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1 i Ef49 % ednes V atW N S O I , . C l
One Copy onie year, . 3 0)
Five " ' ' . - 12 00
Ten " " e - 2660
'. he Boon of True Success.
"What is suo tess ?" I asked the sage
Of three sobro years and ten,
A nian whini.ajir faswbife With age,
A loeading man 'mong men.
"Ia it shown by the warrior's wreath,
el nostirpl' eig ed; rife I
fly eld+ or enenage, pain ud death,
lonoa~th theo weeping skies t"
The old mnan, with a smile of love,
And k'indntess goad to see,
First raied ils oyep to heaven above,
And then looked full at me.
And said. "My boy, the soldier's plume
in pride bath oft, been borne,
Yert I o'er speaks of hate and g loom,
And thousands made to mourn.
"It tells the t(le of glory wnn
With cannon and with sword,
Of msny valiant ations dono,
And of their high reward ;
"lit treit success 1t does not show."
The old titan pa-od ; then said ;
#'A syuhoil 'tie of nations' woe,
Of many loved ones dead."
I askcd my question o'er and o'er1
A t Id- th6 sage -replied:
"Not In broad lanls, nor golden store,
Nor goulus glorified,
'Is always found auceoss." He laid
lii" wninkled hand in mine,
Aid Wooking kindly at me, said
Tibese lords, that-seemed diirlne.
"Wii wins the love of men, my boy,
Wit, .coens to wcrship polf,
Who Al1-i the downoast heart with joy.
And lives for more than self.
"*Wan shields the right and ognquers sin,
Atd strives the world to bless,
ioaven'" most. approving smile shall win,
Aun.l thiss true sucooes."
lie Aliierilsed for a Cook-And Got a
Good wife..
1" was a baohelor who kept house
its a fine stroet in a fine city, both of
'hllt shall be nameless. , One day
Ito advertised for a cook. Twenty
five young women and ten old ones
at'ertd the advertisoment. All of
thorn had references id their pockets,
ma per requirement. iAmong the
twcnty.ve young women was a slim
eroaturo in the shabbiest shawl and
bntttet there, with exsotly enough
fi"sh on her bones to hold them
t"'tther, but a lady, every inch of
"loferonoes," he said to her as
rho t.at befva him.
.pho took q4 a e&il Sl ve and
sahotwt'd him i forefinger "tough as a
nutmeg with much sowing.
"There's the only proof I have
that I'vo been trying to earn an
iine'st living," she said.
"An odd reference for a -cook,"
'aiA lie.
"That's for character," said she:;
"I 11 show you how I can cook-I'll
'gi# pratioal pfroof of'that."
"You are noa.a~aervant," said he.
"Not yot. I mean to be. i've
e"" ..t fo a living, and I tt
'rwok of it," said sihe.
ieo looked at her 'from o o.
"Family .?"PtOO.
' Myself only,'' said he.
Site nodded.
"lloakf'ast at aix 1"
ShIo nodded again.
"Soup every day p'
$he nodded once more.
1'For the rest variety."
'"All right," said she.
'Ie named the wages, and took her
tlown into the kitchen, where the
young person who was general aesis
titit Teceived her with a bewildered
~After that he did not see her for
otur weeks, but his meals were very
di lhetous. At the end of the time he
went down stid. by her wages.
-11. was late In the evening. A plump
ai dy, with pink cheeks, sat b~efore
't1 fi re stoning raisins. HeI did not
'know -her at first, but as the knowl
,de didbW bn him he realised how
icearly she had been to starvation on
:the day when he .hired her. All he
-aid was,
""I'd like *gsteak broiled less."
Aftetat he saw her once in four
'veeks reg'ularly. -She never said
anything to him but "Thankyo sir."
