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il' Wo arie not responsible for the opin
one of correspondents.
SI- Coinmunications to this office
will not be notioed inles accompanied
by-tho real name of (ho writer.
$* Any person in the County laving
knowledge of any circumstance of interest
*ocurring in his neighborhood will confer
a favor by fttrnishing information at this
Local Notices will be inserted
(except by special contract) at the
following rates.
For ten lines and under.... .$2.00
For each additional line.:.. 15o.
See advertisements of County Com
Dissolution-R. S. Desportes &
Copartnership Notice-R. S. Des'
portes & Co.
Notiee-W. S. Hall.
Sale of Real Estate-W. M. Dwight,
boots, shoes, and trunks-D. F.
Fleming & Co.
Store for Rent-It. S. Desportes.
The market is flooded with water
melons, but the prices are a little too
hig' for the stringency of the times.
The Mecklenburg bank, of Char.
lotte, N. C., suspended last Saturday.
What the liabilities of this institution
are we are unablo say. Messrs. Tate
and Dewey owned the bank.
Chief Murphy is responsible for
the death of a poor little dilapidated
"purp" that wasn't fortunate enough
to have the requisite $1.50 to pay
the town-clerk for a collar. Such
is death.
The Charlotte Observer proposes
starting a lying "l3." if the Obsor
ver suooeeds, we hope they will give
Winnsboro a showing, for we are of
the opinion that she has the "ace
and jack."
. Rain has been pouring at intervals
since Saturday, greatly beneflting the
growing crop. Corn and cotton are
looking remarkably well, and if the
showers continue farmers will have
no right to grumble at the yield.
Mr. A. P. Miller is renovating the
"Murphy house" on Vanderhorst St.,
which will be occupied by a young
- friend of ours who intends to
. qait bachelor life. We wish him
good luck.
The cotmodioup store opposite
Capt. P. .Bacot's grocery, is for rent.
This is one of the most desirable
atapds in town, and we hope some en
terprising businesa man, will take
hoWl of it.
Daily meetings are being held
* throughout the county in the interest
of the different candidates. There
was quite a apirited one at Rtidgeway
Thursday. Two of the candidates
came near having a Nset-to."
The Savannah News ays now is
the timnewhen diaguoted citizene ask
why a $1.50 collar has to be put on
a ten cent: dog. Bleoause a collar
is a prevention against hydrophobia.
Why It is we dont know ; but it is
The Cornet Band was out in full
force Friday with the exception of
"Charley,'' who is i n the mountaino
of North iarolina hunting up his
health. They discoursed sweet music
and were highly complimented by
all present.
Monday evening's rain has been
pretty general all over the County,
and has caused the cotton' and corn to
revive wonderfully. Mr. Edward P.
Mobley tolls us that the crops in
his section are looking remarkably
well, and he is of the opinion that
his crop has not lost a ponnd.
Rev. C. E. Chichester, pastor of
the Presbyterian church of this place,
returned home Tuesday from a trip
North, where he has been for several
mnonths on account of his health. Mr.
C. Is looking well and we earnestly
hope his trip has been bene ficial to
The precinct cleation for delegates
to the nominating convention (for
Sheriff) takes plane Saturday next.
The nominating convention will be
-held next Monday. 'lThe three candli
dates are doing their level best, atid
no doubt each one expects to receive
the nomination.
Mr. SamI. Catheart has comn.
- snenoed the building of a new store
one door south of D. R. C lad ney's.
This structure takes'the place of an
old eye.sore hut thathas been stand
ing ther~e for the past fifty years,
and will be another ornam.ent to Irish
Our offico is supplied with new
and elegant job type, ink and paper,
onsaquently we are prepared to do
job work at the shortest notice. Our
merchants and business men have no
excuse to go away from home to have
their work done. We patronize
then, and we think it nothing but
courtesy for them to pavronizo us.
The Board of Equalization for
Fairfield, composed of Messrs. E. P.
Mloblhy, Thos. W. Rabb, Sr., and
John D. Smart, which hais been in
session since last Monday, adjourned
yesterday in order to give parties a
uhance to show cause why the valua
tion of their property should not be
raised. The board will reassemble
about the first of September, when
complaints will heard.
