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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, September 15, 1875, Image 2

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4{' 4l y 8tn ig. September 15, 187
s )'iilng, dri~rx
segrgerzg . f Mrta! h ,tl M ipIin 4 f
cotton is going on in India. Ti.
illh' it'atee s h6' d diffdroh I '' bot -eer
life, id 'otiit at 'n t " rii rt d~
I ,?f.truF nisphere.,c tuaroen.
lar <onteipgeu og efloogbto b..gathetrl.
i{th tdt letopahlo''org 41e easteigj
'Amdettngof :oolor'd aea wore)ai44.
in Colui'di t ,a1, avitr4 la
rofplo 1 g nid Ql '.
"oi ounbi, tr, Qorgji, to ia iligrato to'
South Cat olina. As thesd un:4i"
?rants wi 11,ll'l -W (labortrdy j, th~y
come, to ths St1ite albo will be iporo
; lenti u , at d gos yvi b, oo. cd.
Stdiq coAQeod people' have alrjady
1, alroyorwhehbing majority;' in- Soutb
$Carolina, we 09 not seo th logio :df
thisinyfttiitiuodu" thif' piirt. '
The ' Iennsylva.ia ' o)mooratiu
Convention iut last toek at Lrio
to." nominate a state tioket. Tihe
committee on the platform hold a
stormy session before a.filiancial plank
could bo, .adopted. }A. oowpropiibe
was agrees upon declaring tiat the
coutraction of thof money ourreticy
and , the,' forther oontracitioa pro
potod witl a dibwv t) forced retmp.
Lion of specie paymint .h'is 'already
resulted in disastor, .and denm.nding
t iat.the volume -of :.money bornaado
and kept equal to tipo wants of trade,
leaving pocit resumption to be.
brought abqut by pro4poting indus
tries ant not 'by destroying-them.
Another plank ealls for the abolition
of national baika, andethe IiatIgurAN
tiin of freo baukhs .' The 'Conven
tioator meany ballots ntiibated'
Jaulge Cyrus L. N ordhin for Govor
fnr. The oeletion takes plane on tjio
2al Novomber. In Peonsylvanuia as.
ii other statos the - oloetion will
probably' binge upoq . the finanoiil
issuo, and party iues will be weqb
o 1. It is impossijblo to predict the
result. In the strong. republican
uining" counties, . however,, the
genotal prostration of business,-deter.
mined ;.otiges.. and consequent.
lawlessness, have caused gieat
' diisatiefaeoin, and the democrats
have strong Hopo of retaining the
as5~oondey they" gained last year.
TIho electioni in Ohio, occurring on the
12th October, will have its influence
in Penusylvania
The eltionin Mlaine took place
Monday. The result .is not yet
'0ov. Ames is in' the predicament of
the grecenhorn in .the circus who
laughs wvhen nobody oleo laughs, and,
seeing all eyes fixed upon him, feels
that lie lha made a fool of himself.
A local disturbancoe oeourred near
V ioksburg, in which several whites
anti about forty blaoks wore killed,
and Amos telegraphed to W'ashing..
ton-that lawlesuness reigned in Mais
*sissippi and troops were nlecessary to
restore order. He expeetedi the whole
raidical party' to raiso a siinultaneous
howl add' the 'Vliolo army to be pour
ed iejo the #tato to enablo him to
oari'y the eloction. Iunt radical hanids
have boon so badly burned,, that his
repuest whs not beaded, and lie wa
ord ied to'eall a0ponu thiogoodh people of
' )otatet to assist him in restoring or.
* der without the aid o( bayon~ets. len'
G (eorgt, thoChairm~an of the Stato (Jon
sorvatIvfe 400minittee, telegraphed to
WVasliington that no insurrection ex
ists; anid a hundred citizens of Ilinds
County (the one reported to be in
insurrection) volunteered to aid in
eruahinig out lawlessness provided the
Governor will .show where it exists.
Then GJovernor Ames was request
od by the Attorney General to ox.
