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WILLIAMS & DAVIS, Proprietors.] A Family Paper, Devoted to Science, Art, Inquiy, Industry and Literature. [TERMS---8&O0 Por Annum in Advane,
W I j L I A M S &. I A V I S.
2rms.---The IIRA7D i published Week
y in the Town of Winasboro, at $3.00
nvariably in aduance.
S}" All trnslent advertisetents to be
Obituary Notioos and Tributes $1.00
per t quare.
The State of llusiless aid Whdt It
The fact that tho failure of Dun
can, Sherman & Co., carries wiith it
so fewe evil onjsequences to businiei s
in gener;l, is a happy indieation,
snatched out of private grief, that
prudence just. now controls our mer
cantile op:Erattiols. lu every branch
of uin ihe s, mk.l are studyin 4 ocono.
Iuy, osrutinizm3g credits, drawin g iln
Fail, it) tact, anid kteeping a.,harpl look
out for breakers. The t,vo years
tiuce thi p-tnic of 1873 hav ~beou
spent in r he . celo th es of en
forc.ed lasting !roml bpeculattion.
))blts have been paid and c ioetted,
aend bazardous ventures scrupulously
Meanltime, however, the people,
thlough getting wiser, havo uot boont
growving ricer. Yet they are laying
&.oldii the toundatious for futuro pros
. )atpritby. 'iho decline in values which
appeared at the tile of the panic Was
not ict.itiot.s, but real. Thu m1;an who
e:.timha toi hil p1operLy ive neurs ago . I
a tillion Must cut dOW that figure
by beveral hundred thou 'tud dollar,
If hie deshes"', to ciphe1r out its preCSCtt
'aortht. It is true that, bhle sac..st ia
tosuA nent stooks are very hiig ; but
t hatt is anl indication thIat tuch1 stocks
are ifw in number, ami as the chances
of good investuient are grcatly re,
duced, those that two first rate comt
)Ualad a big price. This price brings
dfown the interest on the invest mnt
in most, such cases to five or si per
Vast sums of tnoney are now lying
idle, bringing in no iuoauo whatever
the faci of many a ii.ii ;nuito us he
dricks his Congress water at
buaratoga or drives his drag at Now.
port.- iU is to the present reaction
0i couervatism that tais hoarding of
inolny is very largely duo. Capital
dares not como out of its holes, and
will there remain in dorumant idleness
until the busiuess world puts ont a
brig :'r and more inviting face. A
failure like that or lluzuana, S11er manl
& Co., maker; it draw in st.ll further
its timid head.
The low rate of interest for money
now prevailing-two ortihree per cent.
is giving the banks ia hiow, but one
which they can stanid. It cuts down
their profits, next Janmuary's divi
dends are likely to show how serious
ly. CJotmtci J paper for discount
is bot dangerous and less freely
' offl'ered than formerly. Mioney i: a
drug, and fills tho vaulty rather thar
earns money by lending. ''ire prac
tiee of sonmo of the banks and banking
houses of paying interest on certain
large out of L.JIwn deposits is one that
mus nt fall into (disule. It was inever
sound businoss policy.
WVall street hats too many bankers.
They have swarmed thero slioo the
war ; an , when mIonecy could uhnoist,
bo p)icked up on the pavement, they
of conise hlolld thetir pookets. Just
n fow, htowever, there is precious little
p. 1rofllt in bainking,' and such a failuro
as that of D)uucan, Shermant & Co.,
will make men cautious about trust.
ing any except the few htouseis whlose3
fiunncal loundations 8r0 laid on a
golden rock, anud whiose ei edit haa
stood' the blamsts of many atormsn. 'Thei
bus inmets of plac~ig fancyy railhvay
bonudi, w hich birl up a best of bankh
c an, is prett~y weil do0ne n ich. There
I is lt no1 dmain d exOcpt for purie spla- m
tioti for anmy sourities0 extucpt there~
whicmh ha ve aetuali antmd asurted val uo
leouid the ontiary cihanges8 antd
ha' es of fhtancil e(x per iec e.