A very small skirmish took place
between a pair of light weights Thurs
day, in rear of the Court House.
Fortunately a Trial Justice was
present who commanded the peace,
and the combatants, after a few harsh
words to each other, went on their
way rejoicing that no bones had
been broken.
The colored people, interspersed
with a few a rew whites, held a pro
liminary meeting in Barber's hall
Tuesday night to have a talk about
the coming election. The meeting
was organized by calling G. W.
Barber to the chair, after which the
speaking con menoed, and lasted un
til a late hour. Up to the time we
left Go. ding had the inside track.
Whether he will keep it or not,
we are unable to tay.
Chief of Police Murphy searched
the northern bound mail train dili
gently Thursday for the nissinig
Parker, but nary Parker could be
Found. We are of the opinion that
the ex-Treasurer went in the diree
ion of Wilmington. Had Scott,
Neagle, Moses, Chamberlain and the
rest o. the Columbia ring gone with
aim the State would be blessed.
North Carolina has gone republi.
can <n the Convention ucestion.
Mecklenburg has gone republican,
ad Cul. Wn. Johnston is defeated
by Gon. Barringer.
Kentucky has gone democratic by
an increased majority.
The Alabama democrats carries
he Convention by 15,000 majority.
The parade of the Fire Engine
Dom an Friday afrerneon was not
quite so large as that of the 20th of
last May. On Friday only about
ane dozen men we re out., not a cor
poral's guard. On the 20th of May
the Company numbered sixty-four
men en the drag. This is enoughm to
discourage the active firemen and
will undoubtedly have a tendency to
break up this, the best, organization
we have for the protection of our
property against fire. Wec hope our
young men will have mere public
spirit, and not allow the fire com-,
pany to go down as other societies
have done in our town.
Tro -ru Pour.c.-Mr. B. Sugen
heimner, of the firm of S. Landeeker
& Co., will leave Winneboro in the
course of a few days to make his pur
ohases for the fall trade of an entire
new supply of dry goods, clothing and
notions. Also a handsome stock of
slhoes and boots. Any parties desir
ous of having any I rivate ordors at
tended to will receive our sincere
attention. Our stock will be sucb
is to compete with anything south
of New York. Our aim is to have
a stock to vie with anything in
Winnsboro, and our prices to suit the
olosest buyer. We invite the
planters of Fairfield to go where
their interests are studied, not
in selling, but in the purchase of
goods where undoubted they~ will
receive bargains heretofore never
offered in the town.
Bc ye patient and ye shall be satis
A colored woman living on Squier
Hall's place near Simpsona'a T. 0.
Fairfield cunty gave birth on Wed
nesday to a pair of "Siameso twins,"
The twins '.oro girls, and were born
dead. They had two heada, four
arms and four feet, and their two
bodies were j-.ned from the base (f
the neck to the umbilicus. They
were alasost facing each other ; and
the rily joined to a common breast.
bone, the flesh unitin4t them being
the whole width of the chest and
'abdomen. They wore almost per.
feotty formed, anid it is the opinion
of a ph ysician who examined them
that they could have lived had they
been born alive.
tits monstrosity on Wednesday and
Thursday before it was buried.
The Calico ball on Tuesday night
was a complete success. The Bacot
band from Chester discoursed good
music, and the weather was pro
pituous so that the dancing was lively,
thirty couples being on the floor at
one time. The drawing of the
cravats by the gentlemen before the
first dance was very amusing ; and
it was still more amusing to see
thew matching their cravats with the
ladie's dresses in search of their
affinities. The dancing was prolong
ed till a late hour. Messrs Galloway
f Abbeville, and Galbraith and
James Walker of Chester were
Winnsboro is not the biggest oily
in South Carolina but sale can got up
as much fun as any Sther place.
PxasoNAI..-The friends of Miss
Belcher, will be pleased to learn,
from the following taken from the
Kalamazoo Tclegraph, that she has
safely arrived at her home, in
M ichigan.
