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A I R I I E 1D 118 E 11 L D
1e run l.IstIKD WkR.KI.Y DY
W I L L I A M S & D A V 1 S.
2.rns.-The IIEIRAID it published Week
y in the Town of Winnsboro, at $3.00
neariabl'y in advance.
t1ig All tr'ansient advertisemients to be
OIltuary Notices and Tributes $1.00
per i qusre.
[Ie-published by request.]
The Plainter's Soliloquy.
That "times are hard" I must confess,
And mine's a woeful tale,
I fool completely corner'd now,
And cortainly must fail.
I'm down on all the merchants' books,
They're down on tue with duns,
I could, indeed pay all my debts
Provided I'm in funds.
Just now I have no cash on hand;
But pocket room "to lot."
My credits' gone, and just because
I'ni never out of debt.
I did have cotton once to sell,
But if I'm not mistaken,
llad every bale already pledged
To pay for corn and Bacon .
But when I found the price was low,
And "both ends could not moot,"
I got a friend to sell a load
To carry out the cheat.
'Twas thus f got beyond the roach
Of law or liens tried,
And saved "a dine for a rainy day,"
And then felt sutistiod.
The merchant does complain 'tis true,
But 'tis no use to cry,
t~ They could not get a dime from me,
However hard they-try.
I gave my note and promised too,
"Hureas I live," I'll pay;
The promiso 'one, the not. on hand,
"He must be dead," they say.
As "times are hard" I'll liquidate,
Tho thing can't be denied
Bankruptcy one alternative,
The other-suicide.
If creditors are not convinced,
And that too very soon,
I'll give my homestead to my wife,
And settle in the moon,
Then when I get beyond your reach
Mothinks I'll hear you sigh,
"I've lost any Li-n on his crop,"
Now, "hoto is that for high !"
Don't send the sheriff after me,
But let him stay in town,
If cotton goes to twenty cents,
Perhaps I may come down.
The true purport of all these lines,
Poor human nature shows;
How many men, now live to cheat
The merchants of his dues.
Tho' "times are hard" or getting worse,
Take my advice young man,
Don't base a contract on a lie,
Be honest if you can.
All through your life let candor shine,
Engraven on your mind,
In ov ry act avoid deceit,
And friends you'll always find.
And should you live your three score years
(Your wordly sins forgiven)
You'll die beloved by every man,
And rest in hope of Heaven.
th1e Seller sold
A neat game is now played upon
passengers on the Illinois Contral
Railroad. The candy man goes
around, and, having selected a vic
tim, he proposes to Boll him a box
of figs. If ho does not wish to par'
chase, the candy man gets a conni
dential, places ten dollars in a fig
box, and picking up two other boxes,
inquires how much lie will give for
his choice out of the throc boxes.
About this time the victim sees the
corner of a five dollar bill protruding
from one of the boxes, whuich the
candy man hias, of course, over
looked. A bargain is soon struck
for two, three or five dollars, arnd the!
victim finds nothing in the box
except the nigs and the corner of the
bill. This game was tried Inst
Tuesday morning on Conductor
Locke's train, upon a newspaper re
porter, who p~ermitted himself to lbe
takin in in order to teach the peanut
vendor a lesson in sharp practice.
After he had been relieved of his
.money, he secured the sharper's
name, and upon his returning to
the car, the repo'rter called him over
complimented him for his sagacity
and assured him that his name
should be duly chronicled in the
p)apers. lie therenpon returned the
money with groat alacrity and pro
posed to add $10 smore in order to
be screened from exposu-e. Tfhis
complimentary benefit was respect
fully declined for the public good,
and the facts are now made known
for the traveler's protection.
The caso of the p~oor child.
"Prince Leo,' who was r'escuiedl from
the T1ivoli Theatre, in New York, at
the instance of Mr. Henry B3Argh,
and which is now pending decisin
-before one of the courts of that city,
is one of unusual cruelty. Accot d
ing to the testimony the lad, who is
only seven years of age wans taken
from his parents, punished, dr'illedl
and perseented for the purp'X)o of
raking him an acrobat. The -man
who had the little fellowv in training
is represented as treating him bru
tally whlen he made a failure Mr.
