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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, September 08, 1875, Image 4

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, ' t' llhed EV.,ry VeIOstdla at
W T NNSBO O1, . (.,
One Copy 6fe-year, ' . 'S 8gO0
Five "2 ' " - -. 200
Ton .. . 2550
Silver Thread A mong the Gold
A soNo.
D-irling. I am growing otl,
- $ilvor tiroads nnong the gold,
Phino up i my brow to ihiy,
Life is fading fast away ;
]lut my dnrling you w ill bo
Al,w-iys-yo~tng and fair to nt o.
Whn your snir, is silver whilo,
And yonr chocks no longer bright,
Wit h the roses-of the May ;
I will kiss your lips id say
04l 1 my. darling, mino alone,
YOU have novor older grown.
Love can never more grow old,
Looki may:lose their brown and gold,
('heaks may fado and holl6w grow,
lust the hearts that love will kttow,
Nevoer, nevde wintor's frost andl chill,
nimm: r's warmth is in thm still.
Love is always young and fair,
-What t.o.us is sliver hair,
Faded-ohook s, or steps grown slow,
"1o the heart that beats below 1
tinco 1 kissed you mino alone,
*T..u haveoover older grown.
E. 9. KRaxrono.
RuIles for 1lising Poultry,
I. Never set a hon in a closo box;
give her leI.n:ty of room to move
about , she will not do well if cramp
ed or crowded.
2. Always riot her on the ground,
if possiblo. 'Th0 eggs will hatch
best wit.h the nest directly on the
3. Don't givq a hon more than
thirteen eggs for a setting. 1 know
fifteen i: tho rule, but experionce has
tatllit'tho to .consider fifteen just too
'1. 3.t careful to mark the eggs,
for ot he, hcns are apt to laly in the
nest with ytiur setter, and unless the
eggs tre properly marked you may
nit be ahlo to identify the new eggs.
1 o unlerstaid that the eggs l.tid to
it setting hell must be properly r..
5. Make a record of the ime
when you set your hen, in order that
you n:ay be looking out for the hatch.
6. Some eggs will invariably
niat.oh ston' than dthers.. Remove
the young chicks at once, and keep
them flom the hen until all are
hatched. If you do not, the hen will
be likely to quit the nos' with the
first corners, leaving the unh tched
chicks to chill and die,
7. )on't pick at the bills of the
little chicks in an effort to remove
wh'Iat soile people call the "pip." It
ii all right, and will disappear as
noon as nature requires.
8. Never undert.aka to feed your
setting lhens--it is a poor way. Let
them come off for their food. Nature
knows what she in about. I am not
sure but the eggs require the ameount
of airing while the lion is off for food,
9. See that the liens do niot run
about too mnuch while the chickens
era youngt-it will cause thtem to
droop, and wvill somietimecs give thmi
a dii~s aseolled the "ag ad I1C."
10. Iced your obilekents on con
meal- mixed with pure water, and
don't, mix too wet, You wet it s0 it
wtill crumble.
A i1rhie Chtild-lu lrder in Ohio.
(Justave H~umnber, or Jamestown,
Greene county, Ohio, whilo intoxi
cated made anm attempt to kill his
wife. Hho fled noross the street to
the houso5 of a' neighibor. If umber
followed and made an unsucossful
effort to get ill the house by broak
ing the window. IHe then threaten.
edl to return to hlis liouse antd kill
t~le child, which was about eighteen
mionthls old, thinking the threat
woumld induce his wife to oo, but
lailingte .hve the desired offect ho
went to hiu hottse, proont-ed a' table.
knoife, alia'rponed it' en theo stove,
topk -the i'nfanA faom the arrles of h is
listile g#rl, twelvelyears old, laid it
'npon the floor and~ deliberately' out,
'its thotat from eay to ear. lie tjmeu
throw 'the child andI kaife on the bod
Mid Went back and told his wife
what fi had done. Hie was ,aftorN
wards arrested. Hie still regrets hi.
did not kill his wifo. -
A traveler on horseback, was ones
jogging along a -road in a
'e~v-grass region of'-Deorgia, when
lis attention was attraoted by a small
tallow.faced urchin who wAs plowing
ii 'patch' of corn near tihe roadaido,
the patch, being in every respet, in
fuill keeping with general surround.
in gs. The travtoler seeested the boy,
whien the following convoeation en..