Miss 1hilena M. Belcher is tempor
arily a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Little, on South street, She arrived
in town yesterday from Aiken, South
Carolina, where she has resided t to
past four years. bliss Belcher, is a
aister of Elisha Belcher formerly a
practising attorney of this village,
and well known to all the cattier
residents of the cuuuty. She reports
the general condition of the South as
much improved within the puat two
years. Miss B., oame via Philadel
phia, waking a stop there ; found the
city all alive in reference to the
great Centennial. Much has been
done in the way of buildings and
fitting up the grounds, and many
thiigs are being sent already from
The following notice was tacked
up on Wednesday night on the gate
post near Carley Goings' house three
miles from town.
"Notice, all persons who have took
the earth of religion saying that they
Never would rebelge against their
party they will be made stand up
to it If it will cause their life and
Mr. Charley Goings you had better
change your Notion and say you will
not leave your party for we ,will
come to see you if you dont ' Men
of township No. 12 Aug. 3 d 1875.
truly yours,
S. W.S.D. H & Co"
Charley Goiigs is a peacoable
colored citizen, and a supporter of
Mr. Gooding. He wants to bet a
small sum that he can thrash the
fellow who stuck up that notice.
The time has long since passed
when such ku.kluxing would be
tolerated. Every man in Fairfield
has the right to vote as he pleases,
and will be protected in this right.
No one canl be intimidated njow.
FAIBtlml.n SARnE CL.D.-AL the
regular annual meeting of the Fair
field Sabre Club, held on the .3rd
inst., the following officers were
Presidcnt-T. R. Robertson.
Vice Preaidenits-Iraneous Pope,
T. W. Rawls and W. C. Rabb.
Wardens-W. J. Herren, M. C.
Armstrong, W. W. Brice, T. L.
Johnson, W. B Ford.
Directors-.A. Evans, J. W. Bolick,
WV. R. Rabb and Fi. A. Neal.
Color Bearer-U. J. McCarley.
Arrangements were consummnatedl
to-have a Sabre contest and basket
pic-nic at Matj. Woodward's mill on
Saturday the 21st August, at which
will be present the Club, the families
of the members, and invited guests. AW
We are pleased to acknowledge
the receipt of an invitation to the
sabre contest and picnic, and hope
to attenad. VTe club is a fixed insti
tution in our county, and we heartily
excla'im long may it live.
A tenitlin i Fairfid 8abre Club.
YJOU aro hereby ordered to assemble at
LM.sj. Woodward a mil en Friday,
August 13th, at 11 a. m for drill and
sabre exercise. Ii is very important, that
every member shoud be present. The
tournament and basket picnic has b.een
changed from Sat-urday, the 21st August,
to Friday, the 20th August.
W. J1 1f wanon, F, W.
sag li-xlti
Stor'e f'or flont.
Tj lHE commodious building recent ly re
..moved t o the 'Cnlhcart lot," oppo.
Site Capt. Bancots store. Possession
given immeiadiattely. A pply to
aug 6-x1t8 lIidgeway 8. C.
THlE firm of IR. 8. Desportes & Bio.,
was dlissolved by expiration or
Iimnitahion on the first day of August,
Ridgeway, 8, 0., Aug. 1st 1876.
.Copartnership Notice.
W E hiave associatedl ourselves under
the firm name of Rt. 8. Desportes
& Co , and will con-luot a banking, cotton
commissIon, and general mercbandise
busi ness.
it. II. EDMUNDS, Ja.
ati; 6.+1x1
all spirituous liquors as "We
Damnation." Poor fellow : he knew
whereof he spake, by mad experience, and
if living, would apply the sanme to Aloo.
hobo Excitants, advertisel'as t'urealls.
But there I l one Tonio and Alternative.in
existence-tho beat the world has ever
known-which contains no alcohol. It is
Dr. Walker's California Vinegar Bitters
Notiio IN NOSE LADY LIK than the
use of fine note paper and a neat fashion
able envelope So think the fortunate
receivers of such billet diux. The
sweetness of a charming rentence is
rendered more delicious, if conveyed on a
delicate tinted sheet of Pirio's Note
Paper. It is bad taste in a gentleman
writing to a lady on inferior stationery.
If you wish to be postt!d on the latest
novelties, the fashion in these matters.
enclose a stamp to Walker, Evans &
Cogswoll, for one of their little fashion
books "Card Etiquette," or send an order
for a recherche lot of paper and envelopes
of the latest style. Do not forget at the
same time to order a monogram.
