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0- RAN%,
Weduicadny 1lurnig. Notembcr 10, 187.
It is sid tht. Gov. Chamberlain
i11 soon visit Charleston, atd that
1o will attend the Barnwoll ]Fair.
Wro believe it to be at good thing for
in to take a tour through the
tate and become well acqluiiiited'
ith the good po:)plo. Such vi8itH
ould be productive of mutual
The Mayor and Aldermen of the
ity of Coluubia, applied to Judge
Mackey on last SzaturdaJ to modify
is order of injunction against them
o far as to permit the corporate
uthorities to contract for and - pur
hase unlli/bhrn.3 for the Police force.
udge Mackey grantod the applica
ion. We undertnd that the
sapient city fathers at the capital
)ropose to levy i special tax to pay
for the unfrnas of their ragged
rascals, and justify such tax on the
ground that the constitution pro
vides for "uniform tr.ration."
In another column will ho coen
a charge malde by Judge Mackey to
the Grand Jury on the subject of
cotton stealing. The chargo in
quite able and dotermined and will
be productive of good. Cotton
stealing amnd buying is at fearful
nuisance. and cntsails great loss onl
honest farmers. It should be sup
pressed. Judge M-,ekey is cotii
dent he can sustain himself on Iiis
position regarding this evil as: a nni
sanco. He his been I terror t.h cot
tonl thieves and this circuit it is
said is freer from tl1is evil thai anly
other. We trust he will continue
in the good work unstil all these
cotton trapls aure closed up.
The only election of much inter
est was flat in i ississippi. All
through the North the best m aterial
Of both parties were put in the field
And the result mat1tered little. .lut
in Mississippi there was the old con
test hotween honesty and scoundrel
ismi, and thanks to H eaIven hionecst.y
won. Once moc re Mcont h1ern Stato is
remaimns a tairished jewvel in thle
tives ini Missiipp~li, id~ed bcy theu
best4 replulierns1 of lbth cI 1(es swe pt
the State. andit elet'ted a miajiorily (of
the Coniigressmen1(1. Tho11 hands of
the in famious Amesci arie I td, and( lie
will soon~ hec wisin g aL betteri fild
for his labors.
What Alississippih dliecone. South
C~aroluia must doc. The best, cilizencs
oIf both part1 ies, ftoriget huig old lhatred
iimdt pre'juices'f must combllline~ to
gethe'r uand sw'eep th lSi~ tate' of the
d1o it. '.he plan of anc equi table
iviscionc of oflii('s ust he~ enItere'Id
into and4 thli: policy 1mu05 winl.
W~hile' we ('ongr'a tuhlate Aississippi,
lot uls show her' we' will foillow her
The final result: of thle late dlee
tioins have not. yet. heecn received, hut,
(enough is known to show11 that14 te
two pa~rties aigin are evenly hal
aunced, uand both badly scared. TIhe in
4ependen t vot er hai; s ooeup tI 4(1a
w ondrful exte'nt.aniud Ihe will noit
:itiek.. to either part y. lI t votes
atoneOJ way an then ano iher, as
l e. prefers the candidates, and 4this
puts both parties oni their good he
havior. The consequenice is that
f r's few years at least, polities will
b)e pifiedl somnewhat. Such Ibeing
the' ease, it. mactters lit tice which par11
lty'e ~n the as5cUendony. We believe,
though, that the demnocrats would
have continued to ride npon the
"tidal wave" had not the ouitrageouis
folly, resembnling raisc'ality,. of the
3Ohio .demnocrat~s and( Bill Alleni,
1caused the indelpe'ndlents to returni
lor the nonce to thact par'ty which
they 'apurned last year in disgust. Thie
fact is that both partics are ruled by
demnagoguces anduc wire pullers, anvd
the soonde' both areo destroyed theic
otter for the country. As a geiner
' ruile we believe inl the indepen.l
WVe call atttenitio~n to the ecll in anl
other colfumn cofI Gen. (Ches inui.
