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FOt- hale-4. 0. Boag.
brEs Goods-J. H.' ro~n.
Hamburg Edgings-S. Landecier
Jtract9* ogwoo4---Dr.. W. .
Extract of LogwoQ &c-..McMas
ter & Brice.
grayed or Stolen- Robert Kin
Cheap Dry Goods-W. D. Love
& Co.
Insure your gin houses---Jas. W.
Law, Agent.
Oils",W. U. Aiken. '
Now Mackerel-Beaty, Bro. & Son
A second-hand box stove for sale
- Apply at this office.
Chicken cholera is prevailing in
Sunday was a lovely Indian 'sum
muer day, and the churches were well
A special invitation is cordially
extended to All those owing . us to
call and settle. We want money
and must have it.
The torch of the incendiary fes
troyed three houses in Columbia for
Mrs. M. W. Stratton, Monday night.
Her son-in-law, J. D. Gillman, has
been arrested and locked up as the
guilty party.
A large train load of colored ex.
cursionists passed through our town
Sunday from Columbia, their desti
nation being Chester, where there
was a big camp meeting in progress.
They returned in the afternoon.
IsUE.--Mr. James W. Law has
removed his insurance office to the
store of Mr. J. M. Galloway. Call
on him in time and insure your
dwellings, barns, gin houses, stores,
stock, furniture, &c.
We are pleased to learn from the
Union-Herald, first, that the recent
fire that destroyed Mrs. Stratton's
buildings was not a great conflagra
tion. Secondly, that it was not an
incendiarism, and thirdly that Mr.
Gillman has been freed from all sus
picion of committing the deed.
The beautiful residence of Mr.
T. R. Robertson is nearly completed
and really is an ornament to our
"burg." Mr. R., has spent a great
deal of time and money in having
it neatly and tastily built and we
are glad to say has succeeded.
He will move into it next week.
call the attention of our lady readers
especially to the advertisement of
Mr. J. H. Brown in another column.
Mr. B. will take great pleasure in
* showing them his goods, besides
sellng as chcap as any other house in
the State. _____
FOR ScARLET FEvE.-Ani eminent
physician of Chicago, says he cures
ninety-nine out of every hundred
cases by giving the patient warm
lemonade with gum arabic distsolved
in it. A 'cloth wrung out in hot
water and laid upon the stomach,
should be removed as rapidly as it
becomes cool.
gigantic circus gave two exhibitions
here Tuesday, and was without doubt
the best show that has visited
Winnsboro since the war. The
street parade was the grandest we
have ever Been. A bout 3,000 persons
visited the circus in the afternoon.
Several Mecklenburg "busted" bank
bills were passed on negroes by
*ome of the showmee.
CroAs.-Dealers in cignrs should
not fail to read the following revenue
* decision:
-WASHINGTON, October 18.
The Commissioner of Internal
Revenue will direct officers not to
* seiz~e cigars packed in paper or tin
boxes for the present, when they are
satisfied the tax has been p~aid. The
* Attorney General decides the law
does not erulit the use of a cigar
'bodtn wich the marks required by
law have not been .burnd with the
branding iron. The Commissioner
will tecornend a modification of
the law.
'The chief of polce of Columbia,
Mr. Nixon, has been indicted on the
charge of stealing the diamond pin
whose loss occasioned so much com
mett some time sinic. He was
very properly removed by the
conficll. But his attorney, the
immaculate P. 3. Moses Jr., on
tends that the council cannot re
move hinm, and the matter- 4 Ii
abeyane. This is a rich case, and
shows well the competency of the,
municipal government..
We chip the following complfmien
tar~y noice of ourselves from the
O'grolina Sparta,4 published at
Sr rg C. H., aid for which
f bow:
WIfkanono Til-WasELY NEws. -
We are glad to place Ubis valuable
paper upon our exchange list, and
pleased to find ourselves in perfect
accord with it in' )gr4 to State
politics. The}Taw . fs donervative
i politi, and its Editor Mr. R.
Means Ilavis, though a bold and
fearless writer, has the good sense
and discretion to see things as they
r"ally are ii this State.
W. D, LoVE & Co.--We call the
attention of our readers to the adver
tisement of Messrs. W. D. Love &
Co., of Columbia. This is, without
doubt the largest dry goods house
in the city, and they sell. their goods
at a very small profit above cost.
Don't fail to give them a call when
you are in Columbia.
