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if urniture-R. W. Phillips.
Just Opened-I. N. Withers.
New: A'ives-D. baudrdqt o
ow Goods-U. G. Dec ortes.
Tea and Oats-Beaty3ro. & Son.
Now 0ooda--S." Landeoker & Co.
New Dbpartr e-James S. Elder
Read thps tiqdf opening 4olo
in another n'
Aladdin So y i -. W
Dissoluttion--J nrK o .d
FancylGr ocerie P sr t
Dentist--S. Hage]g'
A'ot of h e inlyv flab r
just received at D. R. Flonnikens.
P. Bacot,- [isq., has a ;lot of supn
rior cigars on hand. We have tried
Mr. Charles Broom has the thanks
of the office for some very fine pota.
We call attention to our market
report in anothoi column. It will be
corrected weekly.
We are foiced to put Mr. Major
Hamilton's "communication" on the
outside this morning owing to the
iress of advertisements.
S. LANDECKER & CO.-Has the
largest stock of Bleachings in town.
Don't fail to come and see them. *
Jon PnINTING.-Having purchased
a large lot of now type, we are pre
pared to do all kinds of job work
with neatness and dispatch. All we
want is a trial.
ful line of Mens' furnishing goods.
The Windsor Scarf, the Broken
Plaids, among the latest. *
PIO-NIC.-The Scholars of the
Presbyterian Sunday School intend
having a pic-nic on. Timrsday next.
We hope they will have a good
We call attention to the card of
Dr. Hanckell, in another column. He
is a fine dentist and fully up to the
improvements in his profession.
BOLOGNA SAUsAoE.---lr. John D
McCarley has just received a large
lot of fine bologna Sausage which he
warrants to be free of dog and cat.
A shooting mn itch was held at
Jackson's Creek on Friday. The
matches, a friend informs us, will
be hold every Friday, for some time.
have received the beautifully print
~,ed and very interesting book, bearing
the above title, and are ready to is
sue them out to parties holding
cards. A
TunE EcLIPRE.--Don't fail to rise
early to-morrow morning and wit.
ness old So] creep from his hiding
p~laco dressed in a neat suit of
DEBATING CL~UB.-Some of our
young men have organize:, deba
ting club in towvn, with the ~olloig
officers: T. K. Elliott, President
and T. H. Kitchen, Sec. and Troas.
All young men in~ town are requested
to join the club.
NEv STonx.-Th~e two ned stores
of Messrs. J. 0. Boag and Thos.
Laudordalo are rapidly approaching
completion, and in a very short time
will be filled with a choico stock of
fall and winter dry goods.
Col. D. W. Aiken has written a
letter advising farmers to endeavor
to make arrangements with their
merchants to -deliver only a' portion
of their cotton at present, and -pay
interest for the privilege of holding
the balance until the price rises.
The Editor returns thanks to Mrs.
W. H. Williams for a pair of beauti
ful picture frames, manufactured
from native burs, acorns, and berries
tastily finished, and with the pictures
enclosed forming q1uito an ornament
for a bachotdr's sanctum.
FURNIrrJan.--We dropped in at .the
furniture establishment of Mr. R. W.
Phillips last Saturday, and were
shown the 'handsomet lo~t of furni
hure we have ever seen in this town,
We cordially recomnmend Mr. Phil.
lips' goods to those of our frien&i
dot Suay. afternoon to welcome
d'~ dour young friehd Tno. C.
SO''r, of the firm of J. C. Squier &
d0 ihohahr boon' absent' several
we ke in, othom, pjirohasing new
go"ds. Johnnie is the picture of
gobd health. .
xo--ix.-he colored firemen
end celebrating to-day, their soc-.
da nnivorsgry, with a pic-nic, and
Uto have a jolly time generally in the6
woods. They 'uiderstand how to
get up good dinners as well as to
put out fire. " We wish thein a good
Littlo Alice 1Iorris came near
Meeting with' a- 'serious ' accident
Thursday aftornoon. While out
riding she was thrown from the
buggy, the wheels passing over her
n4k. Fortunately she was not badly
M2RE TRQoPs.-.A battalion of 450
U. S. Trfnpe were,to have arrivad in
Charleston Wednesday evening from
Fortress MIonroe. We are at a loss
to know the object of sending more
troops to this State. - Everybody
knows that we haven't said or done
anything since the boys serenaded
H onest . John -Patterson last fall.