Dr. J. Walker's California Tin.
egar Bitters are a purely Vegetable
preparation, made chiefly from the na
tive herbs found on the lower ranges of
the Siorra Nevada mountains of Califor
Inia, the medicinal properties of which
are extracted thorofrom without the use
of Alcohol. ,.The question is almost
daily asked, " What is the cause of the
unparalleled success of VINRGAR BIT
rinst" Our answer is, that they remove
tho cause of disease, and the patient re
sovers his health. They are the great
blood purifier and a life-giving principle,
a perfect Renovator and Invigorator
af the system. .Never before in the
history of the world has a medicine been
sonpounded possessing the remarkable
jualitios of VuxxoAa BITTRis in healing the
sek of every diseaso man is heir to. They
ire a gentle Purgativo as well as a Tonic,
relieving Congesti on or Inflammation of
lie Liver and Visceral Organs, in Bilious
''ho properties of Dn. WALIra's
Vx Al BiITTxs are Aperient, Diaphorotio,
Carninative, Nutritious, Laxative, Diurette,
Bedative, Counter-Irritant, Sudorifie, Alta
tivo. and Anti-Bilious.
Landocker & Co's
Offiee County Comm lissioners,
WINsaolt9, 8. C. AUgust 8rd, 1875.
N4oTtCE To'nloAn ovrnsE~xns.
Y OU are hereby required to order out
the road hands In your road dist
raot to work the public highways the
balance of the six dlays required by law,
foir the year 1876, the work to be lono
before the first of November next. You
are to aoe that the roads are ditched aind
oleared ont the lawful width, and you will
take note of all persons that obstruct the
public roads by throwing therein brush
and old rails Into ditches, or riving wagon
into ditehes, or hauling sand therefrom
Ykoua will also return all defaulters to this
office to ho deatlt with according to law
You are also required to take an account
of all shovels, picks aid spades In your
road distriot, and - include the raunt in
report on the firs4 of Novetober ne xt.
aug 6-.tlxl County Commissioners.
- IOR smoothness, dutrability and beau.
J.ty of roof, our shingl es cannot, be
surpassed. Try them once and you will
ump no other. For sale by IR. W. PHIIL.
LIPS, our agent at Winnsboro, 8. C.
july8--1m Lawtonville, Ga.
D.W. T!,AIK11N1
Drugs and Medicines, Paints, 01l,
Glaan k
Trial JaiNtice.
S" All business entrusted to him wil
receive prompt attention.
II. A 0 AJLLAnn. It. 1. DAva.
NO. 2 LA WRA' ,
C ONSTSTING of Deviled H1am, Turker
and Tongue, lordeu's Roast Beef
in 1 lb cans. Fresh Salmon and Ldsters,
Mixed, Pickles and French Mustard. A
large lot of French Blacking of the finest
quality. Fresh Candy and Crackers of all
sorts. Fresh Augusta Meal nd Flour
always on hand. Also a large supply of
MoEwans Ale,
Belfast Ginger Ale, and London Porter,
Kept Constantly on Ice.
For sale by
june 24
Ahltldryeswir }d Rioqe
. lWaal1 Prs ATanie-saarq
AR WorAWen'afS
.Md fo.PrfeLZIA
1 e,f A1~ ..'*et $t .
A.ksst y;0.
EL. W. Phillips,
aug S-3m
W'T E are agents f or a largn New Yor
VYTilA II0US E, antal lunve now o
hand Gunpowder an dl Young liysen Tea
put up in one lb. an dt i lb. t in enniste rs
wyarrantedl full weig hi antd to give suutis
faction or theo purchase
Money Rlefuinded !
.'.i:ns low. (Givo them a t rial.
J3EATY ARO. & 80N.
mar 9
En~glishi. Breakfast Tea,
Oolog Te, garaneed ue.Call
mear 9
Mr. Rditor.
Please announoc 8. W. BUFF na a
Candl~idate for Sheriff at. the enduing oleo
tion and oblige his
M AY itlur..
Mr. Editor :
Allow usa a space in your columns to
put before the public Mr. A. F.
