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W INN& ,tk't, . .,
mi<TwIJadr8 ejw 3./4LT'T.
qqo 1ig' $'l By t4 / , 4 l) I Yuii ~ , d j
Toil " , .. 5 50
"Phb 'tiAitors to Vthe-endatrf/ t sa
summer, who happen to be fan ob
serviig t ep p ; n yl$hb tjo
bf od an h i p U d
he may resort to ia'- '1h'6 Atlantil
Sgites. a slouching figure clad in tb
thotl'efuJftMdioun i$I tlm'sio.sth frbA
uncertainty o t ner, a f urtive
half defiant, half-clinging air and
stealthy sidolonggglaneo which at
ouco .attracts attomition and rope 4
TAacreature is to tratgp. Novi
.to: . Quury. idq, ho is yet faht be.
eomqmgo' ii mr aocij ~v u n thi
pliaos, w more, us a few years lone
his very name wq s..uknown. le ox
hibits the same charaoter undo
similar conditions, for, though he -an
fzwnjtiA whinei.whola. :iem!thi ka
abasemontt will be safer or more
servidablo; yt at hodie 1100 ' farthr
house, whore he has only frigbteno4
women to deal with, the: bluster: O
the low-browcd brute is savage and
ie, is ..oaorally sgen . alone,
although a chanei encounter with iu
old paul~ooasionJiy leads to a toum
porlary partnership in vaagatfondgo.
.lu ,tho trainy iq naturally unsocial,
his being a form of misery that'" does
not like companyyn ed;rinknod.Wd
temper, or both, generally forbid
frioudshlip extending . boyond 'ao few
dpys. l;ot he somctimcr hap another
port ul'odmipmhhibh,6h WhS V'ii"6 riot
leave wle4 diinja inakos him, is
ag;reeable or dangerous, one who has
fio reftige -from. his' raga but ,the
gravo. On a suutiner evening the
tramp m'n'y Biph' to be seen
stretched at full length on some bit
ofgtaps 1,yt he roadside, smoking n
stumpy blahck pipe, while a. forlorn,
limp and1. haggard scmblance of
wonmanhoods bonds over the brands
of a chip fire, or gathers in a greasy
old handkorchief the munched aid
hand saving that stands, in the life
of this wrotohod being, in place of ill
the sweet dishe'dT household econb
my. Unless there is something in the
prosenoe of the approaching pirty to
forbid suoh'a1 ni'htbltion, the b6rinces
are the trun tmit"ill ako an opipor1
tnttiy wholt pg 4r (roe Vpople ake
p:sing fry to dtspiny his'brutalityt
b y hur~unr fouliwvbr k' :or a &ik or a
ston\ n bi hd uillhppyislavb wbo,wou a
-fain hide -hot elf behind -him. If
suohAn.aaV:aultieo'mca, sho beat's it as
boo ukoditolssi6ilar.nt tacks, shriLipg
and elutching her ragged abia'wl olooer
about her throat, perhalis,. but nga
Icing no-mon, nor raising ber head.
never. .MWildib&4tIkuose w indowvs ,or
the soul hide the consciousnme.s lnf
aJful i depths of ; degradation, 1or
. n thmAIjigjf xpr.gsjo has
gone out, none wil~over know.
Our~t obsorver if faithinuf in hmis
caligswl lof te tramp hmag h
roots of -' tre6 by to 'wtgside, or
the foot of a tele'gramh pcoI' omt date
postannd, if eeth is tokohm in ;wat ohing
lhim, lho may yeu frequently -seen en.
gage~d ini this doeuipnaion eg~lhe'y qpite
eacrly eor quite lateo in the day, j4k
amine til4 pjaco. whero btyp himbeeni
ser~m Ogn g, ni um cil s rnmtiny tnmay
reval' (hreeor flour cabalistic chiar.
the~cttrs rndely sO'ritthlod oin the iyopd
or gtono, au cross or dot '/1thme cepter'
ot.a otrolo or sqjuaro, triainglo, slini
eunewmihng phl, pograp 4.y, or .o, her
.seloi9iIp 4ome h e l'rin 1ora'
proof( parls. 'lPhoso tire the t ram mps
guidomamrk,.rho bla trees of~ the
ut rip the trail of his hntin ego:~e
' ~h~&st a r elo iU i
can safely ask for money ; that 1thme
poor soldier is a good dodge tot try
in anot her direction ; that, the fa ~ ier
on thmo right keeps a savage 'dog,
that a onlly orip or house of resort
for tram ps, eani be found in '. heo vil.
lag e on thme eanal. The tramp' not
eonly studies these Indicatiohus for his
own instruction, but lio isibound by
"tLbe'rudea of.. thle rend" tp ,recorg
such of his own experiemices as may
be of use to those who followv.