Bergh, whose~benevolence is some
times eccentric, has given a reasona
ble direction to his humanity in
bringing this case to judicial notice.
It is pitiable indeed that little chil
(ren, for purposes of gain, should
Sbe sbetdasthey sometimes are,
Somo nte, ohrsi
The Other Bunkor Hill.
Yesterday while half a dozen men
were sitting around q hjDot'. pte lih a
Randolph street sal66n, ofre bf them
made somo .rQmar) . abopt B.o
"What's that ?" called a man: who
had for several minutes been silent
ly contemplating one 9! hiA big
"I was speaking of Bunker Hill,
where the British were licked out of
thoir boots by the Arnoticans," px
plained the first.
"Wasn't a British soldier there,
and I'll bet five dollars. on, it !"
"Wasn't, oh ?"
"Not a one !"
"Do you think I'm a fool !" roared
the first.
"I don't think nutling, *p' it
was the Dutch thoro instead of the
."You'll bot ?'
A bet large enough to cover the
drinks' for the croyd was made, and
one of the men ran home and got a
history which containpd -a fRl[ ac
count of the pattle, ne' wol as an
"Here it is," he said, opening the
book. "British troops landed fiom
frigates-Americans behind redo'ubt
-British advance--here it is as
plain as day."
"Where does it say the battle of
Bunker Hill was fought 1" asked the
stranger as the reached around. for
a piece of checeso.
"Why, near Boston, or course."
"Boston ?"
"Well, that ain't reliable, then, or
else they've got things mixed. I
meant the battle of Bunker Hill in
Texas, and this book says Boston.
Seems to be two Bunker Hills!"
As arguments could not moy hin
they carried him to the door, jam
med his hat over his eyes and set
him to walking.
COULDN'T PLAY IT.-A colored man
named Nelson is owing a butcher on
B3eaubien street five or six dollars,
and after trying in vain to collect the
money the butcher and a friend put
their heads together the other
night and laid a plan. About mid
night they called at Nelson's house,
and he was awakened by a rap on the
"Who's dar ?" he called out.
"The devil !" solemnly replied the
"You is, hey ?"
"Yes. I want you !".
"Wlat fur ?"
"You refuse to pay your butcher,
Fund I am sent to take you to tie
bottomless pit !"
"You is ?"
"I am ! Como forth at once 1"
"Izo coming !" replied the negro
as he jumped out pf bed ; "I can't
can't pay dat six dollars half as easy
in any odor way, an' do old woman is
so mighty cross Ize glad to. get away
from home !"
The butcher and his friend didn't
wait for Mr. Nelson to come out.
Got the. Wrong Man.
Our friend Waddell, the Piedmont
Air-Line Soliciting Agent, did not
toll the littlo inicidenlt hiimself (iln
fact, it don't almuse him as it (does
someI othlers,) but it worked itself upl
hero, just as these alwvays wvill, and
nobody knows how. WVell, he was
down at Winnsboro tile othler day,
and started to take tihe up train to
Charlotte. Thme Columbia Fair was
about closing, and the police depart
miont of Winnsboro had received a
telegram to look out for a pickplock
et namled Waddell who would ar
rive on that train. Just as the
train stopped our friend got on
board, and a mlomenlt later a p)olice
man got on and asked tile condluctor
if he had a passenger on hoard
named WVaddell. Yes, he said,
pointing to onr 'friend, and (.tile
"cop" at once took hlim ill tow.
The conductor and others had to
come up and swear to his identity
and hog for him, before tile officer
would foregosthe. pleasulre of locking
him u.-CUharlotte Observer'.
Outrages of the Ilanditti.
BR0wNavILTJ, November 156.-The
Federal grand jury in their report
say that from Brownsville to Pecas
river, a distance of 600 miles in
length and 100 in width, to the
Neuces river., all American ranchoros
have been ordered to 19ae their
home110 by Mexican -raiders on1 pain
of dleath, and'that 100,000 he.id of
stolen cattlo are dlriv'en to Mexico
annllhy by Mexican marauders.
