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$ We are not respotisIble for theopin- two
obb of ourrespbndeita. f,e
aw'. 9onntinloatioq9a to this offide The
il1 tot be notledd uness acconipanied
bY ihe roal name of the wilosr.
XW9i Any persoa In the Cotuty having dal
knoWledge of any ciroianstaned of interest Boo
enduritig In his nolghborhood wIll oonfer
a favor by fdralshing Information at this prO
office. stat
Local Notiods will bo inserted mi
(except by special contract) at the
following rates.
For ten lines and fander....$2.O0 ene
For each additional linle.. .150. P"yl
---_ - - cout
Plour-R. J. MoCarley. pav<
Sheriff Sale-S. W. Ruff. that
Just Rooeived-W. H. Flenniken %yor
& Co. fow
Turnip Seed-D. Lauderdale. bad
Bank Roport-Sam'l. B. Clowney,
CaUlhier. (11
Wauted-J. L. Connor. tlie
Election Notice-3. B. Clownoy. on 'I
Bath House--J. E. Gilbert. in
Fruit is searco as hen's teeth. con
See a4vertiRemout of MoMaster & bo e
Brice in another column. Cah
Everyhitud of plain and fancy job ed E
printing neatly e-xoeutod at this ,ffi,o plet
at low .priocs for.oasb. may
Read Flenniken's advertisement. T
His collars are the nobbiest things Jud
out. pan
Mr.Desportos, stor3 has at Jnst He
arrived at its final realing place in cati
Irish tuwn. it.
Amanda Stravagais fearing bodily but
bat in from Sarah Johnson, had justico ea1
Mackey to bind Sarah over to keep We
the peace, last Tuesday. not
A few colored sports indulged in
profanc language last Sunday after. I
noon in front of the jail. The police- thir
man on duty was nowhero to be seen. Chi
We have on file an interesting letter al b
from Saritoga w ich reached us too bee:
Into for insertion in this losae. It com)
will appear iu our- next. teru
Yoterday our sanctum was invaded doll
by an emissary from Mr. J, 0. Bong, tlr
bearing a fine watermelon. Mr. B,-ag tihet
has quito a supply on hand. No
Mr. J)n6. 0. Mackorell is erecting a
fne storo on Main Ltreet in Black- (
stock, wshich, when finished will be Wi
an ornawent .o this thriving little a j<
town. Alt
if hot is any~ niame for it, we think it a
we have experienced it for the piast O"
few daysa. On Snudaty the thormomo.. AI
ter ran up to 100 degroes, anid wvas thro
at 92 at 8 p. m- i.
-- the
We have in our office some speei- sehl
mens of Hungarian Grass, grown on ing,
Mrs. M. C. McCreight/s lot in bori
WVinnst>oro. The grasas is six feet in n;or
height and very luxuriant. to e
-- at
Col. ion spoke tive hours in Ce- a g<
1unbialWVednesrday on the Parker thec
ease and continued on Thur.,d.y. asp
The News and Courier and t.he Co' out
lumbia papers speak very highly of are
his efforts. in t
Mr. A Bautmgarten, of Charlotte, Joh1
is again in Wininsboro fur a sho't A.
time. Hie is travelhng ini thre inter. -lkj
est of S M. MNenrdel, of (Chtrlite, 'y
and has a uei assortmrent of tSuiI5 ti,e
anid tub...- c.
IHenry Cloud, -colorod,hving oi.M r.
HI. H. Olarke's.plae'o oD Morrl. Creekav
baa six aces of corn tha-, has three
-or four ears on evCr y sialk. It ca n't s~
'be ben-t. The ciorn ;.is -of -the "gourdte
*eed" variety..
We .hand the pleasu-re 'of meeting e
?n4r. J. A. Buehanian, edlitor of the gt
Chest-er Reporter, at 'llacksatock least p.