,Quite a large crowd assembled
around an old horse that had -'fallen
in the street Thursday evening,
to witness what they supposed to be
his last moments. Not so however I
the old fellow got a whif of John
Johnson's "old cabinet," and con
'eluded he would get up and go
home, which he did. The poor old!
horse was the property of Peter,,
McGriff, and we will wager our hat'
that Peter gave a lien on his crop
this year, and besides that lie is a
mean man, or he would not keep
such poor stock as that old horse.
FALsE ALARM.-Mr. Saml. Murphy
was kind enough to excite the peo
ple of Chester very much last Tues
day. He stated that he had just re
turned from Winnsboro where
Howes' circus was performing, and
where also a general fight was going
on between the r ees, sevei blael5s
having been killed, and' several
whites and blacks wounded. If such
a fight occurred, our reporter hasn't
been able to ferrit it out. We never
have seen a more peaceable crowd in
town, not one fight coming to our
knowle2lge. Such tales as these
create difficulties, and persons should
be careful how they talk-but we
people down here know Sam.
THE FAIR.--The coming State Fair
will, without the shadow of a doubt,
be the best that has taken place in
Columbia since the war. Major
Woodward, Col. Aiken and.the rest
of the society have spared no time in
trying to make it a success, and we,
hope they will succeed. Prominent
among the speakers that will .be in
attendance on the 9th of November
are Hon. Jeff. Davis, Gov. Hendrix,
of Indiana, Gen. Colquitt and Col.
Capers of Georgia, besides several
other distinguished gentlemen. Let
there be a general turnout.
HORas STOLEN.--Mr. Geo. Robert.
son's horse was taken from its hitch
ing place last Saturday and ridden off.
A horse bearing the description of
Mr. Ri's. was taken up at Ridgeway,
but his rider, a negro by the name
of Dill Bacot, was allowed to escape.
Mr. R. has gone to Ridgeway, and we
hope the horse will prove to be the
one he had stolen from him. There
are entirely too many tramps going
through the country without any
visible means of support, Thiese
rascals should be taken up as va
grants and made to work.
The epizootic hia reached Wil
mington, N. C., on its trip to the
South, and wve wvarn owners of
horses and mules to be prepared
foi- it. We publish, for the benefit
of stock owners, the following,
which is pronounced a remedy by
a correspondent of the Baltimore
A merican : "Dissolve one teaspoon
full of crystal chlorate of potash in
a bucket of water and give to four
horses in the morning id the same
quantity in the evening, 'as an ex
pectorant. Another dose at noon is
recommended if tho disease is de
A Bro DAYS BUasFss-Tle Char
lotte, Columbia & Augusta Raffroad
on Saturday, the 16th, handled 241
ears, as follows : Loaded with cot
ton and delivered to connecting
roads at Columbia 111.; delivered
at Columbia station oni the same day'
with promiscuous freight U4; cars
sent from Columbia 50 ; on same
day the regular passenger train, one
excursion train and two cfrcus trains
from Charlotte to Chester, 60. This
was the largest day's workc ever done
on the Charlotte, Columbia & Au
gusta Railroad. So says the Cod
lumbia .Register.
THE S 'fA'r FAmD..-The State IWafr
which will comsnence on the 9th of,
November next promises to be an'
imnportant event in more thant one
respect. We are informed that Maj.
Woodward, tbe energetic anid popu.
law president of the Fair Assoefation,
ha spared no exertionis to haveth
metal, mineral and intellectual rc
sources of the State represented in a
thoroughly creditable manner. The
following named and well known
gentleman have 19en iinvited'to de
liver addresses, and have consented
to do so : Gen. Alfred H. Colquitt,
of Georgia, will address the Gran
gors on the subloot of Direct Trade.
Governor Hendrioks, of Indiana,
will speak upon subjects of national
interest, and Col. H. H. Capers, the
mainspring of agricultural enterprise
in Georgia, will deliver a plain talk
to the people of this State. We can
not trace the rumor ii regard to
President Davis' delivering an ad
dress on the same -occasion to any
defini1e or reliable source. It is not
at allprobable that lie will be pres
ent, says the Edgefield A dveertiner.
Our devil has bden in deop medita
tion since the Charlotte Contennial.