Numbers of Federal oflieials have
heon assassinatedl,post~officos burbo d,
custom houses robbed, imil carriers
and Inspectors of Customs> killed
while discharging their duties, .and
the perpetrators of these crimes
h ave gone unpunished, and gon'eral
insoculrity of life and p~roperty pre
vails on the bor'der. Thelm jurmy found
eighty indictmnontss$aming*4locisive
action on tile part of the State and
General Government to pttishm
criminals and protect the inhabitants
against Mexican banditti:
Two Irishmen were hunting. Theoy
met a donkey. One of them shot
him and exclaimed triumphantly,
Patrick, now faith and be jabbers,
I've killed the father of all the rab
Danbury Faily. Scene.
A'famlily"oi', ozue,;p retdntion$;
livin g on Nelson stroot, had a palrt
of 1ivo''to "tda,e .'lhidhy ovenin'
The table was set out inofire hig ,e
slid it was absolutely nceshaiy, td
shuw them that folks could live ill a
village like D.nbury, and yet under
stand the requirements of. good so
ciety. When they were all at the
tablo, and the lady was preparing t
dish up the tea, her littlf son, viios
face shone like the kncem' Sco m
try clergyman's paints, pul~leiho"
csecretly by the dress. But -she wan
tdo busy to notice. ilo pulled her
a o'pin, but receiving hA response, he
- "Mia, ma ?" ,,
"What is it?" , -
"A int this on e of list; P err ,' '
ltiives ?" holding ';n the artidle in
his hand and looking as ho proPerly
should, should, very much gratified
by such an evidence of his discorn
She made no ropl'y in words, . but
she gave him a look that. was. calcuila
tel to annihilate him. , . ".; ,
'The tea was dished out: and tho
party were preparing to buttetr their
bipouit, when the youth suddenly
whispered again, lookinh at leis plate
with a pleased expresfion, "wby, tna,
m plate is different from the
"Thomas !" she ejaculated, under
her breath.
"Why, itis, ma," persisted Thonims.
"Now, just see here. This plate !
"Tho mas !" again ejaculated his
mother, with crimusoned face while
his father assumed a frown nearly an
inch thick, "if you don't let your
victuals stop your mouth I'll send
you away from the table !"
This quieted Thomas at once. Ho
was not it ve'y particular boy, and
he concluded that the dilffronce in
the plates was not of such moment
as to admit of tedious argument at
this time.
Several minutes passoel without
any further interruption. The
yomig man industriously attended
to his food, but at the same time
kept a close eye on what was going
on around him. He was lifting up
his cup for a sip, when his glance
unfortunately fell upon the s;ucer.
It was but a glance, but with the
keenness of a young eye he saw that
the two were not originally designed
for each other.
"Why, ma," he eagerly whispered,
"this cpl) don't belong to-"
Then he suddenly stopped.
The expression of his moth
er's face actually ; rendered hmBi
speechless, and for a miomnent he ap
plied himaselt' to his meal in depressed
silence ; but lie was young oatd of ain
eltstic temper, and he soon recov
ered his beaming exprossion.
A - little later he observed
a lady opposite putting a
5poonl of pieserved grapes in her.
miouth. 'T'hen he twitched his moth
er's dress and said again:
Mia !"
The unhappy woman shivered at
the sound, but his remark this time
appeared to be on an entirely dii'
forent snhijoct, as bie asked:
"Aint Miss WValker a funny wvo
man ?"
"Funnly ?" said his mother, with a
sigh of relief. And thien turniing to
the comnpany with the explan ation a,
"Mrs. 'Walker is an old lady who
lives across the way," she smiled on
her hopeful son and asked, "What
makes you think she is funny ?"
"Why, you know-you know," he
gan 'thomas in that raplid, mloist
wa which any only son aissumies
when lie is imparting information
before comn~iUy, inl response to a cor-'
dial invation, "when I went, over
thereo this afternoon to. get -thme
spoons1, she said she hoped thme comn
pany wvouldn't lito 'em, as ^it wouldl
dent"---- ew
"Thomas !" shricked the umnhapp~y
mother, as soon1 as she could breank
"Young man," gasped thle father,
"leave this table at one I"
F And Thomas left at onice. His fath -
er subsequently followved him, , atd
the two met in a back room, and
ha'd buothi boeni flying 'express trains
coming together, there cguld havo
scar'cely been more noise.-.Danbury
A P'ardoned1 Man Dioes in Urisoii.
