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Pubilwhed Every Wednesday at
Bay w 1
WT LI.MS V .418. fl
one bop- ou*e'year, 5 8 00
give " " " - - 1200
Son u :
illgren's Raid. 1
AND '111 CAnINRT. t
The y6ars which have flown since r
the last g on's coho died away and 1
the drifting smoke' floated down the u
valleys of Virginia have, in a mefs. 0
tre served to obliterate many of the
questions, which at that time, wero
uppermost in the public mind. But It
the recent letter published to show
that General Boaurogard was such an
earnest advooato of black flags and
n1o quarter to prisoners naturally has
served to recall many of the oh trges
made subsequently well substantiat.
ed against that Fedoral raider,
Colonel Dallgron, of Richmond 9
It has not been forgotten how this ?
leader pierced 'the Confedorate lines J1
through an unproteoted route and P
made for the city of Richmond, fol. d
lowed by his troop of cavalry. After t
is death and the rout of some and 0
the capture of his command, it was t
publicly chargod.,.that this bold ex.
pedition hal for its objoet two things n
-first, the capture of President 0
Davis ; and scoond, the burning and 7
sacking of Richmond, without regard I
to whatever might be the loss of life
to women and children. .I'ispatches
found and combustiblo material cap.
tured corroborated this allegation t
and when the direct statenient was
made the northern press indignantly 0
denied its correctness. t
As Daiel Webster, in his colebra. u
brated speech to a jury, said," Murder 0
will out ;" an1d now, after ten years u
have stolen away, steps forth a r
witness who at tho risk of much per
oal discomfituro, fully and with
overy internal evidence of the truth
of hhi tale, relatos a s'.ory, which for
its tcrriblo inhumanity, is a fit nut
for those to crack who so thirstily
nook out such subjects from the I
avents of the late war.
A private of the thirteonth in.
fantry United Staes army, a regi.
mont now quartorred in this city,
yesterday nad-3 the following volun.
tary statement relative to the
Dailgroen raid
-1 am now a private in the army.
I belonged at the time to the
Jalgroen raid upon -lihmond, Vir.
ginia, took placo, to Company E.
Fifth Michigan cavalry, and I took
-,art. in tho advance with lahlgren on
tichmond. I was under his coim
iand from tha coimneneoment of
the raid, and I don't think there are
4noro than seven of the party now
.living. In regard to the purpose of
our advance I can only say that
almost every man in tho .command
knew. Thecy were these :Toca,ptureo
Davis and his Cabinet, and then to
fire thse town at once.
* Woe had along witha us the thingr
to do it, anad if we had got in would
.have done it.
C~oloniel Dahlgren said in my hear.
ing thsat the Cab anot must be cap.
tured at all hansards, and then the
fire must be touched at once. No
one was to be assassinnted, but the a
fire-balls we had were to be used
right off by the men all over the city.
I heard some? oflicer speak labout
hanging Davis if ho was caught.
TIhero is a lIeutenant living whoa can
verify all that 1 say.
P'erhaaps they may put me in the
guardhsos, or make me work outside
for telling this, but it is true. Kit.
patriek waas to look after the Libby
prisoners and release theom, and they
were to arm themselves in soe
nrmory in the city and come over and
join us.
The above needs no commentary.
The publication as mado in the
Conse'rvativo prose is now p roved in
be true, and.Colonel DahlIgren will
receive the deserved obloquy of his
attempted- deed. - New Orleans
ArIstocratic Poverty In the South.
A tall, comamanding, and neatly a
dressed lady caame into our sanctum a
few days sinee, and after introducing E'
herself as a Virginia lady, made b
known that she was seeking a p)lace 0
for her son. We discovered unusual a
intelligence ina her conversation, anad
in the ourse of arunaning talk on
business matters, she said there was
entirely too much aristocratic povern ra
ty ini the Southeoran States ;that oh
people wvere usinag every artifice to
.Ceep up appearanaces and mnake falseo
improssions upon thecir neighbors. We
were forcibly impressed by theq eor. i11
reotne ss of the obsorvation, and no Vi
doubt every one else will be, for that b,
verything is one of the priame curses
of the ago. Strange to say, there
never was such a mnania for personal
display among Sonthern peoplo as
now. It per vades all elasses, all ages, al
Sexos8 and colors. It is soon in our
haomies, og. thse streets, an theatres,,
ball..rooms, pio-naios, anad woe thatn V
all, an our churchae. People will ui
almost starve fypr the actual means of
subsistence for the sake of snaking a Tp
little display in public. They will
hoist ans a istocr.atic nose at honest
thaopgh humble labor, ataud puff with bi
digilled nsonchlancse a borrowed at
ci a,. with hot no mu,nh as a ashilling S.