(lrafty, shifty, sly, cuinmg in all
the tricks of his ,trado,tho tramp will
bo* , steal,' lmive ii' he Poor-ljouso
takhe a turnm in priisoni, or starmvo if' it
conmes to that, but never will h e a
at.tko.o4Wwotk ini thi,swpfld. tie is
* hero ini our midst, a.d out commu'1
L-y has' g'hiim/to.provide for. We
bd4ht tb~fo atb'tho wdmeggy~ pioper
lcgtml, enauctimnts :forthlwith. lie
4za3 tl, be; tm n oaro of by such means
as wil 'prevent time "imercase of hi,
* ,~b.tmmid th 1e t bis dqpred ut
tion. I a dst g othefts, hisi
oerio, to6 je qe'j 4~ei of fire,
and-oca '0 ~i ~ spite,
r ini~d softaki cat re of'
Lruelf altogete. 09< go y to be
aim a dreadful nuisbno, and) ouglp
to bho abalodi.-/i'il. AXngnh-cr.
"Wh'at, .hjeog do you now see''
ask~ed thme dlootor. ,TJhme yaning man
b,. sitat ed for a fe w nmomenth, anid
theni replied :'"L appeI~ars like a
p~oekaiss, d1ocm ori, but it r atheir thinmmk
it is your shadow."
A Kentucky bank has 1:een robbed
of $27.000.
The meeting of the friends of Mrs
Ralston, not for Wednesday evening
next is dovelo in into a formidable
of ill patronaige from these ppers
Arrangements area beiag made for
gathering will exceed in nmaguitudq
and interest anything ever known is
tau -5 Ija ciao: . On t t ocoasio
thar~Vt(4 bi ateweii
S o eo r, in ii
relations to the bank at the momnei
of his failure. Col. Wm. II. Barnes
Iidl~ib twh i'et~aeo so da z
friend of Mr. italston, will make that
address. Important rosolution, will
be submitted to the meeting, first I
the e * difibig 9r f j gondolene'
with the bereaved widow and chil
dren, and following that, a re olutioo
asking the pledge of the peopl
r0 o it a$j r
uboribo for them, nor to advertise i
them. After the resolutions hav
been submitted-and- action taken o
them, an eloquent ex-member o
livr u
banker. There is no apprehension
of any violen-e growing out of thit
meing a4n owipent olergympn will
open, with ptyeysand ithdpiood Ing
will be conducted solemnly, in order
that the country may know that it is
not the gathering of an excited rabblo,
butthe dxpr6onssf4 thkj llm at.d
ddliberdte idagmetolfrieudAor
Mr. lalsttn, who condour the aotiop
of those papers and the' part taken ith
harmony with them by the associated
preseqabroad .
trpb.lb 8 6na, linldrmo
last night spoke so highly of M.
Ralston that the congregation burst
gu w ti . ' L.lpers from
ego y uh te 're ted(ug wi 0i.
t rialA' ntin" fi topotole vi A 'aM
praise, and aliaady a dimp aubacrip
tion for a monument to his memory
is proposed,-Co r. Y. 'T Intd.
f2-i# L Ill-L
Lavengld hitdt.
* *< "And you'll say yes,
won't you, l[attle ?" he asked, .in a
.trembling tone.
'Oh, as for that, John, you knew. I
love you ; but-" -
"Uut whaty Hattie .
"You know, you are awfully poor,
ahd fdher w ill never consent, I
wish.he wasn't so proud and ,weal
" " It'm pride and wealth, is It, thag..,
id''tilo way? Vell, I doni't ,give a
nicele fQr his' .wealth ; and as fur
pride, Ilattie, I-have as nuch of that
as.anybody, and I wouldn't care a
splint in my old straw hat', if he was
worth ' :nillion d lhtrs I wotild
m~arr'y y ou just; ilt ease !
The -laly reahred over, the -saiiad
to ring for ice 'water, but somiehow
her jewelled hand'reAted for a : o
ment in The'gtcnt brawny one of .Jnlti
aind they woro happy.--'-M. Josl'I
nlomlinee for Governor of Ponnsyl
v'anin, is a native of Ciambria county,
and,wya beral is I 25. llo hasprac
tiod'lav at' Job astown for anony
years, and has devoted his life to hli~s
partisan, andt was of tell cnlled to tyke
a jlao on tho tiet. In 1856'lhe
caape wit1lun a few vot'os of defoetiag
Coh, .ldie for. Congress ini the strong
republican district of Iiutingdon,
lilair, Camibria and diomerset, and in
1858 be Was reniominaited fur Cone,
gross, tuirjofoajed by 8,S. Phiir bj
Ils ticet. In 1860 he was ele ted
the democratic nominee for Supreme
J dge, but was defoag by, Jmzdge
\V ilhamis by 8,101 'iajornty.' two
years ago the peoplo of Schuy '
against Judge Ryan, and he wv
elected by o.'or throe, Rousand im?
jority. Since then lhe has devote
hidi'self to his judicial duties, and
discharged them most aeptbly.