At first we thought lie had been
caught in the toils of some of the
beautiful daughters of the Centen
nial city, but have recently dis
covered that he is composing an
epic on the "Hornets Nest." We
picked up a stray sheet the other
day which we publish. It is an
enumeration of the attractions of
the attractions of Charlotte, which
he seems to think are her
"Rauilroads au.1 busses and hacks,
Corn whiskey that lon't pay the tax,
And Joseph Caldwell,
Who's a bully young swell;
W ith a keen eye,you bet., for pinbacks."
We accused him of plagiarizing on
Buchanan of the Ches.ter R1e porter.
But his excuse is that great minds
think aliko. Buchanan's rhyme said
that Charlotte had
"A Central Hotel,
A Joseph Caldwell
A rooster that catohes nts.
"lie catches them well"
cays .osepli Caldlwell,
"lle catcht-s then better than cats."
Were we disposed, we might tra'e
as great a resemblance between
these fine poems as was traced he
tween Poe's Raven and that other
'fellow's-what-do-ye-call-it. B u t
we refrain. In the meantime
we propose Brother Buchanan and
our Devil as candidates for the posi
tion of laureate at the Philadelphia
Centennial. We would also nomi
nate the hero of these epics as U. S.
Internal Revenue Collector. Under
his wise and energetic administra
tion there would be no "crooked
whiskey." It would all be "straight.'
NATOR.-This is the little of a now
invention which a gentleman of this
County is perfecting for the uses and
purposes denoted by its name.
It has ever been a source of
misery to party-giters that all their
guests will not enjoy themselves. The
inevitable wall flower and door p~ost
guard haunt every social gathmering,
more especially those from whichi
dancing and cards are excluded, Un
congenial persons are thrown togethi
or for an entire evening, and it is im
possible to change them about. And
the awful uncertainty as to when one
will be relieved, adlds greatly to em
barrassimen t. "Conversational" paru
ties are frequentiy stiff, and thme only
pleasant feature of the evening lies
in the signal for a general departure
Now this defect can b)e rem(edied
by securing a general commingling
of the guests, and by having some
fixed -period during which each
couple must converse. Thecse de=
sirable remedies will be afforded hy
this invention in qjuestion, of which
we give, after inspection, arough out
line. There is a circular horizontal
revolving frame fixed beneath the
floor, andl having uprights at inter
vals, passing up through a circular
opening in the floor. On each up2
right is placed a chair. Facing these
chairs, is an external circle of chairs,'
or &ttomans, or sofas as the the fancy
dictates. Upon the outer row the
lady guests are seated, while each
gentleman as lie aru'vEs is pinlced in
one of the chairs on the revolving
circle. This circle is mnoved at inter
vals by clock wvork, which can >
regulated to turn rapidly or other
wise, the object b~eing to bring each
gentleman in juxtaposition with
each lady at least once durin'g thu~
evening. For instance if there are
twenty couples present and the dura
tion of thme entertauiment four honrs,
the machine is made to change its
position by omre~ Chair in every tw'e-ive
minutes. .And still f'urther to per
feet the arrangemeont,-. a click of
warnting is given oneo minut'e before
each ebange thereby, allowing each
couple to properly' >donelnde conver
sation, and not to be interrupted in
the midlst of a 5sentence. This ihw
Provement was suggested by an ac
cident which befel a couple at a trial
party recently. It seems that thme
parties were propet'ly' -eated, and
the clock work set' in motion so as to
ump one chmair every ten minites.
pt~o happoeid tbhatsa younmg cou ple
6f'lovers were put facing each other.
M8onie part of the machine ndt
working satisfator'ily, the inventor
took the lamp out of the room with
him to examine into the difficulty.
Thme lovers seized( the opportunity.
"Wont my own tootay give her
abiekabidavy a taem whispere be
"Yoth," lisped she in darnest tones,
With that she reached forward, and
he pounced after the itolen kiss like
a duck after a junobug, when,
Horrors I the apparatus moved, ad
shd fell on the manly bosom of her
stern parental ancestor, causing hin
to utter a fearful howl of dismay,
and her hapless lover caught, in a
paroxinal clasp, the angular outlinoer
of the most correct old spinster ii
the neighborhood, and imprinted a
burning kiss on her chaste chock.
His face resembled a railroad map
of Massachusetts a wholo week after,
while his beloved was locked up by
her stern parent,.and1 dosed on broad
and water for three days.