A few (lays since John Parsons
died1( inl Sing Sing prison, after hav
ing lived within its walls twefity
three years. lie was convicted of
mmalaughter' in the first degrece for
killing a companionl in a fiht. Ito
wvas pardopled by Governor Di, but
refuspd to so out into the-~ wo4I~
again, saying that lhe hiad' lived m
long in Sing Sing that it xnu homme
to him. Ho as, a jovigd, gd
many privileges, such as unn
errands(1 to thme vilIlg'. do. On 'one
occasion lie was - alloe'd t'' vish,.
Niblo's Garden, inl Newv lod!~, ha..
ing expr'essed1 a stronig desire to go
to'thuet theater. . .One of the guards
from~ the' priaon happened . to be
there on leave . of absence, and,
thinkin g that Parsons had escaped,
atrrested himn and brought him back.
Whien Governor' Dix pardonedl him
ho cried liklu a ichild, anid 'said that
if discharged, he would -comnnit
some crime to get back. 'Warden,
keepers amd puisoners were ..very
much affected at his death.'.--Jrook
fte1)tiblinin fowl Agilinst Gov.
. thnpierlais .
,Tboi9 j is niappoaraunn of political
ti ligry in ,tho, plicy pow being
iuirsuedi by qov,, Chaiubexlain, of
south 'qareolitt, w)ich suggests that
lho will bear watc bing. W'l4en a lan of
his~sitri pobegins to coquetit with the
rebel Democracy, as lie has done,
it is time for honest men to come to
the frnt with a determination to
1rotop t .'their. interests against
tlgoattenld inltity. oIe seems to be
socking. "soci:4 reccogni tion," and it
will be genorally admitted by those
who know anything about South
Carolina politics that -ho cannot,
roach the object of his aoarch with
out a serious coinprimiso of pruici
ple.- aton& Rep~iican (Gr' is
You garo inistaken .pbout 'compr~o
mining principle, for th~at is an arti
clo which the inongrol party of South
C(arolina never possessed. Gov.
Ch anberilaiu has, in is bold and
fparless course proved that he is not
devoid of honor, and Jaas too much
humianity to longer. crush and huii
miliato tlhe proud Yeomon of the
Sout,4. With a few more .sucl no
tlces from the Administration organ,
and we shall believo that Gov.
Chaniberain, is a pure patriot and I
groat, statesman.-- chearte Ob
Stephn Girard, tE' i Phila
delplaa' banker, was t tl by a
young man by what rmil'e he had
nequired his fortune of njany mil
lions of dollars. The reply was
"I always bought when everyb ody
wished to soll-and sold whet all
wanted to buy." If this sagacious
man was now on the stage lie would
man ke his power felt in buying real
estate, as everybody wishes to sell.
Before lie had been in the market
one week everybody yould buy.
Foreign capital will soon seek this
investment, as, lot it touch on this
island where it will, am income
would be at once sure of ' five por
cent, or perhaps ton, if improved.
The agent of the marquis of West
minister in Lond i told me that his
lordship owned whole streets of
the best dwollings in London that
did not average over two and a per
cont. per annrhn, and tat 'e would
not change an investment that paid
this income. The time must be
near when such men will put their
surplus rove imes into New York
property, and all such investmenits
will then be out of the market for
ever, as such men seldom or never
soll real ostate.--ew .Tork E'en
ing Post.
The Charlotte Ubs'rner publishes
a report of an indignation motingt
recently hold in that city at which.
the following" ) s 1nible and well
tined resolutions were passed.
Wm1mus, It has coio to the
knowledge of this meeting that one
of our companions recently made a
call, and finding a younger sister of
the lady proposecl to be visited, in
the room, did then and there offer
to her, the younger sister aforesaid,
the anount of two pouds of candy,
if she would vacate ; andl
Wnmmcas, Thore is uio estinmaling
the financial wreck which imy ensue
if this precedent is allowed to b~e
estafblishiod and to pass5 unnoticed,
.Bc it resolcvd, That the price
offered to be paid by our erring
brother is out of all reason, and is
calculated to set a blad example to
other younger sisters, niephewvs,
nies and couosinis, whot imay per
haps, if yieldedl to, inicr'ons ini their
demands unitil some of our fortunes
may be ruined by acceedinig to them.
