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Z.aooai Itermas.
$Wa Weare net pp9asib e erthe opin
ens of correspon tb J
Ow' Communoations to this offioe
will not be noticed ' nless aocompanied
by the real name of the writer.
S ' Any person in the County havinmg
klnowledge of any circumstanoe of Interest
scoutring in his neighborhood will confer
a fayor byefurnishing information at this
inao otioes will be inserted
' fe ts li o t rk't th
For tern lines and uo.der... $2.00
Nor each additional line....15o.
Nxw AnvaRTIsE.uicj.T.
Dentistry-Dr. I. Simpson.
I Notie---J. A. Fraser, Clerk of
A S6noemengt ~.f(DBoag. "
GAt Rush- !,iO4.I'ster & Co.
Haws-Beaty Bro. & Son.
Jnsirane-J. W. Law.
Nutioe--J. 'roesohel.
Kentuoky Jeans-MoM aster &
3 ,,t f1P t , he-S.tat ie aig " ertill er- DJ.
Jennings & So 4nd J. D. Aiken,
New Goodk.1Rb.-Datinenberg.
New Q.O tl3ro. & Son.
Palbt'tt 4 gar Store-T. S.
CoTrp ..-Seventeen ba!bs of Cot
too was told in this market last week
at prices ranging from 12& to 12$.
The very un U&b1.hum of the
rnoPquito ie heard in every housebold
Mr. U. G. Desportes is improving
his st gme ton 'tpwn, in-foot. im.
provements are going on all over the
CtaAp rp, re the
way are manufacturing the very test 1
eig sthat can be had in the country
ew t a wodd do
A very pleasant hop was given by
the base ball elub'to their visitors on t
Tuesdav evening at the -Coliege. "
Festivities were prolonged till after
fluidotktr. ls!.
e t d n aF t . ....' . s. J :
eraof ' 41i6ieS e 'Jt~sy 1~deoi de j
,the-lIte :election for Sheriff. The L
vote of the County stood, Ruff, 2,115; t
NloCarley, 1,252. Ruff's. raj,rity,
863. t
The nuissnc4 between law range
and the Baptist Cburch is becoming
intoiit'a b and the'sooner our city t
fat hesie it abated, the better a
for thel I of that portion ofr
- onS~~ lIT A Mur.n.-Mr. 3. W.
* ~(~ht efgeg1eyry 'kike4 bya
flsmules last Mlonday. One
qfathe riike on the right side was
roker,,bgt.ptperwin lhe was noti
1aionaaly -ianued.
TuaAz&.V7t' ~ntle men from
Camden 2'', lted' Wiznsboro
request us in their name to thank
Mir. W. ;:D~,ia, ,of Ridgeway, for
the ,hospItality extende~d to themni
We reta han)I:vt) Mr. T. W.
Scrugs for an .invtation to the
oYth~ f th e hethet ends Crooked
a~t~g Wef. e sbafl en.
desver to attend one et tiikdd aferest
JAIL ThRD..-n -o our la.s e~
, 6bjso4 *z~a QI h* ,e beenr
entrapped bt stier~ 'Rht, amaking I
in all thirteoes Thesie fellow, liag
bettor been picking cotton than rob
bing heu rbumte, s tealing pigs E. g
It would, pay better.
0 JM0- Ots )ly aster of j
nesday to1 ldgeway the two first
bales of ootton of the new erop.
The~ weigbed 454 and 461) pounds
respectIvely and were purcbasod for
8~ e3terby'GIsdden & Bro..
Taut TOWn Jttaan--This public in.
siut'ioai as re-bjicned last Satur- a
day by the introducotion of one of
Ilean's doublMt eing stone force
pnfnild,'whih seefdi uotbe doing its t
dg~t( 9:9.0 hr. D. RI.
Flennie e agent at this place.
IW2dII'a.LJPIeOIu p'posed bbrg
arg gVs Wylie anid Hlenry Rd.
war dediasod4,yrug fjo Iyl(' ,Justic~e
Rlobertson Saturday and'wero div.
S.aha~rged fr. want o' enificlent .yi
deg~f li eeni. Tlhey' went
- igir ng.
