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" 1
' j 1. I.,
Faiyt,,__r Paper, Dvtdto S dte'rt ~yt4dustry~ and'^ 1TEMaratO -
I I M10"
W I L L I A M S & D A V I S.
1.fnsi.--The IER A ,D 1 published Week
y is th dbrq(-efJWiausro,. -at, $8.00
nearidN/.i* 4eant-e.
qa All transient advertiemente to be
Obituary Notices and tribuies $1.00
pert quare.
Sett Co swho
chav !tydlnafr' heer admost etdIes~e
wed } , dae4stly ogue edt 'eauti
fulnpwppsientogver.,the g ave ii of d og
named A Hebb '. yhwspi.ory osie
of 'dm mkhti.thftic In the ainnals of
time. loere it is t. ..
1i ANdk afov OP ' A Doo.
l 4:ypr aif.ular and interestjng 30
curroqe:weaP yesterday brought 'to,
ligleiti the iirgh Court, by the
hearing of a sunnous in regard to a
dog .ta. -Eiglita id . a -itif yeare
:" ago, it seems a man named t ray, of
of whom nothing now is known, ex- <
cept that that he was poor, and. lived I
in a quiet Wig lndomelobseure part
of e town, was buried in Old Grey- 1
friars' Churchyard. IIis grave, lev. <
o by "hian4 ltt-it..gteL and u... (
snar 'ed by any atone is now 8A61y \
discernible ; but although no human If
iuterest would seem to atta*h. to it,
the'saared spot has not been wholly' 1
lsiregardid' ab'd forgotten. During }
all tZa years'the dead man's faith.. t
ful dog has. kept conetant watch and c
gurd ovar;the grave-and it was r
this animal for which the collectors i
a ughtfo ?ehdWrr ...itheatax, ..:James l
13 ownjtp.,.a '1teyipp of lihe burial e
g ound, rqpzlpb s ' rayss fuineral a
nd thsg.deig, a b6o~h' adrifar, was, hei
rays, one gf he tuost conspicuous of a
tie mourners. The grado as closed ]
in as usual, and next morning "Bob
by," as the dog is called, was found v
lying on the new made uoud. . This E
was an ibovittiu whioh old, James s
could not. perwit, ror there u
was an order at 'thegate, ' stat.- h
ing, in the kine 'ititelllgible chai'l u
adters, that ddgs' Wdra' hot ad a
mitted. "Bobby" was accordingly e
driven out.; but next morning he (
M4 iN:ga u,.-end for'the: sesond a
time was disethauged. Tle thi p
anorni/geguds'ell d.ud set, and when J
the old mn saw the faithful animal, o
6 4i'('te 'f ell- ohastiseient, still ly- v
iug sliv'drdi 'on tWe-'grave, he - took o
fy 4u him, snd gave haum some food. r
his sroguitioi of his devotiun gave 4
"1 bby" thA ri lit to wake the d
etr h et ,j .h e A, j er l
spent a night away from his tuaster'a q
tusb. Often in bad weather attempts
have been wade to keei him within a
doors, but by. dismal howls he has i
succeeded in 'naking it knoniu that t
this interferonco is not agreeable to u
himef, and -latterij Wblias always been
allowed his own way. At anlos niuy
time during the -day lie may be seen
in or about the churchyard ; and no~
net'er ho\ ough tue night. aty e.
nothing 'ean induce hira d forsaase the
hallowed rspot, .whose identity, sde.
spite the irresistible obliteration, be
les~ ao. fahululls preserved. 'Jobbyn'
has mony friend.., add the tax.gathier..t
e a ) caui'~ st koed hiagne
4~sK;>4tre 4e tfosteaks
8c6tt of the 'E theersa, but for wore
thay six yes;a l40 kas t6od 're 'usarlya
fed by M~r. Tra il1,'of the 'rest rant, ,
0 (Oreyfriarat plae. l10. Its ~entant ~
und 'pouhIaluin' his. eals.tbeing. g
guided inIh isit ld -day - vieits by the'
sun'ds of' t4p tifaso gun. 0.a the
ground of har~boting the dog, psrocefiW~
ings were takeoa sog siut Mr. Tramall If. r
psymnenlt of-thae ta*.. The defendant
eixpress'ed ' his willinguess, could lhe
o1ins he og, tolbe ,responsble Fde
theti , ' , e' 'oigas the dog rsi
n d ini he peculiasr
he~ dismi-s jJ,
been an obj.et orfn curosty to aill Wt;
have beconso acqunainated with his his,i
tiory Iiiis equptant apearanc~e in t~he
graveyard has bu!91n1Qny' inquiries I
to Ite tnade regard ig )i'h, and efforts
out of naumber -hive beoen made to got' '
posse.fion of hhn. The tid cusator,
of course, stsnd? .up as the next
claintit to Ig r. Tesill, and yAterdJay
ofeod ay' tha tax'iitel, r ather, '
ahn ne "tiobt-y":-'kreyfriara'
Bobby," to u llow him his full name~ e
-put oet of the way .-&. &otamu~n, 1
'A ta Re 'blosame6ihn at Ban. ~
gor', .M r. lsailin toldt thoso present ~
very plainly f(iidt'the~ Dehiocrats hgd '
got the~ity,t e(tthejn i o hnizationz,
and had 'rasadd6 a dioided impressions
pb en~h *en orc~ with all thei
toisht they wuuld wako, up. o morn- I
ing after eleotion. tS8e.sorries lo~4
party that ever twent thr-oughi a cam.