their pooke,s. They will ma
lina iy expAnse Ahapdo
irnoutwjen theirlarders are eij
ad the eook Waid unpaid. A
hen the Wevitable logi of evo
ces "thea fron the show tab
ad panolames, they are conau
ith envy and hatred of those w
esp up the show.
what Is more disguting than th
'am, shoddy shows and aristoora
isplays with nothing to back than
iet us have done with tbis soundi
F brass and tinlding of oymbalo, a
ocommodate ourselves to the roe
los of the situation.
One day a lady came in a csrria
ask Calot, the famous French pa
ar, who has just died, for one tho
ad franoks with which to pay I
ant. "She Is well dressed," sa
lo maid who had seen her. "I ca
uderstand how anybody with s
lothos can borrow money. If I wi
ou I would refuse." "Tako that
or my child," said the artist, off
ig a bank note for the required su
and remember that poverty in a
i the worst kind of poverty."
unny ilouth.
"Sponging" on Newspopers.
Every man thinks a newspaper f
ame. If a sooiety or any body
ion get up a coneort or a ball,
thor form of entertainment, the
iot of which is to put money in th
ookets or if the proceeds are to
evoted to charitable purposes to a
a their own glgrifleation, they t
omo very indignant if the propr
ars of a newspaper do not assist thi
y a series of gratuitous advorti
)onts for several weeks before i
vent takes place. The gentlen
liould remember that, literary in
i this practical age, work for mor
a well as for famo-principally i
[,e former, however and the busin
inagor of a newspaper, if he wiel
a keep on the safe side of the ledg
onduets his chargo on the sano pr
iple vs the head of tiny business C
blishmont. People who are getti
p a ball would feel ohary of aski
present of a pair of gloves from a
iorehant on that acount, yet aski
nd expecting to receive a gratuite
dvertisemenit is a similar demaud,
The editor of the Marlboro (Mae
rournal states the case very plait
hon lie informs lils readers th
We long ago adoptcd the plan
harging our regular reading not
Dr all editorial aneoineonionts of (
ortainments to which an admiss
Be is affixed. We make no exog
ion to this rule. In the way of a
opics we freely and gladly ins
ketches of all entertainments af
hey have become matters of hi,to
& is only the preliminary woak, lo
og to tie d i it g outt. f inicrea:
iatronnge Irom the public, for wh
re expoet oompeneation.-Print
The Aiken Tribuno learns that
religious meeting of colored peo
t Midway, South Carolina,
aturday night last, a fearful affr
ook place, which resulted in t
oath of two or three men.
A man up the lake wants to ku
rhat "holoeaust" is. As near as
an make to from an Omaha paj
eroro us it is used to make an ai
lo on the burning of a hiorse.b
end( sort o' high toned.-.Det
reec~ Preas.
Minnie, you eant learn to play<
luot well unless unature has fitted a
>r it, but striped stockings w
Bsist yen vot'y materially.
edasday Morning, July 18 8%
The American rifle team are ear
g off most of the prizes in Irela1
heir visit has been a perfect o'
The demo~ouis' of thNe l andi
rest are very foolish tc quarrel o'
mances. The first thing to do is
hip the radical party, and rest,
sao to the South. Then and
afore should they begin to quar
ter money. The only hope the ra
ls have is in the democracy mnt
g some stupid blunder.
The New Yok'Iorld hias~ had
aporters interviewving the leadi
orgy men and lawyers of th a w
id South concerning the guilt
cohor. The preaohors say he
nooent but the lawyers bring in
irdiet of guilty. The latter are t
ast judges of evidene.
The Homestead Law.
We were struoi the other day wi
applieation of the homestead lt
bioh shows that that boasted pi
sion, for the poor man, is not
tinitigated blessing.