Teear igh buas fe havt usi ; for
pepl relaing~e that th t old a
uterest incrases thmoh.ist good even10
t. a yoin andl otpi s W ~i couvnty
wihpshralas ou tOeiiA ,Opi t, nto the
deseri t and) ui lds facr torhie in leveryii
PI caI o.So o.9 al wii:1. owlr
'A ( a tet c a ntral .- urity . It ho ever
not go in for show but for safe in
vestment, promising satisfactory re
turts. Buildings so costly as the
Drexel, the Equitable, and the Wes.
tern Union buildings, for instaneo,
are not likely to be again put up for <
many years to comoe. .The tall tower t
has arien as a late And most pro. 'J
postorous addition to ho arohitectu
ral display, but it will never be com
pleted. It furuishus a lofty capping
for the gorgeous rum shop in the 7
cellar ; but it will never pay a fair a
interest on the money. Though it
Carries the building furor to an ab
sardity, it yet is an outcropping of
the fully so prevalent a few years ago U
of patting up business structures
more with reference to show than to
their adaptation to the require
monts of trado or the neucs
sities of professions and corpora.
tionus. A quack doctor may find use
in the advertisement given by an
eccentric or imposing busineus estab- t
li:bmont, but it is not 'Icoessary, or
even a vaaluule help, to a sound and
prudent business. [Thus allusion is
to the New Tribune building.]
The growing popular demsand for
tho reat rather than the fancy, for
the solid rather than the inflated, r
will have a beniuecial effect on public
Morals. Business gets back to those 0
well-worn clauniels which wise ex.. P
perienco has wade, and thougir it,
flows with t less tumultuous current v
it is safer sailing. Our entorpiiso a
which has givon us a bad namie
tltoughout tho world-for it often b
was nothing more than at sort of I
ronfidenco gime-is too much check
ed fur the t ime being ; but, that con- a
lit ion of 1epose i better than Jay b
(ould's management of Erie, or Jay I.
Uooke's soattoi ing of .N'rthern 0
Paciliu bonds. The stato of things i
Bloes not alford occasion for johilstion. ,
The period of f:tsting is never that.
But it a Wfords no ground for deep des
pon)1dency. We mast gird up our
l',ins, lay our hands to work, save I
uur peonies, nut, to be in such great
basto to get rich, and give the honor i
not to success, but to iutega iy, pi-u "
L ance, taithful ahilitj and wise '
adapt ation of means to end,. Then 3
even if we do not all live in brown 6
t, . ....... ... -- 1 .t v l iveried turn
uaS in the Park, we yet shall pay our
-ilis and live cleanly liv.3 before c
Uod and men.-NY. Y. Sn. I
Scieaitifis Ob.crutlols.
The highest point in the world C
where c tran gionents are made for
seicntifi; observations is the sutornit u
of 'ike', Perk. There, 14.366 feet
above the level of the rca, is a rude- a
ly constructed stene ho'iso, where t
live tiree uen, the observing Sor- 1)
geant and his two assistants. )ur- n
tag seven months of tibe year these i
men are shut off from all intercourt,o e
with other human beings. .arly t
in November they house themselves', v
ond livo on the 1rovisions they have a
stored up and the meats they have d
ouried in the snow. N hen the at- t,
mosphere is in a proper condition I
for the telegraph to work, some p
scraps of ntews are obtained, bet v
they cannot reach the world below u
nor the world get to them. The ob- y
servations made from this lofty point
are .sent to almost every enlightened
Enuropeoan nation. The station was
establishod heae in August, 1873, t
thle spteiai ob'ject becing to learn
somhing about theo upper currents
of the astsuesphere. The principal
ianstruments used tare the barometer, t
thearinaomet.or, hygromneter, anomoine
ter and the rain gauge. One of' the
most, remarkable phenomena seen on
Pike's Peak is the elects ie storm.
