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WILLIAMS & DAVIS, Proprietors.] A Family Paper, Devoted to Science, Art, Inquiy,.Industry and Literature. [TERMS---$3.00 Per, Annum in Advance.
W I L L I A M S & D A V I S.
2. rms.-The IIRRAi A published Week
y in the Town of Winnt m at $3.00
a viaibly in advance. ' S
tir All transient advertisonents to be
Obituary Notices Tributes $1.00
per i quire.
'1'he girls are planning to get a bean;
They dress for party and ball and show
And the old folks tell us it wasn't so
When they were young and used to go I
Bnt the ditference is really no more tor
Than a little change in the style of dree
And human nature itself, you see,
Is just the same as it used to bel
After the verses and prayers a* said,
The old folks light the boys to ed,
And they lie as still as though Ate o
'Till daddy goe off to his dronms instead
Then down the back stairs-so slyly and
With their boots in their hands-and away
they go,
Aue the old man laughs in the morning
to see,
It's just the same as it used to be I
Those good old maids are waiting yet
t'ver love alflire they froth and fret
or girls they never saw such a set
* vey one is a silly coquette !
But if backward something like forty
They woilil carry their meddlesome eyes
and ears,
In flirts aid freaks of their own, they'd
It's just the same as it used to be I
Of cour--e to aged 'tis right to hold
The years they were happy the best that
rolled ;
But the truth is plain, and ought to he
That. iho world grows better in growing
And only love, in its sht ow anit flame,
Is ever changing and yet the same
Freaks of fashion and charm, you see
But it's just the 'ame as it used to be !
The Slamese Twins Outdone.
It appears that Savannah is shortly
to have the opportunity of seeing a
curiosity of nature's laws, which is
said to rival the colebrated diamese
Twins. This wonderful lusus naturw
is at rresent being exhibited in Au.
gusta, and the Chronicle and Sentinel
thus describes it
"This strange freak is in the shape
of a louble child, or, more strictly
speaking, two children joined togeth
or. The curiosity is tje offspring of
o ilored parents, Crittenden and Sa'ah
Jono.-, of Boeoh Island, South Carolina
One of the ohildren is a perfectly de.
veloped female, large for her age, and
with every appearance of health. The
other, who is a male, is but impel feot
ly developed, has only the ruoitnents
of limbs, and does not eat, depending
for sustenance upon its sister. Those
two beings are joined together by a
widle batnd, in the centre of which otne
of the lungs of these strange oreaturen
seems to be loated. Touch the tnah,
and the female will shrink ; pincb it,
and sne will cry. Reverse the opera
tion, and still it is the female a ho
manifests setnsibility. Th'e head of
the female is small and mie-shapenm,
the ears presenting more the appear.
aince of those of uan animal than a
human being. The pulsations of the
heart and the net of respiration ean
be plainly perceived in the ligament
joining the bodies. This ligament, if
such It can be ealled, is joined to the
girl at the end of the breast bone and
to the male lower down. It is broad
and thiok,~covered with skin like the
rest,of the body. Whether there are
two distinctive sets of vital organs or
whether both are dependent upon one,
has not yet been dotormninod. The
latter opinion seems to provail, how.
over. It is apparent, at any rate,
that the male receives nourishnment
through its companion. A well
known physiciain of this city examined
the twins ye-terday and pronounced
themi to be the most wonderful natu
ral phonotmenon of the kind in thte
world. The mother and father of the
children are stroing mand healthy.
Twins were never born to them be
foro. The twine are about eight
weeks old. Messrs. 'lamkorson &
Wocathorshy, of South Carolina havo
themi in oharge, and intenml to tamke
them from Augusta to Savannah,
amnd thence to blow York.
The first bale of South Carolina
cotton of the new crop was reeived
in Charlesten, Saturday aftornmoon
It was grown by Mr. U. T1. Dowinug,
of Barmnwell, and was consigned to
Messrs. WVrptonm & Dowling. The
first bale received in (Jharloston last
season, which was also consigned to
Messrs. Wroton & Dowinm, came
on the 22d of August, eight days
later than the bale which lhas now
como to hand. Two bales of the new
crop of Florida upland cuttont reach
ced there Sunday, per steatmerDiota.
