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..c O4%a,. & C~1'UE.'bS. S
a&" We are not responsible forthe opin- 0
one of correspondents.
AW Oom'munleationp to this offioe
will not be noticed unless 'acompanied i
by the real name of the wrlter. *
iW Any person in the County having Q
know ledge of any circumst*nO6 or Interet
ecourring in] his neighborhood Yili confor
a favor by furnishing information at thisI
offico. b
Local Noticos will. be Inserted -
(except by special contract) at the p
following rates. d
For ten lines and under....$2.00 \
For each additional line.... A5. n
Notice-N. W. TiutAp, agent for
Wheeler and Wilson Sowing Ma
ohine Co. it
Notice-R. L. Dannenberg. U
Dissolved-U. 0. Dosportes & '1
Carolina Military instituto-J. P o
Thomas. ft
Olainsware, &o.-Conner and'Chan. LI
dier. t!
Ordinance-.-Jno. A. Fraser, Clerk b
of Council. Li
Notice-Jno. A. Fraser, Clerk of s
A barbeone was served by Mr.
L. Poteet last Friday ai* the "gum 0
Fpringl' to a large number of our a
citizons. The barbecue was in overy b
respect a success. n
Mr. lau.' g ey (eiding "(ha,m'p'' a
wasviptorioum at the race Friday. le
lie beat Mr. 3urch's b-%y mare, l
"Moly Johnson half al length in a
quiarter stretlh.
M. L. Owens has been appointed
United States Deputy Marshal for b
District of South Carolina. 8
Whether this is our Mitoi or not, al
we are unable say. t<
Milly Macalony lodged with Trial a
Justice Robertson yesterdeX a con ti
plaint against Robert, and Nancy ti
Henderson for divers acts of mali. at
cious miohief. The parties will
have a hearing to-day,
Mr. J. E. Gilbert has got his
bathing house in full operation, and D
we earnestly advise our citizens to
patronizu him liberally, for we know a'
a great many of then need soap and Oc(
water, and plentyof it. ai
The northern bound mail train It
on the C. C. & A. R. 1R., arrived at 0
Winnsboro two hours behind time last h,
Sunday'evening.The cause of the dolay d
was the I unning off of an excursion
train a few miles below Batesville.
We walked over Judge Neils coth
ton patch of' a bout four acres yester
day morning, and coa'sider it the
finest cotton we have seen in a longa
time. The atalks will average about
four feet ini height and are heavily
WVe call attention to'the advertise.
ment of the Carolina Military Insti
tute. Col. Thomas is an instructor
of' great experience, anad by his ener
gy and merit, has already built up a
a flourishing school. We wiah himu
We understand that Juidge Mackey '
presented a beautiful U. S. fiag to
onec of the colored fire companies
froma Columbia last Monday, captur
ed "l)y himself on the battle-field."
Trho Judge must have been fortunate h
on the flag question.
Weo return thanks to W. J. igon,
E sq., President,of Catohara Collegi. C
ate Institute, at Anderson 0. IH., for D
an invitation to attend the com
perous institution.h
Our f'riend acrass the way, M:r. b
Geo. H. MoMastor, stands ahead at al
the bowling alley, he hiving made na
eighty-six points a few days ago i
with nine balls, ninety points is the ol
mnaximnum. Mr. MoMastor has borne Q
off the laurels thus far.h
*Tho residence of Mr. D. J. Seiglar o
near Ridgewamy was struck by lighth
ing a few days ago. For,tunately none ir
of the intuates were hurt, but a a
"purp'* who had soaught shelter -s
underneathu the house froam the stormn
was sent on captain jack's trail by
the electric stroke.r
(Copious rains have fallen In every mi
portion of' t.he County during the past d
few days greatly benefitting the grow- 1,
ing vegetat.ion. Faramers from every
side speak in the most glowing terms h
of the crops. We hope there will be si
a good crop made, and that it will p
bring a good price.
