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The Fairfleld Heirald
T011ox~ AWfix BARM,~
The moon, in Pit th
Of man in his espair,
Sent to them from her shining place
Ior messenger the 1are
"'Go tinble one, and say to 10ea
That at -1 fade and.dio,,-.
Then kisp and'bri ghtlier shino, again
Above theta in' to sky.1
So they mtst.fall-nd fado away,
4uLt only die to rise
W Pere resurreotion paves, the way
To fairer, friendlier,k1es.
Dui out of dulneis, trick or feud,
The ae'ssage which was sent
The fookless little haro:oonstrtiod
With most malign intent.
- 10race-of men, the moon hath said
That as she lives and dies,
So tunto death'shall you be led,
And mevertnore'shall rise."
Now when the muoon had'heard the case
Her axe, with'foroe nid grip,
Sh'ostruok into the meek hare's faoe,
Which caused the split bare lip.
The hare, incensed, with claws upborne
Soratched laok,witlh right good grace,
And aince that d.y the moon has worn
A rough and ragged face.
.-LJoel Benton,in the Gialkai for August,
S1'h 0i Molitain Mn$os lassacre.
- Justice In Utah has not only beer
blind but lame ; for tho trial just
begun at Beaver of men concerned in
the infamous and cruel Mountain
Meadows massacro comles seventeen
years after the event. In the yoar
1857 a largo emigrant train was on
its way across the Plains to Cali.
fornia. An army officer who sa'w it
in June described it as probably the
finest train that had ever oroaboi the
.Plains. It was believed to contain
not less than forty heads of families,
somo young unmarried men, womue
and many children, and it appears to
have had an unceuinonly perfoot
outfit, among other things three car.
riages-vory unusual appurtenanties
on an emigrant, train. Una of these
carriages, which wils peculiarly
rnarked, is said to have been for some
years after the massacre in the pos.
session of the Mormons. Th * MAor.
ilon loaders were at that timo furioui
about some threatened or contem.
plated intorference of the United
8tateR government ; and it is related
that Brigham Young, preaching in
the Tabornaclo, said that as Oover.
nor and Indian Agent ho had hitherto
"protected emigrants passing through
the Territory, but now he would turu
the Indians loose on them." It
probably inoreased his anger that
when this train left Salt Lake City
several disaffected Mormons joined
it. The emigrants wore journeying
toward Los Angeles, in Oalifornia,
and were last soon by an Indian
Agent near tuo tipper ond of Mloun.
tain Meadows. This spot lies about
three hundred miles from Salt Lake,
and the leadern of the train had been
told that a large spring, near the
wouth and of the meadow, would be
a favorable spot to rest and recruit
their stook before entering the
Great DeBert; and this they did.
Whe Indian, Agent was the last
ane who saw the train and reported
it. Thereafter, and for some years,
nothing was heard of its fate. It was
r'eported lost." liut the bloodly tale
of its massaero grad ual leaked out,
and the details, which we give be
low, have now beeun:kpown and forget.
-ten for many years. 1The ?lountain
Meadows were then surrounded by
several Mormon settlements.' The
bishops of these one day gathered
their people togetber and declared
that they had received a commnand
from the Mormon capital toe "fellow
and attack the accursed Gent\lew, and
let the arrows of the Amnighty drink
their .blood." A force of sixty white
anon and a party of Indians surround
od the ill'fated emigrants one morn.
ing before daylight, the Mormon
'whites having~ painted and disguised
themselves as Indiana in order to give
the movement the appearanee of an
'Indian attack. liut the emigrants
iTapidly drew theoIr..wagone into a
-eircho, made an energetie defence,
*and, as quickly as they could, threw
up eatthworks, behind which the3
~sholtod themseolves,. their weoner
and children and stoek. They wer<
surrounded and-kopt under fire for a
long week, the Morinions hoping the3
could weary them otit. The wife e
an Indian trader afterward testified
that while the firing continued and
'was plaini heard at her house tht
:Morison feaders woogoing back.
wardand forward bwonthe placi
of murder -and her house, and at th<
latter place 'pitching quoits ans
* amusing themselves-in vrosways.'