'ie alweys'foun4 fault with some
thing,-his eyes fired on vacancy the
'while. H'e .was a trim and 'big
'bachelor of forty, ~with handsome
bl'ack stde whisker.. She was thir'ty,
and a warm-tinted blonde--not red
haired, though the kitohen.giri
thought so. Her hair was Titiani's
.pot color. Inwardly sihe called her
-Diaster "that bear." Secretly e
tought'him 'very handsome.
One -day the adinner 'camne .down
"What 'fault ham he found with *it
n'ow 2" she atsked
"None,"' said the .girl. "lie''s
At breakfast no one came to the
table. Then the cook aseended the
Mtair, Ithd finding a 'pair of boots
outside one 4eoor, knocked at -lt.
"Come In," said a faint voice.
.She went in, and the result iof -her
investigations was a telegramn -to the
doctor. Her -tbtiiter; who had always
beern proud of not being vacolnated,
stad caught the smawll--pox.
"6u d bettor go. You'll Oatok
It,'" said he to her.
"I'm not afraid>" said she. "Some
body mtjst stay, you know."
8he stgid. As he got bettor h
rewgaded her--as convaes~.t me'
always do reward their nurses.-.by
soolding her and finding fault with
everything. She hade helped the
doctor to save his life, and had done
all that mortal could do, but he
snapped and snarled at her.
One day however, he, being well,
though still in quarantine, had some
vile conoootion brought him for his
"1 hot is this t" he asked.
"It's the best I could do," said
Bridget, wko, having been a victim
to the disorder in her childhood, had
no fear of it. "Cook has gone off."
"Where has she gone V" asked the
"To the Jospital I" said Bridget.
"she did be getting the small-pox
and she went."
"It wasn't for one just out a saok
bed to use the language the master
did after that," Bridget said, in re
lating the incident.
But he was yet an invalid, and he
did not know his cook's name.
She hod never told it. to him. He
tried in vain to discover her
whereabQuts, but Bridget showed
some sagaoity.. "The wages were
owing, and the trunk in the bed..
room. Cook would come back."
So "the master" waited ; a month
passed ; another week ; then another;
then one evening some one rang the
"Cook Is back and wants to see
you," said Bridget.
"The master" went into the par.
lor. There sat the long absent
woman. Her hair had been out
short and curled up abont her
temples, but gherloomplexion was not
spoiled, though she was thin and
worn again.
"I've come to see whether y )u
wanted me to cook for you again,''
she said.
"No," said he.
"Very well," said she.
"You had no business to go off
that way," said he.
"Who'd have taken care of me ?"
she asked.
"It was my duty to have Po n to
that, after all you'd done for m,"
said he.
"Not at all," said she. "And
about the wages 1 I don't want to
hurry you, but I need the money."
"Oh, you do I" said he.
Then ho sat down near her.
"What a bear I was to you," said
"Yes, indeed," said she.
"Fretted and found fault with
"So unreasonable, too," said she.
"And yet you'd cook for mc again,
said he.
"If I su t you," said she.
"You do," said he.
You might hnve, said so before,"
Usiti sie.
"Not as cook," said he.
"Oh I" said she.
said he,
"It's better than sowing," said
"But if I make you another offer ?"
aid he. "Will you marry me Z I
like you better than any woman I
ever knew.
"But it's a matter of mutual
liking." said she; "not of yours
"Answer my question," said he.
"It is too unexpected," said she.
"Don't believe it," said he:; "yes
or no 1"
"0," saId shie. "Well, no."
"Now you are angry," said be.
"You are in a temper," said she
"not I,"
"Ill ask you a second time," said
he.; "will you have me I'
"Second thoughts are best," said
she, "Yes."
And they were married, and, as
they never were divorced, it is
proper to presume that they were
Blood-Drinking Womcn.
