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.1. alE.INS DAVIS, Editor,
WedIcsl)y .lorning, October f&, 1874.
Col. Pat L)jnitn, who, in the Lox
ingt:>n (Mo.) Caucasian, out-Pomno
royod Pomeroy, has succeeded Hon.
Josiah Turner in the editorial muan
agoment of the Raleigh Xentinel.
The eleotion ill Charloston took
place yesterday. We have not heard
tho result but 11o1) that the Cnn
ninghaml ticket has bCo victorious.
The Bank of California resumed
business on Saturday, and deposits
have already exceeded the sums paid
out by a quarter of a million. The
re-opening was the occasion of a
great celebration.
The Carpet-baggers claim that
every immigrant is a carpet-bagger.
'.'hero is about the saino lifl'erence
between the honest immigrant and
the carpet bagger its there is be
tweon the farmer who raises a crop
and the rogue who steals it.
(ong ressmn Simalls was acquitted
of the charge of raising a check on
the St-ito treasury. A claim for him of
$250 pasei the legislature. But the
check pai .1 by the treasurer was for
82.501. Either Smalls or the clerks
of the legislature are responsible for
this fraul.
To-,lay is the day big with the
fate of Bill Allen and of inflation.
By sun down the issues of
the next campaign will have proha
bly belen decided. Iowa, and Ne
braska also have an election to day.
In the former, amendments destroy
ing all lostillction as to raco and
sox will be voted upon.
A'nor:c.ui Girl droppod doeii on
t'ie race track last week at Elmira
N. Y. She had madlo a brilliant.
recordi oil Ohe taurf ats o11e of the
fastest trotters in the world.
Wlhile sp:Irt.ing muen will grieve over
her lose, her owner will feel peculiar
sorrow, for he had recently refused
$26,00U for le They talk of
cre ing a $1,000 moniiuient to her
'l'he Kcnes c) ('our ir niade a
(ia1nlleent light in the late mutici
patl enmipatign, at 1.ih ell'e1t of its
telling blows is shown ill the over
'olore 1 v'oter's for thep m~annelr inl
whichi they threw aside race amlh
par~ty pre"ju1dices' il battled in a
for hazrmon liy over the1 whole St ate.
is hazving. at scoriy ses The
two padries ard at olmui warI with
ea:chi other and thaIelohae aro) very
ner'imnious. TPh e radIials reso rt
to dilatory mnotionis to impodo~l 1pro
gress. The session one day last
week was5 peuliairly stormy, thle
ritadus (exhib.itinlg that disorder in
the hall was invadecld bly armed ne
groes from the lobby. The consor
vaiv. however have a majority
andl can sCCeca in the end in eatr
ry ing their measures. Thec c Imven
tioni by at stricL pary vo(to (of 54
yea*j to 56 niays refusedl tot remove
the dlisabhilities ('f (ov. Holen who
was imipeached for his flagrant mis
Rev. Dr. Porteous was recently
dlrownied near New York while out
boating. Dr. Porteoons was ani
English clergyman wvho gained greait
lpularity with the peop1)1 and was
ahvawys quarlinh~g with his vestries.
jfe eame to Amerien a few vors
a1go, and( was1 liene to preachl hy
Ibishop1s Potter and Littlejohn. His
heate rodoxy caused a revocation oIf
his le'tte'r, atfter wVhich ho openeld an
indep enden t chaptlel. Hec was very
chwt~ient and ver~y inldepenOdent.
Thoir is a rumior that he and the
two' other moan in the boat at the
Iilmed of the disasoter werc Isometwhiat
li s remaU.ins wereV( re'coverede:1 antd
his fueratl services wer'e proatchod,~
by a Methodist clergyumn, an Epis
copal minister hav-ing 'cfused to
(ofit'inte b)ceause oIf the heterodoxy
0- [lhe deceased.
We do not agroe with thes Colum
l;otia'i.4isk, "the organ of the State
de~ms.ierav in iti z-..ea:- tha it
faees cause neither to rejoice in nor
regret the victory of the coalition in
Charleston. In our humble opinion
it is the greatest victory for reform
and good government yet achieved
in this State. The clarion tongue of
the News co Fourierin the campaign
sounded the key note of the proper
policy that must be pursued. It is
the most logical, the most equitable,
and so to speak, the most winning
policy that has yet been suggested.
