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Wednesday 2oraing, Neomber 17,1871.
.-.das nid.a
The County of Edgefield is in a
t riblo plight. While there are no j
actsn of violence tking place within
her bounds, there exists a fearful
amount of lawlessness. This lawv
lessness exists on the part of the
radical office holders of that Coun
ty, who are ruling with a high
hand. It is said that since recon
struction about $140,000 of taxes
have been paid for County pur
poses, and yet not one fourth of that
amount can be accounted for.
Creditors of the County are not
paid, and the public improvements
are in a bad state. Thousands of
dollars of debt have been piled on
the County, most of which has been
declared fraudulent by a referee.
Paris Simkins and Lowrence Cain
hold claims for'very large amounts.
The Grand Jury, consisting of six.
teen blacks and two wbitev, pre
sented the County officials, and the
Solicitor refused to take any action
against them. Judge Carpenter
was censured for not compelling
the solicitor to do his duty and he
replied in a very lame manner that
he was no detective. As an emi
nent republican, cognizant of the
condition of Edgefield, well re
marked, a detective is: about as
necessary to discover frauds in.
Edgefeld as an astronomer is to
discover that the Sun is shining on a
cloudless noonday.
The latest act of Judge Carpen
ter, we have heard of, was the ap
pointment of Senator Lowrence
Cain on the grand jury. It seems
that altIouh .there were seventeen
grand jurors' iii the County, that
Judge Carpenter appointed anot,her
and to make the matter worse ap
. pointed Cain. W .learn : that Cain
besides being Segalor is clerk of the
board of county commissioners, a
school trustee, and a security on the
bonds of most of the officials who)
are about to be indicted. He 6f-all
others should not hav'e been plac6d
on the gr.nd jury. Then dota
Judge Carpenter reconcile this! atp.
pointmnent with his protestationle for
reform ? Does ho believe that
Edgefield will over be purified with
Buch appointees as Cain on thc
grand jury?1
Edgefield does not seem to haie
muech caise for reliance in the
Courts. If redress is not granted,
the time will come when the people
will rise, and amid plandits of
decent men everyw~here, driveo out
the cormorants now preyig.uo
The P'oiitaiat Outlook.
There are indications of that a
great political storm is brewing in
South Carolina, and that the e'nm
paign of 1876 wil1 be hotly contested.
There will probably be three elements.
First, we will have the conservatives
of the State, anxious for reform, and
willing to make the best compromise
that offers itself- Then there will
be two republican factions, bitterly
hostile, and in greater antagonism
towards each other thani towards the'
conservatives. The fight for the u.-'
premnacy will be bitter between those
factions. From what we have
learned from observation and from
the remarks of leading republicans
it seems probable that Governor
Chamberlain will be the head andj
front of one republican ring. He wil
be backed Treasurer Casxdoza, by his
office-holders, and by mtny of those
republicans who are now supporting
his policy. And these at present
seem to be the best among the par
ty. Against Goveonor Chamberlain
wil be arrayed a motly combination,
consisting of many native republi
cans, malcontents with the present
administration and corruptionists,1
besides those who aspireto load the~
party,'and who are now thrown i
the back ground by the Governor's
vigorous administration. We will
motice some of these rings who op
pose the Governor. The first junta
consists of Attorney General Melton,
Comptroller General Dunn .and
Judge Carpenter. The slate as at
present spoken of is Molten for Gov
ernor, Dunn for Comptroller Genor
a1, Oarpenter for Attorney General1
and Hardy Soloman for Treasurer.1
The difficulty, hotvever, is that Judge
Carpenter is said to hlave, his eyes!
turned to the oxecutive seat, while
Mr. Dunn would also like the same
positiosa And as Mr. Dunn is one'
of the most adroit politicians in the
Stite, the wind may be set in h'
favar in the nea o--stirn
Patterson, 'Whittemore and Loslia
are floating on 'th fiu'i oo'te
casion, each having his iron to , h
and eaoh owing the Gov or
grudge for the snubbing he h
them., The) Ravi. kv u
theyf"oannot mia a to , fd 00en
Chamberlain, NOpr< ly'd
the ttack upon li hu. 'on ' hff.