The oireumstanoes were thesa
so wife of a decent, bardworktr
t poor colored man, was convict,
fore a Trial Jusitice of the veni
d teehnical offoee of a trespas
s light w in the offr.ca +tha t
D- -Justioe onif 4 .od fine of one b
Ve .01 T u 77,-howevor, bet
i ng' a 9 the dooision, 0
0 desir' to .a higher juris V n
ls diotii; A n, to keep hisi
ed wife from jaI he offered to '
h1 sign her r og IfaSo . This the th<
iso 1;s.100 fid at thw"' alI amount of si
tie two hundred dollars. 'T i n
? was worth doublo,-iM.a roIn u
1g unfortunately, 'tfi0-he'iMeS't&ad 'law, In,
. protected (?) him, and as his proper. W
ty did not Ox6decd the tmo.n6 exopt- -r
go ed, he'was'in thd a'me -p"sitibri -at Be
irA though opoouniariiy ,wortble..s .ud do
Is" thii Justic could not aotopt kim as a ve
Suoty. And so omplled of
it either to abandon' hisippoal or lot st
oh his wife li in the jil. -th
ire Iho Radioal party, claimning to.Ve ce
to the proteotion of'tho-pi)rli thed
m parent of this law ; aud it js dn of I
ilk its proudest ahievenents-; but .wpn
- such are its 6onsequen6es, we ink a q
poor man nmy woll exclaim, Aaven
save us froni our friends.
. h The Crop Prospect.
of Tho prospect for good crops this Wl
or yOar is now very fine. The hus' been Ot
an abundanoo of rain, and ;n every'
be side, the reports are that the crops di
Id are in. good condition. Should I i
e. those prospects be ' realized, and Pi
i- prices not sink so low as to- cause the St
)m produets of the farmers labor not to~ G
he pay the expense of produing,, it will "
on furnish a great and much iecd o
)n, stimulus to the material progri-ss of a:
y ,he County,
lie With an honest and . oconomical Oa
38 administratimn of the governments- gi
)r, md although this much to be a
in desired result is far froin being P.e. P0
Is- oMplished, yet much progress has 4
been nide towards it.-and the a
113 planting interests of the country set t
ng apon a lirm basis, wealth and it> uf
au1 tonsequent train of impi-ovemnent. el
. ill pour in upon us. The plarter. .Y
I1 will then be enabled to spare some th
1t, thing from his liOn's, towards iin. L
of proving hie lands and property, edd It
00oating his sons and daughtqrA, . and 0V
surrounding his home, with those to
o. comforts- and luxuries, which are 8
ow now enjoyed ouily by; the wealthy. 8
&r And, since on the presperity of the ot
planting interests. rests the. prosperi.
>kt' iy and suoooss of every other calling,
(I the merchant, tho l'wyer, the 81
ich artisan are to the full, as much in
tS eroesod in a suceossful crop year ar
the farmer himself. so much 6
at has the comparative failuro of the fl
pie arops of the last two years affected
on all classes of the buiness communi
R y, that., it b mor- than I kely, a
failure of tile crop this year would t
be disastrous to many, in mercantile
OW life, throughout the whole country.
WO ut one successf'ul crop will r
..store confidence and credit, and a
ira ifuse new life into alhl busines. 't
-oit May we be thus blesaed this year. 01
- -- - Ii
The Latest Swindle.
en Shall we never have a good ade
ill ministration. Six years of roaeon- P
struction gave ao hope of an affirmna..
tivo answer to this question. But ti
Go(1v. Chamberlain has done so muIch am
for reform that we bdgan to hope that g
the government of Southm Carolina s
would becomno at least me.derately t
respeotable. [)p
But a new miusfo rtuno lys beifallen to
tile tax payers. . iardy Solumnon's re
bank, in Columbia has failed and in n
this failure have disappeared two i
hundred thousand dollars of the to
-State taxes. This, will greatly im.-b
pede the payment of claims against I
-the State, aiid oflicials and institu. al
t~ ions and bond holders will all be pr
d' greeted with the familiar cry of ci
a'. "no money." F"pr it has over been
the ease that the loss of a: sum of th
he public money will always give an
oer excuse for not paying four times
to that amount of debt'
re By tis suspenaion ajiothor serioup
*ot blow has been struck at the credit M
rel of the State. This of itaself is dc
h- plorablo enongh, but 'the evil is on
k' aggravated by a spaspioion of' fraud W~
connected with th.i failure. It will p1<
its be remembered that Gov. CTham- W(
ng borin vetoed a , bill designating tw~
a5t Solomon's bank as one of two badas th<
of in which State funds shoull be dle. or
is posited. This ti as a job. engineered I
a through by Solomon and his partners th<
bo to help their institution whioh was sea
loaded down' With worthless 8t&te in
paper. Senator Dunn wiamhy ad. the
vocatedl thle tho bill, and it is~ said 16i
thi he is one of thetMtockhuolderb. Oar. TI
tw doza was at' egblty with Bolomon ho
os and refused to deloset mitch money WE
an with him, )jt'alr. Mu' Donn>as e
bear, 0ojzptrolerQ,nerai Skto N6
S.fandato a large raKbdubt have been Zo
g,. depositeawikttide 'bAnk, and this do
d sum amout'now t320b,O00. It *Mi
al is riumored.that the faliore is merly To
a. a ruse,in order to- force the Btite Ps
i otake $180,000 -offits bad elaime ne
S mon in lieu If te, ash
ita, r. un bo p.