A Dco:ro Prayer.
The following grotesque yet a
solomon prayer is a verbatim report
taken in the winter of 1862.3, at a
Methodist tueeting held by planta
tion negsoos in a settlement near
camp :
"O Lord God of die glorious
universe, wilt don look down in the
omnipresence ob dye eye upon dose,
dy collard children, bowed upon do
kuuulobone dis night, take a solemn
peep upon us, an' let a heap o'light
in. Dou knoweat what dese dy poor 1
darkies need. Dere be Bam, dere e
be Jerry and do Pompey. Doy are t
in dere sins, dat's what I reckon. t
help dem to get up and git from t
de wilderness ob sin and come into I
de clearing of savation. Take a f
solemn peep also upon do darkies in c
Ithe other cabin, who fiddle and r
whirl upon de bombastic toe, while m
dy servant fulminates words to dee.
May day rise above the anthratory
things of dis word and fly, like Massa
Linkum, ballon, heavenward.- 't
(Professor Lowe's balloon was
anchored near by.) Ruler of all m
humans on dis earth, will don brews
do generals in do field die night, a
if it be ciroumnspootion in dy eye
Bross do colonels in de field dis night f
if it be cirelinspection in dy discreet c
rye, and alto bress do Union soldiers, a
who carry de musket and ohew do t
eatridge, fighting for de Union and c
de Stars and Stripes. Dey fight in a a
scientifio cause, and be do bestest of i
men ; but good Lord may doy swear I
less and pray more. Arid finally, I
ress dy humble servant now suppli.
eating deo in the behalf of deso a
benighted darkies. It behooves dee 1
to dig deep and sound in do very f
bottoin of his heart. May there be c
nary hlimmage between myself and r
my Savior. In de language of the a
mighty Washington, die world is all 1
a ileetin show. To-day we are alive t
and boppiua round like grasshoppers; t
to-morrow the sickle of death outs us I
down and spreads us down and t
sprea.le us out like grabs in hay-time. p
On every side, don knowest oh Lord, t
is do evidence of the dislocation and v
destruction of tie human family. I
Dore be fighting among one anoder,
and natural disease. But we die to
live again, either us saints or evil $
spirit. Dero be disousaions on doe- d
trines, eleeshion, before ordination t
poefcotion, and sich like, confuse ds r
intellects of both black men and t
white. But don knowest, good Lord, v
dat deco are vain allusions, splittin'
and dividin' dy creatures into sexes
without mercy. Many dere will be .
with slick countonanees, white eel. r
lare and fine clothes, who will find t
do gates abut against them, while do i
blind old woman, hobblng on i
erntches, she go straight in. Amon,"
! ducational 4onthlh.
During Robbery Il Brooklyn.
A bold robbery of more than
$5,000 worth of diamond jewelry b
from the safe of Kline & Co., fourth
street Brooklyn, N. Y., was success
fully accomplished on Thursday. t
Mr. Kline, who is an elderly man, b
was alone in the store about 10 A.
M., when a stout, middle-aged
stringer, wearing dark clothes,
entered and asked him to put a
crystal in his silver watch. Mr.
Kline put on his spectacles and began
to search for a suitable crystal, in the
front part of the store. The stranger
then began noisily walking up and
down the floor, a sign for a confede..
rate in an adjoining hallway to cnteor
through an unlocked door, a roar
roomn where the open safe stood. A
moment later the stranger began to
cough in a curious way, and Mr.