Elliott, *ho is a bitter enef y .9f,
Cardoza and an enemy to the Goks
ernor. Thou there is Whipper, who
was severely denounced in caucits
last yoar by the Qovernor, and y ho,;
in .the logislature this year, .ill
probably combat the nsuoastiros pro,
posed by the Governor. Beowo,
and Buttz ao also anti-ad.ininistra
tion loidors. AlU those anti-admiuin
istration elements will 1)e comphjld
to crystalize into ono Mass. They
will probably endeavor in the con
vention to centre on one slate in
opposition to the Chamberlain fac
tion. Between Governor Chanlnr
lain and this opposition the consor
ativos will probably be called upon
to decide. Although the timo. for
deciding is yet distant, still at prs.
ent it seems that there can be no
hesitation. The conservatives can
not make a bargain with the corrup
tionists. They must unite ivith the
bitter republicans.
Tihe State Fair. -
Tho..annual-Fair of the State Agri.
cultural So'ciety was held last *volf.
In some respects it was a snccess.
ThQ exhibition was dqual to that of
any previouN year. The machinery
was superior. The Stock exhibition
was good also. AbbOaillo County
was very fully represented, one lady,
Mrs. A. B. C Lindsay, having, we.
are informed, a hundred and fifty
articles. But while the exhibitikn
was good, the Fair was a failure, au
far as gathe.ing. a largo .. cor'
course of spectators is .conegi
On the first and socond days.,themt
were but a handful of personi' 1t82
ent, and only on Thursday wa4 there
unything like a large gathering.
Consequently the Fair was, financial
ly, a failure.
This failure in attendance 'was
owing partly to the fact that the Fair
was not 'advertiiei,nhud iniitiy posh
sons were ignorant of the fact that ai
Fairwas to be hold. k iiother cause
was the generally conedived opinion
that the Fair would be a failure;
and this itself was suficient to make
it a failure.
. A thjird causoi washo fact that .xo
races,,were run..- TShe peo~ple of
Sduth C-dina are asentially idp'Qd
loving, and the turf has pCculialr 'fa,
cinations for them. It is our oliin
ion that had races been as usual g
feature of the occasion, there would
have boen present almost as largt
ecrowd as have ever 'beforo asom
All these causes 'eho'ud be take
into considleration ini preparing for
the Fair next year. We do not be
ieve by any means that the F~air is
dlead. The partial-faiie this ymx.
will only stimulate our popje~ to
greater efforts n'ot time. Aid will
be asked of the Leilpiture, and
it should be given. The expenditure.
of flye or ten thousand .dollars in
premiutna will cause an increase of
ten times that amount in the agricuti
tural and mechanical productions.
The Fair should be thoroughly ad
vertised, spoeihl trains should be
run, well knowni orators should be
procured to deliver addresses, and
everything should be (1011 to make
the Fair attractive. By this means
we believe the Fair can be made a
We do not mean to reflect on the
old management. 'Major Woodward
has been very earnest and energetic,
and has done all 'in his p~ower to
achieve success. But his administra
tion was crippled by the inheritance
of a heavy debt which p)aralyzed all
efforts. And theo people too, were
so discouraged by the gloomy politi
cal outlook, that they took no inter
est in developing their resources.
But times are better now. The
State is gradually improving. Gov.
Chamberlaid promises to aid the
Agricultural Society. All those!
things taken into consideration give
us hope that the next Fair can be
mnade a success.
Tb.e Recent Repsublicauas Vic
In almost every State in which
elections have recently been held
the republicans have been successful.
Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts,
and Wisconsin have gone republi
can. The democrats have carried
New York by about 10,000.majority,
giving the relpublican a majority in
the legislature. When we consider
these unexpeted victories, the ques
tion naturally arises, what was the
cause of the democratic success in
1874, and why have they so soon lost
their vantage groundi What did
the denocrats do last year &. en
title them to popular favor ? What
changes have the republicans made
that dedorvo their early recall. Ii,
with the corruption and mal-admin.
twition of the repu ty and
ad upon the d orat in ti
a now ord o thi
ocrats had d thi
lasoad the co t th w
oson because t h
oi than the repuili ans. hat did
th former do this year T They in
Soratod the doctrine of inflatonf
into .th ' g". }"
r'lZj icans with " a wea o whio
pdoplo was. unconstitutonal - Th,
riskod' illi if il' lfflthti
i> .'riytt al'oniored .eby-iigas
f .the' t ley. tail'd to. see;
tha. Uri-o cuItiy' :did riot want at th1h
timo of lIer htbory ii'y new idon& In
blitlcs . or finaniim. -'Tho e
popular yardlng . is fpr,genui r.
form refori frdnt within outwardsy
which the .p plu '.. PoeLjve cani'' i
worked out .b). .onpest men
in plain honest . ways. .Tho
demnocrpta failed , to g'rasp the op.
portuiitby. (,ffend thom last' year,
aid the People of the -Nortlh'and
West~ bblioving;-tut -lost -eu jearW1.
fedt'lfad:porhap1 ,ugQ .the republi
cans a. -isor.lessona bhain many ypars
of disappitwblit had tauglht:the
deinocrats; gave" bctk: the polititcal
control into.trip bands of the -foriner.