It has been ratified by three fifths of
the voters, white and colored, of the
city by the sea, and we believe to
day is tacitly endorsed by three
fifths of the voters of the State.
We trust our contemporary will
look a little more closely into the
subject and find in it cause
to rejoice.
We must also say that while
we have no objection to our vigorous
young contemporary becoming the
organ of the "democracy" we must
be convinced that the policy it
advocates is the proper one and
represents a majority of the
conservativos. We' firmly believe
that this majority while regretting
the necessity of defeating Goi.
Wagoner, do rejoice in the victory of
the coalition policy, and they do not
beliovo that the "radicals" of Charles
ton "have dragged the conservatives
into the dust of their own degrada
tion." Such talk as this will not do
in these days of compromise and
general good feeling.
The Thornwell Orphanago is
is a most deserving object of chari
ty. It was founded a few yers
sinco at Clinton, Laurens County,
a id has received up to the present
time about live thousand dollars. A
large brick building has boon erect
ed at a cost of $5,000, one half of
whichii has been paid, and this will
acconmodate from forty to fifty
orphans. It is purely a ' charitable
institution, the offiers connected
with it receiving no coipensation
whatever for their services. This
institution is now appealing for
aid, We trust it will be furnished.
'Jhcro is no nobler object of charity
in the world than the friendless
orphan, who, deprived of his natural
)rotectors, relies uipon the public
t.o maintain him and to rescue him
from the downward course which
he will take if left to himself. Con
trilutions may h) sent to Wi. B.
Bell, Esq., Clinton, S. C.
Gleorgia and North Carolina pa
pers will persist in dictating to the
conservativos of South Carolina
what course they iall pursue.
This is in (exceedinigly had taste, for
they kniow~ nothinmg of thme p)oliticali
:otit.ion in onr State, and is it more
over' 'onltraIry to the princiiples of
demoe)(rne(y for which thmey pr'ofes
so gr'eat an esteem ;for one of the
fund (amenitall priniciples of demnocracy
TIheso paipers aliso contlinu ially
bring upl chariigos that thme conserOvaL
tivo press of South Carolina is subl
sidized, because it advises South
Cazrolinam conser'vativos, w~hio are inl a
miniority of 30,000 votes, to coim
proumise, just as the democrats and
repiulican'211 in nmany Nor'thern
States are comipromuising andl achiev
ing victories. It is time these stale
an md false ch arges were dropped.
It might just, as well b~e argued that
thme demnociratic pre'ss of North Care
ia hadu been subsidized by the
radcuals to urge a conivention, that
in the elec(tionl foir thin thme radi
eal parit~y nmight obltaini a i nmrical
fmajori ty. Our contempor'arien may
say umerely that in their opinion
we are mistaken, but let themn ro
fr'aini hereafter from calling us dis
rThe0 Municipal election in Charles
ton on thme sixth instant resulted in
a Sweeping victory for the ticket
nominated partly by thmo independ
ent republicane anid par'tly by the
c'onservativoes. The vote for Mayor'
w~as for Cumnninghami 6,217, and for
Wagonmor, 4,019. The alderman ic
tfieket received about the same vote.
This was an election of great im
p~ortaluce as5 being anI exp~eriment of
thoe new dlepar'tar'e inaugur iated with
such Hlnecess in Charleston last year
mi theO Statoe campaigni. Prievious5
t~o 1874 the0 contest was either a
straiighmt out lght between the ri'i
cais and the conservatives, in which
the latter were defeated, or else a
struggle betweon the Boe anid
the Mackey factions, in which the
conservatives ('ould( tiiko no inter
ost. But a nmow progrm'mr was
inauigiratedl last year, in which the
inldopnent remmlan- hared te
offices with the conservatives t n
the basis of numerical strength.
'This. venture was successful then,
and having boon again made
has again triumphed. We rejoice
%i the defeat of Bowen a second
time, for each defeat he sustains
weakens his gripe upon the
throats of Charleston County. %e
regret that the Germans were in
duced to adopt the policy of sup
porting Wagoner, as we believe th<
policy a mistaken one. The defeat
of this coalition would have pro
vented a similar coalition next year,
and the consequence would have
been a relegation of the county into
the hands of the unscrupulous
Bowen. Only by this coalition cai
the conservatives hope for repro
sentation in the State legislature
The success of this minority repro.
sentation move in Charleston will
havo its influence over the wholk
State, and may direct the consorva
tive policy next year. The result
will be a breaking down of party
lines and the formation of a new
party based on mutual concessions
and upon the principle that honesty
and economy are the chief requisites
in a State Government at present.