Kline, who had thought his actions
very peculia&r, asked him what was
the inatter. Tfhc stranger replied
that ho was suffering from a bad
attack of catarrh, and thben ho wont
away hurriedly, saying that he
thought, lhe would leave his watch and
cull for it an the way home in th.'
evening. In a inomient Mr. Kline,
whose suspicions had boon aroused
inspected his safe, and discovered
that it had noen robbed of diamond
jewelry, most of which had boen
entrusted to the Girm for safe keeping
to the value of $5,32G. Tne thieves
made good thair escape. A servant
girl subsequently reoognized the
pictures of two well known thieves in.
the rogues' gallery as those of thne
men whom she had seen oining fromn
the house.
The tunnel under the English
Channel will be constructed hetween
Cape Grisnes and Tolkertone. Iti
wil' be twenty-four wiles long, and
as the French Assembly and the
English Parliament have passed theire
respective channiel tunnel bills, and
there is plenty of money in the hands I
of the tunnel companies, the work I
will soon be commienced..
The bass and pickerel in Lake I
George think of calling a meeting to t
formally express their gratitude to s
MI r. Seth Green for the seventy thou- d
samnd young trout which lhe planted
there. The tront -are nearly all
gone, anid every little while a bungiy L
piokerel put his bead out of the water d
to see if Seth is coming with more, fi
Declined With Thans.
:y Telegraph to the News and Oourler.J
M MM.ens, August 19.-The Ion.
lefferson Davis has sent the following r
otter :
MEMI'Hu, T ENN., Aug. 15, 1875.
rfienry P. Kimball, &cretary of the
Winnebago County Agricultural
Society, Rockford, Ld. .
DEAR SIR : I yesterday sent to
on a telegram announcing my reve
atio of my conditional aooeptanof
be invitation to address your assooia
ion at their annual weeting in Sep- t
ember next. - The long period which t
ins clapped since the receipt of your 6
irat letter, and the considerate a
ourtesy which has maakad your cor ,
espondence, wake it a duty to you
mnd myself that suffioieut explanation
hould be given of this change of
Three objects mainly induced me a
o accept the invitation : "First. v
L'he hope that a pereonal intercourso
eight remove some of the prejudices
viich have been generated by parti.
an facliocs and matured by iudividu.
Al and sectional hate. Anxious as in
orwer years to promoto the interests
f our groat valley of the Atississippi,
nd believing that with mutual con
deueo and ou-intellignueo much
ould be done for its advancement, 1
olely delayed my acceptance of your t
ovitation until it became reasonably
robable that it should be met. The
roductavo capacity of the Northwest a
ceds for its development cheaper p
ud safer transportation to the Wa
ets of the South wtss4.aud also to
ureign countries. In England. erpo
iall),euruest attention has bdel di. j
ected for several years past to wore
tirect and economical trade with tLo
lississippi valley, In this conneo.
ion there was a (esire to confer with ti
he Patrons of Husbandry and pros- t
erous sections to discuss with theum
lie securing of better means of trans- h
'ortation for your farm produce to
he muot favorable markets, and pro.
ide agencies which should ensure a
urger return to froemen, and by such
oualorence to learn the' views of onae
wewber of the family of the Missis.
ippi valley, a family, the chief inter
st of all of which is not only agricul. f
ural, but the cultivation of such va
ious crops as to make trade among
hemsuives extensive and lucrative,
rhile it stamps upon each and all the W
awe interests and the same policy. a
1s to the foreign trade, to render l
nob eonnectious eflicient, there must
ceds he a disposition to attend to
i'e subject under consideration, sure
y not at purposo to smother it by the b
uterpolition of matters Laving no '
ust relation to it.
I was encouraged to believe that w
our reception of me would . be bene- b
cial to your association. This was p
he more supposable because sereral e
thor agricultural societies of Illinois g
ad in like manner Invited ne to ad - b
ross their annual meetings. Yes. a
erday I received a printed paper, it U
cing a protest of a number of your sw
allow countrymen against the action o
f your board in their invitation to p
me to address the meeting. 'There. jr
pen, I sent y ou a telogranm withdraw- ta
ug may acceptance of the invitation to u
articipate in your meeting, and I hope o1
cither your association or the dirco- IA
ors will suffer bairm by the delay in a
rocuringan orator, or by the corres- i
ondence which has caused it. The h
bjeet was to gratify wishes long t
utertained to see in its cultivated se
ress the country known to mue as a eo
raokless wilderness, but that being g
iarely a personal gratification, it may ni
'c,indulged in at may convenience or
*ostponed indefinitely.