Friday. Mr. E3. is 'theo picture ol
good hinahh and at' ks ib high to-' c n
of' the prosperity ok his payer. W e
wish hrimt abund nt. succs. t
FIJsPENION.-Otj account of th
unavoidable absoLrce of the P'astor, p'
services In the A. RI. Church will b'e'p
susT ended fur several weeks. Notice thec
of the reosaption of services will befr
given through the N aws. T
By reference to another column it ber
will be seen that an election will be ,
held on tho 24th of next m.onth for pai
the office of 8peri1l, to fil the unex., ove
pired term of L. W. Duvall whose whi
resignation wan accepted at the l..st tril
terma of the "ourt. There are several thii
prominent candidates in the field rand y
w.veno douxbt that the conteet noe
for the offion 'will be pretty h*ot.
jcart intends ,horty to put up a ti
story brick store. antd dwelling a,
door to D. -. Gladne'fs. Mr. i
s. Lauderdale intonds oulting up 5
w store nel door to -). Leudor.
I' establishnient. Mr. J. 0. i
g has broken ground, on his r
mises for a new stord.''utiOer- a
d this one will be d.e40tod to a
inery alone.
Ve are glad to soe that our t
rgetio Council are putting thb V
3monts in splendid order. The
ioil have time and again ;appeal. i
o property owners to fix up their 0
sments, but finding no move in E
direction they have gone to
k and ar3 making walks where a u:
days ago there were ditohes and I
places generally.
apt. S. 13. Clownoy, Cashier of v
Winnsboro National Bank left
'hursday to attend a convention a
aratoga of all the national bank I
icis of the United Stateo. This i
rention is for business and I
sure. Nothing political will
iscussod. Ohl ' that we were a
iier i
Ir. Jas. R. Aiken has also -reach.
I t
aratoga. Ro "iakes'a triv for
sure and health. We hope ho
succeed in finding both.
7e were mistaken in stating that
ge Mackey presented a fire com- v
y of Columbia with a fiag "napt
I by himself on the battle field.1'
purchased the flag for tho oc
on and so stated on presentiui,
ie 'as never elaimed to lat% e
.ured a fla- himself in battlo,
has two U. S. flags that were
tured by others during the wqr.
mnake this correction ns we did a
intend to do Judge 'Makey injus- V
'he five dollar notes of the filit,
(I and truder's national banks of
ongo, the fir.t national banl- of
ton, Illinois, "1and the fir.t nation.
an1k of Canton, Illinois, hav'ng
sucmo fully counterfeited, the
ptroller of the currency has de- t
ained to rdLire the notes of those t
is of the denomination of five r
asS, and'rcquest.s national banks
ughout the country to forward
it to the treasury for redemption.
additional notes of this dononina
will be issued to those banks.
n Saturday the Granges of
m1sboio and Gladden's Grove held
int meeting near White Oak.
lIough it w-as Ically a Grange
ting, the pic-nic connected with
t tracted a large nnmber of p'ersonas
r two hundred wcre present. e
ountiful repast was spread, au.d
ah all paz took fleely, yet basket
of fragmnents remained. Whilei
uninitated were enjoying them- a
esa in rocial intezcourso and dlane- t,
the Patrons audjournodlto a neigh. j
ng spot and hold a very harmio a
is meeting. it was determined
unsolidate and to hold meetings I
V bite Oak. Capt. Guillard made I
>od sp.eoob, defining the object of
Grange, defenading it from the f
arsions of its eneusies andpointing '
the way to success. The patrons a
quite hopeful .of meeting a uiceess I
beir new movement. Mr. Jos. 'a
D~aldwell was elected Ma<ter, Wr.
n Vinisona, Overseer, and 0C pt. HI.
}aillaird, Ljeoturor. We have not a (
Of the other' ofiiers at present. *
hie next mseeting takes place on r
flcat Satur day in. August,. B
he entire p)arty adjourned at a e
onaable hour after having spenti
ry pleasant time. e
'c-Nic A r lIAcKsroGca.-Ona Vri
last we had the~ p)le:sure of atu
ling a pie-nic given by tho good t
ple in awl around B3lackstock. a
arriving there tre founid a largo
course of oitizens disous-.ing tire I
Ora l ne ws of~ the day, hut tuo'reo
tieularly the crops, which ar0
king remarkably woel in thoat vi
ty. A'>oat noid-.day we repaireid
he. pleasant grove east, of the vil.