Th's denocrats Ma no'or.utave agair
c4g., n. 'o*poi .:but if "tiey
bulld;.they wih- do wl to 21o
simply w~h ttfieir hal find to do.
and' n6t ' attdiaWpt.. , go b.;eyond
popular expectation in thoir policy of
refori If in iy not be too into for
the denoprat . tqhangt their.lat
form and- Afgh. tho 'i et.. epinig
a'bIo 'upon t. d'ell' bsaording, iunei
ofifho day, refoim and 66rritption.
t'hnt said ii his sereilado spech at
Washiugton a few day ago, "ve
.h'a\ afi'assurance that thp --reoi.j
cana :'hill., cantigql .thigi' '"~met
fgx ht, .ast fou. year" -longer.".., 1s
fears about a thl'ira' teriu 'oeem 4d
have been dissipated by the &ent
ro;iblica;n successes.- fbb demo
crats may yet. disappioint hini in bit
gdionunsom. Lot all ilitestions
about schools and finanee bo iguitrod
yor tho prelent, , t the demoCrhtW
209Elfoton te' p ople in' 4
national convention with an eart V
ex)ression ?of their dosird for hones.
ty in ggfiknmlen,., and( }o piitkI
caii 'i ,Mii{ 1t oir . ast record so
dlark,'so; full of corruption and. dios
the'v~b hcdt ani-as t -b botti
rigtl~~ (a1 0,*11 jiisticootd th e
enu19W a to bhe appoirilodbj' i
n1ti 'h i~tllea of the dfE 0alled
inestioibi' 'or ,giPan fiim; :all .'i'
whlic'h ho'mna'gedj very well. ~Birt
when ho wAR (uke.: "WVhat would
you do in a caso where a npitv..bg'
1I do ?" said the negr'o : AVell, saih
in a~ cash)ike ~g e fvoiy least,..3
(conIa do, sah,..woulk br to ,nhteo
him s'port do cikli..'. . .lio *ass. aip
poitited. -. ' ::
S onda' .in, ho Unuiori iko't
Butj hr-."Haveo some frJ~ l'M
this morninig'? L-idly-."No, no i
have had f- frsh meat for ai'*be
back." Butcoer--Ner e Jicard . qf
t beinglH.ui(~.tLdain,ifori tha6 comn
p~lainft b~efore."
An pirikolo,.thit .i i.: going. .- the
rounjds oli.t&t ex~plain ''"hw
alco 1ers.4dd-syKmr ' ,19ery
directlino--as the swallowvs homeo
ward~ glide.. .....
A stranger kissed a La Crosso girl.
by mitake, and was theti lieked' bf~'
her' two brothers for being mistaken.
Ho then .deibdratoiy kitssed her for'
being who she was, and was licked
for boing impudent. -
Tlie text~d.the~ defeated candidate
will be found in tihe words following,
to wvit :"Yeaterday he kind~lej a
groat firo upon0 the .nltat: -of. -ti
is'rii . to-day lhe sittobb down- (mi da
ashes. "-|-ABrooklywn' Argue...
A noble Omaha mastiff has safed the
lives of three childreu Ivithin amnonth
pasttt, an d bitn o ir teen 'Aen ,waho
called to sell a patin~ e lothiibal'.
At spendtihrift says that he has
lived -.bbydn iiR hi mj sro long that
now he hasn't thie means to live, and.I
ye.onmean to.hiveo somehow.
Figinresi wgn't lie, but' botton!
whalebone Iatra old newsp ar *f{l
make themt stretch the tiha~i
The gorson *who composed "Oh
for a thousand 'tongne': pasd
mo~st of. his -'boyhood -in mpolpeses
hogshoads on the wharf. -
Mannum-I oiia' on the~ th
b~y the R1ev. Mr. Shand, Ma. '. f
TTt, of Greenville, to Miss MX.