unp Yictona lyt 90' grandohil
The Champion Swimmer.
LoNDON, August 25, 1875.-Capt.
Webb, who started on h's second at
tempt to swim the Engl sh Channel
from Dover to Calais on Tuesday, at
one o'clock in the forenoon, arrived
it the latter plaoe today. .at pooh,
after being in the water. twenty-four
hours ind forty three-winutes, nearly
thret hoisnelrtger' than the time in
which he calculated to aceomplish
the journey. At half.past five, I. At
he wa*s progressing at the rate of
twenty strokes a minute, the sea and
we..ther being favorable. - e was
furnished with 4Ie,and beef tea,''dnd
again at eight t'. si., .witl beef tea
and beer. After that be rested on
his back for a while. At nine o'clock
he became troubled with soaweed,
and at eleven he took a draught of
Sod liver oil. When the moon rose,
At one in the morning, some brandy
Ind tea wese administored to hit,
Webo declaring at the time that the
swim across was "a safe thing."
At 3 A. Mr , lie to)k some coffee.
A t this tie the tide turned north.
yard. and Webb appeared e-xha'usted.
Iis trainer stripped and- held him.
;elf in readiness to go to Webb's
s:iistnnce, but Webb laughingly de
lined the proffered aid. At this
imo he was still koaping up a pace
f twenty strokes per minute. Fears
acre entained that the northern tide
Irift would 'tlrrov Weblib 'dbreast of
ialais sands, as the sequel proved.
\.t four u'eok, A. at , and four miles
urther progress, daylight broke.
Veb'> was drowsy, and coffee and
randy. wah gItvetlj ,J.im .M AV, half.
ast five Riden's buoys were in sight
td their position located. Atoseyen
'al k a westerly breeza sprung up
11 >pi d sea-f id, mkihing h
rbs etw *xttig ely dialdurttgip ;
aut the indomitable pluck of the
wimmer never faltered. A small
kiff kept on the weather aid of
Webb, who was now swimming
lowly anti had just pafta;keu of a
randy straight.
Every twenty minutes soundings
aere taken at eight and ten fathoms.
teamers came out from Calais and
,eamed alongside the gallant swim-,
zor op itbq. wqatlhep sjide,. the . ? a
reeking all the 'while. 'Choe as
pon cheers went up, and Webb
sewed to feel their it.spiring influ
nce. io laisd a dia~eot pgp rse for
:dais 4ands, 'we.teard , of tie pier,
ud at half Past ten A. At. wvasit in
h low . water.. . At forty minutes
de 'Its -A."iki'the hdb6ief hYc tohtd
n French soil, tired, of course, but
cry shortly recovered. lie was
onveyed to a hotel in a Oartinge,
ebbed down, put to bed, and at 1
'clock when the Herald. gorreapon.
eit railed fur Dover, \'ebb was
ramnqu.ily asleep, and the doctors
.d no fers of any' serious conse.
ua:acos. Webb naked beats Boykin
rmored about two hours. Th'e
,ildest excitement prevails in
Hondon, and the press pronounces
lie swim the greatest physical fe.it
I the century.
A oi's Prowess.
Last Friday nmooring 'Msier t.
t. W allace saw in a lield what lie
uok to be a hire, but, as it did notV
nin, he went, uip aiid kicked it, when
rose atid sprung furiously toward
i He ow thou 6 - va Ier
aergoed tie for: hbi~f t'ab~,~ ere
e got a pickt aiid turned to the
track. T1hie boy was accompani d
*y giet coat, auds'lie; laid on the
lows wih the picket the goat butted
tid hboked the eanmy, tand- pn
itepetehed it. The cremtture piove4 to
e a badger, and wveighec 2'7 pourds.