The "monitor click" will prevent
such acciden4s in future. Those ar
rangements, as will be seen, will
cauts() a general coinuugliug 'o1
guests, so that no couple will be com
polled to sit together for too long a
time. And he is a very poor stick
who cannot converse for a limited
tine. We neglected to say that as
each gentleman seats himself, two
claws or grapnels insert themselves
into his nether intoguments and
fasten him securely so that he is
compelled to make the round of the
company or else immolate his un
mientionables on the altar of etiquette.
In addition, this invention contains
a useful apparatus for compelling
beaux to converse instoud of behaving
like ninnies. It consists of an in
strunent in the shapo of a thumb
and forefinger, which, at first; gently
clasps the gentleman's neck from he
hind. It is dilated and conti'acted
by an electric battery of gto-it
strength. Passing before the mouth
is a small wire of very expalnsiblo tad
contractile material. So ilng ats the
person converses, the heat of the
breath keeps the wire expanded ain'
opens the circuit. But a silence of
Lily length of time, by allowing the
wire to cool and contract, drives the
lamnps together, with sufli'ient
fore,), if continiue'd, to straule the
mifortunato victi,a. A fellow, will,
fhereforc have to talk is if his life
depended on it.
'T'here is also t very comilicated
alpparlaltis, which, set in mution by
by the vibrations of the air caused
by prollounelilg "weather," stabs a
dozen , 'is into the body of the in
dividuial pronouning this forbidden
word. The sensation produced is
not pleasant, and the subject will not
generally be introduced a second
Those are only a few of the salient
points (4 this i icomplicated imaiichine,
an invention destined to work ai
entire revolution in the social world.
When a patent shall have boon ob
tained. the inventor will be prepared
to sell State and County rights. He ex
pects to eclipse the Keeley Motor, thc
Torpodo Chicken and other useful
invent.ions and discoveries. Th(
name of the inventor is at present t
secret., but will be revealed at th(
proper time.
LECTURr.--We are requested t(
state that Major. S. P. Hamuilton, of
Chester, will, on Thursday next
25th October, in the Thespian Hl
at '7 o'clog 1'. M., deliver a lootur<
to aid. in raising funds to co)mplot<
tihe monmunent nlow erecting iln Co
lmbia ill lhonor' of the CoNFEDF.rrl~
DeaD. Admission 50 ets., persomi
uinder' 15 years of ag(o, 25 cents.
*We sinerely trust that every citi
zen of Winnsboro who honiors th<0
nmemory of the brave .boys ill gra'
who laid their all upomi the( altar' o:
their miothler counDtry, will attonm
this lecture, The mnonuimeitt,r
boeautiful p~iece of wvork, is now Jyini
n Columbia wiiting until the ya
triotism of Caroliniians shall place i
upon ito pedestal. TaLrgo sums o:
money have already beeni raised, hiu
a. large balatice is still (1uo. The
noble ladicao arc strivirig earnestly tc
complete their labor of love, ani
they should receive active assistance
Weo feel assur'od, ho0wever, that nc
appe~al from us is niOcessaruy. MaIjoi
Ifamiltolh is ani louiont andio fiihei
sp~eaker', anid has 'hioseni for' him
theme, TuEa CoNF'JDERATE SoLDInr~a; ani
we anticipatc'a rich treat. Mr. Mc
Master has kindly tendered the usn
of thme Thespian Hall frio of" charge
Let tihe p~eople (1o their luity by fill,
ing it onl this oc ion.
A Visirr To COnEsTRil.--Wo had the
plIeasture last woek of participating
im a serios of festivitics in our sistm
town, Chitei'o, Th. occasion wai
the marriage of H. N.- Oboar, Esq.
a taleunted young lawyer of Wi~nns
boro to Miss Eunice Hlarrii, daugh
tor of J. LG. Harris E~sq., of Chester.
The ceremony was- performed in the
Presbyterian Churchl at eight o'clockm
Pi M. on~ Wednesday by Rev. A. F.
Dickson,- pastor of thme Chmrch. Al
the hioir apploinited, the~ bridal p~arty
reached the Church which had beenI
beaiutifully decorated for the occa
sion. The attendants were Dr.
Gregg of Chester and Miss Kate
Obear, of Winnsboro; Dr. Ladd of
Winnsboro, and Miss Adams of York;
M. C. Robertson.Esq., of Winnsborc
and Miss Pickot Myers' of Char
lotte; R. M. Davis Esqj., of Winnsboro
and Miss Susie Hermphill of Chester;
and J. A. Fraser Esq., of Winnsboro
and Miss May B3rawley of Charles
ton. The party having aisembled,
the nastor read +.he' Fpioaoe
mony in a very impressive manner,
and in a short time the happy couple
were proliounced man and wife.
