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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, September 15, 1875, Image 3

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'WWi'e 6wt fesponsIble forth, opic.
will not be not ed unless accompanied'
by the real namp of the writer.
[email protected]'' Any person In Ihe County having
knowledge of any circumstance of Interest
"c nIn kt ntibrod will conuor;
c n no iabpho
fooal otice will be inserted
(except by specia o'ntract) at the
following rates.
For each additional line.... 15o.
New odh. . $arey.
!ot Sale--..-Gillard & Davis.
order of the day in township No,
-Ootton isa.bitI(tii itly, and
oelig at from l' to 2 jcents. TIe
orop will bi ligi a jet the ten,.
dency of f del p arkt is downward.
A cold at on Satutday creatc
a corner in wood' Winter clothe
wer6ep-o91ded. Mouday's aun dis
perse d th% 4. ,lts
crock on 'Thurl lay. whic i we regret
we were unable to attend. It was 4
pleasant affair.
Dan e o ihe
Ile desires the public to -know where
they gan t optgap goods.
Javipg, hair ttti ig ,ac t
poolng in the latest atyles neatly
executed over Connor & Chandler's
jlkwel-y 'storb by Aledk- iaitdrsou.
The latest accounts from Uncle
Joe Crews is thn the surgeons in
taegegehvo~done l thg gan
for bimn. Con.equent y he !must
'Tle ooured I ).t &'Ladder com
pany with Capt. Joe Pnillips' baud
paraded on Friday afternon. They
prescnted a fine appearance.
The board of equalization has been
in esoion several days heari:tg griev
a es. Many re rus that bad buent
na btor 4 t1 origi-e
nao amen lfis.r
A gentleman from Clurenedon re
ports that in a portion of that county
crops are a tMtWl failure, both corn
and cotton. Similar reports are
hard from Orangeburg. t
6r8 hold t'i ii'alint om oe
day to audit all accourate of thme pastI
fiscal year. They will soon wa ke an
T'he indIentdnt are that 'there
'il be quite a lights.o rop of enttonj
in Fair field. The lbwei' part , of
the county auffered iensiderably
frein rust.
oBeAcoo.--Mr. I. N. Withe will
plsse iecept our thanks for a samaple
of hit fans tobacgo, as goo4 as we
have ptut a toothbin in - long time.
Lovers of the wveed will find it to
their advantage to call on him.
G RoEnises Ltquona. -Our
faloeid Jnto. D. MoCarley has just re
eiv d a fr sh stock of fine roceries
d ors~gs a Csarl Iihd ip
the market. Don't fail to give old
~M~*laD ~ eo inoe ybur.
o .-Capt.. tlow.
for ~e sev di~ ach
cows. 'J~e Captain dual in nothing
but fine stock. .and It behooves those
wishing first-class milkers to call
RidonOa og -auig DaAIJXss.-This
bame ball club rcturned Thursday
'gdtf omn IhLN at~d~i4taip very
much fatigued by the lontg dric,
They acknowledge their defeat,
say -IhetcaW iydo hetter
harid grouind. That'st our opinion .
STl e followinqcja were tried by
Hturdaiy-- rtam Kell er and P'rimus
'Jackson for refusing to work thte
roads-.a'ilty; tihed $1 oach and cost.
Liouisi Tilaman-assault and battery,
Tbe A. M. E. Zion Uburcb of~ this
P 0 9i yrepaire ~,
and an addition has beerdeied.
A subsoriptiofi of over eigtsty del lar
was ma ' etin, ari4 the
colored -peop 14 of Mihsbre
There usts a.great need for a set
of, publiesofles. The coancil can
ereo ih n rca oth iir t
tem w eisol upay e .th ere
is no to comnpel persone to have
their commodities weighed upon
them, but the convenience of using
them will givab~idel.
Rev,. W. Hi. Campball while
changing oars on his way from
Sharegipgo thigigce, h us
taken from the seat which he had left
for a moment. If an honest man took
it b i t ke., 1k i rgtgry it. If a
thief he Wirt ht4 o U{se for the
sermons contained in it, and con.
soience may make him restore it.
e $base bailors and ttieir friends
left g|Nto J edi1for -Cam.
den to patly the second matob gam
Nilh tip; pKrshawd. .Mlr. IA.. T.