.he goat, be doubt ;~ ytired, the sug
essfuil issue of thie'battl&, 'fo'r whli
iJpJ >n~l trike the ba j r! it
roum ring 't ?jA,qhfEO . the
oat would geo.4vu the chiarge, but.
ing vigoroudty. The badger's chms)
eye~ gver4mn inch Jang, and the Laei,
ate in (scatping a cldae theie wvi bii.
t' on Cllutre 11 Catliforilia.
aised to advantage. Notwithat -pI~
rig the present has been a most
avorable season,, owing to tho late
pm imng frost and .the ,uuusud4 dryness,
ir. .listin, of Santa Clara bount.y,
onturel the experuent of planting
n sere- and a htalf in cpo
nie. piants a re. now 14uand ing
ruin t wo to three feet high, and, show
remnaikaibly vigorousg'rowth. j The
oils are fyrming tIoelfv, and'in .afet
reeks shn first c'rop 'will 'be' rdftdy
or'pjickinig. T1he plants have hu'doro
rtificiak~.iriga tioni, apd yet, there-has
een nio lack of moisture in the soel
bqui.site to .'their growth. TIhe
udge is well mAtisfied ' with lEis ex
erimuent ; antd~ ~i'3Wfhbm eyer' Will go
ito eottoivouilture -otr a much large,
r-ale. lie thinks. it. will be pop.
irtitamble than lheat'-N. Y. 'BL-md
A colored water-earrier en the
d tmuii 'the"'dale thbe other day, aniid
ras kille E.
A Discordant 'cheme.
Col. Cochran has been industri.
ously oire zsting some printed pe.
titioii, ivhibh ire about 'the purest
article of buncombe he has ever at.
tempted te paladiOf;, qp., c ro I,
of the County '1 boy reite that:
the; pypduq9r, 1equallyf inte ested
in the weight "f his cotton i h thd
buyer, and that -he ough , to .hav
an equal voice in thb'h leotibn 'Af
the weigher. They conclude by
asking the Legi latd~reyta akite,164
post ion of cotton weigher a county
officer, and lloptbi i.u qft4 .pD ,
bplo, to be paid by the sellet, for
every bale weighed. ''hp is unjut
ii praeticablo and only I6t bdd ' d
pro~uduigaord nd work, pisobie.
nI the' rat placo, tUe1+e le' 4 Ijutt de
in allowing i man who only seils
ten bales'of iottok to have .ai ,Rsqual
voice in selecting tme weigher as
the merchant who bsy ,fpfteen hun
dred, for they are by no means
equally interested in the matter.
iI the second place ti
that the eighteen
voters who sell comparatti 1
cotton, should vote for who should
weigh the cotton ifor, our farmors.
In the third place, it is unjust to
allow a man who sells his cotton at
9p ',i t! a Pendleton or
t Jfor who aba l
Weigh cotton at An orson. In the
fourth p1 too, it is unjust, if othe r
producers are allowed to vote for
tIQ, fq o i 'r th,, q,4l ng 'ii
Georgia, conCo or AbbeIb w
sell cotton at Anderson should not
be allow.d f ye'-tio I ae". igher
also. ]3t'' a P e'eb-flico is
wade a county officer, tlieu every
man must be compelled to' havo 'his
so , or elso mlust wait a Out sfl
at other places. until this county
weigher can go around to the vari
uus places in the County ; and while
by an election in this County we
would t bleiblyIft;uaga un, in
throe-fourths of the counties of the
Stato inuumpetent and corrupt meit i
would be elected by the ignorant,
solored majorities thenoin3 and , b
buyer and seller grea r d
heroby. Our people may best as
urrod there is no good intended:
or them in it, and we hope they)
will not sign the Jetition if they have'
lot alreudy.durle iosfor if the Towd
Jouncil will just attend to their own!
usuness, the merchants of the Towsi
ye determined to Make such art
a erbiets 4 wgI M eet the approl
:1 Nti V thciied e ers, and fur
iiah the weighing of the cotton fre
>t expense to the seller. There i
tot a county in the United Statds
.hat elects acattUI weigher by tha
teoplo, and tfore' is no authorit
>f law for, nor j.stice in, an y su9
e AI IN u s}
[lustna.aster t c 1.Jas rt r e~d
,he following letter td6 thid pfi'~ .
ors of tho Maino Standard, ,in
-.swor to their, ,co plaint that tie
Mper had' bbo tat pered with in the
Glq.EtsraMaiN :-Yuur ayor of tfie
f 11 i i a a~l~f) u~nd notg
Ut ~fJ'r rtl o8~t Standat
)drsetorg usribers, laA
been opened in Pout Offices, and he
LR~epublican campaign docume ta
olded iniaodu arid delivered tg a b.
ecribers, and ask if sue l/tlheti
o be tolerated by this Departmnen t.