M'ormonsu appear tphavo.got tiredl o
tht slow artick; tho p phed off theia
paint, resumed, their clothing ant
appeared bfefre 'the sel-eujdyed cmi
grants as a rescquing band of whitei
Wbo had driven off' the-Indians. Thei
were-roeeived as deliverer..; ilhe eni
grants accepted -the 'Mokmons as- al
.cseort; and on the march these, at ai
agreed signalysudenly 'npened 4Ir<
upon the party w ~o~they had by
riekpe od,eg ay aside to
'guil. n dinst l onod .1i mbusl
rushed in to help in the work 'of assas
sination, and in a very -brief time
*hundred,and twenty men, women ant
perish later by starvation or th
Indians. NevenitecA 4hldren wer
-saved alive, being 6upposed too youn1
to remember the asasaination. All o
them were aftowards claimed b'
.thair friea,1. In the LEa an- to
t n later gave evidence concerning
'00-icurder. The property of the o
etigrants was divided by the Mot. al
mons and Indians ; and it Is said tat h
as late as 1802 jewelry taken at g
Mountain Meadows was openly worn 4)
at Salt Lake City -and its origin not h
denied. -1
The despatch which relates to the o,
4 lnow going on in Utah for this tl
foul murderspeaks of one Leo, whose t,
confession the government refuses to 8
accept. This is John D. Leo, then t,
Mormon Bishop of Harmony, and a
one of the three obiefs who planned a
t.his cruel assassination. He appears
to havo beon a peculiarly atrooious .
scoundrel ; for it is reiated in the ao- r
counts of the massacre which we b
have seen that while the Mormons h
wore killing the nsn this Lee singled r,
out a beautiful young girl and drag.. g
ged her out of the meil for his own e
vile purposes ; and he himself is said t
to have related afterward that "sh1e t
struck at him with a large knife, b
whereupon he shot her through the t
head." So late as 1870 this t
scoundrel still lived at Harmony, in 8
Utah; and now in the hands of justice M
it is to be hoped he will not Oscape U
hanging.-New York.
Witer-Some Curious I'arts About It
CIleni and Unclean People.
Mark Twain was surprised when o
ho went to Paris, and stopped at a o
Hirst-class hotel, to discover that c
water, not to speak of soap, was con. e
sideredla great luxury. i1s opinion q
on that suloject was no jest, but an r,
exasperating truth, corroborated by f,
all Americans who have sojourned k
in the gay Frenoh capital. The a
water of the river Seine is wo believe, 01
not the best for drinking purposes, y
and hence the use of light wines as a
substitute. The well bred Briton a
who takes his daily bath as a roli
gious duty, seldom travels on the
continent without his tin tub, and we
have road of Englishmen carrying a
that prized utensil to the swamps of a,
Florida and beyond the Rocky 1.oun- al
ttkins. ri
It is stated, and we dare say vera.
ciously, tlint the large majority of d
mankind seldom or never wash their
bodiet ; sonic because of the scarcity el
water, and other, because they are
naturally averse to jontuct with it.
Some years ago, a Rtussian frigate ar- of
rived at New York. The officars ti
were scrupulously clean, but a num cc
bor of the sailors wore fairly cased in P
dirt of ancient and stubborn thick ul
ness. It was proposed to give them o
01 good sousing, but this met with E
opposition on the ground that such an ui
infliction would be "ortelty to ani. oi
mals." It was vet y e% ideut from this ot
that the Russian b th V .8 not of uni. or
versal fashion. A Queen of Spain 1
made a vow that. sho would not
ehange her under garments until oi
cortain events oame to pass. Years di
elasod before the coveted moment V
arrived, and her soiled linen, when rc
removed was of a blackish brown w
color and not very sweet swelliug. a(
One of the prime causes of 'George in
the Fourth's hatred for his wife, in
Princess Caroline, of Brunswick, was sA
her filthy and unkept person. It is Si
oven said that, at the altar, when c
about to be married, he ainted away, -n
partly from the effects of too much
wine, but principally because of the
foulness of his unwholonome bride. P~
Thu "first gent,leman of Europo" was gi
internally wicked, but ho kept his B
skin free fronm superlicial dirt. Of f
course, it is better to be the possessor of
of a stainless conscience th in a spot. tI
less body, without any other virtue
but it6 is best of all to practise clean. a.