Jteesolved 2nd, That a schedule of
rates is hereby (istablisihed, for the
governimenit of this asisoc'iation,
which schedule shall forbid the pay.
ing of an amiount eeedinig a half
pound of Frenich or three (p ter
of a pound oIf commiioni candy, na
also forbid thait anyI membeul)r
shall pay this emioit of toner than
oncee a month.
Je.'(Ired1 3d, Tihait ho~fore woV will
doviato3 from the schieduilo abo)ve, we
vtill paty 50 cents per night for some
one-tor "chokoe" for us,--and, if abso
hutely nedsu-ye 75 cents.
Itesoled 4th, That miembalor~s of a
family too young to h)o courtedi or
hinted out, aro a nuisance anyway,
and, should under no (iiremiuistances
b)e counltonanced.
TIhe reisolutionsiW(V w 1ro adoptC'
the meet. ig adjom uned , a flr order
ig that the proceeding he pubtliishied
in thle Orawsuvmen:
I). P. H UTCH11IS(ON, Prest.
I. I. (' uIJwmi., Soey.
A voisinm Alabaei- died from hav
ii n i tooth knocked out withi a
hoeet,'and heo coimes that wickoed
)pilkins, of the New Yorik (O'nnmer
:a/ d' drther, and remarks that lie
dlied of atxedentail causes5C. It's a
tootuh roblbinig annlouncemenit~-i t ie,
b~y gumli.
-A feniale Vohudoo doctor is thin
ning out the Atlanta niggers.
The Cou~gJef4ow-na' brainy man
is nt the fore. lHe says :"It is
rather exasperating to have your
subtlest jokes maaimded and1( rmangled
in the comepoiting room, but it is a
satilifaction to rormomber that whe
you kill a prin'r- *-.1 r'':'m~* -ar
Neribn Yoiuc, Novemnber 10.-The
Tribune of this morning in an odito
rial on3A.I1ovoIution and its Cause,"
cpacllde that, "to-day the Republi
cal prospects ire bright. It is
overywhero perceived that if that
party is wiso it may elect the next
President." The editor is brought
to this conclusion by rolecting that
tht tide was turned against the
Demlo'orats by the "mnimlly courage"
shown by the lopiublic:ns of Ohio in
1 opposing "inflation " With the
same "m anly courage" controlling its
councils during the next year it will
sweep the country. 1'ho 'rribuno
loaves out of its calculation altogoth
or a force which psesSes ninety
nine chances in a hundred deciding
who shall bo the next Peresidont
It is the Southorn voto. A united
Southern electoral vote, or one near
ly so, (leaving out South Carolina)
needs but the electoral vote of New
York sand one or two smaller North
ern States to settle the contest. 'Tie
partiy, then, which is most in favor
in the South is the one most likely
to win. Will the Republican party
have the "manly courage" to aban
don its attitude of somni-hostility to
ward the South, and to secure a part
of the Southern electoral vote ? This
question muiust be seriously agitating
the breasts of Republican politicians
at this time. Depend' upon it there
will be no more eampi aignls run on
the "horrible outrage pi etenco. But
the South, if it will command the
'situation, must stand shoulder to
shoulder. Its strength is in unitv.
The democratic majority in New
York, on the State ticket, will bo in
the neighborhood of 17,000. Take
out New York and Kings and the
canal counties, and the Democratic
gains on last year are uniform, and in
0111 cases heavy. The Canal Rcing
have done their worst ; noxt year
they can do no wor'se, and Now York
may therefore ho confidenl1y count
ed as a domocratic State in the
Presidential summing up.-CUor.
1%wsle and Courier.
JIbAlsv HoustES.-I one( heard of an
unfortunte gentleman who had be
coie insane, but was restored to
sound health simply by causing the
mind to make a sudd;n revulsion ;
which was done by skillfully causing
him to becomo jealous of his wife,
who was a most excellent lady, and
awaro of the process.
On this hint we might learn to
manage a balky horse. ]To is insane
on the subject of going, that is self
ovident. If we can manage to make
him think on somne other subject he
will naturally forget about going,
and go before 1ho knows it. The
following devices have been success
fully tried to accomplish the desired
First-'Tying a string around the
horse's ear close to the head.