But such is lji3 !
Jeter and Henry .Williams were be
fore Justice Robertson Wednesday
for refusing to pay poll tax. They
plead guilty, and paid up in prefer
ence to going to jail. Sam Egleston
was bound over the court of general
sessions to answer the charge of
malicious mischief.
WHOLEsALE HousE.-By referenc
to our advertising column it will be
seen that Messrs. James S. Elder &
Co., have opened a wholesale dry
goods store one door north of F. El
der's. These gentlemen intend doing a
strictly wholesale business, and will
sell goods as cheap as can be bought
in New York. Don't fail to give
them a call.
handsomest stock of Mons' and
Boys' Clothing in town. Don't fail
to call.
Familiar faces are always gladly
hailed among us. This is certainly
a fact regarding Mr. P. P. Toale's
advertisement which appears in an
other colunn. We can safely say
that Mr. Toale is the Champion
Manufacturer of doors,- Sash and
Blinds, to which he adds a large list
of requisites for the completion of
any building. To the needy we say
"send for his prices." *
Monna STAR.--This well knownm
saloon wvill open for thme fall and
winter season on Friday. Mr.
Groeschel, the proprietor, informs
us that lie will keep constantly on
hanmd, oysters, fish, game and every
thing else that can be had to tempt
the appetite of the most fastidious.
Fred has -charge of theo cooking do
partment, and every one knows he
fixes things up in style.
Ayss.IN. L4URE~s.-,The latest
news' from ILaurons, says the New
'b ry IHerald, is that Washington
a~nd Walker Scholl, brother andI
nephew of Dr Sh61, have' been ar
rested for the murder of Crews.
It is said. that there are no less
than hventy.'olid iarrand~ ready 'to
be served. And now begins again
the reign of terror in that unfortu
nate County.
TAr JUsTICE CoURTs.-Hannah
Cork and May Walls' voe before
Justice Robertson on Saturday the
former for the hog stbaling, the lat
ter for asstau,1. and battery. Both
were convicted, but paid fine and
costs in preference to going to jail.
On Friday Wilson Jeter' was tried
before Justice Robertson for wife
beatin.; IW, ~vas "c9n'victe, -"and'
turned over to the tender mercies of
the jailer for 15 days.
Jmwisn YEAR.--The B0th of Sep
tember, 1875, is the 4st day of "'ishri
in the Jeowsh calendatr, and iAlnmwn
as New Year's Day, being th~e first of
the Jewish year. The 9thm of QOto
ber will be the Day of Atonement,
which is the strictest fast day ob
served by' the Jews. On that day,
b~eginning at 6 o'clock the previous
evening, they abstain from all food
anid drink, ujntiW4prk gf the 9th.
The postal card fator'y at Spring
field is now making cards of the new
patterai at the rate' of abont 600,8OO
a clay, bit as th;g-at 1ill 2,270
000 in the vauitjtht public will no
do any oOr spoding on, the nie
cards uddtIlie mo1t0. Tl4
card base fine 'surface than th
old, and can be used for copyin
with a press, .It is heasier tha
the old car1, .but is calendered a
thoroughly that it is somewha
plete Stock of Ladies' Notions, Co
larottos, and Hamburg Nading,
Everything to please the eye. *
Wilsow Jeetermado application t
Sheriff Irif-'hrrsday night to b
put injail. for wlipping his wif<
Nto said' he kuowed he was in d
hands ob. do law, and dorefore corn
and give himself up. Joter wa
turned over to the. jailor' who cor
ducted him to a sell.' On entering hi
quarters he requested the jailor t
furnish him with a bible and geoF
raphy. We are at a loss to kno
what ho wanted with two books, bu
our devil suggests that he wished t
find the shortest road to that borun
from whence no traveller returns.
