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WILLIAMS & DAVIS Proprietors.3 A Family Paper, Devoted to Science, Art, lnquiy;, lodustry and Literature. [TERMS---$300 Per Annum in Advanoe.
is PUnJLIli)D WElLY nY
7.rms.-Tho IIERAt. D ir published Week
y in the Town of Winnsboro, at $3.00
ti vari4ily in advance.
SV All transent advertisements to be
Obituary Notiocs aba Trlbutes $10
per iquare.
Tie Gratigcrs at Work.
WASHiNGTON, July S.-The exccu.
tive committee of the National
Grange oontiqiued their Eession to.
da, in this city. Dr. Worrall, rep.
resenting the co-oporativo societies of
the Iligh4ands, was introduced to tke
committee and subraitted for their con.
sideration a proposition for fraternal
co-operation botween the Patrons of
ilusbandry and tho Co-operators of
England. Dr. Worrall has four as
hociates en route, who are daily
expected, to aid him in effecting his
object. A sub-Conimittoe, consist-ug
of 1). T. Chase, of Now Rampahire,
and J. T. Jones, of Arkansas, was
uppointed to take the subjeut under
coneidoration and report on Monday
iicxt. The committu also had under
consideration the removal of the
headquarters of the National Grango,
but, reached 110 0olusio, Four
cities-Nashville, Louisville, Indian.
apolis and Ginoinuatti-offer special
inducomuents. Cincinnati is especial
ly anxious to secure the headquarters,
1anld propoyed to scnd a delegation of
prominent citizens to Washington to
ca.nfer with the executive committee,
but -the latter notified them that
they must submit their propositions
in writing, and that no delegation
would be reoeived. A proposition
louking to the improvement of the.
business interests of the order was
referred to the sub-ounimitteo. The
sum of five hundred dollars was dona.
ted to-day to the patrons in Colorado
suffering from the ravages of the
WAsHING rON, July 4 --The execu
tive conaittee of the National
Grango yesterday determined to send
three of their members, vis :
Messrs. Shankland, of Iowa, Chase,
of Now 1lipshire, and Jone4, of
Arkansas, to represent. the Patrons of
ilushandry in the Cotton States
Congrei.s, which meets in Raleigh, N.
C., on the l3th instant. Time com
Ilittee have spent considerable time
in roceiving and considering the
prOPOSitiou of th3 En1giish co
oleritors for a union for commercial
purposes of the two bodies. The co
Operators are represented by Thomas
1). Worrall, of Alanohoster, England,
who is the managiag dirootor of the
Coulpany which is proposed as the
bond of union. It appears that the
British co-operative Atoieties are not
a scoret body, hence it will be impos
*ible, under existing circumstances,
to unitc with the Patrons ; but this
<lifiulty has been met by the formna.
tion of a trading company, hating
the endorsemenit and support of the
V united co-operative lodges in Enog
land, and fully organined under the
English laws. The prepositions are
to h ave two branches of' the society,
one in England and the other in the
United States. T1he board in each
.country is to have absolute control of
j thr funds subscribed, wbieh are to be
used for the purpose of international
change of commodities. TI.e capi.
tal is twenty-five million dollars, and
lal transactions are to be eaah or its
equivalent. 'The Blritish co-operators
number .500,000 members, and have
ove a houandstores,,'ome 50 or 60
cotton spinning mills, about 20 flour
ing mills, agricultural and hortica'
tural socitios, and a number of umanu
4factures, and, of course, consume a
large quantity of American produots.
;The funds subscribed by the English
brunch of the company will be em-.
ployed in t,he pur,chase of supplies,
the ereotin of warehouses, and the
'nanufacture of such articles as are in
constant demand among the Patrons
of Husbandry. The ship will bring
goods to New Orleans or other South
ern or Eastern ports if necssary and
they desire the Patrons to o-uploy
A their portion of the capital in carry.
ing the Amiersean staplos and pro
dtsto meet the.so ships, and thu,
tmake the necessary exchango i[
the most diroet and simple manner,
The co-oporators have a large surplni
capital, which is constantly on the
increase, and which they think car
be profitably employed in this trade.