Terrill courteously furnished trans.,
portation free of charde. , If
A telegram received from Camden
last night: -ivea thw following result :
Kersha w 50, Daunt less 13.
Trial Justice, Robertion and
M1 ackey have been 'b is the pest few
day in t jng road delinquents.
b'bral ddlihquoits'hae beeri ended.
It wo iId be a great imprpvement in
the law if those delinquents were
compelled to work out their time of
sentenco on 't.he-road, instead of being
lodged in jail at the expense of the
Murphy, assisted,,by Messrs. Juo. W.
Seiglar and F. C. Gorig captured
1'hursday mortain at Blaekstock one
o has been de,.
'i~Aroe, N. C , for
ometime past. His name is Nathan
iLp aL~ hi, a~ d'sehajd
d I d s boo ed
,o the gang who bas been coin.
nitting rUsr b ghlie country
or sevira mon 1lwas taken
o North Carolina yescerday. eyening
)y Chief Mlurphy, whore we hope he
will g r rope,
We congratulate Judge Mackey
;heriff (tuff and the town council,
olice and cit.zens of W innsboro upon
ithe vigilance they have displayed it,
>ursuing the burglars that have been
epr 'dati gIut oti t dpegple. ' Lbeir
1ors bu e b , n u'ly i rtial y/ suc
essful ; but a good many suspicion.
baraeters have been investigated.
nd .uch individuals will hereafter
ive Winnsboro a wide berth. This
igilance .011, be continued, a# d
very miscreant willibe either cap.
ured or else run Olean out of the
*ounty. Biurglars take notice.
P ER.oNA.James U. Aiken Esq
as ieturned front tI-e spi-ings.
.Mis. J.iO.'lheng, Mrs. D. Lauder
Ilae and Mlessrs. J. A. Brice, and
NV. II. Fiennijken, are in New York
>urchiasing their fall st~oek.
Rt. H. Boyston Esq., is on a visit
uome. . Le .has y good'position in
B~altimiore, and is prospering.
PausoNAl.-~apUT~. N. Withers
lft yesperday for Now York to pur
thase a stook of fall and wvinterv
Mlesars. Fi. Elder and B. Sugen
icimner have returned from the
sorhern markets wvhere they have
3urchased large stocks of goods for the
all and winter trade.'
Mfr. Rt. 8. Desportes of llidgeway
eturnied from New. York on lSatur.
lay. lIe has our thanks for late
thants of our sister burg, Rtidgeway,
ire in New York.
Bniit~I ..JO& the morning
if Tuesday, '7th of Sept. the Daun tless
dub of this place started on their
rip to Camden to play a return game
gte ggJywere in
barge of that geia an whole-souled
gentlemnan,. Col. Terrill, who most
len~ereualy pyried the whole c bp
vcr in his buggies. They arrive d'in
..amden about dusk and pi-oceeded to
be DeKalb IIouse, which they made
p ede ab ands
lay was called at 3:40 P. M. The
Kervhaws vfon the toss *nd sent the
Djtuntlesa to the bat. Mr. 0. J.
afou~e i abIed as Umpire, the
iame gentlemnan who acted hero in the
beo m.OM 3n to the
sat and made, hisa first base'. Craw
~ord next, arid was put out onla fly
ef k anokegia beatltful y
to center, field which was miuffed and
& Mcl'eCtebin o (M1yd ba.4e. 'Camp.
bell then struck antuIyg gdthin
home. Byghts(went out ou firs
~.Cu,nnighamof the, Ihsrsha wa,
tfien'wonit to 'the bat and wascuh
out on fly y Bi"rt , tlhf Kegmet
was oaught ofY odj'oul by flue'
The brat 1o w re kbus at out and
Winne$ Ig b t long;
for Korsbaw -ro d up r by,
aeries of very 64'e battin , when Ken
V .tt second mtuun, the Dapudtl'eh
wade 5 scores and retired. Two o
the Kershaws were put out, imne
diately with die saie result as before
making soveu points on their las
.111I q rl t, r,, ..A
In the third inning Crawford sent
a beautiful ball to ri ht field an<
camf ilo'tj its. '"Aa 6dis etul6f this
inning thy goro ptood, Kprshaws 14
to Dauntless 9. 140ow this stage th'
Kershaws drew rapidly ahqad ant
finally won by the remarkably larg.