Senator Dub J. Walker of Chest(
passed through Winnsboro yesterda
on his way to Cohunbia. Th
reverend Senator was convictodi a
the present term, of conspiracy t
defraud the County and was sec
tenced to 1 year in the ponitentiar'
When School Commissioner tw
years ago, he and a board of schoc
trustees forged a school cortificat
for $80 we believe. Credit is du
solicitor Ma:Lckey for his conviction
It is to be hoped that Walker wi:
not be pardoned out.
Scribner for October closes th
tenth volume of that popular magi
zinc. This number is unusually it
teresting, containing an interestini
account of a trip to the grand Cino:
of the Colorado, that wondorft
region almost entirely unknown ;
very diverting extravaganza on thI
adventures of Pierrot, Warrior an
Statesman ; an article on Poi
ascribing his weird originality t
insanity ; and other very interostin
tales and sketches.
St. Nicholas for ,October is als
Iull of interest for the young folki
It is the most charming magazine c
its kind we have yet seen. Bot:
magazines published by Scribner 1
Co., 743 and 745, Broadway N. Y.
TRAMPS.-The papers everywher<
but more especially North, are to,;
vith accounts of the thefts, and
some instances mur'ders, commiittec
by the common tramps who ar
prowling over the country from Da
to Beorsheba, and much good advic
is given in regard to thoem. Therei
an astonishing increase of vagrancy
and thousands of idle, vicious cren
turea,, who are too lazy to mak
bread by honeost toil, resort to ever
conceivable evil practice. The
prowvl through the country in ever
kind of guise, and it were well fo
pecople in unprotected situations t
keep a sharp look out on their at
tions. Watch such characters a
cats watch mice, lest they do barn
and do niot admit them into you
houses without due precautions.
SERENADE.-On the 20th of laii
May when the Fairfield Fire Engin
Company v'isited Charlotte on tI:
occasion of the Meclenburg Ce1
tennial, they w~e most lgospjta~b)
entertained by Dr. Isaiah $irqjsp
bf that City. On Monday nigli
last the Citizen's Cornet Band an
many citizens took advantage, of
visit of Dr. Simpson' to Winnsboi
to pay their respects to him and mal
somne acknowledgmneht of their al
preciation of his kindness to thren
The band discotursed some deligh
ful munsi,'~ 'after 'vbioh the part
were invited in by the recipient
the . serenade. An abundance <
refreshments wvere laid out, of wvhi<
all partook heartily. Compliment
ry toasts wore drunk, iind mirth at
jest went round till a'late hour. - TI
city fathors an'd many leading cii
zens were present. The afl'
passed off most pleasantly. Thi
is orie ef the, first fruits of the "ce
tebnial peace policy."
Pr. Simpson's professional visi
to Winnsbor0 have caused him to, 1
widely and favorably known. S&t
cess attend him.
ANNIVE1sARY.-ThO colored H0<
and Ladder Company celebrati
their 2nd anniversary on last Satu
day. They formed' at 4iheir trat
house at 11 Ai. sr. and mnarch<
through the principal streets, head<
by the colored ' band, to the pin
near John D. Smart's reamae
whero aU !4 e iO
t pheyn,* ---ptanr ioe
V j)o ter, with several friends croppd
7 igas he ge4erally dose, and partook
e of the hospitalities of this company
g with whom he has fought fire on
a ,sveral oceasions., A handsome
o speech was delivered by Capt. Tiacot
It of the IEngeno conay, complinont
ing thorn upon their handsono ap
poaranco and their promptness in
rushing to the resmue Qf the proper
ty of their fellow-citizens when the
. alArm of fire was sounded. After
dinner the company returned to tho
town hall and held their annual elec
tion. The following is the result:
J J. D. Smart--President.
e . Willis (ood-Viso-Pesidnt.
Center Gibou.--1st 3giraetor ; T.
0 A. Good-2nd Director'; William
e Woodwarc-}4rd . Direbtor- Ypcoe
s Butler--44h Plrecton -
.. C. R. S1 thr, Secretary ; 1Ienry
s Jacob, Treasurer; Sam Garrison and
o Sam Johnson, axemen.