.1. k p nei
card of Mr. J. W. Laiw. It is uuno
3essary to dwell upon the advantages
either of F'rpsqr OLife Insuyapge
whielore o eHdokr# to. tbe p -*
lie. We notioe that Mr. Law is pre
pared to insure gin houses and cotton
an j)lantations, and we have no noubt
Dur plantors will take advantage of
this. *
On e a 71 . NIg5o)t
rough bo 't-grit bale of cotton.
ihis year weighing 521 lbs, strict
ow middling. A few hours after
M1r. Thos. L. Johnson brought . jp, a
iale'weigaing 447 pdunds, also strict
ow middling. Beaty Bro. & Son
)ought bo ,i-balka .t 131 cents. Mr.
Jibson brought 4 th4 fits( bale
last year.
Th 'i lnajon House on Main
3tre 4n olumbi; a fe* "dews; IA-,
low the Columbia Hotel is becoming
favorite caravansary. Mrs.
flrazoale keep p rst., pisp tble, a
-arity in hotel exp*ien;e1 and the
on of Columbia board there. Terms
ire very moderate. -We advise our
?air Ii hie dsettbgive tbp GlaSsion
louse a trial.
Ho i FOR CAMDEN.-The Dauntless
ase )all olpb aoooinpaniod by several
rie as oeae this thorlnog for''Cnan
en,'hare they will 'play a matob
ame with the Kershaws to-morrow
fternoon. Ye local will accompany
he Dauptless under the special care
f Col. Terrill.
PansozAL.-We are glad to note
he4return of our young friend Mr.
. M. Chandler. Oharley ha been
n the mountains of North Carolina
or several weeks hunting up his
ealth, and from the improvement
ia trip has had upon him we think a
e found it.
We were also glad to meet our
Id friend Col. T. M. Graham, of
PuenLIsTc. -Jack Gordan and
Iran Young had the preposterous 1
resumaiou to strike llenry Brown a
from the (shoulder" last Saturday, (
onsoquently they were brought t
efore Trial Justice Robertson who
ined them *25 each, orithirty days in
ail. ;Fortunately Gran had the
eeessary stamps, but Jack bad to
oko shelter under that ruf so
indly provided by the citizens of
he -Coubty for p.rties who do
CoURT.- Trial Justice Mackey
ried the following eases last Fridiy
nd Saturday : Brooks Morgea, for
efuesiog to workc qa~la jubig~a road,
ned one dollaanuud cos ;if. . Me.
lill, samte offence, not guilty ; Hazel
t ongue, same offence, fined one dollar
,n ost ; Sandy .\oeMeekin, for non
payment of poll1 tax and refiasing to
work on the public road, 'fined two
ollars and cost.
Pin80Arow..-We had the jileasure
'f meeting our young fellow towns
auan -Mr. r J. Fg irowo,..yesterday,
noring. lHe hah just returned fromn
VolFord College, at which institutioni
e expects to grad unte next spring.
We failed to note the arrival irn
ur town a few days ago of our old
ricnd, Mr. J. W. McDowell, forwof
y of this place, but now a citizen of
ionisians, Hie says the crops are
ood in his country and the people, an
~enerrad thing, are getting ajong
retty well.
We-are glad 'to, state that ($pt.
acot has s~o far recovered from ghis
ecent tllness as to b e at bilh place of'
. TnR.A JU-rrex Courrr.-'I'e follow
;ig''as''s" wfer 'tried by. Justcee
4akey Tuesday:
Tbm Jones, colored, aissault and
lifory, I5 dags in jail or $5 fine.
'ow not having the necessary stamps
ras sent to the coop.
Aleek Cramrpton and Wash Cur.
on, both eolored, for remotving oorn
hiat they had no interest in, other
,ise stealing, $25 each, or 80 days in
iii. They not having the green
acks, followed Tomn Jones to the ib
ititution kept by Sheriff Ruff.
GaoIN Non-ru.-We noticed tht
ir. John U. Squier, of the well
(hown) and reliable firm of J. C.