odds of 50 to 13. the 5th, 7th an
9th innings the 1au ttless failed t.
make a pre.' Tbp . Kershaws wer
whitewahbed on the 7th inning. 0
the Dauhtitbs 'nine, Elliott, pitcher
Huef, oatohir, and Boylston, on firs
bases..played remarkably well, and
clicied expressions of admiiraloi
from the spectators.. Jordan's play
ug. short stop was 4l4o, ,muol
bpi npp , i r./ Sqi . ' ' he
Kershaws, the playing of Mesars S
Cunningham, T. Cuuningham, W
Jgrisod and Grubbs excelled any we
have ever seen in our limited obsor,
vation. S. Cuniiinghatn and V
Johnson batted magniicently. A
6 P. M., the game was called.
We cannot altogether account for
this had boat. After making allow
anco for the superiority of the Ker
shaws, we itill have to find some re.
son for the overwhelinug defeat, and
we find it .n the natu-e of the ground
Behind the home base was a very
heavy sand bar, just where Iluey
would have to stand by reason of hi.,
clqse pt le of cath.ntg. Working in
this hbavy sand was very exhausting
and the sand getting into his shoes also
ka raased him som awhat. . Al
itgh 4beat'en, our boysaare still
"Dauntlcas," and intend next season
to test their wettle again.
At nig ht there was a dance at given
t ,emd at M..j. DeSaussure's whio, was
a most e'. joyable affair. The array
of lovely women was d..zzling, and
the reputation of Camden for hand
some women did not duffer ni their
bands. It was niidnight whed. yotr
reporter, being a sober sided man,
left, ana the gayety seftued at its
height. The DeKalb House where
the club rested is kept in good stylo
by M r. A. S. Rodgers whom we found
a very polite and obliging host.
We intend going over again aoon and
will stop with hi', and advise a il
4tndnts on the l'nces on the 19th
Got. to do likewise.
-r. hiave several MILCLI JOWS that, I
Iwil sell .
sep 1l--t2x1 SA M'Ll1. CLOWyNEY.
Avaluable piece or tow11 ptopert~y On
L.which i5 siluqied a~ commnodious
d welling and outbuildings. For partiou
Itirs address
sep 11 GA1LL~A RDl & D)AVIS.
Winnesioro b. ,
seetto Cigar
-+eoSTO RE.x'
r~ lii Undel.rsigned keep constan ly on
..hand the inest CIGA R$ thate nn be
had (or his own manufacture.)
Tihe very b sIl41i-ntitaco.o always
on hand. smiokers andl chewers will tind
it to their ujvantago to givo e a call,
as I solt Och per #lhan any othier house in
. M-heent pi.el pven Fire Insurance
Compaies hodecotubined nasets
exceed 40 milhon dollars. 8hort rate,
annual andi term policles issuod. (.outntry
dwtitgvirkfa a pepj)tra Gin htouise
JA8. W. LAW, agent.
cEChfltlTY Li? e Insu~raneo an A -innity
13Company. A'ssets $3,4-19,108 25i.
Life. Non-Forfeiture (in ten 'paymaents.
Enidowment and a ninuity I olicies issued
on the most favorable termas.
JAS. WV. LAWV, Agent.
Dr, Isaiah.Simpson,
Dentist, Charlotte, N. 'C.,
RSP'KO' FULLY' liforms ht
citIsens anid pohlo gobierally
that lhe will visil Winuiboro,
.profeassibnaIly, thO-01t day of;8ept., nn
remaIn 10 days. Teet h ext racted & ITfl.
OUTPA/ ORDANGER by the tise o
Ni~oW O~e'Oke." Aand be eon
vinced. Hatisfaction guartnateed..
W at'e ntiii fuiephred -tot take nut a
ures for ShIrts. Fit. ')'nar.ntee~d
6~~y0 W. IIl F~IfNNlKE & Co.