~a whteze we found a bounteous
lii titled with ordaything~ that
rt, co: Id wish for, anid to whichs
tice wats done b,y those presents.
a Bllackstock CJorsnt Band, under
leadership of Capt. Jas. Blaine,
niahed mausic for the occasilons
ie band plays splendidly for the
ortua.ity they have had, having
n organized only six zitontbs.
~fter dinner the youeg people re,
red to the larg6 and spjaciOsta hail
r the store of Capt. Jag. Johnston,
r:e tha light fantastio' toe was
>ped until a late hour. -Every
ig pased off quietly and pleasant.1
and about 5 o'olook in the after. i
n we tnrned ourh.e honieward, I
bine the d ay. may. n6t bha4 la
ista4 whu wnaygget an i Vita
ou'to anotoer' affair of the same
>rt at the prosperous little towip of
'Tho Abbeville Medium oontait e at
ttoretting repoi t of the Commenoe.
tent exercises of Erskine Collog4
nd Due West Feurale College, botl
t o.o 1yst,.Abbe ville .co,unty. It
he exOrQis9s'of the latt r' institotiir
averal young -ladies -from.. Fairield
)ok part and acquitted tlielsOlvO
,ith credit.
Among the essays were the follow.
ig : "The world's Eldora;loa"
liss 1'lla M.' Brice, Yonguesville
"Tis not wealth that wakes the
a)a"-liss Janio S. Letmon, Wiuou.
A letier .frQui the pen of Mlia
lettie S. Douglass, W iunsboto, S. 0
ras also leAd.
Miss Blla J. Hiliott, of Winnsboro
a the "first honor" of her clas, de
iverod the valedictory. Goticen.
og the essays, we quote froai the
lodium :
"T:e ussi3.8 weie all good-therc
ins not a ingle illeior spvcilnen ii
lie entire collection, but, mhile thia
3 true there were three exeroites we
hink, of more than ordinary merit
gerns of purest ray sereoe'--which
leserve the most honorable ientiou
'he wreath of poetry woven by the
eft fin eers of Mss Patton, of Dut
Vu.t, fCund appropriate counter.
a ts in the touchi n and plaintive
aledictoriev of M iss Ela Eliio't, of
Vinlilboro', for the clas.,, anl Ali.a
tutherford, of Newberry, for the
oung ladies' literary society. Each
f those three compuitions woaild
ave done credit to older and mme
xperienced heads. They wUold
sake a protty licture in any librar%.
'he poetry was faultle.s in ihyle
nd pure in sentiment ; while the
rose was full of deep and poatho,ie
loquence. Wore it not that oui
roien do not incline towards literary
lace, we would at once exs.clude that
heso thteo tre destined to shine in
he galaxy of southeru fem e ar
The correspondent of the News and
'ourier alsq pays Miss Elliott the
Alowing high couplimeut t) ber
"Miss Rlla J. Elliott, of Winns.
oro, deerves the highest praise fot
he womanly delicacy and beautiful
implicity with whilch she as " -rst
01100" ol her class discharged th i
ad and painful duty."
Rev. J. M. Todd, of Winnsboro,
hairtuan of the coninttee on exami
ation, presented the prizes.
We are pleased to see Fairfield
aking sui,h a high stand in an institu.
ion of so much merit.
Hints to Telegraph Oustomers.
1. It you have a message to sendJ
if, write it on a piece of brown paper
r the lmargini of a newsaper
Jever use the Company's blanks, as
t. is convenient, besides saves the
cimpatny's stationery. Always make
he operator write it for you, sigr
our name, and writn what you' do.
ire ; he will know best what yo
Vant to say. Ne ver write nat'nbors hr
et ters, as it is quicker to make the
2. If you write the message ofi
ur the operator, never 01 .5s youar
T's" nor d ot y our "L'o' as he aw
Iways read any handwriting,
Jever road a message over to bhi
s b'e 'knows what it contains,
Icusure to bslot and blur it so' thai
e earn take time to decipher it.
)porators like to decipher messages
'ount two words4 a~ oine, as he will
evor know'It, sandl it will sa've y
ome55 'ebange-. It.f !. t he 'oi,ra'n
haIrge-. :o 50l cenits, 548 hima to sena
t. for 25,-'ho will ahlway:s ,do it, be
auae ete ohasges are -alwaya modi
'y opesators.