Puresideont of the Sta te ta1x union
Tini eiuAen thy p'roper. The ii
inshould he kept alive . Ades
preconfl1pt botwoon reform and
'awaption ~ill 1be waged this win
id' 1( it will require thme combIing~l~
of all the elements of good in
tot to bcuHo the schiemes of
were organizo4ithoy ore in anta
goni'sintQ tiw trL'tiniu of, the
republican :par.. That prty; had
a record oftio . png bit evil. ']3ut
this year, Inportant dhauugos have
been of'ectod? 'he ttix ullion in its
primary objoet of effeetiug an1 lonetct
govornment and equal protection
to all is in harmony with the gov
erlor and several of the Judicial
officers. L ist year the govei nor
was the chief enemy to honesti gov
ermneit. This year the governor
is endeavoring to secure it His
influence is thrown in the same di
rection inl whiel the ef'orts of the
tax union are directed. A vigorous
tax union, composed of the hest ole
igelits of conservatisn and republi:
canism can greatly aid the adninis
tration in effecting reform. We
therefore sincerely trust that. there
will be a full meeting of the Union
on. the fourth ''uesday in November.
We trust the whole press of the
State, in sympathy with good gov
dnment, will extend Genr. Chiesunt's
ca.ll and will ur. upol the people
the ditty of maintaining the Union.
Pea'cock or crow r
Some time( since. the Ncwrs (&
C.ourire' contained ani article, the
hurden (if whiichI wits the question
whether Reformners Melton and
Dunn were peacocks or crows,
whelther they were enldeavoring to
nIhe a little cheap capital out of
Parker, a political earcass of whion
it itas been staid1 "lhe has been dead
so long that lie stinikoth." Our cou
teimiporary Was dispollsed to comiie to
the conclusion that the aforesaid
genitlemen'1 we're crows, mll t~he
colise (of these genttlemteni of late has
not been sneh ats to caluso the nul
titue to conviet Ithe wIs (
('orirr of ('rrr.
We hlvte t word to Say this morn
ing absoult Attorlney (ienerl Melttn.
Attorney Genterlto1 n11 joilled the
repllblical party a good mianiy year's
ago for the purpose of prifying ancd
reformii iing it. li Celahns to have
1beeni actively elgagled inl ,it work
Cver 8ine ('. If o. hle is n ot it I -et
etles, for the Augetn stable still
reeks with filth, We mighf give Mr.
Meltd ll credit for (' eanest, en.
deavors, at least, 11111 free him froll
all iblame for the failure, for it is not
in the power of lioltals to coiatind
snCe((ts. 'T1eiy cnl oniy ieser v*o it.
Ibit we hItvo not. seen enongh to
ma111ke u 11believ() that the At.t'orno'v
(Genieral is withlouit. blamiie. lie hats
boen1 found114 wanlting in! many1 reM
p1eet . It is the ditty of t he A t tor
n ey Gem nral to) i-ote v igtor ttshly
every de11 impiientt ollieial, antd I [eaveni
knows ther are1' man0Iliy of theso inl
Hothi Carolina. Now let us. 1 see
lie wenit to Onmuiigebulrg iln thet
'lse's hi tunb ert. embrogio, on~l suet
('(edetd inl ge'ttintg safely intilo the
pen~litenltiary thIe onily patiy whoi
'ou11ld testify algainlst AMoses. lie
vigtrottcly. I ut whenl t he warrt~li
was11 181ttri f( r o r ii tjil it proseil itin,
hto failed to atippear before the trial
juistie, and Parilkeri escaped.( onl thie
ingsl~ oft the momininig. Pairker' let.
a bond1( for $2,000), perfect ly goodl( it
is said. Yet tihat bond1( cannot 110
estreuatedS ittil an1 inittmeint slall
have't il 1eniprsenIted to t he giirl
jury, a ttrre lill found therieon, (lie
case( c'alled inl ')lrt, aiind the defeni
dant found abisetit. Andit though th14
granld jury') of ichIland' have been iln
session1.4 recentIly, 1no hill wias giv en
out, ati n1( steps have beenl iaken'1
(If theit t ho~usanlds of1 wlhi Pazrker'
miating aniy oIther1 cases4, we wl
State es. HI. A. Smithi. Nowv Mr'
Smith was guilty or' not gumilty, uand
it was due the imblic and1 himsi'elf
When the trial was firt't had, Attor
noy (General Melton appeairod iln per
won1 and mnade at very. Oloqutent little
speech, spteaking o~f I lie ' t'or1donts
after (cordonsll that surr'lounIde'd thle
staite tr1ealsurly, tind of the light that
never' was 'xt inlguishecd ando how the
Eixecuitive (Gov. Moses) wa'is (lie only
obistacle in thet way~ (If rform11ti, anld
ho(w wthen thie ides of Novembier'
Nove'mber sh tall have passed iiwt
shotit work lie wa's going to ma1ke of
all dishionest il4iils.
