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W1ednesdaty Mlorning, September 1, 1875. t
'Tho Governor of Tennessee ha n
appointed Hon. D. M. Key as United ti
States Senator to fill the chair of
Andy Jounson until the Legislature g
elcota his successor. fi
'The Now York World shows that s
the democrata in all the states in it
which they have been successful
except Ohio have pronounced for b
bar.1 ouey. R
All doubts as to whether inflation o
or o.nutraction is the proper policy h
aliuld be set at rest by the fact that r
Benst Butler calls for inflation. e
Ionot men will, therefore be in. 9
elined to favor contraction. a
The E'uropoon powers have warnod e
the les segovians to end there rebel- t
lion against the Turkish government, e
as they will receive no assistance in
their enideavor to throw off the otto' a
man yoke.
W a have boon told by contraction - 8
ists ihat a return to specie paynents E
will produoo financial prosperity.- 1
Whast excuse will they make for b
'the fnilure of the bank of California
ina stato that has never coquetted I
wi-t h pa per money., but has alway
clung to gold 3 We ask for informa
toll bueause the question of finance is
.awfully muddled.
'Col. D. Wyatt Aiken attended the
gioeiLck Convention at Detroit re
ceitly and was elected one of the
Vr1o !-residents. The mweeting was t
not largo. Judge Kelley was about
tihe only prominent politician preos
ent. The rest are waiting to see
the iciult of the election in Ohio.
They are not sure yet how the cat a
~rrelsurQr Yocum, of Chester, has
.re cur,.edV0 and he is astonished
to hear that there have been reports
is to his baying absconded with coun.
ty nionety. Mr. Yocum must romem
her that the tax payers have l~een
ta ught, by sad exporiono to viow with
+Mspicion any not of a public official
t hit ; not clearly understood. The
bhm : io for this rests not with the
.poopelo but with the republican party.
We iao glad to report that the rumor
-ill questionl was untrue.
-Mr. Il ardy Solomnon lhae writton a
h'tcr to tho News and Courier deny
ivig that there was any fraud lrao.
ti in the failure of his bank. .1oI
Olimls that the bank had a capital of
$3(0,000. (This *by -the way was aI
ridictulously small capital to scure
F')O,000 of deposits.) Hie is anxious]
fran investigation. As the opl
are ailso anxious to know what 'has
*Neomuo of their $200,000, besides tihei
oU'ais daposited by the county treas
urers for wvhom Mr. Solomon went]
scurity, it is to be hoped that Mr.
lDenu will soon mako an exhibit, and
t.It4 the courts yilI thoroughly invos.
L!agate the matter.t
-3l udg a Mackey, in his remarks on
ygranting a temporary injunction
alg. inst, the city council of Colum
bia, drew t~ho following contrast be.
ween Napoleon'-s -address to his
aany, and the remarks of the.
oitl'zens of Columbia to the
'cuncil.; '.Nr poleon, in E~gypit, ad.
dre..sing -his army beneath tihe
p.yramids, ezmolaimnod, 'Soldiers of
Jiance, forty centuries look down
Ulpot yeu.' The people of Colum.
Lia say "Mr. Mayor and city coun
nil of Columbia,forty centse look up
The council hand issued a certificate
of indebtedness for forty cnte.
.l The city of Columibia is hopeloisly' g
Illuvent. TIhe money that has
p ured into her coffcrs from taxation n'
ha boon roossly squandered. The t
phoare not half paid, and they t
arrest persons on the slightest offenoes 1
<>rder to make money for tihe city by 1
fluies, that they may be paid. The ii
cit y recentlylgave a certificate of in. h'
'Iaduied noss for fortby cents, Judge b
NaIokey will hoar argument on the 'n
3rd SJoptemnber as to placing its
adhairs into the bands of a rocivver. d
( .lulmbla is the most rotten portion t1
0f the State. The radical party el
have their headquarters there, and s<
plunderers, knaves and thieves from r<
every quarter of the State fleck to ei
the capital. T1he colored people of s<
Cumnbla have been more corrupted b
1,robabhy th~an these In any nther p
arti o e Stato. The most oor- r
kt t incodipotent Individuals I
ave been elected to the city council. f
The present condition of the city
tbe legtUitate eonl'equeuce of the ii
eotion of .theso men. It is hoped t
ant the now council elected next e
ar will be a great improvement on a
e present board.