'Hlollo, my son, your corn seems to
be small 1"
'Yes air, we, plantof sm all oorn.'
'Ah,; but what ialkes it look so yel.
low V
'WVe planted yellow corn, sir.'
'WVolh,' said thle trhvolor, as lhe
moved off, 'l don't thiunk you'll make
4eore than half a croL'W
'No I' sayn the tow' hleaded young,.
ater, raising his voice, 'We don't ox.
poet to make but half a crop ; wo
only planted on shares any way 1'
The traveler trotted away, per.
footly satisfied that it won't do to
judge by appearances at all timos.
-Prosident Grant and party, on
board the revenue cutter, Grant,
conveyed Mir. and iMrs. Siatoria down
the0 bay this afternoon, thbo latter
sailing for Englad on the n~aui.
Tlle Poor Boy.
Don't be ashamed, wy lad, i.you
haye,ou your elhow. It is no mark
of disgrace. IL speake well for your
indatrious mother. For our part,
we would rattier see a d.ozeu patches
on your Jacket than bear one pro.
fane or vulgar word escape from your
lips:, No gocd boy . will shun you
because you cannot dress as well as
our dompanions, and if a bad bo4
sometimes laughs at your appearance
say nothing, my lad, but. walk on.
We know many a rioh and gdo'd
man who was once as you. Indeed,
most of those who 9re ranked as
benefactors of their race were born
among the poor, and many of thom
have been compelled to struggle
with poverty all their life. Do not
blush for your poverty, ..but rather
for. the false pride which tempts you
to te ashamed of it
The Scientific A morios n describes
a method of putting any rooster into
a , tate of catalepsy. Select a dark
colored table with a smooth top
place it so that a narrow etreak. of
sunlight will fall across the srufuoo.
Then set the rooster on the table,
and hold his bead dowr, so that his
beak comes in contact with the
wood. Now, with a piece of ohalk
and in the sunlight, draw a line
itraight from the bird's beak. i'love
the chalk very slowly, and by the
time the line is a couple of feet in
length the rooster will fall Into a
cataloptic or trance-likebcondition -
and although the hands are removed
from his body, he will remain pe
f'eotly rigid for a minute or two
It is said that a black line on - a
white surlbco will produce the same
effect. Hiens may be similarly
treated, but it takes wtuch longer
to got them into the trance state,
It Bling necessary to hold the head
down several minutes before they
come under the influence.
Judge I Herschel' V .rohnson, of
Georgia, in charging the G rand .1 mn.
which is to inquire into tlho alleged
insurrectionary plot in that State,
commands a wisdom and moderation
which are highly complilmentary to
his judicial foresight and fai. ness.
The poor deluded neuroes, if they
have been entrapped into a plot
against the whites, mus! be severely
punished ; but it is highly important
that neither prejudice nor passion
should enter into the deliberations of
the Grand Jury. If there was no
plot there must be no indictments,
and this point Judge Johnson took
care to impress upon the jury.--.V.
Y. Hbrald.
The in ernaso of deposits in savings
Isdak, woul. imdiento that 'he indus
tries ire still accumulating, not with.
standing the outery of dull timels.
The statement of tme New York sav
ings banks for the six months to July
1, represents the total of deposits,
exclusive of surplus, at $316,335,
617 ; aggregate assets, $336,308,236
The gain in deposits since January 1
is over $12,000,000. The: e is also a
gain of over 36,000 in the number of
dcpos:tors. The increase in deposits
is the largest since 1872.
t'aptain Eads is in New York,
where he will, in a few day3s, hold II
consultationl with Government and1
other enigiers relative to the work
onL the jetty impjrovemnent at theO
miouth of thle Missibsippli river. The
conltractors are no0w engaged placing
the wvillow fascines in position, and
late mecasurements shIow an increase
in tihe depthl of the water.