BACOT, of Cohumbia;
'10xiA'raxs.LT bt ifrsh Ie)1 of
Cticinnati Lsar lleetr Also All.~
soi Baszs and Mcleown AleA.
lhZEaR B~fn
*b 11 nt
Z. : . ". .I _
*BE BO.; &SON.
foal or tioN w 053 b
a cN 1rgl11 ll(n
Pri to-do lb 1
13A A5 ard, aw'to
JBACON-- Shaoulders '"" 121
0 R"Sides ""
B~ulk C it bide,. """
Cuik 1M'~ c1 1 b .. m A 4
ar I}1}' Y~t.! n ' l t~~2
I M's. 91(; 115
AIEJ3,.'Do t~ved ."~ ." t v
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FLO, eihe nlp( bulr " ". or z i 'i7 OKrjelr
1 : uil 1E 4
theL -D. os atd. gL si. twl
ONETlit n~il knw and riceid elln
i, eite in )L~) bu(In . -nre pariculr0.
;SAxt .6g lul o-I N.ain~a st
.an arie th' a l i n lie nri oTpt s.
'at o ", D atso ofJa thsru
c.'_ ol ang t, Ja' ui I, wl
it t tyandie.I sellsmo.
M tsr l:roe forn
IJ1i _ lrits,hiFOr .n Q)oa"n- b
" 1oiluieu&Vo.
xa f l eacitaz
,rtt t t"
0o goo v1 cotuprining-"
Pjn tutt'nt r ! 'ai4los, AlaOn ,
'" lh' undo i I31Ntkctlt and Jeans. Slit ts,
tiyis ilantlkerol+it.'rs, . y. 1{!
m; ' Itibbone ' .
-- and Fnnoy
s r. ;)11 ::/!.i i': (A Otl,,v ',i"' ' !11 J'
Gotton.I 'lt tyna e,=Ljn4se > , Q4oviot."
Iiltee tngWnhiI ;3ltirtiagp.
1Itic iipU. It ond wti"el s sc ile4.
' S'T'OCK OF. .
Gent? C1othin,,
1i6 Mrs ANI) Silwl>
1iTx4ll44 :'r-" IITS,
:.A1.1.the ilt weat st vies Iresli
'N'Fis' 'i OIt.K.
" ."" ,rVV 1 . " 1.
cou% C anSd" S6EiI.
U1Ub1'I ll t?; S;tc i" tits litiit ,
Cli< ic'.'I l"; lida.o Chew1*09. and
Silkul:ilt 'lihstceo ncl
eept 30 . ..".... r. .
R.\V. PI-1 I LL:IPs
Willa v -9191, 1
r1l oft Plot
SE .ltd CO.
:. " a:a, >. { . u4.:<<. v , ..a. . saa lct7itie : .tR+:t rede 4ac> .? vr:"> .
F' f.-ECTFTFULLx Inform the puh,.
lir it) gent"rttl that they baave n1{eui-41
" to t:t. te , turnlerly oc"rupied h J. 11
_:a tL et ;witch..--4W uIPhd ti :='6,, liior-n
Klts "fqkIt ntrrulariodis<r, cont"itrtingot
It ej 'i.
r. {..i 'b it y fl 1t 1,1
.:">"\ t LtQC"UIts.
Fatlr *{t"l ><qu e t' ttm n1 to eatc.t ttnci
.44t"y one tbhi hit( curl uq'ats.
march 27.
't'ubtc,".".o,, ynufr, I ipt e, 1c
I-A. RAIIMOARTLK, 1taI'luite, . C.
Oct, ld''llV'
PH 'IAL attention callel' '10 our fine
%took of bnntl-sowed Iluofi+pnd Shoo'
whiuh we are offering at" extrotnrly Ithe f
prides, , 1 t
oct 30. _MU3IA8TnR ThttthS.
AO ""'riffin " ,faa: a.'t
TWf1 lint al"ts ., . urc'L"tne. ainh{nt tattwt !"j
FertiI - zre, to) - s m e t r D" ."J1.ttit111at 1' 1
&,Soss duel d.' IID:' rltkti tt. :1y;u{"ta".
Lltnrluatop, 9 . (.16.t'h, 'ba;:h" at r.o{ imo. i 1
niais i.tn bu given. Pl.n.v sAn (:t'..r". nir;.- 0
collar. --- ;..ept 2-3-n a
artier. " or cot}ntr Cominlasiou. r':
I.izrd'IELD Cot wr .""