A correspondent of the Now y ork
Tribune recently visited th-s sunamit,
signal station, antd to hita Mr. Browni,
thte obseiving sergeant, thus do
.scribes theso stormis:
"T'iiey generally begin with hatii,
atnt l.a t romt ili an hott r to four
baotrs. The whole atttmutphere is
fullI of' electricity. Sheets of fi, g
are every where. Sparksi oracka.
Labout ) our clothets tand in your~ hair
ian14 fill the hbi~ualiobo and s h
t broaugh the roof, through tie win -
dows unid up fromn the floor, it
seem a1 s thtough you art> ini a batte
ry. If' )ou goi uu'oors, a cloud oft
clueti icity roats on tlte whole Peak.
. conmes frt.mi the rock ; the clouds
.re full of it. The h lihting phlrya
below in fear faul nttensity, One 's I
hair literallly stands ont cnd."'
Mr. Bruwna also atateli that lie
had( sceet athe fro~t, a loot decep all
over the suuinanit, ont wvindows, doui s
tocks, and partienLiaroly oni mtaltt s.
Somtimesii0 it, g atnters on the tele
ga sah w ires to then depth of eight
3 inenesj L and rquenit ly breiaiks, the
line ansd . a ps cottauitto.tatiun . Such
aroa somet of the features of life on
Pike1s Pecak.(
Tlhoere are saaid to bo some parts of
Musougeo County (Ia., wvhere the
recent rains did nut fall. The
gro~pnd is parched, and crops are
.almtost ruined. Th'lat aoetiont seems
to by doutod to blight.
Jst mes Smith, who murdered Mrs.
l'epS Austit, n Wake UJounty N. C.
.,. 3-' : soinO Sie reiuted to
A Slow Clock.
Orange Judd, the veteran editor
f the Amerioan Agriculturist, writes
be following letter to the New York
'ribune :
!o the Editor of the Tribune :
Sin-The aooount in Saturday'a
'ribune of its now clock, with the
ppearanoe of a false story that just
ow wet my eye for the hundredth or
aousandth time, leads me to send
ou a t[uO ace unt of an incident in
,y business experience, of groat in.
frest to me and probably usefully
uggoestive to others. The old Tri
une clock was an important factor in
ho transaction.,
Some twenty years ago, having just
i..cooded from the editorial chair to
ia proprietorship of the American
.griculturist, I decided tW aacertain
y trial whether advertising would
ot do as well for a good thing as for
utent wediciuos and other humbugs.
hough having a small working capi- t
il, I resolved to do what was thon a
tber largo thing, viz : to- take forty
nes under "Special Notiues," all in
ne advertisenieut. .Being unex,
.etedly delayed, I reached t .e
'ribune oilico at 3 p. in., with the ad.
ertisewent biall to write, while an
ngagemaent in the country required
ie to take the four o'clock boat frti
ulton-slip. Sceuring forty lines
paue at the head of the first column,
s ent to a little desk on the southwest
de of the oflice, over which hadr
rood the old clock for many yoars.
intended to write r..pidly a variety 14
f mattei during thirty minutes, and
i the next twenty minutes pick out
iae strong points and condense to the
)rty lilies. Keeping my ego on the
look occasionally, I wrote on "letter.
aeks" furnished at the desk, and
abted them1 together until Iha
urteet or more of copy to condense
rom. I turned to the clerk and
skod if I could have a line or two
iuro than forty. ''Yes," he - maid,
on have the first place ; tal e all the
pace vou want " chin,1;-o to
utauo thei City 11.11 clock, it pointed
j ten iuinutes of four. Tle old
lock bad stopped at twenty minutes
ast three, unnoticed by we. I at
iupted to d~iaw the pencil through
)me portious of the manusoript, and
idespair threw the whole at the
Lerk with an order to insert it, and
in for the boat, to save a nino mile
ight wa.k.