While each braneh of the compan3
will have control of-its own affairs
the two boards will form a couneil
who will, by joint action, decide what
branches of business will be engaged
in, and define the method and conduci
4 of the same. America will send t<
Liverpool to watch the interests o
the grangor a branch of the company
and the English board will have a
3like r'epresentative in New Orleans
while the general supervision will be
in the [email protected] of the managing director
already ele*ted) and who, though an
flnglishman born, has been twenty.
throe years in Atmorica. The propo
sition is regarded with great favor,
and it is expected that the sub.oom.
maitteo of the National Grange, to
wuich the whola matter has been
referred, will report on Monday,
The Latest Fashion notes.
No lady wears a bustle.
"Simple" dresses or costumes don't
exist, in society, this year.
The 'round or shawl shaped fiehu,
the ends knotted in front, is one of
the successes'of the season.
Bonnets of black damask gauze are
beginning to appear, trimmed with
violets and Valenoiennnes.
Iridescent pearl is in high fashion,
for Ftanatics, parasol handles, dress
and bonnet ornaments, buttons, &c.
Polonaises have gone out, and con
sequently fine ones in rich raw silk or
in silk and velvet that sold for $60 to
$75, last year are offered in New
York stores for $12 and $15.
k,ittle mirrors, for attachment to
ladies chatelaines, are made of gold,
either chased, frosted, engraved or
sct with stones, aud are either round
or oval, the latter shape being prof.
Very soft, low coiffures are worn in
Vars, and nets for the hair are re.
vived there ; a few ladies have ap
peared in Now York with thin, al
most invisible, nets protecting their
lovely braided hair.
A new and pretty bat for young
girls is a tine and flexible Panama,
called the "Mai," which is trimmed
with pale blue or white damask
gauze, a wreath of white thorn, May
blossom or hedge roses.
Greaadino veils, very long, are ar
rang,ed in the fash ion apopted for tulle
Veis, last summer. The middle of
the veil is passed smoothly over the
face, the ends crossed behind the
head, thea brought to the front, and
tied under the chin. Blue, cream.
color and white are most used.
The Latest "Affair of Honor."
It appears that the Clarke-Alston
squabble is to receive additio ial ven
tilat'ion in the newspaperi. The At.
lanta Herald contains a lengthy
"card" fron Gn. A. C. Garlington,
Col. Alston's friend, giving his vor.
sion of the affair. The gist of it is
that when the parties arrived at a
house in Alabama, near the border,
the second of Col. Clarke left the
house, stating he would return in
41fteen minutes, but aft'er a delay of
three hours he did not make his
appearance, and the Alston narty
were informed that the officers of the
law were after them. They beat a
retrent across the border, but found
that there were warrantsout against
them in Georgia, also whereupon
they returned to Atlanta, and Gen.
Garlington announces that his con
nootion with the air has terminated.
Per contra, the Constitution protal
sea i card from Col. Clarke when ho
returns, and publishes a despatch
stating "Col. Clarke and his friend,
after waiting,some time, also left to
avoid arrest, though it is thought
they are still in the vicinity of the
battle-ground," and it is said the
Clarke party had shotguns -concealed
In the woods.
hook on this Pitatrc then on That.
ft will be observed by a reference
to the prooeedings of the county
commissioners that seven constables
had their accounts audited and paid
yesterday by the proper officers. Of
these seven Mr. Meoord has two lend%
ing dignity to his offico by their
manly presence. T wo, like Gog and
Magog over the British musem, orna.~
mont the portals of Justice 8l1l's
temple, Two while the happy heuri
away catching les or improving their
knowledge in "seven-up ;" while
one does the duty of Mr. Marshalla
oeicee, and has lots of time to read
the Union-Herald, smoke his pipe,
and attend to his private busioes,
besides. Now, if this can be done in
Marshall's office, why. not in the
others. and savo to t be county the
$225 paid out yesterday and every
other quarter day to those unneces
eary officials ? This is too poora
county to fatten extra and,anesded
constables upon.