- - h
'Winnmsboro was exited y.seirImy V
ain street. Mr. R. . Desortesi
1oving his store from the old Hilliard
Drner down to a lot opposite Elliott
Co. This store was moving quite
Zcefully, and lb ia< sgtonisti.!g with
lat apparent case the thing can be
Auditor Peake informs us that hi.;
ooks Till be closed on the 20th inst.,
no week froto to-day, and the fifty
or cent penalty will attach after that
ate on all property not returned.
Ve advise property owners who have
Ot complied with the law, to return
ioir property at onoo and savo the
It is rumored that the Fairfield
ire Engine Otompany will have a
oonlight parade sometime this week.
'his is a good idea and we hope it
ill be carried out, as it will give
Lr wives, sisters and sweethearts a
)>endid opportunity of witnessing
it parade and listening to the beau
ful music by the cornet band,
and, without having to oom3 ill co..
tot with the rays of the scorching
Toni 3ron, .and -13ill Clapell.
ore firrested Sunday modirhlg bjY
loor Murphv; for ralsing a d'sturbW
ice on the street. Thy ware'
rought before the Mayor the sami*e
oruing, and after hearing some
holeiome advice from bis honor on
ibbath breaking, th.jy d3parted
aving the town treasury four dol.
rs better off.
Foil TIM Noirii.-Our young and
itorprising merchant Mr. R. L.
annenberg, successor to Dannen.
)rg & Co., left for the North on
aturday. As goods are very cheap
present, it seems that he intends
take the advantage of the same.
e assures us that he iiterds to buy
larger and more complete stock
an ever before, and we are assured
at lie will keep his word. Much
ecess on his journey. W
We copy the following from the
Mrs. Mariol Gibson. -daughter of
r. T. R. Center, and a teacher
rough the last t-es.sion.of the Colum.
a femalN college, died of gastritis,
her fat her's residouce in Richland
Iunty, July 5, 1875. In her gentle
id affectionate spirit this estimable
iristian ludy had greatly endeared
,r8olf to the faculty and young
dies of the college. After the re
nt commeneement Mrs. G. returked
mDie, and in less than a week she
We had the pleasure of meeting
Daterday our old friend and former
llow-townstnra, Mr. Jas. D. FraRer,
3W a resident of Edge field. Mr.
raser says the crops of his county
e in a splendid condition, and the
respect for nn abundant yield of
ith corn and cot ton is flattering.
im is the picture of good health, in
Let we never saw him look better.
At an early hour Saturd.:y morn.'
g a large number of our citizens re
ired to the traok near Adger's to
itness the race between "Champ"
id ''Kirpatrick." On arriving at the
-ound "Champns" frie ndsi became
little tend or-f9oted and paid the
rfeit rather than have their horse
eaten. When it was found out, the
[Dhanmp" party refused to run,
Stockinig-legs and Lrdy of theljnke''
oer put upon the track and ran six
unidred yards. "Lady of the Lake"
on by fifteen feet.
The residence of Tonm Dillard on
ally street was struck by light.
ing during the thunder btorm
unday afternoon- 'A portion of
ie chimney and one corn.tr of the
ause was torn away. Several per.
me5 were in the hoube at tihe time,
at none were hurt. A few uminut es
'ter the storm was over, the in
ate's repaired to the spot to aee
lhnt damage had been dente. When
io of themi discoveie-l where thme
ectrieity lhad entered the grounds
3 quickly seized a hoc u.nd com..
encod digging, saying, "I'se
on heerd of thmunder bolt", on I
wa to fine dis ones it it takes meo a
ont." \Vhethmer he found it or
it we are enable at this ititing to
IimInoVPAuKNT.a -JTheo handsome
sidenno of Mr. TP. Ross IV,bertson
rapidly approaching ooimpletion,
rid when finIshed, will witisont
aubt be theo most beautiful building
town.- .
M r. .lno. P. Mtathiews,Jr t.e over
muling his residence an Matket
reet. which has beta iJeeding, re
iirs for some time.
.6ugu leon is , also imtplroving
is rehidoee ,on Neultrie street.
7o are gladlt trae these -iiop rdve
ents.'t show. s aeyqnahsive ata
By referenco to another. column 1
Will bo seen
st all dogs o
thi streets without the town badg
w iII be takeg up apd shot ,45
is another good law passed by on
oity fatherv, and we earnestly hop
It will be ridgidly enfored, as ther
are entirely too many worthless dog
prowling around town, and by th
way they ke6p bheh fion laying.