Sad Termination of an Evontful Career.
The sad death of W. C. Ralston, i
eo President of the Bank of Califor. I
ia affords a rewrkable example of t
te viciesitudes of human fortune. a
The Bank of California was or- r
mited yearn ago with a capital of u
ve million dollars in gold. T.'he s
,warkablo prosperity of the golden I
Late was shared by this bank; atnd I
rapidly accumulated wealth and <
awer. Its directors were solid t
usiness men, and its cashier, W, .
alston, was one of the ablest finan.
era on the Pacifio coast. Under f
is management it oxtended its
smifications into different States, and
vorywhere its influence was felt,
enator Sharon, the Nevada u.illiob
ire, owed his immonse fortune to
is connection with this bank. Not
uly did the Bank of California con:
of the financial interests of Califor
ia, but it was also an arbiter of its
olitics. It entered into republican
nd democratic conventions alike,
boosing its own servants as dole.
ates, and electing its tools to the
tato Legislature and to Congress.
n overy respect it was the power
ohind the throne.
But the Bank of California with all
is power was only the instrument.
talston was the moving spirit that
ireoted its transactions, and by
irtue of this circuistaneo Lin in
uence was felt in other financial
nstitutions. Scarcely a nianufactur
n'g, mining, or insurance companv
ras there in California in wlli he
vas not a vice-president or a diroo.
or. While he thus walked among
he m( neyed kings of San Franeisco,
rimius inter p)are., ho was also one
f the lions of society. Wealthy
imslf, and possessing unlimited
redit, he spent his money with a
avish hand.
IHis privato rcidcnce, ]Re"lmont,
ituated twenty-eight miles . from
i, lhanei -cuo, was a perfect palace,
ited up witlh all the luxuries that
hrt oould desire and money could
)rocure. Here ho was wont to as
emble the beauty and fashion of
ho metropolis at entertainments
>f the most magnificent description.
On one occasion ho erected a bull
room costing thousands of dollars,
for the celebration of a single fete.
When a distinguished stranger vis
ited:San Francisco, lBelmont was the
*cene of his greatest ovation.
In a State whose lending citizens
a re passionately -fond of sporting,
R alston was one of the most nmumfi
snt -pa trons of the tur f. lle also
sept a clays of the finest horses,, and
ras acoustomed to ride out to
Bolmont every afternoon after bubi
less 'hours, and return the next
Iorning. :On one oconision, for a
vager, he distanced with his phaeton
,be passenger train on the Pacilic
[tond in a race between 13elmont and
4an Franeisoo. Manay other aneoo.
lotes miight -be -related to show the
~haracter of the man and -The posi
ion lie hold in the finaneial and the
iolito wvorld. It was but a short
imoe since, that every 0110 was doing
aonmage to this romnarkabl'o i-ndiviu.
But the sage has 'said "No nian
an be esteemed happy until after
ais death.'' Evil da.>s came upon
tialeton. On Thursday last, thbe
lank of Calfornia suspended, after
aving paid out ('n0 iillion four
undrod thousand dollars ini gold
ver its counter. Its liabilities are
aidl to be fourtcoen millions, and its
ssets seven) millions. T his fail'uro
amo like a thunderbolt in thle clear
ky. No bank wvas coni~tdored to
ave a more rubstancial hasis. Its
ranssetions were all based upon
old, a -contempt being shown for
hat rag money over which politicians
rec now howling, lBut the faith of
he people was rudely dispell-ed, and
heir eyes being suddenly opened,
cheld amid t-he debri4' the form of
talston-not the Ralston who a few
ours before had stood erect among
is follows, an authority in finance.-.