linoss and godliness at the same tI
time. si
Weo have been led to this rambling i'
discourse by reading in one of our "m
exchanges of the singular custom of co
the Australians, who have but a L
scant water supp)ly and therefore useh
very little of it. Speaking of the 04
natives of the interior of Australia,
Mr. John Forrest, recently relatedb
seine of his observation before the
Royal Geographical Society of .Lon. al
don. The natives, ho said, "are en
tirely without clothing, and sleep
with a fire on each side of them,s
without any hut, unless in very wetT
weoathor, when they made a very
poor shelter with wvood and thatched 0
with grass. A native docs not washL
or cook with water ; all he uses it for
is to drink ; therefore a small rock
cavity, with say from twenay to one
hundred gallons, will suffice a long
while for a number of them, and they la
cover it up to keep it freom evaporat- r<
ing. They somletimesgo a long way sa
away from water, and get it from the g
roots of a species ot eucalyptus, call. E
ed mallce scrub. They choose the la
roots, break them on end, when all r<
the moisture drains out into a wood- ti
on dish. The travoller meets with p
great htaps of these roots, and it is o
a bad sign when in searoh of water." a
Hie further stated that "the native
Australians, instead of waehing, rub y
themselves all over with fine sand (a
process similar to that performed by
the Arabs in the desert whben water is
unattainable), and consider this j
equivalent to the ablution so common
in most other countries."
.in spite .of the abundance of water h
-in America, i16 is reported -that ourd
people to a great-'extent, -cannot -be
rated'as first class utilizers of suoh aq
groat blessing for ablution *of their
bodies. We have beard men say h
that they frequently -changed their a~
Ilinen, but rarely washed themselves Ii
thoroughly. At the beginning of a~
the last Fall,' a New England editor d
eaculated: "First frost of 'the ~
Sseason.; no more wfashing :for this
Sdeponent until next Summert"n
fDoubtless he had 'many -followers.
Henry Clay -Dean, one of the most ~
fbrilliant writers and npaaksr. In
. -M. Q;imwoods th3 9ur s iqt who
I 40companied b9r. 9naT,is wallt
t ulg win oftpromise. One -o his
follow-r4potters, when biddint him
ts good-by.o,.aid,to him in a ocula
i pay: 'I shall have an opportunity
a tofltt ybr'obltuary.
f Som0 low-born persons beguiled
d the Philadelpbla Lodger into pub.
a lishing an obituary poem on one
d "Jack Roslyn." 16 was a beautiful
y elegy-sad, dreamy, . toar.compell,
y tng, but, it turned out that Jack
e Hoslyn was a Kentucky mule.
e. The last issue of the German offil.
is oial history of. the war way correct
d the habit that is becoming common
d of regarding the .battle of Sedan as a
3 mere nmasaore of the Lrench. It
6 reports the German loss In that fight
e at 460 officers and 8,500 won.
d - -+
h A lucrative opening for young la.
g dies has been made by the decsion of
an Indiana court that the fact of a
r girl being engaged to several gentle.
d uon at once is no bar to her suing
is each of them for breach of promise.
Tho Tartar ladies are studying
medicine at St. Petersburg. It to
nf quires no unusual scenes to ast on
thetu as tartar etuetio. : .
d Tanners, Cuiriers and Lcather Mani
r lI- above Parned firm would call
epecial atlention to Boot an,.j Sice.
d Mlinuacturers an lai.mness Maker. We
g will sell pure oak tunned finish ed stootc
e or ligLht and heavy ptrpo4es, as low as
ny house in the trade at wholesale ,t
s an23
L 60 pairs of trao Chains and 1am ies.
Back Bands.