We hope our worthy council wi:
also enforce the vagrant law as ther
are a great many, idlers pround r, et
seemingly without any visible mean
of support.
A second spelling match was hol
in the Thespian Hall on Tuesda
evening. Messrs. Gaillard and Cald
well acted as umpires, and.Mr. R. M
Davis offi-iatod as teacher. Tw
olasses were crganized, Miss Maggi
Ition and Miss Carrie Aiken, being th
oaptutns. Major Woodward wa
(6irst pick." About thirty person
participated. The first miss wa
"abaseing," then "a marenent,9the:
'ano6iint," "6inopotungk,-r MexihNes
ant," 'tiacca'onP' anli'ilr&p
olaitued.their vigtim, Finally Maj
Woodwurd .. d Vr!7 6id g o
alone on their side, confronted by
half dozen on the other. They sut
tained themselves nobly until .aeive
stumped the Major, leaving Dr. Aike
adone. At last he put two t's to-titil
lation and retired, leaving six on th
Dpposite side. Three more of thesi
ritired, leaving Mrs. Rion and Messri
J. A. Brioe and Al. C. Robertsot
After spelling geveral mord wordi
Mrs. Rion retired .on flTorrify," an
Mr. Brice followed "on ORubify;
leaving Mr. Robertson a second tim
The teneber then presented a nai
>f cologne bottles to Mrs. Rion as th
best .lady spellerl, and IV handsor
inkstand' 'and pen raoki to M
Robertson. After this the young folk
had a pleasant time which was kep
up until a late hou
I?IA. Ek"aosas OF 4OUN* Zio]
Mount Zion .oolbe, he In th
Thespian Hall li Mn'd4evenin
July the 5th. By theta'ime appoint
a for the exercises to begin the Hal
Pras filled by the f-iends of th.s In
Ititutihn. Oer" the tag was
,bield bearing the initials s\u'. %. .,
Ohe motto "ijxoelstor,' and the word
Vfounded 1773, Incorporated It77.
Upon the stagl, beside the Prindt,
pal were Mesdas. 3. it. Aiken, J. G.
McoCants, J. W. Law, F. Gerig, WJ
UJ. Dwight, HI. A. Gaillard) *pffi
aers of the Society, the reporter o:
hte Ni.ws, and the stri ng band; eo'n
iisting of Messrs. TI. R. Meber.tson
Wmr. N. Char:dler,C. M. OUbandler
IC. S. Chandler, 3. W. Neiglar' ana
l0. B. Gor g.
A fter music Master Willie 0-, Dioi
ielive.-ed the Salutatory very crodi
~ably. Then followed more mu,iU.
and after.that Master Paul Brice re
uited "Richmiond on the James.' H<
thowed marked *imuprov'emient sinei
last exhibition, and was "rewarder
with a bea.tifulibou!,uet. Charles M~
Cop'es. ded O ato4n')hetifpnor
ty of the.SeuI Ja nigd
Reoepet for tlsh
His ,itterancoe ats iidlioE' I
first but improvedr$The ) proceeded
H-e a,lao was the recip.iit of
bt>ongnet. Sammtiy .Clarkbon rendereo
'Exeosior' and also exhibited roark
ad imnprovement., He also was h'.nor
ad with afios-al tribute.