I can well believe that the cause
bich has changed my purpose was
a unforescen by you as by me, anid
'ou may bie asaured that I feel no diii. d
fiectiou toward the dirctors or your- h
elf, and have suffered no personal %I
mbarrassment from the event, as the
navitation was unexpecoted, and only (
ecoptable as an expression of general t
~ood wvill ; so any only regret is the
oss of opportunity to promote thie
>ublic interest with which the wet
ame of your community Is identified, a
'igain expressing the hope that north
ar .the directors nor yourself may suf- a
er ibjury or annoyance, and thank- ~
tag you for'the kindness and consid
ration you have manifested, I am,
ours respectfully,(
A little Idaho three-yeatr old fell
nto a well reoently where the water a
vas onaly six inches deep, and remain- 1
d there six hours before he was dis- h
overed. When lie was finally res, na
ned his pent; up wrath knew no ti
ounds. There was no crying about j,
t, ut such a volley of inveotives
poa the heads of neglectftul parenats
over before fell from childish lips. na
lue is an example :"You link I kin ei
ay in a well wifout nuffina t' eat like
f'og ? Fy .[ wasn' njo better fou. ta
cr'n' on I'd do wifout children I"
Lizzie Prioo, a colored girl, was
urot to death in Charleston, a few h
aye ago, while attempting to start a v
re with kerosene.e
More of the Parker Plot.
Special Dlupatoh to the News & Courier]
Cc LUMnIA, August 19.-About the
only things that Parker has left be
ind him are the boats of unplessan
umors ; rumors which however seen
o come from good sources, and whiol
ender it very evident that his releasi
rom jail was a well developed job
romi beginning to end. As was
elegraphed last night, McCord, tb
ustice who let him go on $2,0010 bai
old Mr. Wingate that he would no
elease Parker without givii.g hin
otice. This was at 10 o'clock al
ight. Col. Rion who represented
he State in these cases, was to hane
een in the city, but was delayed
y floods in the country. McCord
cut to the office of the eulicitor, who
as, of course, not there. Solioitors
to not generally remain in their
fliocs at that hour of the night,
t seems to be generally well knowr
ow that wheulParker was recaptured
fter his Camden jaunt he was in
cry low spirits, and wuaavory much
acensed against "the friends" who
ho had "pushed him up" to escape,
ut who had refu.ed him sleltor
fter his lighting rod glide. It is
:sown, too, that he threatened to
sake a clean breast of all his tluan
ial peculations, and that he wi
eadj to do the same thing for his
riends. When this threat was made
here wasp great commotion among
Leso friends. Judge Mackey was
elegraphed for, arrived promptly,
rid gave the most wonderful oxem.
hticationb of the elasticity of the
rent writ cf habeas corpus that the
orld has ever seen. Justice McCord,
> whom was entrusted the duty of
%trying out the concluding~aot in the
sco, followed the very striking prc.
ltout laid down by his honor Judge
[lokey, nod as is known, the next
-aiu carried Parker to parts
uknown. Col. Rion, who arrived in
e0 city on Tuesday, says that he
as no intention of dropping the
atter. On the first day of the
lotober tern of the Court of Sos.
one, the StatA will apply to Judge
arpeuter for a rule compelling the
eriff to show cause why he should
ot be attached for failing to arrest
arker. The State will also appeal
om Judge Mackey'. decisiou in
re habeas corpus case, and from his
roer vacating the arrest of Parker
u the sinking fund case. Another
arrant is to be issued, and as soon
3 Parker's whero'bouts are asoor
tined a requisition will be made for
in. The officers who represent the
tare say that they follow himt all
trough the country with a viow to
ring bins Lack to justice.