(000DINO. as a suit able person no fill the
offige of Sheriff We sincerely hope h e
will receive a unanimnouji voto
M ANY Vo'rr.ns.
Mr. Rditor :
Plsee annonnen our friendl
MR. JOllN D). McCAR LEY as a cmnudidan o
for the office of Sheriff. We e'arncee ly
hope ho wi got the u ndivided vole of
the County which hie richly deserves
Nuntsuotl FHInrao.
J UST Received, a supply of Turnip seed
of appnroved varieties.
White Lead, San'I Paper, Mixed P aints
Oils, D~rugs, Medicines, Books, Paper, lInk
&e., &o.
july 1'7
We have received, and are now openi
Shoes, ant
FO.R '.A.:
Orders promptly filled, and all
D. Fil FLE1
Wholesale Dealers in and A
aIntd T
No. 2, na.ne Stted,
''e Sy tpi 0om of i,it'i-r ontphlnt are u mni
the paint iv in Iho siiouler, and is mistakel
ed wih lte hlo'1 of appet iie an-i siokne. 1
terating with hil. The heal is troibtled wit
sideratble lo -s of mll: Ilm wy, a-:eo nipianmiel wit I
som.eth intg wh Ch! ittlgh t. Ilt have been duone,
anti low api 'lis oiteel trinitny of I the al
very few ol thiem-t: hut the li' i' ginIerally
is warantnted not to coltnin a single
particle of ti-roury, or any injurious
mliner-d suhatanice, but is
containing those Southern roots and He rbs
which a lliwite I nvidene 1 has placed
in countries where Liver liisenito tnosi
prevail. It Will cure ill diseases eausedt
bty derangime.,is of the Liver aind Bow
Simnons Liver Regulator, or Modiono,
Is eminently a fliily medicine, and by
biang kept. ready for immediate resort. will
seve tnany an hounr ofatilering and many
a dollar in time nnd doctors' bills
%fter over Forty Years Trial it is still
receiving Ihe most unqtalified test I
monials toils virtues from persons of Ih e
highest charact er and responsibility.
Emninent physicians commend it as the
Effectual Specifi.
for a utasim lit t ,n, IIeadache. Pain in I lie
shulmiders. U'zaii.-ss, Sour Stomach, had
inste inmI the mouth, billions nttacks, Pal
pitt ion of the Ileart, Pain in the rt gions
of the Kidneys, despontleny. glo')tm mnd
fotebodinfs of evil, ill of which are the
offshpring ofa diseased Liver.
For Dyspoeia or Indigestion.
Artmed w itih this notidote all cli mates and1
chauhges of water and food may he faced
without Icumr Aa ltemetly in Malairious
Fevers, Dowel Com plnints, restlesuness.
.iaunadite, N-usea,
It is the citeapest, purost tand tihe best
Faimily Miedicine in (ihe world 1
Buy ni powders'or Prepare-d Simmtnons Liver
Reogulmor untless in our en; :rmved wrap
per withi Traide nark, si anp and signr ture~
unbrokeni. None otlher is gem tlun.
J. HI. ZI'LlIN & 00.
Mtlaeon, Gna., mand Piladeiliaii.
8l i11h10118' .ivcr Rpglia(or.
For all dieases of Ilhe Liver. Siomachm antd
FSieen. As ai reety ini
Malariouis Fevers, Bowel 'opans
Ibyspepsia , Alental iepressioni lit.
hessiness. .lauindicn, Nimnsn Sick
J/endeho, Colic, Conistipa
tiomn and B3i Iliouisness.
G 3 OJLD and silver 11tnches, (thea very
\Tbest timto keepers) Solid oli ('hains,
hooh Plated Chains. inrgs and Siver Itub
Ch'!ain s, wichio I gnaran t e.. .iso, Breast
P'ins Collar iinil Shmirt Bttoners of aill des
ciapi ions. A set of bennft il Clocks, lu ho
can beat I km m ? Rempair-ing dono in a
workman -like mariner. FatIs faction gutaran
teed. I H UI~I
fetw gou1 .rtr just receive'md andii
for salo, at t'o Druag $tore of
jia -3 W. P A TIKB .