Thon the bond gave mere musi
ifter which Warner Etqypoliis rolte<
e'. comid pieoef on iiberfy .*frh he
lonounood as a cheat and a fraud
and was heartiiy applauded. Rich
ard WN. Feathierston rendered MIr
Pitts reply to Walpole. About tha
time the excursion train fro.jn Ches
ter arrived(,and the shouts arising
fro,m the pbtriotc Iunbi ot tIad4ir
ad folks outside3 caused a ceniation e
axercises within the Hlail for some~
Lime. BuL finally the train moved o
and the exercises were reaunmegl
T'homias W. lLaff routited' Lip 2ui
render very creditbly' his ut4rno
being quite distinet. rtdseph:N1oi
pictured theo9 p it di f't
T'hen followed ii'fo .fee a
thoe tns. N. 8bdl atft Paul
Blrices r,eqlfed '4 dgue betw4e
KCing dhlarfes ani William Pe
Brown M. iloMaster rendered 4
"Tribute .toj'h oljrghiT The A
#1. Miller egelgo of the P ros e 0
lamented the loss of Ifationaf obi,e
'.e h(:sf it -
dialogue sustained by Wa e
hintin ,i orated considerabi
* luto. to-Ask, isoitj
V tha e e ro" akespear
e Plea4ed with is e j law
S shows a due approci4tion <
NAO.; ver
i ibot hIs Intonation proper ana li
r oeu ge easy. AltogeAher his we
e one f the best offorto' 3"Offersou I
a Gurfg followed in the interview bt
0 twee-kO lO- d lopuoa ,h
e he rendered very well and ditinoct
-JU wanner was also very good. H
11 was a genet.j f4yogj$e, and, fqu
e bouquets, btAef&#f eti'd fo
- deolamation rewarded lis effirts.
B MIaAtefft tltgg~hjagta en :th
first snnd I 1t4s a V,8 I
did not roeolte the "Death of Leon!
das' as he would have 4.4 I. ,"J
aThen more music, and then follow
-a d:ialogue betweul t d 4
Bolingbroke in which Master FeatL
o erston was the husVi '.611 A]Iaste
a Jeff Gorig, tastefully attired in fem6
e nine apparel'withl chignon frills an
s all tOAt sort of thing, was the hand-sow
a though querulous wife. He aote
9 his part very well indeed, an
a brought down thA hhpes'eiphn N
Wlie eulogized Washington. 11
J . 'Catheqrputin.... a, yry..amusin
defenceof Omth-luu 'SwIt.2-- ric
a 8-ni y-t I not a S-m-i-t-h e bu
a plain Smith. It waioapitally reti
dered, and his announcement that i
any 3irl or hert half sister. wante 4 t
ch bange 4er name t ,omith;be oul
give her a chance, created great ex
eoitement among the. fair sex. W
did not see any propositions howeve
imade openlyi Cho,rles T. Goodite
eulogized South Carolina, and gav
, advice to her citizens. Then nior
Smu.io, and then .Mr& Clarkson ai
' n6unced the dstinquished pupils
a The foll'i thelsttfa eo1mig
in order as -regards studies.
r G. L. Milling, W. C. Rion, J. ]]
$ Gerig,P.M. rioe,..R. E. Catheart
.R. W. Featherston, J. B. Douglas
. 0T.. Gooding,,J. N.,Ohedd, J, 1
t The following is the roll of the flra
four pupils for deportment in thi
order of the stands. Jobn M. Wylie
J. 11. Douglass, Joseph Nichols am
f R. E. Catheart.
Mr. Clarkson then spoke of th,
institution and expressed his belie
that the present prospeats are. mo,
favorable than they haVe been fo:
Ile thon uinouhed that the prizi
for the bbst stand was awarded t<
AMaster Millng,, and that tho
Trustee' had'awaded the pt'1o foe
aeolamation to Master Gorg.
Mi-. Jas. G. MaCants then p e
-sented the prise to Mr. Gorig in
very Chaste and neat addreiss
Sdefining eolgenue nad orato g
giving ilhlatrat ions , from anciei
and moderni hitory, giving seoud
advice tauto the coure tu be piirruet]
in ordtir to boodme~ a. trn orator
A fter 'this .Mastors Shed d deliveredt
the valediutory, and the cketoise
were ended TPhe young people the
adjourhed to the colluge tall when
-thiey'vdshoed till a late hour3
The ex hibitiqn was a sueccess alte
Sreflects credit on Mr. Clarkacn. Vi
wish him much success.
yANTED-Throo good energetf<
youg pentosell 8cwing Ma
eniinas-.enq wanted for b'airfeid.Ooun6y,
'' dress with referenco,
Ag.Wheeler & Wlso MfgIC,
7I~N'y absence to the North, I desire t
In 'form-the public th.at Menars. A
6 .McKensie and E. 8. Chandfor will tak
obiarga of my business, and I assure th
pub1*, .thidy .*Il.endeoaVor jo pleas.