To day Comptrol!er.Goeneral Dunn
as served with papers in the suit
rought by Mr. Jas. B. Campbell,
laintiff, to test the legality of his
leetion to the office of comptroller
eneral. The case will be argued
efore Judge Carpenter, in this city,
t the October term of the court.
uder the laws f the State, no per.
>n can bring a t uit to eject a State
Iicor without first obtaining the
ermissiot of one of the circuit
idges. This will account for the
-ansfer of the case from Blarnwell,
here Judge Miaher granted the
riginal order, to this~ circuit. Judge
laher simply gave the necessary per
18810n for the plaintiff to bring
uit, and the sumumons and complaint
avs been isaued here, returaable in
,renty days. The plaintiff is repro.
mted-by Mes~ra. Rutledge & Young
Charleston. The comptroller
aneral will be represented by Attorm
sy--Goneral Melton.
The Lamentated Gloster.
While the horses wore trotting at
e track , esterday, a littlc group of
orsemnen on thme grand stand were
iscussinlg the merits of the noted
orse t loster, who died in California.
lester's old driver was in the corn
any, and he evinced much fooling
'hen 'roferring to the lamented
otter. He said Mr. Goldsmith,
lostor's first owner, had the aoimals
til, hanging up in his sitting room
od that Budd Doblo had egg cups
nd an inakstand made out of his
oofs, and uses them daily, and
nether great admirer of the animal
ad a pair of boots, a pair of shoes,
ed two pairs of slippers made out of
is hide. Mr. Bargent, who drove
iloster, told how the horse beat
toldsmith Maid at Chicago In
rivate, and how lie was kept huck
i all the race. so, that the Maid
iould not be beaten in public.
here is no doubt whatever that if
a had lived he would have trotted a
ie this season in 2:13. All agreed
at he would have been the fastest
orse in the world.
A medical student, under exami
ution, being asked the different
Feets of heat amnd cold. replied
"Heat expands and cold con.
"Quite right ;" can you give
e an example ?"
"Yes, sir I In summer, when it is
ot, the days are longer ; but iu
inter it, I. cold, the dna aea shor..
Van Winkle, With a Variation.
A gentleman residing in this city
had occasion a few days since to take
a journey down the river and several
miles back from it, using a sa.d.ale.
horse. Darkness overtook him in a
sparsely.aotled district, and as tie
roads were in a bad condition and the
evening looked threatening, he halted
befo-e a forlorn.-looking hut and raek.
ed if he could find lodging.
"I rockon you :nought," replod
the long-haired, sorrowful-eyed
squatter, after hesitating for a mo
The Vinkeburger found little to
oat, and his horse found still to-s.
The squatter and his wife were all
alone, and they had but a few words
for the stranger, and soamee~ly spoke
to each other. %% hen tho evening
grow the traveller oanspod' down on
the floor on a blaniket, and lbeing
very tired, he fell asleep, while host
and hostess wore smoking thei r black
clay pipes at the other end of tie
room. He had slept about two hours
when the squatter shook him by the
shoulder and said
"Stranger, I'm powerful sorry to
disturb ye, but I want to ax a fa
"Yes-yes-what is it Z" inquired
the Viokaburger, as he rubbed his
eyes and sat up.
"Yo like to seo fa'r play, don't yo,
stranger I
"Yes; of course."
"Wall, ne'n the old woman can't
agree ; somehow she's oross and
teohy, and I guess I'm a trifle ugly.
Leastwise, we don't hug up worth old
boots. We've fit and fit ; I'm ol(
and she's chuck full o' grit, and it's
about in even thing."
"Well, L'mu sorry,') put in the
Viekaburger, as the squatter hesitat
"We've been a.talkin' since ye
cum, stranger, and we've made up t,
ask ye to hold the candle and to let
us go in for an old rouser of a fight. -
a reg'lar sockdologer-which r;hall
nottle our fuss. If I lick, she'll go
if she licks, I'll travel."
* I'm sorry if there's any trouble,
and hope you won't fight."