'plain the eaose of his appeal. But
Q.,Amnes sayW ,4hing. All lhe
wants is get of sight. But every one
in the United 4Jtates is looking at him
and laughin~ at'hiis rdiculouas plight ;
ando l~ ongcrho is ,sildnt the worse
* 'twill ho for himh..llis reticenoe is al
ready. pronounced an insult to the
Nat hunal aid ulnistration. Ahi, A del.
trt, what ageosoi you have made of
'yourself I.
* The JLaurensville lierald states that
theshfooting of Toe Orows meets with
general condemunat ion, and that efforts
he made to b~ring the miasoants to
justice. Assassination is a cowardly
moedo, of roevengc; and although Croys
hsmade himself oiou.., bot pomt
,at md in in avidual ph ra ter,
itr o o uch sness was
0 i di hoa m to der
rL do 'the
nction of Governor C amnbarlain in
dlriring (subjoiut to the approval of
bhD eestatAmtey evewarda of
( san A tho murderer.
e hol h~ttwhy his-ox.
sellenoy stould assert in his proola
nation that "suoh.an apt tenja , Pa
special manner to ! t b ttepode of
practices w'itch lave already brought
iic'tltintil' e ~l'bin the p'o lelof
a ,4kah*. aE*wnda:: hj t akerly,
because of his political riiit ti<les,?1
s1a."In ' f hor badil''42V ej3!! Has
'd6 i4 i[ bidpa to o ayi
ty to r cho o ark, joe I
A {d .au.til this ,poip.gatied it is,
vi ktatuitode asswinption tvumauinain
tlaat 'hI has' idffered' for' bo ot'o oe
moo ;of bQ1I6 ,~ it opuolioapi S k
wibe renchabordJ, boo ihat susp
.ion coGnet Qroaws himself wi;h: the.
assalsination ,of worthy- oitizen. A d
it is written', they'thibt fk'e"tle sword
shall perish by th6 sword. Govern oi
Ohatb rlain no4lr;v6 i fo0r oIa
red~iy o14, praot1ins,, .ath m
give usa good govorIgjont, au t$n
even-if an',assasin lhdots snob OiWnn
as Joo Crews In tha bank, 'thiAtwlW
not exorcise tho dread Ku Klux ftrm
their graves.
The fShootin'' of Joe' 0rews.
Jod Crows acid Charbs J>1l1i1 were
shot Wednesda.y morniig;, while
driving f'romi .Laurcus C. AXt, to he
railtoad terminus. The. part.ies. th
committeod the deed, are unknown
Crews was seridu8ly' co'dnde'd,- ullin
Slightly. C4ew lea& been tIge cauto
of much trouble .in Laurons-baua
made the entire County feel lion
str'ng and bad a Representativo ball
b Yet w'egret to 'hen-' of thI.
nodo of making and executing the
law. The Courts are -made for the
rc,elroas of g:iov anus, and it i. better
co apply to,them for protection eves
'thugh they may not always give full
justle, thane for every man to t &lie
tho law in his own bands. Any law
is bttert than no law at all. Ve
.ootico that United States Cuaniis
sioner Wilkos and United State,
Deputy Marshal Canton left Colun.
bia for Laurens Wednesday night.
What for ? To telegraph to Wash..
ington that a republican has beet
murdered on n:count of his political
principla I T1 O State authoritics
can ccrtaigly attend to the investiga
tion of the matter without their as
sistance. It is a County and 8tate
affair. Why do [nited States
ofilojals hasten to the scene. We
are heartily tired of seeing federal
ollocinla oonstantly on the watuh for
an opportunity of remind-'ing th'
Stato authorities that the lat ter Oatn
apt iattend to their business witbout
the former's assistance and asupervis
ion. They should have renmainod in
Columbia and waited for some reporat
of an illioit distillinag.
'rho North Carolina Convention
met on Monday, 119 delegates baing
present. The remaining reat is va
capt on account of the death of Gov.