The Reading Eagle says that about
a dozeitwomnen of that city, married
and single, meet regularly twice a
week, at Bloyer's slaugh ter-h ouso,
rear of 108 South-Sixth street, to
quaff the blood of steers that arc
killed there. Word is sent to the
women that an animal will be
slaughtered at a certain hour, and
when the time arrives they assemble
and stand in a row, eaolh holding a
wine glass In her hand. The throat
of the animal is cut with a large
knife by the butcher, and as the li e.
blood flows frony the woundl it is
caught in a large~elroular silver pan
by James M. Boyer, who then passes.
along the row of women and fill, their
wine glasses. After the first round
has been drank it Is quite a sight to
see the dozen women standing with
bloody mouths and bloody glasses,
waiting for the second round of gore.
Various chemical preparations con.
taining diron and other constituients o3f
blood have been used for years by
persona in delicate health, but very
few drank blood itself. However, it
has been quite a -comrmon thing for
delicate women 'In Paris, New York
and even in Philadelphia to drink
blood tinder the advice of prominent
The United States navy has
suffared the loss of two vessels within
three months. The loss is tri~ing
only about one million dollars. The
vessels were very skillfully run upon
-A Wisconsin paper tells us that "a
Waupaca-oounty women is the latest
to add triplete to the population." It
is estimated that if the people of
Wiseonsin didn't corner heavily on
triplets the mowing-mahines would
depopulate the agricultural districts
in about ten years.
An Enterprising Tramp in a Tight Place.
From the rural districts of New
York is reported the odd mishap of
a common. tramp. He went to
church; but possessed of the pot verse
genius of tramps, he did not go in
the ordinary way, when the .doo
were open and the holls ringigj end
the sun shining, anc'while the mutley
company of Sunday oltisens' gossiped
in the vestibule. Perhaps he wa+.
mpoest, and thought that in the con,
dition of his wardr be, he would not
out a happy figure in such a scone.
So be chose the ob.-ourity of the :ig t
At that time the doors were shut wait
the windows ; but a really pious man
is not prevented by sueh obatsole.
There was a flio open and he went in
by the flue. But trio flue, uit oeon.
trived for the entry of the eongrega
tion, proved an extraordinarily de.
vious route. Inasmuch, however, as it
is recognized that the long and nar
row way is the right one, the tramp
wriggled forward with as much ener
gy as that famous tramp whose expe.
rienees w.ire recorded by BIunyan,the
tinker. ItutHunyau'e hero never got
into a flue, and the man who did
found it harder than any of the known
way over Jordan. lie cons'q'am ty
decided to give it up. A las I he
then discovered that "returning were
as tedious as to go o'er"--nay, that
to return w -s impossiblo. It is said
that the flue wa in the for.a of the
letter Z, and, of course the turns ve e
too sharp. What was to be done by
a Christian in a flue in the form of
the letter Z, who can neither go for.
ward no return ? It is evident that
lie muit raise the voice of lamenta
tion and alarm , and this was done
so effectually (hat the i eople canto
out the tramp out of the flue.
Sadden Drath of a Kentucky llasphem
A man named Louis Burke, who
lived at Burkesville, in hlenderson
County, a few days ago indulged in
very blasphemous language, because
his crops had been destroyed by high
water. He cursed Ood for having
his crops destroyed last year by heat
and drought, and for destroying then
this year by flood, and concluded his
blasphemy of the Creator with the
expression, "0 ad damn him !" His
tongue clove to the roof of his
mouth, and he died the next night,
never uttering another word.
The theft of that $1,500 diamond
pin during a reunion of scientists at
the residence of a prominent Detroit
gentleman, the other night,.bas a
bad look, but then the sctentists
should not be injured by any vulgar
Mrs. Iackenberry, of Alabama,
went out quite early the other
morning and found Mr. iackenber
ry nangng irom te ttmD or a tine.
The neighbors would feel rather
foolish if it should turn out that
somebody else got the hogs after all.
Copeland, who undertook to pub.
lish to the world exPresident
Johnson's religious views and gave
them a wrong coloring, has been
tarred ad feathered at Knoxville,
ROS E N H ElIM & C O.,
RESPECTFTFUMNTA inform thme pub.