ut Ralston, a *hkrupt and ruined
The occurrence b~ too recent for
etails yet to have reached us, but
me meagre reports of the telegraph
nable us to picture a remarkable
menu. On Friday the board o'f dib
oetors held .a ineeting. Ralston 1
utod the rooin to take the same
'at from whjeh hundreds of times
eforo ho had dictated th> financial
alley of the lPacifcloas. Bit u..s
eception was far different from ad ,
e had previoubly experienced. No 1
riendly 'smile, no hearty grasp of
he hand awaited him. The same
Nivilulra who had fease'at i'
able, quaffed his ribbaS wibes, ,j
njoyed his princely entertainments
ud offered him the adulation of i
aferiora, ugw , sa as judges upon 1
im, suffering p(ty to relax no line
a their rigid countenances., His
ret greeting was a requestto roign..
to complied. lie was then ordered i
o leave the room. With a last look I
t the scone of his former successes ho e
etired. What was his next not is
at told. But in short time, a man w. t
eon to leap from the wharf of Selby's
ead works into the Bay of Sdn
rancisco. This was not an unusual
ocurrence. Not a week passes that
he placid waters of the bay do not
lose over the form of some unfortu. a
into, who, far away from home,
ricndless' a'nd ponuilose, finds his
rentare a failure and his life a bur,
Len, and ends his misery by telf do
truction. )3ut the rescuers who
lunge into the waters on this occasion
)ring to shore the expiring forme of
o ordinary person. It is Ralston,
ir rather all that remains of him.
[low nanny times had be pasaod that
Spot in his coach and four, little
di auinag that it should prove the
iceno of his victory over the cares of
tils life, and his entrance into the
lark future of the life to como. He
could not bear the reverse of fortune,
and having adopted the E~picurean
mna::im "Let us eat and drink to.day)
for to-morrow we die," when pleasure
was gone, life was worth only the
throwing away.
Thus has passed away a remarkable
nian. It the future, the world forget
ting his disgrace and remembering
only his shining qualties, will throw
over his memory the mantle of
charity, and grieve over his untimely
fate. Poor Ralston I
Governor Ohamberlain Speaks.
The Governor has recently had a
long conversation with a representa
tivo of the News and Courier in
which he defended himself from -the
different chargea brought against
him, and mapped out his future-policy.
lie asserts that his absence from the
State during the Parker trial was
dui only to a debire to obtain rest
from his labors and - recruit his
health. He gives the lie to the
assertion of Parker thit $50,000 of
coupons wore given to him, and
defies any one to show his connection
with the bond swindle.
Speaking of the prosecution of evil
doers, Gov. Chamberlain declared
that it was not the province of the
Governor to direct these proseeu
tione, but ex pressed his detormilna
tion in case of learning of any fr anos
to place hais knowledge in the bands
of the proper prosecuting officer and
to use his influence in bringing rogues
to justice.
lIe defended his course in 'leposit
ing public money in Hardy Bolonmons
b~ank. lie reduced the deposits to
$200,000, belioviang that the bank
was good for this amount, and he bad
no idea when he left the State that
the bank wo'ild fail, lie deplores
the los thus accruing to the State.
Gov. Chamberlain sten spoke at
length on ,the politVhal situation.
lie is determined to continue in the
path of reform, lHe givee full cred..
it to the conservaatives for their sup
port of his policy. lie will net be
amoved by the car plngs of a few dis
contented papers and individuals.
Reform with him is a matter of
principle, and be will la'bor for it,
whether he be supported'by the few
or by the manay.
He next spoke of the interest
taken by the northern people in
B3onth Carolina affairs, aird the en
som-iums bestowed on the -conserva
Lives for their 'position. U e assorts
that the combine'd effoit of ali Ironest
men in the State to put-down corrup
bion and reatorj haonesty and abitity
to power hans the sympathy of all
good men, republiens or denoora.ts,
dll over the Union.
'l'ho Governor expresses his fiad
:leter mina tion to veto tihe t ax bi'll
at the the next session, lie trusts
~hat t-he Legislature will frame a new
bill acceptable to tire people,
Gov. Chamaberi in could not take
positior, more oloarly than ho has
a this conversation, However
Iluous lhin conduct may appear,
here ie certainly no ambiguity in
uie language.
lie speaks with the boldness of
nnoconen. Cat-pers, however, might
allege that ho thus deles the ring
caders to inculpate l.lan in frauds,
>Ocatuso he knows that they eannot
>re :e aiy thinag against him a without
uore deeply criminating themaselves.