Glrahama. No organization was efiect.
ed on the first day. The demoorats
were compelled to lay aside
theirown candidate and vote for Dr.
Ransom, who was elected as an inde
pendont, and of whom the .N. 1'.
Herald thus speaks:
"Edward Itamnson, of Tyrroll,
was an' original whi g. Tlyrrell was
democratIo, when, in 1860, ho oarried
it for ' 111..i N. II. Smithi, 'whig
Congressional nominee, by hiipaejority
so large that ho receivedabne
p~resented by tlb whig ladids of the
F'irst'Congrenstonial distriot of N'orth
Oayolina, l0e meade the gieategt g 'p~
In 16'72 at Grant's eloetioni. fle
carried the First distriot by 6,190
majority, being a gain of 4,000 upon
the republican Congr essional vote.
lan 1873 ho was elected 8tate Senator
by 1,400 majority, manking again in
the Second Senatorial district of
upward of '1,000. Last year Rtansom
ran as an Independent candidate for
Congress, changing 8.000 votes and
subatituting Y oats (democrat) for
Cobb (republican), le declared
himself last July an independent oan.
didaite for the Convention, ane. re
ceived the entire repubican support
besides many cnservativo votes, and
was 'elected by 200 amajoit3. Ho
has never boon a deoaorat. lie is a
wonderfully efictive stump speaker,
and:hbw power as such is immneso.''
A curious fact appears in connec..
tion with the election. Sixty votes nor
necessary for a choice, and to scure
these the nlomnaee must vote for himr
self. Dlr. Ramsoma voted for Govt
Reid, and Dookery,'the radieal can.
didaite, for Dr. WVheeler, and there
wvas no choice. )loth parties onucused
Monday night. Things are awfuilly
mixed, andl the democrats are paying
for thoit''ant of wisdom in onliinag a
Siuo i above we lours
8 o fourt?d* al
it the eareeet
ve votod for hi
w e his gives a
A Coave t nw Yo It
RopublieatS d a &rY
last W cdneadey _ I6 wes:,'oalled to
r'kf orga Zt -
cIdUr e lc ttt, ' "1rtdutjll
d6i 111 ri,, saw should eat, d th "rig6 and u TO
Iowship'tbttse''lu itttrymo
.10bQ' v arpf utt/vQNm;fl1,A 4 ?,,tak
rw ,agt r<u9t tt F..qa 1b tons
AV. ot 49Pm 1}, tod ,Ilia
the first mttuly oa rj u e .>o ur 1,J i do
by Aqg o L it l!t? !4, 4rtf 'to t
$otitho,- :. s,*4 ., ato. " sN lj j1bc
A ldd'''rebe'Is.," til'haaoyioc.i4.,da o+
fufli{b l3 dtfiEttlo tla'%ll 4 thbies4awtte
1'o and''1biea'd t ' 'h ttrti f
the i 4F .f }4, ' fo 4 cC3 ; ' ' r
utpcu np otbdr tetpts ppplt R.?: o, r; v 11e
we'be reoorrcil d.s a' Wloi, _ha ve io tie
no dl obf$ll'o fit . h4,V o &IN! ta, t
Ill yfll.l n I }
yo . , 53Il", Ott, of
WeAd 4u hu' s$ $ yam! t 4,
I)horb: , , iyitlie pltt6for111jj*Agpt44tiE Jfi
tiitli botl94nt1otq*we edtliod etbatnrtb yi
to U;r$Ataa 16 tic
l t D '2t'}610 Al
P 1 py
firm refu3al to, >t:d ' utiii.J y :SPQ)yek,
exoept for purposes clearly' . dufiti6dl
in trip. Coutitit':itiil: ' "Shistitluitl did
tqo niucll reuci i lr tpt tln 77 t1 1 bi'.
ena. Tile oquntry'p.agpaepi .oup:titu1
tiomal libtrty r" was :iusulteil.:-, ?,Tlie
republicans feel 'tnid d ktsotd>i$his.