Bquier &,(io., boarded the train son~
gesterday with a ticket for' the great
netfopolis of New y ork, for the piar
pose,'as'wo are reliably informedr of
anying the largeast anid beat solec ed
itock of Ddy.Goods, Clothing B4 0o.N
and Shaoes that has ever been put' on
iale in our nmarket. glesars. 8quier
& Co., are truly worthy men, recom
nmended to deal jastly arnd falkly with
all, and -we opine'thbatit would be
well 4or the dry godde buyar, bot~h
in town and otut'r to awai,'with e
time and patience until Mr. S. re
turns before making any purchases. i
Jobn C. deola gat he'd havq in his o
goods "on ,ee a up time," in4 0I1
them cheap, Seo6ese to the firm * b
We doknledg be receipt ofJan
invitation rom Mpbast : todnfg p
and other 4enttie , *bydomwittee i
If the Colut ia doitete'fferein, i
to attend a "f t tt bo given ltb lat
city on tq 1 ! t,@'rth ari, 4t-0 )e
tober ne%,x . We bhaVkost c rteni o
ly endefaor"-to be present. t'he ft
Verein,, Oindot the m negea ent o
John :0.24ghs,; :d.;e sh) flot, r
iakinog cendition. The fiee property
in the 'viinity of Columbia, -forwe:- ti
ly the homestead of the late James 9
U. Adams Esq., has boen purchased a
for a Sobuetaetnplati, and a spacious 2
ball room, bowling alloy, target and le
ather improvements hve beeq4 h
eregted.s1 I lyvil soot be the moat n
attrieotIe . pleale 4e,r iQ ,th fu . 11
vicinity. The coming fest p
sume three da$d. One of the fea.ty
Lures of ,the occasion *ll- be.: an si
addtees by Hdo. Jobh Ti :,Sloan Jr. b
the r.ig qrator of eoluaibis, which -
willbe an intellectual treat..' We
are booked for the Bobuetzonfcst. n
BiAen Ba.L.--The most interesting
game of base ball ever played in
Winnsboro came off on Tuesday, be
,ween 'the Kerbaws of Kershaw, U
nd the Dauntless of Winnsboro, on
ho grounds of the lattor club. In 6
hle morning the players from -um..
len reached town, Looompa idd by at
nany of their friends. The' game tLi
was called for 8 o'clock, but play I
lid not actually commen e until 'A
1 45. Long before this a large cou
nourse hadigathered to witness the ot
port, for the 'Burp b-oys play wpil s
Lad the record of victories of the le
Cershaws had preceded them. The b<
)itiben's Cornet Band 'discoursed ap
lelightful music before and after the pl
;agne. re
C. J. McDowell, F-q., was chosen
Jmpire, a poeition whichu he filled d
Admirably, and Messrs. Ancrun and bt
Jammings 'Acted as soorers. The ar
oss having been won by the Ker- It
haws, the Dauntless were sent to the '
at. iluey took his position as c
irat batsman, and was put out on le
bree strikes. Crawford mode first it
ase on three bails but was put..9ut d
while running to second. - Campbell
text came to the bat, and three tc
trikes recorded against him put the ot
ide out without a ball being struck. wi
Tue Kershaws soot T. Cunning. P
tam to the bat. At the delivery a
f the first ball I y Elliott, pitcher
>f the Dauntless, the point wanl E
'ied that he delivored the ball imu- ni
roperly. .'JThis smnode of delivery b
Sai ano underhand throw instead of
lhe long pitch which has heretofore on
een in vogue. Disoussion ensued K
nd Chad wick's book wvas referred to, al
which tules as follows :4
"T'he player who delivers theo ball y
to) the ban, must du so while wielaiu
she lines of the pitcher's position,
mnd he must remain within themn j
antil the' ball has left his hand ; and b
Lie shall tiut make any motion to a
d~eliver.tlhe ball to the bu~t while any ~
part of hisi person is outside the
linseb of ethe pitcher's position. The
batll stnust be delivered to the bat
nvith the armi gwinging nearly per.
pendiular at (le side of the bod y,
m.ithe hand swingiug for-ward wgst i
mot bec i'alsed higher than the hip.I thn
[T'heamen4e~ut t~p this rule -les
in tbe addition uf the words requir. tp
ings the IueAo holig. be ball ntot toa
tr~aised higher than te'i~ti~ 'of the j
mrm-iqtuado to delive'r the $all.he
1oot tot ouv rthe mhovemnt~ of am
snek pfk alitpies bfodydut only .