N}E Car fload Flour from neow whos
jasrecelved, 1ofr f.,r te-Oh.
I 4"Ily '* DATY, BiO. & SON.
1 . The Symptoms of Liver.opmplaint are unae
Stlh psip is. in the afoulde', and Is niistekui
cd witl. the losh of appetito andl 'selkness. I
terating with lax. The heal is. u tsbll wit
sid6rlIo loss of memory, noe paiell with
somteJhig wh oi)'ottht iy n due .
and low spirits.. -Somet e b
veYy 'fw of t hem h t: b ' 1 rIe all1
Ti, ~ ,0
Ia Warranted no o le
pltJi1d f Merou y, OT l . injurious
agn eral :uttance, ifu is
o~gsfahiing thosee8 uthelrn tobtlanderbs
which, an I allwise lovidbn6"'har ylkeed
in countriles where Litors DsepsJnpatps
prevail. It Will pure nit diseatses-o-used
ty derantmoeuts of ,t)d.4ver , an4,pow I
- immonaLier Regulator,or Modoina.
Is nmihetley a fatsily'oiedioinqt pi by t
being kept ready for immrsediate resort will
ijlIyc t ay whiouy ccfs ffevjmgg tad n~tny4
a floflifi intet na d o ora"biIs "f I
%fter over Forty Y ears trial it is still
receiving the most unqualified testi
monials toits virtues from persons of t.h e
highest. claraeter and responsibility.
Emancut physicians commend it as the
Effectual Specifto.
for c insumpti in, Heariache. Pain in the
shoulders. Dizziuness, Sour Stomach, bad
Lassie i' the mouth, billious attacks, Pal.
pit ation of the Heart, Pain itn the regions
of the Kidneys, despondency, gloom and
foe'tbodings of evil, all of which are the
offepring of a diseased Liver.
For Dyspesia or Indigestion.
, rmed t it h this antidote all olitnktes and g
chahges of water and food may be faced a
without fear. As a teamedy in Malariotas t,
Fevers, Bowel Complaints, restlessness.
.Jaundice, N.susea,
It is the cheapest, purest and the b'pst ti
Fu'nily Medicine in the world I ; C
Buy no portfers o Prepared'Bipnmens Lier 0
Rtegulair unlos in our engrated wrap- p
.per wvith Trade mark, Lammp and sight-ture o
unbroken. None other is genuite. .
I. I, ZEI IN & CO.
Maoon, Ga. and Philadelphia. I
Simmons' Liver Regulator.
For all diseases of the Liver,8Stomach and 1;
8pleen. As a remedy in
hMalarioaus Fevers, Dowel Complaints,
Dyspepsia, Mental Fepression Iies#
lesgss. Jiaundice, Nausea, Sick'
Jleadohe, Colic, Coaastipa
Stiou and Billiotasness.
18 3jj *~
~ 2
Being now pre~p irred for the F tLL R IA DE
merohints to my large amnd varied sto k of
O11i888, Kea'thioneo Gaoods,
A greatnnrt of it !'alPQRTEDD~iLT Fl
always keep a large stock of
My Shoruougha knowledge of the bumsinessq,
Years. entables me to buy at thme lowest figure
u hjich the retailer codn realise a hanrdsomne pr
d*v-a. ..
128 Me~
aug 19-2mos
Wo have received, and are now o
Orders p'romnptly filled, atnd alit c
Wholesale Dealers i and4 a
No. B, Ilayun tareet, C
r 11 is) thte tinme to buy' denneuo4W
..Jet , andi Doeskinss to make winye
siaite for ( , boys. A largA ft't reeived
anid more expected in a few day.
-MoMA8TER & D10IE.
sinois sib1.59ij Al It$49, -he.4oet
hplr, vhosp Ttilrpfy s q o 1 ff oc,
owelt igtgeneral costi e, tuet uos a
k pain' antf diall, tis a aktt6ns con
AIII etdftition of'hidging left tin tone
Oftun oostplalsing of!'wnakness. dehillty
>v4 sttehd tjhe disease aqd at other ti;no
ihe gA1 mn involved.
rr -Hrr-- n ------
"[ nte tiver seen of tried stnh
ni'ple MifoaoIous. *satisfsetory ant pleas
iet *omedy e inay life /Mfik Helines,
Lo tiselo.