Cotton and Manilla Ropo for plowing.
e Well W. pe.
d L. 11 Shovels n I manure forks. Tub a
s and Buckets, Nails and Axos, Cotton
Cards. Hland Saws. Padlocks,
Sad Irons, acil'ce Mills,
Locks, Percu s
rion Caps
o1 'ierce Primne Carolita Rice.
25 lIarrels assorted Exting and Plantin
I or Sale low for Cash.
0 BY
Beaty, Bro. & Son.
o Car Load White Corn.
1 Car Load Flour-all gr'ades,
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Whbite andl Smnoked Bacon and,
S Shoulders.
Rflio and Java Cofl'e-"green
it and r.oasted."
Newv Orleans and Cominon
m- All grades of SUGAR.
SLard in hbis., bal.-bbls., JKegs
and cans.
e Gsenune Durham, Smoking To
e BY
it D). R. F LENNIKiEN.
g _april 10 -
1, 1?ROM
-3 Hlhds. N. 0. Clarified
8 Sugar, 10 Bbls. N. O. M~olass.
~. A former lot of those goods
thave given general satisfaction
W ve Thoem a Trial,
d BIEA TY BisO. & SON.
is --
i ?Il Af 2: anal 'after the Zera of:
a. iAgun .te'all dogs eforindi ging
at teon hestreats"'affhout a bage,
~ Il-' .* takcuu by'th'e)oe and a)Atne
SoOw, ila I~eol d 4W the owner4. Al.
(lie -e(huffiur htours, all
S- dosilie wial be killed.
july 9.2 Clnek of o,',.
Wy,. Doty& Co=
. Doom0 . 8 Mit of Post Offoe t
-IN- Ac
- Shi
HAY &c c
P A P PR iE T O RS 1
-OF-- R
- of;
Whera we coustantly keep on
hand a fully supply ofgood
Hoi'ses a MVules,
S.A.IA 'E o' 13E3 'Et3.M A
marob 25
O FFERS for sale the following very ii
Popular brands, viz ly
Bradley's Sea Fowl Guano.
C. C. Coe's Superphospiate. W]
Bradley's Ammotated Dissolved "
Rone. I'."
Royal Guano Compound. Li
Bradley's A cid 1?hosphia te.
Partles wishintg Guanost by ithe car-lonel
can h-ive thiet ordered to Diko, Ridgewny
Lyles' Pordi amd Strothier's Stations, as I
am hgent fAr the.enatire County of Fair.
field. Timo sales due 'Novemnber 1 -..
For arranlgements on time anti price lilt
cottonl option aj pply to
Feb 18 *EREE CT
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fred anid patrons generally pa
after purchasing a fitll and -completeo
stock of M%illinaery, consiing of 'French
part-orn .Hats and Ilonnects, 8tsra.w ,Oos
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Laces, and
everything uisua'lly
foumi in a first,.class ih
Millinery Establishmrenit.
Also a beau.,irul line of 'Whito Goods,
Drees Goods, C -licos, losiery (llove,t
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too nUmerou8 to anciion, all'of Which is
expectedto arrive and be open for in
spction during the week.. All I ask k
to call and see for your-self whent miy goods~
?y 35,000 Heart Shingles for salo
Cheaip for (iabh. 33
'march 283l O og
Charlotte, Columnbiai, & Augulsta '
-Mail Road.
OtUSurA, December 28i, 18774
r iE followin,g 'assentger Scedu.le
Lwhlbe run over-this r oa:. on andt
att h this date:
Leal.!oAuguela, at '9.30 .a in
"Columbia. 8. 0., . 2 46 a mi
" Chest,or, 63. 84 r m'
Arrlie gt OJbrlotto,)4. 0. 0.00 p in
TRAIN-.-o,o Soul'n.