~'ueNew York (.lsilieN bfrdhich'j
pfliad wiekp.hb atit4gofity on bd~e ball, ""
adio 'f. thes base ~ball 'ol~mn,
sig states that an .underhand. throw
s'proyer provided the ball be not q
lolivered above the liip. A1 co'py .f fie
hbe paper containinog this deeision hi
was produced. After further 'dls- Is
aueo h tiias waivedt theA
point undeor pu'btest," and the 'ga me to
proceeded. '1. Cunningham atrmaok w
mnd made first 'base. K(enniedy h
truck a fif thas'~ was not caught. j
[email protected] wont ome ou a foul ball. W. D
Jobiisonl made a base htit. B~ioykin a
m~ide his'first base, bringing home on
Ounningldtn,%*ho 'Wored the first t
tally op the game. Nelson struck
a foul, munffed by cAtcher, then L~adetl
afirse basho bi6 I.ridging in Konnedy.
8..,Otuilogkai pas eaught -out on se
a f'oul. A pabA bair nbxt let in 1'
Joheidri sind Boko while Grubba ~
reached his baseo t (l breanght inl At
Neliron. . .t Jo'hnsoi .struck a ball w
whichwa sopped .by .Norhne anid si
put' to.2W 'ash fbe(e g out ~rub ba- ui
fThus ended the irwt inuning,tB o scoreo
standing0 to 5.
,.Io thae aeond inning, thne Daunt- a
toss: doored^ auiother goIDse egg. s
Bloylaton wont out on a foul, .Jrdair vi
made first basa but was rput out in . .
mdeavoping -to reaolk second, and
ehty Mai put out-on hg base. Tl
,erabaws scored three . more thi
Cing' W. Johnson's foul wag
ufl'ed by eatohor,'and he then made
gpleodid 2d base bit. T. Cunning
b was put' out on first base, b3
oll from pitober. Kennedy' wad<
l base on three strikes aud a bad
brow. R, Johnson rads ,his, base
helps retired on three strik,
w, ouccessive passed balla brought
Kennedy and It. Johnston. Boy,
in made a base bit. Nelson put
is aide oig by. a iul ball ad mirabli
kon in by H uoy. 'T'he s'sorb
to 8, and matters looked y4t I
r the Horo buye. A Waterlgt de.
at was predictad, tnl some oat.
ders venttured the opinion that 'i
puld be a 6"Chicago" game.
But the Dauntless came a third
no smiling to the bat. Ketohit
ade a Olean base hit. Elliott 'sent
crusher into the contre field,.taking
base, and biinging in Ketohin who
ade the first score on his side, amid
ud gaeering. Rabb wade a splendid
it. uej strrok a fly Wih.b wag
ently tB~en in by Grubbs. '6 Orag.
ird and 0amjpbell made bits." -tabb
fusing to runs, was forced out.
oylston sent a fly to .Phelps wh9
>ok it in dut of the cold, 'and the
de retired, Crawford and Campbell
sing loft op bases.
S. Cunningham made his base ba
ball to uffed by both pitcher. arid .at
asoman. Grubbs sent a fly too
,ar Kotohin for.his good, and was
tired. After es eral blrjevs 'IhL
ade buses, T. Cunningham sut a
y to Beaty who caught, it out.
Jhoson scored one, when Kennedy
it side out by foul fly oe.utht by
uey. Soore 2 to 9, a gain of 1.
F'ortlh inning-Jordan struck
rnt and made his base, but was
.it out on 2d bare. Beaty, Ketohin,
Iliott and tabb followed. Huey
suck a f.,ul, muffed by catcher,
en made first base. By a double
ay, Elliott and Rabb were put out
the liue. Side out. It. Johnson
me to the bat and retired on three
rikos. Phelps went out on 2d
ire. T. Cunningham put out, four
ores being added and W. Johnson
fe on base. Score 4 t6 13.