I hey tiIst tntltb "'tio ,e''lgfan we t. I. i,
Stiori p4Ji nd 3rl?tttouuu be pif11-,
ishod, so tll if , tolls Ilie cons rG ,
in their .p atlyrjn l1ut b a tl.i go
,111411 nut be ;tyg i 'I
in. h deolu ttt
,tiou :of their policy proves that the
ooilutry, will not'suIFen unylnyi dh c i ,
grit duful' i1llbrfbren6e' wit $'Y 'tbe'rbi:vI I
uut)igc3 "' by"t1;a'' iilili ti '' "9q b
place ip.,tl)o. 4nut luna:,, u l t} are
'Vhe convetitioe iH .W.flf Q&-Of (a. rd,.
'tu'rn: to spechV'pdyillunh" l',"gttbtp;
not bast, 'Eh'o oiliiictltjob' "reb ktiimil
as, poualustvo the 'resident' s "f3tltltid'
declaration t)iat llo it yy ; sA andlf.
date for "reuouiiiation, witi',
.sincerest gratitude for '"hiu patriotic
services, we deolaro'our unaltorablt
oppohitiou to rho ,o leotioon of nn}
!'resident for a third term."
'Grant i'pu.iks. to little and. writo;
tuo much. His party tithes blur a;
his word, and 'tells loin) evei
if ho Wiahos a.. third yprut, they havc
an "uiinltorable opposition" to nub
thing of the kind, o Grant and till:
tuilitary are to be put- aside. nip
in ull re J"h with lint ut offer!
ft a dd me 0T!. p of
aT e oy a an al k
t: exa
whether. ii octy"ihree this es
who ext Banged cotton for provisions
i rr r "th iar ;, a a
Lha wo ked faithfully and oaonolni
nytillle il yt$D ;
during t)LQ. _?grab8 80ae011" on. the
uut the -. lur
abuuduued their MOPS to run over
the 06U'F1tY_-_dW"m"U"RWWbmv
hers or, wgdthitlh S!l*Klfad gauble4
or d tiult r, a P :l-r bunest ea;dings.
Tarb ?util ' I
in Ilya t at It N of a.,
;a ir
"A roV t r t+'fiiti1 t Qf e? ti ' 'd sCidot i:hb
mu "le BPabu , ' 1 o bt d1'"'thQ
Oro ON rt lalp In bt Rt l i ghh' a.
ere aif iti), re t^On 1n u rflb y r xO tlit 'Nr'lltlt l111{1
at;'d s, rNri K41 'got
a l t t , . { ti tt''illt li 1' t'lo'lint
klfkfv Ile
'lu9DRY YPA Y; . rl . l . l liyi y avo
:bolteothezuiioty V.0 .3thiev, s .u
41060$>It Judge, rttelte r luttbi+ t tiir
l leg 'd ;(Jif tw poll, '64Al f' Work loud
node elk a lvi uii
PlR all j i''o orl~'iis
iltwi fing.-_ I1bu . i"itt4 act , .(e . tJpao,
boibuJ -ttlia vojtonA., 'Choy axe: i no
ot"t ifb''i F'i'1ic' theiiibuli+,eN utYtl gone.
?lt iy 'd ad.o't.ii;};11 H1 'ekilo i" the
, gttpj'i s Ji; hy:ir own baQsta. '.Itlie
blloulo,.be 'punished to ; the ftt11: ,ex
't'?W'o'tho;law. , a
ism , t needed in this , mat
tl}l' is qot nn iiereaO of tv ges 'but
nit, 1iurgpso:of honestyi"
lien. Josepn B. Jobflston.