The Augusta Constitutionalist has
received crop reports from nearly
every county of Googia. Almost
'without exception they are favorable
The amouniE of broatuffs and baoor
raised is greatly in excess of form.1
years, and the time seems not fai
distant when the empire State of the
South will be able to export those
products instead of purohasing thep
from the West.
"Yes, sir,"' yelled a preacher ir
a Da.kota churob on Sunday morning
there's more lying, and swearing
and stealing, and general deviltry tc
the sguare inch in this here towr
than in all the rest ef the Amerioar
country, and then the congregatio
got up and dumped the preacher on
ot &he win dow.
Hardy Solomon's Broken Bank.
The President of this bank was a
power, was spoken of for Governor in
stead of Chamberlain, and is tikl set
up as a dead suro thing for the &Oxt
State Treasurer- He was no laggard
in the last campaign, and though the
Governor may never have touched a
bond, and indeed does not deal in mat
ters financial, still there was the beat
opportunity in the world for those
who know the inside of things to buy
bonds at 25,,28 and 30 cents, and sell
in two months at 45 and 50 cents. If
the South Carolina Bauk and Truab
Company did not buy bonds in this
wise, it did not know its business,
that's all. Thq Stote cleared 60
cents on the dollar, and I don't see
why other folks with money oouldn';
do likewise. Some folks did not
have any money, and !hose are mostly
the people who have got lesa now.
After the eampaign -jame the struggle
in the Legi.lature, and Elliott be.
came Speaker. Then cao the fight
in which Curdoza was not removed
and Dunn was elected. The bill, to
make the South Carolina Bank and
Trust Company and the Central Na.
tional Bank the public depositories
was defeated by the veto, and, the
Board under the old law appointed
five banks, two here and three' in
Charleston. Besides his share or
some share of the public deposits,
most of the county troa.urers were
depositing with Hardy as well- as
many privato . parties. The State
owed him ubout $130,0000, of which
there was, as far as I can asoertain,
some. $28,000 . on the old $125,000
account still due, $86,000 for peni.
tentiary, $ 10,000 for Frasee's account,
$5),000 for Lunatic Asylum, and a
good deal of Stite paper which he
had discounted and was otherwise
carrying. It is reasonable to sup
pose that the fight last Winter, in
which the stability of his bank was
severely criticised, had considerably
weakened his credit in the North,
and no doubt had something to do
with this crash. Th:A was $205,000
of Stato money on deposit when the
suspension was announced, some $15,.
000 of county Treasurer's nioney and
some $25,000 of private deposits. It
we rumored that the State Treasur.
or would draw on him for $50,000,
and that with the load of $130,000 it
would stagger the bank. This caus
ed a run, and when the check for
$10,000 by the Greenville add Co..
lumbia Railroad was dishonored, the
bank clotted its doors. Judge Oa
penter yebterday, on the application
of Attorney -General Molton, appoint.
e-d Ron. T. C. Dunn roreiver,, by the
consent of 0 D. Melton, ooaunsel for
the bank. Among the assets are the
following :
Slato securities $180,000
Mortgages 76,000
Due by ity of Columbia 20,000
Other securities, eto. 160,000
Total asse(s, $875,000
This is supposed by those best in.
formed to be about the amount of the
assets. The liAbilities are
StalIe depos.its ,105,000
County Treasurers 18,000
Private deposits 80,000
Other debts, say 60,000
Total labiltes, s,y $318,000
Rumor says that ex-Gov. Scott is
in for some, $5,500 bonds. R{union,
TIreasurer of Groenville, for $8,000
cash ,; Weston, Treasurer Chester
field, for $5,000, and others whose
names will more fully appear in the
report of the receiver. In the
meanwhile, Hardy does not seem to
he much hurt individually. lHe still
has large private resources, and says
he will pay every dollar he owes,
but that the State will be forced to
shoulder this *130,000, which he
claims will offset that much of hIs
public debt.