The matter troubled me all night,
s an over-basty thing, and I feared
J bee th '1'iibuno aced the probable
ill. Starting before daylight the i
ext morning, 1 bought the first copy j
i the hands of a newsboy, ant; count
d 196 lines, costing $24 50 at that
me, when ordinary advertisements
ere eight cents and specials twelve
d a half cents a line-a terrible
ose for a literary man, now in ther
usiness and with a -small capital.
Fastening to the Tribune office I
aid the bill, and slowly and sadly
cut down to my second-story otlioe,
lly re.olved to ot more deli berate
in the future.
1'he result. The bold advertise. I
ient, conspicuously inserted, at.
racted the atteution of the multitude
ningn in on the morning traing.
)ver 100 dropped in and subscribed
a their way to business ; ethers sent
u messongers, and others called on
heir way to a noon loub. At 8 p.
i. [ had recived 226 subscribers
om that one advertisement, anid
more camne next day by mail. I re
eated the dose in the l'ribune and :
ther papers. This experience taught
ic that if I winted to move a crowd
dith a big rock I would hurl it at
hem, and riot throw it out in bits of
cobble oir sand. From that day to
his I have noer been afraid to ad.
'mi time largely and boldlhy-the only
imit being the time I could devote
o~ prprn good, truthful adver
iseents, and to seleoting good mue
iuius.-theo latter a work of no little
bilicult.y. MIy succoss in business
ins beenm ab~undauntly satisfacto y to
13self, and, 1 trust, to my patrons
lso. My rule ha. been : Find ouw.
omiers by free advertising, and then
:oop them by supplying good arti
les and tny fair dealing ; and what
ver of success I haive htad has been
agely duo to the old Tlri bhune clock,
ditch stepped so quietly at, tke prop'
r time for mec.
Now York, Aug. hS. 1875.
TIho fasion letter to the News
nd (Cus ier states that ladies' skirts
ro still drawna tight. Extremists
rvo repudiated olastici arid instead,
-ave adlopted lading back the skirt
la corsets.
Corsets arc now madie to flatten
lie breast. Th'le whole idea of
ashion at present is to approach
a5 nearly as possible the olassic
atyle, the styl6 in wbich Venus is
>ortrayed, when rising from the
.ca. One consoling circumstance
s that ii this style becomes general,
;orydoi an sR it up o' nights as
le .s he pi eaes to PhyllIis with
.il feaLr o ruing linag or other wise
uitrneaige attire.
Glycerine Thermometer.
Tho glycerine thermometer is a
recent invention brought to notie
by M. Jaksoh, of Bohemia, and is
-uito a novelty in it4 way. In its
3o struotion, an ounce bottle is
;wo-thirds filled with glycoerine of
tny desired color, and the bottle
placed in a frozicg mixture of sal
aammoniao, saltpetre, and water, so
is to cool the liquid to thirt3.wo
degrees Fahrenheit. A glass tube
twolve to fifteen inches long, is pass.
ad through a good fitting cork, so as
to dip nearly an mob into the gly.
3orine. The cork is inserted in the
bottle and rendered air-fight with
caling wax, or a coment of varnish
md chalk, and the thermou'otor is
,hen ready to be graduated. On
userting the cork, the liquid rises
i the tube a few inuhes. 'he but.
to is now placed in melting ice, nanl
ho lo- of the liquid marked thirty.
wo degrees, if the scale is to be
?ahreuhojt,'s. It is next plaeed in
caret water, say at the point of one
aundrod and thirty two . ogrees, and
his point is marked. The pac
,ented beatwone these points i,
ividod into one hundred parts, and
his division is carriod down to ye
larenheit zero, and upward to the
op of the tube.
A Singular River in the Black hills.