Fifth inning-By this time the
lys bd gotto over the "buck
;ue," 'Tud ere ready - for .goos
ay. Iuey made a base hit and
nehed 3d ou passed- ball. Craw.
rd was forced out on second. Jor.
n sent a dairy, cutter past thee
tagonists at 2d base. Some sharp
iMing ensued by Beaty, Ko~ehin
Ad Elliott, which was loudly
ered, and'oounted heavily-Boaty
is forced out on 2d. Orawford
ade first base on muffed - ball.
imapbell retired the side. Huey
ft on 8d base. Seven scores wee e
ade which helped the cause wun.
rfully. It. was the best inning of
e game for the Daultless.
Kennedy mrA hi'lbi-ase. R. John.
n out on fly by Crawford. ]'helps
t, Boykin -brought bome. Kennedy
s left on base by Nelson who
it the side out. Score 11 to 14,
d increarsing interest, both sided
eparing for hard work.
Sixth inning. After several scores
lintt went out on fly by pitcher
Rabb retired. Boylston out by
11 sent hot to 2 baso, caught on fly,
.mpjbell left on base. Six scores.
8. Cunningham went out on fly
tight by Campbell over ini left field,
ennedy went out on foul. Nelson
so out, score 6. Full score 1'7 to
deventhm inhing! Jordii wae fdte~d
at on 2nd base, RabbIs retirod,
awford Was put out, .4 geores.
8. C unninighaim sent a hot .ball to
rdan, short stop, who put it to I
seO in time, Grubbs went out on
r.oul. After scoring osne, aide wvas
t out. Score 21 to 21.
Cighrth Inaing-game so even anhis
'int that It was hard to foretell'the
no of t!'e contest. The Kerthaws
are still the favorites, althoum the
ontest. syn.psthy was %fr ltheir
tagenists. Ngithoryside 'tikrtiged
e other, each' sodng s.'ore,
ipteli went out, BUylstet wals
eyebd out ouj line by Grubb4 who
o.' 'Qot: ball td- 1a6 bake ' tired
nu*-whitew-msh. The Ke4 aws
ibo better, No&.si tally Wasn a red.
ii was the flast. bie a tph tile
eagaht themn.
A6-thL blh e of tbunptij In.
gthe interest was jntens. Both
>r)w din oqof at rb g hs
.roees psos 14 tje at, ete~ T
pod to niake af pasi ble Th'iA
Eyidg# vey ood at the ,jlose.
-ubbe struck a B6dE f^ tnto right
Id' whlh niestled. la' Ki~chen's
nds. TE (Iunninaghaoi sent assimi.
r hall to Campbell in the left field.
Campbell searcely over refuseso
oniva~ auchl favors he took this just
keop his hand in. After,3 round 4
ri scored Phelps ended. the play of
a bide, of the innsing arithe gamen,
a foul fly beautifulfy caught by
uey. This ended the game. Score,
.unthess 25, Kershtaws 24. r1ie
hour and 50 minutes. The result
used. great exoiterpent. It seemed
at all the hoys in town froma snowy
laitd to Booty were rienning nede
o green, andl a good many grown
ople too. After' the cotomary
izans and so torth, thme haind played
verail tunes and the party dis
ireed. Thlis was the most Interesting
ine over witnessed in Wlinnsburo,
be Kershaws are i splendid .c16,
rong, active and skillfgi,. TPhey
ure mu~tol,' embirrassed by" the new
yle of pitching. Both clubs were
ader good disciplineo. Thes crowd
ere -Very noisy anid anncod tIla
ayers. But the Daunatloe club ur'e
junior' club, and this sc reated
wpat${' for thems in, $iier fine~
otoIy. ' elow 'we gives trummary
'the game.
1ansu. , of. O. I.
Eiuy, o, 3 3
Crawford, 3 b, 3 2
Canpbell, i f, . 3 1
Boy lston, I b, 4 2
Jor'dan, t . s, 2.
Ileat , 2 b, 8 .3
Kotoin 1:. r f, 0
.}I111 ,; p, / 2 4 .
Babb,' o f, , 4 2
Totals. 27 25
( ales. Pos. 0. R.
,:'ainghdn, T. p, 4.- 2
I4 4unedy, 3 b, 2 4
janon, K. o f,, 8 3
P elk, t f, ' 1
0oy o, 1 3
Neltsn, f, 4. 2
Cunningham, 8. p, 3 3
Grubba, 2 b, 4 2
Jobnsto, W. I b, 0 . 4
Totah. 27 24
" 1 2 3. 4 5:6 7 81 9 foal.