Auut 094 on? fstit utionaliset. ~
A Dellerous O fer.
"Uncle Pete"vss asked to. sw
scribe IOfty cents to his bhreona's tala
-"Can't do it, 1 tell ye. IKase
dore'shiluhrd timesa 'proaci,'
"Oh, no, l'ote, do craps is good,
and we hab plenty woney dhs W~in
"You'*e a fool I How kin dat be
when I heer M~r. Joeomps up dar at
do bank say dat do Chioraforney
Bank done busted, jis like dat Freed
N 1'hjek L'itt 1C. Cfd4 'scr'he
niuthin', honey, but I'll lend de
p reacher my wood saw and buck, of
lhe wantIsto yearn somethin."
ThIs pro'yositin ws not aooept
ed.-Atlaunta &onsitut ion.
J'j t- -OAIfhy, Aha 'keoctive,
has captured two of the nmen who
throw the traln off the Air Line
t ailroad, near Seneca City, on the
2'4th of Jay, by which accient an
engirnoor was illl'od and sevetai ears
wreaked. Theia parties arrested are
J. N. Smith, a discharged section
mastor,---hlan thor, discharged see.
thon hand. The latter confessed thle
crime, alleging that it was .prompted
by motives of revenge,
a aW~rt~ lo t
a" ti as w
Ireoll, presided over
Laughlin, Esq. The o lo.
wne that between two ItdyorN
in Imi del, who bad both t it
X(J r rso Onc
ud Lb t Doll
wne Seca to forlu.
aVU1t 8i pih 'ni tad fe1!'helad t,
until lFrid ai~j '11'e~ emereq Was ab4
gi 4en ltb tbDI jnivy4'f V w V~eide'ded-ra
tdould ;' 4Gso_ s._ a oolye mpiel
f4r tbq, l1,g6e 4c.T, :", ?$O34?M lat
tprayod tb,#peil aon .,of .,fis~ ,f4AR t
ujon'thU gtouii1t4itr4t~file b
geode were gcudors. Jioe4lwa3,.' 4
learuefrap garjm1l o&ohi .Awe hour~
*6' fuA9cetiubka M' 44nii"we;
wore not dod pqt~ei4, isad h t3
the ieeJ g. :.j3PVyd~pr ke'elleked
the learned Judge with bid. lutst ar
rn~lof legal'auth:tity,sbut His Hlonor
gwads owetiib and0 ddoldod that e
The Court 'Idjqurnod late Satu~r
day afternoon, having tried onl Slc
goose case at! tits Boat tu~vthe co)utt
id.f)I45O, ;but 'having' ,c.,ttibLiahed
for all' fututege-iertions i tho great
legal priuncipie, that a gander is, a
ANowJoseey eJitorwroto-ii lonig
ardil ni t ,,' hy' are woiiten
dcloti'V :';': - intrked' it ft 'No.
1.' Th'en ho wcrnt bo.lio i~nd threwv
)i:a ovenooat,Qvef the lotintgo ;,uthe
inside pocket of which, aIftoi agil
expiratioii,! his wife~found ai letter
wbiob..tconoludetl, in., thebo" words':
Doln't let your skinny old 'wifese
seized a poker and uhasod'liW1i ti.
entoil h~fldb~4lIr~t'~lii 4around thec
hou.eruefore she knooked baini dow6
the brP~b tt~ e. 1'It i% 'thought- that
No' of'tW ii 'arti*irj'eu'dqdIdite V'
will never be wirit. eji,'
*The Now Maven PIalladium to ays
tht a b04eh'&io in tutut city lias in.
vonuttd a new 'iaeihdd 'Of- prspcllIng
boats, by whichb'hocoti' ot~Ant dR Wtoed
of five nmileq ' fib' hobr, withmout ally
46Waab" from the .propeller.; The
U~bnt has' t.*o"' loln parallel Ito each
ut m 'r -olid, t on uthorn gu air-'tit.
into which aiir is f cmed..by/,ttuiea3 of is
smiall stoain :engine.. The. comipressed
air is conveyed to the top of, the
wvater under LIi bb'tit, anid allowed to
6.caio on the aurfaoe' of' the 'water,
th~ lasdumnc6 it moots "-being relied
uponj Cyr tho p'rpnlsion lof the bout.