Leave Oharlotte, N '0.-at '8.80 ai
." 'Obeter, 131.2 a n
a neboro, 1l2.8pn m
" Odittnibia, .2;2 p.na
Arive at Augusta 8416 p
J7A8. ANDER-ION4 Gen'l Supt- a(
A.POPi.j ''1 hc
Gen. Passenger andI Ticket. A gent.
pgribs,' notorious for his disg U
r e 44d, :prodilctiou for dirt
lirts, They toll an a4ecAote 1bot
40. which is probabl' trpe, .
reat admirlr f his,iqt9ieotdal gif
Pked hImtospend some days at h
Duse. -Dean consentod, but was ai
lited to the-pretnisee only on
ndltlon, exacted by the mistres<
ig estalishment; tist he aboul
ike a water purge and ,put on
unday shirt. He reluotantly agree
> the first proposition, but franki
knowled that he could not compi
ith the second, because he was t
Osessor of but one such garmen
hat difficulty was settled by bo
>wing the necessary article from h
ot. A year afterward he repeato
is visit, with sinilar conditions an
sults. When the old shirt-a r<
ular small-pox hospital rag-wi
itamined, it was discovered to b
i0 same raiment he had borrowe
ielve months before, and whic
ad borm constantly worn . duriu
bat lengthened period I I At th
rial of the celebrated Cbristopli
mart, for lunaoy, one proof adduce
as his aversion to changing I
udor-garments ; but Samuel John
)n, the illustrious lexiograhile
rotested against the introduction <
ich evidence, as he defied any ma
>call him a lunatio, and yet Ii
,tared with his friend Smart a horr
f purified apparel. It is writi
f Johnson likewise that he was a4
lstomed to frequent a subtorranea
xting house. Upon Boswell it
uiring as to this freak of fancy, I
plied that there were three powei
l inducements ; to-wit : he coul
aep his hat on, eat with lia fingel
3d, after the meal, wipe hid hand(
i the back of a Newfoundland dog
e g iarantea that Smart and Johi
In, highly gifted as they were, ha
holy a horror of water for bathin
Irposcs as they bad for itmmaculat
The Gracki and Romans wore cot
ant bathersand so are the Arabiat
id the Turks. It may be that eve
)lutions of water carried to luxt
ous extremes contribute to sensual
and effeminney ; but there is wi
>M, justice and moderation in th
-actice of eleanlinets as well as i
'orything else.-Constitutionalist.
'Ihe advance within a few days pat
wheat to about tweuty cents o
e bushel and flur to about eight
nts on the barrel is noted by th
[ildelphia Ledger, which attril
es the advance to the crop losst
used by inundations in Franeq
ngland and Hungary, and to th
ifavorable weather which prevaile
,er the best grain bearing secEion
the continent of Europe just at th
itical period of gathering the cropi
be Ledger says :
'*Rains have drenched the alread
er-wet fields in some sections, whil
ought has parched them in othert
yr a month past, throughout Eu
pe, the fears of a short crop t
beat have been accumulating, unti
w the necessity for preparing t
oet the deficit has given a suddel
ipulse of activity to the grain nan
ippping interests of the Unite
ates. It so happens that thi
untry is now in good oendition t
-ko up European losses."
The largest rose in the world i
obably that no0w wasting its fra
ance en the desert air at Sanut
irbara, Cal., on Dr. D)immick
rm. It is of a delicate lemon tini
delightful perfume, is six tee.n 1an
tre quarters inches in circu mfor
Ice, its shortest diameter five inche
id the measurement in various diret
ons from tip to tip of petal is' ovc
z incites. The depth of the rosei
Illy three inches. Another ros
arvel in the doctor's garden is
uister of 113 buds on a rose tree
a Mnrque variety. A common fe]
~t covered the space in which wur
uunted the above number of buds.
The State of Tennessee is in tror
to. The Treasurer, Mr. Morrow
ates that there id not enough 1mo0
rto pay the July interest, and
not probable there will be enoug
pay the January interest. Thi
bate will, therefore, have to defaul
here -is a.good deal-of feeling amor
as people at the unifortunatn stal
affairs, and an ex,tra session of td
egislature is suggested -though
not clear that it could do anythini
help matters.
Railways haventiely~changed t
wa of internal transpotation. The
Iquire new" laws of their own.
ews that negotiations are no
>ing en between G~ermany, Austril
ungary. France, Italy,' 8witze
ad, Belgium and Holland for th
ugulation of international railroa
-ansportation, so as to secure unifori
rineiples for determining -tihe right
tihe ship per and cartier, and ti:
tethods of establishing theom.