The ides1 oIf N ovembler' did com
and1 ithl themi a governor, who,
whtteveri mtay ho his faults, has done1
much ftowardts reforminlg ofliciails.
Hie does niot pr1ostitute( the par11
doinilg powert' thieref!ore the A ttorney 4
G'enieral need have nio fear of toiling
for not.hiing. It. miight have been
supp~hosed that the A tt.ornely Genieral
woldd nlow iovo oni. Buit lhe dhid
not. Whien the' (ase' of the State vs.
*Smith was cnlled algain, the A ttorney
Genecral wasH so busly proscetintlg anl
e'x'(ouny Commrn iioner or41 01' H)wilo
had cheated in the matter of a br'idge,
that lie cotuld not 'omeo lp. And~ at
this timte, lhe iuterly' failsi to put in
an appnnoe nai -e . hav itro
the defondalit'b cotiipQ1 that 11(
t1I10w iI . the ' pOii o ;AA, advance,
Now, wo 40e iio~ bv.t it the At
torney O*no&$l'e pilooico in Winlus
Ibolo wvoulI liave hold afpy one bill
lItIiRelf. for Soltitor Mtie1ey p~rose.
entted1 t0 eas~e with. bokitiwise al
ability. B3ut after all that we humv
Heard of .xsiurii, mid-how the Attor
iiey Geneural it~ going to brinig or~del
oult (4iIon an U(lahw out of jflmlW3SIness1
we elilot butL eJxpress our regret
thatt lie vas not. hero' to look after
the illteiests of the State, and to
lacIe Iis )oitiofl ais reformer be
Th'le A.ttorniey G cueral, we are told,
a~re niot, likely to be10 irhi(e, i1111(35
lie lproves (onlthllively to tlI(
peop)le that lie 114 relhly ani ardeut
reformer. There is yet time. Ma~In)
pros8ectiosH are noeeled. Lot the
Attoiiicev (kmneruul11 hestir himelf.
Thle 8i1iuE U uuddlc.
It 1(W!U.11 tlii t thec light over thii
Solomn :lkJ~ ikts1 still J)rP$.fr('Hsilg,
ite eivt 1e01111 nun iiswors the stric3t
tires of TreaLsurer (.trUdcIz. itil the4
11nji~-I1OpUt'd in It lot LOP. 1It it
anI ill wiind thait blowVs Nobody toodl
and this (quarrel may result in 1
80tt03114111t of the alYLir and at (1i
(3()4JIy of the lost dlp13iL.9. Wt
publish1 below the letter referred
Simi-Siuc'o my return to the cit.
on yesterdaiy I haIve reaid ini your
islamt of the+ 221l it tNihliliI1tiol,
fr 13(1 Mr. (1LF~h)z'', Sth 0e tre~luir
a(131(He14'l. -To The Pubhlie," ii
whieh lie alludesM to the steltillii
(Of the 1e4eihits 1111(1 exi)elit?Ir&' of
theo 51)1101 ( 'Ilol i ILfti k and1( TJrust
(Joiilnuy from .J.nuarv it to .July '2
187-6,.its f urnishedl by me to tin(
Sta:t e hsardl (f (lo('hsIit5, a1.31( nays.
I 101001 to l(e a1i)5.)lltClV false an i
(lI '('$ noit aii~rkii Iledger the P043C11)t 0
large Sumsi (If II1o1iQe Ohelp;ited b)
('i1l1)l y trvoIisiirrs, to whoii tii(
1) 0k iSi n0w itltlehted.) is ('orreet, Si(
fatr its it, Ii('kcn(ifIhgf'5 the receipt,
fPIIII t State t"1('3134iroP""
J1 31111 not, ~x1tly ('1:1'Its 31 o l L(
(iil4 s in4' 11 )1L)431thPmiH. If ISI
means111 theo h1lllhli( to 1 ui(Iertfa.I(, Its .
