfraty 'ti
milk punch will go streerly'Oown,
WVhen you have.drunk it-youa'hl be refresh
ed and altogether sound.
Or If a Cat'awba Cobbler you shomild in I .6
least desire,
He'll mak.e on6 cool enough to e'itraei laat
night's firs.
Then give merit dee reward and a oI'
for get young Cooper's Sta'nd,
Youw ill thank me for thehnn n
ke's.it the Ga4. I 4fd
C Aar.s LAN, EsSAIST. denouno .d
kit spirituous liqbore . as "Wet
DazOnation." Poor follow t he knew
whe of he spake, by sad oxperieuce, and
If If Ing, would spp the same to Aloo
bohp EOROU1nt1, 4 erthsed as Curealls.
But: there is one Tonio and AlternacIvo in
existence-the best the world has ever
inopn-whieh contains no alcohol. It is
Dr. Walker's .alifornia V inegar Bitters
ow TO EtxroTnIs'ninPTT PiOVPKITT or
Tug1 STATH.-IC66p your money at home.
Do 'not eend away for avythiog whioh you
oan obtain as well hero as elqewhoro. We
aIo not advocate paying $5 for that which
you can buy abroad for even $4 90. but
when you can buv your Blank hookt of
the host grade. At prides as l4w as Now
York. then, send to Walker, Evans &
Dogswell, Chat leston 8. C., tind purchase
what you need. All their Blank Booki are d
noade in Charleston. and your encourag- I
ment will sustain a wort hy maut fa-turing
Dr. J. Walker's California Tin. I
gar Bitters are a purely Vogetablo b
preParation, made obiefly fom tho na- o
fte herbs found on tho lower ranges of
ho 'Siorra Novada niountalus of Califor
71a, the medicinal proportics of which
ire extractod tboroftom Without the use 1
>f lohol. ,. Tho question is almost 0
laly asked, "What is the cause of the
mparalloled success of ViNEGAR IT
rEs?" Our answer Is, that they remove
he'cause of disease, and tbe patient re
covers his health. They are the great
blood purIfter and a life-giving principle,
I perfect Renovator and Invigorator
)f the system. aNever before in the 8
tistory of the world has a medicine boon A
sompounded possessing the remarkable
IalItIes of 'VI4OaR BITTRIS in healing the
lick of every disease man is heir to. They
we a gentle Pur4ativo as well as a Tonio, a
-elioing Congestion or Inflammation of
he Liver and Visceral Organs, in Bilious
The properties of Dn. WALKER'S
VINEGAa .BITtHRs are Aperient, Diaphrotio,
.arminative, Nutritious, Laxative DiuretIc,
sedative, Counter-Irritant, Sudori, Altera.
ive, and Anti-Bilious.
DruggisoU and Gen. Affte.. Sau Pranolsoo, California,
%ad our. of Washin and Ch"Iton Sto, N. Ya
Sold by al gaggIsts and Dealers.
lo Whfch the Attention of the
Ladlies Is Invited.
une 29
v'GON8ISTING of beviled H1am, Tu rkey
E.J and Tongua, Bordeu's Roaat Beoef
u 1 lb cans. Fresh Salmon and Lobsters,
lixed, Pickled and Fronoh Mustard.A
srge lot of French Blacking of the finest k
tuality, Fresh Candy and Crackers of all
'irts. fresh Augusta Meal ai-d Flour.
lways on haind. Also a large supply of
MVoEuran. .Ale,
Belfast Ginger Ale, and Liondon Porter,
Kept Constantly ogi Ice.
For sale by
June 24
["AT A, P. MILLER'S Store will be
kept open until ten o'clock every
ight to accommodate his patrons with
cc Creami, Boda Water ad other refresh.
n g drinks.
'june20-t 1
... .The Closing Exercises
F Mt. Zion Institute for th-e Spring
-/ eaion of 1876, will take place at
he Thespian Hall on Frhidy next, 2d
usly, 't. 8'olook, The patrons and friends
f'the Instiltute lie respteifully invited to
*teoud, R. HI. CL A K80N,
juno 29-ji . Principal.