A Louisville clrgynman recom.
mends(J thiat slates bto hlung ill thle
church vestibules, to enable the girls
to register their namnes onu entering
for morning services. T'his will
obviate thle disturb~anco created by
the young men who come in to see
whlethler thleir chlarmlers are piresent.
D~on'teneer at the had writing
in newspapers. It is often dole iln a
room whlere four or lave 1mon1 are
disputing about the last great game
of base bel1-''tate~of aflai-ra vastly
worse AtMn teiotha e..
4 young lady, drissed iIm tihe most
fashioenable style, was haird, singing
th9 otifer. o vening :"Backward,
pin backward, oh, sk rta in vour
flight;.make mue look smnll again
just for to- night I"
A cbunk af.' plaster ec down
duirin~g services in t church W yest..
fild, New York, recently. ' he OC
currene was a iutdeet of' ienerai
miortair Oott.alon~among thle wvor-1hip
Johnson, the English ehn mpion, and
And rew Tlrautz haveoslimned 'in agrees
meont to swim a mlatchl of five mliles
in the ocean within tell (lays for
$2,000 and the chamipionshlip.
The Springfield Republican hlas a
female comlpositor thlat weighls 1(60
poundsq, and yet tho, b)others the
foreman for "fit" every day.
*Thero will be a great gathaering*ol
gra~fgrs at L'ouisvillo, Ky., Ootober
. .1.h In 4atiomal nnd1( state exebutive
committee and all the purchlaaing
agents will be presenlt.
- .~'.
.W)hy is a d1runkard like a bad polli
tiihan ? Because he is always poking~
his nose into mecasuros thlat spoil the
The bronze statue of Lafayette,
voted as a present to thle city of N ets
York by thae Franch assembly of
18'71, has1 arrived.
Tile democratIc procession at Rlay
nln(, lis., a few (lays ago. was
j1llned by S00 coloaed ciis.
Lulu ADistanced.
Goldsmith kdid is still Queen Qf
the l'urf. At Utica, the -other dy, 4
she not only faoovored .hor hu t ,
but distanced L, lu. And; now, the
old mtare should be retired and
allowed to ramble at will over the A
greenest pastUros.
At length the udulteratlod of soap A
it reducod to a' soience. The firi s
step in the prooesr is to melt' and ,
with soap all the rnl soda, which eoetu
fromu one and a half to, two cen pts .
pound, that it will bear, thus givin
a streng th destructive .to cuticle uipd
cloth alike. The nextstop is to ads
finely-powdered silex--hite d.,
fine as flour, which adds to the bul. ;
solidity, and weight-, and thud pp. 1i
ables the maker to produce a hoop $
article. Soietines title (snap stgogj, j)
is uso. for the Manta purpose in fluer a
soaps. Tue silex costs from (e. to
one Dent per poun'd ; tho. fle osts
from two to three cent4 -lu this a
cheap sOals are all bdu!torated. Ibtas -
plain todee that at usceDe.epute pe,
pound fat"sorps adulteratud 'ta--tnija.
way, there is indre thn.ode hutit~r~4, .p
and twenty-live .pot ogatotIt..on.t4i
added articled. ..i t
4 lately-app elootppal:Magtr of a
western 1Iassachusetts town cane
down to llstin. the .othqr I4ay,, to
"qualify" and hiavo his bond ur
$600 approved. 'Thp bond- -was- all.
right and t e reigila. qu4'ioa wits
put to the . M.: "How wuol ire
you worth,- iir ?" 'sWal," I q re.
plied, "I don't, tell how- inuob I'a t'
worth. Biradetreet sets , .m at il
$10,000. Iguese you'd better put
it down at that figger." 1"llpw
much do the assiesors set you at?- n
"W al, t.he ar~rors don't; sot m- at
quite so hi h a figger; 'bui (in a 0
~ntidenltiah whip twr) 'tween ybu 'n',*
iinE e I'm one uf the rassessor--Ilagh ,
Why is a soli- eollpso like' a wo.
man whipping ber boy ? llecouse
it's a hiding oi the sun..