143111)413141 Ire (lo(' ,. tha~t the1( i4h3tC1U01
I fill lilel to tihe Ilollo (If (l(3it:
Wvs lot n111 it~Q( IE 1111((i with1 te re V
cordolsf the btik, L ha1ve) to) nay thul
he4 seeks to I 4t3(HL1 (11311 i1i1.lIVui5i..i
'.viih 1 kniows \wotihil be, incorrec.1(t
for Ire know. 111\' st..L teiiieit to( 114
,tsL) 4!(lOel t 1 1w now tlltat it rt
t (3V'(14111 : lie0( ll (1* hat oit. rep
1'(,;1.15 I)Ltie(llt 1(11131 O. 'I'hie St.
have mat this simple pl -
ti( i usta to yselk.'and 9
o 'or th bonrd, as I ob'serve by
yot oiltoriafin the Fiame issuo, tliat
you concludeon the sbrength of "fr
Cardozo's stateinit, that the books
of the bank 'have been incorrectly
kept, and therefore are unreliable,
and ought to be investigated. , As
to Mi. Ci rdzo's constant attacks on
me- and uy~tatemnents, iin goinsecionI
with the affairs of thiSouth Ohrolidia
Bank and Trust Company, I have
not the least concern, for I appre
hend the public geninally ' has learn
ed by this time the spirit and motive
which inspires them, and to the
)ublic. judgment I enn very safely
eive the wholo latter:
ltespectful'ly yours.
''iros. C. DONN, 'Receiver.
-Mr. ditor :
"The Conflict of Science with Re
ligion'' is the title of a book - which I
have recently obtainell. ' It is writ
ton hy. .ev. H1. WN'. Morris, author or
"Scienec and the Bible" a wonderful
book wilich I circulated among your
readers a few years ago. I al anx
iomi to place this new book in their
hands, and for this purpose I have
accepted the agency for it. This is
a book for the times, - and is a rich
treasure for the christian, sustaiining
him on the "Rock of Ages," against
the shafts of inii.lolity hurled ipou
him. The scientists like the boast
ing giant of G.th, have defied the
armies of IHralel and spread terror
through their ranks, but our author
e )mos forth like Jesse's shepherd so.
come4 armed wilh the pannoply of
God and prostrates the frightful
Philistine. Ho takes hold of the
lIbject with the calmness and con
fidence which truth inspii'es and ex
p)ses the sophis;t ry of the opponents
of revelation. He saps their founda
tion by their own admissions. You
will be perfectly. delighted With his
treatment of such subjeets as to the
"origin of. species," the "origin of
nii,' "'tle identity of the races,"
"Chronolo gy," "(lie character of
Jesus " Prayer &'." .I want (ivery
b)ody to read this. book. It is what
we all need. It is a beautiful volume
and .low priced: I -havo no time to
Anlvass and w ill' ask r readers to
call and give me order Jr it.
Yours .&.
SvArE T Tx UNo.-TLe State Tax
Ui~aon will aissemb1le in Colinnbia, on
the fourth Tuesda~y of November in
stant, hti12 o'clOe M., acc'ording to
the reiglniromfent of V1a' Constitution.
A full aittenldance is requested], as5
impor'tanut business will d->ubtless be
Butte---P. Ilacot.
* iIni akruple--W. I. Claws-mn.
*Oysters and Crabs--P. Jenkins.
A Cand--H. L. Elliott.
To Rahle-T. Lj. Bulow.
Soap-WV. E. Aiken..
C'ard-J. C. Squiier.
Perlfumery~'~-W. E. A iken.
W~holesalo H~ouse.-J. S. Elder &
C'(hoic'e fr'uit--P. Baicot.