;T, 18'75.
ng, a largo and now stock of Boots,
i Trunks,
.J TR .A.'D-EJ.
oods with our brand warranted.
[ING A co.,
Innufacturers of Boots, Shoes
[;or. ofChuarcla Sta'eet,
TON, S. 0.
ii inoss n I p un in t ii Side. uome ti to
1 for rheumatism. The s't umach is afoo
iowels' in general oostive, sonetirot a
h in, in.an dull, heavy . .nsations on
painful 'ensation of Iaving left undono
Oftent complaining of weakness, debility
ove attend the disease and at ethor times
the orian most iin 'olvel.
"I hr.ve never seen or tried stoh a
simple ollicacious, satisfactory and plons
ant remedy in my life."--il. liaines,
Le ual, Ao
Hon. 'Alex. H. Stephens.
"I occasionally use, when my conditie
requires it, Dr. Sinimons' Liver llegulaa
(or with good etlct."-ilon. Alex. ill.
Governor of Alabama'
"Your Regulator Tans been in use in my
family for some time. ant I am pursuaded
it is a valuable addition to the medical
science."---Q-.v . ill S iorter, Ala.
"I have used the Regulator in my fami
ly for the past seventeen years. I oan
safely recommend it to the world as the
best medicine I have ever used for ,l l
class of diseases it purports ; to cure
II. F. Thigpen.
President Oity Bank.
"Simmons' Ilver Regulator lis proved
a good and etlioacions rtedioine."-U. A.
''We have been nequainted with Dr
Sin coons' Liver Medic.no for more than
twenty years, and know it to be the bout
liver Regulator offered to the publio."
M. It. Lyon and II. L. Lyon, Bellefontaine
"I was cured by Siminous' Liver Regu
lamir, after having suffered several year
wit ( Chills and F'ovor-"Rt. F. Anderso n
The Olergy.
"1 (lave boen a dyspetic for years ; be
gan (he Regulator two years ago ; it ha
noted like a chau iu my caso."--itov. I
l'. Ilolmles.
Ladies Bndorsement.
"I have given your mledicinio a
bhorough trial, andi in nao case has it failed
to give sat istactin"-Elen .Meacham,
Chattaoohee, Fla.
Sheriff Bibb County.
''I hav. used your Reguaitor with iir. a.
ce'ssful effect in hmimus Colio tad D~ys
jipimin. It is an e'xaJeller . tim remed anld
cer.ii 'nly n publim blessinag."'.-C. Master'.
sotn, ibb County GJa,
My Wife.
"'My wife andi self have usedl the Rlegu
lot or for ye irs, and test it'y to its great
virtues "-Iter. J. Feiler, Perry Ga.
"1 think Simminons Liver Regulator one
of the best ,oediinesm ever mause for the
Liver. My wife aind many others, flavo
uised it with wondletfuil effect. "-E. K,
Sparke, Albany, Oa.
M. D.
''I have usen tho RLegulaitor in my fami.
ly, also In miy regular practice, and havo
Iounda it a most vahimibhn atnd satisfactory
edicine, and belIeve if it, was used by
O profession IL would be of sorviee in
many casos. I know very muchl of
monnutt parts, and cent ify its tmedi.
ual ities nre perfectly harmlss.''.
igga, \I. D) .31a o n, Ga .
FROAM $1.00 to
TIo meet the dcmnand for a
Saufe and Reoliablo
A-r A enitcit within the rachl of all
iver was Medicine 80 Doservedly Popular
Fresh Supply of
rI11HaM following varieties of Turnip
I. 8ood just nrrived and for sale ut
Eairly Roed Top, Str ip Leaved,
l'Narly White, Flat Btrap Leoavetd,
ainitgs 1mproved Ruta Baga, Large
yellow Globe, Large White Globe
Inarly Cowhiorn, Yellow Aberdeen
nd1( Golden 1Ball.
July 15
1110IOE having olaims against the ea.
..tate of Thios. Mcet. 11ajl, deorised',
will leaso present thorn properly attest
ad on or benfore the 1oth 61' October, and
.~the ndebte~d to the ('state will please
nke imnmediate set tlemient
W, 8, hlA 1,, Adni'r.
Jualy 8lst, i875.
eu 5-1m ~ '

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