[a reptly, I hiay Ato~ that e oh
ection is in dr It~oYb9tion of ~he
'ales of th . department of dece 4oy
nd of the gjiaggieties of oilicial pjsi
ion If you will present to hi~j
lapijiellt~ the proof that any 0o~
Wi dloyee has been guilty of the
>ffenso charged, lhe shall be at oce
lismissed the servic; and I her by
-equiest you to do so in order ht
e gnd rr olul h youv:s
' 1 CaErd det.
~Jamies Webster Smuitli, 'soE uthi
Jarolina, better known as- eo1 redJ
lodet Smithfhiving been a cad t at
Westt P'oiunt for several years Iwas
aridat. lIighland Falls, )Noew
nuaintanee lie made whilst at Vdat
lPolnt. The military band of jVest
Poit was scoured for the ec sion',
in4 4,igntsp9od,tli,bp.,o' ; s c ,to
;uests, who w 'i ibut oijaliye
Hvdbd4N4%iggers,q Pro zjinena
~lored ,tnen (ronm tistant p arts of
Dbhing thb jaab1 oad os o.L
klt ioflfi .lask'tu 4ie. oisy.. ha 4: had
ying in its vadhdll tfrd thalftof W a
,i(onal bank note of thW ddet~mi atiod
)i fire llgr - Y-eaterday Jo~ a4;;
tontiOg 1u( of mgPlo.rgI t af DOO
usked. what, its, val awaA., i~ -teller
was'reminded' of thi wolleii a e, and
cutt of mere''eut-loAity' suggestd that
the~ pi'oeO lie 'pit tog%eI. It was
done and lo'1 they were found to be
the long-separated partp.-:Deroit
Free~ Prees.
Tie heihpie and ike Genus.
Tboao who: visited 8y 9,fnisoo
formed.a laing 'Irypresslon of 't be
ispage'ill,epoe of toe itbet,gelr,
and the mnunicenoe of'ftb iaigera. I
The banking house-Zwan'tbe(4eatde
the '*otld. It -waeie*l4 agddt4
Atl Mithou, :>ega~rd , 9q,9 .p Hard
wo94, sBli4Qetver, and me -4 ,
used in fiigip th Eb #'4''aievoted
to t a'ilg, "ad t' 'fta00re a er
rdspondU6 'There wes iniNneerip
p "ehamifl Evsrything a '
o laulats iqipr tje be ode
i th:e pp dit of hM bf.dei , '.
g opt wealth, >a A tb fildie..
h tistible Veso'reb.. Papes imo.aey
asdlotipasssit omrlbeg qupt ra
eKp9Ri ad pgrgtpd se, qdd
a vor we e the egoI 1 gIbv ctrtoyr
e cep,, where depositors deposited
oWin at r v e5F
rn. The 'eldriti'(I Vofou in the
4ap was.prgs, welldriled an.-well
an . ^ 'fhp capi 1 ' stadk- hb fur
t ibn d ''.la pAIft np/,.and'the
e oei( eish* ioue.
I , i'?d~l~igi qf thi abanik of,
great splezrg, {d wp r l pr.,
eeision~s, is iIr., Ralston, asna Uhi&
4 A.a... U .ats . rtittly' secorid eletk'
Oin an Oing, river tiiniibuatt td
to California apd . one of the
few ad~o tarh $ 8orproperod.
lie walked up the ladder of wealth
and fame rapidly, aud.Yaa .supposd
beenLy, to b6 worth 4ifteen mwiliu4i
dollars. He consldered himself
equal to any undertaking. For a
tiun' ovelything he toduhed Faid,-and
hewa Loll sand gratd as he was
The bank pail h'm, inadditlon to
a lait9eal ry, 4wn y-vivothousanda
y ear for entertainfng. Mnd be didi
ut rt n u $s re "Wore
rmagnificeut residence twenty-six
miles from San Francisco. Here
was a park of many acres laid off in
mia&ggioent style lifIted with ges
mauufactured owh 'the adjaoedt
grounds. The - houste orresponded.'