S EuetrnTotAr x: E.--Befween tent an d
eleven (i-lock Miondiay unight the
s hoek of an arthquaike wasdoistincetly
felt ini this place.
nei triain of t.wenhtyd hree cars
s eariried 00l' 5%6 bales of o'otton from
I the depot at this plaeo latst Tuesday.
Capt. Withers has on hand cigars
of several br'andls. We have tried
the ."Mir-biulia" and found themi
A small c'olor'ed c'hildl was eboked
todet by trigto swallowa
t' hickory n ut last Wed(n esday even ing
bi on Capt. Mclie's plan tat ion.
e NFjw CoNF'EcTIN:RY.-r. W, M,
k H-ar'din has obened a first elauss. little
*y 'on ~fo)ioney, on (1oor south ofl
H. B. Refo's. We wish him succe~tss
Th in'esisant rain on Sundl~ay had
the cflcot'to close the dloors of the
ichurche'l(s in town. Not a bell was
ylheard. ~..
I 'Flh clerks of the hoards of school
trsesaro '' reueIe(I i' 1o meet jn the
tShoes Cotmmissionrs O00('e on1
e aturday the 13th November.
Natur*4o has clhauged h'r color in
dra..Sh proba Sbly hasn't heard
~o, but she will find it out by
L Ni'W' MAU, Rloiivr.-Tfhe posE
4 a~t t e onoal asks for proposals
I' to (farry a weeCkly mail fromi this
-plato to ibeorty Hill. Hfere is a
chllab(c for our livery stable men.
Th~ Posit Master here enn giv'e al
not s~faa'y information respecting tho
vroytn andl the bids
Policeman Jenkins asks us to styI
to the' citizens of Winnsboro.thM1
he was on duty last Tuesday mdrn
ing at the fire, and that the cotiteil
hava. honorably xiperated him
from any neglect of duty.
The Fair of the State Agri
cultural and Mechanical Association
commnences to day in Columbia.
From wvhaf, wd can learn, it will be u
great improvement on the fair of last
year., Fairfield will be well repre
The Atlanta -Herald has the fol
lowing remedy for' epizooty :
"A simple and effectual remedy for
the cough .that gives the principal
trouble in this disease : "Take
brown or black mustard, grind it,
and give a teaspoonful scattered
over the horse's bran-mash or chop
pood food. Give this much at each
food. It serves to cut the phlegm
and given qnick relief."
PosTAL CAin DuNNINo.-The fol
lowing is of interest to our readers:
To dun a debtor on a postal card
has just been decided ..by the Su
promo Court of Ohio unlawful. The
Coijrt held that anything so written
as to injure the credit or reputaticn
of any one is.a crime. The decision
was made in the case of a man who
dunned a debtor for an old account
on a postal card, and in that manner
made the matter public and to the
dleti iment of the briter's credit else
Three tramps named respectively,
John Runion, Wm. Alston and John
Brennan, all thite, were arrested
and brought to town late Monday
evening for breaking into a negro
house on Mr. John Vinson's place
They were put in jail and will no
doubt be tried at the court now in
session. There are entirely two
many tramps going through the
country committing depredations,
and it behooves our citizens to use
a little more buckshot and a little
less law, and we will have fewer
B1.ACKSTOCK ITEas.--Our old friend
Mr. Jno. C. Mackorell, has at last
finished his large and commodious
store at Blackstock, and filled it with
dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes,
&c. We understand from a gentle
man who just retum ned from that
little village, that Mr. M. is doing an
excellent business. We wish him suc
Mi-. Moses M~ackorell has pur
chased that large and commnodioua
building, the Blac(kstock Hotel, and
is haiving it thoroughly overhauled.
It will be opened in a few days for
the acconmmodaition of boarders, and
we guarantee that all who stop there
will find a hearty welcome and as
Igood fare as can be had.
ble0 was diestroyed by fire about 5
o'clock Vuesday mnoning. At the
soiundi of the alarm the firemen went
speedily to the rpc:t, but fire had
got too much~l healdw:.y to be chaecked,
consequenitly thme stable was burned.
Tlhe fire was no doubt the work of
an incendiary. Mr. Squier's loss is
about $200.
About 9) o'clock Mr. H. L.