The party then repaired with invited
guests to ,the residence of J. M.
Brawley Esq., and passed a most
delightfnll evoning. The ladies were
all bewitchingly charming and the
gentlemen all gallant and devoted ;
and "soft ayes looked love" and so
forth, and we would grow eloquent
on this theme were we not disposed,
to spare the sneors of our cynical old
contemporaries whose courting days
are over. There is nothing like a
wedding party to inspire love making.
The bride always looks so oharing=
ly sweet and the ecstatic bridegroom
so transcendently happy, ,hat they
furnish alu overwhelming argument
with which to convince the coy fair
ones that they who marry do well.
And as we have been religiously
rearod up to believe that the gentler
sex never love, but are porsuaded to
pronounce that magic soul-thrilling
muonosyllablo of throe letters, merely
from compassion for the poor bleed
ing heart that appeals so piteously
for morcy, we have no doubt that
this acquiescence is rendered loss ro
luctant on such occasions where
there is an espoecial incontive to that
spirit of curiosity pervadilig the
breast of every lovely daughter of
Eve to wonder how hocoming to her
might be the bridal veil and the pure
orange blossoms. (We wish it to be
distinctly understood that the abov'e
is not intended for married men, but
for hachelors and wiidiowors.)
We have not been in formued yet as
to results, but to us it appeared th::t
full advantago was taken of the op
portuitity ; and if there be no results
We are prepared to assert that the
fault will lest where it always rests
on such ocanruions,-with tho ladies.
But time presses.
on Thursday the newly married
pair received the congratulations of
their friends. The merio evening a
party was given at Mr. James leimp
lillf, to speak of which would be
to give merely a repetition, of what
has heon already said, except that
here the onslaught was more vigo
rons, if possible, thin bofore. We
overheard one individual threatening
to coimimit suicide, but when inform
od that this tragic end would result
in the inevitable death of his com
panion, a change cane over the spirit
of his dreams and he vowed to live
forever for her sako. Another sup
pliant, his eye in flme frenzy rolling,
protested that he had fallen into the
dreary winter of discontent and
would never live o sOe another May;
for a maiden ha pueiked out his
heart by the roots and was dangling
it around by the threads. And
although ordoered to leave ho refusod
to obey ; and when we last saw him,
he, like Poe's raven, never flitting,
still was sitting, and saying "never
more." Another proof of the ter
rible earnestness of thteso suitors
was the ferocity with which they at
tacked the delicious viands at the
sevoral repasts. Love and salads,
devotion and oysters, tender glances
and tonderer meats, poetry, she:bets,
prottestations, russos, eternal tidelity
and ice cream were mingled in in
dlescribablo confusion and we shall
- not attempt to unravel them. Suffice
it so say, the whole aiffair, including
wedding and party, was a most en
joyable one, and will b)0 long remem
bere. We\V congratulate Mr. Oboear
-onl his success anid we advise all young
men to go (to Ohosteri and (10 like:
wvise, if they can. To time young
couple we wish long life and nmuch
AUOUST FxlowR.-The most mis
erab~le beings in the wvorld are those
suffering from Dyspepsia and-r iver
More thtan Seventy-five per colut
of the people in the United States
are afiit(ed with those two diseaseu
and their effect ; such as sour
stomach, sick headlache, habitual
costiveness, impure bloo'd, heart
hnrn, watedrbr ash, gnawing and
lifhurmng pains at the pit of the
stomach, yollowv skin, coated tongue
and <hsagreeable taste in the mouth,
coming up of the food aftd~r tiating,
low' spirits, &c. G9 to the Drug
' tore of McMASTrIu & Bh(It. aiid get
al 75 cent bottle, of a satnplo bottle
for 10 cents. Try it.
Oough, hoarseness, asthma, or any
irritation of the ?hrcoat or hroffchial
tubes, will b)e relieved by (taking b.
Bhull's Cough Syr up.. It hat. cured1
thus ls. Recommend it to your
f'riendl af d< ne-ghdvr. Voitr druggist
keeps it Price, 2!; cents.