In our opinion it would be, better
or Governor Chamabcrlain not to
tent- hipslf wi stax alg on
he defensive. 1.e hhouldt anifesti'
>laiuly his. utter want of connection
vithr the rings by instigating proceed- 1
cgssga t them. $o long i"thde '
tre. no ,proseoutions, some *eople
till continue to cap that the admin- f
stration isehielding guilty parties I
'ota a fear.of the eonseqpqe.o
the facts being made known.
-Th'~ewrse mapped uow .y ta,
hamuberl..in is a not.le one, and will,
f pertdiated in, he of the greatest
conutnt to the people. If he. poluves ,p
traight on be will have the hearty t
o-operation of the whole conserva..
iv.e party.
More about the Parker Case.
The counsel for the State in .the
Parker e.se, Messrs. Melton, Rion
and Wingate, filed on Wednesday
I bill of exceptions to Judge Maek.
y's order releasing Parker without 1
>ail. '
The grounds on which the ex.
)eptions are based are, that Judge a
Mackey had no jurisdiotion, that a
le case was not regularly 'up for t
>dnideration, that the order was
nade without notion to the Attorney.
seneral, that Judge Mackey pre
vented the Sheriff from executing
he order of the Clerk of the Court
ind vacated the order, holding 'It to
)o without authority of law and
repugnant to the constitution.
By this it r ppears that we are to
iave another dose of Parker. No
practical result will follow, as ' far as r
this arch oriminal is concerned. He
will probably never again be seen.
But it is highly proper that the ques
'ions raised by Judge Mackey in I
this cast shoals be settled definite. I
ly. The position taken by him
ieems very extraordinary, and he
will be justilled in it only by being
fully sustained by the Supreme t
Court. it has always appeared
strange that one Judge can invade
the circuit of another and interfere
with his duties and decisions. And
even if the law permits it, the privi
lege should be very seldom taken
advantage of. Why Judge Mackey,
who has so frequently preached re
foru iand denounced the whole ring
with such bitternes, should be seen
throwing his mantle over the chief
conspirator against the State and I
depriving justice of her lawful
captive is inexplieabIe, Parker's
case was not one which should arouse
all the sympathies of his fellow men.
le richly deserved all the disgrace
and inconvenience he was undergo
ing, and even if the law was more
clear than it is, we should have
thought that Judge Mackey would
have hesitated to free him by a more
legal quibble.
We sincerely tru.st that the coun
sel for the State will press this mat-.
tor vigorously, and let'it be forever
decided what are the provisions of~
the law, and what the powers and the
duties of a Judge.
A Couple Fresh from thy rarsoR's Ilandt
The White Mountains correspon
dent of the New York Express saya:
We were entertained during our
ascer.t to the mou- t n by a young
couple from New York. They wore
(me h fr .m the pastor's Lands. it
couldn't have been longer than yester
day thatsthey were joined in the holy
bogids of wedlock. Emma was thme
little wife, and Charles was the do
ting husband. "Oh, Charles, dear,e
she,aeaid, as she laid her fair damr.ask
s-heek upon his miuchboeindered dus.
teqin, "it is so delightful, this now life
we are leading. I foel as though I
was a new creature. Oh, Oharles.
dear, I love you so much. i'd' hug
you to death if there was nobody
looking." Charles smiled approving
ly. "Wait till we get to the Sumnit1
House, Emma, and Ill let you
squeeze me. I don't eare if you do
kill mte. But, Ehmmna, are you com-.
fortable leaning against the ear ?'
"Not very. cornfortable, Chre.
''Arc you sleepy, love 1" "Some
sleepy." "There, dear little Emma, a
let me put down thbe blinds, and go
t.> sleep. 1'e seen all the m antains
I ecare for."~ So E~mma wrappeda
hereelf in Charlos ar-ms, closed -her
eyes, and was soon shoring to blissful 'j
ignor ance of thme glorious ucenery thait r
stretched far and wide-on ove-ry har~d..
1f I may be allowed a word t'o par
tiesi cout-emplat/ng miatr'iony, it ls I
that they ttay cose at home dur'ing ~
the first fornight 'of the honey moon.