. HlAT on and after the 1st dty e
~ Augutnxal do.g fodnd guin)
at.lare o'~te dt'ela im hnout a badge
.. will lie taken up by the Police and a fin,
,r,s itiosed on the owner . A
6 i t went6 fi)f 't al
-(dogs not claimed wiltl be klhed.
- JN(J, A. ItA8Eft
u .02 ., lerkt of tho
~ ite salde.stit
Swalks or cr sa
rolling iiav4.a c1ielbarrows or truM
n , n,wl in a sil
~~ e~i~e dllind. f9;>esoo tn
tItor 0oyqrte ies
1 h i Aflo# 76.- '~'
i s.FA
0 IOH IO!V Nd 0.
f1~A8J&tu(... U 9tit lly equipped
Ith bpf&!Ats -atu foxAr trut4or sand
r h uruendent ad-Pf'dp r. is as
of Of I truoto .0
Juy j _4 et;en4ont.
B1t6W0_#WoO ta1e 13enilary a
TIA I tionil itt Its
ext'. 66891si 186pt'r.:.67thnd
eloh June 1014 '70-.
'Tie 1runtees aid atrons ex.
0 d pre 8. sheir uaqUal,ied conffi.
o enceAp thel fit and judlio't" hldh,
r in the h e'lde( 6er the- deti4
Dies "oAttemiistItitio "hnd,whtehij In.the
r futurel6will continte,to direoJt.hsd control
its ilteretPyp 4 movt hoartily recoom
mond 1 e a.jiport and - patronige of ail
who desIr~ g6 trafisig and a libur.,l and
substAntial education'for W li dauighti'.
Address for- inforaiWon. the t*rinoi
pal, DIL &r W. B.00K(IfARiT,
, Bee. IMoard trruste;s,-1%sv. T. W. 1illi
chiam, Doko, .8. U.
July 8-8w
.. . ..! -
r' -
.e G'. D ES*VORTE'S &Coil have?Lpy
p,tual consent, tdnd by expiration. of
1imitation,- fdr(ninated the oo part nershi4 p,
to date fro.mJuly first iusf.,
Persons indobted wilcoeup thieir ao
count; by cash or note by the first day of
a August.
0 August.U.0. DESPORT'HS,
WITHI ample capital, I will con(luuic
the business at t1he same stL id..
July Sth, 18751
uily 18
a. r ee n a
CmtuAltc.n st, Esetrat. ehIon6.
DAlinnation."triie P thr follo t;sheikne
tohe roespqo,y sad l xersnt,an
ir eivin, imadtaly thll olsasae toei Alo
existnct he casht the bory th.ais daeto
Dr. Wakst''s U .oi V0ng. DE tTer3,
WI oTai asmpll e apials l oero. We
Sthe besitgado, at, prh e s ado.. sNe
York. tent se tf Wlkr J)SvantTS.
Juswly Ch, Iat.nS.C, nl rh
:ic O9 harl1&oInIAndLu EI
motIll4th' btymutfcirn
enr OFFT DV~
3 .M krstateaava
f $ 1i rmte
tA7 e,found ogRJI pho w anges,o
.di bil;dE 'ofVIES AR-r.
o b rsao
I-eAlocinI~AN ibAr. n lmaion
tiveatin Jtora felow ho in Dili
whe~ofl spke by sd . earloc En
irlvn,A .urr appy alr o Apere toA o
Ilai hcb I~'ncTonc aAira y
I).rat~is faor i Vitneg ar ,ante4
Thogymptomis of Liver'obblt1Airou
e paiti -is Ii tho atioulOlor, and fs.nilsta
ed With the loss of apptl,o and oiiess
t.orallng wit lax, The heait is.troublld
siderable'loss of,neniory, accoipaltl6 i1
sometililg ityhoh ought to have been done
and low apirits. Sntellmues tnany of O,p
vgry few of thoni Ibut the liver is .getera
I23one tomecs.y.