Aeupl f Genta' Marseilles Vest.,
613ais i bc Combs, Belt
Line <les and fa s.Also a fresh let
if fine 8egJ*s ne' adut to'bntOe by
June 12t8 W.JH. FLENNIKErt& COZ
A. doul1e brake Engine (John Agne y
4.bldr,one hos'. reel, and fon
iaundred feet f feather hose, 4lI peg
srder.Ator' further ,atfonlars-address.
Ohiet Vre. eprtmen,
dasily6 lsaeta n.0t
. W. Phillips,
F TOE very best qualit It,. for I'nrlor-.
Chamberm and Diiig tnium. Foi
asign'and workmanship, U NEQUA LLED!
offer at prices that dery competition !
MADE of hard wood, and warranted to
ive entire vatisfation. I keep no inferi'
r quality. Use economy and huy the
eat, and buy whore you can buy the
Sleep Conitortable
AND BUY the People's SPIttNG I-i).
is the bost in the market without. ex.
iption. They are cheap.
RATTAN and 'Split ooat Jiairs a .pe.
ilty. Our prices are beyotnd coinpe.
t~ton I
OF my owt uanufacture, Window
hades, Wall Brackets, PIackcts and
FURNITURE neatly repaired at moiler.
olPrices. Picture fraimci iniale to urder.
Special Attention
GIVEN to the Undertaka.'s Dep rt
ent. I keep on iind a full vupply of
etallic Cases ind Wo',d Coflins of the
lest finish. All calls promptly attended
. My terms tare oash. I act. upon i ie
oory that short settlements make lon.
lei d .
,eader of Low Pricos
le Our Pricas,
'o Maintian the
0 L "e EaT db
june 22 ____
Tho Symptoms of Liver 0omplaint, are oi
tihe paint is in the 64io1der, and is mista
ed with the loss of appetite and sicknes
lerating with lax. The head is troubled
siderahle lois of memory, acoompanled vi
soniel hing wh oh ought to have bern done
and low apirits. Sotcntimos many of the
very few of theit ; but the liver is getiern
-Xc.O . '2.xnd .
Is warranted not to contain K singh
particle of Mercury, or any lnjurioui
mineral substance, but 1s
containing 'those Southern roots and Herbi
which an allwise Plovidenoo has pliol
in countries witere Livt-r Diseases mos,
prevail. It will cure till diseam eauset)
iy dorangmiUL's of the Liver and Bow
Simmons Liver Regulator, or Mediinle,
Is eninently a Istamity medicine, and b3
b .ing hpt. ready for immediat e resort wil:
snve nny nn hour ofstiffering and many
a dollar ins ti-ie and doctors' bills.
kfier over Forty Years trial itis-s.l]
receiving the most uuqualillel tosti.
inoiids toitu virtues from persons of th e
highet. claracter and responsibility.
Eminent physicians commend it as the
Effeotual Speciflo.
for consumpti )n, Ieadache. Pain in the
shoulders. Dzzinoss, Sour Stomnoh, bad
t..ist u i'.i (he mout I, billious attacks, Pal.
piltation of tho llenrt, Pain in the regions
oft tie ilneys, despondency, gloom ahd
foiebodings of evil, al of which are the
olfspring ola diseased Liver.
For Dyspesia or Indigostion.
Arned viith this autidofe all olimates 4n
ohiahiges of water and food may ho faced
without Nuar As a RIemedy in Malarious
Pevers, Bowel Complaints, restlessnoes.
Jaundico, Nausea,
It is lhe chenpest, purest and (ie 'bet
Family Medicino in the world I
tiuy n,) powdersor Prepared Simmons TiVdr
Itegilatnr unless in our engraved wrap
per with Trade mark, stamp and signi tuvo
utibroken. Note other Is geiuine.
Mlacon, Ga., and Philadelphia.
Shum1ons' Liver Regulator.