Vrie Czar of Rultsia or the Emperor
of Franoe in his: best d ye would
hardly have esired anything better.
i''here was .n -r.ny of servante, every
main in his place ; and every guest
was waited upon from the tiwe he
stepped irom, his carriage until he
reired, and from his rising ia the
morning until he was assisted into
hl caritage.
The stable contained thirty-sis
blooded' hoises. Te carriage was
davu by four horses, and the timo
between the residefOie and Sap
Franoisco was two..houra. Ihalf way
there wIs a rel..y of horsesa, and up
hill dd down the higheat posbillo
speed vas psaiutained. The living
expenses of Mr. RalatOn werd sup
pobed to, be $l00,00A yearly.
The bank, soon after its organisi..
tion, invested $450,000 in lands.
ft"' ado 'lossessed itself of the Cali
lorn ia Wagon Company, qo t ,at
wugon waking was part of its bany.
ing busibosa .fAt W.as in the mining
buiness, of uuase, exteoively, and
boeides it speouiae I largely au
waming stock. The President did a
Alr. Ralston having a great ba k
a magni~oent residence, seaveral g* Id
ininds atgd beingo~t- the great 4*a0
uf the Paiteo Blope, he must a(100
laa e ; eaLt hotel--so he udertok,
l *oi '8wilt 1 8ron, he
arection of the Palace Hotel. b4i,.
was Intoniled to be the graO esat
u li hoa n the world, an4 it.
il ii ik p^a 4'1, are
maoro fools in the United St~ite bbtu
LhorV&4Mbhbofla~.Di all Eu~tr po'.
But before this monument was 4om1
.tdd 1WRUlatoherteroubtes be p,
auid lie sold hais inaterest in te
I'alacoe Hotel to Mrt;$haqqp~ for
$),'0000.. aJhubff*ae swalleJ, till
by 'Vehed40Dhbsea in speculatve
vytpr~o in minn .oons...
y "So peonal oogsidgprationas s cruId
public duty ."-LPresid..nt Ga~
isote to Seoretiary Ilisttltr.J Th6i~
rollo ibkjseprncyfom Saatutd5
atoaygg.yyl. lv., p. 73. , section 14 p;
.Ag i b uret, *nacial, That nao
personi em~ployed in titbe Indian Dal.
pkrt~dhtshall, bave any interest or
3onceern in' any -tarade-with the 4 .dlanr,'
deoep6 for and -n o count of ' the'
Oditead State.* and any porst1 offend.
Iilherkina ilh'll forfei's the tfm
I,0, dod satidtory ' inor.
UlIntIQO of Agig 1ieif 6 11
States it sal become his.4 o
igedsghprson' from the. oo e '
liudiers limag bold.
The"Sh*ysport. News dedd6rfe
b# lo censow' as a tui'a~btbl
.a dci4js y hat It ia*uprei
in Jouiialta out ranbotb heid ines
neary 46,000. The whitqs 'apd
nae d ard .pretty evenly dividedr
pan witth inything like -earnbst
effort and a.'ir eidiotion law wthe
whites can easily oarry the Staite by
10,000 mnarity.
S' , ,olitei Koe
S Ceuco qutt t ddrsdd the farm.
erq [d O s oent'y o' Thursday,
w et6fun the Vo'umbpt Tiwes says
X he qattiGovernor of Georgia will
Al fred 1H.;Colquis."
TiA 0IIhoeriau - seem bent on
ska egiIture,, The tew Consti
di 1rprei~thi.t9.*9 7egislature
lng a ga Journed sees one, it
ie in ion i elef tea'm seed!Y das
4ei menbe lI6Ae'oi ii.dollar a day
o Ik ay''whIoh in the regular
'* Ciie V 41tt' rain Atatea that
d batob Meereolivddhat da row
04 w laby, the ig ~age gViy o.
ptipa.T~poq a4iop,~ eeopt'og their
I 9pt beres n au- deliver
4t addiess, tin Aho'pV6(qtl $ of'the'
f f lWS ill 46 61a heaity wel
n% ill this' cityr, the most stanoh
apubliibals t.aking,,pt spiye part in
Oxtsgeg vjgesipyIa.ion.
- ieut4t'Gde.Dtavis, of Mississippi,
4mie tdipm in vestigption by
thp. Legislature beomo scared when
criminal brodeediogs wore cow
nieccd aginM hin foil bribery and
corruptiop in ofBdb, lie waivod an e
estawanaiopm, ami gave bail in (ho
e .tngf47,o0g fpr his appearanoe at
R neat tprm of the court in thid aIty. F
' dhUenob' rgahtit him is, sayh the
loksbitrgr 4erald, conclusive. H e
knowlity ald avoided a trial. I
o Where onor Is De.