'"T'Hi Bovs ri (uer "--le wereo wo'nt to
a imrre thei btoys wvho wnoe thec.grey, though
it was ntot for the grey' jar,, b)ut for ti~e
noble, ehtyiilron,i, bearts that itoat underyi it.
'i'hey' connatdcd' the admiirati6,n of the
trite antd thet bratv in e5v(ry lantd . Bunt
ho(w few audmtire ai ilun hiead (tnvolotped in
grey hasir and whiiskerso-very few. , ue
all hove admira~tion al ntothing in our ap..
Ipeairanece is monre calonuirthd to secure it
thani pretty hnir. If oldah siehess or
sorrow hais robbed y'on of it on can re
gain, it by theo eo of Dr. Tutt'e Hair D~yo.
fts poputitlarity itn so great that it cant be
i'(lio un the sho~lves of every druggist in
1f'i "*-ety'-lot ot T-e-d-y te . t
LftOctober, a monee colored horse
ruutle, about 8 years old, had en two shoes
behind, none im front. A ny information
qner n hn wil bo tlankfullyreceived.
oct 2(l-tlix2 W)OIT. KIN.OCH.
rj HiE next regular comm sunication of thi.
-I. Iodge will bo held at(Gladden's Grove
On aitutrd ay, the 13th November, at 11
o'elook, a. im. Tiho brethren will comot
prepared to paty up their dues.
By, ordeor of the. W .41t..
net'2n-x. n rr. Iw~D~Soy.
tichtfhoiud Advertiseiments.
Talbott e ons.,
Shockoe Machine Works,
M ANUFAC'I'URE1t8 of Steat Engines
IV.J.. and Boilers, Agricultural Engines,
Circular Saw Mills, Grist, ]lark and Plas
tor Mills. Shafting, Hangers and Pulleys.
bet 10
Wr. E'rE~oR. ]i P ED UND.
Ettenger & Edmond,
neon~ ONn VA.
MANUFACT1tER of Portable and
. Stationary Engines and floilors of
all kinds, Circular Maw MIills, Grist Mills,
Mill Gearing, Shaftihtg, Pulleys &c.
CamIerola's Special 4teant 15umip
Send for Catalogue.
oct 19 ;
Furniture Works and Linubor Mills,
liton1MiND YA.
[0 COTTAGE ledsteads, Chamler anti
\./ Parlor Furniture, Lounges,. (haira
& c. Manufacturor of Walnut and Cheaper
hard woods, no soft pine ned.. Cottago
lBtadsteads and cheap Mattrasses laoding
Canal Street from ith to &venth
lIennusosn VA.
13 GTNI-, Por talelo and'Atation try,
Maw \lills, Grist Mills. Iloilers, Cnt
tings of Brass and Iron, Forgings &e.
Agrlieult r 1 1 Workf,
in all its branches done by ekperienced
Imlprovell Po'tablo Engincs,
for driving cotton gins, threshing man
chines, separators, grist mills &e.
A number of second hand Engines and
Boilers of various patterns, in first rat4
order, on hand. Rtepair work solitted
and promuptly done.
Wni. E. TANNER & CO,
net 19
()N" ease of Extract of Ldwooid. in
. packeatgtes oflponinIs and half pounds,
just received and for sale by
Oct 26 W. E. AIKEN.
A LA (lGE, lot of the best and cheapest
,X-.Axe Ilcandles over brought to Winus
boro for sale by
oct 26 MOM.urrERt & B1ulE.
[ U. ('auphlcr. Chloroform, Pltu'
_ tone, Dover's Powders, Qtitnine,
Strengthening Plaster, i carlho lie' ey, i:.
tract Lemon, Extrac~t of. \'.ai..' te ..
Powders, strong's Pill;, ..nt I isoI,
hicken Powdors, Vinegar liittors, P oyt's
Gertnan ('ologne, ''oilot Soaps; Perfumery,
Lamp lhimneys, Lubricating Oil, Kro
Hone, Aladdin Oil, just. received 2y
lIchiAwTER & lnwom
act 2(1
For Iale,
A fian four seat.ed carriage, as good a4
now. Apply to
oct 23-11m J. 0. BOAC.
Insure You r Gin Houses.
r 11illiucbR'io ad Fii'c Aseeiattioni of
.. Virginia a11thl (IIall oppotuniity tot
planters to iftsaure their Gliu looses andi
pa-~No'w is the time, dellay is dangcrous.