.Llie in general thaat. they haavo-opened
Ite so tore formerly occupied by -J. IJ.
(athacart whaere, they intend to -conduact a
general stock of amerchanaidise,-conss lagof
Paht and square treatenent to eao ad
every one that, will eall en us.
mnaroh 27
8 Ulhds. N. O, Clarified
Suigar, 10 BIs. N. 0. Molass.
es (Choice.)
A former lot of th-se goods
have gi von general satisfaction
Give Them a Tial.
X3 A TY BRfO. & SON.
Ettglish Blreakfast Tea,
UNPO WDR Tea. Youg Ihyson Tea
and get a sample' For sale by Va
ma. 9
Fortuuse Inu It, Every family buys
it. Sold by Agents. AddressG. .
Valker; Erie, Pa.
OOK AGENrS wanted to sell
" 'The peoples Common Sense Tiudioal
tdvIser," by Rt. V Pierce, Ab:. D. The
host readly selling book out.. Exolusive
orritory and liberal terms Addres4 the
ushor at lBuffalo, N. Y.
ON9NT I A t -
ono mn. and oes~
- tg Valaal D
w6t aonce n7j
. . BIED, ST ST., sw so2,
A GE.TS - Wantmed The Cenen -
inial aietiter of the United States.
thws Ilho grand result of 1110 years of
'reedomn &. Progress. New and co ,plete.
)ver 1000 pages. Illustrated. everybody
mays it'an I agents make from $101 -to
t200 a month. Address J. O.;McCUiIDY
a CO. Pubs. Philadelphia Pa.
IAUTION.-Not ico.-The gennin eujtion
Including the "Last Journals,") unfolds
ividly his 81) years strange adventures,
0so the curiosities. wonders and wealth
f that m rvelous country,. and is abso.
utely the only now. complete work.
lknce it sells ; Just think, 12.000 first 7
reeks. Agents' success would astonish
rou, more wanted. Send for Terms and
'ositivo proof of genuineness.
IUIBAlRD BROS., Pubs., 723, Samsom
t., Phil.
5E SION C0tI)0d1KNCMk '8t . 2 1875.
FULL Faoulty elegant builikigs;
-suporior board: and accommodations;
ooation near High -Point, on the N. C.
tailroad very healthy, A receipt in fiul
or.all expenses. ex COpt. books and cloth
ng for five months. wil he given for $90.
Ul given to youn'g meen of linti ed means,
Post OUlion "Trinity College, N. 0."
ug 3 I3. GRI VEN, Pros.
$10 to $300 invested in Wall St.,
afton leads to fortu ne. A 72 page book
xplaining everything, and copy of tile
'ail street Review. Sent free. JOHN
IICKLING & CO., Bankers and Brokers
2 Broadway New York.
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
k TI l111U AND 8URE REN~lDY.
Sold by Druggists generally, and.
Toh uston Holloway & to., Philadelphia
Wherever it 1[8 l0eon Tried
J U R U 8 EB A.
has established itself as a perfect. regular
and sutre reme ly for disorders of the
system arising frcm improper action of
Ihe Liver and Bowels.
It is not a Physic, but, by stimulating
the secretive organs, gently anl gradua
ly remo'es all impurities, and regulates
the entire system.
It. is not at Doct.otrd Bitt ers, but is a
S ziariAn'L '.iUU.
which assists digestion. and thus stimu
lates the appetite for food necessary to in.
rigorato the weakoned or inactive organs,
mad gives strength to all the vital forces.
It carries its own recommendation, as
he large and rapidly increasing sales
estify. Price one dollar a bottle. Ask
r'umr druggist for it. Johnston Holloway
a Co. Philadelphia Pa.