'Mother in-law' is the name of a
new m ixture of t le. It i-u old and
hitter, atd coiparatively few, can
swallow it. -
A Mind mendieait In Ihoston
wears this insoription around.- ist J
neck : '"i)un't, be ashamed to give:
only a half penny, I can't see." 1
We are told nothing was tnydo in
vain ; but how about a fashionable a
girl ? "-- she not maiden vaie 1
''here is every promise of a very ,i1
Iine vinatigo it the 'valleyscbdf :the ik
Rhine and Mloscale this year.'
"Iloat generaes u'otirn."' Illus- t:
tr ation : A small boy sitting down I
on 11 hot coal.
A Wiscons, firmer calla his
mules Facts, ti y are such stubborn i
1 CarJLod Flour'...-al grades ,
I Car Load1 Bohed~ Mol
Wblijte anid Smioke~d Bacon and
Rio anid ~Java Coff'ee-"rn
andl~ roasted."
New Orle~an andUt Comtunon
All grades of SUG~AR.
Lard in bh1)s., hal.-jbl.' Kegs
Genu ~inD uram Smoking Te
april10 .
k'4 IG O
k Plopular brands, l -
'llradley's Seui Vowl Guanb.
o: C. -Coe's Super'pheayhI te
Brad ley' Amm 1J~a4tdBls6
"Iloyail Ommno Cupound.
.lraduley's A ci d Ph ospita te.
Parties wishing Ouanos by lthecar-load
can hayi theoni iered o Dok-o, Ridgeway,
Lyles' lVord and'strdt lior's slta-ions, as I
amn agent far the ent irn County of Fair-.
fleid. 'timo siales dhue November 1,5t.
1Por arlingemets on time and price ghi
ootton option al~p yi to IACT
50 vialai " Morpinao
10 lbs. Otim Opium.
'' " " Camuphor.
Por saln at theDr. n., e.. of
.: - it? t- Ald by dgeos. NdJcres G. a.
leorrSsrio,. I6"
' 'O AG EfN'$' *ganted to. sell
*'Th e'ople Conmmon.8eoaso.0(edien
dlvise-," by ,R. V Pieore, Nl.. D. The
ost rea ly selling book out. Iuolusive
rritory andilboral terms Addrsl the
uthor at IluiTIalo, N, Y.
h93fUnspeeV44tandh nor
/ * Viu z~e W( an i*j! Do not
EED',6-raeri atw totur.
,- l t bolw1flt1 taon LOW).l
IGE. 'TSW se The _eln
ifal-Gazetter o fhe United tt.tes-'
hows tho grand result, of 100 years of
rieloin & Ptogreas's Nw fiNnd oo splete.
For" 1000 paito!A. illustrated. everybody
n.y ltan i agents .inake irom $100 to
200 adeOnt), ,A tIress.1, G, MutcUIDY
CO., I'uba. j' iilndelphina''fM.
A TIGN aI;- tioe,-The [email protected] on
'III AND LAfl R S... F
In luding theef'pst l,i }i;' 11
ii tls 0 y.( ys trange ai ven'ati,
ino fli os 9, Wfddalidt 'reelth
i i n~ritv' di s onht ry,' sn~t ri sabso.,
tteiet e ndefy, !new. cdatplete;. work...
A iti ells'; Jtitt inl2.00b6nt,?
ecks. Agents' succesa Wonlil 'asgii asi
9 tsore, t ,end fot 'Jl'mS ho'd
n p roofof enai I 1i1We se.:'
U B ISYid3t ., Pub t., 7:0 p- meote;
Phl ' i H1TV20 LLEGE, N,"C
aba16% C IMtNc .N '2 1875.
1 7 tt,~olilty :' lbgant 'buildings i
LtiUtint board -nual accommodation -
,satibn arelurs.High Points on. the N. C.
ailroad, very bealthy. A recoipt. in fil
>r qilppenson, oept books'uind cloth.
tg for fiv'e gtdhths. Witl be #iten fot'$0,
td' i t', young men o linisted -*nans,
' t Olied 'Trinity College, N. C."
ng ! I. GRAVEN, Prom.
clI invested In Wall S.,
rten laIs tdf-rnne. A' 72'ptgo book
plMining every thing. and copy of the
fall atreet I driew. Sent free. JOIN
I(lKicNG & CO., Bankers and Brokers
. Broadwitay New )ork.