Poor x & HUNT, of Baltimore, whose
,t reputation as Founders and Machin
o ists has become national within the
the past twenty-five years appear
elsewhere in our columns in an ad
Aertisement .of their well-liown and
highly regarded Jas. Leffel Turbine
r Water Wheel, as well as in enunera
y tion of various other lines of their
manufacture. We invite, for. this
firm, the favorable consideration of
t those of our readers who may be in
o need of anything in their line ; their
t machinery, wherever used, best
speaking for itself as regards quality,
durability and capacity for the work
0 designed. Send for their circulars
I before purchasing elsewhere.
If any person suffering with FEi4VlER
1 and AG UE, Iuteruijttent, or Bilious
Fever will call at the Drug Store of
McMuster & Brice, and got a bottle
of AGUJ' CONQUl ROl, their im.
e mediate cure is cortalo, ani the
chills will not come back during that
season. It contains no Quinine,
Arsenio or other Poisons, and aftet
tnking one-half botttle you will feel
n better in health than' you lhve felt
1 perhaps for years. It entirely
a o!enses the whole system; purifies
the liver and other secretory organs.
Price $1.00 per bottle try it. Ask
your )ruggitt about others who have
used it. *
Attention ! Fairfield Sabre Club
Y OU are hereby ordered to assomblo in
Winnsboro on Friday, 1st October
next, at 10 o'clock, A. Ml., in unifo'rxa end
prJoperly equipped, for drill. There will
be a business meeting at which nmatters of
special interest will be submitted to the
Ii club. Members must come prepared to
pay all dues and assessments.
By order of the President.
sept 22-x2tsept30 let Warden.
CAN be found at Browns
.. Hotel until October the 4th.
1 sep 25
Y -
Manufacturer of
r Dealer in
Bui deris' Hardware,.
4 sol.E AGENT..
c The National Mired Paibt Co., The Great
eAmerican F"irc E~xtinguishmer Co., Page Ma
chine Belting Co.
n Nos. 20 & 22llayne, & 33 &25 Pinckney eta.
4 ~ FACToni AND "ARlDs.
d Ashley Rtiver, West End Broad st.,
Ssept 23-ly
NE of the largest stocks of Millinery
and Fancy (Goods that has ever been
hi in Winnsboro has now arrived at D. Lau
dordialo's. TIhe inspection of theoladles in.
- vited. Our general stock is full in every
ad line of goods which we usually keep. We
guarantee our prices to be as low as the
elowest. D). LAUDERDALE.
i- sept28 _________
ir 2 57e c ial ticytios,
('sAu.xs LAet, EISsAYver . denotmne .
nll sp irituoust li ruors as 'W
Damnation.' Poor follow : lie kne
tg whnereof~ he spako. by end expereta, an
If living, would apply the same to Aleo
e hobo Excitants, adver:,ised as t!urealis.
c- Hut, there i one TLonie and Alternative it
existence-.the best tiho woral hafs aevier
known.-which contaIns no alecohol. It Is
D~r. Walker's 1)allfornia Vinegar flitters.
STsAxt Powna PalNTINoJ --Ptmphlets of
d all L in:In 'are cheaply and e x pst iorualy
-prinited by Walker l',vs~ & Cog.well,
(4harles'toni, S. C. 'I loir ;.ream' sri'e in
k fll bat on thai-, cine's eI wisu a, br still
their l'acilitie. m. so gitent th,,t the, oi.
CI al way ',s r''i o t fr imine wT or k ',-. 'ec..li1s6
d or Mo~reiig, (evenstient colh.y'e ton.
S I rtenconents, $peoches,- tiri -f, &e., &o.,
. ar~e executed In the best, style and with
ges~Aa istch.as
fthea 8initooos of lAver coplaint. are tte
the p:iln Is in the afoiulder, hpd is 9pistak
ed with the loss of appetite aeit siokness,
teratingwith lax." The head'is troubled w
tlderahle lo..n of memory, accompanie4 wit
nomething -wh oh ought to have ben done;
and low apirits. Sometimes many'of the a
very few of them : but the liver is general
Is warranted' not to contain a single
particle of Mercury, or any injurious
mineraml substance, but is
containing thoseSouthern roots and fierba
which an allwio Puovidoueo has placed
in countries whero Liver Diseases most
prevail. It will cure nil diseases caused
ty doraugmems of the Liver and Bow
Simmons Liver Regulator, or Medicino.