3. Stand over him and watch bin
cad tha message -as it is sent, oi
akon his m.essag.es off the file and
cad thoem whale waitiig, or ask whia
lie manages be has sent contains
so will always give .yea iniformna
ion. lIe'sure a'nd ask iire pri'.o o
otton.. or bow cotton is going. II
noiwRstr nd lwat v e ho ad to inforn
mss, haeeawu be is emoployed foi
hut purpose, and it wvill ot' noth
4. Wh'en your t?1ank i's lo t go to ti
LIearest Te'legraph oflice, show you
bheek, tell the opeo-ator you, wanti
tent back ire odiately. Write of
hle mesasage but never pay fori
is this is the .Tolograph .company'
ynsioess. TPho wires belong to th~
itailroad, and you have a right t
0oseyour trunk a,n4 .telegraph fo
t free. F'Lts Railroad. business "
Rtemaia vith 'the oper&tor all day,
Wbs.n youa hear the lustrumentt
workidg atk If That's not for ypi4. R
vill soon tell: yog, ' When he I
rriting, engage hinm In OonvYersatietl
611 hitn funny jokes, ja,ke ,h n
augh,.he;likop t, beg , osir) j
S.it t'elievde ths lnonotoiy~ o'f fh
nsttuIents Ite 148 r y0
quickly and resumes his writin
this is.th,o signal eO k
4pe*ates te
Moro Iouly'.
6. If he is just olosing his 4fio
for toea scupet.bix get 'him, td. g
back-4nd. 1"d!O;slge. 1
Scan 41 o les it ive
hi en Ate. him tn e
00ic your grea
graid 'Or d you yvar
te m a 8 3 ht off. It h
says its no use and refubes to get. ou
of bed, tell him he is a sleepy lsde
follow and. does pt atten to his busi
nes, ind you ktiw 6 d1dsen4
off, as oporstors aro not . allow t
sleep and eat as dther e"le. I
you see an .operator hun.tiJt to de
liver a mpssage, ropke him go bao
with you, and attdad to your busi
neOi, as ou went'id'ond a' ms'ag
irmuoidiatly and it is very impor
tant, it should bo sent inluiediately
Ask he ooperatwr hov' long befor
you will got an answer. He col
always toll you to.tho minute, whel
a porson will anwr. Run a credit ac
outnt with the okeratoir..' 'He wil
credit you with pl,aRure, ratlher thai
havo the cash. Aa oompany's, so ar
ul,erators, and dout w%nt the mnoue
for several months. Whon ie call
for at settlement, t411 hiu his bill i
wrong, you never sent a'ny udh :nes
,1gas. Make' him bring you thi
>ooks, aud all your -qessges, &c
H1 will like this as it is rocreatioi
to get out of th. ole1e collecting
Opera tors are generall ev6r' amiable
at.d -uet teupered and like to ao
(111m )(inte customers, even if the,
to lose money by it. A strij
01 servaice of tleo rules' and un1
mhor, will fGoiliato your. bubinos;
make operitore popular, and tuaki
noth prosperous, (especially)
Mr. Editor.
P1,easo annonio S. W. BUFF as
candidate for Sheriff at the ensuing o loc,
lion and oblige his
ANY FaiNmm.
Mr. Editer
Allow ue a space in your columns b
put. heinte The publio Mr. A. F
GOODING. as a suit able person to fill tu
ofice of Sheriff We sineerely hope hi
will receive a unanimous vote
T IIAT on and after the 1st day o
August next, all logs found going
at large on the streets without a badge
will be taken tip by the Police and a fin
of two dollars imposed on tho o*tnerg. A
the expiration of twenty-four hours, al
dogs not olaincd will be killed, -- --- -
july 9-2 Clerk 'of 1ounil.
E it ordained by the In'tendant, ~nn
Wardlens atf thme Town of Winnsbort
in Council assemb,ed, and by the att.hori.
ty .'f the samte.
That. any person obstructing the side,
walks or crossinlgs of anid Town, b,'
rolling ha.nd.oaras wheelbarrows or tru-ok
on snid side--walksa except in ennes o
evident, no-essity shall he fined in a suin
not exceeding five dollate for each and
every offenee.