d Iv d th Mfet he
neo n wit hi I er me
tjo 1o Air fishy or
0v . erl - b I bse on
3 State, and by the way something
irtling- always happens when le
aN h ;Th'e."Uher tidto - Parkef
a erFostQ Now the Ftate
Io'lvotiba # y [email protected] dhj
o wllese what the Governor'- wil
When returns. It - dQej not
6m h16 evd'r that Inuoh 'oa V"b
*e., -T.e4Wiplo.%uattor .needs in
ptigation, especially the inorea
.deposits just Olfoie ithe 14spen
)n All I artios oonnected wit!
iatter are damaged by it cx
pt thdoe who cannot be furthe
magd. Mr. 'Dunn Is eapeoiall
le,d npon to ris d exilain.
uth 04rolina at the Philadelphia Oen
The recent public correspond,ne(
tween& Judge Mickey and Majo
oodwp.r'd suggests Some .thought
Ach:We to-day submit toWour road
s. We are free, to say that we di
t endoase Major Woodward's main
spositi6i, that is, that South ,Cqro
dians should. not participate in th
i0ailolphia Centennial becaus(
mth Carolina's commissioner, Gen
irbey, is a oarpet-bagger,.and in ni
iy idontified with the true interest
th "State. Gen Gtimncy may bc
3orrupt politician. He undoubted
'was closely associated with th<
iouh and and infamous government
ven to this State by reconstruotion'
a countenanced, if not aided, the
litical pluuderers who have well.
gh ruined .us. Admitting all this
d muoh more too, we are still o
6 opinion that the pultiotic citizeim
this commonwealth should be pres
t in full force at Philadelphia iext
or'to assist in properly; celebrating
e bitth-day of American independ
oc nud constitutional governmen
iii our right to be there, and wc
io it to our revolutionary anoestr3
g n there. * W hat if Gurney is ther
the official representative of th(
ate.' Will he reprosent anythinj
hor than the misrule of the Mose
Iniinistration, whose appointee b
? ;Vill be be recognized as any
Ing other tWan the exponent of
'ato government that has passed int
story as the most corrupt and do
iuched that has ever disgraced
oo country. Of course he wil
aim, to represent the native-bor
tizens of the State unless they ar
iore to represent themselves. Ar
edoseendatts of Rutledge, s arion
inckuey, Supter, Hayne, and
>st of others, satisfied to have thei
l ustrious progenitors unropresen to
the commemoration of a day th
ost noted in the struggle for Ameri
n deliveranmce from British thraldonj
they are, we are proud to say tha
e are not.
We feel that we are disehargsgu
iblic duty in urging a part.icipatio:
the Philadelphia Cenontnial o:
e part of the natives of the Statc
d we take it upon ourselves to sug
st that the State Agricultural As
elation, at its meeting next fall
ko such action as will scure ou
'oper representation. 'The Charles
ni Chamber of Commerce, a highl.
speetable and influobtial body
ight also with grcat'propriety, 1cm
assistance, if not take the iniitia
ry steps. At any rate let us not
our' own not, ' oxclude ourselve
am our rightful privileges. Let u
ow to the world, that, though op
eased and misgoverned, we stil
erish and venerate the deeds of ou:
refathers, and ore not willing thai
rangeis shoald alone-do honor ti
elr memory.
aro aOpoasional Correspondent,)
LoNDoN, June 19 18715.