Bridal trips are all nonsense, You ~
will be uncoatfortable all the way, ~
hVou cannot kiss anmd hug each other ~
baif so often as you can at Imome 4
you will ho lavaghed at by everybody '
an the cars or stago~ or steamboat, ~
mnd in after years, when you see 9th. '
Ir-s upon'their weddieg journeys, you
will blu'sh to thintk that you were
>noe as much of a spectaolo as they. e
It is announced that President
)rant returned to Long liranch ,on
i'riday at noon. Lie drove up from ~
ho dep.,t in the state earriage,
Irawn by four horses, accmnpanied by P
leneral )iabouok. The President t
boked well after bis olam bake jaunt, "
nd his ruddy conugppae~ gave eviv
lence that hoeanjoyed the whsk. ..
Tb bank of Califo nie-*led1 on
'hursday. Loss not f lly diAsovpted.
alston the President was 'rEgiested
3 reilgn at a meeting-of tesituitoar,
le did so. He was ordered to leave
he room; whiob -he ;:di4y Ilq\was
Dund drowned a sbot time after.
t is thought he took poison and then
brew hinmself In the bay
tder 2lnfo/nation teO's 61n IO
o disprove the theory of suicide,
hy iius go .t shgw that Alm,deatic
f Ralston resulted from apop legy
rhile bathing yesterday. Mir. Rals'.
on trausferred all his property to
enatot Wm Sharon, for tho benef.
f his creditors, and Mr. Sharon, in
ooeiving the trust, pledged his honor
o stand .by his old friend to t}p last
ollar 9f his .own priva:e fortune.
he affairs of the hank of (aliforia
re, put in the hands of an exeutivo
owmiittee, conei.ting of Win. Alvord
rtd Geo. H. lloward.
The Merohants' Exohange. Bank
aS suspended for want of 'gold. It
will resume - so boon as it, receives
uore gold. The agetnts in i ew York
are depoeited(jold with the As-.
istait Treasurer of the tpired Status
ad the Governuient hts ordered
he treasurer in San Franicisoo to ad
ance to the banks an equal amount
The Calvert Sugar Refinery in
althinore bAs; failed. .Assets .3,,
139,000, liabilities 3,285,000. iail.
re caused by'a shrinkage in molusies.
Do Nier & (Jo., soap dealers, have
ailed in New York for half a million.
N a Yoan, Aug 28.-'.At. the ex.
cuti office of the Western 'Union
relegraph Company this evening, a
.iporter asuertained that the cons
nittee of that company and of the
\tlantio and Pacifio.Telegraph Cow.
any have effuvted -a cone lidation in
avor of a- lease of the property of the
tluntio and Pacific by the Western
Jnion Company, subject only to r ati
coat ion by the. tespoctive boards of
lireators. The Atlantic and Pacifie
tae been treated at a capitalisation
f $2,500,000, instead of $10,000,000,
took outstanding, but the couiit.
ees decline to state for the present
vhether rental is to be fixed or
raduated on profits of the Western
Jniqp Company.
"Odd Fish."
Frogs, toads and serpents never
sake any food but that which they
re satified as alive.
If a bee, wasp or hornet stings, it
a nearly always at the expense of
is life
Serfets are so tenacious of life
'aat they will live six m'onth* and
onger without food.
Turtles dig holes .n the sand by
he seashore and bury their eggs,
eaving them to be natohed by the
Lobsters are eery psgnacious, and
Ight severe battles. If they lose a.
slaw another grows ott.
Naturaliats say that a single swal.
low will devour six thoisand flies a
The tarantula of Texas. is noth.
LEg tmore than t. enioormocus spider.
A a'ingle oudfishi produees; more
~han -a million eggs in one season.
A whnelo suckles its young, and
a therefore not a fish. The mother's
iffeotion is remarkabhje.
Toads beomne, torpi' in winter
and bide themselves, ing no food
for five or six months..
Serpents of all speieu shed their
skins annually, like sva-vrabs and
Tfurtles an6 tortoises have their
skeletons-partly outside of, inat-dad
f wi hi.,, the body.
It is believed thalt erecodiles live
o be hundreds 'of ye8ars o-lds The
inelent Egyptians embalmed thert.