Lq?xr}1'411tfbs It,'T ?OT TO Tllt; L0S1'
g4.VSNI' ,"y;Q 1Al 1 O1 (t-l:l-Cilllr b' or
xT1,10fill ltiilivL . Altn;Kr,
,(,(' j(tl., \tiautu 14ol}t1 ;, iuderytundi
ff tic tr is,,,r.cgardeti; ; as reliable
_ boor ity) OM Gci1- Joseph : Jolln".
styli~lbup.beeu nl:p9iuted, alltt has ao
Nplkt t;Lu po ititln of Uun inaiiuer.
ip-CliE:f of teh uruiyy of 1 ypt. .
r Only a sliO.sy_ tilllti 4kl4oe, . it all ful
411pIF rtrd t,t, e; wvatjip", ndBred the
144011 , 1,L.i;I timq., it was urged
.Nyg11"a! so c{lpilugpsly t at lie at
,lgllgth COtlsouted, 1.j t * nll iiig. bi:
k r Vpai1 Sop? .;u, gu.9vpr. ;ttI"_ uasuut
: tspuiiitioll inlulet a} ;-y"
i r l:, iL 8ALA-RY.
.lb is (o get ' $') 40; 00'to' prepare
himself nil o,-at it, aiid W' recelvo ' the
Mil, of $25 ;ogo aniinally for having
. upromu eoufror of 1113 ariii'y of the
Khedivo of Egypt.
el m 'North Carolina.
Enough has not been written of the
lilioa uii.uca of this State. Thin
yuuruin if Wo li;ld.the data we would
oh. orfu tyr devuto'half i ouluinli or
111 (,I (2 t i11f1 wrltl.1l . Minn n.i..t...- ...
A Fight With re acks.
Ior to e led the
me rabl t overnment
our uoy tb oo ltbough a
ern ma , o t4 ended
th ruin tha w 1 alt from
meeting obligatior 8 \ oontra9 ed in
gold or on a gold ooasthr-ad'oining
?iter ne arem yr-He;-e onally
absaild one Hebrew who a tempted
, ' gtefltrio'4pr4er' in urron.
cy, and set the boys after him down
the streot. ito persistently presented
hp nqto of the gpld bank fp irs
dptio In ooin tho sfte dayhei r ..
ocived them. Mr. Chase aunt out a
timidatq,, 0,ep I~roifio q~gaat, bank.ers
into accepting the national' currency,
The. y pplained that, while ,they
meant to bo" loyal and liberI, 'their
.isolbtion hoin thotiebsb of pho vopntry,
no railroad "'then eisting, nor tele.
grah, out, pelle\ thtam- to keep a
sepa rate 66anial autornonly. Hugh
MoCullooh defeded theitr'otion after.
' d ardd said they prcarcrvod an in.
tti4l palItat for, rebinjgioii.. .6 is
,vosthy.,q(gewark thiat-l it the .fjilare
9-fijty Covkvags preeei.ted the aao
; rChaso oployed to reduoo, the
iPailo Coast to rag ours enoy. He
naido .hip fortune by the, greenbaoka,
and. Ualation his on exchange jn quin.
M .43natu .took shis own poippu ; the
.dseap was tie 'amo, ipeqAaility and
expansion of oprrenoy for .gol .IUas
g, o, .ou the Pacifie (;oast oo'ninen.
curate with the gro.wth of greonb acko
in tip l . ';I 4 reason Cbioago an
ticip.ted Spn Fuanoisco, 'with her
uIongineiytyl hotels and residences,
was.that;greenbacks in th' East be
caie.ploptiilul ten yearo, before cin
.in C+alif a 1.egan to, bo tpined at
tl1 rate of ,uOO,oOO ;, month.
,1'hat is said about Raltun's ostenta
tion is exaggerated. lie had the ani
mal passions of Fisk, but the publii
was not regaled with Lb disclo.ure.
l had no love of uniforms, militia
or.the appearance of his naud in
priest. The Si in Francisco Chi onicie
sent t reportor d p v n to Belmont to
dtset ibe obio (f his dii.ner parties,
and was set outside the house. -fe
had an abhbo rence of newspaper pub.
lioity, and particularly cautioned ne,
and sent my friends to entrost mae,
not to mtake my cnjoymnioit. at his
place a niatter of newspaper-repo.t.