-It should -.beaememabored tAi
rofossor Donaldson has been - pr<
eunced "killed" five. times durir1
ie .past -two or three years, but ht
'variably oome ,tr life again. '1I
an advertiser of his mrial p-rocliv
es, and, as,'Barnum says, she. migi
wvadropped into the f51iobgaiipii
ries, and -is under cover for a fe
ay-dust -to get -the people to ii
itire about bim adgaik him up."
A negro woman in Barhwell, 8.(
k-given -birth to twins, a boy ar
girl, who na connected by
gament of 6esh.- The girl is we
taped and health,y, but-tihe boy
ovoid of-hands atid feot, said.:h
Lee is a..umbIa of tansiElntly feature
-RIval haokmen at 'ulagava...al
ow Issue ehromoasto passeng6e'r-afts
emanner.of religious newspaper
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s bu onoo on potal
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herever it Hi B ieen Tried
U R U B E B A,
s established itself as a perfect regutar
I sure remte ly for disorders of the
tem arising from improper nolion of
Liver and Bowels.
t is not. a Physio. but., by stitulating
secretive organs, gently and gradual.
remoies nll 'nipurities, and regulates
entirn system.
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lich assists digest ion, and thust stion.
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'10NSISTI.NCI of Deviled 11am, Tnrkcey
/ and Tongue, Bloiden's Rohnstt Beef
1 lb catis. Fre'sh ialmnt, and' l.obisters,
Ked , Piokles anid Frentch Alnatard. A
ge lot otf French Blacking or the fino.et
tlity. -Fresh 'andiiy tnnd Crackers otf all
ta. Fresh Auigista Meal nrd Flour
rays on 'hnnd. Also a large supply of
17cEwans Ala,
Irat 'Uingpr.Ale, etad London Piorter,
Kept Cons8tanhtly on Im.
tine 2'd
*UST'Roceived, a-supply of Turrip seed
of approved Varieties.
While Leadl. 8nn.'l Paper, Alixed P aintts,
he, Drugs, Medicines, llooks, Paler, ltilk,
L., &0.
july 17
Jiudk FKye Boo-*iv .y
tnd MVoth Trap.
N1ONNNOR-OldWiEU & C0.,pror'e
.i 'tors for tie coiluttiesof Pa'itIeld nn
e ffr 'EREfl4D iIImhts to mtatke
use thie samet ..with sample hive for
i6.00. Apply at once and be ready to
uSetheo fitst swart'es,
matr 10 Wiii.ae
1 E
Grateftil Thousands proclaim VtbrN
F.GAR 111tS the st wond6rful In
vigorant 0bptI ever, sustained .hO sinking
No Person can take these Bitters
according p. dircotions and T'emain long
unwell, prqvjjed their bones are not do
stroye'd by - mineral poison or other
meansy and! vital organs wasted beyond
.ro air.I.
11110ons, Remittent and Intor
nittent Ievers, which are so prova.
lent in the valleys of our groat rivers
throughogt the United States, especially
thoso.of tto Mississippi, Ohio,,Missouri,
1llinois, 'lennesseo, Cunborland, Arkaa
sA8, Red, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grando,
Pearl, Alabana, Mobile, Savannah, Ro
111oke, James, and iany'others, wit,h
their vast tributaries, throughout our
entiro country during the Summer and
Autuun, and remarkably so during sea-.
sons of unusual heat and dryne.s, are
invariably accompanied by extensive do.
rangemtents of the stoluacli and liver,
and other abdominal viscera. In their
treatinnt, a purgative, exerting a pow
orful influence upon these various or
ganls, is cssentially necessary. Thore
is no cathartio for the purpose equal to
Dn. . WALxIn's VIN9GAR BI'.rBitS,
as they will 'speedily ronovo the dark.
colored viscid matter with which the
bowels are loaded, at the same time.
sti ntIlat.ing the secretiois of the liver,
and generally restoring the hoathy
functions of the digestivo organs.