'he' IrTidi Heraid gets off the fol- 1
lowing eanital hit on the Coluabia t
"For tem*dtime pact we have been
endea'voring. to develop, the .latent
eaqrgiee 9f our polic foroo--some -
tapevy oongel, again by the ex,
ainple and heroic achidvbnents of the
police of other cities, Abd ofteher b:
A gentleJspur-.to-remind them of the
dignityand importance of their posi
tiups sngi the -necessity of increased
exortion. But we inever looked for
that energy, courage and masterly
dinciplino that the grumbling tax.
payers were c.alled upon to witneas
yesterday evening, at an hour when
the a was dipping behind the Lec.
iqytoi ills, when, tiree police offi.
cors walked abreast down Main street a
drvitg a young calf, with a trace d
chain attached to his hind log, to the
guard house. What. erime the beast
had committed we were not informed
of, as the officers observed a commen
dable silence. Doubtless he violated i
some city ordinanoe-perhaps tied f p
himsolf to a tree with hie chain. One !j
gentleman in front of the opera house
abggestoi that he might have "used 1
prufane language," whilst another i
thiugh it more likely that be must (
bnve "interfered with the police" or b
thpy would not have interfered with t
him by platoons. The Ill starred
calf was marched in triumph to the j
gu.ard house, where he will be trit.d
on to-morrow morning. Let us trust
that he may be remitted to the
ocstody of his mai for correction." t
Snocking Accldent. A
Bas-aroN, August 80.--Yesterday at I I
Hopkin~ton, twenty miles from lbs-.
tonm,a boy namied Morris Ryan, agedI
nxee years, itarted down stairs
wih, a gun, intending to shoot a eat 1J
when his sister' Mary, aged fifteen 1
years, wiho desired to save the Oat's a
life, caught ber -brother by the ?
ghoulder to pull himn back. At the a
sagie. utomens two otber younge,
sisters camte to the head of the stairs I
and In thme souffle between Morris e
and -Miary, thme gunl )Cnt.Qog, biliing
?'ry and one oif the othey sixtees. a
'ho theird! .imtr wap womtsdod in, the
Nrn and Morris was wounded in the
, Tho (Courie~r eJouranl states; thg a
somecrc-urrctioimstot tried to stealit t
(I e bo, !vof Joihn la. Shemrldan, G en, c
PhIil. Thurid-in's fnthme4 from its f
(s cinthe Catbulic *coimtery at e
8eineres0t, Qhlo, a ,few days ago.
They. were sur ,r iped, just as they
reached lihe 'o ma, and fled. - Tii
is bidsilgn with a vengeansie, it
lij uosed tha;' an tihe body. wats a
nt 14 for disuseation, piurposes, the
jpbhera.wanmtod to get a reward for f
restorang it. Now time f'liodas (
inighit have boeemi in lonng time in t
JUdtilaM 'without en errerienee of c
that kind. .Gen. Sheordn must I
stay at home.--Augusta (,onstt
tie nqlsql,
Tile8datuh of Oluseppe Garibaldi's
wif~e enounaed. ,~he. has been a
faithful and devoted helpmate to tho
old patriot and has shared theo mis
fortunes and dangers which attended ~
.bim 'denrig nlany ypars of hisi event
ful life. ,GUarghah l I wiself hts been
siqjc, andu hie .porploe restoration bj
the aid of suliphur bathe was recently
China is bsoing a large consu-.
mer of. Amorican cotton goodA, a sin
gle Massachusetta factory hmaviing ro
eently received an ordor for 12,000
bales of the product of ids looms.
The Outlook for Cottodf
The New York Bulletin of Monday
says s "The speculative element has
such a controlling influence up on
this market it Is 'di ioult to indice
dealers to express a dedidad opinion
as to 'the "future. There are, of, courhei
to be expected the usual dealing. o
contracts, reaching greater or.. les
proportions, as .onetary oe usaq may 4
warrant, b't the moyMibont ot"bna t
fide cotton seems to "be very- dimly'
tordshadowed. Jus4 at the 'toWent
stooks'.i'e very much reduced ap4
rssortptsgt. :grsatI y roken,. with
intoest alown by bti exporters a d
spinpers. Th bo 'p iability fs, tb t I
nearly all that ca' be oflbred during:
the 'nest month -will abe. awanted, i
though .recent fraction4 ..R4itiopa ,to
so. have induced groatqr cautio '1
n tihe demand. Thei probabe y&lu
ind ready sale of the nt'eWr'ba'op, No\e: r
over, arc so entirely! p1 oblematic.a
.hat we find bone ofJa0 leading ,1<
xiembers of the tra a wlliing to ex
pros a positive opinion on the sb..