There is a good deal behind this
suspension that the public does not
suspect as yet. The grocery is stilt
doing an immense business, and Mr.
Donaldson says will not be affected
in the least by the failure. The pub.
lie ef'eot will be to stop paymwent
of interest ont the public debt, and
leave perhaps not a dollar for public
officers until the Legislature meets,
It will, perhaps, disturb the funding~
procss and injure the credit of the1
State. It will certainly place the
investigation of all this State papoe6
the asoa of the*bank, in the hands of
the comnptroller-general. The comnp.
troller and his lieutenant, T. P-. Cavs
endar, one of the Bonannsc commise'
slonors, have been North for the pata
rtwo weeks, perhaps . looking uip avi.
dence in the Parker oase, and perhapsa
net. At any rate, they hatn just re
turned in ime - f'#r thaI: 6bep4nsIou,
und to take some diteot Interent Iii
the great trial to begIn on Tu'esday.
Governor Chamberlan aIs expeoted
here on Tuesday.--Columbia (7oy
Necws and Courier.
All life Is sacred, and therefore no
ato be lightly taken, Is a reflect it
wnich occurs to many humane perso
1. who carefully extricate the bugs fro :t
their strawberries before eating thea .
Ths 9ired Girl.
Dstrolt Free Preus.j
When she came to iork for the
raMly on Congress street the lady
Al the house sat down and told her
fhat agents, book pedlers, hat ruok
non, p-sture sellerm, ash buyers, rag
men, sd all that *lass of people,
must bo et at the front door and
3oldly r4ebsed, and Sarah said she'd
r,puls 'em if she had to break every
broomstick in Detroit.
And she did. Sb throw the
loor open wide, bluffed fight up at
em, and when she got through t ilk.
ing the cheekiest agent was only too
glad to leave. It got so'after awhile
bat pedlers markad that house, and
he door bell never rang except for
The other day, as the lady of the
ouse was enjoying a nap and Sarah
was wiping off the spoons, the bell
aug. She hastened to the door, ox
eoting to see a lady, but her eyes
neountered a slim man, dressed in
lack and wearing a white neck..tie.
I was the new minitter, and he
was going around to get asquiuted
rith the members of his look, but
larah wasn't expected to knpw this.
"Ah-um-is Mrs.-ah-"
"Git I" exclaimed SArah, pointing
o the gate.
"Beg ardon, but I'd like to see
"Meander " she shouted, looking
round for a weapon, "we don't Want
my flour-sifters here I"
"You are mistaken," he replied,
wiling blandly. "I called to- "
"Don't want anything to keep
3oths away-fly I" . she exclaimed, s
;etting red in the face. I
"Is t'ie lady In ?1" lie inquired,
rying to look over Sarah's bead. I
"Yes, the lady's in, and I'm in, I
nd you're out I" she snapped, "and t
ow don't want to stand here talkiug I
o a fly trap agent any longer I come
ift your boo I"
"I a bot an agent," he said, try3
ag to smile, "I am the new-"
"Yes, I know ' you-,you are the
iew man with a patent fat-iron, but
re don't want any, and you'd botter
;o before I oall the dog I"
"Will ou give the lady my card
nd say that I clied I"
"No, I wont. We're bored to
leath with cards cards and hand
oills and oiroulars. Come, I can't
tand here all day."
"Didn't you know that I was a
niniator I" he asked as he bucked
-'No, nor I don't know it now;
Fou look like the man who sold the
roman neza door a dollar chromo for
ighteen shilli,p I"g
"But here is my card."