He said to ue :
''Tis is a banking concern, and
there are gcntleuen in it oldor and
abler than I'. n, wh are entitled to
the respeet of bheing mentioned. I
don't want jealouges to arieo in the
bank." ~At the same time he stayed
in the city after banking hours to
explain to me how the bhnk origina
ted and ivbat its province was.-N.
,Y. Wo)'rld.
A Sad 'Picture.
Olive Logan writes from Long
Branoh : Laugh while You may.
Such a fit of tho horrors as we've
bad this osk Would freeze the fon
of Touchstone himself. One of our
brightest belles--ugh ! it givs one
a shiver to w rite the wordo-has
gone insane, and for three days she
who ten days ago wa, -as much ad.
nmiredI as ally young woman hero,
has boon making night hideous with
her maniac howls, juuipiog out of
windows, clutching passets by the
throat, and refusing food through
the~ fear of being piusoned.
Unrequited love is stid to be the
'eae, ti-ough in onte of her sane mo
monits tbo p.oor* girl said, "I thin~k I
rnust have eaten 'too' much lobster'
saiiud one1 night last week.'"
'Could anything be roure inidicailve
of the frightful extremes of trago.ly
and farce that are somtettimos seen~
ni the udivine comedy of life tban
an episode such as this 1
LaIst evening, while the music wais
mu'ndirtg 'and careless feet. <iere
dancing in the parlor, tho wretched
girl, barridaded in a remote roorn
where physiuirtns were wraingling
sa to the propriety and1( possibility
of bleeding her. wats baying likea
wolf against the moon.
iIdr rehitivos ste driven almost
flad th~imselves with the excitement
ar~d horror of this (earful' calamnity,
but the others danced on.
i"For some mst laugh and some must
So runs he worldj away."
Urville Grunt.
NE:W Yq9rg, $optember 8.-A
speeiaardispatch says a few days ago
Orville Gran'.voluntarily surrender.
ed to .the. Intgrior .Deportment his
trader's licenaea for Forts Peck and
Ibolknnp, in Montana territory, a nid
avnounced his intention of retiring
fronm the buainess. Ho says lie hat.
carried oni. a perfctly legitimate
hiusi~ess, and mnade o moe i
properly. li olyin
T1hie St. Louis liepublican thinks
there wvill have to he a general iad
thorough o vertazulng of the govern.
lment books at the next sessloi of
Congress.' The Republican Con
greeses of thie last twelve ye~ars havo
refused to perform thi< iaap'rtant
duty, but tho nett D~emoeratie
ilouso will be expected to (10 it,
without fear of~ favor. If any of' thec
de pa'rtimerats are ntn pr op ated for' itt,
peetiou so nmuch thbo wo'rse for tilom.
In a Sioutheo n town . recentl), a
satn loll into a ditoh ott thc outsk-mrts.
A pedestriaa helpedl him to his feet,
and after the,thinag had boon accanm
plished, our hero said :"ill right,
bio-I'll vote for you." Tlhe attan.
ger looked at him douabtfull- ,.and
wished to know what fo.. '"Wha'
ofli00 yo runnin' for 2" "J? Nope at
all,"' was the answpr. "SNot a candi
dato ?" "iNo ; why ?" "Why-LChio
-why 2 'Cause I doaa't know as any
mas n'd-hio-help 'nothing as you did,
1thout boin' a unndiao"
A Rcliglo ,ilew
h 1 u dop t off
1.s i ti ary oil' ad del rrit . ret
tents it fa e tden a,' ar..
1ued ol d ijal [t . the
eveo ystorda a d..*#no to
tak you wbat ohuteh you 'longed to
in do flesh."
"qYaas, I speck soijaid 'the Ais.'
"Ef you 'longed tq, d. d ibspw1ary
llaptist, be gwino tolo you walk
right to and bet by de foot-stool.
PE y9u 'tongef ;to de Moethem
aiat-Oh)dih, he say stay on do out
side whar your shoutin won't 'blurb
d~igeEm .w.