In South Am-erios there is a
prolifie honey Lee that has set been
furniahied with a efiog.
In the darkest night flahrs pttr
me their usual mzovemewts the eawe
as by dlaylght.
8erpente never feed on anything
ut animal food-, whioh they thoen.
elves piut 'to death or swallow
Seals are as~intelligent s dogs and
nay be-made to perforsi many trick,,
ike them.
The bead of a rattlesnake Uske
een known to infliot a ftatal wound
iftor being separated from t.he
If the eye of a newt -is put oat -an
thter perifect eye is so. i supplied by
apid grow th.
*Fihes have -no eyelids, and eoeges
arily sleep with eyes open.
Alligators fall into a letai-gie
leeap during the wint-or season, lake
Thbere are asgt:ieutural ants in
'exas that aetually plant grain and
eap before the harvest.
The eurvivt ofthe Geormnan Ar
illory of the Hampton Legion,
rhieh erved desing the late war,
rst in the ibfantry battalion of'
lamipton's Logilou, dnd afterwards a.
battery of -light artillery. with'
lood's Texas Brigade, had a scial
e-unlon on the gBrd,at the Gerann
ceademy, Charleston. The objeet
.su tio keep alive anmong the fsw sur
iving members of one of the glnost
nd largqs% otipies which volun..
sered from Chat-eston, the friend..
lip formed during the violssituades
f along war.
The New York Herald says a "The.
dgro and the darpet-baggor are
rpidly passing out of vide l i o
olIties, and do not tant 'to have
som brought back again into poi
aneo if' we can avoId t."'
Seventy.nvu Cuents as the fine. for
rearing In the atreots of Mar..n
Professor Ig g ujjjqT
('Sing ia the Burli gt) (lowa) laweye.
. agepda SiJirlingto at
ha -past 4 r z., tan a' iinortlienst
direction. In a few qsioments .[ had
crossed diagonally t h e''1 isjliil
river and..was sailing in the direction
of some wild bottom lands. I had
[in ulledto~maki; landing at the
fl t ' oppbrtunity offered, but the
determine me to con it.ue the voy
age.'An ugly looking storm cloud
lay rightiiu front of me, the low,
ragged edges. of which betokened
wind as well as ruin, I knew I had
bus.ines' before me, -but hardly
realized the strange and terrible ex.
perence that I was about to pass
through. I had hardly left the
ground before 1 heard the rumbling
thunder, aid in a--very few minutes I
was immersed-iu the cloud-that is,
what tippeared to be the superior pcr,.
tion of ita -1 thought that at the time
[ disappeared from the' sight of the
crowd in front of Barnum's Hippo.
drome 1 was about three-quarters of
a nile -high. There seemed to be
nothing unusual about the cloud as I
entered it, it being simply a dense
fog,-though which '1- arose calmly
enough for some minutes I had
heard the thunder from the first, and
seemned to be getting near the sound,
when suddenly, there oame an electrio
discharge ia any immediate vicinity ;
at the samne moment the balloon
seemed to have been seized by sone
extraordinary, force. and gas was
hur ,ad through the open neck in rsotmd
stream, -and for a moment I was fear.
ful of being suffocated. I opened the
valve at the top of the balloon to
give it vomit, and did my best to get
out of the way of the eeo aping gas
below.. Following quickly came
another dischargo in another diroc
tion, and the balloon was again
seized and thrown with fearful veluoi
ty in that dimectiun, and this was
repeated over and over again, the
lightning blazing around .e, and I
looked anxiously at the escaping
volume of gas; once or twice when
the balloon gave such ter ifio lunges
I thought I had boen struck with the
fluid, for it did not seem possible to
escape it. I had been pitched and
tossed about in this manner for about
twenty ninutes, without even roach.
ing the top of the cloud, when all at
once a torrent of rain begun to fall
from above ; it seemed to cleave the
air almost in a wada ; the fog around
me presented the appearance of
white borse-tails as the falling water
pierced throngh it, dragging it along.