"I don't care for cards, I tell you
If you leave that gate open i'll,
heave a flower-pot at 3ou I"
" will call again,' he said, as he
Nent through the gate.
"It won' do you any good I" she
laouted after him; "we den't wan't
1O prepared food for infants-no
)iano musio-no stuffed birds? I
ruow the policeman on this beat
ind If you come around here again
he'll soon Bnd out whether you are t
confidence man or a vagrait I"
And she took unusual care to lock
ho door. a
Spinncr's Ps.
The greatest distress was in S pin
ier's former department. He re
eome eighty people were disoharged
ifty of whom were women, includ.'
ng some of 8pinner's greatest gets.
I'here was weeping and wailing
inmong the stricken ones- all day,
emoaning their sad fate. Some of
he bramon ones,. who gained their
>laees by their charms, jdid not
nurmur. They felt certain that
heir ocoupatlon would not be serd
usty disturbed. The ehanges maade
iere were of the peremptory sort
nd are said to have covered some of
he worst oases of ineficieonoy. It
as been a notorious fact that this
epartment has for a long time been
~he heaven of C'ongressional mis
rsses. Their presence In the do
artment has done much to east die
redit upon the many worthy women
who have been obliged to work here
~or a livolihood, it is understood
sow that the most of the queationa
ble oharaoters are dismissed. Asm
mue observer said to.day, "Spinner's
Isarean is considerably thinned
down." There wore some really
pitiable cases ameong 'the women dis.
laissed to-day.-asep of poor widows
writh phildren 4ependent upon them
or eo1ort, arnd .fpen elleas, home
lesi g rs, $ua lgwith the world
oti a ones - 4Istence.- Some
bt thien #dpt.aileetly, and tent
inay desapaixfitg,.Whe* iptqrend by
the oiit a thre was no hope
for i ;.Dis l,a1 fromi the de
pa'rl*dn.are alhys hioduetive of
very 4dtussing aenes..
.The Colu*bns-gournal, describing
an Ohio polIiciean, says : "Hie Is san
honest man by profossion, and he
earns his bread by the sweat of his
One More Unfortunate.
Henry Sparniok, Judge of Probate
of Aiken county, was arrested lost
week on a charge of converting to
his own use three thousand dollars
of the funds of an estate paid into
hands. He was bound over in the
sum of three thousand dollars for
his appearance at the Court of Gen.
oral essions, for Aiken county, - to
be held on the first Monday in Sep.
tember next. His securities are
Ex-Rev. County Treasurer Dbard
EDx-County Commissioner Stoney,
James Johnson and Mrs. Speaker,
3amuel J. Lee, (all colored.)
The Floods In France,
The story of the groat floods in
[ranoe is rendered more terrible by
very successive aceount. . One re.
)ort states that more than 100,000
>eoplo have been made homeless and
lestituto by this swift and %vido.
road calamity. Throughout
raneegreat efforts are being made
o help the sufferers, and all Europe
will probably share in the good
vork. In regard to the late disnA.
era, it is p3rhaps some consolation
hat the overflow of river banks, as
Ilustrated by the Nile and the Miss.
asippi, is usually succeeded by sea
ions of extraordinary fertility. If
his should prove to bo the case with
be great freshots in France and'
3ohemia, it may at least prove the
rovention of future famine there.
John Condon, a laborer, of Chicago
while at breakfast on Tuesday, draw
revolver and shot across the table at
uis wife killing her instantly. Con
lon then shot himself, inlioting a
,ound which will doubtless prove
atal. le stated to a reporter that
ic was perfectly conscious of the ex
eat of his crime, aud that he had
ust cause for it. Jealously is sup.
>osod to have been tho cause. Con
lon was sixty-five and-his wife forty
rears old.
1h First Coifedrato Flag-lin Inier
eating Rclic.