Fortify the bo(ly against disease
by purifying all its fluls with VoNGan
BITEns. No opidemic can tako hold
of a system thus 1oro-armed.
Dysp>opsia or Indigestion, Head
Rche, Pain in the Shoulders, Coughs,
Tightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Ernctations of the Stomach Bad Taste
in the Aouth, Bilious Attacks. Palpila.
tation of the Heart, Inflammation of tho
Lungs, Pain in the region of the Kid.
nioys, and a hundried other painful symp -
tomis are the oThprings of Dyspepsia.
One bottio will provo a better guarantee
of its merits than a lengthy advertise
Scrofula, or King's Evil, Whto
Swollings, Ulcors, Erysipelas, Swelled Neck,
Goitro, Scriofulous InlammationS, Indolent
Inflammations,' Mercurial Affections, Old
Sores, Eruptions of tho Skin, Sore Eyes, oto,
In these, as in all other constitutional Dis.
MOs0s, WAr,EM'S VINHOAn BITT1-s have
shown their great curative powers in the
most obstinate and intractalAu cdses.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
R1Ieunatism, Gout, Bilious, Remit.
tent and I1terlittent Fcvrers, Diseases of
the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
these Bitters have no equal. Such Diseasen
are caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical D [iseases.-Persons mn
raged in Paints nnd Alinerals, such n#
P'lumbers, Typo-setters, Gold-boaters, and
imers, a.4 they advanco in life, aro subject
to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
ltgainst this. take a doSe of WALKER'S YN
11GA R 11TTIaS occlsionially..
For SUR il Dliseases, Eruptions, Tib
r, Saltheun, Blotches, Spots, Pimples,
'litules, Bo ils, Calbunclcs, Ring-worms,
Sealzd- head, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itclh,
Sculfs, Discolorations of Ltho Skin, H[umanrs
simd Disenses of the Skini of whatever name
or nature, are literally dug up .and carrded
out of the system in a short timne by the 't.e
of these Bitters.
Pi,k 'Iape, and othler Wornis,
lurking in the systemt of so many thousanda..
sre eflectually destroyed and remnoved. Nlo
systen ,of mnedicine, 1n0 vernluges, n1o ant..
tholeinmties will free the system from wormis
like thgo lBitters.
For Female Complaints, in young
or old1, married or single, at tihe dawn of wo
manhood, or the turn of life, those Tonlo
Bitters display so decided an iniflenc .that
Improvement is so0on percoptiblo.
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood when
over you find its impurities bursting th rongh
the skin in Pimples, lIruptions, or Sores;
eleanse it. whlen you find it obstructed and
sluggish ini the v'eims; cleanse-it when -it is
foul; your feelings will tell you when. Keop
tho blood pure, and the health of the atein
will follow.
It. II. McDONALDl s Co.,
D)ruggtms uand Genoa. A gts., Sanu Francisco, Califorula
andl cr. Elf W~'nshington, atnd (Charltonj tEl., l'. Y.
Sold by ali D1Jruggist s and Dealers.,
Paekages.of NEW\V MACKOELE
in IBarrels, half and riurter Bar
rels, Kit. 1, 2, 3, anid extrau nun.'
-ber i1, M S.
323 S.ks of' fresh,.grotrn,d Fl~L:3Ull,
nll siw.es and grades from the
Granite Mills Augusta Ga.
A full stock of G rocerleS, Vr ovisiont
and1( *ilantation Sup pl ies. ail
of wVhIi(h will 1)0 sold at thl
losvd~st prices for CASH.
oct 29
l3EATt" llRO & SON.
Fresh Supply of
T1lIE following viarietios of Turnip
.i.~ Beed just arrived arnd for sale at
Early 'ined ''Fo St Leaved,
rhmrly White, YF$t Strap Leaved,
Galngs Itniproveil 1luta; lBaga, Large
Y'ellow Globe, Large White Globe,
E~arly .Cowbmorn, Yellow Aberdeen
and GJolden Bal,
idlu 16

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