Second-hitching the horse to the
swingle tree by means of a cord in
stead of the tugs ; the cord fastened
to the horse's tail.
Third-Fillinr the mouth full of
s0me disagreealble substance.
Fourth - tying a stout twine
around~ the leg just below the knee,
and then remioving it wheni he has
traveled sonme distance.
Never wlhip a balky horse, for the
mioro he is whipped the crazier he
wvill beccomol. Let everything 1)e
don11( gently, for bioistorousi words
only confuiso hinm andl ma~ko him
worso. Treat him in the mild man
ner that you would a crazy man, anid
y'ou1will succeod.- Rural New York
Socm.mn.ry.-Th'link how mu1c(
lfhppiness5 you c'onvey to each other
by3 kindly nlotice and aL cheerful con
versa tion. Think how much sun
shine such sociability lets back into
your oiwn soul. Ww>' dous not feol
muore chieerful and contented for
receiving' a polito bow, anid a genial
"good muorning with a hearty shake
of the han~id ?" Who does(1 not make
himnsel f happier b y these littlhe c.x.
priessHions of fellow feelhing anid good
will ?. Silence, and a stif, unbend.
ing reserveo are essenitially sollsh
andi vulgar. Tihe gemnorous and
p)olite mani has pleasant recognition
and c'heerful words for nl lih meets.
He paves the path of others with
smiles. Ho nmkes society seem
genial, and the world delightful to
those who') wvould else find them
cold, 50o1fish, and forlorn. And
what lhe gives is but a tithe of what
he rodeives. Be social wheriover
you go, atnd wrapl your lightest
wor'ds in tonies that are sweet and a
spirit that is genial.
,Let the~ female angel cense to be
agitated. Men will rave at tihe
pinnedl(-balck skirts, but so they will,
and rave at other fashions. There
wats the kangtaroo droop, tihe OIre
eian h)and(, the Tlihton skirts, the
hell1 crinoline, the deco(lletto bodico,
the long s tumasch er -. everything,
way back to the rutfli of Queen Boss
or the barrel hoops (of Queen Anne,
has been sneered at after the same
manner. And'yet, amen have a sort
of sneaking fancy for the dear little
(creatuires after all.
Crab grass hay, says the -Colum
bus1 GIa. .Inglfuirer', pid better in
Muscogee, wimerever it was tried
thani cotton. The staple barely
clears the expenses, while the com
moe:'.s' / d nttam
Lively Scene in Corn t.
At tho recent term of Court ii
Charleston several 1lackoyitos wor<
indicted by Buttz for riot on th,
night before the election. During
the trial the following scono ocour
"Solicitor Buttz then opened hii
argunent for the State. After stat
ing that lie would accept a verdic
of not guilty as to Messrs. Itood
Dalwick and Howard, the solicitor
launched forth into a volume o
abuos and bitter denunciation o
Col. Mackey, attaching to him the
entire blaime in the affair as the in
stigator and originator of the fel
schomo. He paid but little atten
tion to the others charged in the
indictnment, and allowed his person
al prejudice to enter so freely int<
his oflicial duty as to openly pro
claim that if the jury could but con
vict Mackey and let tho others gt
free he would be porfeotly satisfied
Mr. Mackey, at the close of Soilci
tor Buttz's argument, desired th<
permission of the Court to make at
explanation. Ho said : May ii
plense the Court, I regret exceeding.
ly that in this case, in which I have
by seine extraordinary process been
connected, I imu not in the condi
tion to defend myself ; but owing to
severe indisposition this is inpossi.
b1. I regrot this the imore that 1
anm not able to show up, in the light
it deserves, the dastardly cowardicc
of those who attack mue in this court
houso, but who would not dare to
face inc in the street.
The solicitor jmnpod up and
asked the protection of the Court.
Judge lloed stated that lie con
sidered that Col. Mackey had said
enough, and requosted him to push
the Inatter no further.
Mr. Mackey said that he meant no
disrespect to the Court, but simply
wished to show up the mean, cow
ardly conduct of a man who would
attack him under cover of his official
garb, and yet not dare repeat the
itsust on the stroot.