"Ki yoQu's ,'Eiscumpalin-..
'lole.on, Mr. Mideten. )e
Mt. no. niggere 'Piounipa tut
Deul't all white foks," "in-rr te
the ojpeQ~ r.
"Dat don't wmake no diff'erence,'4
ootinued the expounder,l 'oE eligipo
"de prinoiple's de sane, 2-itt't it
Ef-you're a Tisouwpaion , de ;,angel
say t> you, 'go ober isere 'mop d4
white folks. Ef you.o Jatbmlip, ,4
angel pint you to de Virgin.- iMary1
ragd te ll.you--- " .. .,4
"But look. beau, Mister Middle
ton, sposonbe didn't 'long to , no
church in do flh 1" quoried the
"Well,. what he , be doia' . dat
don ?" asked the ouloted diyiu
scornfully. .
: ." Well,",replied thbeo unotver ted
sinner, "i thought in dat case be
could do's he data please."., Vicks
burg ILcratl.
Wholesale flanging.
Six men were hng at Fort Smith,
Ark., on the. 3d. Eight had been
entenoced to death ; but one of, them
was Shot while attempting to esuape;
another had his sentence comunted
to imperisonwent,. Murder was the
crime for which they sufl'red. All
the six men were .hapged at the sa'me
ime, inside the wa g (,fthe old, fort.
'i he Six were plano, d in liue, ataiding
side by side.
The Paterson (N. J.) Guardian
.ays that a neighboring farmer reek
lessly venturers the following chat
loupe : "I will wager $42.25 that
my hired man can take longer to get
to the corn tield, get back to dinaei
quicker, eat imore, do less, and bear
down harder on a panel of fence
than arty 9,ther hired man within tor
miles of the City Hall of Paterson.'
Senator Morton, of Indiana, who
has embarked in the Maine canvass,
has .taken the ragged, bloody shirt
tron his trunk, and is waving it
about him with the furious energy of
-a Red Republican. The Springfield
(Muss.) Republican thinks he might
announce his niision In the language
of Mr. Wardlo' JA'.,t Boy; I want to
make your flesh oreep.
An ancient African up at. Rome,
Ga., gave young brother, who was
about leaving home.to seek his for.
tune, this sage adviec : "Sam, 'have
yerself and work hard. And Sam,
whatebber you do, never do you steal
-flint' 'eeptin' 't iq for de precher
and den don't be a fool and git
cotched at it."
Thme hay stables and fourteen muies
belonging to the Government, at
North Platte, Neb.,. wore destroyed
by fire on the 8th,
The New Beriford Mereury say
there is aloohol in buckwhea~t oake,
It is probably introduoed in a
syrupt itions manner then.
1ew Goods!
Nehw Goods)
Alrge and well selected 1ot of choice
W inesa and Igaiuors of the finest
qu lily.
A lot of Suigam s,' Coffees, and now
Mlackerel, thme lnest, in town.
A lot of Fino Bol ogna Sausage low for
Cash by
John D. l1%Carley,
sept 1
Trial Jeustiee.
FFICA IN itl.A1L01 OU oyt' lty
.i~ lt lNNSIBoO, R. C.
Albusiness .h Iruited to him Wil
receive proin,.t atteintton.
H. A (JA.PAiR. II annvi
A rugs alld Medletnes, Paintsj01,
Special 'Notices
CHAUL~k1 , s s srtten nowt r
All tiritto U lie W
Damnation.'. ,.Pedtr o ) } n
whereof he spake, by al, h
If living, would apply the same to Aloo
holto Excitants, advertibed as iturealls.