DsaUl8,010,s2 2 7 6 4 0 4-25
Kersbaw 58Aj, A. .6 1 0 3-24
:f Iie, osgbb;"-Dauntlesa Ijunoy 2
feil fes)ioral a*ford It.. Ca,mpboll 2,
Bay1, Ktehin 2.-Total 8.f
++hawa4fdh.elps l,.3. :Cunning
h4j 1, Grubbs 2,-Total 4.
J' ~RElS lot jhst redteivbd. }
sept 7 Bit hTY, BitO. & 8ON.
"J , T IIN''own llobks 111 be open for the I
otlle tion of taks on aind after the b
16th day ofteptember inAt. Parties are -
rfrquested to comie.forward promply, and a
pay 4ip, as the town is in need of fun.ils.
JNO. A. I1'RA8Ett, r
sept 7-t Celk. of Council. n
Dr. Isaiah Simpson,
Dentist, Charlotte, N. C.,
RESPEC1 FULLY informs the f
citizens and public generally i
that he will, visit winnehoro,
professi..nally. the 9th day of $r. t.. nd
remain 10 days, Teeth extracted ITII.
OUT PAIN OR DANGElR by the use of o
Nitrous Oxid1 Oass. Call an'l be con
vinoed. 8atisfaction guarantecd.
sept 7-tw
$40,000,000. F
I AM the agent of eleven Fire Insurance "1
Companies whose cotubirne. assets
exceed 40 million dollars. short rate, I
annual and turm policies issued. (.ountry
dwellitag risks it specialty Oin nouse
rigkb.takoh at rensonable rates.
JAS. W. ,AW, agent.
CA V45 . XXn 0ur23.CO
SECU~I[TY Life Insurance and Anuity u
Company. Assets $3,4491,108 23.
Life. Non-Forfcituro (in ten pa mentetls.)
Etndowinent and 'nantity I o;ioies issued
on the most favorable torn,.
JAS, W. LAW, Agent.
Special Notices.
CAIIALru T.Astu, EssAYIa. denouno.
alt -piritnotut liquors as "We
D)atnnation." Poor follow lihe knew
whereof he spake, by sad experiencoe. andu F
If living, would apply the annie to AIlco
Sto Excitante, artvertised as tl'grealle. ~
lL t there i.* one Totnio and Alternative- in
existetnce-thae best. the world hns ever
known--which contaitns no aleoltol, It is
D~r. Walker's California ftinegar BIttera.
STnast Powan PININio.--Panmphlets of
all kin:la a re cheaply and expeditiously
prInted by Waiket , Evans & Cogawell,
Charleston, 8. C. 'J'heir presstes are in
full lset on thais class' of work, bt still
their faiolitiesi are so great, that thaere is
always room for mioro work Pir coedinga .
of MertIngs, (conventions, College ('om.
maencemente, Specties, llrijfs, &c., &c., m
are executed in the best at)yle and with
great, dispatch.
Norn!,o 1s stORE It>Y JiltS titan the
use or fitne note paper and a nest fashion.
able avelope - o thintk the fcorinnaie
receivera of uach bllet doux. The al
sweetntesd of a charmitig lentencee is
rendered miore delicIous, if conveyed on a,
delicate tinted eect of Pirne's Notea
Paper. It le bad taste in a gentleman y
writing to a lady on inferior stationery. a,
If you wish to be posted on the latest
novltieu, the fashion In these matters,
enclosh's amap to, Waiker; Evans &
Cogawell, for one of their little fa shilon
hooka "Carl Etiquette,'' or send an order
for a recherche lot, of paper an I envolopes
of the lat est style. 1)o not furget at the
sane tim to order a moniogram.
Dr. J. Walker's CalIfornla ifn.