Witness my hand nnd t coporto sen
t.' is Tith Juno A. D. 1875
{ ~*s. JNO A.Clerk of Conil.
July 9--lw Intendani
Y'virlue of trundry exeoutions to mn
L)direcred, I w ill offer ( or salb ifo'
cash,'nt pwlio'ato. to'The hig'he%tbid
der within the l.gal hoars cf s lo,. a
D)oko en:the ft-st, IMonday In A'ugut
nex t and the day following, the followin
deseCibiiled pro'pei-t.y t o wit:
Contetnts or St're bel'onging to Hogai
*' Cloud at. Doko. tevieel upotn as th
rrmopet1y of- lloga'n & (71n(t'l at the Ruit. C
ME i' h & !Ecmle, agtin:<t IIleguan & Ci4tid
am.i othe&s..Again't tho samne derendh,in s.
-S. W. RUFL A F, Q.
She1tl' Office,
Wignrhnro, 8. U.,
July 15. l875.
july 20-x2}1
Carolina Militay nstitue
OHiARLjOT: N, 0'
MEI' TER31 BEGJiNS SEP?, hth, 187
rpJIIS Instituts is unow fity equtippe
I. withI apparatus for unstruetion .ab
Ithl arms ror inilitary drill.
rThe Sutperintendents anid Prop*r-.4 a
gisted by an able ared experiencd i orgi
of [nstrutotor't.
For Circular, ad'd!oss,
Cotm J. P T1IOMMS,
july 83-x$ Sumperitenden$.
Just Reeived-A lot po
A agusta ,Flour from nn
wheat. -
I ALSO--mA lot bolted mb.
Ih4fUath Iouse Iesno*e e
bathing, Whmht ,m,.n feeu. 4
Qppm *Prlee, o.ntefor #l1.o 4
4,0 k1"&-41rn~J"ll. -*AT . -A111111t011160.
liqu We,
If livin would app the same to
Sholie Bortants, vertlised as Caur gIt.1
But, there It one Tonio and Altorealate 4A
existence te world has eyarf
D known-- tae no aloohol. - 46 01A
O. Walker's Uallfornia Vanegar IIp9,k
r IO* To R1stonas 1s PaosPURa
It rn 8TAtR.--Keep your money at,
Do not send away for anythiog whiol 'OUr
can obtaitAt ore as elBewhere. Vi
o don tot advoate paying $5 for that Islob
I you can buy abroad for even $4 90. gk
when you can buy your Blank Boo .or
I the best. grade. at, prices as low as, w
York. then, send to Walker, Ea
Cogswell. Chat lest nn 8. C., fand I ro16e-T
di.Me 01600 4an M Nboutage-1
ment will sustain a worthy manufaot,rinl d
Dr. J. Walker's CalifornIa ita $
egar Bitters are a purely Veg e 'at
preparAion, fJig phloil fk,oM.-the na- vc
Stivse .w .ru#of
the 41,6r Neval.n6unt.ii6z:f"tfor.!
n11,19AP diha $hIW1l1%oroporties,.ofs ich'
- re otraiqted thoerom arti outsth~ uso
of-41coh9l. -jThe,.iqu&l) 19ininal
dally,aked, "What- th caus 'or e
ulparallolea su6cos of ViNoAit Vt
tho caWseof diherii I dOt re
covers hiS ibaltli. They are the great pa
blo6d tIfftU ife-gfi fIz prl.ciplo, bu
i a perfebt Renv - - !atr
of the saysto. or e iii the
history of gthl woyl4 o.ba h bq 'C
e' biho' d- ois nark5l wi
Sulta, Possosti . a I ten aZ
%usliies of vipsCAtt BITrti elin 'tho l
stok of every disee ntian Is heir to. he pr
i are a gentle Purgative as well as a Tonie, 11y
roUgdoig,.Q(onigsuIop,..,gr.,,I:qbmatiolm of elt
tub it.' in 1sarl' 6 ia in Bilious
Diseases. SI
The properties of Dit. WA Is
VIxbolDITTUgss are Aore", Dia bot
a Oartinairivo- Nutritoi Laio Dt t6 sit
Sedative, Counter-Irritant, WdoN l-, twe a
livo, and Anti-Bilious.