To eminently a family medicine, and by
bAing kept ready for immediate resort will
save many an hour ofsufferiug and many
a dollar in time and doctors' bills
\fter over Forty Years trial it Is still
receiving the most unqualified testi.
monials to its virtues from persons of th e
highest. character and responsibility.
Eminent physicians commend it as the
Effectual Specifo.
for consumpti in, Headache. Pain in the
shoulders. Dzziness, Sour Stomach, bad
titato i the mouth, billions attacks, Pal.
pitat ion of the Heart, Pain in the regions
of the Kidneys, despondency, gloom and
forebodings of evil, all of which are the
offspring ofa diseased Liver.
For Dyspesla or Indigestion.
Armed nit It this antidote all climates and
chatges of water and food may be faced
without. fear. As a Remedy in Malarious
Fevers, Bowel Complaints, restlessness.
Jaundice, Niusea,
It is the cheapest, purest and the best
Fiamily Medicine in the world I
Buy no powders:or Prepared Simmons Liver
Regulator unless in our engraved wrap
per with Trade mark, stamp and signa-ture
unbroken. None ether is genuine.
Macon, Ga., and Philadelphia.
Simmruouns' Liver Regulator.
Por all diseases of (lie Liver, Stomach and
Sf.leen. As a remedy in
?ialarious Fevers, Bowel Complaints,
D~yspopsia. hiecntal i)epression Best.
lessness. Jaundice, Nausea. Sick
Ilcadlehe, Colic, C'onsipa.
lion and Billioumness.
O to
Juo r um
Being now pre.psred for tihe F\~LL T RAIU
morobints to mny large and varied stoek of
Olasses, Keoroseno Gooil
A great nart of it IMPPO'RTlED DIRECOT
always keep a large stock or
Mty thorough knowledge of the busines
Years. enables meteo bumy at the lowest ig'
a hich (lie retailer can realize a harndsome
'W MA . 'Ea."
128 Meetl
aus13 )-2 an.
J ust Received.
A comp'etc assortment of Fancy and
lieavy Groceries oosisaing in part
of ilacon, Lsrsi, 1ins, &Iolasse., Flour
&c., 4anned Goods, Pickles, crackers
cheese &c,
A lot -f thie finest, Llquws in town,
Corn, Rtye, Biarbon. l8herry and Port
Wines, Dr.ndi~. of all kinds.
Iwish to state to mny friends that I
~aavereopened my lBar, where they can
aliways find a Airst clnss drink.
A large lot of tine Chewing and S nick
ng Tobacco and Cagas, low for Cash,
sept. 20 It. J. ,ecarley.
Clover Seed
A Nf Lncerne, and a good assortment
... of Turnip seeds just in timne for the~
next rain.
I .an 18
iea pess aut p iai in tihe side. 8omoti in
en for rheumatism. The stamaoh is affo o
bowels in general costive, sometimes a
ith pain, and dull, heavy sensations con
It painful sensation of having left undone
Often complaining of weakness, debility
bovo attend the disease and at, other times
y the organ most involved.
"I hwe never seon or tried such a
simple eflicaoious. satisfaetory and pleas.
ant remedy an my life."-II. Ilaines,
Louts, Mo.
Hon. ;Alex. H Stephens.
"I occasionally use, when my conditie
requires it. Dr. Simmons' [iver Regula.
tor with good effoot."-Ilon. Alex. il.
Governor of Alabama'
''Your Regulator has been in use in my
family for some time, and I am puirsuaded
It is a valuable addition to the medical
seience."-Gov. .1. Gill S sorter, Ala.
"I have used the Regulator in my fami
ly for the past seventeen years. I can
safely recommend it to the world as the
best medicine I have ever used for il
class of diseases it purports to curd
I. F. Thigpen.
President City Bank.