Elliott's gin hiouse was discovered
to 1)e on fire, the alarm wa proper
ly soluded, anid the firemen were
gniickly oni the ground and suc
ceeded in saving the building. Mr.
Elliott thinks the fire was accident
al. H-is loss wiis about two hales
of cotton Much praise is (due our
firensen for their promptniess; when
the alarm o fi-e is a .u:dl d They
are always promp~tly at their posts
and work with a will.
Thle election returns are not yet
dccidled. Thme dlenmocrats carry New
Yorkc by about 16,000 votes. The
Taimmmy de(I mocrats were beaten in
the (F y by 20,0)00. M isachuisetts
el1e(' Rice, republlic.ln, by (,000
M ninesota, by 12,000. Michigan, b~y
4,0)00. Xainsas by a reduced ma
jority. Ini Wisons1in thme republi
cans prtobahly elect the governntor,
but lose the rest of the ticket.
Maryland anid Virginia are demo
cratie'. Mississippi elects five out of
six (conserv'~ative congressmedn and a
consIer(vative legislature. lamar
will-. probabhly be the next U. S.
.Seniator.' New Jersey goes republi
can because of the School issue.
SLXwrtN(e~.--The following nen..
toences were p~assed at the recent term
of the court oif general Sessions:
Thme Stateo vs. Henry Blacot-lhorse
stealing-6 months inl penitentiary.
State vs. Harry Elsoy-assault
and batter~y - one( year in peni
The1 State vs. Young Gibson
house breiaking-2 months in peni
The State vs. Hamilton Howitt
receiving stolen goods-to pay a fine
of fifty dollars and costs, or be im
imuprisonied 4 months in penlitenitiary
The Stato vs. Hamilton Howitt
receiving stolen goods-to pay a fine
of fifty (nnmirs *t - ct or be -
prisoned in penitontiary 8hontls. '
Tux MuLrxTvD of Tn zrs.-The
harlotte Observer has the following
on tramps whiah we .hearthy On
i6rse s-Of late there has. -been any
thing but a gratifyinig influx
to this town, of that of class
vagabonds known as "tramps"
--itupudelt, thieviug rascals
who, proceeding ipon the idea that
the world owes thern a living, have
n6 abiding place, but who stroll
over the country and obtain a liveli
hood by begging and ste:ing. They
frequently approach'a house and put
their applications for food rather in
the form of a demand than a request
and are highly indignant when they
are refused. Home of them are so
fastidious as to turn up their noses
at cold provisions, and leave themn
untouched. These fellows are
generally the very worst part of the
population of this country, and it is
advisablo, that our cit:zens keep a
"lose eye on them and get. iid of
them as soon as possible. In many
instances their visits are only ostonsi
bly to obtain bread and meat ; their
real object is robbery, and their day
light visits are only to get an idea of
the premises and to aid them in
their night operations.
In view of the preselnee in the cite'
of this class of visitors, it behooves
our citizens to close their doors ear.
ly in the evening, aind to fasten
their windows carefully upon re
tin ing.
Our limited force prevents ns
from setting up more than a certain
anount of type each clay. In order
therefore to obtain suflicient reading
matter we will hereafter be coin
polled to make less frequent changes
in standing advertisements. We are
prepared to change theso advertiie
ments in turn, Selni-inonthly, only a
certain amount being changed in
any one issue. These changes al
ways deduct from the amount of
reading matter set, without increas
ing the Tpace to he filled, and ie
require additional expense. We
adopt this rule for the 'pre8ent. We
mnwet charge extra for more frequent
changes. We also desire to use as
little display type as possible. All
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- Why suffer with a bad cold if one
bottle of Dr. Bull's Cough Syri
will cure a congh of the worst kid.
Dr. Bull's Caughi Syrup is sold forn
25 cents per bottle, or five bottlet
for $100 in every respectable drug
stor1e in thle United St-ates.
.. U-.1 .)
* ender myW hceartfelt thaniks to all -elIti.
z white and1: bino , for their promllptng~s
iiaU miguishinig thln tire in miy gin hou115
onu~ISry, thei. 4th inst. 1i. lhtfordis nai
espe al.llur 1'o ne 5' nIOWI"dge4 iny i
.1ebtednl''ie to th " I' 0)okeii aitululdr-'.