At a reent meeting, the Charles.
eston Palmnetto Guard were made
lhe recipients of the first confederate
lg raised in the late struggle, and
ts this banner was identiliod with the
mareer of the company, it is doubly
)rized as a relic of the past. The
lonor, Mr. John 8. Bird of Laurons,
in old muember of the company, in a
otter accompanying the flag, thus
ersely gives its history : "In 1860,
3eforo the passage of the ordinance of
iecession by this State, Capt. Ed.
Nard Mills, of the bark Jones, be.
onging to the Palmetto Line of New
York packeta, raised this flag at his
nastthead in New York Harbor, and
jis vessel was mobbed, but they
)ould not compel him to strike his
>olors. On his return, a gold-headel
>almotto cane- was presented to him
)y some of the Palmetto Guard, and
n turn, lie trantferred to them the
sustody of the flag. The secession of
Je State was quickly followed by
tggressive military movements, and
,be dag acompained the Palmetto
Iuard in their various encampments.
L'he field of the flag is white, with a
greon palnmetto tree in the centor and
red star in the upper corner the
Two gentlemen returning from
Jamneroni, Texas, the other day, wit.
eased a singular encounter between
tarantula and a was p. Their at.
cation was attract.ed by a commotion
a a bush by the side of the road,
Lnd, on approaching it, they found
he two venomous creatures in dead
y combat. Tlhe wasp, which was
>ne of the large species, seemed to
>e the oggressor. The tarantula
ieemed to be endeavoring to push
ta adversary off with its logs, but
lhe wasp had the advantage in the
ight, for it wvould bend its sting in
>etween the tarantula's logs and
tab it in the breast. Tfho encounter
asted several minutes after the
vitnesses came up, when the taran
ula turned over and fell to. the
;rou.nd dead. Tlho wasp then flew
Miss Busan 1). Anthony, one of the
crsons to whom Mrs. Tilton is~ said
oc have confessed, is editing the
rleavenworth Times during, the ill..
iess of her brother, who is its pro.
yrietor. One, of her editorial' arti.
>ies reviews MI r. l3eocher's p.ubllo life
approvingly, and adds ."To errIs
sumnan, and if a man falls once, we
uhould not strike fhim while prostrate
but allow him to naaslre another effort
to gain the foothold he has lost. Th'e
Amerloans are a fair, liberal-muinded
people, who believing Beecher guilty
will- yet always remember him as the.
greatest of pulpit .oratort, and the
true friend of the oppressed of everyr
Last week was court week In Hali.
fax, N. 0., and there wore one bun..
dred and seventy-eight criminal casem
ou docket.
A national training schcol of mnus.
Ic is about to be established in Ljn.
Row to Keep Re,
A farmers wife wrote from Venies,
Cayuga county, New Irork, telling
the farmer's olub how to keep m-ist
fresh a long time: "There is no
good reason why fariners and their
families should eat so much salt
pork, leaving all the fresh moat to
the inhabitants of .oitles and villages
yhen the follow!ng method will;keep
peat fresh for weeks, even In the
Warmest weather. I know, for I have
used it for i-ore than ten years. As
soon as the animal boat Is out of the
meat slios it up ready for Cooking.
Preppare a large jar by Nealding we I
w th hot and salt water. Mix salt
an I pulverized opltpetre to one I
teaoupful of salt, cover the bottom i
of the jar with.a sprinkling of salt 4
and popper. Put dowt, a layer of
meat, sprinkle with salt and pepper, I
the same as if just -going to the table
and continue in this manner until the a
j-r is full. Fold a oloth or towel I
and wet it in strong salt and water,
tn which a little saFtpetre is dissolved. I
Press the cloth closely over the meat I
and set in a cool place. Be sure and I
press the cloth on tightly as each I
"-yer is removed, and your moat
will keep for months. It is a good
plan to let the meat lie over night,
after it is alled, before packing. 4
Then drain off the blood that ,oozos
from it. It will be necesary to a
uhange the cloth ocoasionally, or take
it off and wash it, first In cold water, a
then scald in salt and water, as at I
Rlrat. In this way farmers can have
freoh meat the year 'round. I have A
kept beef that wa killed the 12th of
February till the 21st of June. Then a
[ packed a lur#e quarter of veal:in the i
samu way during the dog days, and
it kept six weeks." This recipe t
alone is worth the price of any news
paper in the land. I
ow One lan Prevented a Pani.