1M. M. MODONALD 9 Co. ro
aud oO. of tAr h:Ietotaol.'f
Bold by & n Ursu.a ofA X h04Itrs .
the stite of 80101ethCroflij Af
Office Cle of t.iroult 6o114 WO . FO
.DuAliIWil b .'d'WNki, -Cleric ~of
lituaid ourt, in pursuanof thet a e.
qulremeuas of Section 2, Chapter XX , It
of itie General Statutes of tile State or.
Souih Caroiia~e, -do Itereby give ptabliv
notice that ani el 6tion for 8hrf o ar
field County. to fill the vacancy Irn saidBi
ouffice, caused by the resigniation of L. W.
DuYA14, 411 bn!. Nold: o 9u'uot;da%Yq, thePe
ewenty-fourtha dRy of August next, at the p
usual places of election throughout tho,'a
said County.
r Witness my hand at Ninnoboro this
S18u0. diefy.f'July A .~I 0 t.
July 14-tl8 x5 Qlerk of Circuit Court,
For R3nt
IH E Warehouse and 8tablo attache d to
. lte store forme ly ownid by Joih 11
- Cathcart is for rent, .Pssession given
im-Aodiatel, or neXt fall Aply Ao
.1:3. SUUE Ei LIMER.. Fo
june 24
f -
T ST Rleceived, a supply of Tri n
of approved varieties.
Oils, Drtage.oiiestlos Pae,tk
&o., &o.
Wtnnsb6o NationalI Bank.
AT Wi-ntisboro, i thei State of 8Qush
* Cis.clna,a't 'e 'oso of besieoss
SJunie 89 187h.
LohoSI *8dUlo)Mlj67 68~
U. S lionAts to seouro
circulatint, V-5 009 00
-Due frrns :ot'hr tj-at.t,
- 5,304 #t
-- Real E sate, Fustastute
Premiums Paid, 10.2t46
$ Bills of other Ntional Bale 8,66j 00
dFIraoctional Currency (nluoi. ~ 6
Tronsuiry nlotes) 6 00
Treas. 5 per ot. of o roulation 2.474 00
To,ta $I?6,67~ 39
r Cheek 28,10 4
Due to thet National ga 1129k 72
- f,679 19
1Sansuel B. Olowney, Qsehier of the
above nasned Daeki, do sole ~sy
b a t d'' Is et,
8AMtUEi, B. CLOWNEIY, Cashier.
- Sworn to and s~rIb beforo $se,
this 18th da ofbi.* .
4 3. 0. RBBB,Twv, trot.vyy P bihi s
It YMl .tWrei Atteses
o *.. ODR,N
-- kni18 at
Oeyhsptoms of, Liver complaItu are u inosi
Cpalin 1 In the 64ouller, and Is mistaken I
.1,ith tke'lossofVappetlite and sickness, bo
r4tLn WIh a, The head is troubled w it-h
orsl e. e ,ofmary, accompanied with p:
1110e '6difgit to have bern done. 0
Ad 6w,"40rits:' twollties many of the abov
ry few of tlieN ,;but the liver is generally 1
VurEl PA06RiTE
Is warranted nnt to contain a - singlo
rticlo of-, Mlercury, or any inijurious
iteral substance, but is
i I tol
utaining those Southern roots and Herbs St
1loh n allwI4o I'tovidonloo hav placed
connie s*heo Liver Diseaso most.
otail. It will cure all diseases caused
dorang,ineus of the Liver and Dow n
6MoTiver Rogult,tor, or Medione,
emitlic'lty a fnily m'edicine, and by ly
ng kept ready for iminedinto resort will 8a
we many an hour ofstiffering and many be
olin time and. doctors' bills. l
After over Forty Years trial it is still It,
loiving the mot unqulifled testi.