A Npw York Herald corrospon.
lent, writing from the Black Hills,
ays : A most remarkable stream
vad discovered and appropriately
mmiod Amphibious Crook. Ito
vaters sink into and rise from the
arth manny times in their journey
roa their original spring to the
outh fork of the Oheyenno. A well
vorn bed extends a.l the way, show
ng that in the wet season a torrent
lows on the surface ; but at the
,resent time not at vestige of the our
ent may be ton for miles alter it
lisappeara, until it suddenly bubbles.
ip again from the rocks and rolls
inward to the next point of descent
nto its subterranean channel.
tieams of this character are so
oommon on the great plains that,
hey are not thought remarkable, but
hey are rarely found among mwun,
ains, for the reason that the sub.
trata is usually composed of solid
ock lying not far below the surfaec,
mid afording no room for a sub-pas.
.ge through the sand, if that should
mappen to compose the soil.
The Bludgeon and the Press,
Last night, a little after 8 o'clock,
a Mr. John A. Mot oso, of the News
,ud Courier staff, was walking dowrn
3road street, he was waylaid and as
aulted by Bowen's champion jury
nan, W. II. Abrens, who was
kulking in the dark alley which
eparates the store of Messrs. John
. aul & Co., from lrunning's bar
oom. As soon as Mr. Moroso had
mased, this cowardly footpad, taking
dvantage of the darkness, rushed
out, and with a stiek of some kind
(ealt him several blows. Mr. Moroso
irew his revolver to defend himself,
when Ahrens incontinently fled
,hrough Brunning's bar-room,
naking his exit by the baek door,
mnd so suceeedd in escaping the
>unlishmenlt which ho so richly do
erved. It is impossible to say
vhether robbery or murder was in
ended by Abrons. Hie will, how.
v~er, have an opportauity of
xplaining his felonious purposes in
he courts, as he was fully ideontified,
n spite of his hasty flight. In future
lhe reporters of the News and
Jourior will take care to be read5
or footpads, midnight assassin's and
'intelligent jurynmon" like this WV.
[I. Ahromus.-Netou and Courier.
A Youthful Murder nd attirderer.
On Monday evening, the 2nd of
August, a negro boy, aged eight
years, living on the plantation
>f Mrs. Massonburg, near F'raneklyn,
Va., being left as nurse for his little
r'rother, aged two years, lost all
patiecel~a with his charge who began
srying for broad. The little villain
cook up his sinaller b~rother and
alammed him against the floor, knock
ing him breathles.s, and thena threw
Ilimi out of the docr, breaking his
seek, from which ho died ins9tantly
lBrother Lumber one then left for
parts unknown. A jury of aiquest
was held unext, day, which render'ed a
verdict in accordanuce with the abhove
nets.--Roanaoic New.
Recen tly a foreign embassay souglht
hle assistance of the Enuglish polic
o find a young girl who had just bee.
ome the heiress of wmny millions.
'ho instructions wore vague, and
,h task was nece~ssarily given to
>ne of the keenest detoctivesm. At
he end of six weeks the dotectivo
-oported at headquarters and handed
ni his resignation. "Well," said
ho cbief, "and what about the
foung girl ?'" "I found her about
i month ago In a dressmaker's shop,"
gras the answer. "And what then 1''
'I married her yesterday, anid this
moorning I have just received her
die mions
All for
The board bill of the Beecher jury
has just been paid. It was $1,.
502 75.
There are not as many old fools in
the world as young fools, but there
is more hope for one who belongs to
the latter class.
Three prominent citizens of Dwight
Illinois, lost their wives by elope'ntnt
the other day, and the local paper
heads an account of the affair "Glory
enough for one day."
"John, I wish y ou'd close that
door," said an irritable father to his
son. "Your mother must be scold.
dine somnebody at the other end of
the hall, there's such a draugt froen
that quarter."
Speaking of the senti-ent, "She
who rock, the cradle rule:s the world,'
the Momphis Avalanche says: "In
this section she is generally a colored
girl, and we don't believe a word of
A "world's brass band tournament''
has been seriously suggestud as a,
pleasing feature, for the Cetntennial
celebration noxt year. The band.
master of the Now York Sixty-ninth
Regiment (nukes the proposit ion. lie
should ie bound over to keep the
peace till '77.