JAR. W. LA WV, A ecat,
0ft11t0 at the store of J M (udllowvay
HO0OTiS, B()OTai uOOT~S4 B00TS
Htt and Caps,
.......: AND:. ...
Mir Don't Buy unftil you hlave seen
theo pricos of
The ZLeader
oa. O'2.PJ..m
E.S. BOUWN1 11'L'.
41Ofle~CB .
Stlocessors to it. (. iaiv ,r & Co.
Dry (3oot1s, (Carpet. Oil Cloths..
Columibia, S, as
rj711E1. lttetii1 of liui'vliiix*'tx i) oi''iy
L Iort o' th.is Staato i4 ,al'Hur to cua,ohl~'
11 vry i~ialloa'tait fMel, iiaaiuaoly, Itaut lilts old
ttaiblished hiotus of' It.. 4 R B N Eli); &
C.O)., in rnot. oau'l LofiCt 'goar1ui z'.4'tIajola
atao only~ lanoix ln th at I be' cnaaij' on sti.u
Anid wo assux~re our' tl lilt; I lit wvo
13111111 iontitnuo li thel S100 Ia motinails' atot o
of dealing witha Il lhaitoi wits xua'la 1: dat:
tixguixial.d fbntuo With (i', 1)1314, of' It. C.
I Rhiv'or 4% Co. \\'3! hat naori in stuaa I ho
hesxt isoinctoti sto-,ck of'
I)ltY (4()O1), B3OT'S, SHOES,
(CLOT1-iS, WIN.l( ) \V SlIADI)F'
ofive sea n l'till Ihi. tit ivl, ml('lt'h 1)v' 11111
of lfi'ai, who xii pin ata'adx the Lis'i
Hessx, titai ('LanxliJ 1110 thy hull~ nowx l uii. dian
of hin eil ill lil i t ' Iit tot'L tl ot i3.t1 r4
lao itl:.rt'iel t4 i"i Thea'a niotock wa aill
iaa thina snutiiat. '1114' lii,'; wil'l t atlol
il tta'iaet po wif idA;. Wa' ilito volt
to xt.ndt lit alit,t
511th l (i o hle'e~ N t' 1\ andi 11:1111
SomeI (c3took
And, if' shon i to ol. a' f''tid,; ,11)41 i '1ih
tuaua'?t, w4'aa I'.'r it will hL' to your olvo",n
toga' to taulail its it ho 'oil We piay
f'reightl aua all hi I it aii ltitilIug to 1 0114ani
uhl~lzui'll. All aoil'r! ulot 11"' Io'.iiotpaaa
iedll '~.I ii the CA H oifi,"14 111 '. .a
t'ltui 'tM, ItI 12! N in' 4.33t3:31 (ao ftoaai
in tj ta ' V 1.1 I aaw i 1)'. it311.t~w 1011 'at
auzoty i)ojata't iu lit Fu(I' ttIo t'i'tl I aa't x
iitg tgooul tiantll4 ei, a111 ai l'Iaorlt i . Ou)ar
Itnttju aSlim I )atpBi if toiti is ''ax aaad~t to
11o)11a onl this~ a' ma iai.'nt. FaoI I.: 11, a'han
tot lItg:au to3 t lo' ti11,~ 11:!114 1:1131ait'" !;nodsl.
'l'lta 111t18. aim jI.*' aintd lit :ii1auitgi'ut
(Cat't( lnI'jaatuo'at. it ti' woirild. ( 'latusta,
('aaxxuuncri' itatal 'hi ils lit'( tiauai 31ay t
4)48(4 111d ruaillI li' :11 i atr ::~iaat l 11tat
fntoirtaay parist. l'faaia n( 'l and B lanaakets' at
(prices.idNfl. will IIln"t ~jo .
NV(!, shall 4 x1,. n~'* tit o0 i'al fr't't'oa yout ori 1%
,1a1 he yiI ou'tl visit ( 'ado i1iaa.a
~e'w [a :hke 1c
()C-F) I\('1( A' i' t" 'NIit1'r'I no0w ill.
" ) Rtiu' -1 r4aa' 't, 11tail1 I uotaiaa', ( uair
ti"' laaia'ael::11 KantJit: \naa. , :1141 a E x
Ita Ni t'x, wh'titi ih gl iafulll wiigl ,
turu of' tll twaI 'jasity.
calitl aid 400. it l:ATV', 13111.1 SU~N,

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