r*. Alor :
WVell, yeu sce 'I a'm saIe and S'ound
the other slido of the Atlantle,
e bad a very pleasant irip over
~asant company, and very< fine
ather. I was seabsink for about
o hours, but dild not missi a meal,
>ugh we had, four meails eaeli day,
five, if you count the -7 A. i
ich. We ladded at Glasgow and
3re scattered, though I 'have seeh
reral of our'steamboat friend, hom4e
london. 'l%e "expoota tiom" AfI
country are more:than realized.
otything is' the 'work of age'.
efears of Atrfbrion iaro centtries
re. .Since we StrWod int Laorion
have nydo-good use of our time,
:tgge beelW thro6bh hta 'Brinshi
-suy 1 Ketsitgon:2Isih
oltghal. ardess Nofard~oal car
isj ioos of, :Parliagnant,' West
nis3et' Abbey*, SotPaicli Oathedrali
yof'-1nd Buckingha'n
lace,.'ana severa1'her Palaces and
a1.n 1 all the .ar.. i '- ow ,mT
SiJCCE88d(t 0 Ql H.~OMPad~ .r
NottarerO. -
r 1IH, aboyo itvnc. jq m would call
especoil attention to loolani,.c; Shet
MIlufaot urors anm l at nosl Ma kur. IV
will sell pure oak tained fluish ed .trook
o r light, and heavy purposeg, sis' low us'
iy hduse in the trade at, wit oles1 a I
M RS. Boag, wishes to inform her 9
friendMO-s nmd patrons getterally,
that. sli 1has jiust reteated from t hi Nor th
after lmelrclaillg a tai nid coinpleto
slock of Millinlf.ly. colw6i.- .g ,,r 1- r., 11--h 1he,
pauern. 1i1is and 1;onnets, Ne1%w (oosk.
Lsace's, n n-1 A
everything unally
found inl a first -class
Also n beautien* line of While Coo,s,
Dress C1Good1, Calicoes, Htosiery love-.
Nctions anid Fmncy (loods, !nd other
too 1unner tous to mn1ention, oll otf1 Iih is
VXIpIected to a)iVQ id he open for inl
rFetimn during the wvek. All I a!4 is
to 111 l and see lor. 3 ourbelf when ny goods
r-t- 35,000 IIcnrt Shingles for sale
Cheap for nal. tk
3. 0. 1ong, a
nimarch 23 ra
Nf,iE W G 000U"S!
00 pairs of trace Chains and 1am es.
Back banls.
Cotton an Manila iRopo for plowing.
Well K( p.
L. I -thovpvels i Imanire forks, Tub s
and1( litickets, Nails and Axos, C(ottoll
Cards, lnnd1 Saws, Padlolts,
Sad Irons, OoffeoMills,
Looks, Perut
tionl Cips
I Tervn Prime Carolina Ptico.
31harr7ls assorted Eitxing and I'Liantijn
ror- 8-ale low for Cash.
Beaty, Bro. a Sonn
GO 0D S.
I hnve.a . ~ j es'i c ived a frshI lot (it
Calicoes andu oither g'oods t o whicht
we sinyite
0tt' cnst omeirs w 11ti tn m now goods
arraving e*ve.ry week or t wo, as we aurneon
deavoring~ to seep onr stock
jnne(. fIlSHtIlr & ]I! (c,
(10Ns'ISTING of D)eviled Ilami, lTurkey
U.. and Tiotngue, ltorde's Ro taast lhsf
".t1 hb canst. "resth fSaItmon and' 1,ohsters5,.
Milixeud, likles~ anid Fronutl M~tust ard. A
large lot otf Frencht ilackitng of' th fin ost
riuality. Fresh Canidy and Urackers of' all
sorLt. Fresh Angasta M,Ial and hlour
rlways on hanud. Also a large suptply of JIust
lYlcEwans Ale, n
Beltfast Gingor Ale, tand London Por ter,
Kept ConstantlIy On1 Ice.
For sale by han'
june 24 W .D N Y a
B Pt,Bo., & Son.
Arail 24.1i
Trial JumNice.
W11INN9B0RO, S. 6.
All bitaineas %en (rutod to 11m will
receive prompt. ittention.
A 1.aI.r..tn. R. AM. DAvi
'TNN1dl A i i Al 1
riotte, Oplduna b in. & A zguisti
I ail f;id..