loot. It appears to be conceded,
however, that nothing but a low cost C
aill attraot attention, and evep then, e
nly to tho extent of immediate coi.
sumptivo wauts, both at home and y
tbroad. Spinun'rt, it' is claimed,
nuet see the goods market in better' o
hape before buying with their , old y
roodom ; and, as this improvern out'
loes not indicate itself as yet, while
be crop prospects are very 1latteting' 1
be current opinion, as near as we can.
atch it, is that it will be well into 7
he next cotton year before much
business can be aoconpaished outside it
ho speoulative manipulations.'' H
Death of a Well Known Character. g
The readers of the Unin. Herald,
he city authorities and the citizens w
enerally will remember the nanio s
f old Sye Singleton, a feeble minded 1
Id kleptomaniae, who was constant. 04
P marauding upon chicken coops,ogr
Brving out sentences in the guard h,
ouse or the jail. !le has stolen, or of
ttempted to steal, everything g
rum a lino ta oth comb to a freight (
ar. Upon one occasion ho stol
le bible in the mayor's court that
ad been handed him to swear b b
be nuthorities some time ago, find -i
g that lie was incurable,. had him h
not to the insane asylum where he P
iod of rheumatism at the close of U
ist week. He was probably sixty..
ve yeai. of age.- Union.Ikcrald,
_--- b
And now the statemient Is made p
tat it will require the issue of $40n),- ,j
00,000 of new bonds to carry out to
he provisions of the "specie resunmp- it
iou" act. We can't understand why
large an amnount will be required,
s that is a larger sut than all the e
lovernmnent's legal tenders now out ; a
lit that is given out as the ealoula" a:
on of the 8eoertary of the Treasury. '.
low let us see what will be saved by in
At five per cent. the yearly in
arest of those $400,000,000 of bonds of
Still amount 'to $20,000,000,' and in
wenty years the interest will amount o
D (or double) the principal, *400,000- 0
00,000. The currency draws no in.
arest. That is what the people will ,.
tave to pay in taxes for changing the y
arma of a portion of the Government'
The Rtichmond Enhquirer sa:
'be attempt of the Radical Outrage S
'ress of the North to hold the Con.
orvatives of Georgia responsible Li
ar the recent ittempted negro in' t
urrection in that State, and t'o anikb' 9
Sappear' that it *ie gottoh 'up !by.
hem for politioal effet1 Is as 'absitr4l
s it ls villnous. The feat. is it,
ras an attempt on the p~art of North
rn RIadicalism $0o force a conifiot;
hat the killing o('a hbundred "or! -so
f their lack dtidasb' thd 'trttged
bhite people," uhght be turned ,to
deount it the o'oming eolcotion and
ervo to rol.1:bnk 41;q~~tdp .oo o
tope l Pa tif raeto d row J'
hesh ~fruno' 41h'jtd s00 .
aalmnneds and'good son4 e f'tie cpo- t<
1o and anth brities~c f't4hj.8md~ b4e 'a
qual to the eimpggelgy.
Caoll ll Uho lowt Up."
16. was the same old lady who' was e
son walking .up and, doiyna ,eed g
treet while the boal, wa (altinge'n* 6,
rieghit. She wres tiokcted' for Now s
)rloans, arid the first/ night napard t
lhe boat she opened her stato-rpomn*
ocr just before retiring,, etupk bie a
osa out and yelled: :
"Capting I Osipting I'" n
"Wha'd Wpafted mitadm ?" ,ln
ujired that offrofaly; as he appf'dache4
he door. ,
"I'm a lono woman, Crapt gg, as b
ou well know," she squeake l, *Vnd'
f this boat blows tap I depend onr you
o calneme 'la'
Hie agreed, and shie slept foundly *
nd- peacfully.- Vicksburg. flere I
1d. ,*
A cent amnpor ar y'says that fishing A
n the Ten nesseo River 'is :pretty a
ood jist naiw. The othiey de 1
shecriman hiaulod uip his wife,'wn iyi
ad beoin missing for two week, and C
is saved the *200 'reward he had e
sffered for her recovery. C
Any Name For a Dog.