Solicitor Buttz. 1 never ran from
you at any rate.
Mr. Mackey. I guesi yeou
wouldn't like to swear to th at t, for I
know several occasions on which you
have run from me.
Solicitor Buttz. I don't know
how soon I may have to run from
you. I don't claim to be a brave
Mr. Mackey. Vell, then, I think
it in exceedingly bad taste for a
man who acknowedges himself a
dastardly coward to question the
bravery of others.
How long this spirited little by
play - would have gone on it is iiii.
possi)le to state, had not the Court
called the parties to order and put
an end to the sensation."
Let Well Enough Alone.
One (ons not have to live very
long in this world to be enabled to
learn by experience his own follies
and b y obson ation those of othecre
by wh'lom lhe is surrounded. Therc
is the young farnmer, who by indus
try anid closo attention to his owvn
onet or two horse farm, has maude
some money. lie has taken the
front row himself, and thereby in
duced his assistants to work well am]
willingly, and with profit to them-i
selves and to their employer. Hc
becomes ambhitious, and deusires se
larger field for his operations. lie
p~urchiases an adjoining farm or
credit, andl~ with what money lie has
acumiulated, stocks it and buys thec
necessary farming imploments. He
must neods have fertilizers which lhc
purchases on tin1e, at fifty poer cent,
advance. Extra la&bor is employed
(suomno of it not as good as it mighi
be,) and paid by orders or goods,
for which lhe pays fifty pm
cent. prollt. instead of working,
now lie sup~erintend1 ; instead of
lerding, now lie endeavors to drive.
Wheon the crop is mado, gathered
and sold, ho is amazed to 111nd him
self in debt. This, or course, is not
the fault of the system, but is at
tributLed to the seasons, the low
price of cotton or to something
else. lie never thinks for a moment
that when he lot go the plow han
(lies lhe lost the host laborer lie hadl;
thait he could not get half the wvork
out of hands by driving that hie
co)uld by leading ; that when lhe
cultivated his own ismall farma theire
were not so many poor acres, which
dlid not pa for the labor of c'ultiva
ting them ; that one-third of whatd
he pid was for the privilege of
croedit ; and 'that all these tnings
combined would ruin the morst cx
perieced farmer in the State.
A.ehICante & IFarmer.
A man inl Springfld, Mo., yen.
tutred to expostulate with his wvifo on
Saturday last in regard to soe
points in the arehitecture of a shirt
that she was making for him. By
way of reply she seized an axe, and
buried the blade in his skull. He
has no ure for the garment ncow,
but this brief domestic lesson should
be remembered.
Henry 0. Bloweni dares Plynmouth
church to knock a chip off his shoul
'her, and forthwith liyzmouth ro's
South Carolina BolIs..
CIAnlr.EsToN, NovOnibor 1r jin..
formation hiwi'n" reachod Columbia
that! the roporr prevails .in.-Now
York that the- now. consolidation
bonds of Suith Cprolina, wiich
wore issued in exchaio for coupons
alleged to hatve been fraud'ulontly
outstandig, would be re udiatcd
by the Statto, tilo (ovqrnor .iind
Cornptrol1or-Gonordj and 5 L wt o
Treasurer authorize tho .ontradio
bion of t1,io repoit. 1111(1 oxpros 1io
boliof that no Auci 1mrpos is niy
whero cntortahuod, or can h legally
aceoiplislhcd oven if desired.
3AYAnn.--Tho Richiond Dispath,
prospecting the P'esidential ihld,
thus spoaks
Of all the Eastern Tehinocrati is
pirants, Bayard, of Dclawnie, i&%lho
most honorable for his high tomn And
spotloss oharactor. He il a gentle
man of the very first order. It
would be i blessing to the nation to
have in the ProAidential chair "so
puro a man, so el(evamted a statesnliu.
But in this day of availability: thoro
will not ho. wanting obstaolos t0 his
niomination. His. State is, so small
that when ho is not up, tho' qustion
will ho raised as to how- much
itrengti ho can hrint with hi.