What coolness may do in, 4eh
Pases was onco well illustrated by the I
great Gotman actor. Devrient. The
grand theatre at Vienna was crowed.
The Emperor Francis, with s3veral
members of his family, were in the i
imperial box. The play, Schiller's
'Robbers," had reached its third act -
when a cry arose that the stage was
on fire. Devrient signed at once to <
the promptor, who lowered the cur- I
tain, the actor stepping out in front i
of it ere it wholly fell. In his clear,
clarion voice he said : "There is no 1
fire. The emperor has .been despoil.
ed on an aigrette of diamonds on on.
tering the theatre. No kowest uan
will object to being searobed. You
will pass out one by one at each
several entrance, and be searched by
the police stationed at the several
door. Any masa attempting to go
out of order will be arrested." The
crowd deceived by the coolness and
the charge poured out. As each
reae1hod t-he dcor he was simp!y told
to hurry on, and Just as the last rows~
of the upper gallery were fi'ing out i
the games burst through the certain,
enveloped the auditorium, but not a
life was lost, though in less than half
an hour after the great building was
in iuini.-Brooklyn Eagle.
. Free Horse at Rest.
During the pIoneer days of lonia,
Michi., the town had an editor, who
was patient and long suffering. Some
of the members of the church got him.
to give $20 towards securing a minis.
ter; then they wanted their religious
notices inserted free ; then he was
asked for $25 toward helping to
build a parsonage, and he fnally
tound lhe was giving the church more
than he gave his famnily. IIe never.
theless "hung on" for a time longerg
until one evening he went .to prayer
nmeeting and was asked to leave his
office for a week,and go and help cleai
the grotinds for- a osmnp-meetingi.
That was the last straw, and hle
arose up and said :
'.Gentlemen,.I'd like to go to
heaven with you. I know you all,
You are clever and obliging,and kind
and tender, and it wonld be nice for
us all, ats a congregation, to go In
together ; but I've concluded to leave
you and dodge in along with se.
body pom Detroit, Lapser or Grand
10i p14.. It's money, money, all the
timej and I've given to this oburob
until, if mny wife should die, she'd
hav* tp go to heaven barefooted.
Th~ ongregation seined to reale
th ~ta free horse was being ridden to
deAth. They let up on the editor
aa* pacified him. Ho even had- a
s ecial ten6 t.assiganed to hina at the
o mp-meetin ,a9l was well,
lleatb of an old Lunatic.
An i1 nsa~ ~ng geo ag *0C4
esre o ahaed Iartwell Tt6i
Moandayd Ue4*s aleuathetel b
eitpaieti:this ins*tIitU6lobnd
been ?Rilit gf the same for b
last- tidty.in. idar. Ther. ^age
miore pAtientli tphe asylum thaak at
any other time sib..oI is founded.
The auhaber is nlow 826.
* Mr. Frederiok Yankee Is a worthy
resident of South liend who happens
to be a German.
Crimes and Casualties.
WoUCH EST1.n, July 0.-Two yoUUg
men Jas. Waine and Wade, were
drowned at New Worcester, last
MEIPi1is, July 6,--Robt. N.
Yerby was shot and killed ou a
steamer near St. Louis. His mur
derers ordered the Captain to stop
the boat, which was done, when they
took to the woods. It was an old
Arkansas grudge.