-'We've got to do it, stranger," re.
plied tha woman. "I won't live with
a man who kin lick me, and he'.,
just as highborn. Sama as good as
the run o' men, but he's lazy and
sassy, and he wants to wear his hat
on l is ear 1"
"Shc'a right, stranger," said the
squatter, "and this cabin can't hold
both of us any longer. It's to be a
squar fight-no kicking or clubbing,
and we won't go back on yer deeis
ion "
The Vicksburger protested, but
the woman placed a lighted candle
in his hand and posted him in the
door, and the main and wife stepped
out on the ground.
"Suke, I'm going to wallap 3e
right sniart in just four hoots and a
holler 1'' said the squatter, as he
pushed up his sleeves.
"Saw, ye don't weigh nuff into
three ton I" ahe replied in a grim
voice, andl the batte comamencod.
Theo Vicksbiurger bet twenty to one
ou the man at the start, but in two
minutes be had red uood the odds to
ten, and in two mnore minutes he was
betting even. TJhe wife wvas like a
wildcat, springing, dodging, striking
and clawing, and pretty soon her
husband had to stand oni the defen
si ve.
"Look out for the Bengal tiger,
Suke I" he warned, as he clawed the
"I can whip the boots off ye,
Sam I" she replied, and the battle
grow flescer.
One of the woman's sharp nails
struck the husband's eye, anid blind
.ed him for an instant. As be throw
up his arms she seized both her
bands in his hair, yanmked him down,
and in another mninute had the
"gouge" on him.
"Sam, do you cave ?" she asked,
as they lay quiet.
"That's the dead-wood, Suke, and
I'm a licked aman I" ho mouriifully
She let himn up, and he turried to
the Vioksburger' and inquired:
"Stranmger, was it a fa'r fought ?"
"I guess it was."
"T1honm I travel.''
He entered the hut, put on his
coOt andl hat, took up his rifl, sand~ a
hoecame out lie reached his hiand to
his wife, and said
"Good-bye, Suke I We agreed
fa' and squ-ar', and here I go."
Then turning to the travolor, lhe
added a
"Much obleoged, stranger ; ye held
the candle plumab fa'r anid ye mdin't
holler for either oiic of ua I"
And he walked down to the fence,
leaped over, and was soon lost to
"Uood 'nuff on the shoot," mused
the wife, as she gazed .after hims,
"but his fightins' weighst is ular downa
to nothini' 1- Vicksburg fferald.
'Ihe new style sof pantloon~s this
fall wilt be lare anonuh tonte buck.
"Gill-Edged uiter."
We wish we could get the atton
tion of butter-makers to the following
stat ements oft he Philad el phia Lodger
showitj thei profit of supplying the
market with a eheioo article. Tio
Ledger says :
'There are at least two dairymen
and butter-makers in the neighbor
hood of Philadelphia who always sell
their butter at one dollar a pound,
and cannot supply all who desire to
be their custoneis. One of these
attributes his sucets to three poiats,
goo. food for his cows, uniform toi.
peratuco of 58 degrees in the milk
room, and nOatnOs, cleanliness and
dainty nicety at every step from the
moment the milk is obtained until
the dollar is paid for the pound of
but, or. lie feeds his CowU often,
a of not much at a tiimie, on whito
clover and ca ly-uiown miendow hay,
which he cuts line, lloisttenis and
iiixes with corn meal and whoaten
The last iurde' in hort \Vavne,
It.d., wat a little out of the way of
the ordiiry achivements in the art.
.1oseph \Vaill, i (Chri.stian and pray
lug negro occupied the lower halt of
a building, only a tliin partition wall
separating liml from Mr. (ronk, a
Gelrin citizeni. Wall wIa s no..
customed to pray at the top of his
voico and coninued long .lit his do
votions. CronkI dill not, believo in
prayer, and espcci.ally ob.jected to
the lengthy and deto,.ating supplica.
tions of the pious negro. The other
night he was kept from his rest by
Wall's groans, and threat.c.cel to
put a stop to it. Wall heard him,
and riiing Iromi his k~ncs, rushed
upon (irolk with ai loaded revolver.