.Co t.w d ., Doeinber 2:, I F-I
IV b- v:ml IVerv Ithis r-,n.l onl imd
(his 41:114 :
TRlA IN---(Jo1 1 N 6 1:Tif.
iY eAnglita. at '. 0 a t
Colimt U ti. . , 2 It .
1Win4-noro. 4 68 y i
chemter, 6 :,)-1 -1.
rriVe at Clirlo fo. N. 0. 9 0 i l l
re Char11ot1m , N (". n11 t. .
6 o etie41 er, 11 2 it
W im-born, 12 :324 m
Couibia, 2.52 m
e 11 Atigistn 8 05 p
JAkS ANDE.1 iN,, Gaplitiolp.
A. l'o 1'-.
- wn n1.tsenget an.) Ticket l,.i;
0ouble Turblne Water Wiel,
Itinulmtired by
"JtUiazowe Md1.
- . 0 1 lle aud ji.1 -
-iianfiacturers, also,o fr
Portabio & btatioary
ang-ino., Steaut Boilers
Saw & Grist Xils, Win..
i ngMXachineif,(Gearing
for Cotton Xi ls, Flour
rP,!jt:% WhIt0 Lead anm
SMa inery, yraulio and other
Vai (;A%ory bo*t ,i -!Sod for Circulara.
Nos. 3 Broad Street and 109 EAst Say Street,
M'T, BY 1'.11NO ('1 l'.t-MI GRAIIIN OF 'tTO(X,
W) ;AN Ft'RN1un oilRK AT
Piries Paper and Envelopes,
{Zedding and Q~all invitations
I'.eiii grr l. , a l nC n I a l A (. rte , .
Ler B.ti, M il'M gi.te u
Ii .uk~ of, fro.sh ground JL )U IJ,
hll size and grades~ ii l fit im the
Granitei MiJll Augusta Ga.
'ull stock of Grnocorice, Pr ovision~
and Pl'Iant.aitioni Snp pl ics, n~ I
of whi'ht will 1ho Gold ~t Lt Ih
lowest prioces for UASt!.
30iTH WR lot of nilco spintlg Onlicoes
in at D. LADRAL' which will
old at- the same old prloos. Alsao a
arrival of nicely .arsorted millinery
s, whtich we gutarant.eo to give saLi -
r. Tr. Tr.
Eareoagenf.. for altar go Now Yor
TEA HIOUSE, and havo now
GI ltnpowdorn andl Young 1lysi e a
ap In onie lb. ant i lb. lt canIsters
Re'dfull weight and to give sativ
on or tho purchase
Mloney ReOf'umied I
" low. OJive thomn a t rial.
olleotioni"of ouriopitio, and relics
f 'e papt, io innun'erable. In
. toia sd qInep tbf 1g.
I ,l' gr t an g d , her
(bgs AtQu th'oIlin
I saw the place whore Liingstoi wfb
buried, and last Sunday, I .#tten,de'd
orob in the Abboy, and, sat noqrly
ovep the resting place of Charles
k4n4in tho poets oornor.
June 91t. I attended Spurgeon's
yesterday A., M. The Tabernacle
w6i oro.*dqd thougli it seats 5006,
numbers ha4d to stand up. In the
evening I started for "Moody and
Sanky,"-but did not get near the
ibuilding there were such crowds
around it. Tbe building erected
especially for them, will be it 6000.
The moeting was to cominctce at
8 o'locek but before half past six the
doors had to be closed and some
18 or 20 thousand loft out. Along
the street for a mile and a half were
ibinisters and exhorters catching
home of the people, to preach to on
their way Lack. 1 never saw any;
thing like it before. We expect to
leave London for Pais soon and then
visit SWitserland and Gar many.
*111-write sgain soon. 'R.
Entire Stock ot Dry Goods, ("loth
tug, Boots uid Shoes,
TO- M.A K E R 0 O Jl
-july3 _____
LADIE~S' 50Ait'S, 1"AN$, &C.
To Which the ALloention of the
Ladies is In1vited,
juM2 \e MASTER & ]3RICE.
3 - Il(de. N. 0. Clarifiedi
Sugar, 10 Bbls. N. 0. Molass
es (Choice.)
Aformner lot of th"se goods
a~ye given general satisfaction
Give Themi a Trial.

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