"aipt. Dwi:.dht andu' his bovn an- the1 of.
dieienit in tenidanit of (oulr tolvni.
* ery' res'?petin1.ly,
H. L. Em41or-r.
co0ltREcTED ~vE.KLY nT
iBl'VTI' JlfO, & SON
Mos'u..r, Nov. 8.
COTTOrN.-Sades for the past week, 1143 ll
at prices raniginig from 12(at'n.12
ItlilOrs Sliandeard, I)ouaestic
l'rAx-Nw Arrow yj~ lb
- .o --lhounlers ". " 12
C 11 Hides
hulk Shouldlers '' " 11
hulk C R1 Sides "' "' 14jus1
llAara --S C Canuvaassed '''
hAnn) - " '
Cx.E-Adanmantine " se't 186e\
Co )x 0I Jarma " lb 38(;,---1
Sroin - (enshed and
Girainulated " " 13(e11.
Extr C Wh)ite ' Il~,l
N 0 'l:.itied ' I(eI
MOJ..As .!: N O a. 9t'e.i
Syrup *
Kv mnossex.
Rs- Caeroliina i he1
MFAar --Holted '
Fr.orni -- Super al3.(o10
Choice F'nmily 1
SA.i -*21
" A1 "I11(A.1.
J)(l tlsl~till t u " tlLtlga. 0 0( d.10ii
". bOu.NJ ie.0
nov" 1.
"n "S75(e.
A finefour .eat * cnrsak 3.'od .a.
'j I1F, a~~~nnul ofetigorhe~ coStckholle
the thce i~'gs ompanywRi oy felom
thoe 9thi d of Newmbor, nan, sall C
cuity W. kepafl ie.fao i
ABlane fourFlaned crri go, as! go, r
inew.ec a Applyae o'spie yt
ag iientsrk~rs ofPaJirTl Mcont willS A
'the ree , iodb leve ftmehrt fromi
hse when ridoofte, Yord all nakael as
ct W2kepa3 ul iteofCrltyi
Importer and Dealer isa
. Ikon, Steel, Nasdl,, ona trop, Drill Stones.
Dolting U loths, Smut AMnubines, Circular
Saws, Mill Irons, .%'ugnr 'J'an, Carriag~e,
Building and T1riming Materials, India
-Rubber and Leatheor Belting~, Carpenters,
Bilacksmaith and Tanners' 'loolk,. Hlouse
keepin. n! FuIrihia4 hardware, Agri
cultura~l Imnltctietst, Lino .Cowetat, Flaw.
ter, 'aintee, 0ilg, French and Amierican
Window Oiss. Citin, Itlleu, 2"Nuole, %'ho$
B~elts4, Powde~r Flumtks, fodr Shot, &Q.,
"% holt'itile and letnat.t the sin' of the
(ioldzmrP.etlj.Lt ,.
VQI1UMI4 4. C.
nov 10--i8os lre
ill bfoe li lstNoamlinxt Cotton
~ken at mamrket price, in panvmncrat.
ot20 PIERklE BAf01.
Frtesh S4siat niad 1ostor (rorki'rs.
"'Stoiwbrrrt, .Seytci, Juible-" acl '
Cot o ff'eea s nd TueasHR.je,
* llggii. Tces Ac., Prieorv and lowfo
tilt)rJiii(. (ilia.
"0)2 -rl Apples
Begging, l'Il wm~t an winll ereil for
K.. ti of* fi iry 'Imyi ,!or n
nt brilge over Rtmie'll (=reok, To wnship )
No. 5. All lbis ins1 "t be 4'eort)Ifpaiamd with. k'
lb." nii ii of twQ'Q: fli i. o ifi i- it hI 5:r "tie4
r'im. eiii."4tionetrsi rierv* the~ right- to
ri~joot.an lii atlil liil4 if ina their judg
cient- ith iiter'st o1f thet cemxtr rtojuire it .r
F Ior iletaiils{-of, Wlls and! slptcitleationia.
WJIHEli'; arc rotluireti to rtiaoowjSieiu
*Aplia~n~ fox t.p~i te.t ln.tiit p al . "

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