' &,e mpjhw&BL isA, ,'
E. W. Phillips,
uig 3-3m
T. T. T.
W E are agentsu f or a lar ge Ne w Yor
V' T H A 110108 P, nad Iav e now o
and auntpowdoer tan d Y'oung liysen Tea
unt up in one0 lb. an d j lb. tin canisters
rarratnted full weig lht and to give satis
not-ion or the purchase
-Money Rtenided !
Prices low. Give thetn a trial.
Oil0 smfoothtless,- durability arid beau.
1ty of reef, .our, ingles oannot be
urpassed. Tr the 0n00 anid ybu Iwill
so no other. ~or sale by it. W. P1111..
'iP8,. Our agent at. Winnabot-o, S. C.
1j1ly1..1s Lawton ville, Ga.
GrteI1ii Thousands proclaim VIN.
ROAR BITrRns the most wonderful In.
vigoratit that ever satained the sinking
.. No Person can take these Bitteri
according to directions, and remain kth
Unwell, provided their bones are not d
etroyed by mineral. poison or other
means, and vital organs waited beyond
r] air.
raliott Remittent and Inter.
mittent. evers, which are so preva
lent in the valleys of our groat rivers
throughout the' United States, especially
those of the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri,
Illinois, Tennessee, Cunborland, Arkan
sas, led, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Granite,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, o.
anoke, James, .and ninny others, with
their. vast tributaries, t roughout our
entir country during the Sumner and
Autumin, and remarkably so during sea
sons of'unusual heat and dryness, Are
Invariably accompanied by extensive do
rangenients of the stomach and liver,
*nd other. abdominal viscera. In their
treatnmnt, a purgative, exerting a pow.
drful influence upon those various or.
gans, -is essentially necessary. Titore
is no-cathartic for the purpose equal to
as they will speedily remove the dark.
colored viacid matter with which the
bowels are loaded, at the same time
stimnulating the secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring the healthy
functions of the digestive organs.
Fortify the body against disease
by purifying all its fluids with VINEGAR
BITTERs. No epidemic can take hold
of a system thus fore-armed.
Dy sppsia or Indigestion, Head
nche, Pain in the Shoulders, Coighs,
Tightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tation of the Heart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, Pain in tho region of the Kid
noys, and a hundred other painful sym
toms are the offsprings of Dyspepsa.
One bottle will prove a better guarantee
of its merits than a- lengthy advertise
Scrofula, or King's Evil, ie
Swellings, Ulcers, Erysipolas, Swelled Nook
Goitre, orofulous Inflammations, Indolent
Inflammations, Mercurial Affections, Old
Sores, Erptions of the Skin, Soro Eyes, etc.
In these, as in all other constitutional Di.,
eases, WarKIa's VINoAR BrITTxs have
shown their great curative powers in the
most obstinate and Intractable cases.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rlheumatisn. Gout Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermlttent 'evers, Diseases of
the Blood, Liver, Kidneys ad h dder
&104 lusO , A)L~tro nov qual 4* seses
are caused by Vitiated Blood. .
Mechanical Diseases.-Persons en
gaged in Paints -and Minerals, such M
Plumbers, .''ypo-ottore, Gold-beaters, and
Miners, as they advance in life, are subject
to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
against this, take a dose of WALKrR' Via.
SOAR B1TTRS occasionally.
For Silin Diseases, Eruptions, Tot.
tor Salt-Rthoum, Blotches, Spots, Pi mples,
Pstulos, Boils, Calbunclos, Ring-wormns,
Scald-head, Sore Eyes, 'rsiois, Itoh,
Scurf D~iscolorations of the Sini, Huimors
and Dseases of the Skin of whatever name
or nature, are literally dug upand catied
out of the system in a short tim by the 'ue
of thdse lBittets.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
lurking in the sytem of so many thousands,.
are effectually( estroyed and remo'rod. 12o
system of mdioine, no vermiifugc, no an.
thehninities will free the system fom worms
like these Bitters.
For Female Complaints, In young
or old, married or single, at the dawn o)f we.
manhood, or the turn of life, these Tonle
Bitters display so decided an influence that
imprvement is soon porcoptible.