But there I one Tonlo and Alternative is
existence-ttho best the world hats ever
known-which contains no alcohol. it is
DF.*Walk fetimfietia-MeiggestaJ i4
-i 8Yinai J'owan '4Migg'rhsp i lets of
all kin:ls ai ro ohapl bI atp itiouely
printet by Walket , Evaen & Cogswell,
Chatleston, S. C. 'their presses are in
full blast on thi olfias "wor. ti t 1
their faclliti es n ae es ~gt 9 i
always room for more work Pra oeedings
mencements, Fpeeohes, ri e, e,, o.,
are excouted in 4 q. t gtyle sund with
great. dispatch.
usejof A-I1Wofno* note paper abd k at 18 or
able eavelope aSo, . ilk hke' tdrauk o
receivers of such bilet Aodx. The
ewe peas 1 *httr~ia e I lit is
rendered niot e b1 oloiris, oo tfyl
delicate tinsed itee of Pirie's ,Nete,
Snpep t is bn $bt in a gentleman
iing to a' lad n ir stationery.
if you wish to he Foated oW tb'u latest
noveltips, the fn bion in these matters,
enelose a stani lo - Wiijker, 4 at* i
Cogswell, for one of their littlfa f i1oti
books "Card Et iriltettb' 6r'send'an order
for at reohercho lot of paper atn ot1Vlootes
of the iatst style. -Do not forget at the
same time to gr#irW a malognei.
V . DESi OltTE"S & CO.,. 4 ev, bty
mutual conisent., and by ' expirait onu of
Iimnbiiation, Ierniinated the4 coparlhorsl.ip,
to date from July'fau""t inst.
Persons indebted will cluso up theirrao.
coputs by cash or note by tho~first day of
I. U. Dt PO1hTE,.
WITH ample capital, I will contiune
the business at the same st. ad.
U. . !nESPOtTIS.
July t h, 1875,
uly 13
Packctages of NEW MACKOREL
in Barrels, half and (quarter Bait
rels, Kit." I, 2, 3, and extra Huu'
ber 1, M1E8
32:3 S~aks of fresh ground FL 3U R,
nil siZos attd grades3.. from the
Granjite Mills Augusta Ga
A full stook of Groceries, Provision
and I'latattion Supplieio, ai
of which will be sold at Lth
lowest prices for-OA~ih
(Oot 29
WVewanxt everybody tan the Uniaed stateti
to see see outr large eight--pa e. liter.ary
and f'amily paipew n'TiIE 800VENllt," ..
nnd in o der that (ill .may judge of its
amerits for themuselveg, we will senad it uat
trisi, silx,maonathis for only GO et4., andi
to every suabsortbier, we *ill senad by nmati
post age pr'epaid;'ane of' the M4AiMO fi[
Pl{EstlLUM i'ACKB WU copttinining 10
giood onvalopeA, 10. [email protected], extra ntoto .
paper, 1 good Penh aolder, 1 good lead
Pencil, 2 st tel' i'eii, I Metnorandaum
Book, 1 Ca d''Photograph '-or all the
Presidlents *fb/thbUnited.8tates, and a
nicepremium of.J~.elry,, wjrth;frthym 25
genieto loi. D~on't let thiaq p..as you,
try one packa e. .Everybody its sure 1o
gst more gooI thIari the' eve' 'heughat
bef'ore' for to pH'o, and ilhe iekiois, got
"front five' to ten -timte the valuea of' their
anottey.. a e'ptg r. sejano ii aoro 'lhana
worth 50 hei,[email protected] voyoua this
maagnifiq'iautprap era. efnd the
eraan so idr oij 50 ect-si
P.Ou: ox + Ifr18 Taesee.
-UST Received, astupply of Turnip sco&
of ap proved varietips,
Ois, irugs, ~Iodioihes, Books, Paper, ink
july 17
50 vials ," " Morphine
10 lbs. Glum Opium.
S", " Cam p sor.
1Mor8ale at the Drug .8A9,9Qf
~O~t~ha~ti~ 1aq'n~ iit the es.
tare 6f' '[Tios. M et:, i all, deceased,
w il please present. thorn properly atteo -
ed on or before the 15th of Oetober,
those andeb4~4.tojj0.6 tlpleas.
make larelaes
W SIALL, Adn'r.
July 81sf, 1875,

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