The magnificent victory of the
compromise policy will furnish the
key to the labyrinth of Southern
More trouble has arisen in Mis
sissippi. Coahama County lies in
the western portion of the State,
and contains a. voting population of
about three thousand, of whom only
are hundrol are white. The
Sheriff, a mulatto named .Brown, im.
ported a black man namod Smith:
from Ohio and nominated him foi
clerk of court. He declared ht
determination to elect his ticket al
all hazards, and purcliased powder
and buckshot in largo quantities
There is also an opposition ticket
half white and half colored, whicl
is quite popular. On the 2d Octo
bor a conservative meeting was helc
at Friar's Point, in the course o:
which Senator 'Alcorn charged
Brown with embozzling fluids
This aggravated previous hostility
between those individuals, and in con
sequenco Brown marched upon th<
town with a mob. He was mot by the
whites under Gen. Chalmers and h<
deserted his followers who retroa:ted
Three miles from town they halted
and were again dispersed with n
volley. That was the end of th<
distulirblnce. Senator Alcorn tale
grFlaphs to Attorney-Gcneral Pierre
pont that Brown was solely t<
blame aind that the whites are en
deavoring to conciliate the blaicks.
A connnittee of repub licansa, con.
msisting of ex-Senator Pease, Attor
noy General Harris, anJd U. S. Dia.
trict Attorney WVells are nowv ii
W~ashington. On Saturday they
had an interview wvith the Attorney
General and represented that thos<
diturbances( a rise p~artly from th<
demoralization attendlant upon)0 the
poli tical anid social uphewaval. Thiey
c.ensure the consor vatives for part isa
ImlaI~ures but lay the principal blamt
upon01 Gov. Ames for his ntter w?.nl
of statesmanship, his corrupt ad-1
ministration and hiis p~rosti tut iot
of his oflice to personal purpl'oses.
lie has fomnon ted discord, anid
no0w territied at the result, appeahk
to (lnmt for aid. While nome ol
tho democrats are intimidating
voters in certain quamrters, a large
amajority deprecate violence and will
atssist in preserving ordor1. The
comnmmittee endorse the action of tihe
a~hninistration, andl as it would he
i'npolitie to organiz~e a militia nlow,
they recojmmiend conciiaitioni,
though this will p)robably result in
a temporary victory for the
democracy. They holeieve however
that a repulicanzi major ity will be
obtained in 1876.
Fromi this it app~ears that Gov'.
Amnos has disgusted even his own
p).rty. He appears to b)e a comn
panion to the in famous Moses. We
ma my hope that even in Mississippi
the radicals will 51natain a defeat.
We are informed that Mississippi
is divided into three helts of popu
lation, running North and South.
The contrah belt containsm a white
majority. The two) others are over
who tigly black. Yet the repro
se.itation isiso distributed that the
conservativYes with proper effort
should control the lower branch of
tho Legislature. Heretofore the
whitca have made no earnest effort
buIt they are now thoroughly
roused, and seeing that intimida.
ion andl Federal interference are
Thngs of the past they are wvorking
ike beavers. They did propose
ighting on tihe color line, but were
dissuaded by Hon., L. Q. C. Lamar.
Mississipp has been ono/ of the
worst, oppregsed States in the South,
and we await anxiously the result of
the effort tobe made by her gallant
sons on the second of November
next to free her fromn her galling
MARRIED.-On the 0th October,
1875, at St. John's Church, Sumter
County, by Rov. Wim. H. Johnson,
S.ML. I. GAILLARD, Esq., to Miss M. S.
BEATY, B11, & SON.
MONDAY, Oct. 11.