'he weight of water showed its effects
on the balloon, too, and I confess
it was with a sense of relief that I
saw the lower portion of the balloon
drawn upward in parnehute shape,
which indicated to a certainty that it
wa- desqguding. I had now another
danger aboad, which must bo met
with care and resolution. I could
see nt thing below ; as .et all was
fog au'd rain ; there came an instant
however, when I saw the tops of the
trees ; it was but an instant ; the
next I was dashing through their
tops, tearing off limbsa. and .oramihmng
along at a fearful rato. Th'le coilap
sing cord was in my hand ; I threw
my weight upon it, the gas escaped,
the balloon and net work spreading
itself over thme trees, letting thueoar
down through thorm almost to the
grounnd, allowing me to alight in
safety. The balloon was badly
damaged, but not, I hope, beyond re
pair, A tramp through corn field.
three quarters of a mile or moure
brought me to a house, and soon .1
found willing hands to assist me in
getting my ba'loon out of'the woods.
I had alighted two miles southeast
from Olena, in Henderson county,
Ill.-, in what is known as Campbeli's(
timbater. The duration of the voyage
was not over thiee quarteds oh an
hour, anid in the direction in which
the dramg rope Jay 4morovs thme trees
after the descent I found that I was
returning in almost a 'lircot line 4o
The gramnmarian of the &7~C Sing
Teermcame into our room yester.
day, and said t
"Dom you know, Perkins, that table
is in the aulunctive mood ?'"
"Why ?" we asked, meeklv.
"Because it's wood, or shonid be."
And then hie "alid."'VPom~ E.li
Perkine's Ne-to .2oo'k.
The -Japanrese are shipping bricks
to Calif ornia, anid selH them cheaper
than thos- madle 'ii 'that State, nmotb
writhstanding that there is anm ad
valorenm datuy of 70O per 'cent, on
them. 'The Jaupane*e brick i -84
inches -long, 41 inches wide, and 2}
Irrches thick.
John II., Prince of isekitenstein,
has disbanded hism standing army,
which numbered fifteen men. Tis
important moc vement would scomn to
insure tihe peace of liurope for ant
Indefinite period.
Ini M emory of oltr Mother,
'E a h r aeidence near Ridgewa
8.Cof typhoid fe~er on the !2no
August, MIs. D)OROtUs J. 0lIN80N,
wife of Mr. Hlamptoni Johnson, in th
ffy-sixth ,year of her age.
"What ja home wIthout a tnother,
What a're all the joys ftc nieet,
When heor loving thile no longer
flrests thme comning of ohr feel.
aug 81-timi *' * *
O ""-M Card Flour from s whe&
uqi730 el. owfor ens,
ITA, D1<o. & lei
Trial Justice.
;" 4l 1,usiness entrurled to Lim wil
A . e6elvo prompt ateuton.
FI. A 0 A ir.LrDan. R. M. DAVWS
Special Notice,
WiNNtrnooi S. C., Asug.:18th, 1475.
T" second annual meeting of the County
Boar.l of Equaliztion will meet at the
Audit or',p etl0e., September the 6th, at i i
o'oock a t., to etualize the value' of
the properly of this county, stud redress
all grievances,
W. 1, PEAKE.
aug 19 -t8x2 A. F. C.
Due West Female College.
THE sixteenth year of this In.
mttitution will open Monday, Oct..
4th. Faculty cotmplete, courseo
of study t horough, Govorunment
kind and. parental, location
healihy and pen.asani, tems reasonable.
Tre President amni his family will oon.u
py tie Colleg., and will have charge of
tia boardimg depart munmmt.
T. e College building is undergoing
thorough reirsitr, and will be completely
refurnished For Catalogue. address
Due West, Abbeville Dist , S. C.
aug 14-1mt
State of South Carolina,
A LL1 persons having chargo of Estates
eit her as A dmimist raitors. Guai d.
i: ,s or Trustios ni ho have ide I to account
for rh year 1874 are hereby nt.mitied to
mamke their anniuirl returns forthwith.
JNO..1. NIll,,
aug I9-t-Jx2 .1, P. F. C.
Offlee County Comm luission ,'ts,
WINasuoRo, 8. C. August 8rd, 1876.