And then "Little Dola; in her robos
of white and her lovely charms, will
be brought forth and will he admired
of all imnoi ; but they will say slbo
is so j)t!Iiff, so dolinte, she can't
shtn the roughmusag of a tanmpaign,
and can't givo her sot a sond-oil'
that will carry himt fir- oil the track.
In addition to this, we fear Senn
bor Bayard too Ineo'l "woars his
hoart upon his sleeve" and hats too
littlo comnmand of his eloqueno.
Thore is no such good luck as having
him for President. 'T'le very fact of
his having won the Sonthern heart
is ahnost tantamoullt to frightening
the Northorn pocket book-w'e beg
fptrd1on, the northern soul, wo should
have said.
Trn C.omm C.usr.-Tho "spot
ted Mongolian," other wiso known as
tao "colored caudot" at Annapolis
who becamo at on) timao at National
nuliHan('O, hts ISietl dismissed from
the Aeadomy and gene to join Amtos
in Mississippi. The Baltimoro
.1 mrietrmt, t replublican papor, ro
couiting his fruidulnt )rotonsions,
onds by stating that. Baker was turn.
ep back, at the end of the last tca.
domio year, to the class holow, for
deficiiecy in the most important
delpartmnit, that' of Mathe
mittical studies, iuid nothing appours
in his roeord as at cadet to entitle him
to ho considorod a croditabllo reprb.
sentativo of his raeo, or t loss to tho
servico to which he holonged.
NAnit1Aols OP CAP. 'TIm'lWm-Zu'Wr AND
Mitiss IArMONmo.-On Vodnesday lasi,
at Thomnsville, (a., Capt. W. 1i.
'Trezovaunt., formerly of this city, at,
presl(ent agent of the Port Royal
Railroad, in Augusta, was unito l in
ifarl'iag to Mils Fanny HIImitinodit',
of Charlotto, N. C. We congratu
luto our friend that after many tribp
lations, lie las (omo out viit-ori
0o18, antd, extendingor ho1 s bm- wishos
to thme couple, hmopou for theom a joni
noy throumgh life uninterruptedly
wvhich they mtay a1lwysV find thmo
flowers of life in the pa1tlhs and nevor
any lions in the wvy.
tining tho viewys reitorated by (Gon.
Gordon in Chiarlouton, says: "Lot
us8 reogniize that the true mission Qf
thu Donmocrati par1ty, as all oppoisi
tioni party, is to ovorthrow the cor -
rupt, (debnood and dish onost part
ty in powvor, t~o reodoru thme govern-.1
mont to hanllds of rue pti iots anid
honest meni, and bring hineck tho chaiut
aetoristics of t,he good -old ripubhlio
in the (lays when , Domouracy .in
America wa'.s trumly, governme~nt .'hy
anmd for the p~eople. Keep) the ye
!ordO 'of Kadicabamu before tho people,
adin inturo contests of th)e p~ar'tids
honest mon will not hmeitato to. ro
pud~iate and pamiishi the' mon. wvho
ore hmnuman 'life,'" ido a Vriksbur~g
negro, ais he fannemd himself with his
old hat, "is (1e fact diat .whenever a
pusson501 gits a waftormefl5on underi' -
each1 ar1m ando Hstarts for home--"
"One of 'cm aulhis falls kormiash 'h
o !hide w~l k," intt1'uunpted-iis hoarei'M
"No\4, 1sa ---o, .sahl ; you ja , wrion1g,
51ah1. Doni is d. only ti9yo inl
world da1t his- no0so hognris to'itch liVo
all creation."--- Tf'5A'81.g Ifeidd.
Sixc monfths ago ats ai young lady
was ridinig ont ai DetrIoit ytooor
shoe bte lod lher' niko1 to at yotund
ilmn with a roil lcktio. Tlheir'fhigers
and lst oteling fthoy ivome manie.
Iniels !~ iko I 'iN are happemiog
almo-, daily in tids; eity, init thh
l~tpapor hlomI( moionLi1 thom;i out of
symp~athmy for' the s-root car horso4
The bounes of over' on0 ihmousani'
Chiwnmon havt~e beenm gathotred to
gethoar at Saeirament~q, Cal., fromn
aul patrts of t.hoi Statto, preparatory
to hei l~ingforwarded to Chinai
in a fow days by a clipper ship.

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