Corrox-Salos for the past wook, 397 bales
at prices ranging from 11 ( l2
1'ricos to-day '' lb 11 _2
BAui0Ni-Standard, Domestic
and Borneo yd. [email protected]
TIEs---New Arrow lb 6
Bl~wox-- Shoulder" "o" 1;
C Sides " " 17
Bulk Shoulders " " 12
Bulk C R Sides " " 1516in
H Als--S C Canvassed " '" 1H
LAnD- " " 20
(i.rsaP --Adanentino " set 18(,25
Corrnx-O (1 Java " lb 38040
1io " ' [email protected]
ScnAn-Crushedl and
Powdered " " 15
Granulated " " [email protected] 14.
C Yellow and
Extra 0 White " [email protected]
N 0 Clarilled 1 2 1,',14
Morsisx --N 0 - gal. 90()100
Demnarara w q8t85
Mluseovado " " t:0 X75
Syrup " " 4550
1KRoH"E-- " " 35
Iat:-- Carolina lb 11l12
Con N -- '' bu. [email protected] .,20
Mar:A.-Bolted " ." 1.25
OAT - " " 75(4180
F4Loun- Super s nack [email protected](00
Family " " 4.25
Choice Family " " 4.75
SALrT- " " 2.00
NAr. -" keg [email protected]
YAn' - "bun. 1.0
J Y virtue of an execution to Ine direct
ed, I will offer for sale before the
court house door in Winnsboro on the 1st
Monday in November next within the.
legal hours of sale to the highest bidder,
the following described property to wit:
All that plantation or tract of land cr-nhin.
ing G11 acres, more or less, and bounded
by lands of estate of Richard Flanagan,
John Easler, Craton Williams, and others,
at the suit of D. H. Huff, against Josepli
Lauhon. Terms cash.
S. W. I' UFF,
oct 12-t1x2 S. F. C.
Sheriffs Omiee,
Winnsboro, 1-. C.
Oct. Uth, 1875.
B Y virtue of sundry executions to m
directed, I will offer for sale before
the court house door in Winnsboro on the
1st Monday of November next within the
legal ]ours of sale, to the highest bidder,
the following described property to wit:
All that certain lot or parcel of land in
the town of Winnsboro, 1. C., with the
huildings thereon, fronting on Congress
street 37 feet, and running West 210 feet,
and butting on lot owned by A. P. Miller,
and boun.led on North by lot No. -1 as had
down in a dingram filed in the clerk's
office of Fairlield Coe.nty, with the pro
coedings in the case of Caroline M. Aiken
against .Jas. S. Stewart, and on the souti
by lot No. 2 as laid down in same diagram.
Levied on at the.. suit of .eeket, Hingletoll
& Co., against L. W. Duvall, survivor 0:
B. F". D~avidsara and others against thesat
defendiant. Terms ensh.
All that plantiantion or tract of land, eon
taining 200J acres, more or less, and
bon'd~ed by lands of Daniel Nelson, W. A.
fluff andl others. Levied on ait the uit of
W. WV. Entzmaainger against Frederiel
Entzmainger and others against the sat
(defendant. Terms cash.
8. W. RUFF,
oct 12-t2. F. C.
STATn or Sor-vu CAnoyaNA, (
Coryn OF Fkiinr-:.n).
S. B. Clownoy, an Clerk of Court, vs. Mary
E. Myers.
I N purmaneie of an order of the Court o:
Common Pleas naaad. in the above en
tilled action, I wvill offer for snle before the
court house door in Winnsboro on the 1st
Mondhay in November next, within the le
gal honrs of sale, to the highest bidder the
following described paroperly to wit :All
that plantation or tract of land containing
eight hundred and seventy neres as pre
sented on a lait of resurvey made by B. H
Robertson, ). $., on the 5'h dlay of Octo
haer, A. D. 18119, of the lands belonging to
the estate of N. A. Peny, decensed, known
as the " 'an d Hill Place." Terms of sale:
One-half of the purchase money to be
paid in cash: for the balance a credit of
one year with interest from the daay sale;
the purchaae4~t gini his bond with [ia
mortgage of the prmaemises, and to pay for
all necessary palperrs..
S,.W. R UFF, S F. C.
Shaeriff's Office,
Winnsboro, .<. C',
Oct 4ith, 1876
oct41 -x2t l
Hazel M. Zenly and wife vs. A. C. Lyles
andl others.