Hot. LAIer. H- Stephens.
"i oeoesionsly use, when ny gonditie
!sqdires it; Dlr. aimmtns' jt ovrj, Regulu,
r w4hu*good e'ect,,"-on, Alex. Al
.9overpor of Altana'
'our ltegulistor has bren in use I my
imuty for sonie time, ani Iain'int'euadet
t 1t i liable addition to -the medida
roiottee."-Goo. l.- Gill 8 -oter, .Ala.
a d hate used the Regulator in my faisi.
y (Q' the Put,: seviepoen yqpre, I Dan
afely recommend it to the world as the
qst meicdlino.1 h yo eVer us'od r01" si
saes of dilsease i pi tpotta. lo eur..
f. +I. Thigpen.
President City Bank..
"tSimmons',Liver ttogulitor has proved
good and eficaclous medicio."--U. A.
"We have been acquainted with Dr
In mons' Liver Miedio.ne for more than
wenty yeare. and know It to be the best
iver Regulator offered to the, public."
1. R. Lyon and H. L.; Lyon, Bellefontaina
"I wtus cured by Simmons' Liver Regu.
itor, after having suffered several years
nth Chills and lever."R. F. Andersou.
The Jlergy.
'"I Have been a dyspetlo for years ; he
an the Reinlator two years ao ; it has
coed like a ehear in lay caseq' -Iev. J
Ladies u Endorsement.
'.1 have - given your medicine a
corough trial, and in no case has it failed
1 give satisfaction."-Ellen Meacham,
hattahooclee, Fla.
Sheriff Bibb Oounty.
"i ite neied your Regula'or with so.
1eaful effoot in lIillinus ('olio and Dye
epsia. It Is an excellent .remedy and
,rtainly a public b.lesing."-C. Master.:
)n, Bibb C9uat.y Qa..
My Wife.
"My wife and self have used the Regn.
tor for yo-irs, and testify to its great
Irtues "-Rev. J. Felder, Perrv Ga.
"1 think Simmons Liver Regulator one
r the best medicines ever matte for the
Ivor. My wife and many others. have
Red it with wondouful effect."-E. K.
parks, Albany, Ga.
M. D.
"I have used the Itegultor In my fami.
v, also in my regular practice, and hnve
mer~d It a moet vnlanble and 'atisfactory
edioine, and beoieve If IL, was used by
o profession It would be if serv Ice in
many caes I know very much of
mnponant parts, and certify Its mcdi
ualitieu are perfectly harmnless."
* rgs, W[. D 3iAso n, Ga
lEki 110u5E IN CluftLE8TON,*,5. C.
[lam L., Webb,
F'OI 1876, I *Ish to call the attention of
Jap'tneul Wat*0, $t9.
LOM EtItOPi. Ilesijes staple goods, 1
Nfl. UT GLASS....
acquired by asn exporie no. of Twent
s. au M40 e soil at prices of
- K DO4~(pb T
*$c all
gal~ o and iewp4ock oP Boots
ptW w h~p r btcd warranted.
~% i ei- *)Booti4)Shoe~
icr. ormeerch Street,
01N' SD 'S W
English Breakcfast Te'a.
T4,, Yot4geg onTn
~IiASTEI4 & BR10iUE.
121-2 cts.12 1-2cts
Cogle uO01d. 'see tieni.
1 Yar. Width.
Don't Fail To Go To
aug 12
In the Die'riot Uourt of the U. A. for the
District of 8. Carolina. In the ratter
of J. M.i R. Moore, Bankrupt. At
Yorkvillo, in the said Distriot, on the
3d day of August, 1876:
SIR : Take notice that a petition has
' bead tiled in said court, by J. M. R.