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
tr uP ONl.v IX nit's D 'xr's.
Sol by .Druggists generally, and
Ohnston' ilqlloway & Co., Philadelphia
Vlercvcr It H: licen Tried
S R1 U B E B A,
as establishmed itself as a perfect. regulan
nd sure retie ly for disorders of the
'stdin at-sling from improper action of
es Liver and Bowels.
It is not a Physic. but. by stimulating
to secretive organs, gently and gradual.
remoes nil :us purities, and regulates)
te entire system.
It. is 'ot a Doctored litters, but is a
hich assists digestion, And thus stimu
uat:s the appetite for food necessary to in
gorato the weakono.I or Inactive organs,
id gives atrength to all the vital forces.
It carries its ow i recomnondation, as
eo large nnd rapidly increasing sales
stily. Price one dollar a bottle. Ark
>ur druggist for it. Johnston Holloway
0o. Philadelphia Pa.
. AllWorAVaWmated.
V IN N S B O R 0, S. 0.
og 3 -3ma
- F)1FER~ TO-DAY $
alvers, Pitchers and Water
--A L, 8 0
july 8
- - -
litenf11 Thibtisands proclaim V tN+"
VWan BIrraeth'e.most? wondor~ftl In.
"vigorant that ever "tratained the sinking,
No Personwean take these Bitters
.1 cording- to directionsa .gid remnain long
tu well prpyi od thleir Nones ai-e not de..
SftroyoJ by. intihd 'pbholt or other
'mesty;,find vitalf organs wasted, beyond
-piI'I' aw' In'
mtni hvbih'hie ?so Stota
Idiit' in th ' dalloy of, our, grelt ri: e,
throughoutithe' n Stap$re i
the of ol ssis ibiftsoit
Jhin , ' o, 'tlbllan tihan?
sae, I dI V7lrado,dBr'akosg io trapdqe
Pearl, Alalleg ,;419 Soi~avannah,.Rto
aok% James, qnd iuqtny' othei'rsith'
their vast tribitaidei throughout :ot
entire country during. kp;Sangg.,il d
Autumn, andi remarkably so during soa.
sOlis of unu~sual limit slid' dryness, are
inverlaibly abdompanied by extensive (1o{
rangomnents of the stomach and liver
and other abdominal viscora.th Inail,
treatnmnt, a pur'gative, ofonting a pow,
erl -influeonco'tupon..thteso y'arios a r- W
a s , essoptiirly 'nepgspry. Tliard
Is no cathartic for the purpb o 4to
DR. J. WAL'Kih VINE0 1ar.At -ITlr.KS
as thoy will sp~eedily remove .the dark
colored- viscidmattdr vith limch th6
bowels ar' loaded,; at tlib' sme' tims
Sti'niatin'gthe secretions of the liver
and generall restoring the healthy
functions of lo digstiv organs.
Fotlir fy ie body ans t disease
by pi'ifyind all Its fii witly y'jusgoy
BirERs. No epidomie can t(S hohlo
of a systeam this fore-aty ph. "'
Dyspiepsia 01r Indig estion ; mod
ache, Pain in tho Shouldersg oughs,
Tightness of the Chest,.Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in the Miouth, Billons Atthoks. Palpita.
ttooftoHat nimrtiuotleLungs, Pain in the region of the Id '
noys, and a huanre other painful syth'
tomns are theoh olarings of 'DfVspepsIat.
Onetottle will prove a be, orguarante
of its nrits. thaln a longthy aVrwtsor
Scrofiula, or King's"Fvil, Whii o
Swellings, Ulcers Eysipelas, Swelled Dock,
Gptro, Scrofulous inflanmationA Irdolont
Inflammations,"hintrenrial Affections, erd
Soros, Erruptions of thotSkin, Sop~ Eyes, etc.