A struggle ensued, the revolver fell
to lie floor. Wall drew a long knifo,
Cronk was carved open, struck on
the hoed with a poker, and his spirit
took its departure. The pious negro
is in jail, resting in the firm belief
that lie will step higher in glory for
slaughtering an enemy of the lord.
Thu clnso is one emin'intly d iServing
600 investigation of theologlans.
The Vieksbnrg Herald tells the
following, which is richly worth
republishing :'
A member of the colored church
was the other eCenling, conversing
earne:tly with an acq uaintance, and
seeking to have hiin chiango into the
better paths, but the I riend said io
was too often tempted to permit him
too becomoii a ( hrist iain . ''War's ye r
backbone, dat ye cai't rose up aund
stand tonptation !" cxelaimeind it
food tain. "If was dnt, way myself
e1e1. liight in dis yere town I had
ia Ohnice to steal ia pa'r of boots-~.
mighty nice one+, too. Nobody was
udar to see me, aand I reached out Iiiy
Iiand and do debhil said take 'om.
Dion a good sperit whispered for mo
to let dcm boots :t ine."' "And you
didn't take 'em I" ''N, sal-not
much. I took a pa'r o' icieap) shoes
off de shelf an' left thema boots
Illssulslppi ltei.
In Hinds County nineteen hun
dred mortgages hiavo beeni reordedl
this 3 ear.
Post master P'ease, of V icksburg,
has been stied for three cunts ever
obargo oni a letter.
The~ Columbus Index estimates
the shipmenlt ot peaches from~l M is
sisippi, thiissoasoni at 300,00)0 boxes
and the total profits lit over aI quar.
ter of a millIon of dollars.
From all quartors the crop re
ports cotinuio good. In many
neighborhooss the corin crop is niow
entirely eafe. On all sides the cot
ton is reported as lieaIlhy, but back
ward. -i~t~ ~'.
Says the A tlianta Con st ition:
Let's see. TJhae stand~ardl railroad
gui LO of the South is live feet eight
aindl y(et the0 gao of the Sou therin
Pailio road is four leet eight and a
hlalf incheinS. hlow is this ?1 Is tie latter
really a Soutern enterp.ric~e or is it
to be siminply a feedeor I or St. Lou is
and t he mnorthle rn li nes ? It wou il e
wellI to unid erst anrd thi, maat ter befoCvro
goinrg mauchi Iurth er. To coiiorm to1.
thie( SoutIhern P acif(ic's 9!:uge, te
senthI woubId have to ch ang.: 9 Oin I
mi les of tr'ack, 11nd4 t he geair of ,5S0 I
eng ine andi il 21,000 (:airs. T hi s wouli d
bainkriupt the son thi oin111panies. It
wvould be very we! to r0 ai: 0 a howl
aginsiit this ra scalIi y wore it not 'lhe
f.ot thlat four feet eight. 1and1 a halfI
inches is thn gunIago on al thLbe South-i
ern roads excei't a few ini Noithi
A Delawav~re m1:11an rriedI a wvornan
beo eitse thie was deal8, :ini ho I houg ht.
shlu'd kep, lion motth st ai. So 51he
did, but when ho fell iuto the well
cnd yelIled hi mself' haruso try inmg tol
imake her hear, he wished that she hiad
ears a foot long aund could hoar a
whiiaper a mile awasy.
Thei re is now a 5.tro'v.g probabhilhity
thiat lios. Tweedl will w:on be resti're ii
to fredom. lio stole too much to
kent, in !.risona11l his life.
Florida llcmns.
Cotton is coming into the interior
towns in small quantties.
'ie orange crop suffered oonsid.
crably in West Florida by the
Thirty-six moccasins were killed
in Levy County last week by a party
of hands while ro.noviug ruils.
Mrs. F'. K. Smith, the mother of
Gen. R. Kirby Smith, of Confeder
ato fame, died at Palatka on the
3d inst., aged ninety years.