Danbury News : At the funeral of
a woman in Slawsou, the other 'lay, a
neighbor in attendance, feeling it
necessary to say something sympa
thetie to the afilinted husband, kind.
ly observed : "You've got a splendid
day for the funeral."
"Alt, yes ; the West is not entirely
useless in the vast economy of nature'
remarked a Bostonian. "It furniWos
the pork to flavor our beans with, you
know." Then lie resumed the study
of his "Prinoipia."---St. Loter Jr.
"Another trial !" ejaculated the
sick man, starting up in bed with a
look of pain and weariness upon his
"Another trial," repeated his wife
"Well Mary(" he replied, fulling
back on the pillow, "you' can dis
charge the doctor ; I guess I want to
An employee of a large establish
men in Wilhington, North Carolina,
remained over hii; vae.tion at a sumc
mer resort and was telegraphed for
to return or lose his placo. " Don't
want the p1 ace ; have a $200,000
girl in love with me," %nas the
answer. But he came bt.ek in a
week and took a place at $30 a
* It is seldom easy to see the hidden
bnofaotiun in that which is an appa
rent afliiction. A boy who was "con
founding" the mosquito was told by
his pastor that "doubtless the insects
are made with a good end in view,"
when the young scamp replied, I
can't soe wether it is in view or
not. At any rate I don't like the
end I feel."
Useful lifornntlon.
It is said that half a oranborry,
bound on a corn, will soon kill it.
Water window plants with tepid
water, andl the loaves often.
If'you don't want milk to sour
during a thunder storm, kindle a fire
Ia the dairy, even in hot weather, the
purpose being to drive out moisture.
To keep seeds from the depreda,
tions of mi~ce, mix some pieces of
camphor gunm with the seeds. Cam
phor placed in drawers or trunks will
prevent mice from doing thema injury.
An ceellent stamping ink that
dries rapidly and is free from grease
may bo cheaply prepared, according
to Muller, by dissolvintg one part of
erystallized-moalld-red analino
violet int thirty parts of alcohol, and
adding thirty parts of gl crii.o to
the solution. This colored liquid is
poured upon thte cushion and rubbed
with a brush.
P'lates of pollshed siato are recom.
mendled as a ..nbstitiuto for biox-wood
enigravinig. It, is declat ed tha.t such
saga aved plates w itl furnish * no
huntdred thousantd itnplressions wit t
ont louss of (detail ; a~nd that they will
not warp andl ate not eifteted by
either oil or water. There i.,one draw.
back, htow.ever Q thbey are read iiy
scratchedl, an objection from which
wood is free.
NellIc's Butby.
One of the prettieot incidentr coni
nloutod wiuth (ien. OIrnat' gi anidaon
is the reply of the wife of the I(tei
dent to a guest who tasked her why
Sartoris, Jr., had noet opented his eyes
in the E~xecutivn Mtansion. Mrs.
Grant said :"It, is so much healthier
for Nellie here (Long Branch), where
the atir is fresh and tuto broczes cool,
and we woretn't going to risk our
daughter in the heat and excitement
at Washington for the more privi
l-go of havn a gran dsoni born ini
the White Ilouso,'
Mothetly and sensible. The
President will leavo oflico with many
ueemies, nut, his wife will win the
hearts of all good people.
Cptlire of a Desperado.
Last Sunday, while the family of
Mr. 8. Fairly, of Orangeburg, were
at oburoh, his house was entered by
a negro, who immediately began to
help himself from the pantry. A
young lady, living with the family
hering the noise, w nt out and
found the fellow. Ie attempted
an indecent assault upon her, and
was prevented only-by a fearful ro
sistance. The cries of the young
lady brought in the help of rorte
r.egroes near by, when the flod fled.
Iwwodiate pursuit was made, but
the scoundrol avoidea arrest until
after five days search, when he was
taken by a party of white men. An
aceomlplice of hia was captured also,
and is in jail aovaiting examination.