Cieapise the Vitiated Blood when.
ever you find its impurities bursting thirougl'
the skin in Pimple, Eruptions, or orse
eleanse It when you find it obstrno te ani
slnggish in the veins; cleanse it when it Is
rfeelings will tell yon when. Keep
db pure, and the health of the systeni
II. Ir, areDONALD & Co.,
Drugi a d Ge.Agte., San raeiso Catris
Sold by a lt I gugists aind Daler.
Nee. SBroad street and t09 East Day street,
v3T, aY USINo enUAPIB 014DMs or rrox,
wa cAN 1UiIanS WORK AT
Piries Paper and Envelop.:,
$Ndd~ tan$ cQall jriviatons
eN rue ess .rooE ANo PSINESo IN rum
3"oz Rent.
Tp HE Warehouse and Stableoattaoheul to
1. the store forme.ly owned by John If
Dathoa rt Is for rent. Possession given
limediately or next. fall Apply to
,juo 24 I. SUUEN112R
121-2 cts.12 12 cts.
*Come al see thoei.
1 Ta1rd Wi&th.
Don't Fail To Go To
aug 12
O FERRS for sale Ito following very
Popular brands, via
Bradley's Sea Fowl Guano.
C. C. Coo's Superphosphate.
Bradley'4 Ammoniated Dissolved
Royal Guano Compound.
Bradley's A cid Phiospia 16.
Parties wishing Guanos by the cnr-land
can have the'n ordered to l)oko, Rlidgeway.
Lyles' Ford anid Strother's Stations, as I
nam agent far the entire County of' Fair
fiold. Time iatles due1 November 1 .t.
For arrangements on time and price gli
cotton option al pply to'
Salvers, Pltcher's and Water
--A L 8 0-...
Fancy Patoented
july 8'
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riends and patrons getorally
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Mlllinery Establishunett
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Dress GoodH, fCalicoes. Hosiery Gloves,'
Nelons a-nd Fancy Goods, and others
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speotion during the week. All I ask I
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. sath 28o 0. DSiaNS*
Car Load White ttorn.
1 Car Load Flour-all grades,
I Car Load Bolted Meal
White and Snioked Bacon and
Rio and Java Coffe-"green
and roasted."
New Orleans and Comii.non
All grades .of SUGAIR.
Lard in bhi., hal -bbls., Kegs
Genuine Durham Smoking To.
april 10
- : :
T. 0. DeI'Ol'ES & (O., have, by
mutual conveent., and by expiration of
limitation, terminated the copartneraLip,
to date from July first lust,
Persons indebted will eloso up their ao.
counts by cash or note by the first day of
U. G. D1;sPORTE"S,
A . 8. 1)E.l'OKlT-.
WITII ample onpital, I will contiune
the business at the same st id.
U. 0 DESI'O0Tgs. {
July Sth, 1875.
uly 1:1
#e II. F18lu~il&C
lnst Recived a Full Stock of
Linen Lsnns,
?Gottona Lawn,
Grenad iteiq,
Peron lee,
Swiss Aluulins,
Check' Cambrie,,
Corded Jaeonets.
White and
&c &o.
Clothing, Hais, Mens Furnishing
Goods, Canslmers, Cottonades
H osiery, Gloves, T1runks,
Wooden-wareu, and
the best assort.
mont of
ver brou ghIt to this market, all which
will be soldI cheap for'
N. fl. A few Pieces of damaged A
)ross Goods at 12} and 1682-3 cents
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W. H. Flenniken & Co. V
P'resh Supp1g of
1HuE followinog varieties of Turnip
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Early Red Top, 8trtp Leaved,
arny White, Flat Strap Leaved,
ings improved Rota Blaga, Large
eulow Globe, Large Whito Globe A
aryCowborn, Yellow 'Aberdeen
ad dGolden Ball.
italy 15

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