On of the employees of the Jack.
sonville Postoflice recently found a
muoccasin snako two and a half foot
long in the drop letter box.
Gertrude Jackson, of Mississippi,
has smiled on this one and that one
until tour young en have been
shot on her account. Gertrude still
lives, but there are four fools less.
tcWs Items.
An English clergyman owns a
miastiff that is valuied at $2 OO0.
Only a Kaiser can afFord to buy
such a do;.
The farmer who hung an old coat
in his field to frighten birds away and
a tern ard found a young brood in one
of the pockets has lost faith in
lks re 1 ws.
During the past six months the
tiro lisurance coinpanies in the
United States have sustained lossos
anaonting in the aggregate to
The Newburyport herald says the
furniture business is more deeply
depressed than any other in New
i.ngland, and factories are suspend
ing on all hands.
General Adam Badoau, at present
our ennstl-gounral at London, will
sueceel Mr. Jones as minister to
Belgiatn, who has resigned, and is
:n route for home.
John Mitchell, the fiend who
brutally murdered a negro woman iu
1873, and was tried and convicted
and sentenced to be hung in 174,
And who through the oarolessness of
the Shoriff and the County Commis
ioners. broke jail or was lot out
more than it year ago, is still furk
ing in the woods near Ehofield, and
" a terror to women and children.
No reward was ever offerod either by
;ho Shoril or the Governor. This is
jnstice with a vengenance, under
one of the best Radioal governments
the world ever saw.
The Albany Evening Journal
i;)nke4 a tstatement of the debt of
New York which, if true, shows that
3tato to be in an amazingly sound
in ncial candition. According to
,he Journal the debt has been
brought down from twenty and a
luarter millions in 1872 to an un
provided for balanco at this time
>f little moro than six hundred thou
and dollars, which may be wiped
>nt by a very s'ight tax for the next
Mr. Henry Hein, a baker in the
amploy of Mr. Kraft., has been miss
ing for several days ; and as the last
dime hio was seen lie was on the
banks of the river asleep, 'and
his hat and cane were afterwards
round ini the samte spot, it is feared
that ho rolled into the river anid wvas
:Irowned. Mr. ileiii was a Germianl
by birth, and hadl ervedt in the
Uonfederato army.- Col. l'Mxn~ix.
A "suiled dove'' in Munc, Indi.
sna, having been sonit to prison, bas
put aI number of the nicest young
rn of that city on the ragged edge
by exposing tho.r Connoiotioni wit~h
ior. They haive left the city nuwor
>usly, and1( are dwelling' elsewhere in
un1ves of gloom.
Interlocutor-"You say, Johnson,
that four halls lodged in your bosom?
IeOs, codli.ish balls." A being, erect
yn two legs, t'lacks his faeo.
tightly to repeat this to grinning
eacasians, and is onlled( an "artist''
white tilh) st ardy yeoman that raises
roastintg ear's to nellt at 40) cenlts a
lozoen is dubbed a elod-hioppr.
Ind. Illerald.
lieports i'roin the nilners in the
Black lHills come in slowly, but a
bial eagle which flew over that,
regioni ately, asys he sa1W a lot of
IInd 11ia dancinig a rounid a fire and
liat overy on of Iii 'eml had at hantdfui
Tfimes are iminprovi ng. in Cuba.
Meait iian now be had iln the market
for $1 50 a pound, and trains on deo0
railroiid are running three times a
week- 'Thiese blessings are attributed
to a plentiful upply of soit money.
It is worth one's while to address
1 f ir in Itussia. At the one held
in Niji Novgorod, ninety niillioni
rlollars' worth otf eommwodities change
hands every year, to say nothing of
tlemonade anid pies.
When Joaquina Miller returnea to
his haotel at Long ihnm'oh,' after his
Ii rst pa iigo, into( the surif, he comoii
vely i.car ber'ig ni'rr11 s ied an1 an impjos.
Lor'. Nobody recognizod himi, hie was

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