BOSTON, July 0.-Two girls were
drowned at Lewiston Mo., while
bathing ; also a lad at South
Framingham ; another at Plymouth,
N. H.. 'Four fatal accidents by a
bursting cannon are reported- from
Maine and Now Hampshire.
A Wonderful Planinag.
Gabriel Max, a Gorman artiet, Is
said to have produced a painting with
a most extraordinary characteristic.
It is a representatiop of the face of
the Savior. At a distance the eyes
appear to be closed, but as one ad.
vancoes they seem to open gradually
until they bond upon the spectator a
mouruful and pathetio gazo. This
remains until the visitor gets quiet
closo to the painting, where they are
again olosod.
It is rumored in Philadelphia that
John Westornett, the brother-in-law
of one of the abductors of little
Charlie Ross, and who was arrested
ind conflood some time since as a
Oonspirator in the abduction, has
mado an important confession as to
the noduotion of the boy, which
promises well for his recovery
though it furnishes no informatioh as
to his present whereabouts. In this
connection it is worthy of mention
that it was one year on Thursday last
sinoo.the disappearance of Charlie
Ross, since which time every oxpedi
eat has been resorted to in order to
ascertain. his whereabouts.
The ex-Confederate Olonel, Wal
ter H. Taylor, of Norfolk Va., and
Gen. Win. Barry, commandant at
Fortress' Monroo, passed, together
through Petersbuag, Va., the othet
day on their way to attend the com.
menoement exercises at the Virginia
Military Institute. The incident
furnishes a text for a remark on the
part of the Richmond Enquirer -
"When Gen. Lee's Into adjutant.
general and the commander of For
tress Monroe hunt in couples, and
For such gaine as the Virginia cadets,
the day of complete reconoiliation is
certainly drawing very nigh in this
part of the country."
In Madrid they have bull flghts
for the benefit (f tie poor widows and
orphans. At the last, eight bulls,
twelve horses and two men were
killed. Of the latter, the banderil
lero, Mariano Canet, was tossed in
the air by the furious animals, then
picked up and thrown up again. His
agony did not last five minutos. le
had already received two thrusts
from horns in the thighs and breast,
when a final blow in the throat put
an end to his life. A pleador sur
named El Frances, who had his two
legs broken and three ribs smashed,
lived until next morning.
A fter the meeting last Saturday,
Jim, was aekood how many mills he
voted for, when he replied :"Look
here nigger, you tink I'so a fool.
WVhat for you want two mills in dis
little town, when McLucas' mill dent
git grinding enugh to keep It running
two days in a week 2 Didg't you
hear MoLucas speak-dab. ooi wine~ d
me dat one mill was nuff fer dia fol es
and I wotod for his mill, dis nigger
did."-Marion ,Star.
A line of steamers is to be estab
lished between Brashear, La., and
Now York, to enable the planters of
the Troohoe country to ship sugar asd
others products from that port slireot,
thus avoiding the gommissioner ex
acted at Now Orleans.
A Miss Todd, residing near Raleigh
N. C. was killed, Saturday, by light
ning. IIer nook was broken ahd
shoulder dislocated.
"Mr. Putkini," said the broher, "the
world looks different to a man when
be has a bottle of chamipagne in him."
"Yes, sir," replied the clerk, "aankhe
looks different to the world.~
Josepb Jefferson, the actor, will
sail for England with lis fanily' oni
Weulpesday neot In the Russia.
Next fail be .will play ")i Va
Winkle" in London.
, Qop. Jit hn Porr It is re.
y'ert ,'W Wbs apollted to the
chieigioorhipof the'departmnenb
'o docksuin New Yoth. He is soon
to rosigzihis positibbu, the co4 lesion
ership of publie works.
Every paper In Aj bimi. eArfibg
upoit the people ty ~Sttr. Go and
regater,' Alaba ufafia d save your
Stato. ' .
The French government now pro.
noas to prohibiwt dutslma.

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