Is. warraniu not, to Ponta ic a i
pae tiolo of 1eroury, or any Itijur oVs
hiieral substibo, but is
contaIning those8outhern roots and Herb
which ta all*18o'i ovidooe -hs pla.ed
in countries where Liver DinenFes tnosi
prevail. It will courp all dioseq caVeed
by dorang.-moti of-$he IiYer aid Udw
9.inmoni Lirt. Reogul4t0 or Mediine
Is 'etienll): a family -hedioino, and by
bitng kept ready,for immediate rosort.will
s've naty atn hour . orstifferihg .and ninny
a dollar i tlime and ;doctors' hilii.
After over Forty Yearm trial Ils still
reociving tlt' most, unqualified teiti.
monials toitm virtues from porotrs.or.t.h 9
highest, character atd responsibility.
Emment, physicians comn-'-1 ' d (le
Eteotnal gueoido.
for consititi n, Iloadaoho Pain i hle
shoulders. Dizzines, Sour Stomaoh, bad
Itste i.a the I 1outhI, hillioll attacks; Pal.
plItation of the.11cart, Pain itt the regibnA
of the Kidneys, despondeny, gloonp and
f6tebodinps of evil, all of which- aro-the
offispring of a dlseased Liver.
Por Dyspesia or TndigeatiOn.
Aried Aith this antiloio all QUtmatos Aid
cltahgus of water nd ford mtay be faced
withoit fear. At A Remnedy in 'Malarious
Plevers, Bowel ConiplalniN, restlemiest,
Jaundic, Nausea,
It i.q the alteapest, puremt atd the best
Funily iedicito in the world I
guy ho po*de'or Prepired RilmibhA lIoei
R6gulatcr hdless it out eugraVed wrap
per with Trade mark,,mtamp mund signrtur
tubroken. :None other io genhipe
J. I. ZEILIN & C04
Mlacon, oa., and Phiht11dolplia.
l-'oi' tall diseades of. the Liver,# ,Somach atnd
St leen. As a remedLy in
Nitilarious.* Fevets, liowel Comp jlaits ,
D)yspepsia , Ment al Depressaiona lest.
lesttness. J'ttntidic, Nsasen. Sick
Jfeatd,,h, Colic, Cotnstipa
tiotn ants Uilliotinness.
fy Goo& n C
tJmrpeitkonii t
DQ~P(f(dt ds
~Drug~ a43~IpPtu as f iQ
oeh fof thbilmatlem Tbo stanaq. ivqf(e,;
,bovooss id gonerod 0o0stive, dn-m119qj atj
h Pain,ny n
if pinful senw.ition 9 lkaIn . uItIAone
oftenl compliioug of wealincios, 44lil90
ovg.e h denasp apdi at other ilmet
Ily the orgat.id1t Inv aoet. he
havo bevor sceti or: trie4 aeob,
simple effioaoloul, sa 81fatory and pe -
aat remed ine ny.( , faine, ,
Lo it%e, Mo.
Hon. :A1e1 '. Atophenl..
ret4uires it, D)r. Sh.tunoh' Tave t~ g eula'.
tor. with good el'ect.V-16tW A1.
Etoyhoss. ,'V 2
GOVer'611 1IbMa
Yo dr ltegpltor hasbeun in tio . fit
fi ly 6 ponto4lnito, hhd an oursdaded
( s a vnInblo' 'addition to tho..nedibla
,qqibnce."--)-v. *1 , 9111 , top,.' Al
*'I have uped the 4itltt6t hi'my fami
ly for, th a pst sevoittet -Years.. I can
safly re6orhmend it 'to tha %Yetld, as he
boat medicino I haVo ovor us6d. fot . i1
obiss of dionseos IL purports. to fouko
.F. Thigpon.
President City Bankc.
"Simmons' Livet 1%ogitlator has proved
a *ood and efoadious r. 1i6in-."- C. A.,
Nut ingo
"Wo h06beoh qthaied with Dr
Sin-mohal Liver Miedig,n, for Mora thai
tvtenty yeays, afi4 know 'it to be the boht
LivR i t-t!or 6kcred to the 0tiblio.".
M1. Rt. Lyon aWIf," I.>fLoiifBellefontain.e
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