"Simmons' Liver Regulator has proved
a good and eflicacious :ediciue."-C. A.
"We have been aqualnted with Dr
Sin-mone' Liver Medio.no for more than
twenty years, and know it to be the best
Liver Regulator offered to the public."
M. R. Lydn and II. L. Lyon, Dollefontaini
"I was cured by Simmous' Liver Regu.
lator, after having suffered several years
with Chills and Fever-"R. F. Anderson.
The llergy.
"I Have been a dyspetic for years ; be.
gnn the Regulator two years ago ; it has
acted like a charm in my case.' -Rev. J
C. lolmes.
Ladies Endorsement.
"I have given your medicine a
thorough trial, and in no case has it failed
to give satisfaction."--Ellen hleacham,
Ciattahooohee, Fla.
Sheriff Bibb County.
"I have used your Regula'or with eao
cesful effect in Billions Colic and Dys
pepsia. It is an excellent remedy and
certainly a public blessing."-O. Master..
son, Bibb County Ga,
My Wife.
"My wife and self have used the Regu.
later for years, and testify to its great
virtues."-Rev. J. Felder, Perry Ga.
" think Simmons Liver Regulator oqe
of the best niedinines ever mano for the
Liver. My wife and many of hers, have
used it. with wondoiful effect."-E. K.
Sparks, Albany, On.
M. D.
"I have used tlio Regulator In my fami.
ly, also in my regular pract ico, and have
foutnd it a most vnluable and satisfactory
edicine, and believe if it, was used by
e profession, it would be ef service in
snany cases. I know very much of
mponent parts, and certify its medi
ual ities are perfectly harmiess.".--.
Iggs, M(. D Mao n, Ga ,
FROM $1.00 to
To moot the demannd for a
Safe and Reliable
A-r A rnsiou witin the reach of all
lever was Medicine so Ddservedly Peniali
111am L.s Webb,
E FOIR I876, I wish to call time atten lon of
A, Japuinnil Waro, &c.
F ROM RIOPE. Besides staple goods,)
s, acquired by an experience of /Iwent,
tres, ad consequenutmy to sell at prioo .
ng Street, OJHARLESTON, tS.
Talal Jesstice.
8&-Al business entrusted to him wil
receivb prompt attention.
11. A 0. AILAtr,. R. Ml. Davn
Cotton Will Not t. ay !
T iIE REFO)RE buy Etiwati Guano
Bradley's Phosphate, or Efareka
for Wheat and Oats. For sale by
sept 18
A-iE8II lt jtst received,
ept 7 , 5BATX. DnO. 80
M Y stock of Fall and Winter Goode is
now complete and open for in
spotion. It comprises a choice selection
of Dry Goods of all kinds, I eidy-Made
Olothing, Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods,
Boots and Shoes, Hate and Caps, rookery
and so forth. The prices shall be as low
as any this side of New York.
Goods by the Plece at Wiolesato
Prices for Cash.
Ladios'ELinon Hdkfu. from $1.00 to $3.50
or oz.
CalioOOD from 61 to 10 ots.
Blonohod Domestios from 7 to 19 ots.
Brown " "+ 8} to 15 ots.
Suits of Clothing from $3.75 to $35.00, and
other articles in proportion. A Ano as
sortment of Gontlomon's, Boys', and
Ladies' Custom Made Shoes, warranted
free from shoddy and guaranteed to givo
Give me a call and you will save money.
Groat inducements to cash buyers.
I. N. Withers.
sept 28
W.II.Flenlien& Co
Just Reclred a Full Stock of
Linen Lawns,
Cotton Lawns,
0Grena.d Inca
I.hinoso inen,
Swiss Muslin,
Check' Cambrics,
Corded Jaconots..
White and
&Q. &
Clothing, Hats, Mens Furnishlng;
Goods, Cassimers, Cottonades,
H osiery, Gloves, Trunkas)
Wooden-ware, and
the beat assort
went of
ever brought to th is market, aillwhip1h
willbe sld ooapfor
N. B. A few pecs of da.amged
Dress Goods at 12) and 16 2'S:eentg.
per yaid.
W. H. Flennlkeni & Co,

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