Fot- all dis-eases oft -lhe LIver, 81omaoh anti
Stileen. As a remudy in
Ma'larious Feovers, ,Dlow el Cotaplainits,
Dyspe.psian. Menial D)epression -Rest.
lessnsess. litundlco, Nanusein, hidk
l/eadho, Colic, 'Oosndtipa
Lien and Billiousntess.
Dry Goodas n&
Ou Close 011? (
One' Reputati
Gonmpetitio.n is 1t$b
Como~ and IbnI
.jn24AND BE CI
b pairs oi Lrh'co elhaihb antd Ihin de.
B.uck Bandia.
otton and Manflla Rope for plowing-.
Well li'p.
Ii Shovels 1 i sthanuiro forks, Thbs
and Buckets, Nails ahd AXos, Cotton
Cards, Hiand Saws, Padlock.,
duad irnns, doffee Mills,
Looks, Peorou ,
. ioh Caps
Taetco Pritme Carolina Rio.
6 liarrels assorted EsLing and Planting
lrar 8ate low for Cash.
Bo.aty, Be'o. Son.
asitnesi.Usan ptin to the side, SOiein
IOn for rheutmatlsm. The statachl1s afee
Sbowels In general. costive, sometimes a
#ith pain, and dull, heavy seneations tont
Of painful sensation 6r havlg left uudone
. Often complaining of welkness, debility
above attend the disease and at other timfe
lly the organ moot ivolvied.
"I hate never-seea' or .tried tuoh a
simple effioaoelous, satisflatory sad pleas.
ant remedy in my lMie,"-s. anes, St,
Lo ult, Mo.
deasloatly 1ae, *hia my tonditiolk
requires it, Dr. Simmons' idver Regti.
tor with good t." . Alex,. Il,
I tophoes.
Governor of Alabhma'
"Yolur Regulator has been in use in my
family for some time, and I am potrsuaded
its a valuable addl-tion to the medleat
solenco "-Gov. -T. 0111 8 tarter, Ala.
"I have used the Regulator In my fami
ly for the past seventeen years. I can
safoly reoommend it to ibe world as the
best medioine I have ever used for that
class of disenses it purpor4s to ure."-.
II. F. Thfgpes.
Prealdent Oky Dank.
"SnImo'ns' Liver Regulator 1has proved
a good and effoaoious medioloo,"-0. A,
"We hate ;been auqualnted wlth1 br
8inlons' Liver Melo.ne for more tha
twenty .years, and 'know t to be the besa
Liver Regalitor olfered to the 'blo."
M. R. Lyon and 11. L. Lyon, Bellefontie
"I was oured by Simmous' Liver Rego
later, after hav'ing suffered several year$
with Chills and Fewor-"R. F. Anderso,.
The 3lerg*.
"I fHavo'ben q dyspetio foryears ; be
gan the Regulator two years ago ; it ha
noted like a oharn in my oaso."-Rov. I
V., 'lo.lmes.
Lailes Inaoulen6t.
?M" Akve .givet your . .meditin a
thorotgh tritil, ana in o-oase 'has it failed
to give '1tIgfa0tIV0.'AllQn Meachau,
'Chattahooohee 'Fla.
4heriff BIbb (Qmmt.
.t "iave ursed your Regalaor with et
.0cesfulocroot-in Dillion 00Ol and Dys
popsia. -It is an exellent remedy and
certainly a .publio blessing.'.-O. ldastwr%
sn, Hibb'County 'Ga.,
my VllA.
"ly wife and Wdlf have*tlsua the Rega.
lator for years, ind'tesio 'to its great
VoIrtues.''-Rtov. 7. tollidt, Terry Ga.
of the beat nedloines-over 'maGe for the
Liver. My wife-ant 'many others, have
iused It with wondo,1 -eeot."-.4g, X,
1parks, Albautty, Ga.
'il hav 1 usel the Reguitr In ny Ta-ni.
ly, diso ~hI my regtular 'practidb,''and 'have
fouril it a'most 'valuable and swtiefaot'ory
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