I6ials toits virtues from persons or ti a
jhet charncter ani responsibility. a
ninent physicians commend it as the Nr
Effectual specifo. Si
eonsum ptLi i, [teadacho. Pain In the e
mild4rd. tzziness, Sour Stomach, bad Li
te P' the nout i, billions attacks, Pal. N
Ation of the Heart., Pain in the regions (i
the Kidneys,,dospondoncy, gloom and
ebodinga of evil, all of which are the lat
spring ofa diseased Liver. wi
Jor Dyspeat or Indigostion.
ined v11ith this antidote all Olimatos anJ
thgos of water and fol may he faced gn'
thout fear., As:a ltensdy in 'Malarious nel
vers, Dowel Conplaiints, restlessness. V,
indice, Nausea,
s the oheapct,' purest. and the best to
Fanily Mediino in the world I Ch
y no powders'or Prepared Simmons Liver ceE
gulator unless in 1ur engraved wrap- pel
-ith Trade mark, stamp and sIgnpturo cot
broken. None other is goluine. se;
J. It. ZE1LIN & -COb
Macon, Gs., and Philadelphia. lt
Simmons' Liver Regulator.
r all diseases of the Liver, Stomach and ly,
Spleena. As a remedy In for
darlotas F?eves, Bowel Complaints, <
D)yspepsia, bienital Depression liest
lessness. .Jaundice, Nansea. S1ok '
HIeadeheo, Colic, Co'astipa
t-ion and BillIousness.
)ry Good n d C
0 Close 0111 01
Oue' Roputatio:
~Onpetition is th4e
Coians and PRI(2
*N tioy absenoe to lbhe North, I desire lo.
. Infom thi.u tio the t Messrs. A
sblo hat ,I hand 9r wih take
tii e and,asure the
11 tha. ey will endeavor t o plea4e (
1 w I wi a 6all.
to............ .. ...
no104 ,il p%tin I i he side. So:no tin&t
,or rhoumatism. The stainaoh is afoo
wols in general costive, sometimes a
pain, and ditI, heavy sinsations con
Inful sensation of having left undone
ften complaining of weakness, debility
e attend the disease and at other time*
lp'organ most involved.
"I have never sees or tried such a
uple efflolicis, aotisfactory and pleas
t remedy in my life."-I. 11aines, St,
iuts, Mo.
on. :Alex. R. Stephens.
"I occasionally use, when my condition
juires It, Dr. Simmons' Liver Itegula
, with good efieot."-lon. Alex.,ji.
Governor of Alabama'
"Your Regulator hns beun in use in my
ily for some time, and I at purouaded
is a viluablo addition to the medical
ience."-Gov. 1. 0111 8 iorter, Ala.
"I have used the leguinltor In my fami
for ilie past seventeen years. I can
rely recoimend it to the world as the
st medicine I have ever used for all
iso of diseases it purports Ito curo
F. Thigpen.
President City Bauk.
"Siinons' Liver Regulator has prove4
Cood and eflicaoious rmedicine."-C. A.
"We have been stoquainted with Dr
I mons' Liver Medic ne for more than
enty years, and know it to be the best
rer Regulator offered to the publiu."
It. Lyon and ii. L. Lyon, lellefontalne
"I was cured by Simmous' Liver Rogi.
or, after having sutffcred several year a
Ah Chills and Fever-"t. F. Anderson
The 3olergy.
11 Have beon a dyspetio foryears; be
i the Regulator two years ar ; it ha
ed like a charm in my case.' -Roy. I
li Imes.
Ladies Endorsement.
'I have given your medicine a
rough trial, and in no case has It failed
give satisfaction."-Elleu Meacham,
[ttahoocheo, Fin.
Sheriff Bibb County.
,I have used your Regula'or with sno
sAful effect in Billions Colio and Dys
sia. It is an excellent remedy and
(ninly a public blessing."-C. Mastern
1, Bibb County Ga,
My Wife.
'My wire and self have used the Regu.
or for years, and testify to its groat
tues "--eov. J. Folder, Perry Ga.
"I think Simmons Liver Regulator one
the best medinines-over mano for the
rer. My wife and many others, have
,d it with woudaiful effoot."-E. K,
arks, Albany, Ga.
M. D.
'1 have used the RegulZtor in my fami.
also in my regular practice, rand have
ir,dl it a most valuablo and antisfactory
Jidene, and belleve if it was used by
a ptofession it would be rf. serviec in
many eases. I know very much of
mpionntt parts, and earltify its modi.
italit-i,.s uite perfeotly harmless."
E R & CO0.,
lothing .House.
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