.looro, of Fairfield County, in said Dia.
trict, duly declared a bankrupt, under the
Act of Congreis, entitled "Ao-Act to es
inblish a uniform sysem of Bankruptcy
throughcout the United Stater," approved
'lfroh 2, 1887, for a discharge and certi8
onto theroof, from all his debts and other
olaims provable under the said Act ; and
the 23d day of September, 1875, at 12
o'clock M.. is assigned for th. hearingot
the sano, before W. I. Clawson, one of
the Registers In Bankruptcy of said
Court., at his oelioce in Yorkville, 8. C.
when and where you may attend, an d
show cause, if any you have, why t. he
prayer of the said petition should no I be
gran tol.
U. 8. Mdarshall as Messenger,
By T. W. (ilsweon,
Deputy Messenger,
sept 8-x8
C ONSTSTING of Deviled 11am, Turkey
and Tongue, Bordon's Roast Beef
in 1 lb cans. Fresh Salmon and Lobsters,
.ilixed, i'iokcles and Fronoh Mustard. A
large lot of French Blacking of the flneet
qutality. Fresh Candy and Crackers of All
sorts. Fresh Augusta M4eat and Flour
always on hand. Also a large supply of
D~lEw~nans Ale,
Belfast Olnger AMe, and London Porter,
Kept Constantly oagIce.
For sale by
june 2d
Due WeMt Female College.
THEi sixteenth year of this 'In
etitution wilopen Monday, Oct.
4th. Faculty comople, course
of study thorough, Oovernment
kind and parental, loonion
healthy and pleasant, term'aressonable.
The President and his sily will ooeu.
py the College and will Thave oh arke of
the boardlmIg depart pien t.
TI e College butilding isatundergolng
thorough ,apaire; and will be compltel
refurnsished For Catalog~ue, address
- J. I. B)ONNE~R,
Due West, A bboville 1)1st , 8. 0.
aug 1d-lm
Buck Eye B~ee-l yc
And Moth Tr'ap.
ClONNWNO R i..0WNEY' & CO., peorie
tors for the counties of Pair feld ad
Ctt ster, offer Fs'srsa Rigula to twake
nd1 un the same wIth sample hiye for
a$i.00. Apply at onoe and ?je ready to
hottse-the first awarns.
Car 'Load White corn.
1 Car Load Flour-all grades,
1 Car Load Bolted Meal.
White and SmnkslI $acQ and
Rio and Java Coffee--."green
and roasted.
New Orleans and Comanon
All grades of SUGAR.
Lard in bbls., hal&-bble., Kegs
and cans.
Genuine Durham Smoking To
april 10
IIERBDT announe to my numerous
frieods and patrons that, in consequenoo
of increased faeolities in my establishment,
I am prepared to offer greater advantages
to trade than ever before. A complete
line of articles will be found on hand at
cheap prices. Dirs. Hong will soon return
from the North with the newest styles of
ladies' goods, when she will be prepared
to supply all wants in the mautua making
and millinery departments. The publio
are requested to call and examine, and
their further patronage is respectfully so.
J. 0. Boag.
wept 7
Frash Supply of
T HE following varieties of Turnip
Seed just arrived and for sale at
Early Red Top, Strip Leaved,
Early White, Flat Strap Leaved,
rLaings Improvedi Ruta Baga, Large
Yellow Globe, Large White Globe
E~arly Cowborn, Yellow Aberdeen
and Golden Jidi.
July 15
Dharlotte, f'olmsnbta. & Augusita
Bail Road.
Co r.uxat a, December 28, 18774.
HfoowIng P'assenoger Sohoedusl
wi be run over this roa.1 on and
att, s this date:
Leave Augusta, at 0.80 a 'S
"Columbia. 8. 0., 2 46 a '.
*" Winnsboro, 4.68 p' "
" Chester, 8.34 F i
Arrive at. Charlotte, N. 0. 9.00 1
TRAIN--oosao souTli.
Leave Charlotte, N 0. at, 8.80 a "..
" Chest er, 11.2 ens
" Winnsboro, 12.88 p ht
"Columbia, 2.62 p Si
Arrive at Augusta * 6 06 p
JAB. ANDERd30N, Oen'l Eupt.
Gen. Passenger and 'fioket Agent.
Just Received--A lot of
Augusta Flour from new
AL3O-A lot bolted ineal
july 20__.TMcCAnnJe
De.pble Turbine W~ter Whiel,
Manufactated b
bty Obefo ar .at

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