Y OU are hereby required to order out
the road hands in your road .iist.
riot t- wom k the public highways t he
balance of the six days required by law,
for the year 1873, the work to be .oo
before the first. of November rext. You
are to see that the rmends are ditched and
cleared out the lawfucl width, and you will
take note of a:l pe'r'sons that obstruct t he
public roads by tIhrowing therein lrush
and old rails into ditches, or riving wi a gon
into ditches. or haiuling sand theref rom
You will al-o return all defnulters to Ihis
oiice to be dealt with according to lmw
You are also required to take mn account
of all shovels, picks aid spadl's in your
road district, and incluice the same in
report on the first of Nmvember next.
J. 11 IIAltVEY.
CA l1Eft B1EA'TY,
County Comuumissioners.
augf5 tix1
Sale of Real Estate,
N pursuanco of a reqiest fr.n the
Cestuisqui trust. I will otfer for sale
on the first .unday in September next, at
the Court house dootin Winnsboro, at.
public outcry to.the highest biider all
that piece. parcel or Iract of immad, 'lying
and situnto in the Couny of Fairfield and
State of South Curo'ina, netr Yanguos.
yille, commaiing ti wo imundreed anmd tifity
sevemn mmnd a haimf tceimi, rmmre os lmie, amid
bounded oni thle Nom iih by lands of Johin
Mabley, Aadrew Miobley andI ltout~en
Moebley, ont time Eat by lammds of Damvid
Cork mand John mm'imon oni. cn time Soul i by
lands of Johnm Si moniton anmd A nidmew Mob
iey. amid on time West by iands of Andrew
Tferrr~sj of sate-One thensand dollaurs
cash, t me balmance. on a em odit of une year,
wiihI interest from dlay of saile at time rate
of twelve por eeiumI por anumm. Pumr.
chaser to give bommd for samid balance :so
ctmred b) imortgalge of thme premhise, and to
pay for all nieceotary papers.
Winnalboro, 3 ,C., 4th Aug. 1875.
We wnnmt everybody in mime Unilced etates
to sec see ouir large elgiht-pa e. literniry
atnd family paper --T H E 8OUVENit
mind ini o der thammt all vmaiy judge of lt.t
micrits for themslves, we will memd it oni
trial, six imnlhs fomr onily 50 es., andu
to every subscriber, we will senmd ny imail
post age prepaid; omit of ihot MA M MO I'il
PRtE~iUM IACKiETh eontaining 1N
g~odn envalepes, 1t0 sheets, extra nole
papier, I good Pemhmolder, 1 good lead
Pencil, 2 stiel Penis, 1 Menmoramndumi
book, 1 Card Phioograph of all time
Presidenis ef thme IJnited States, andc a
niee premium or '1'welry, worth fromi 2t5
cents to $i. D~om't. let, tliuj pa.ss you,
try one pmackage. Everybody is smure to
got more goods thman they ever bought
before for the pic~ie, anmd lme luckiest get
frimm five to tetn ilmes thme vaito of thir
mmoney. Th'ie paper alomie itt mnore that
worth.50 cents, andme we give you: mhis
maiugnihicent prize ext ra., ltmnmbe'r thme
papier anti the pimcket for only 50 'cents.
Agenie wmanted. Addrnlemi
P. 0. ito: f68. lBrisiol. Tennmesoc.
tharlotte, Cotumibia, & AigislG
Rai1 lRoad.
00 r~uuslnA, l~oensbet' 211, 1$774
T""H '-"'owin l'-----en-e 8-hedtl
Lwi be runi oter this roa.l on and
itt< a his date:
Leavo Augusta, at 9.80 a m
"Colutnmbln, b. C,, 2 46 a mm
" Winmnsboro, 4.68 pm m
"i Chester, 6.8-1 mini
Arrive at Charlotte, N. C. 9.00 0' m
TRalN ---GoaIO soUTUl,
b*eato Chiarlotte, N C. at 8.80~ a :
" Chest er, -1l.2 ami
*t WVannsboro, 12.38 p mn
" Columbia, -2.62 p tm
airrive at Angattst a 8 06 p
JAB. ANU1hltdoN, Oen'l Stipt.
ien. P'assenger adu iticet A gent'
E are still prepared Ia taf''. mnea;
Vues for Shirts. Pits 0 ' neaueed
July a w. rr. Fr one.. .. O

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