A oitisen of Gratlot saenue called
on the cbief of Police yesterday,
mud witl tit any skirmishing around,
he inglpej
"Isi't deresome law about dot I"
"What- is that ?" asked the
"Can dot by dot . teller shall
all. his dog ismarok * replied the
Why, 4 6an ban name his dog any
Mme he Wante to, I Suppose."
"le ena 7"
"4n1i dot pion aobll call his dog
3idmarak ?'f
"4ud to iw jah no goet I"
hat' yes I'shall go mit my
4bn and' 'atne my dog Shorgo.
thashingtn.. Sheneral-Grant-Bost
bastet-Showell, ,y quick I"
And he was r.1 the face as be
ft,-.DctroI Free Preas.
Mr. A. Beokwith, of ienona, f ichi.
an, roeived $,,000. for finding the
ody of the balloon reporter Grim
The Dauntless base ball elb, of
eaufort S. 0.,' of which Congress.
an R-bert tiitllo is is resident,
iIllebges any- colored club south of
t aehington for a watch game,
James Gordon Bennett Livingston
tanloy is reported to have lost 100
ion-in a fight ,ith tue natives about
Mark Twain is accused of moving
s cushion in his church pow at
Lartford, and putting It into a seat
e has purchased on the base ball
He whe.uses a throe-Debt statip
bore a two would suffios; dooe
mothing toward wiping out the
mtiohal' debt, and Is entitled to his
ountry's gratitude,
It is stated that h dompany of four
adrod .gyptians will erect a row
buildings on )the Venteni l
rounds in imitation - of a street in
Near Cologne a Qer.man was
rouglt into court pa the charge of
liking aeainst ?rinse Bismark--in
is sleep. Unfortauately for this
itriot he had. slept in a cafe on that
A Michigan farmer's daughter al
oit killed a yenug man last week
y putting a dose of "condition
uwdors" in his cider. lie was
ow in his wooing, and she wanted
make him "skeemy" as she calls
The slats fell out of a bed tlhab
ld a two hundred pound drummer
one of oor hotels the other night
d oausod him to run to the window
id shout "Police, police I" think-.
g it was an earthquake.
A mar. oamo out of a tax office the
hor day, and exhibiting an empty
iokot book to a friend, gloomily
)served : "13i1, where's the altar
our country ? 1 want to find it."
What for 1" asked the other in some
itonish ment. "Well, I watit to lay
at poccket book oni it."
A Delaware nian married a wo
.an because she was deaf, and be
boulght-she'd keep her .nqputh etill.
o she did, bust whein he fl into
ic well and yelled himsel( hoges
'ying to mali. her liesm', he *ished
hst shet had ears a foot i9g. and
mid hoar a whispyr a mile away,
Thke trial of the insurreotion pris.
n9day.)E.-tJilte4 Stated Atter
i Gdeal, Anos T. Akermed~ ha.
ien retaine4 to defdh'd Oandy Har
s and other prisoners, and 225 wIt
masses wore suptoaaq4 to-day for the
ifense. Atorney ,enera 11am.
gn4 wjll grbsvou e.
q8ay. ipy/', ga44 gj soili look.
,oyn fbe wharf yesterd "do
su over'givda"liodo', of' wdte *elon
pioom"'bday Whusbfsthed 'eoters,
i':tt, tn Who. :gooi 8Srndayrsphool,
bhpensma!Aosq,,bi91 t h raps~,~ was
se ply toIucdens1ayo hiw si large
,9R o a rotton eip-.
pirs. taqat piddpna Is a betr rifle
organ, than Queden 'fictoria. The
ucdnI ustes A i fi6ted in. vise
m(d bell'd eye. The othse da'y Mrs.
oott-Siddons Aged at a longrango
irget froim ti shoulder, and pierced
te bull'. eye at ths first shpt. IC
as in lUovonshire,'nd the Dovon
olmnteers cheered the lady with
ioki enthmusism,
A wIfe 4he hIabeen lecturing her
tmband f o ming bomne intoaieated,
seani. ineensed agl 1s indfferenoe,
rid -e.q aipme4 "Oh that I could
ripg tearsg of,, einguo h froin your
reo I" To 3(do6i the hardened
retch blcoligh~d :"Tal'.eint no
me, old womnan to howibero Ior, water
A Blrooklyn sick girl cleardd spaeo
round. thirseon earse of: gi'een corn
4 one mcml *then other day, and 'piol
rfragmint afrom' between bor
uehwbteahirp otrved "It
var I get well enoug~h agmin to
at mzueb, I think I "Oculd live on

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