~ar Iliters .are a putrely Vegotable
pp )Vtion, mnade obieil ftom the~ na
tito1 'bfoun enthe lowergrunges of
the iera Nvad inuntalic of Cal Ifor
niia, the mnedicinal proportles of which
are extraicted tbeoerom without the use
of Al''ohol. .. T~he 'estIon is alnost
dlaily asked, "What Ia the cause of the
tun aralloeod success of VINEGAR BIT.
rfgY Our allswer Is, that they remove
the canse of disease, andt the p)atienlt re
covets lisa health. Theoy are the groat
blood purifier and a lifo- gIvIng principle,
a pgfoct Renlovator and Invigorator
of the systemn. ,.,Nover before lb the -
history of the wrorld has a mnedicine been i
soitnpounded possessIng the romarkable
quttalfis of Ytu xoA tt Urrratts, j healing the
sick of erery disease miani Is heir to. They
*re a gentle Purgative as well as a Tonic,
t~lielt.ng gestion or Inflammation of \~
the Liver and Visceral Organs, in Dilious
*The propbrties of Da. WAiKnR's
Y'tmsoAa lirrress are A perient, D)iaplhoratio,
Carmuinarive, Nutritious, Laxative, )lurette,
Pealstive, Oountor.Jrrtant, Sudorine, Aitearn.
ae. and Ahnti-Dilious... .
Specild Notice,
IVasono, S,?Aung. 18th, 1875."
T3HJE secontd annutal ieeling of the County
BJoardl or I usalsatilon will meet at th.e
Atuitor's oiflie,. 8eptemb~er the 6th, at ]I
o'clock a. mn., to ertualise the value of
the property of this county, and red resa
all griewanoes, ~ .1~)
The Symptomns of I,iver complaint are aaoe
ho pain Is in the sioaulder, and is mistaker
d with the loss of appetite and sickness, t
orating with lax. The head is trotiblol wit
idlerahle loin of memory, aco'npauied with
romething wh.ch ought to have been done.
mnd low apirits. Sometimes tuany of the ab
rery few of t hem t but the liver is generally
Isa'warranted not to .contglg a single
artileo of Mercury, or any Injurious
{ineral sinbstauoc, but Is
onfaiing those Southern roots antl Herbs
rhich an allwise ;s ovidneo has placed
m countries where Liver Diseases most
revail. It will cure all diseaseSonnAed 1
y dorangnno..ts of the Liver and Boe I
immons Liver Regulater, or Medipo, i
9 eninently uifatnily mediheie, and"by I
oiog kept ready for immedinto resort. will I
ive many an hour ofsntfering and many C
dollar Inl tim oe and doctors'h ills. 1
\fter over Forty ernts trial it is still
ceiving the moat unqualified testi.
lonials toits virtues from perso as of th e
ghest, character mat respo sibility. ,
mnent physiinans commend it as the
Effeotual Specifle.
r 'mnsumpti ,n, Headache. Pain In the
toulders. I)zziness, t'our $totnnch, bad A
sto i-.a the mouth, billiousattacks, Pal.
tation of the Ilcart, Pain i the regions
the Kidneys, despondency, gloom and 1,
tehodin.s of evil, all of which are the
lspring ofa diseased Liver.
For Dyspesia or Inutgestion.
rmed wtith this antidote all alimates an-) g
.ahgos of water and food mtny he faced a
ithout fear. As a lRemedy ;n ?malarious t
evers, Bowel Complaints, restlessness.
undite, Niusea,
is the cheapest, pure-t and time best
Family hiedicino in the world I
uy n' powdersor Prepared Simmnons L.iver e
egulatir unless in our engraved wrap- P
r with Trade mark, stamp and signrtu.o c
nbroken. None other is gestuino. B
J. 11. ZE1LIN & CO.
Macon, Ga., and PhiladelphIa. I'
Simmons' Liver Regulator.
or all dliseases of the Liver, 8tonmnch and 1
S1lrcn. As a reinediy in
alariousi Fevers, lBowel t!omuplain ts,,
Dyspepsia, biental lhe'ression lest.
hesancss. Jaundice, Nmiiea, Sick
)/endchme, Colic, C'onslipa.
tion and Billciouness.