-T N pursan nee of an order of the C'onri
1. of Probate in thae ahov-e entitled 1eti.
tion I will offer for sale before the Court
House dloor in Winnsboro on the first
Monday in November next at public out
oryv to the highest bidder a tract of land
lyatng and situate in the county of Fairfild
anal State of South Carolina containing one
thousand aeres more or less and bounaded
by lands of O P. Martin, Mrs. E. 8, Davis
and D). B. K. Kirkland on the North, by
land~s of A. McGill and J. K. Davis on the
East, by lands of Th'lonms Me~ill and
lands of estate of Mrs. W. N, Dawkins,
deceased, on the West, and by lands of J.
](. Dayvis on the South. Tihe above des
caibed trnet of landi will be di vided into
six parcels and sold by the seperato par
eel. Plats of the several parcels will bo
exhibited on day of sale, and the convey
aneces will bo drawn according to-the pilat,
T'erms of Sale.
One third of the purchase money to bo0
paid in cash, forv the balanos a redit of
one and two yecars with interest fron day
of sale. Each p'nrehauei to fte his bead
accuredl by a mortgago of the premises
purehased and .to pay for all necessary
S. W, R1UFF,
Hherifrs OfSeo, 1* F,'C,
Winahoro, 14. C,
Octoher, 18-75.
oet 5-x2fI
All the Talk of the Day.
Is snob that cannot be excelled month of
New York, and their styles of
men's and ladies shoes
are only to be
found at
this establishment. Children's and Misses'
dhoes are all the rage with thorn,
as their stock is the iar
gest in the Boro.
Our latest sensation in shoes are the
screwed botmmu. Box-Tood Gaiters, tl.*
latest style.
Ladies cloth gaiters, ladies kid gaiters,
ladies peb foxed kids, ladies foxed
moroocos, misses peb foxed, misses
kid shoes, misses cloth and
congress gaiters, and chil.
dren's of all styles can
be suited here,
regardless of size. also infaints' sizes in all
TO (to TO
IY a 1.<2 e c 'l. e r ' as.
We now have on hand~ a grand stock of
clothing never beofrra equalled in the
Boro, Iand~ our stock of~ dry goods
vie with anything in the town.
We have ai grand stock of
notions, laideis' wvear,
gents' furnishing
umbrellas, hats, woolen goods, jeans,
ladies' rulling, ladies' c'olleretto, bolts, cor
sets, laces and i'ambeurg edgings that over
wore behiold in Winnsbor. Now is your
time to call.
LOW ! LOW 11 LOW !!!
That's4 What's the matter. Ho ! for
the Old Stand. We are in full blast.
Delermsinedl to sell.
.nt 12
Winnsboro National Bank.
A T Winsboro, In the Sa-te of South g
Carolina. at the clos, of business
October 1, 1876.
Loans and Disoounts, $07,980 03
U. S bonds to secure
circulation, 76,000 00
Duo from approved reserve a
agents. 0,693 47
Due front otler Nationis) -
Danks, 13.417 85
Real Eatate, Furniture
and Fixture,', 1.418 70
ICurrent Expenses and
Taxes F.Pil, 1.801 01)
Premiums laid, 10.212 60
Bills et other Nntiotal linuki, I,180 00
Fractional Currenuy (hmold
lag Nickels.) 110 82
Specie, (including gold
Treasury notes) 92 l(f
Iegal Tendor Notes, T,t00 Ot
Redemption fund with U. .
Trea,. 6per at. of circulation 8,95) 00
Total $184,1W7 05
Capital Sta'- paid in, g7i,00( 0)0
8urplu. Fund, 1,681) 1I1
Other undivided profits 4,400 89
National Bank notes out
stanuling. 60.965 00 ]
lvidendis unsid. 147 5O
In.ividusal deposit subject
to cheek. 81.50-1 97
l)ue to other National 1anks, 207 68
Dills Payable 6,0t.0 00
Total $184,807 05
County of Fairfild. J
1. Samuel IS. Clowney, Cashier of the
above named liana, do aolemnl)
swear that the above statemiet is true
*o ti.e best of my knowledge and hbellef.
8/ 31UEI. B. CLOWNEY. Cashier
Sworn to and senhscribe.d before me.
this 9'h day ofOo !-e-, 1873.
M. C IOSlKtTSO)N, Notary Public.
Correct Atiest
W. R. RO1tllTSON,
A. 8 I'OUOIlAs. I)rectors.
J A SIES A. BicEf'.