Tboy gay their gang numbers twelve,
all colored.
A meeting 'of the few persons
who advocate a greenback ourrunoy
was held in New York on Tuesday
afternoon fur the purpose of organiz.
ing prior to the calling of a public
muuting, "to advocate," as stated by
by one of those present, "the use of
the crodit of the United States in
the form of greenbacks, thus saving
$20,000,000 annually that are now
pa:.id the national banks on their
bonds depositod at Washington."
'T'his gentleman furt ter stated that
an organization was. effooted, and a
suffluient amount of money subseribod
to insure the calling of a meeting,
probably a't Cooper Institute, withiu
a few days. More than this, how
over, he was not at liberty to state at
present. Among the names of por
sons mentioned as taking an ntivo
part in the movement are the iHon.
Richard Sobell and Geo. Hoffinan.
-- ---------- -. 940 - - -
The Pardon of aln Indiain MIlrderer lie..
The Washington Star says the In
terior Department is in receipt of a
communination from lieut. Pratt,
having in charge the Indian prisoners
at Fort Marion, Florida, recommend
tng the pardon and release of the
(oldo Chief HIu-wah-nee, confined at
that place for the murder of E. B.
Osborno, a son-in-law of Black Bea.
ver, the recommendation being signed
by the widow of the murdered man
and her father Ifu-wah-neo is well
spokun of as a faithful scout, and it is
boliuved that his release would be
beneficial to his tribe.
Democratic Confidice n iho.
From the beginning of thiscanvass,
says the Cinoinnati hnquirer, we can
say to our friends at a distanee, there
has not been the slightest doubt of
the election of Governor Allen. It
was never doubted by any intelli.
gent person. Since the financial
<1%ostioii has been made the only issue,
it is conceded his majority will
reach high tip in the tons of thou
sands. (ovurnor Hayes has as n-uoh
chance of being elected Governor for
a third term as he has of being struck
with lightning
On Sunday, the 1st instant,
Cynthia Quick, widow of the late J.
Stafford Quick, was found dead in
Reud Bluff Tlownship, Malboto
County. The dceaised was at the
house of Charles D). Qjuiek on the
night of Tuesday, and left to return
to her own home, a short distance off.
Nothing more was known of her
whet eabouts until theo finding of the
body on Sunday afternoon. Both the
upper end lower jaws wore broken,
and a large pool of blood was lig
near. Thle murderoc Is not known.
iet theno only the grasshoppers that
fsttewestern part of the country,
but unow the papers say a plegue of
rabhlts has visited cte ranches on
Fish, Creek Nev., totally dlevastating
tbo crops, having drautroyed more
than l1lt acres of ba;-ley, .The
ranchers made an attack on them
and destroyed 200 an a ei'gle night;
bt it, sur mod to miako no difference
in tLhii r niumibet, andi the'y ewa rmted
inito the fiold~s thle next day.
A negro entered thu ebiakent coop
of Mr. Giarvey, of Ta':lbot County,
Georgia for the purpose of "fitoh.
ing out a inio fat piullut,'' but ito
eooner had roachodl the roost thantt he
punt his foot into a large steel trap.
A further reduction of railroad
fare will probably soon beh made by
the various roads in thet State. Tlhe
presenit rates are so high that travel
rig for p leasure is fast diminishaing.
Colonel 3ottdinot wianits the Ohoc
taw Indians represented in Congre~ss.
lie thinks they are as good as ne
g rues.
Ir is proposed to cnneot Newbor
ry, Laurenas and 8raartanburg by
telegraph with thu Southorn Atl1antic
Six weeks dIroich has tut t y des
troyed th.- corn eaop io a great por
tibn of ilhufort count.y. Gotton
will yield but iti tie.
Northerna Kii.-lux.