1837. WiI
hBeing now prep re.l fir the F2 ALIL TRADE~
ercha~t to my large andl varied stock of'
A great nart of it Ii~roIT'D Dill20T F
ways keep a large stock of
hiy thorough knowledlge of the business,
rars. enables me to bity at, the lowest. figureo
bioh the retailer cane realize a handsome pi
W M, La. X?
angis.mos128 R1eett n
owig to
July 1 stm
Vc have roceive'd, and are now openii
Shoes, anud
Orders prittptly fillled, and till ge
De F. Ftlvi
N~boles~ale Dlerks in nind NI
rin(. 'I'
No. 0, Mayneo Street, O
. fw good eigara just received and
rr sale, at tne Drug btore of
8i W. kV AI(F.
E OopTEi
siness ant pun ti the side, dometi
for rheumatism, The statamoh Is alfeo
towels in genera( oostive, eotmetinoes a
h pain, and dull, heavy sensations eco
painful sensation of having left undone
Often complaining of wealess, dehility
)vo attend the disease and at other tintoi
the organ most involved.
'II have never apes or tried ouch at
simple elioacious, satlfisetory and pleas.
Lot remedy in my liff.",-1i. Iraines,
Louts, Nob.
Hon. "Alpx, H. Stephens.
"I ooeaslonally use, wheh my conditio
'gqulroe It, Dr. Simmons' Liver Regula.
or with good, effot."---lion. Alex. I.
Go'ernor of Alabama'
"Your Regulator has been in use in y
danilf for some timo, and I am pursuaded
I is a valuable addition 'to the medical
cienc."-.Ov. 1. Oil 8 iorter, Ala.
"I have used the ltegulator in my funti
y for the past soventeen years. I carn
afely reeonimend it to the world as the.
most medicine: I-have ever used for 11:
tas of diseased it purports ; to cure
t. F. Thigpen.
President City Bank.
"Simmons' Liver Riegulator has proved
good and effliocious raedicino."-t. A.
"We have been acquainted with Dr
iumns' Liver Medio.ne for more than
wenty years. mnd know It to h the bot
.iver lt.gulator offered to the publie."...
1. 1t. Lyou and Ii. L. Lyon, Bellefontala.
"1 was cured by Simmons' Liver Regu.
itor, after having suffered several years
rIth Chills and Fvor-"R. F. Anderson.
- The elorgy.
"I Have ben a dyspetic for years ; be.
nn the Regulator two years ago ; it has
clod like a charm tn my case."-.-Re. J
Ladies Endorsement.
'"I have given your medicine a
torough trial, and in no case has it failed
> give sntisfaetion."--Ellen Meacham,
hattahoocee, Fla.
Sheriff Bibb County.
"T have ted your iegula or with sue
ossful efftol in lillions Colic and Dys
epsia. It is an excellent remedy and
ertainly a public blessing."-Q. Master.,
on, Bibb County Gia,
My Wife.
"My wife and self have used the Rogu..
tor for years, and testify to its great
irtuos."---Rev. 1. Felder, Perry Ga.
.1 think Simmons Liver Regulator one
f the best medicines ever snaae for the
,iver. My wife and many others, have
sed it. with wotdofut effect."--E. K.
parks, Albany, Ga.
M. D.
'.1 havo used the Roegatletcr in my faml.
y, also in my regular practice, and have
ijui.d it a most valuable nud satisfactory
ediclluo. and believe if it, was used by
o profession it would be ef serv lee in
many cases. I know very mutch of
mn n~ut parts, and certify its modii
u alitiles are perfeotly harmleus."-...
igga \t. 1) al w an, Ga.
11am Ia, Webb,
8 M T~f~N(G STREETi.
i'OR 1875, I wIsh to ecall the attentien of
Jsip:iuiaut! lWaro, &c.
V)M EUlL0P8. Besides staple goods, I
acquired biy an experience ot 'Fwe-st
a. and oenag.:mnlmy to sell at prjasi 0
'ollt .
g Street, CIIA RLESTO Ne 5.
FROM $1.00. to
l'o wnon the demand for s
Sfe' and Reliablo
A'r A -PRnte within the roach of all
P1 H YSiCIAN$ PSPiC1iluii1E5l.
ver was Medioine so Duservedly opular
IbSON, , EJAlig glUIaLIN
T :1E7..
cir, a latrge and nlOW ateek or Boots,
t-l5 with our brnd warranted,
K1NG & 0
Rtlllhfactl'el's of' Oott, Sh005

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