The Iwo k evls+ ro iuttendel to 'keep
the coimpraso, sir from. uiig dis.
r ' :D <it A~e Yil~y bu'
*.S:'a~i7U 4, VO~L), hOARSE NESS
C~rbolic Tablets
op th E"ll,?hn ~
uetn olowa &Co,IN iSOUtflph
ri 111 TATION :
.~~~~~bm I 1Pbtr u! i
fl. k t ''set nd yo nst'oe
ever' sstdvrusehe O.C
4Ue1.a~gebogadPlas Wiae"
Whoever it tit Dcci red
ib wc roen-t i ly pncl fo diorr of ~tpe
:t", LiverANBD wailia /a.c14
ioaaet s 1101 ft P ays o. ba a, l dieo
,'wbjetablsheitslf aos an perfec rtegu-a
land"tes ao e ap ly for fod iosory o the
sysemo r ht n ,1 w ce imror i actio o fs
ahe gLwoivr n li o ll h tI 'rc
II is not a Pits cE but, bylstimati nga
the lao 1111( rai iorcas et;angralesl
lPiiy~ 1en ' ie o dll a .ltuie:an reul ateAs
rorenir I'y t . hntuIoowa
lulus to Pr.n Duretad Bittrs, Day Stisa
assst d igsin an thstmu
4pYEiS!t'y. P ieN oeIAtR dor~D a ) otl. sk;
LSoWES L1iatlVINe Pa. ES
Pines Prap frer and 10nvelopy res.
ILa A~ . D
Just ILecliod a Full Stock of
Cotton .Laswes, , :
Chinobo incn
Jercal1y , -
S*iss mdlids,
Cheeke Caebrios,
Corded Japoiets.
Whito and
Clothing, [lats, Mena Furnishing,
Goodq, Cassimors, Cottonades
Hlosiery, Oloves, Trunks,
Wooden-ware, and
the best nIsort
ment of
ever brought to this market, all which
will be sold cheap for
N. B. A few pieces of damaged
Dress Goods at 121 and 16 2 3 oouts
per yard.
W. H. Flenniken & Co.
I. L. Dannenbrg
.s dmr
Best Stock
sop 4
FFP~RS for salo the following rety
O P1opular brands, vis:
Dradley's Sea Fowl Guano.
C. C. Coe's Superphiosphate.
Bradley's Ammoiated Dissolved
Rloyal Guano Comapoud,
.Bradley's A ci d Ph osphate.
Parties wishing Guanos by the ear-load
can have them ordered to Doko,.Ridgeway
Lyies' Ford and strothmer's statIons, as I
anm agent far the entire County of Fair.
field. Time sales due .November 1lt.
F'or arrang~ements on time and price jjh
cotton option aftppyo
3te irt2 Etoe
AIlD Fk A4
10,000 yds. Standard Dqmes
tic and Bairneo Ba 4ing.
100, brindles Arrow and
Wed-e Ties.
100 lbs. baling Twine.
50 kegs Nails assorted.
4 dozen Axe0.
A lot of Wooden Ware, Shoes,
and a'general assort
ment of
se)t. 4
Scribner's Monthly,
Apetob's Journal
Eolectic Magasine,
Ifarper's Basaareb,
New York Weekly,
Now York Leger,
Franzkkr estI. 'a illu.trafed,
Waverly Magasin e,
Days' Doings,
New York Tribune,
New York Ledger.
Hiymn Booksa,
-.apd Nelsogl Book,
'-bt 8AJISjY-,r
NMliastr & Brico,
aug 24____
-A T
VIll be of'ered (a a tremendogg 8toos' of
B~ry Gods~,
1-oots ana 8oso,
ino, C., Squieor, 8, WoIto,
J .RA A. :J L .-jI .')h-1
8 Doors West of pAkO/ 7tce
OXY .to
I *.
--O F
Where we constantly keep on
hand a fully supply of good
Horses : Mules,
a.a.x..m ol. 3Err 3..
march 25
Arrived !
Fall Calicoes, Sea iland Home 'pun.,
Ginghanms, Hickory Strip es.- C ecked 0.4.
naburg.<, Papet- 'anisbrion, Gehttemen'.
Linen and Paper Collars.
Ladies' Linen Cuf,
erl Des and
Toilet. t8oa s.
Fiddle Pows,
Tuck Combs, Hlair BrVushes, 8lhoo Brushes,
Supe1r Coruer [email protected], Spool-Cotton, Plus,
Needles and so rytih,
-.-- OFFER TO-DA Y $
---FINE GL ASS-- '
Salvers, PItcher and Water
Pano1 Patented
HB oss'e wl ene fot'- the
eleion of taxtes on auit after the
6t b 4ey of BStIember injt. Parties are
squested to ome fo tward prompily, and
ay up, as the town It in need of funds.
JNO, A. FRlA8~I:
sept 7--t8 nn. * , ..no?

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