The outrage and Ku-Klux busi.
noes is now carried on principally at
the Nortb. Scarcely a State in that
region has escaped some outbieak,
such as strikes, riots or lynehinq,
during the past year, and the indi.
cations of popular disturbance are by
no means over. The Philadelphia
Enquirer, prints long catalogues of
aesasslnations, assaults, house burn
inge, obstructions to railroads and
other lawless acts in the mining
regions of Penopsylvania, and the
largo organizations of strikers and
other turbulent spirits are anything
but assuring to the future peace of
the State. Such licentious and
violent demonstrations, long continu
ed, are the sure preocursors of anarchy
and military rule, or rather of both,
the one sucoecodiog the other.
Negotiations have been for some
time going on between England and
France for an exchange of territory
on the West coast of Africa, and
have just beeu concluded. England
is to code Gambia to France in ox
change for Dabon, Groat Bassam,
Assimo and the river lollacoree.
The object of the exchange is to
bring the possessions of each country
into closer contiguity with each
other. In the treaty made the res
pective rights of British and French
subjoets in the territory coded have
been guaranteed. The ratifications
have not yet made, that of France
being required by law to be made by
the Goueral Assembly.
The Leavenworth bolle is frequent
ly forced to take whiskey in self.
defense. At a ball given them ro
oontly, as a young man was gather.
ing her in for a round dance, her
nose went up like the leaf of a sensi
tive plant, and jerking herself loose
from him the exclaimed : "John,
ain't you got no more of them cardo
tnon seeds Z l3eeause if- you ain't
I'll have to another drink or change
my partner."-Brooklyn Argus.
The other day, lo a packet was
dropping some people here, a small
colored boy, whose parents were pas
songers aboard, fell into the river,
and was rescued in a half drowned
condition. He could have easily
beon pulled out b negro floating
along in a skiff, and hen some one
swore at the darkey f r his lethargy,
he replied : "Die .yore is my last
paper collar and do boy was kicking
water like an alligator."- Vicksbug
The Korsbaw Gazette gives exool
lent advice that committees be ap
pointed in every township to ferret
out and proirout3 every case of
theft. If this were dune there
would be less thieving. It is hard
for the farmer, after making his
little orop, to suffer loss by the idle
vagabonds who infest the country.
They should be hunted down and
made examples of-Newberry llernld
A fourteenya'roidgirin Sandy
Hill, N. Y., eloped with a school
boy, got married, and returned home
with him to be forgiven. She was
soundly spanked by her mother, and
thme husband on his waiy out of the
house wvas kiced eighteen tImes by
her father. TIhey had never read
anything like that in novels.
The UionTiesas : "It is very
strongly suspected that Yooom, treas.
urcrof Chester county has shaken the
dust of South Carolina from his feet,
and in his hurry forgotten to leave
about $4,000 of county funds behind.
Almost every cuntylin the State
of Georgia shows by its statistics the
very gratifying fact that the number
of hogs for killing next Winter will
be quite large, as compared with pre
vlous years since the war.
A ealoon keeper in Louisiana has
just been compelled to pay $1,200
damages to a woman for selling
liquor to her husband.
A daughter of 'A~ir.Munts, of
Greenville, was fatally injured on
Monday by a buggy wheel passing
twice over her broast.
The man who wvill borrow a load
pencil and return it to the owner un
asked, is the kind of man we want
at the head,of our goveirnment.
The alarm as to a possible over.
flo* in Loui.siana is subsiding, evcn
faster than the waters which inspired
tLabor troubles have broken out
in England again, and a largo num..
ber of cotton mills have stopped
operations in consequence.
Some writer lhas said : "0, wife,,
if there is ona feature, one trait, one
notion of your husbands you spprovo
and admire, praise itand be blind to
all thme rest." Is not. this suggestion
just as good for the husband ?:
"Geon. Grant is tho last of .oigh.
teen P'residlenat of the U~nitch States"
ay n exchmange. Hie will bo the
tost of the P'residenrts if ho is rot do
moated next year.

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