Oct. 12-.ti
McMaster & Brice
HDAVE now on hand a large, and con
plote stock of goods, consisting in
part of
Boots, Shoes, Hatn, Caps, Clothing,
Cassimors, Jeans, Blankets,
and all )oucstic
Which we are offering at astonishingly
low prices.
Especial attention nalled to our stock of
Dress Goods nnd Shawls,
which we are offering at extremely low
Bleached HIomenpuns, at 8,4 10e auid ant
article 1 yard wide,, at l2b- that
caninot be
We keep on hand1(, a full line of Hosiery,
Notions, Gloves and Ladica
Tfies and Rtuffs.
We invite the attention of the public to our
Which wo guarantee to sell na low as can
be bought ini "Columubia" or any miar
ket in the 'up country."
6jN and tho "Very Biest" at 10k.
called to our stock of Gents furnishing
Hardware, (Crockery', Drugs,
Medicines, Perfumiery, Dooks,
Stationory, Paints, Oils &c. &c.
oct 0
(Car Lotad F'onr--all rades i
(1ar1 Loadt Boltedi IMen.'e
W~ bite and1( Sniokedt IBaconI and
1Rio anid .Java Coffee-"green
New Orleas~ and Coininoni
AD grad~es of $LUGA I.
Lardl in b)13., hatl -1)bl1., Kegs
Genuine Diurhamn Smnoking To
april10 I
Winnsboro Hotel,
rIs fr rent, possesin to be lven on
L st January 1870 r orswl
othe house and aontnodlate the ublic I
antl that time. For psinir app~ to '
'heBest oushold 0ol in tie World
'ndorsed by the Fire Inauranee Companier.
t- Read the flluwing ertiafcate, selected
oun many others :
ta ee a er 114t,'7 .
Irre. C. W1es t Sons:
Jentgemnen-flavrig ased the vadious oils sold fiw
ile city t'or limtni ating purpnme I take plenr , ht
emibiendlng s nur 'AlsdlIn seenrity" as the sarest
ad heiat ever lied In nir hneehnid.
Yours Truly
Wignedi ANDREW RE BK. Pest.
Auk -nnr a(ornkenpaer fir It WI.ni- sale Depot
17t, 11.. W famihard Street, Baltimore. q
nr),t 29r-atimos .
L Sel- t Stock of French, English and
Ilotci Cloths, (aussinres and l)oeskins
oct 2-3moa
30 to them and Save Money.
oct 7
New Goods!
New Goods!
large andl well aelectedl ins of choise
..W nean Lignours. <- thet finegas
A bet 0r )ssin -. ('t~',. antl nnw
bafa, kerel, lihe fine~'am in lftwm
A lo't of l.'te llologni dsaege low fr'r
'nalh by
John De Mc~arley.
sc-ps il
And Give .J. 0. Bag a Call
PRY 000DS, 1PINCY 60008 A8D ILLI
I iCH lasa just boon b)uilt and newly
~litted up especially for the ladies.
Irs. Itoag will give her special attention
s~ horotofore to this department, andi will
pare no paitis in tnkin. it the leading
lillhnery and Fancy Good Houso In the
p-outrty. WYe stndy to piensoH~ andi give
itisfaction. No trouiblo to show goods.
Iar stcsok is this departooent ill be keopt
illi and complete dn aring tho season. at
rays receiving now additions, My stock
a otber deupartrmnts is finl and comapleto.
boots, Shooa, Hanta, Clothing, Family Giro
cries, Cionfootionorica, Toba~cco, Cigar',
:e. Also on hand Purniture. Laube:,
baingles, &e, J. 0, BOAG.
oct 7
[ atth n enteevi- F-ire Insterance
aceedt 409 millhen dolth, a. Shor* rare,
naunl and term pobioies lssued. (ouns try
welling is a specialty Gi haouse
iska taken, as, reasontable rates,
JAS. W, IJAW, ngent,
1EtCURITY ,ife inance iadA aauIIy
Company.- A saeis $1,440),108 2(a.
ire. Non.Forfitare (in ten pantents.)
nadowmnat and 'nisulty I olieae issued
is Ihe snest favrnable termse.
JAS, W. L-AW, Agent. -
-NE car load Winter Onta. For safe
Jlow for Cinsh.

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