WIN.NHDQ1to, U. C. Mitrolt 2llrtt 187-J.
.S EAI.F.I)" proposals will: 'be ioeeivetl at
t.ltis odi.:e,"!ur t1:irty.dn;Y -fd; ibtiilding
a brid..;n+' oTar "It6oh6llsCrotik,''oitrta11tp No. S. A11 bi 1 'mti t'VQ"ACoOT11 +nrir u.l Will -L.
the natnea'nf to a or more sufhcielitettrctio"
The oommIsAIolnrs royervo thas riglrt; tat
reject ttky ant1 ll: bictiri t 1n''their j
ntcnt'the interest of the county- rokclntre if'. 1
For detuila ' of ' IIAAti aii "1 rtpecitica.tiont;
nnnly at: this.n'
~4 ' f J ugts rcli VN411t; wonderful lIn.
rf nlln tLs t over aiuiiod l'io sinking
No Person can tako thiese Bitty iw
scoordii4, Xo dirbeclkill, and remain lung
iti w9li --.provided tUwpr bWnes are not .Iet
htVmVea" IDV mnieral poilson~ or other
uioins, and vttal orgt4ns wasted beyozuld
repair. ""
BIItoti= 1Benattit*t and Inter.
ntittoit By eers, !"h flt nro au prit a.
ent in the i.aleori tt O ur great rlrir8r 1
throughout tho . tilted Staites, cspesl~illy
thoso of thio flSitkslIslpi Ohiio, Missoui,
Illiuois, Telntieasee, Cumiberlnid, A rinint
itikkO, 3J;Iines 'til' mtiniy others, th
hclr va1st ti utarle1(, thirouighut ourw
'n ireo niilttvrii thO 8aiitiitr a141u
Autuiji, andti eitu'rk',bly sot during sat.
0on8 of luulsual Ren't .11141 tiryloss, 11r4'
t)vI liahl ' FI1 00111 JttiI('dl 1 tiv Ix teIIIiC do
tigloter1 :cotial ieotiic Ini then':,
ittlltlinlhl li 11141( VI.'5C p rios t'oi
%4 t-4- ecse ,iiaolly ti'eeisry. '1'lu m'r
g !Wy.cathar1tic.fon ;110 1piijjtsc t'1iud to
is they will s iLOL'dily Tenn19vo the dark.
ohort viscid- Itittr" with which thec
)OWOIs. 1110 logrdi'd, at tho :smeii tlimet
tifllthi1i'th6i accretions of the liver.
mnd gctierahhy -rtoring 'the healthy
uiions of the (l4~c.itiv0 organts.
'Fort ify trio btody against (ilselMet
)y ptlriiyilg till Its 11u1(16 wvithi 1Nt;c; t
lIITrEia.s. No ?pltiaac can take holdl
it it 8ysttni thlis furse-armedt.
I~ysppsiuor I ndlgest ion, eal
il, ;nli.the Shouhlers, Coughs.
l*ighitnii of the (;hest, l)izziness., Sir
Suctartrlie of ilia Stomiach, Dad Tn'ast
it .iho Motuti," llillows Attacks. h'anhpita
.1(101 of the h eatrt, tiiilanimntiou of thts
.angst, 1':tin in thiorc-gioti of tho lRI.l.
ief '11141 a f udre ik other paintful ay ml'
0o11s, ar0 the ol4kriings of I)yspepsl~s.
):1o bottlwrnihl prove a hetter gurarantp,'
f its meriits 'ttan it lengthy advertise
8&rofitt'," or' K in 's. Evil, Whit~~
;woJlhnga; .UI her' I'ryip ijoi, Swetb lui N s.k,
loitro, Scrofulousi I nfhiuaaatti..iaic, I odole'e
ullhaiiininiou+, Mrt(rsniul A11etnM 111,1~
;ores, F rutito 4I'i the 'kiSr ~e,'i
a it~lU.'rB; nii'ili niln11i (dr ttiutiuDiohiii ls
huiviva thiiu gretit eta ivlo laiiri ini ".11
uisl~qbhtarsto.A'a1 tidt bictitbt cse...
auti11~ S ;ot ilos (lRoit- ,.
out td fIutwi u f iiit I'ovoejst,1)iseusesoif

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