In those, as in all other constitional liis
cases, WALTAdtu's' VIU1OAR B'rrRJ have
shown their grat curativ power in the
most obstinato and intractable easdd:
For Inflainatory and Chroni
Rheumatism, aout, Bilions, Remit.
tont and Intermittent Fovo's, Daisonsesof
the Blood, Livor, Jidnic anl t kedder,
thos Bitters have no equal.- Such Diseases
aro caused y Vitiated Blood.
.Mechpalucal Diseases.-Persons'b
gaged In Paints and Minernis such at
'lumbers, Typ-settersh old-heaters, and
Mimers. as they advance in life, aro subject
to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
against this take a osn of WALtKe's IN
WA vrhsocsoal.For Skitn Disearses, Eruptions,.Tet.
Pusuys, doils Cabnc4ter, paing-wls~
Seufs, Dilrethongs of D Skiepms
ornae, arte itlly gp a carraied
uof thers syt in a lengtthby thertlse
'of laittrs. Ig8Evl l~
Pwling, Tapes ~pls,an ot led WNrm,
Oourh crfug u In th1stmfo mainy, thoans
amnmofrenallyidestrdand rfeinsdd O
Syotem lro s edicino, n eri ge, etc.
Ithesehais ill othor yem from tur~a
shiwe their B etto aio oer n;h
mor Flsieae nCtpleintnyug
or larriedo ingo, ahedaw honwc
manhood,,r the t ofliouths Tenit.
tter adislaye ion eier, ninflues oha
timproeen Ii oo er, ptibsnil)le.4da
Cease th Vitiated B loodhe
gever yoin Pd ts anduriies 'stigtfuh
t hues inFiiplets, Erptonb~s, andr
clienso itwhenyouvac inu I'bastr ct
toluggyis in the oe leas. to guaen
fgoinst ytrheings l tak o o when,~ .
llA follow, ccsinaly
1Drugstls, naBon is, CancFrneso, Clif g-orme,
and De as or the dki rwiaern
os.troar ldal 0nEdup an arr e
of theetittTs
Piri aper and oen Vopi~
~iedltaig cty and r nyggy. ~c
oynteam es flediix AnD vrmufgsD In iar
iik68'hs itite tl'h tndo
oreold and okine, ae w int e
sanhood for the tr. of large othroed
andttr dispydecid d few days, itc~
thep aki AnP leMST. Eu ttn or l oriE.
12 1-2 ts. 12 12-ets
pa t t I,
1 ' r, Width.
Don't Fail To Go To
aug 12
ONSTSTING of Deviled 11am, Turkey
and Tongs, orde n's Roast Beef
in 1 lb cans. Freih Sat lmoal iA.I Lobsters,
Mixed, l'icleas nud French lu. niard. A
large lot or French Blacking of the linost
junlity, Fresh nndy and! Crackors of all
sorts. Fresh A ngnsa a Meal apnd Flour
'lways on hand. Also a large supply of
MpEwans Ale,
Beolfast Gioger Ale. :and London Porter,
Kept Constantly on Ice,
For snie by
june 24.
. . DESNTT~S t. C., 1a e by
aanu al onsent,' tnd Iy 'exp tion of
'o dale f'rom July irst inst4.
Per ons indebiled wsill eto)se op -iheir ai'
omniaydaeln oc nDote ,by,,tlte fire( 4ry of,
* '11. 0.ESPOSTlis,
ft 1, ~- DEsPoltTi.i.
Wh npf~l1e cntital, il oniunie -
ebuu ess M4Ie same st~ ad
I'i i t' C IA NX)SS.
3j OLD and Pilver Warohe,(holr
-~X best ihn k eepera) .Solide~ -odC~as
oIl Plaled (Chains, flings anad Slver flub
~nins which I anlarantee. Also, Breas
ris ~ollar and Shirt Du'ttona of all do:
'Iptions. A set of beautiftilOok* th
n beat them ? Re psirin ooi
~rkmna-likce manner. Sals 0 oto guar n
T: u
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